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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 18, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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tax day. yeah, we talk about as well and the weather. we've got more rain on the way this week. so let's check out our rain days. i got fill it up or bank account with a little bit more water, which we certainly do need because january-march february, they're also so dry. april's finally coming through for us. you can see out there skies are clear this morning. no clouds in your view at the embarcadero. >> but this is what we've got later on. mostly be making its way and well after the sun goes down, she actu good for your morning commute. even your drive home from work going to be doing just fine. our temperatures are cold. morgan hill, palo alto, half moon bay and much of the north bay are all the way down in the 30's. oakland, you're at 45 right now. santa rosa, one of our very spots at 34 degrees. so definitely layer up this morning if you're going to be out and about this monday evening, get that rain jacket ready. reyna. john, thank you for we've been tracking delays in the south bay. so if you're traveling along one, 0, one. >> southbound just south of san tomas expressway down here
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in santa clara. now a little further down in san jose. another accident. this is southbound. 85 south of santa teresa boulevard. so we are seeing slight delays there. only 2 major issues down in the south bay, 60 minute drive traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit. no accidents or hazards heading across towards the peninsula. about 14 minutes traveling from 8.80, to one on one in brisbane. southbound north of the road. we do have an accident. and as you can see, 2.80, no major issues there. daria, james, back to you. thank you. ran a 7, 0, one. and more than 8,000 nurses and health care workers at center health facilities are on strike. yeah. the california nurses association is calling for better health and safety conditions. >> with proper sarah stinson, she's actually out there live right now with them. good morning, sarah. >> out here on the picket line on van ness at sutter health, where you can see nurses and health care workers with their signs and their red mask calling unity. here they are
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is about 8,000 nurses and health care workers on strike right now at 15 difference other health facilities. this is a one day strike people on the picket line say they're protesting unsafe staffing in ppe levels center, health nurses and health care workers say they have been in negotiations since june for a new contract, but there has been little to no movement. union workers hope to strike urges management to invest in more nursing staff so they can provide. >> the best care and they want more protections against covid with enough ppe supply for all staff. you can hear loud out here. this just started. >> 2 minutes ago. so people are starting to get that energy up for this strike. let's hear from one registered nurse about this strike and why she's got to do this. >> we want more than anything to be at the bedside taking care of patients. you know, that's why we're nurses. that's what we want to do. but we also need the resources to be able to do so.
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>> fullscreen after sutter health has released a statement explaining how the strike will affect its hospitals. take a look at work stoppages at 18 of our state's even on a single day requires complex and costly preparation and obligates us to make plans that are teens, patients and communities can rely on. we notified the union today that if the uncertainty of a strike remains afternoon, we will have staffing our hospitals on monday, which today with the contract in replacement workers. so they have people fillion for those who are on the picket line. nurses say that they feel they have no other choice but to strike as they've been at the bargaining table not receiving what they want and that's why they're here striking all day long center. health says it's ready for negotiations. love to see what happens there. hoping to strike really sends a loud message. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in san francisco. back to you. >> thank you very much, sara.
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time now 7, 0, 3, and it was a violent easter weekend in oakland. there were 2 deadly shootings. and if you add that to the numbers we've seen already. oakland now has 37 homicides so far this year, robert taylor bisacky has a closer look at the problem. >> the i fear that i have is that it becomes the norm. oakland city councilmember noel gallo. >> responding to the city's grim death toll after several shootings over the weekend. and last night, i the you know, the helicopter was flying over with my home, my yard with their lights on in the neighborhood and the night before that. well, the same thing was happening. police are investigating a possible double homicide that happened early saturday morning at near the 900 block of 77th avenue. >> when they arrived, police say they found the victim bleeding from a gunshot wound who later died on scene. police say short time later a second victim was dropped off at a nearby hospital, but they also died from their gunshot wounds. gallo, who was born and raised here in oakland says the city has had its fair
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share of crime, but he's definitely noticed an increase in violence is an ongoing challenge. and i think >> those of us here in open certainly. you know, we need to stand up to you know, not only support our police department, but also some of these young people on the street. now with the gang activity has really risen. oakland police are also investigating another shooting that happened around 04:00pm saturday near the 700 block of international boulevard. they say the victim is in critical condition. gallo was also on the public safety committee believes police staffing shortages and loosening of bail fees. >> are part of the problem leading to increased crime. the only thing some of us growing up in the neighborhood. only thing we understand is pushed back. and so i think that >> the reality that in alameda county in california, we have due to the pandemic. and some of us feeling sorry for everybody. we release people on the street this impacting
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our children and families that are trying to make a living. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> and oakland, police need your help to find this man. 27 year-old lebron gilbert is wanted in connection with the murder of kevin nishita. our kron 4 security guard who shot and killed in november while guarding one of our reporters, herschel hail and shutting mitchell were arrested last month. mitchell appeared in court last friday. he was expected to enter plea that he didn't his next court date is set for may 13th. >> and we have new developments in the wake of the sacramento mass shooting. court documents show the 3 of the people who were killed. there are 6 killed. 3 actually were involved in the gang fight that led to the shootout. the sacramento da says that at least one of the men who died fired a gun court documents also show shooting suspect smiley martin and joshua hoye in the casey posted on social media earlier that day sharing that they wanted to shoot rival gang
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members. hoy the casey died in the shooting. smiley remains in custody. >> later this morning, officials from across the state are going to be joining victims of crimes to demand changes to how they're being treated during investigations. local senators and survivors of other mass shootings will be speaking as well. that event is going to be held on the west steps of the capitol building in sacramento started at 11 o'clock. happening today. the city of san francisco mark 116 years since the 19 0, 6, earthquake and the fires that followed a seminar ceremony was held at lot as fountain on market street early this morning as they do every year. people who lived during the earthquake went to that found in the post names of their family members to see if they were still alive. the ceremony moved to dolores park where a fire hydrant was painted gold and that fire hydrant was key to saving the city's mission district. the 19 0, 6 earthquake was a 7.9 magnitude quake. more than 3,000 people died that day. more than
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200,000 were left homeless. mayor london breed was there this morning. she commented on motion commended people in san francisco for working in the years that followed to rebuild the city. >> this city, 80% of it over 3,000. people lost their lives. and i know there were probably people. what would discourage and felt. what do we do now? but i also know that there were more people who stepped up and said let's rebuild. >> city leaders say that today's ceremony should serve as a reminder that everybody needs to be prepared for san francisco's next big earthquake. to national news now with no end in sight to russia's attack on ukraine. some lawmakers say the u.s. needs to do more needs to step up and take more action against russia. this comes as russian strikes have killed at least 7 ukrainians this morning in lviv. we've got alexandra limon with more on the story. >> good morning. it's a
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delicate consideration for lawmakers and the biden administration to decide how involved the u.s. can get in ukraine because of fears of what russia will do to retaliate. >> ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy said ukraine won't give up its fight against russia in the besieged eastern city of mariupol. it is very important for us not to allow them to stand our ground. that despite the warning from russia to the remaining troops there to surrender or die on cbs face the nation. delaware senator chris said the u.s. shouldn't give up either. the american people cannot turn away from this tragedy in ukraine. senator advocated for more u.s. involvement in ukraine. i think the history of the 21st century turns and how fiercely defend freedom in ukraine and that putin will only stop when we stop and and on capitol hill. more than one u.s. senator has said perhaps u.s. troop involvement in ukraine shouldn't be completely off the table as russia shows. no
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signs of backing off its attack on ukraine of the president in terms of his decisions as commander in chief need to look clearly at the level of brutality. russia has already sent a warning to the u.s. to stop sending weapons to ukraine. u.s. involvement in helping ukraine has been measured in part because russia possesses nuclear weapons that some experts fear putin would use. and pope francis address those fears in his remarks easter sunday. the table feet it. don't want show we put an end to the human race or shall mankind. renounce war asked pope francis. another reason the u.s. hasn't sent troops to help defend ukraine is because that country isn't part of nato. >> so far president biden has been firm in his decision that the u.s. won't send troops in washington. alexandra limon. >> it's 7.10, and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a
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kidnapping of a baby goat to all caught on camera. why the owner says this go needs to be found soon as possible. >> and we are in free, clear. but cold start to this day. a look outside at sfo confirms that stepping confirm the cold part. your temperatures later on. we'll be in the 60's to low 70's and showers arrive after the sun goes down tonight. your forecast is ahead. >> and you do have a few delays out there that we've been tracking. and of course, we're staying on top of your drive times. we'll have a look at that. once we get back from break. (music throughout)
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>> we are back. coming up on 7.14. and here's some pictures from tahoe over the weekend where as expected they did get a little bit of snow. fact, the seven-day total, according to the national weather service or uc berkeley's. a weather lab is they got upwards of what maybe a foot in some cases, john was talking about even 2 feet of us know where you go. yeah. the problem wasn't how much i think it was just because i guess it was a little too warm. >> you know, if you went you there, he was kind of a g down to the lodge level on a slushy call, a little rainy. >> i don't know if these next couple of storms are going to be like we're going to get rain. maybe they'll get more snow or they'll get around find out john? yeah, definitely some rain at lower elevations, but some snowfall up for and those upper elevations too. >> really the sierra tonight around 2 to 4 inches of it. so definitely nothing super
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significant on the immediate horizon, although wednesday night, thursday into friday does look promising up there right now. i-80 at castle peak, nice and dry. everyone scoot along just fine up there. we do have a winter weather advisory that takes effect in the middle of the night tonight. last until 11:00am tomorrow morning impacting both i-80 and highway 50 as you're heading up to lake tahoe. tonight's not the night to be driving up there. although daytime hours today and even daytime hours tomorrow, you will be good to go. now this rainfall and snowfall for that matter, staying well to our north during daytime hours. so we're in for a nice and dry monday. you want to enjoy some sunshine generally. the earlier, the better today cloud cover gradually increases towards the afternoon. a couple of sprinkles late afternoon for the north bay. but the real rainfall doesn't arrive until after the sun goes down at 08:00pm. tonight you'll see a few light showers in marin county, mostly northern sonoma county. at that point, the 09:10:11pm, tonight is when showers begin to drop into the rest of the bay hanging out with us into early morning hours of tomorrow. but really
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exiting the region before the sun even comes up tomorrow morning may wake up to a few slick spots on your roads because of that overnight rainfall and snowfall into the middle of the morning tomorrow for the sierra nevada tomorrow starts cloudy clears out towards the afternoon and tuesday into wednesday, looking dry before wednesday night in even greater potential of rain and mountain snow fall works its way into the bay stays with us thursday and early friday. this first round of rainfall. nothing super significant around a 10th of an inch of rain for most up towards santa rosa in northward from there could see around a half an inch of rainfall. we're looking at the potential of north bay, rain of another inch towards the latter part of this week. and the rest of us may be around a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of rain. so that will be the bigger rain again, that's wednesday night into thursday. as for today, 50's towards the coastline for your highs out there, 60's to low 70's for the rest of the bay. these numbers look really familiar. we've been spending the last week and this past
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weekend with those comfortably cool conditions and we're keeping them around over the next several days. that on and off rain also staying with us. so this april forecast continues to bring us the weather that we needed. i was looking at some of those hillsides this weekend and seeing a little bit of green are looking conditions, which is also so nice to see after these recent rains tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday, staying in the 60's for highs. best chances of rain overnight tonight and then especially into overnight wednesday into thursday and early friday, the weekend just in time for it, clearing out and warming up, taking us back into the 70's. great. john, thank you for that. he a close eye on a few delays that have been popping up. >> like down here in santa clara southbound one. 0, one south of san tomas expressway. still see that delay. thankfully, no issues along 8.80, or 6.80. so you're just going to have that slight delay. the you're waiting a long one. 0, one up here in brisbane. southbound one. 0, one north of road. he got an accident. a lane is blocked. but look at 2.80. you go ahead
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and take that. you could hop on 82 or 3rd street may be to navigate around those delays traveling into the city, metering lights on 15 minutes for you as you're making your morning commute. there, heading across towards the peninsula. no issues along one. 0, one to slow you down. so about 14 minutes for your n% drive. richmond center fell tells the one o one a little under 11 minutes. no hazards there on the westbound side down your belmont southbound. 1, one ralston avenue, a new accident picking up there. you can see once you get past the air into rate was city, no issues and then to 80 traffic is at the limit. daryt. james, back to you. thanks a lot. reyna 7.18, for your money this morning. several million u.s. workers are seen to be staying out of the labor force indefinitely. and the fda is investigating about 100 illnesses potentially linked with lucky charms. joy das is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more high. joya. tara, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. that's why thousands of people have complained on a consumer website saying they got sick.
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>> after eating lucky charms. now the fda is investigating general mills which makes this aerial said it's working with the fda on the matter. the company said it conducted a thorough internal investigation found no evidence of illnesses linked to the consumption of lucky charms in other news auto industry, analysts expect the car showed shortage likely to last through this year and into next year. car company executives gathered at the new york international auto show and 7 in the tory constraints continue to impact availability for both new as well as used cars through 2022, several million workers who dropped out of the u.s. workforce during the covid-19 pandemic plan to stay out indefinitely. the wall street journal reports that some have persistent illness fears as well as physical impairments about 3 million workforce dropout say they don't plan to return to pre-covid activities. whether that includes going to work shopping in person or dining out even after the pandemic ends, california ran on nearly 100% clean energy this month.
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the state's main grid ran on more than 97% renewable energy on sunday. april 3rd, breaking a previous record. california has set a target to have a 0 carbon power system by the year 2045 live from the nasdaq market site. i'm joined us back to you. thank you. joya. >> a white house official is warning lawmakers now about what would happen if congress doesn't pass a new covid funding package. soon. they say important funding to fight the virus is going to be at risk. meaning there won't be enough money to get americans. the new vaccines and treatment center on the way. >> let me be very clear on why we need the money. we're going to have a new generation of vaccines. my hope is in the fall, there are a lot of really promising treatments coming down the pike. none of those things are going to be available for the american people that congress does not step up and fund these efforts. >> yeah. right now the senate adjourned for their spring recess without passing a 10 billion dollar covid funding package. they're going to take it up again when they return this week. the
7:21 am
bipartisan deal is or was derailed after some republicans demanded that it include reinstating title. 42. that's the covid policy that stop migrants from seeking asylum at the border. if there is a lapse in covid funding millions of vaccine doses would go unused and expired. well, it is tax day. the irs expecting to receive tens of millions of last-minute electronic and paper filings as of today, the or as of april 8th. in fact, they already had received more than 103 million returns this season. it's issued about 63 million refund so far, which totals about 240 billion dollars in the money that's going out. rick record low staffing numbers, though. and huge backlogs could end up delaying some of the that you're expecting. if you're one of the millions who haven't filed yet, experts say obviously want to. file an extension. you need to get those tax returns in. and so to be processed. >> muni is bringing back a couple lines today that have been dormant since covid.
7:22 am
>> the x and the 8 bx express lines are going to be running starting today. both of those provide service from. >> south san francisco to downtown and chinatown and some of the community leaders are going to be on where the buses later this morning to celebrate the return of those bus lines. it's 7.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. you see this happen. maybe in your neighborhood of male taken in san francisco will tell you why one homeowner says this why one homeowner says this has to stop. it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab",
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>> 7.24 and you've probably mail theft having maybe not right in front of you, but your neighborhood or you. and in san francisco, there was one caught on camera and we talk to the homeowner. take a look. you can see this person come up the stairs. this is in russian hill. and there's a few mailboxes there. and it looks like they're even yeah, there's a locking type. but just pop and i'm open. you can see say she just pops them open and she did get away from some 8 with some male and this happened last week. but it was not the first time. apparently the u.s. postal inspector general is now investigating this particular incident hairs. well, one of the people who lives in this building has to say. >> we had our garage broken into late last year. and nothing was stolen because he was caught in the act by my
7:26 am
husband and our 2 dogs. >> the officials say it obviously a locking mailbox is good. but, you know, these you could pop up. and so that's not going to work. they say don't leave mail in your mailbox for very long. and obviously this is at night time and there are still a mail in there. if you can't check if you're traveling or something, have it delivered to a different address or put a hold on your mail. >> i'm will tran live inside the oakland coliseum. if you're an a's fan, the long wait, it's just about over season home opener. you can see they're very busy getting the field ready to go. we'll tell you everything you need to know if you're going. tonight's game will tell you all about that in a live report.
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>> welcome back. it is 7.29 right now. we're taking a look at the forecast. we have a clear day today and then things kind of change up maybe as early as tonight. i think showers come back into play. john. good morning. yeah. the clear once a day to enjoy and then tonight the showers get right back with a slight step tonight, though. so nothing to worry about too much but bring the cushions inside before you go to bed. your view outside of downtown san francisco. looking good and looking clear, there's the showers are still out well to the north and west of us. you'll gradually see an increase in cloud cover through the day. so we're not going to stay so clear all day long. generally clear in the morning. so if
7:30 am
you want to enjoy some sunshine, now's the time to do it. but do it bundled up half moon bay and palo alto as well as the north bay are in the 30's 40's for most of the rest of the bay area. santa rosa, one of our coldest spots at 34 degrees san francisco, one of the most mild at 46 degrees. i'll be talking tonight. showers and even more rainfall come wednesday night thursday and early friday. all still ahead. rain. tom, thank you for that. a new accident we're tracking right now. this time it's an old southbound 6 ad. >> south of 84 west. so you are starting to see just a slight delay as you're traveling along 6.80, here in brisbane. southbound one, 0, one north of the road. we've been tracking that looks like traffic is actually getting a little better. the air remember to a tsa would be a good alternate for you trying to navigate around that 60 minute drive heading into the city right now. and let's check on the san mateo bridge 16 as well. so we're starting to get busy year traveling across one o one. we'll leave you with this down here in belmont. southbound one. 0, one north of ralston avenue, an accident, a delay there
7:31 am
soon as you pass through the air and to redwood city, no issues. you can see 2.80, at the limit. sorry. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 7.30, is the time right now. an east bay woman is pleading for help finding her baby go. it was stolen the day it was born terry >> yards and is the goes on. and she says that the goat went missing friday morning when the erd was working on fire mitigation off of appian. way in all. she says they have surveillance video of a woman holding the baby goat. can somebody just saw these goats out there and grab one? i'm the one that's missing is cream colored similar to the mom that you saw earlier and she says that without proper care of the chances of that baby surviving are slim. >> part me wants to believe that people were just. an informed and educated about what this animal needs to be able to thrive. >> it isn't something you can raise in an apartment or your backyard very well very effectively.
7:32 am
>> she says that she did file police reports with the panel police and with contra costa county hel animal services. and we reached out to those agencies. we haven't heard back from them about the missing. go yet. >> it's 7.31. and this atm is almost missing. somebody try to grab it from antioch and >> pulled off the building but didn't get away with much delta schools. federal credit union posted these pictures on facebook. nothing was taken but because the atm was ripped from the wall, it destroyed the front of the building. they had to board that up and they'll have to fix it. >> if you or someone who are, you know, someone who works for contra costa county, well, you they could be a victim of fraud. that's because a data breach may have exposed the personal information of county employees. an investigation revealed that someone access to employee e-mail account multiple times between june 24th and august. 12th of last year. county officials say the breach included the information of those who communicated with the county's employment and human services department. that means
7:33 am
information like your name, your social security number, your driver's license information, all of that now is potentially taken. officials are sending out letters and offering complimentary credit monitoring for potential victims. a little bit older. but yeah. >> and was years? >> a california family reunited with their son after their son was found in utah. it's not just a teenager. he was missing for more than 2 years. so they were very concerned about connor jacket and as well as looked everywhere. they reported him missing from there clearlake california home in 2019. he was 16 years old. they were very concerned. they have been searching ever since in hospitals. missing person reports they've even checked morris, unfortunately. and luckily for them this last thursday, police in utah found the 19 year-old teenager sleeping outside a store. he
7:34 am
consented to a finger scan. and that is how police were led to find his family in california. now as well. it is safe in a treatment center and his family is thankful he's okay. >> well, the oakland a's will be taking on the baltimore orioles tonight in their home opener. finally coming to the bay first pitch is 6.40, and golfers will tran is at the oakland coliseum all dressed up with no place to go. we didn't we didn't get to go the game. we just send it to the with >> i'm the only one here other than the spokeswoman for the a's and the groundskeepers. i am the only a 7. tonight we have the ball, the ballpark to ourselves and they're getting ready. this is about 2 weeks in the making. and the reason being guys, they were supposed to start the season right here at the coliseum. but the major league baseball lockout. it just changed everything. so that forced the a's logistically they can do it here. so logistically they had
7:35 am
to hit the road in 10 games on the road, living out of suitcase. that was the longest road trip to begin the season and open days. history and keep in mind, there are more than 100 years old. they've been there in oakland since 1968. hopefully it will stay a lot longer. they've made more news off the field than on the field. but on the field, they've been pretty good. right? so far this year, 5 in 5, they've been very busy on the east coast going up and down the east coast and now they're back their fans. if you want to come down to tonight's game, plenty of tickets. i want to let you know, though, bring your vaccination card because this being oakland, oakland, the city of oakland requires if you going indoors, you have to show it to get your food, a certain locations or beer or alcohol. those locations prove that you're vaccinated. but outside here with your family and friends, you don't have to worry about it as well. no big deal. but the bottom line is it is ready. this has been on
7:36 am
the field for quite some time. opening week again, that was supposed to be seen by the public 2 weeks ago. but if you go into tonight, you can they're getting very busy. james darya. this is something i'm just we do so many live shots and trying to mix it up a little bit. look at all that grass on the back of the john deere. that's since friday. can you imagine if your mom and dad said, you know, i cut the grass, but mom, i did on friday. it's monday. get out there and that's what it's doing a lot of growth in 3 days. >> my mom, mean, she couldn't pay me to try. may be to cut grass. and these guys do it. that's a lot of growth in this trying to mix it up. let the fans see a different experience. it's going to be a great day. i know johnson, there might be some light rain should not be a problem. should not interfere with tonight's first pitch 6.40. i know the a's. they could leave my they might stay. that's for down the road. the bottom line
7:37 am
is baseball is back. >> in oakland, back to you will enjoy them while they're here. thank you very much. swell 7.36. right now. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. how about the worriers jordan poole? >> he's amazing yet he was not named the most improved player in the nba and draymond green's. and why. >> and a local high school graduate is was got his sights set on the nfl. we'll tell you why he thinks he's got a good chance. and skies may be clear right now. but cloud cover will gradually increase today. it won't be until well after the sun goes down tonight that will look at any chances of rainfall for most of the bay. >> 60's and 70's for your highs. in the meantime, today, i will be talking tonight's light showers even more just around the corner. in your forecast. >> updating you on a few delays as well as your drive times on this monday morning. we'll have a look at all that once we get back from break.
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>> and we're back at 7.40, oakland students and teachers coming back to class today are going to keep the mask on at least for another week. there are concerns over a potential surge in covid cases following spring break, the oakland unified school district says it's going to keep the mask mandate in place until sunday. april 24th after that indoor masking will be just recommended, not mandatory.
7:41 am
>> doctors do continue to warn, though, about spread of covid, especially after the easter holiday. they're concerned that if you're with friends or family, there's an increased risk and there has been a rise in cases, especially as you can see if you're traveling by air, that's going to expose you to a lot more. and new cases are on the rise with omicron. a lot of travelers, though, say that they really would like to get their lives back to normal, even despite any possible risk. >> it is what it is approval to travel. i think that's that's awesome. and it's it's fine with me. it's not not too big of a deal. so, yeah, it's great. >> health officials say the best thing you can do is get vaccinated and boosted and even if and when they lose the requirement. because remember, it was extended for masks on airplanes. they say at that point, if you want to wear it and you feel safer that way to ship the 7.41, we'll be right ship the 7.41, we'll be right back.
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house has the easter egg roll today. show easter rolls on into monday. a more nice weather that doesn't start until tomorrow. right today is going to be beautiful. tonight, though. let's get the time because john is talking about showers coming into the overnight hours or is it late evening, john, with what's the word? yeah, overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. is that what it looks like? it's going to be here for the
7:45 am
north bay a little bit more towards late evening. >> but for the most part, well, after sunset, i mean, look at it right now. we're actually sitting at all that sunshine. san jose looks beautiful. there's your showers are still well to the north. so we've got across the bay right now pretty quiet situation shaping up for your morning. it's quiet and it's cold, though. so just don't forget to bundle up right now. let's get a look ahead. so cloud cover definitely increases towards the afternoon. one, 30 pm, a couple of light showers on up towards the sonoma county line. once you get up into tennessee know county. but as you can see, the bay stays dry really won't be until the evening tonight that we really see are widespread showers arriving. this is a 30 pm or in county sonoma county starting to see some rainfall pushing it, especially around 10, 11 midnight tonight is when rainfall becomes much more widespread. and by early tomorrow morning, we're already starting to see it moving out. so this is a brief line of mostly light showers, not amounting to too terribly much. but for early risers tomorrow, you may encounter a few wet spots in the slick conditions on roads, snowfall
7:46 am
in the sierra things out towards midmorning. tomorrow we'll get a few inches of snow up there. and most of the day tomorrow dries right back out and are some relatively clear conditions. much like today after that, our next round of rain arrives wednesday night stays with us into thursday, likely into early friday and that one's going to result in even greater rainfall totals. so tonight's rainfall just delight appetizer. guess you could say for the main course later on this week, santa rosa nearing a 4 tenths of an inch tonight around a 10th of an inch for the rest of the bay. some parts of the north bay could see over an inch of rainfall from wednesday night through thursday. so that's the one that really to keep your eyes on. winter weather advisory ahead this evening. snowfall in the sierra that's going to kick off tonight at 02:00am blasting to 11:00am tomorrow morning. and we can expect a few more inches of snowfall in the sierra. definitely not as significant as what we saw over the weekend. 50's for your hires highs near the coastline today. well, 60's to 70's for the rest of the bay. very
7:47 am
familiar stuff right here. we're right back to a pattern that we spent much of next last weekend. and we're just repeating it for yet another week. san jose. 72 fremont up to hayward in the upper 60's mid 60's from oakland up to richmond. a few 70's out in linden, antioch, in pittsburgh. well, 60's to 50's near the coastline tomorrow all the way through friday. temperatures remain much like this. we will be seeing this on and off pattern of showers and sunshine continuing sunny today and then showers tonight, clearing and drying tuesday and early wednesday before wednesday night, thursday, into early friday. rainfall starts all over again. now the weekend just in time for we clear and warm back into the 70's under sunshine. so that is definitely something to look forward to john, thanks for that. ok, some issues along the peninsula. so tracking this southbound one. 0, one north. >> of ralston avenue here in belmont. look at the delays were seen the air, even a slight delay on the san mateo bridge. 2.80, or 82 good alternate for you trying to navigate around that. also
7:48 am
here in hayward, southbound 8.80, north of west, a street traffic hazard blocking a lane. so things are going pretty slow. you can take take mission boulevard or 5.80, to navigate around those delays. 15 minute drive headed into the city right so that fremont street exit, no traffic hazards along the bay bridge out of richmond tolls to one o one about 15 minutes for you as you're traveling. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge. what we saw those delays now. it's a 90 minute drive a 80 to one o one. and we're checking out down here in santa clara southbound one. 0, one south of san tomas expressway that an accident, no major delays looks like still moving along pretty nicely. darya. james, back to you. thank you, ray 7.48. we're excited to see the warriors play game 2 in the post tonight. absolutely. yeah. the one in game one that was saturday night against the nuggets and >> good news for the team. steps left foot seem to be doing ok and his first game out more in the months. yeah. turns out this isn't after
7:49 am
that. >> but you know what? he was not the big star. now the big star was jordan poole making his debut in a playoff game and he scored 30 points on 13 shots. yeah, he tied mitch richmond for second. most points scored by warrior player in the playoff debut just behind wilt chamberlain's. 35 points and listen to this pool averaged about 19 points per game this season compared to the 12 points. the average per game last year. so he is really looking you know? yeah, oh, yeah. and you saw a dream on, you know, feed him the ball. and point. >> well, dream on is he takes issue with the fact that pool was not named the most improved player. now. >> if jordan poole isn't the mvp that i mean, i'm the most improved player. nba really need to relook at their process because you cannot find a guy on that list that has made a bigger improvement. i don't care. so if you are. less, if if he's not the most improved for the less renamed
7:50 am
war. i'm going to say as but to to home, we like the most. >> you know, a popularity contest as opposed to what the numbers show just seeing who got the most improved is john were out with memphis. so dream on is acting like it's a popularity contest. was a real player, should it doesn't matter? because you know what? if you're given us 30 points, just keep doing it. that's alerts bit and we'll see how he does win in game 2, which is tonight. >> tip off at 7 o'clock at the chase. and then there's the they are going for the series sweep against the cleveland guardians. and we're going to watch that top of the second. you can see a straw to hit this one deep to left center and goes to the wall over the wall. >> 2 run homer on the home run on that. a straw to have rbi alex wood pitched 5 scoreless innings and the giants went on to the cleveland told one that
7:51 am
time. >> all right. the a's, by the way, wrapping up their series in toronto in the 3rd inning. we have matt chapman will see and hear in areas for the blue jays and he drilled this one to. you can see that one go right to the gap. and with that score made it 3 to nothing blue jays in the nba's would lose. 43. they lost 2 of 3 games against toronto. so that's that. but we have the home opener today. so we're just focused on that side. and el serino high school grad, by the way, is looking to make his mark in the nfl makai polk led the sec in receptions last season at mississippi state and now he could get drafted as early as the second round. >> that's the thinking. anyway. kron four's kylen mills caught up with him after he worked out at the forty-niners local pro day. >> dream come true is a blessing. really don't a lot to say about that. just happy
7:52 am
to be here and just not happy to have now what i've done you know, just trust the work that i've put in. >> wide receiver mckay polk says he's more focused than ever as he prepares for the 2022. nfl draft the 6, 3, 200 pound wide receiver has run an interesting route to get here. a graduate of el serino high school pope played 2 seasons at cal before transferring to mississippi state. he exploded in sec country in 2021. setting a school record with 105 receptions in a season which ranks second in the u.s. now pocus ready to take his game to the next level. welcome barry. >> savvy occur and i have really good job and pass this year. fashion what people think i know, unite us or they feel like. my mindset, you know, just to win at everything i do. so. >> up the chance to showcase his talents for the forty-niners here at levi
7:53 am
stadium at their local pro day. he says playing for his hometown team would be a dream come true. >> being from the east bay the >> it's kind of my my mom is a worry, not a fan of mine you know, some some is home. i so i want to be nfl great to be the best at what i do. some opposition. so that's, you know, that's always going go the next step to become an nfl. great getting drafted on april 28th. >> by the way, polk says he's not a fan of any particular nfl team. however, his favorite player growing up was always reggie bush kylen mills kron 4 sports, by the way, while we know jordan poole is not nominated to be among the most improved players. >> we know that the finalists are on the cast. the grizzlies and this first n
7:54 am
7:55 am
at jp morgan,
7:56 am
the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. >> well, there are some more easter celebrations today and here it is. the white house easter egg roll on the south lawn today and the president and first lady will be welcoming 30,000 visitors for that. they've in the white house easter egg roll for a long time. while the tradition started back in the 70's, when i say 70's, i mean, the 18 70's on the capitol grounds, 50,000 eggs. we're hard boiled
7:57 am
for this and they had to drive in a refrigerated truck. 50,000 you need a big basket to pick on the this past year. as you see the trumps here overseeing this one. so hopefully they'll have nice weather like we're on a nice weather here by all accounts, the kids always have a good time. so we'll look forward to that today as well. >> it is 7.57. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> nurses working for sutter health are going on. strike back there walking the picket lines right now. we'll tell you what they're demanding. and today marks the 100 16th year that we remember the 19 0, 6, san francisco earthquake. we're going to show you how the city honor those who lost their lives. plus 2 deadly shootings this weekend in the city of oakland. we're going hear from one council member about recent spike in violent crimes.
7:58 am
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want a better biscuit for a buck? choose wisely. choose wendy's. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> time flies. 8 o'clock about that. crowd for on since 04:00am with rain and john and now we're looking at the weather. john has been saying the rain is on the way again. yeah, though you wouldn't. rain is all and only rain is on the way because rain is on the way. she is not. john. always still some rain is on the way. yes, raindrops will be falling later. page on rain and rain the way we will be looking at rain a little quicker than the rain, though,


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