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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 14, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> it's raining and that is some terrific news this thursday morning. we need it. good morning, everybody. 08:00am as the time daria with the u.s. here. james is with us here. yeah, want to wait, wait, let me just buehler. you started taking got to get a smile. and on a rainy morning. thanks for that, james. it is a little gray out here. know your camera is actually loaded. you just can barely see any of it because of the
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low clouds that have pushed into the east bay right now. >> that's from the east bay hills right there. rainfall is still pretty concentrated to the north up in the areas like lake and mendocino counties. that's where we're seeing the heaviest of it right now. and some snowfall up there in the lee county mountains up into the sierra nevada. we also have some snowfall and will already snow packed up at 80 as well as highway 50. so not the day to be driving up there. let's focus on the bay for a second because we actually do have an uptick in rainfall in some spots already, including sonoma county are in and on towards the coastline. all this is about to be shifting more this direction. so what we are going to see even though it's been a fairly calm morning so far is activity are really ramping up into the late morning here and keeping that way through the early afternoon, especially but rainfall potential all the way into the early evening tonight. now temperatures are currently in the 50's. this is not something we're not used to it. we've seen a lot of these 50's this week. so dress the same as you did yesterday. but this time but a rain jacket on top of it first and
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foremost are priority today. staying dry, maybe packing the lunch with you instead of venturing out for your lunch break. as we're also looking at wet conditions, especially around that time reyna. john, thank you for thankfully, we're not seeing any major accidents brought on by this wet weather were seen. >> we are seeing slower drive so 17 minute traveling into the city this morning from the maze 2 that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge because we're seeing delays along one o one. it's about a 22 minute drive for you this morning. as you're traveling across towards the peninsula out of richmond, we had a traffic hazard 5, any westbound, their slowness down just a bit. 14 minutes as you're traveling from the tolls to one o one and in the south bay along 85 in the low park, nearly 40 minutes for you to make that drive to 18. 82, though, no major issues over there you. james, back to you. thank you. are a nato to right now and one of the bay area's biggest tech companies could soon be under new ownership. yes, we're talking
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about twitter and it could be bought out by another giant company ceo tesla ceo elon musk saying he wants to buy. >> the entire company and turn it private. can you do that is going to be pretty yeah. and use offering a pretty good price. let's check in with sarah stinson. she's following this live this morning. what's the latest? sara? >> that's right. twitter's actually talking right now at the board of directors in a meeting about this proposal because elon musk is offering over $7 a share of what its worth right now. that's worth 43 billion dollars. what he's saying. he'll by twitter for he wants to take twitter and he says he was to transform it not only to a private company, but make it 100% about freedom of speech so that it was he fees proposing is kind of a shock to many people. but this is just a few days after this tesla ceo has declined the
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offer to be a part of the board of directors of twitter. this just days after that must currently own slightly more than 9% of twitter's stock making him the biggest shareholder right now, twitter offered him a seat on its board on the condition that he own no more than 14.9% of the company's stock. but musk declined. musk just provided a letter to the company that included a proposal to buy the remaining shares of twitter that he doesn't already own. musk says the social media platform should be transformed into a private company saying in the regulatory filing i invested in twitter as i believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe. >> however, since making my investment, i now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve the societal imperative in its current form. must also says his offer is final and of twitter does not accepted that he will have to reconsider his role as a shareholder. and since he's made this announcement,
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twitter stock has climbed in climb. that's been interesting as well. twitter has responded saying they did, in fact get this proposal. they said that it was an sulser unsolicited. it's nonbinding. >> they will review this proposal and decide if this is a good move for the company as a whole and for its shareholders. again, that's $7 over the current price of shares right now. so of course, it's a good deal, but they have to decide. is it someone they really want to share this company to sell this company, too big, big decision and they're meeting right now darya james. so we'll continue to fall. as for now, i'm live in san francisco. send it back to you. >> okay. thank you, sarah. >> time now is 8, 0, 5. and happening now, atf agents are joining the investigation to see what caused the massive fire. >> at a home depot in san jose. was it arson? that's one of the big questions are hoping to answer. a kron four's will tran is standing by live for us out in front of that. home depot. >> good morning. well,
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>> atf agents, they are on the ground. the sun is up and they've been here for. more than a day now and they could be here for weeks if not months, because you can clearly see they've taken over the parking lot. home depot has been destroyed because of the fire. look at off in the distance. look at the trees. they have been. charred or even flat out destroyed from the fire because the roof collapsed. it was so hot that it burned for 6 hours before the flames are knocked down before firefighters even called it under control. it was smoldering for days. atf agents, they were asked by the san jose fire department to come in and help with the investigation. it is still the fire department. they are the lead agency and you can see that suv pulling in as well. they have the resources they have the expertise, especially for complex fires to find out the cause of the fire. at this point, they don't know whether
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it was arson accident or they can spend weeks if not months here and ultimately find out that they don't know the reason for the fire. but the good news is when the fire broke out, it was so intense that things were falling from the roof. fortunately, nobody was hurt. but it caused nearby homes to shelter in place. the atf they are here their system with the investigation. but as far as home depot, that is destroyed. the good news is we are hearing that the employees at this location, they have been transferred to other locations. so they won't lose any of their income because of this fire. but as far as this place of blossom hill, this home depot obviously is not available to the nearby residents as it was destroyed town. back to you. thanks a lot. we'll. >> 8, 0, 7 is the time. and the plea hearing for the man accused of sexually assaulting a relative of ufc fighter cain. velasquez is now getting pushed back to june. harry
8:08 am
goularte to a pair appeared virtually in a morgan hill courtroom yesterday. he faces felony charges of lewd acts with a minor supporters. supporters of alaska's, though, say it's not fair that clardy was released on bail, but alaska's request for bail was denied. the crime like that against a child. and then some 8. >> believes in the justice systems fails and they have to take justice in their hands. where the world is right now. >> plea hearing is set for june 6th. >> 8, 0, 8 is the time right now. we want to give you the latest. what's going on with the big story out of new york after the subway shooting. 62 year-old frank james is going to appear in court before a judge this morning. yeah, he's the man arrested by police for shooting 10 people in that subway train in brooklyn was on tuesday that it happened. that skaters say james called in. >> the tip that led to his own capture from a mcdonald's. we've got pedro rivera with more. >> new york is.
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>> we 30 hours after firing 33 shots in a brooklyn subway car tuesday morning, frank james, the suspected shooter is behind bars. we were able to shrink his world quickly. there was nowhere left for him to run. following a wednesday morning press conference officials revealed it was james who called in the tip him self. james allegedly called police from a lower east side mcdonnell's when police arrived at the fast food restaurant, he was gone. i thought, you know what? this is the guy you go. this is that guy, zach to hand saw the 62 year-old walking down a manhattan street with a back. he called police and began warning nearby walkers to stay back. >> it bought from him that maybe he's got muslim thing have what's more baggy, maybe have something inside gun. >> nypd officers quickly descended to the scene and took james into custody without incident james has been formally charged in a federal court with terrorism act that left 29 people injured 10 of which were shot.
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>> and if convicted, he will face a sentence of up to life in prison. >> james has a long history with police in multiple states, including 9 previous arrest dating back to 1992. among the charges include possession of burglar tools. 4 times criminal act. theft of service to times he was arrested on the new jersey federal officials say because james cross state lines charges are likely to be enhanced. we don't know the motive behind tuesday's shooting, but recently james has been posting dozens of hate filled youtube videos targeting city policies. the homeless population, women and white people. his youtube channel has since been taken down. >> as for time. he is receiving a hero's applause for helping subway riders feel safer. knowing james is now off the streets. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news snow falling in the sierra as people are getting ready to head up the
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tahoe for easter weekend. we'll have details coming up in a live report. >> and rain back here at home. been pretty calm so far, but it's about to be picking up later on this morning into the afternoon. highs still in the 50's to 60's the details in your forecast. >> and track in that busy travel traffic on this thursday morning. we'll have an updated look at those drive times. once we get back from break.
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>> all right. we're back at 8.13, live look up at tahoe. we've got our camera here. kingvale showing us. yeah, the snow is coming out was kind of dark and the those storm clouds over him do. all right. so we saw it on over an hour ago. >> in placer county, i'm just wondering how is the frozen you look really cold out there right on. >> you know what? games and daria, it's a little bit cold, but i'll tell you what, it's all worth it. we've had so many dry months. we need the snow you can pretty happy to see this. we've got a little bit cool. and you know, is that the snow had stopped for a little bit of time earlier. well, now it's come back and you can see these are more flurries coming down. now, earlier was a more of icy type of snow. so we certainly need this. it is sticking to the ground. take a look at just the roof of this building just
8:15 am
behind me here in the cisco grove area. this is about 5600 feet in elevation here where the snow is falling not far from i-80, if you're going eastbound on i-80, you're going to need those chains between the drum for bay area all the way to truckee and visa versa for the westbound drivers. so be aware that meantime, truck drivers have to stop over at the applegate exit to have a screening just to make sure you have change in your possession and over highway 50 chain requirements are in effect from the twin bridges area all the way to myers just south of lake tahoe. so regardless of how you come up, the mountain today, whether i-80 or highway 50, you're going to need those chains. but james and ari, let me tell you was i kind of show you right here. it is sticking to the ground and it is accumulating and we have some pretty good, fresh snow. and that is good news for california, james and are a very good snowball like snowball. just grab it and pull it up and chunks like that. >> 8 on. yeah. right. thank
8:16 am
you very much. we got john standing by here. also with a check of the forecast to another vantage point. this one just a little different part of the sierra. exactly. so time is he's kind of on the western edge of the sierra the ones that are getting a lot right now. >> looking a little more calm at lake tahoe, but you can see if you look at that snow is all the way down at lake level nice. a little wintery. i was looking up because if you want to go out skiing, this is a great weekend sunday, be great. a lot of them are closing sunday is the last day. but there are a few like heavily staying over the week more. yeah. so it 20 for them even for the b. it was kirkwood was saying maybe may so hopefully we've got some more ski weekend, if not, at least we're going out with a bang with this. yeah. so this is great guys. above 7,000 feet, 10 to 18 inches of snowfall. that's a good snow, right? and eventually this late in the year. so we waited long enough for it. april's giving us what we were hoping for in march and february. it's not a drought buster by
8:17 am
any means, but at least we do have multiple systems ahead of us. you can see there is some accumulation there on the picnic tables. a diamond peak. it's going to start accumulating more and more. right now. we're under winter weather advisories from the sierra down through the lake county mountain snow. i know it looks calm over there at lake tahoe, but heading up to late on the western edge of the sierra. you're already looking at snow packed roadways along 80 and highway 50. these roadways just getting up to the lake, especially around donner summit are difficult go. we've got the chain controls in effect and it is very slick up there. as for the bay right now, rainfall is about to be pickcng up for us. we've been seeing it all morning long and lake and mendocino counties. it's really starting to pick up in sonoma county. now parts of the north bay peninsula in the east bay are starting to see really just some light showers, heavier stuff sitting right to the west of us. and that's going to shift its energy more and more our direction. so it's only a short time now before we start seeing rainfall little bit more widespread, really starting to pick up,
8:18 am
especially for the north bay. we're sitting right on the jet stream and doing so. we are right in the path of these multiple systems had one earlier this week. now we're looking at this one another saturday morning and another on tuesday. so interspersed by some dry days. finally looking active system, an unsettled weather pattern that we've needed for. so so long now, north bay, big winners, as far as rainfall goes today, seeing the heaviest of rainfall concentrate, especially in sonoma and napa counties. snowfall stays with us all day long up in the sierra nevada. it's going to stay put into tomorrow morning to rainfall for the bay area really diminishes after 09:00pm tonight. and then we're going to be looking at a dry day tomorrow. if you want to head to the sierra tomorrow is a great day to do it after you get off of work, be settled in by saturday morning is that's when our next system pushes through this one moves in a little bit quicker but packs more of a punch. so whereas today is slower mover but spread out and lighter rainfall. this one pushes right in with the heavier burst of rain and moves out
8:19 am
mostly by 11:00am tomorrow. may even see a few rolls of thunder towards the tail end of the system. late morning tomorrow noticing all that snow right in the middle of the day in the sierra tomorrow. rainfall amounts today around a half an inch for santa rosa quarter of an inch for most of the rest of us. you add on top of that, what will be seeing saturday morning over an inch for areas like santa rosa close to it for napa and around 3 quarters of an inch for a lot of the rest of the bay area. great to see it. we're not going to complain about it for sure. and we do have those dry days here and there. so you just want to plan outdoor activities on dry days like tomorrow, for example, and just take it easy at home today. if work from home is an option for you. today's a great day to be doing that free. but right at 60 today, pleasanton 58, oakland, 59 and the spread of upper 50's to low 60's for the most part of the ways across the north bay. tomorrow i mentioned being a dry one and a little bit of a warmer one at that to saturday morning. we've got rain. but by saturday afternoon were
8:20 am
cleared and dry it out. i know some of us wanted to do some stuff on saturday. just wait till later in the day sunday, one of the best days of your forecast, whether it's passover easter, we're looking at highs in the 60's near 70's and lots of sunshine for it. after that, your next chance of rain will be tuesday. reyna. john, thank you for well, up in the north bay, we've got an accident. so this is northbound one. 0, one. >> at manual t for this parkway. so you are seeing delays as you're traveling along northbound along one o one. there looks like you're also seeing some delays along the southbound side as well. so we're closely monitoring that as you're traveling into the city, a 60 minute drive for you right now. no major rain slowing us down and sleeping things up for us. so that's the good news there. we do see delays along one o one that's on the peninsula. not just because of an uptick in traffic. so about 19 minutes as you're traveling for 8.80, making your way to one o one, a crocodile towards the maze. you continues to slow down here. 31 minutes now for your
8:21 am
drive. he, could take san pablo avenue. however, it's starting to get busy along there as well. down here along 8.80. so if you're traveling from san leandro to 38 to milpitas, it's going to be about 36 minutes because of travel time there. an uptick in traffic. but along 6.80, we're looking at an 18 minute drive as you're traveling from dublin down to fremont darya. james, back to you. thanks a 21 in national news the u.s. is sending in more resources and heavier weapons to ukraine. yeah. that includes artillery, armored vehicles, helicopters as well. we've got a washington correspondent, basil john, with a closer look. >> good morning. the white house said it will send 800 million dollars in additional weapons to could leave to fend off russian forces in the eastern part of ukraine. the biden administration is ramping up its assistance to ukraine with more weapons and intelligence. we hope that will make a significant difference as ukrainians now are facing a much more concentrated effort by the russians. >> pentagon press secretary
8:22 am
john kirby confirmed some of these weapons have not been provided before, but i want to make it clear that everything that we provided to them in the past has been part of ongoing conversation with ukraine's about what their needs are. the new aid package came after president joe biden spoke with ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky in called the war a genocide. i call the genocide. become clear, clear. >> the food is just trying to wipe out the idea be able to some have been critical of the administration's approach and want the u.s. to send stronger weapons. >> but kirby emphasize that it's not that easy. there's not a day that we're not making these decisions were also not thinking about escalation management with the russians. you have to the potential specter of nuclear war between the united states and russia is not something to be taken lightly. kirby also noted that any actions the u.s. takes could also affect our allies and partners in this effort. >> which is why they must tread carefully reporting in washington. i'm basil job. a
8:23 am
22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, richmond police are short-handed and clocking in a lot over time. >> we'll see what the city is going to have problem. and look at all this rain. a lot of rain moving into the bay. now, as you can see, stormtracker 4 all fired up for this one and the next round. it's on the way. have your forecast. a few minutes.
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> 25 and the richmond police
8:26 am
department acknowledges that they've got staffing problems. there levels are at all-time low and they say some crimes are going on reported because of the problem. the department is struggling to fill vacant positions and recruit officers in. this is resulting in excessive overtime 2 years ago the department had 175 positions today. they have money for just 145, but they're only about 100 won officers on the street right now. lieutenant matt stonebraker says the city should offer more competitive benefits and a compensation package to help with recruitment. richard mayor tom see agrees. but says that waiting. he's waiting on the results of a study to see the police departments and how it compares to the other departments. >> almost impossible march when you get off, they're on a plan and calm for a good deal. good officers too home my took to reverse what cold front. >> the president of the richmond police officers
8:27 am
association says that many crop property crimes are not being reported or investigated because the department just doesn't have enough officers. >> here's a quick look at stormtracker 4 as we take a brief break. but when we come back, we've got john trouble standing by with a full look at the forecast. we've got some rain. look at that wall of green on the left side that's heading over the bay over the course the next couple of hours. and this is just round one. we've got another storm set up for saturday. we'll b
8:28 am
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>> 29 right now and we are checking out the weather and that green blob that was moving on donna. let's find out more about it. we've got john. he knows how to interpret that green stuff. they do. you have that green glove. i like the sound effect for it is definitely moving in this morning. look at this. we are seeing widespread light showers now pushing back into the bay area. >> going to be something that we're seeing throughout the course of the day today. now, let's take it back to max one, if we could, because the wall is an max 2 right now. unless we just want to stay on radar the whole time, which is fine, too. so we are seeing some light showers out there in san francisco on up to north bay, marine county, sonoma county on over into the east bay to just these lighter showers right now, most of that heavier rainfall is concentrated to the north up in lake and mendocino counties and snow up in the sierra nevada during the same time, i'll be keeping you updated on where we're headed next. as
8:31 am
this rainfall pushes into the bay area. still to come john, thanks to the good news is that rain that we're seeing is not really impacting a lot of our highways at the moment. a 28 minute drive as you're traveling from 37 to that whole. so no major slippery spots. but just take your time as you're traveling out there because you never know you might hit it. >> 17 minutes heading into the city right so that fremont street exit, no accidents or hazards along the bay bridge. this morning, we're checking on 5.80, westbound castro valley as you're traveling into the maze. about 30 minutes for you to make it there 80 a little slow this morning. you might want to take international if you're traveling, but no accidents is the good news. 17 minutes along highway 24 traveling down from walnut creek to find a t and we'll check on the south bay. look along one. 0, one. 85 into the low park around. 35 minutes of hour. darya. james, back to you. thanks a 31 is a time and for your money. we've been talking about everything costs more and now major holidays are coming up. you've got easter and passover. people are
8:32 am
buying food and finding. wait a minute. was it this expensive couple weeks ago? no, it was not. yet. prices are certainly going up and that's impacting everything. and everybody. >> kron four's camila barco standing by live with a closer look. good morning. camila. >> good morning, guys. yeah, i just spoke to one shopper who tells me that he has definitely seen the price of milk. >> go up and melt. but >> oh, we just down available for looking at the eggs and those are key for easter and people haven't seen. you can look at the prices here. i mean, this is a box with that. yeah, it was right around for last i checked. just limit the number of eggs that the kids can use. i think we've reestablished are some of plastic ones of those last all the time all year long. we've got coming back with us this morning. camille, we're looking at video, the eggs and yeah, we're noticing the price lee has gone up. >> yes, that is currently at safer. you're taking you're taking a look at video from the eggs here at safeway, how much they cost about $6 for a
8:33 am
dozen brown eggs. 18 eggs in cost you almost $8. and if you just want to buy the plain old white eggs, a dozen of those will cost you about $4. now, i remember when those were about $2. so the debt price has definitely gone up in the past few months or even in the past year. the whole so proper. >> you know, your mic failed again. when we get the picture now we're going actually matter what you buy. and i'm just checking the price of maatta. >> and let me tell my. let's go out for bucks. 5 bucks a yeah. and you can see here the graphic shows you anything you want. milk candy letter. it all costs everybody's got a little deeper. no sign of when. and if these prices will come back down. so when you asked me about plans and i just threw together a a. >> i'm a little later. yeah. yeah. to bring a plague puppets. making look too. yeah. hahaha, bring your own and you can do that or bring your own easter egg. all 33 is
8:34 am
the time. got to tell you more about what we're learning about the security guard who was shot to death outside of a cabin community for people who are homeless in oakland. >> police say 37 year-old very murphy was shot last thursday at the city's community cabins right near mandela parkway and 5.80, officers are still looking for the gunman and why murray was targeted. his younger sister, natasha brooks takes a look back at her brother's life and says this is how she wants people to remember. >> well, to know that my brother was a good person >> he was a family man. he cared about his family. a lot >> he was very important to his friends and his life. >> and brooke says that this has been an overwhelmingly emotional time for her mother, for the whole family. really. >> a woman was arrested in concord after police say she was swinging an axe at cars. she's doing this yesterday morning at the intersection of all of their road and grant street. that's near hillcrest
8:35 am
community park. she was arrested. she is in jail now and they say that she is going to be charged with suspicion of several crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon. >> all right. let's go to the north bay now where marin county is reporting dozens of covid cases among students >> coming back from coming back from their spring break. and that's what they were afraid of all disease districts. that's where they handed out the covid test to prevent the cuts from spreading when they got back to class. let's see what's going on with kron four's gayle ong. >> at least 56 marin county, 8 graders have tested positive for covid-19 after returning from a trip to washington, d.c., it's an annual tradition now was pause for 2 years due to the pandemic. the county's public health department has since issued health guidelines to all middle schools. all need to be thinking about. rask that you might be taking and what you might in order to avoid the risk. superintendent
8:36 am
mary jane burke says the trip was not planned by the school district. it was organized by a national agency but did not name which schools were involved but says the district is taking extra safety precautions. we've families not to, for example, have students kids overnight for a birthday party. and so on a given that the higher risk of some senate, 77 students from 2 county schools returns sunday. 22 tested positive before returning to school the next day as of tuesday, 56 have tested positive and have reported mild or no symptoms. >> no one was hospitalized and not seen evidence and bring of transmission. county public health officer doctor matthew willis address the situation in wednesday's wheatley school meeting when we haven't will say 90%. >> it's based the back seat with plans for mission. doctor will is at 50% of 8th graders are boosted. >> and as this reminder as we head into summer, see >> and so the rest. so very
8:37 am
>> doctor willie says the best protection to stay ahead of covid outbreaks in variants is still the vaccine. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> it's a 36. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, how steph curry do and we saw the practice will be at the first postseason game this saturday. coach kerr will give a speech. >> and gray out there still on the lighter side, as far as rainfall goes, really just a few sprinkles for the most part for the bay. but rain picks up later this morning into afternoon. if you are planning on getting out there, do so with the rain jackets, keeping you updated in your forecast. >> yeah, that lighter rain. but you still need to know what we're seeing. some slower spots that will have a look at your updated drive times in a few minutes.
8:38 am
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>> 40 is a time and san mateo county is building its first navigation center. crews just broke ground yesterday on a vacant lot. and redwood city. and when it's done, it's going to provide more than 200 temporary living spaces for people experiencing homelessness. you can see the renderings of what it looks like. they'll also be resources to help find permanent homes. >> recent captains can no longer be the waiting rooms we need to have flexible. and haas deficient in terms
8:41 am
aleutians that move people off the streets sooner. >> and then we get them into those in turn housing. solutions were able to move them on to their next better place. >> the entire project supposed to cost about 60 million dollars. most of that comes from the state's affordable housing project. and then when it's done, the center is supposed to open by the end of the year. >> well, the city of berkeley is also getting millions of dollars from the state to help house the homeless. there. more than 16 million dollars will soon be available as part of project homekey. now berkeley says it plans to use that money to buy the golden bear in and convert that into 43 permanent supportive housing studios for people that are currently homeless. that space will offer counseling will be a community room and a dining hall as well. it's a 41. >> quick break here in a look at stormtracker four's. we go a lot of rain on tap for today. even more for the weekend. we'll have a complete check of the forecast with john in a minute.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
sir. i'm just saying we all heard the countdown. so we are. >> this is good and it's going to be step in and decide. you know that. john. good morning. that's the plan. i love it. but we're on the looking a little wetter at half moon bay. they're not stopping someone from walking their dog. good for you. hopefully the dogs and showing it just getting a little wetter out there as some lighter showers now push on into the bay area. more consistently snow is already been falling on the western edge of the sierra nevada all morning long. >> we're looking at rainfall lot more widespread. let's start with the very northern region of the bay mendocino lake county's. you've been seeing it all morning. we have snow up in those upper elevations, a lake county, sonoma county, marion county, now working their way into some widespread light showers as you are in the coast across the bay and really picking up across the east bay to look at this. >> 24 from oakland over to walnut creek is wet. oakland,
8:46 am
up to vallejo. also on the west side, san ramon, antioch, out towards brentwood. all the spots out there starting to see some rain comparatively really quiet for the santa clara valley. you head up north on up towards sunnyvale and mountain view. a couple of sprinkles there and up towards mount diablo, the jobless themselves and the tri valley. a little bit more active. this cold front sliding across the region. we've had the storm door open and we're sitting right at the track of all the system. so we had one earlier this week. now we're looking at another today will be seeing another saturday morning. and yet another into tuesday. april's finally coming through for us after january, february and march is dry trend. now the nortr bay are the big winners today. heavier rainfall in these spots and more consistently through the day, comparatively light for the rest of the bay area. but still a wet one. and the sierra nevada foothills getting rainy above 7,000 feet in the sierra, you have 10 to 18 inches of snowfall over the next 24 hours. that's a pretty good amount. rainfall stays with us off and on. well past
8:47 am
sunset tonight. tomorrow is going to be dry one. if you want to venture up into the sierra tomorrow afternoon, going to be a good chance to do so. make sure to be all settled in by the time we reach late friday night into saturday morning as we have some heavier rain pushing through saturday's rainfall is going to be a lot shorter term. but this burst of rainfall coming down a bit heavier. so while today's lingers in his lighter, heavy rain over short period of time, saturday morning. that pushes through and out by 11:00am rainfall amounts today announcing to around half an inch for santa rosa, 3 quarters of an inch likely for the rest of the bay. out. on top of that, what we will see on saturday and you've got around an inch for the north bay and the close to 3 quarters of an inch for much of the rest of the bay area. we do have a winter weather advisory from the sierra on a cross from reading down through lake county. those upper elevations already seeing that snowfall coming down. really good temperatures remaining cool. not a lot of change from where we have been so familiar here in new ways today. you don't just have to worry about bundling up and
8:48 am
staying cozy, though. you also do want to make sure to get that rain jacket ready to go la cloudier than yesterday was and obviously wetter, too. so that's going to make your feels like temperatures just feel a lot more wintry concord. 59 pittsburgh, 60 degrees, santa rosa. 56 for your high today. tomorrow's temperatures rising under sunshine. going to be mostly sunny afternoon after a partly cloudy start saturday morning is going to be wet. but saturday afternoon clears out nice. and that sets us up for a beautiful easter and passover on sunday, upper 60's for some of our warmest eyes, the chance of rain after that towards next tuesday. rain on. thank you for tracking that for us. will you talked about that rain hitting highway 24 while there are no accidents there. >> we do see an uptick in travel time. so about 20 minutes traveling down from walnut creek down to 5.80. once you reach the maze along 13, going pretty slow. 5, 18, 80. we are seeing some delays. because of accidents, just more travel time, mace that
8:49 am
fremont street exit. it's going to take you under 20 minutes to make that drive. still a busy morning. no traffic building at the tolls. that's always a good sign. 15 minutes for you heading across towards the peninsula there. if you're traveling, we were at about 30 minutes last time we checked in. so we are seeing improvement along one. 0, one menlo park. 85 traveling there. 34 minutes for your drive. time 2 88 82 also moving pretty nicely at this hour. crockett down towards the maze about 26 minutes for you. as you're traveling there, you could take san pablo avenue, but it is busy about a 10 minute uptick in travel time for you along the golden gate bridge. so 37 traveling to the tolls. it will take you 27 minutes. we're looking at 5.80, westbound castro valley traveling into the maze. about 30 minutes 88 not moving much faster. so keep that in mind as you're traveling. darya. james, back to you. thank you, renay. 49, let's talk sports. the worry is getting ready for their first playoff game this saturday and the good news is
8:50 am
steph curry was on the practice court yesterday. looking good. he hasn't played since march. 16th when he sprained his left foot. the warriors are being careful, but they're looking hopeful for him playing. >> talked to him afterwards. so he good. but now we got to see how he feels tomorrow. i would say right now it's looking good that he was scrimmage tomorrow and then we take the next closer. >> and i didn't a chance enough to say he's all the way back or not. but, you know, and we have to get out there likes that. so that's a good sign in. i know you're going to keep, you know, getting better never you got to do to be ready. >> they are ready for that. first game of the playoffs against the nuggets this saturday at the chase center. >> well, talk baseball now the giants looking to take on the sear take the series against the padres. sean on the mound for san diego. his only mistake came here at the bottom of the second. yeah. he
8:51 am
pitch to luke williams who sent this one deep to left. 2 runs came in on that giants take the lead. and that was really all the scoring. there would be giants taking this one final score. 2 to one. they're off today before they take on the cleveland guardians. it will be tomorrow night. meanwhile, the a's they were facing the rays in tampa bay and pick up the action here. top of the 3rd, no score on the board. but sean murphy. takes this one and sends that one deep to right center. and that one wait for it. gone. 3. nothing lead the a's. at that point. they go on to win by final. 42. 2 teams will play again later this morning. derek carr is still with us. he got a big payday. >> to stay with the las vegas raiders. he is going to be the quarterback for the next. well, i got a 3 year extension and just over 121 million dollars. so we calculate which is a 40 now 40 million year. i think i think make ends meet with so this takes him through the 2025 season. and then
8:52 am
after this deal that makes car the 5th highest paid quarterback in the nfl. and let's take a live look at the rain which is really covering the bay area right now. as you can see, it's raining pretty good, especially up in the north bay right now, south bay looks like they're not getting too much. >> but that'll change. and john will track the storm just
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>> james, he found a way that to garrett. derek carr can spend some of that money. by the way. it's just 25 mill guaranteed. so i don't know how far it's going to go. you might want to say that, but it's a what is not 100 grand to do this. yeah. 195,000. this is actually a new space company that's offering passengers a chance to float. >> leisurely up into low earth orbit. basically space perspective is the name of the company and look at this like a lounge. so 5 foot tall windows while the public play some music. enjoy some champagne way. you don't get dinner with that. you might think it's it's up. it's a long ride as a matter of fact. so maybe i do. yeah. maybe a doer honors. 25 million bucks. i like a little something because you said the last 8 hours and it is a lounge. so bill, 6 6 hours a couple hours. yeah. 6, which is a lot more than what you get with some of these other space tourism companies where they set you up there for like
8:56 am
literally 2 minutes, right? good to be weightless. a true yet. but these look like comfortable like the window view. that was very nice to come into the picture you can take from up there. i know. i said they 600 tickets already at like, yeah, 125,000 a pop. but look at it like a lounge that's the way you wanna enjoy that you may be for now. maybe j lo can go up there for the for their wedding reception. that's going to happen pretty quick. they say by 2024 late in that year, they're going to be launching their first rise from the kennedy space center in florida. so we'll be watching and waiting. it will be watching on tv. a 56 right now. and coming up with the kron 4 morning news. elon musk says he wants to take over twitter. >> we'll see if that means they'll be more or less trolling. he wants to pay for all cash, by the way, to how many, how many some cases with federal agents to now they're joining in on the investigation into the home depot. fire in san jose will have the list. and tracking the storm this moving through the bay area. as you can see, the north is really getting hit right now. we're going to
8:57 am
have more on where the storm is headed next in just a few minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the
9:00 am
kron 4 morning news. at know. >> and thanks for waking up with us at 9 o'clock. and you're waking up to rain this morning, which is terrific. we don't see that for a while. yeah, it looks like we're going to get quite a bit more of it to over the next couple of days. we've got john trouble starting off the hour with a check of that forecast and where the rain falling right now. good morning, john. good morning. definitely starting to pick up for a lot more of a skies and you can see that faint. look at it there at the bay bridge. very calm. that flag not moving at all. sitting right above our here at the embarcadero currently looking at showers. most widespread still across the north bay, but really coming down now in areas like and sonoma counties right across the golden gate bridge on up towards san francisco in some spotty showers across the east bay, too big winner so far this morning have been mendocino and lake counties and the sierra nevada. we've been seeing some heavy snowfall in the western front of this year. there. a little calmer comparatively for the south bay, but not to worry. this energy is shifting your direction and


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