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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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six-pack now. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> tonight at 5, an enormous ruling on the covid front. a federal judge has just struck down the biden administration's mask mandate for planes and other public transportation. a white house official says the tsa is no longer enforcing it. thanks for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. that judge called the mask mandate, quote, unlawful and some airlines have been quick to say that masking is now voluntary. other agencies they are waiting for official word from the transportation secretary security rather administration kron four's. dan kerman has the latest. at sfo monday afternoon asked travelers
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filled the domestic terminal and the federal travel mask mandate was still being enforced. >> despite the fact that earlier in the day, a federal judge in florida struck down the law saying the mandate requiring airline and public transit passengers to mask up exceeded the cdc's statutory authority and travelers weren't concerned. mask-wearing was about to become voluntary. it's about time. >> the we've got to change right now. this its move on with our lives. i personally don't feel, you know, to strongly about it staying or going later in the afternoon, biden administration officials issued a statement saying today's court decision means cdc's public transportation masking order is not in effect at this time there for tsa will not enforce its security directives. an emergency amendment requiring mask use on public transportation. >> and transportation hubs at this time that opened the floodgates. united airlines immediately issued a statement saying effective immediately masks are no longer required. a united on domestic flights,
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select international flights or u.s. airports and other airlines followed suit. the u.s. department of justice can still appeal the judge's ruling and legal analysts say they may have a case. if i look at the grant of authority given to the cdc. >> i would not have made the decision that this judge does. i think she makes a very narrow ruling in frankly, a ruling that so narrow that one can ask whether or not she just wanted to get to this conclusion. >> now, if this federal mask mandate doesn't go away, it doesn't prevent local health department from imposing its own mask mandate, for example, to require masks may be at sfo inside the airport or on a local public transit system. again, we don't know if that will happen. we'll just have to wait and see. at sfo. dan kerman kron, 4 we reach out to bart and muni to ask whether they are still requiring
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masks. both agencies tell us that the mask mandates will still be in place until they hear more. >> from the tsa, oakland students and teachers returning to class. today, we're told to keep their masks on for another week. >> there are concerns over a potential surge in covid cases following spring break. the oakland unified school district leaders say they'll keep the mask mandate in place. now until sunday. april 24th after the 24th indoor masking will be strongly recommended but not mandatory. and this just in to the kron. 4 news room just cleared a bomb threat that for city hall and the authority building too evacuate. the threat came in just before 3 o'clock this afternoon. it was cleared of about a half hour ago. people are no longer being asked to avoid the area. but police are still investigating what exactly happened. >> an arrest has been made in connection to the massive fire that consumed a home depot in san jose. that is according to santa clara county da jeff rosen, who's going to be holding a press conference
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tomorrow to announce an arrest and charges in the case. the fire happened april 9th and blossom hill road. nobody was injured, but the building was a total loss. tomorrow's announcement will be happening up at 11:00am and of course, will be carrying it for you live on our streaming service kron on san francisco firefighter was injured today as crews battled to contain a fire that for some people to evacuate. the fire started around 11 30 this morning. >> at a business on west portal avenue in the quickly, drew a 3 alarm response. it was contain shortly after 2 o'clock this afternoon, 3 businesses were damaged, but the fire didn't burn any homes. the roof for the fire began started to collapse. at one point, the one firefighter who was injured is expected to be ok, eventually no other people were hurt. >> buckley, everybody evacuated. they heard their lives as they saw the smoke and fire and they got out of their businesses. we had some business owners coming out saying i 5 employees and we're
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all out. there was no customers in my business. very helpful, allowed us to address the issue right now. >> fire officials say the cause of the fire was accidental and it was because of construction. crews in fairfield are on cleanup mode after a vegetation fire this afternoon. that fire started out. >> at about 02:00pm on hill born road. that's right off. i-80 at one point. the trailer park on goya drive was being threatened by the flames. but we have just learned that forward. progress has been stopped. so no evacuation orders being issued there. and we're looking at the time lapse of this fire from the alert wildfire cameras here. you can see the smoke on the left-hand side there of your screen. fairfield fire tweeted out that they are now focused on, quote, extensive mop. well, things we've done differently in golden gate park for this year's for 20 one big change this year, the city will be carving people as
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they walk in kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us now live in the studio with more on efforts from lots of city agencies to try to make sure this year's for 20. >> run safely and smoothly. lot of people go big job. that's right. a lot. but looking forward to a grant and vicki one big thing this year, if you're under 21, you won't be allowed in the 4.20 event, a new rule with the sanctioned event organized by the city and not just a free for all for cannabis enthusiasts. on wednesday, the popular for 20 will be back in san francisco's golden gate park. >> prior to taking 2 years off because of covid. mayor london breed says the event made for a headache. but people who were not only on the sidewalks but spilled all into the street. >> cars couldn't go past. it was a nightmare. the mayor police fire parks and rec and for 20 organizers all gathered monday to announce changes. >> trying to make things safer. attendees and those living near robin williams meadow director of the office of cannabis in san francisco. the kash patel says legal
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cannabis will be sold and consumed for the first time in the event's history. these are lab tested products. they're regulated products and they are vital to ensuring that this experience is safe for everyone who's there because of this change anyone under the age of 21 will be turned away. families have come out and teenagers have been invited to this event sometimes by the parents. >> please, please take heed to the rules. mayor breed says there will be areas where smoking is not allowed and shuttles will be provided again this year to keep traffic under control. participants will also need to show proof of vaccine. organizers are asking everyone to follow the rules to ensure the event's future success. this is an amazing opportunity for the city to showcase its cannabis community and also to get this right. >> other rules for people to follow. if you're golding going to golden gate park for 4.20, no drones, alcohol, vending or pets will be allowed inside the event live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. oakland, police are asking for
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help finding this man. 27 year-old lauren gilbert. >> he is wanted in connection to the murder of 4 security guard. kevin nishita. the shooter was shot and killed in november while on assignment with one of our reporters, there's the scene there. herschel hail and should he and mitchell were arrested last month for death. mitchell appeared in court last friday. he was expected to enter a plea but did not mitchell's next. court date is set for may 13th. it's a compassionate care first response model years in the making. that's now on the streets of an east bay city. >> the program's manager tells our kron four's haaziq mod-yoon its olympic a few days, but they have hit the ground running. >> so just won't let you go. i'm going i have to kind of have this on a little low and you're going to have on because you you're still active duty during the we have 2 crews in the streets right now in east oakland, west of what the mobile assistance, community responders of or macro launched its pilot phase
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back on april 9th 2022. since then, the staff members have been busy introducing themselves to oakland residents and reacting to several nonviolent, not emergency situations in the process. as macro program manager elliot joe's. well, a macro crew is made up >> emergency medical tech and a community intervention specialists and some of the called determinants that we worked out with would be not aggressive panhandling found senile or senile person, a disorderly juvenile disturbance drinkers. so if you're having a baby or a mental health concern, if somebody is not acting right at the onset and you can call us that gives us the best opportunity to de-escalate the timing. couldn't be better. says the president of the oakland police officers association very >> who says opd is averaging more than 2000 calls for service. i just checked before i came on as 161 call standing citywide. >> right now for a police
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officer were not taking any police reports. we we absolutely appreciate. what it was. another tool to try and mitigate the staggering number of calls the police department gets macworld. team members must undergo several weeks of classroom training at the oakland fire department. >> followed by ongoing training in the field as the program develops. joe, dissipates eventually during the pilot. there will be 24 to 36 staffers working 8 hours shifts 5 days a week. how does he measure success? you want to be that first response if a subsequent response is required, that's okay. but allow micro to get their first. the fact that we have crews in the streets that are available to start responding to these is a success measured. >> how is it that you cried for 2? it excited growing for nation. warriors are going to host the denver nuggets in game 2 of their first round playoff but you know this, but the warriors when they're going to take a commanding 2 zip series lead. so the stage is set. now we go to kron 4
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sports director jason dumas. tsu is live from the court there at chase is the guys are warming up. jason? >> grant, everything went right for the warriors after the game to steph curry returned after missing just over a month for the best rain left foot and it really looked. rusty scored 16 points in 22 minutes. he came off the bench. you've got into a flow relatively quickly. that klay thompson, he had 19 points. draymond green well rounded game per usual. he had his 9 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists. but the major revelation to game one with jordan pulled the guy scored 30 points in just 13 shot. in fact, he was just behind me. there is right there right on the top of the key getting up some jump shot. we know clay, steph and draymond. they're going to be really good in show up when it matters. put
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if they can get that type of performance at a jordan poole regularly. and this post season and they're really just going to be hard to beat this golden state warriors team. as for the denver nuggets, they're a good team, too. and yes, the warriors played well and forced denver into some tough shots and some tough moments. but >> you have to expect denver to come out and play better. they only had 3 players in double digit scoring after game one. >> thr key to their it raining mvp nikola jokic. in fact, he probably the front runner for mvp this year to win his second straight mvp award. if you look at the stat sheet finished with 25 in 10, most people would say, hey, you know, that's a good game. but guess what? this guy's capable of about. 25. 35 45. 55 points on any given night and you know, he's down there on the far side of the court right now. get in some he's going to
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come out tonight and he's going to play inspired basketball and the warriors say they have to anticipating. >> so got 25 10, 6, whatever was mean, he's just an amazing player. so we're ready for what's coming i would bet my life on fact that he will get more than 2 free throws. that has to come you know, his aggressiveness more. then our reaching, you know, as long as we stay solid and don't reach unknown, slapped down. you know, we may can go through us to we stay vertical. do all those then. then we would just read you just play. he's going to try to come and get me 40 15 15 next game. so how i feel about that is that he's and he's coming back with a vengeance tomorrow for your plan. and it's a great player you know? they're going score
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and he still had 25 points. you're not locking down a great he's the mvp of the nba for a reason. you know, he's possibly the nbpa nba again. >> mentioned everything went right for the warriors this week. one thing that really go the warriors way toward employees had such an incredible season. just this week they announced the finalists for most improved player in jordan. poole was not on that list. obviously had been one of the most improved players in the nba this season. he averaged just about 19 points per game this year. last year, only averaged 12, but for some reason, the nba. >> deemed that he wasn't one of the 3 top most improved
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players this year. we talk to jordan about that. he said didn't bother him all that much. but we know jordan is a competitor. so somewhere deep inside that got, i'm sure he's using that as fuel to his fire. tipoff to this game is at 7 o'clock. we'll have one more pre game hit coming up at the top of the hour at 6. but for now, i'm live from chase center. jason dumas kron. 4 sports. >> whatever gets him going. all right. thank you, jason, for that live report. still to come tonight kron, 4 news at 5 after tons of offseason drama about a new ballpark. it's opening day for the a's south and say they're feeling about the upcoming season and residents shaken up after a rash of stabbings take place over the weekend. and one san francisco neighborhood, jose police say they have made multiple arrests in connection to a string of smash-and-grab robberies. how they were able robberies. how they were able to get the peop what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more..
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>> san jose police say they busted a group of serial jewelry. robbers starting to police. 6 men are behind a string of smash-and-grab robberies from october 2021. all the way up to january 2022, the suspects used sledge hammers to smash open displays and take thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. some high-profile heists here. police say they seized a number of weapons in their investigation. you see some of them here to assault rifles, ghost guns as well as pepper
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spray. police say this bust was the result of a long and complicated investigation involving multiple departments. they say they're thankful the team work paid off. >> i know when these incidents happen, people want, you know, a resolution quickly. but these as you can see, most of these incidents happened last year. and these are wong, very complicated investigations. our robbery detectives continue to do an excellent job in identifying these folks and then subsequently arrested. >> the suspects are listed. andrew r-va laurie sweet charles evans, michael earl, no a tackle. and david foster, all of the men could face between 18 and 20 years in prison based on the charges. >> the sierra experience of snowstorms over the weekend as yesterday. the national weather service says the 7 day snow day total topped 3 feet in some areas far as ski resorts go, palisades led all open mountains, reported 2 and a half feet of snowfall over the weekend.
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>> some reports have extended their season because of the spring snowfall. heavenly. >> extending its season an extra week until april 24th and kirkwood will now be open until may 1st, both extensions depend on weather and snow conditions but more snow is expected this week and that is great for the snow pack. >> else that comes from that kron four's are carry with us now. this late, april, basically is such a blessing really? >> yeah, definitely. and we're making up for, you know, the first few months of this year where we didn't really get that that storm that's coming through the sierra right now is to the north of us. as you can see, humboldt and del norte county getting some moderate showers up there. even some snow in the north coast. those higher elevations. so >> between 04:00am tomorrow through 10:00am is when we're going to see the heaviest snow falling out there. as you can see here on futurecast, we can expect to get 4 to 10 inches
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accumulating from this storm system by the afternoon, though, it does kind of fade out. so we do have that winter weather advisory that will be in effect from 02:00am to 02:00pm tomorrow. visibility isn't going to be the greatest and probably not a good time to be heading out there and traveling. but, you know, one will be a good time will be wednesday. we do have a break from those snow showers and then friday, saturday and sunday looks like we're going to be dry up there as well. temperatures in the 40's out there. but here in the bay area, as you can see, we are covered in cloud cover right now. no rain yet, but we're just a few hours away from seeing some rain. the north bay. you're going to actually get the rain first and the most of it so we can expect about 2 tenths of an inch of rain for sonoma county from the system moves through overnight. it's a weak system and pretty fast-moving. the rest of the bay area could get close to a 10th of an inch of rain. but i am tracking more
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rain later in the week. i'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> i shouldn't have to be. speaking voice, but this is some of that was forced upon me. but the person that killed my daughter. >> still ahead, calls for the state to do more when it comes to supporting victim
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>> new video tonight of the moments just after 4 people
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were stabbed in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood over the weekend. take a look. >> gross and things is a good time to go a store. yeah. but apparently not. this video comes from the citizen app to witness had a bird's eye view of the scene. it was >> taken after 5.30, yesterday morning from the building on hide in the streets. and more video from the citizen app. it shows the commotion on the street. if you look hard, you can see it there again. 4 people were stabbed in mt. peas him tease, rather brought the victims to the hospital. one person has life threatening injuries tonight, but the rest are expected to survive. no word on who did this or what their motive was. 2 weeks after the downtown sacramento shooting. some groups are urging state lawmakers to step up resources for crime victims. >> this kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains now. a new study released today shows many victims are not receiving the services and compensation they need.
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>> i shouldn't have to be. speaking voice, but this is some that was forced upon me. but the person that killed my daughter that her still intense for grieving crime victims who spoke outside the state capitol monday. our trauma does not go away. if anything it gets worse. the group calling on state lawmakers to take action to make sure crime victims get the services and resources they need to heal from violence. we're talking about expanding rights for victims. >> we're talking about ending discriminatory practices that render some people in eligible for receiving services. and we're talking about making assistance flexible. the prosecutors alliance released a survey of 711 crime victims of those surveyed. 40 1% said they were not offered victims compensation. another 55% said they did not get counseling or mental health care services. >> because they would have had to pay out of pocket and they couldn't afford it. trying garlic ice cream and watching
5:27 pm
cooking shows to running for my life from an active shooter. megan bowl is the survivor of the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting in 2019, i crumbled under the guilt of surviving. >> and all consuming ptsd. i expected calls from professionals are officials with resources for service says. >> but i was never contacted. some lawmakers promised to make sure the needs for crime victims are met through a series of bills. they're pushing this year, including more training for first responders. having more victim advocates available in district attorney's offices. >> extending compensation to those who are victims of police brutality and increasing protections for assault survivors. we really want republican safety. >> then survivors need to feel safe. >> coming forward at one point during the event that seem and the protesters heckled some of the people. >> some of the victims said they were triggered by the yelling between both create eventually the protesters quieted some showing support for the victims who shared their stories. but i'm a fighter. i'm not just fighting
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for me. come find everyone here in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up after a slew of sideshows over the weekend. arrests are made after one police officer ends up in the hospital. >> and the northern california woman accused of faking her own kidnapping was in court. what was said inside sacramento courtroom it's opening day for the oakland a's conference. dan thorn joins us live at the coliseum. let us know what the energy is
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