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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 15, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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four's. justin campbell is at the school and has the latest. justin. >> that school is closed this week, but i was able to talk to a parent and a few neighbors and they tell us this their shot. this is concerning. and this is a school that is right behind us. one neighbor tells us at night time there's sometimes people that are hanging around here that concerns her. but police say this happened over the school staff didn't notice the swastikas until one day. they say who ever tagged both of them. also. also tag graffiti. and this happened on the school's utility room. now, neighbors in this area that we spoke to are concerned about what happened. >> i haven't heard or seen a forever. so it's really shocking. and a shocking to see. we don't see that anymore. it feel like we're in a really tolerant community, which is why i love it. it's very divers. i feel like that.
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you know, just offense so many people here. i defends everybody. but is >> now authorities say they searched the area but don't have any footage of cool could have done this crime. now we've reached out to get more information to figure out if they do have security cameras here at this school. that's what one of one of the neighbors was asking us about. but they're also saying the neighbors that they're hoping that these were maybe kids that did it, but it doesn't change the fact that this was a hate crime. and police want to know who did it. we'll have more on this coming up at 8 for now. we're live tonight here in mountain view, justin campbell kron. 4 news. thank you, justin. >> in the north bay today, things got tense at novato high school. this one-note surface mentioning a bomb on campus. students were let out early after a lockdown that lasted hours. this was supposed to be a fun day with the school, setting up an
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easter egg hunt for the seniors. one of the eggs had free tickets to the prom. but a student reportedly found an egg with a threatening note attached. police used bomb-sniffing dog that one through the campus. nothing dangerous was found. one parent said the whole situation was disheartening. >> what were your thoughts when you heard about pensions highs? yes, and i felt concerned and i run the place in the race, said that there's a problem here, which obviously the bus that really concerned and i didn't know what to do, he's trying to get hold of my kids won. it can to the other. that would be even more. >> but now i'm just that it was scary at first, but i think they are too just kept us pretty calm. >> the nevada school district sent kron 4 news. an email saying that they appreciated the quick response from staffers and securing the campus and making sure the students states safe. >> and on the peninsula, belmont police are investigating a shooting that
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prompted a shelter-in-place order at carl mundt high school this afternoon. police say the shooting happened on the large, a drive around 2.30, this afternoon. no injuries were reported and no other information was released regarding a possible suspect. but investigators say it's an isolated incident and all of the students were able to leave the campus at 03:20pm. it's hard enough on a business when they fall victim to a smash and grab. but what about when they are targeted more than once a gamestop store in san francisco's mission district says it was targeted 3 times in one week. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how police are handling repeat offenders and what one association is doing to take matters into its own hands. >> from the glass broken out of a car window to the smashing of a glass case at a jewelry store. the bay area's all too familiar with the crime of the smash and grab officer robert rebecca says san francisco police received a call in the middle of the afternoon on april 3rd of a similar incident at this game.
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stop in the mission. victim stated that while they were working, they heard the sound of glass breaking in the store when they went to go look. >> the victim noticed that several suspects were smashing display cases and stealing items from those cases. gamestop says they were hit 2 more times that same week with flash mob style thefts. >> reporting around $5,000 in total losses. roberto hernandez with the mission merchants association says it's a crime that affects workers as much as it does. a company here at gamestop, one of the employees was actually. >> you know, by one of the, you individuals that walked in and told open up the law. according to hernandez, several businesses in the mission are dealing with thieves. he says one of his relatives who worked at this ross store finally had enough who actually quit because she was in so much fear. >> of daily people walking in and just taking rex and then
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right knee the employees as fpd were able to identify and arrest 2 juveniles in connection to the april 3rd theft. they're still trying to track down more suspects involved while hernandez and others with the mission merchants association organizing a volunteer citizens patrol group. we know that this staff that's going on. >> it's gotten too, too important. words out of control. officer recca welcomes community involvement that prevents crime but discourages any type of vigilante if there's something that our neighborhoods and our communities can do without being in harm's way. >> we support that gamestop is offering a $500 reward for any information that leads to more arrests in connection to the theft at their mission street store. >> in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> and the east bay, one of the suspects accused of killing kevin. the shooter was in court today and the shooter was a kron. 4 security guard, a former police officer
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charged with his murder. 25 year-old should mitchell, who is also facing robbery and assault charges. he will be back in court. may 13th 2 other suspects. herschel hail and ron gilbert are facing similar gilbert is still on the run. kevin, the shooter's wife, chino was in the courtroom today and she says it was the first time she's seen one of the accused killers. it's very hard to see him. because i can just imagine. >> the time the place that he was in front of kevin. makes it hard. >> the shooter was shot and killed last november in oakland when working as a security guard for kron. 4 in the north bay. police are looking for answers after a bar brawl ends in a shooting in downtown petaluma happened in the parking lot of brewster's beer garden around 8 o'clock last night. witnesses say a group of at least 4 people started fighting. somebody pulled out a gun, fired at least one shot. about 30 minutes later,
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2 people arrived at petaluma valley hospital, one with a gunshot wound. another with a head injury. both of them are expected to be okay. brewster's employee says that while he wasn't working last night, the situation left him shaken up. >> i'm kind of you know, i'm surprised i was. i'm glad i'm not working night shift because i would be kind of nervous about that. it is scary. and it's it's it's very scary. >> police have not yet identified the 2 people who were injured. the search for the others involved in their motive continues. a 37 year-old san francisco man will spend the next 4 years in prison. police and prosecutors say he had with a 16 year-old then tried running away with her to europe after posting bail. dylan ramos was first arrested last june. a judge ordered him to cut contact with the teenager. but the 2 continued to meet secretly to email each other. at one point, police say he picked the girl up from her home and
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headed for sfo. the girl says they plan to go to amsterdam to be married. ramos was arrested at the airport last month. he pleaded no contest to felony charges. time now for our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at a pretty quiet bay bridge toll plaza friday night. doesn't look like least coming into the city. know this very kron four's. eric is here. the weather changing as the weekend progresses, right? you're right about that. so we're seeing a lot of blue right now. tomorrow morning. we're going to see gray because >> we've been talking about the storm that's going to be coming overnight. so, yeah, we have a shot out here in san francisco, a light breeze going on. our temperatures were slightly warmer in some areas by a degree or currently out brentwood. we're at 69 degrees. 68 in pittsburgh starting to cool down. there were just and 70's earlier 6.59 in nevado and 63 currently in seat holiness, so satellite and radar looking
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very quiet right now for us in the bay area. but take a look at that. this is the system that is going to be hitting us overnight. it's going to shift southward right now. we see del norte county getting some showers as well as humboldt county in those higher elevations getting some snow from that system. so the sierras also going to see some fresh powder out of that. so here in the bay area, we can expect to see up to half an inch of rain for lower elevations, higher elevations, about 3 quarters of an inch of rain. asked for our gusts right now. you can see those trees in that shot kind of moving. we're seeing those gusts in the city at 16 miles per hour. but tomorrow morning with that storm, we're going to see gusts up to about 35 miles per hour here in san francisco along the coast, it could even get up to 40 miles per hour. storms also going possibly bring some thunder. so don't be surprised if you hear that in the middle of the night overnight, lows will be in the mid 40's for nevado and
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livermore. 48 in fremont. so pretty mild temperatures. back to you. >> we're going to ramp up all of our content and activations creating exciting electric atmosphere at chase center. >> it is a big weekend for bay area basketball fans with the warriors back in the playoffs. now the warriors set up tomorrow night at 5.30, against the denver nuggets game. one of the playoffs. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> first official playoff game at chase for the golden state warriors. so this is history in the making. >> yeah, it's history in the we have big responsibility, but we're up for the challenge and we're excited about the atmosphere we're going to have here on i we've got a lot of surprises up our sleeve. golden state warriors, executive producer shot bit is leading the team responsible for creating the fan experience throughout the
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playoffs. at the chase center starting with saturday's game one against the denver nuggets actually will have our our goal blood t-shirts on every will love, you know, have a really of amazing pre-game plan for folks new lighting that you don't want to miss. make sure you're in your you love ated in-game performances, halftime acts and national anthem performers all throughout the playoffs are we're going to be great. of course, you mentioned that the right fans that's >> edge in this event in the annals of san francisco history. as mayor london breed proudly raises the blue and gold flag over city hall. is this official city proclamation, april 15th, luego de here in san francisco. let's get let's go. the best way to get to the game. we always recommend public you know, to get there and make sure you're going to wear your stock com for
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tickets are always tickets available. make sure you come early to enjoy all the atmosphere and. we'll have. we'll see everyone on saturday. >> has it made you want 4 news? >> coming up, new nuclear concerns as russia response united states supply ukraine with more military supplies also barred is using new technology to figure out who is not paying for their parking lots so good. good friday. a local food bank is lending a helping hand for lending a helping hand for th ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military we've grown to serve all, who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly -
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why, you should join.
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and that's exactly - good friday. some some goodwill, rather for almost 1000 families in the east bay. >> inflation, of course, is driven up food prices. that makes it tough for a lot of people to get by. and today, the alameda county community food bank held its easter distribution kron four's philippe shows us the demand in oakland. >> with the cost of groceries shooting up more than 10% the past year. it comes as no surprise that although more people have returned to work during the pandemic, only to get slammed by rising inflation, reliance on the alameda county community. food bank remains high. definitely >> you know, way for our clients that it's just harder to get by to make ends meet tuesday. >> 3 days a week, the food bank hosts a distribution at acts, full gospel church in on friday, families walked up and
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stood in line for me to pass in the drive-thru one of 1000 hams donated bible, mel and safe way in all food. bank spokesperson michael altfest says the nonprofit provided enough food for about 30,000 we are and have been a lifeline to thousands of households over the course of this pandemic. and before that. >> during the pandemic, the food bank distribution site has handed out more than 12 and a half million pounds of food. last month alone. it passed out 4.4 million pounds at this time. warning for county residents is still food, insecurities to see, you know, hundreds upon hundreds of cars in line for i'm really just speaks to that high court in the home for many, the most challenging time of their lifetime. leap to kron. 4 news. >> this is good friday for the world's christians and down. it is the start of the jewish holiday of passover. both observances later than usual
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this year. it is the first time in 62 years and easter falls on april 17th, the observance of passover and april 23rd. both holidays are linked to a lunar cycles. all right. time for our 4 zone forecast says we give you a live the ever stunning golden gate bridge that is beautiful and kron four's. erica caturay is back and you're also telling us what's going on in the yeah, i wanted to compare because we're seeing blue skies here, but it's different out there. there is a storm that's moving through that region and we're already seeing some light rain. actually, we have. >> our camera here in donner summit, you can roads are wet out there. last night we did have the system as well, which gave us a up to 2 feet of snow in places like the sierra snow lab sugar bowl got over off. >> feet of snow out there. north star 9 inches. so if you look on our satellite and radar here, there is that storms got a bunch of moishure with it. that's going to shift
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southward towards us in the bay area as well as out in the sierra overnight. so let's look at a few. could futurecast here looks pretty quiet around 7.30, and then we'll see a big chunk of it. the heaviest snow that's going to kenya laypwill happen between the hours of 4 to about 11 o'clock in the morning. and then by the afternoon, that's when it starts to kind of dry out. so there is going to be a winter weather advisory in effect from 02:00am to 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon for the sierra aside from it being wet out there, it's also going to be pretty windy. we're going to see gusts of 45 to 100 miles per hour. so not really a good time to be traveling in the morning. however, sunday looks like it's going to be pretty nice out there. sunny skies temperature, a little warmer versus what we're going to see on saturday. monday's also supposed to be tried as well here in the bay area, though we are going to see that rain and all go more in depth about that later on. for now, back to you.
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>> thank you, erica. bart is now using a new technology to detect writers who are not paying for their parking the new mobile units allow bart staff to scan the license plates to see if the car's owner has paid the park board members have decided to implement this method permanently. 2 fixed license plate readers will replace the old ones at the macarthur bart station in oakland. but there are concerns about where the information of the license plate readers are stored in the board. members say they've worked with privacy advocacy groups to prevent the release of personal information. google is planning to invest more than 3 billion dollars in california this year. >> by turning parking lot into buildings in downtown san jose. google wants to create space for 4,000 housing units. that project is expected to create 25,000 jobs and there will be space for stores and restaurants and green areas.
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>> this chance to revitalize the area around the sa peace center and really expand our downtown. there are helping with parks are going to be new parks and open spaces here as well as trails. and that is not to mention the additional revenue that we're going to get. >> the councilman says are some people in her district are against the plan, but says most of them are excited. google is expected to break ground later this year. if you haven't filed your income tax return yet you are running out of time. but today, april 15th. >> is not the deadline. this year the filing date was moved to monday. the 18th because a federal holiday is being observed in washington today. so you still have the weekend, the crunch, those numbers and send everything off by monday. if you have to file for an extension, you still must file that by monday and any money that you owe as well. tax experts say more people are eligible for a child care credit this year. so families might want to check to see if they're qualified to get that tax break.
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>> coming up, how twitter is planning to block a possible takeover bid from billionaire elon musk. (music throughout)
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>> new today twitter has announced a new plan to defend itself against elon musk's bid to try to buy the company for 43 billion dollars with the company board unanimously voting to adopt a so-called poison pill that allows
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existing shareholders to purchase additional shares at a discount which send limits the ability of a single shareholder such as musk to acquire mass shares on the open market. the poison pill would be triggered once anybody buys 15% or more of twitter's shares and must now more than 9%. that makes him the second largest shareholder of the company. nancy loo has more on the story. and inclusive arena for free speech. elon musk discussed his vision for twitter in a tad conversation just after news broke of his 43 billion dollars bid to buy it. >> the world's richest man has called himself up free speech absolutist, criticizing what he sees as censorship and regulation. social media is privately >> the first amendment doesn't apply to them. so i think what we have is if i don't like the way you moderate that site, i go somewhere else. according to jeanne. paula says key of the freedom forum of free speech free for all on twitter
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just won't fly and advertisers would flee. others also questioned the true motive driving musk free speech from his viewpoint. >> here's everything that he agrees with should be free and widely circulated. he's not a fan of criticism or speech that goes against his beliefs. so assuming does by a team. i started zone. you can offer 42 billion dollars to buy something. you could spend 20 billion to build. rough. indeed. billionaires have backed other platforms in recent years. there's parlor where users are encouraged to speak freely and truth social from former president trump who was banned from twitter while in office. >> left-leaning billionaires, including george soros, also recently launched a public benefit corporation. >> tough and media projects they say will tackle dis-information. but no new pla form comes close to twitter's 330 million users with all social media. evolution is a given. we've had, you know, 230 years to work out the legal part of the first and that.
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>> we're really only about the second decade of working out the social media and the social parameters around this new tool that we have to speak to each other. >> that was nancy loo reporting coming up on kron, 4 news at 6 video caught the horrifying moment when a police shooting took place and >> left a man dead in grand rapids, michigan. why the victim's family is calling the shooting an execution. now lawmakers on capitol hill are working on a new bill that could change the way law enforcement interacts with people. plus russia is warning the west to stop the flow of weapons to ukraine and russia's promising ramp up attacks on the capital city of kiev. we'll have the latest kiev. we'll have the latest what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more...
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>> now to our 4 zone look here. it was kind of nobody was yeah. 7. it's that time when everybody wants to go to the city from the. bay bridge. yeah. where they'll going yard kron four's. erica category is here and i don't know. but the weather is good for whatever they're doing. yeah, the weather looks really nice right all that blue that we're temperatures today, a little warmer in some places, but we're going to see the clouds coming in tonight. this is a just after 9 o'clock. you can see the cloud cover here the bay area. and then the storm approaches after midnight is when we're going to see. >> the heaviest downpour. so this is just before 04:00am. you can see widespread rain,
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even moderate rain cells popping up there in san francisco and in the north bay, we're going to see about half an inch of rain from the system. higher elevations, a little more. but the thing is the south bay is actually going to see higher rain totals from this storm versus the one that we saw yesterday. so tomorrow morning around 8.30, you can see the north. they will slowly start to trial. first, but to the rest of the bay area will still see some showers popping up. so have your umbrella in hand and bay in the afternoon, as you can see, as well as san francisco around that time sunday looks like it's going to be pretty nice. we will see some clouds moving through. but overall, mostly sunny skies, one 30's going to be gorgeous outside. if you want to do any outdoor activities such as hiking or what not so high temperatures


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