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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> tonight at 6, the elon musk's twitter saga continues today. the world's richest man and largest twitter shareholder made an unsolicited bid to buy twitter outright. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. moscow is valued at 265 billion dollars is offering 43 billion for the san francisco based company kron four's. dan kerman has been following this story and he joins us live from the newsroom with more. dan. >> you know, was in recent weeks when musk revealed he'd been buying up shares of twitter to the tune of about 9%. twitter responded by offering him a seat on the board on the condition he not
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by any more than about 14.9% of the company's outstanding stock. but 5 days later must decline the offer. now he's hoping to take control of the company. another way by buying it outright. >> the ownership of twitter could be changing. now the tesla ceo elon musk has launched a hostile takeover bid of the san francisco based company. musk tweeted i made an offer with a link to the sec filing where he's offering to buy 100% of twitter for $54.20. a share in cash. this is really what i believe can be the the first step in to him ultimately owning twitter. >> after so proper plays out, he's going to use as well to buy the ceo spot with the idea of changing twitter dramatically. >> and having it to comport conform to his view of what free speech should be. musk has been critical of twitter's restrictions on certain types of speech which is lead to permanent fans of certain individuals, including former president donald trump.
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>> by buying and taking the company private musk is portrayed himself as twitter's last hope to preserve free speech. but some analysts see a musk's twitter future differently. it's going to be much more supportive of conservative. >> a message is that it that it is today likely be inherently? >> or biased as a result? >> the twitter board will now review the offer and analysts say from a fiduciary standpoint, they may have a hard time saying no, they're bored ultimately is going to be forced in to trying to find another potential acquirer. otherwise they ultimately will have to be talking. a mosque must offer will also have to get past the securities and exchange commission, which could be difficult since he's run afoul of them before he is increasingly driven. >> by his emotions and and appears de macau, most a complete lack of controls. he is in the end result is he's constantly also circling the
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and it just takes up slight push in either direction. >> the result in either another successor or an unplanned, catastrophic failure. now, musk is called this 43 billion dollar price tag is best and final offer. although he's provided no financial details. if he goes through with the takeover, he could raise money by borrowing billions. >> using his stakes in tesla and spacex as collateral live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron. 4 news. dan, thank you. i know we'll be hearing hot more about this. >> and it has been a strange couple of weeks since must first announced that he was becoming the biggest outside stakeholder and twitter kron four's grant lotus here to break it all down for us grant and try to make sense of what's going on it just a few weeks ago, people talked about elon musk and twitter all the time for his tweets only but >> things have changed in a few weeks and the saga between elon and you know, twitter it. it's gone from trolling to new on musk is now trying to buy
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the whole company and quickly. on march, 25th elon musk asked his followers whether or not they thought twitter it here to the principle of free speech. >> following up by saying the consequences of this poll will be important vote carefully on april 4th, the bombshell. it is revealed. elon musk, it purchased 9.2% of twitter a purchase that it actually happened the previous month that same day elan seemed ready to push for change. he asked his followers if they wanted an edit button for tweets with more than 73% of respondents saying yes, twitter ceo parag either wall retweeted it on april 5th, twitter announces that elon musk will be appointed to the board of directors to which musk responded by saying looking forward to working with parag and twitter board to make significant improvements to twitter in the coming months. then on april 9th, the twitter trolling resumes. musk asked his
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followers whether or not twitter was, quote, dying and propose turning twitter headquarters in san francisco into a homeless shelter one day later, april 10th twitter announced musk would not be joining the twitter board saying it was musk's decision. musk responded by tweeting this snarky emoji. april, 11th musk indicated he could buy more shares of twitter. cincy didn't join the board on april. 12th a twitter shareholder sued musk for breaking sec rules in his initial purchase and april 14th, musk announced his intention to buy twitter outright. >> so there we have it. and now we just kind of wait to see what happens next. but based on what we have seen so far, we'll probably find out what happens next in a tweet. and that's probably just the way elon wants it. catherine and ken, back to you. thank you. grant. >> the man wanted for the shooting on a brooklyn subway
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train made his first court appearance today. 62 year-old frank james ordered to be held without bail. prosecutors say he terrified the entire city. james was arrested yesterday after being spotted by bystanders in manhattan's east village. moments before that, police say a man claiming to be james called crime stoppers from mcdonnell's 2 turn himself in. when officers arrived, the man was gone. that drove around the neighborhood looking for him. bystanders told police that he was down the block. >> i mean, what is that guy? i want to be have bag and he's he was woken like this, a nice ball that he you know, guys keep water from him that maybe he's got muslim thing have was more baggy, maybe have something inside gun. what now? >> he was taken into custody without a struggle. he is facing life in prison if convicted in that attack which left 10 people shot 19 others injured. back here at home in san francisco. federal regulators have cut off funding for laguna honda
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hospital that a move that threatens to shut down the facility. >> the loss of the federal money comes after the latest round of inspections this week at the hospital. state officials say they found deficiencies having to do with hygiene documentation and infection prevention and control of those problems prompted federal regulators to terminate laguna honda from the medicare and medicaid programs. and the hospital relies heavily on that to fund patient care. this morning city leaders held a news conference to address the issue and the director of the city's public health department said efforts are now underway to keep the hospital open. importantly, looking to hide did not lose its license and remains a license, skilled nursing facility. >> but we take these findings seriously and know that responding to them and working with our regulatory partners looking will be a stronger organization. what we've seen in laguna honda hospital with a notice that we received is a
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request to make things right. and we have been well on our way to making things right to improving the conditions doing things. we didn't go do before. >> house speaker nancy pelosi said her office will also work with mayor london breed and the biden administration to ensure that the hospital addresses its problems and remains open. kron four's theresa stasi was following up on this story. she'll have much more coming up in our prime-time news coverage. starting at 8 o'clock. >> firefighters contained a huge fire at a food processing plant in salinas today. this prompted thousands of people to evacuate their homes and businesses. the fire. >> began last night about 7 at the taylor farms, food processing facility. the flames were under control this morning, the shelter-in-place an evacuation orders were lifted. that was around noon today. authorities initially said they were worried about whether there could be an explosion because of hazardous
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ammonia. that did not happen. crews are still on the scene to monitor any hot spots. >> so as of right now, we're going to be transitioning into into a monitoring in cleanup, getting engaged back in firefighting will be able to get fire crews back in there to start to clean up hot spots. and secure the scene. >> the plan had been closed for the season so nobody was inside. it was scheduled to reopen. in fact, on monday, the cause of the fire is still being investigated. >> federal agents with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are now helping investigate a large fire at a home depot store over the weekend in san jose. the fire on blossom hill road force people living nearby to shelter in place. san jose fire chief says his department welcomes of federal help while it's too early to determine a cause. officials have said they don't think this was arson. san jose police arrested 3 people in connection with a shooting at the oakridge mall. >> we've got some security video that was released today. police say 2 men are seen
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approaching neyland hopson plattner. you've been walking in the mall with his girlfriend december 20th after a brief confrontation. the video shows the 2 men backing away and that's when plattner they say pulled out a gun and began shooting hundreds of shoppers were lockdown at that mall for hours. authorities say it is incredibly lucky. no one was hurt. >> rounds if you look at the video. looks like he fired the 15 rounds of the matter of seconds prior to the robbery. you can see how crowded the we have. nobody really knew what was happening until they heard the gunshots and people started running. so yes, very, very fortunate. >> police arrested hopson plattner for assault with a gun and other gun charges. the 2 men who confronted him ulises jimenez and paul, a bow are behind bars on robbery charges. all right. time to take a look at the forecast as we are looking at rain and that, boy, it's just been.
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>> great to see it. but rather bleak scene there overlooking the city. we like that gloomy view with the raindrops on the lens because every drop counts kron four's. erica cateray joins us now. she has the numbers on how much rain we got. yeah, we really need that rain. the north bay has seen the most amount of precipitation from that over an inch and a half at point as >> lena. >> and then to appoint has got over half an inch of rain. still good mill had some as well as san francisco and san jose. not too much, but the south bay will be getting more amounts. we have a second storm system that will be coming this weekend. so you'll see higher amounts out their current satellite and radar looking colorful. we're seeing snow out in the sierra as well. >> and here in the bay area, you can see that green the light rainfall. now, i wouldn't be surprised if a later tonight to the peninsula on south bay sees some
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moderate rain cells popping up here. as you can overnight, this is actually 9 o'clock. and then it starts to slowly dry up after midnight. this 03:30am, in the morning, all be sleeping. but still some light showers popping up in san jose. it dries up in the north bay first tomorrow morning on your way to work. it should be pretty dry. we will see some patchy fog, especially along the coast. but that will clear by midday. >> and it looks like we'll see some in parts of the bay area tomorrow asked for our drought monitor for a map. we had a new one that was released today. all the rain that we're seeing isn't really going to help with and i'll talk more about the storm that we're going to see this weekend. i'll have that tahoe forecast for the weekend as well. if you stick around for those forecast, back to you. >> alright, erica, thank you. and those coming up, bay area rain does mean snow in the sierra. we'll take a look at what to expect this weekend. senator dianne feinstein is pushing back on reports alleging her mental decline.
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coming up, the concerns some of her colleagues are expressing. >> and could your mental health affect your chances of getting a breakthrough case of covid it. but the author of a new study is sad. (music throughout)
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♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military we've grown to serve all, who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join. >> all right now to our coronavirus coverage, california is no longer recommending a five-day quarantine for people exposed to covid who do not have symptoms. health officials say
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with the increasing vaccination rates viral therapy medications widely available, the risk of hospitals being overwhelmed has not been greatly reduced. but they say anyone who does test positive who has symptoms, those people are still urged to isolate for at least 5 days. students in california will not be required to get vaccinated against covid, at least for now, the bill, which is making its way through sacramento's being put on hold state senator richard pan, who is also a pediatrician, says, quote, until children's access to vaccination is greatly improved. i believe that a statewide policy to require covid vaccination in schools is not the immediate priority, although it is an appropriate safety policy for schools with good vaccine access, end quote. and there is a new risk factor to consider in whether people might be susceptible breakthrough covid infection. it's mental ucsf lead study
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found that vaccinated people with a history of anxiety, bipolar disorder or other psychological disorders have an increased risk of breakthrough infections, and that risk is even higher for seniors. joining us now is the first author of that study, doctor khrystyna. she me she is a postdoctoral fellow at ucsf in the san francisco veterans administration healthcare system. doctor, thanks for being with us tonight. i'm wondering is is that is the chance of getting breakthrough covid any different than getting any other disease. if you're suffering some kind of mental trauma. yeah. so we did some sort of differential risk. so we looked across multiple different disorders. >> and we found some of the highest on individuals who had substance use disorders and then among older individuals, especially bipolar disorder and schizophrenia spectrum disorders of those. those seem to particularly increase arrests but across the board,
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a lot mental health disorders seem to increase for us. so it was interesting that h doctor seems to amplify the risk in all of this. >> is there any particular reason aside from the fact as you get older your immune system might not be what it was. >> yeah, we're not sure it could be that the waning immunity that maybe is associated with these mental health disorders. some prior research has shown vaccines might be less less effective among individuals with these conditions. so that might happening more among older adults than it is among younger adults with mental illness? >> well, that's what i was going to ask. so if you if a vaccine, is it really going to make a big difference in these folks who are suffering these mental conditions, erste or potentially stock? i mean, what are their options of think the vaccine? is it going to make much of a difference? >> yeah, i mean, that. >> notably we did this through
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november of 2021. so largely before a lot of a break. i'm sorry, a lot of the booster vaccines were available. >> i think we're not necessarily sure that booster will will help to sort of mitigate this issue. i'm it can't hurt. so i think my recommendation from this would be to try to get folks dew said as and that may hold help offset some of the rest. >> it sounds like risky behavior is a big factor and obviously and substance abuse. that's one example. but are there other examples of that kind of risk you're talking about? >> so we're not sure exactly. prior studies have shown that people with mental health disorders might be more likely to engage in risky behaviors in general. and they also might be in situations or environments that kind of put them at higher for for contracting the disease. they might be in person in
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hospitals more out and so there there are a range of sort of these behavioral factors that might be happening and people mental health conditions more frequently. so we can just be more where those types of things. is there a difference between people who have mental health conditions who are getting regular treatment and kind of have their situation are under control. >> and those who aren't. so unfortunately, we did not look at that in this study, but that's a really great point. and it brings up the fact that covid disrupt and a lot of >> a mental health treatment and health care treatment in general. so it's really possible people weren't able to access the care that they needed and that might been exacerbated the rest as well. >> a doctor in a shimmy, thank you. and it's just interesting. i don't think anyone has made that connection before. so we appreciate your time. thank you, doctor. >> here in the bay area, people woke up to rain this
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morning. this late spring storm bringing a lot of fresh snow to the sierra, which is nice and >> this is what i-80 looks like this morning. this is cisco grove, the snow creating, of hazardous driving conditions. kron four's. erica cateray joins us now with more on what's going on. i mean, this is so good to see because we went so without to have snow. even this late in the season will take every snowflake we can get, right? definitely. i agree with you on that. and it's still coming down behind you, as you can see out in the sierra the paluska know falling as well. some rain up to half an inch of rain out there today. asked for that winter weather advisory still in effect through elevations under 7,000 feet. we'll get about 4 to 10 inches tall. and this is all said and higher elevations over 7,000 feet, up to 18 inches of snow and some windy conditions out there. of course. now, if you plan on heading out there for the weekend, i'd say. >> tomorrow and sunday would
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be the best days to travel or a saturday afternoon. we will get a break from that. but as you can see in the morning, we are going to see some showers and some snow as well on that day. still going on out there. but to the snow should stop overnight as well as that rain here in the bay area are satellite and radar still looks the same from when we last checked in on it about 10 minutes ago seeing a light scattered showers in the east bay there on the peninsula in the north bay along the coast. so just heavy rain jacket on. if you're running any late night errands tonight. so it does dry up overnight. overnight lows will be in the 40's. 45 for hayward? 49 in san jose in the morning, as i mentioned, should be dry. could see fog along the coast on your way to work. but it should burn off and a dry up by about lunchtime, mostly sunny skies to partly cloudy skies been and where you live. >> and this weekend, we do have another storm that will be coming. i'll tell you more
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about that in the extended forecast. back to you. thank you, america. coming up, report again is questioning whether senator dianne feinstein has the cognitive ability to continue in her job. >> some say absolutely not, but others are defending her. >> a controversial topic, even for those who are in favor of it. coming up, we're going to talk with an expert on what changes may come from. today's changes may come from. today's what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems.
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>> today a new report says
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some democratic lawmakers are concerned that california senator dianne feinstein is losing her memory and may be unfit to continue to serve in congress tonight. other lawmakers and the senator herself are responding to that report. kron four's justine waldman joins us with the latest. so this was reported by the san francisco chronicle in its sights for senators, including 3 democrats as well as >> 3 of her former staffers. none of them are identified by name, but they are all quoted as having concerns over her mental fitness. they say her memory is rapidly deteriorating and that she could no longer fulfill her job duties without her staff doing much of the work again, this is what the chronicle is reporting that these lawmakers are saying anonymously. now the senator has responded to us here at kron 4 telling us in a statement, quote, while i have focused for much of the past year on my husband's health and ultimate passing, i have remained committed to achieving results and i'd put my record up against anyone's
6:27 pm
in the past few months. i have successfully led the re authorization of the bipartisan violence against women act secured more direct government funding for my state than any other democratic sen and secure additional funding to retain federal firefighters to help california prepare for the upcoming wildfire season. the real question is whether i'm still an effective representative for 40 million californians and the record shows. but i am also defending the senator's house speaker nancy pelosi telling us here at kron 4, quote, it is unconscionable that just weeks after losing her beloved husband of more than 4 decades and after decades of outstanding leadership to our city and state, she is being subjected to these ridiculous attacks that are beneath the dignity in which she has led and the u.s. team which she is held. the senator is 88 years old and is currently the oldest sitting u.s. senator. she has represented california in congress since 1992 and is up for reelection in 2024, though, it's unclear. she is
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filed any paperwork for that live in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman, kron 4 news. all right, justine, thank you for police statewide are facing staffing shortages. >> what bay area departments are doing to try to beef up their ranks. also in san francisco today, a meeting on what reparations could mean for people affected by what's described as economic inequality and a car crashes into a santa rosa coffee shop really crashes in the legal after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth.
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