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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 16, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> i think the war's going to win by at least 10 points. curry just going to make a whole bunch of threes. just like the old days. >> a lot of confidence out there now at 6 warriors first playoff game happening at the chase center right now, all the fans thrilled to have seen steph curry out their back on the court he's not starting, but he's going to get their absolutely. thanks for joining us here in cover news at 6. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. the warriors are playing the denver nuggets tonight. and here's a look at the score right now. >> as you can see the nuggets up by a couple of we have team
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coverage tonight. kron four's kate rooney will be bringing us the latest on the game. but first, kron four's amanda hari is inside the chase center. she's talking to fans. amanda. >> yeah, everyone i've spoken to is very excited for this game and very confident that will end in a win, even though right now to be a little bit behind. still plenty of time left to go in that game by me here. i'm inside the chase center. looks a little empty, but that's because all of those fans are in their seats right now. >> watching the game and cheering on the warriors. tonight's game is the warriors first playoff game in the city of san francisco. >> since 1964, people say they're excited to be here for the first playoff game at the chase center and they're predicting it will be a good one. this is steph curry's first game back since a foot injury back on march. 16th fans tell me he's going to be important piece. >> if the warriors get the win.
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>> it's exciting. it's like the first time a center and just energy is great. and the great news that curry is back. i think everybody's really looking for it. just seeing the warriors together and making another championship >> this is a first in the best of 7 series. so first team to 4 wins. game to be back here at the chase center on monday at 07:00pm some fans tell me they're already ready to be back here for that game. and they've been cheering on and off. maybe some cheering right now. there are those. >> we're going to hear that fans cheering on the live at the chase center. amanda hari kron. 4 news while we will keep on checking in on that game all evening. but we do want to >> give you a reminder if you're heading up to the sierra this holiday weekend, you might want to be aware of the road conditions that could be changing as the evening progresses. there was already a lot of closures earlier today. more storms are set to
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move in later on. kron 4 meteorologist rodriguez joining us now to talk rain. yeah. april. really pulling out the w i mean, it's feeling a lot more like hour we shouldn't get this much rain. i'm so excited and we're possibly tracking an atmospheric river next week with more on that in just a minute. deep tease there. but let's take a look at our rain totals. >> within the last 24 hours, slightly than an inch for those of you in santa rosa, about half an inch of rain or less for everyone else. in fact, san francisco international airport slightly less than half an inch of rain there and a little bit more than a quarter of an inch for downtown san francisco. so looking great. and right now we are tracking average rainfall anywhere from 50 to near 100%. take a look at san francisco international airport. >> with this wet season already more than 17 inches of rain. more wet weather right around the corner. we're drying out right now. not really tracking a lot of cloud cover, but don't forget tonight is the full pink moon. so head out and enjoy that
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this evening. don't forget to send us pictures and videos here at kron. 4. we are seeing though, very dry, clear conditions, a little bit breezy out there right now with winds out of the west at around 20 miles per hour or less. here's a look at the storm door going to reopen by monday night. first arriving for those of you in the north bay with widespread light rain overnight into your tuesday morning commute. so plan ahead for that. we're tracking about a quarter of an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area. those of you in the north bay expect to get another round of higher rain totals. about half an inch of rain or less with higher amounts for local mountains in the north bay wednesday. that's going to be our transitional day. but as you can see by wednesday night, this moisture is going to tap into what was once a typhoon out in the pacific with this storm, bringing us what way appear like an atmospheric river. we're going to see a lot of rain out of this. no word yet on the exact is. but we are expecting for this storm to delay r this start of our fire season for the next
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several weeks. so that certainly great news. as you can see, it's going to last all day on thursday with light scattered showers lingering by friday morning. until we finally dry out by friday afternoon into friday night. but don't forget, it is easter weekend passover and ramadan. so for all of you celebrating, we're tracking temperatures slightly below average along the coast and east bay shoreline, but inland valleys, warming up and flirting with 70's more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to, you know, well, and and. >> all right, thanks a lot. we're learning more tonight about the people who died in the sacramento mass shooting. newly filed court documents reveal 3 of the 6 people were involved in a gang dispute that led to this massive shoutout. the sacramento district attorney's office says at least one of them fired a weapon while another boasted before the killing about shooting rival gang members. court documents also show suspects smiley martin and joshua hoye loot chazy posted on social media earlier in the day that they wanted to shoot rival gang members.
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>> back here in the north bay police say a man was shot and killed earlier this morning. it happened in the area on her court and admiral callaghan lane. the victim is a 21 year-old resident of oakland. no information on a suspect at this point in the case is still under investigation. meanwhile, over in the east bay, oakland, police are investigating a shooting that left 2 people dead early this morning. officers responding to 77th avenue around 05:00am and found one of the victims dead at the scene. shortly thereafter, a second victim was dropped off at an area hospital where they later died as well. investigators do believe these 2 incidents are related. other information about the victims and suspects has not yet been released. belmont police are still working to find the person responsible for a shooting near carl mundt. high school. police say. >> the shots rang out on the letter. good drive around 2 o'clock friday afternoon. however, when officers arrived
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on scene, no suspects or victims were located. the shooting did prompt a shelter-in-place order at the high school. that case is still under investigation. and anyone with any information is asked to call belmont police. >> well, in oakland, students and teachers return to class on monday. those masks are going to have to stay on for at least another week. the oakland unified school district says it's going to keep that mandate in place until sunday. april 24th. there are some concerns over potential surge in covid cases following spring break. so they're being extra cautious here after april 24th indoor masking is going to just be strongly recommended. >> the nation's top infectious disease expert says it's not likely we will ever achieve herd immunity against covid-19 doctor anthony fauci says on like measles coronavirus changes and mutates making it difficult to contain and stop. there is also vaccine hesitancy and travelers from overseas bringing new covid variants to the u.s..
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>> 67 take a break. coming up here, a south bay fire department helping first responders in ukraine. we've got more on what you can do to help. >> plus, people say popular cereal is making them sick. what you need to know about an fda investigation. >> and have you ever wondered how much money president biden can make? we're talking presidential tax returns when we come back.
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>> this just in to the kron. 4 news room lanes are closed on southbound one. 0, one at 2.80, because of police activity. the traffic as you up to the bay bridge. this is .- a caltrans camera located at faith street of the backup. we'll, of course keep you updated as we learn more about what's going on. >> meanwhile, we do have a warning for cereal lovers this evening. the fda is investigating general mills because of complaints of lucky charms causing sickness. the agency says more than 100 people have reported feeling ill after eating the popular marshmallow filled cereal with thousands more complaining of symptoms on a consumer website. general mills says it's working with the fda on the matter, but they found no evidence of illnesses linked to the serial during its internal investigation. >> president joe biden, vice president kamala harris released their tax returns. president biden and his wife had a joint income of more than $600,000 last year,
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paying just over $150,000 in federal income taxes. president biden resuming the practice of sharing tax returns after president donald trump refused to do so during his term, the vice president and her husband earns just over 1.6 million last year paying more than 2 and paying more than $520,000 and federal taxes at the rate of nearly 32%. >> coming up here, 12 people are injured after a shooting at a shopping mall in south carolina. we've got the latest on the suspects and that plus, russian forces resume attacks on ukraine's capital city. how a south bay fire department is trying to help people in the war zone. plus, easter weekend has arrived after 2 years of tamper down celebrations, families across the bay spent the day hunting for easter eggs. we've got the sights and sounds coming up. you're sounds coming up. you're watc everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it.
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>> new developments tonight out of south carolina where police are investigating a shooting at a shopping mall in columbia. they say at least one person opened fire at the columbiana centre mall this afternoon. police detained 3 people who had fire are. yeah. authorities say a dozen people are injured, no fatalities reported. but >> 8 of the victims went to the hospital. 2 are in critical condition. this is video shot by a person who was inside the mall at the time. authorities say the victims range in age from 15 to 73 and
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they do not believe this was a random attack. a shoplifter caught on camera stealing from a cvs pharmacy in san francisco. you can see it here. >> a bystander recording this video as he sees the man grabbing items from the shelves and stuffing them into a suitcase. seen many videos like this over the last several months. kron four's gayle ong talked with that witness. >> the employees are like asking them leave even the cave. it has seen video like this before. people shoplifting in san francisco, stores. but this was the first time you see me at in-person at a cvs pill, too. it's fairly calm. situational like the employees. the other employee was just checking to one out. >> when the customers were just standing there in line like. a foot away from this person, this case that started recording on his cell phone. he says it happened thursday just before 2.45. in the dfternoon are just backed up a little bit a little through
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like it's going to be over he's over there taking batteries and taking his time, deciding what drink to and then just walking >> as for the employees, staying calm, experts say many retailers have a no change policy that instruct employees to not attempt to stop a shoplifter. it's not uncommon to see people stealing. many of the acts have been caught on camera and some of the thieves have been caught just last week. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin announced 2 people have been convicted for stealing from walgreens stores in the city last year. this cave but worries that that that's keep happening. neighborhoods will be left without a pharmacy. seems like they're not going to be a cvs there. >> for very much longer because it's just it's probably an everyday thing like, okay. we've got to move these items, locked these. i don't know. look, he's kron. 4 reached out to cbs about this incident. a spokesperson told us to contact san francisco police. >> a public information officer with sfpd is unable to comment by the time of the broadcast. gayle ong kron. 4
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news. >> turning now to our coverage of the war in ukraine. russian forces have resumed scattered attacks on kiev, western ukraine and beyond after warning that it planned to step up missile strikes in the capital. the strikes today were reminder that the whole country remains under threat. moscow says the renewed attacks targeted ukrainian military sites. but each day brings more civilian victims of a war that has shattered european security. firefighters and first responders and ukraine are receiving support in the south bay. >> that's right. today the san jose firefighters union held a fundraiser for their counterparts in ukraine as kron four's felecia call reports the money collected. it's going to help keep those first responders supplied while caring for people during the invasion. >> to me, this is a, you know, heroism. >> at its finest, marian lava was born and raised in ukraine. he moved to the states when he was 9 years old nd has served as a
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firefighter with the san jose fire department for 7 years. he says it means the world to him that his union, san jose firefighters, local to 30 chose to host a fundraiser at the brit sports pub and patio saturday. the percentage of food beverage and raffle proceeds going to help. ukrainian first responder put their lives on the front line like we do here. you pretty severe circumstances that out to do toes of ukrainian firefighters in action are displayed inside the brit. >> the venue open 2 hours early to host the event which raised more than $5,000. that much money will be able to get a lot of medical you know, it. >> get everything that they can do this to support the citizens that they're rescuing out collins lives in the bay area now but was born and raised in ukraine. she stopped by with her family support fund raiser and her family
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overseas living through the russian invasion. there's too building most of them when everybody wants to know >> they're going and risking their lives to save u.s. citizens. so means the world in san jose, felipe goal kron 4 games. >> love to see that effort. >> well, it is easter weekend and on this holy saturday, many who celebrate the holiday participated in easter egg hunts all across the bay area. kron four's camila barco visiting a couple of those events and brings us the sights and sounds. >> light rain saturday morning did at san mateo central park as dozens of kids hunted for easter candy. it's the 45th annual extravaganza put on by the city's parks and recreation with the woman who has been part of it garden because he wanted to. >> easter eggs celebration for san mateo and they didn't be
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has been one that sheila can see. she says the event has grown over the years but had to be scaled back in the last 2 years because of the pandemic. >> this year the crowds returned. we've been trying to stay away from crowds like this for some but you know anything outside, we feel a little bit better about people celebrated in san mateo and san francisco, the castro merchants association hope to bring business to the area with their first easter eggstravaganza this year is very special for everybody because, you know, through the pandemic, we have been able to have a lot of events in the castro and dave kehr kerr the associations co president. >> says the castro district has been quiet because of the pandemic, but he says with events like the extravaganza, the community can see more life and bring money to local businesses. if we can get people out to the streets with these kind of events and then they go off and they go shopping. i by maybe go for a nice drink or a meal. that's what we're really trying to do is to get people back out into
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the streets in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> coming up in sports, warriors fans come out for the first playoff game ever at chase center and only the second time ever for the dubs in san fran
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> i'm here at the warriors
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shop. the team store and thrive city and the building next door. the first ever playoff game at chase center is underway. there are a lot of fans out here at thrive city as well. you can see them sitting on the bleachers watching the game on a big screen and this is the merchandise fans in the building will be receiving tonight. everything in the house getting one of these cold blooded t-shirts designed with a local bay area skews me clothing line called adapt. so that's pretty cool from what i can tell that i was in the earlier. it is going to be really loud in there tonight. it's pretty loud out and drive city as well. a lot of action for the fans out there. not only is this the first playoff game at chase. it's just the second nba playoff game in the city of san francisco. the last one was back in 1964. they played >> usf that was more than 20 years before steph curry was even born. and speaking of stuff, yes, he is playing tonight. already made his return to the dubs, but he's on a minutes restriction. he
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is though, back on the court with draymond green and klay thompson in the postseason for the first time since the 2019 nba finals. pretty crazy to see steph curry coming off the bench. course, we're going to have full highlights on kron. 4 news tonight after the game. so make sure you stick around for that later. let's talk. some major league baseball is a blue jays before the game. matt chapman received a gold glove. he won playing for oakland last season. not there anymore, though. 3rd inning, sean murphy with a blast to left center. that one is into the restaurant at rogers center. it's a 2 run homer 5 to one a's in the 6 chapman. deep to left and gone for a 2 run home, run 5 to 4 a's. next pitch. zach collins. makes it back-to-back homers off domingo acevedo game tied at 5 to 5. we go to the top of the
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9th. now, guys are christian pash. he's been really good filling in for the loriano. and he tops it off here with a 2 run home run. the a's regained the lead 7 to 5 and that was the final score. lou trivino gets the same a's finished the series tomorrow in toronto and they've been playing so much better than anyone expected so far this season. all right, from thrive city. we're going to have live reports here at chase center throughout the night. but for now, i'll send it back to you guys in the studio. kate. thank. yeah. it's great to see steph, back out there. this is needed for this run. >> we'll be back here at 9 o'clock tune in with us for that.
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now on inside california politics, a historic signature in the capital city and about to bring future change to the state's top office. i'm going to work very hard to make sure that we have a woman governor and 2026 be a great year to start. lieutenant governor eleni could unlock is on the history she made and her future plans. plus, new polling shows the race to


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