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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 18, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> tonight at 6, those tiers are from passengers learning that a federal judge in florida has struck down the biden administration's mask mandate for plane travel, calling it quote, unlawful and within hours, white house officials said the tsa is no longer enforcing it. thank you for joining us. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. some airlines are saying masking is now optional and the ruling affects other forms of transportation as well. >> kron four's dan kerman has the story.
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>> mask up, travelers fill this opposed stick terminal monday afternoon as the federal travel mask mandate was still being enforced. this despite the fact that earlier in the day a federal judge in florida struck down the law saying the mandate requiring airline and public transit passengers to mask up exceeded the cdc's statutory authority. travelers didn't seem bothered by the fact that the mask requirement with soon become voluntary teaches own. maybe i prefer not the word anymore. for it. i think people should have the option at this point. and >> decide there their level of safety and caution later in the afternoon, white house officials issued a statement saying. >> today's court decision means cdc's public transportation masking order is not in effect at this time. therefore, tsa will not enforce its security directives. an emergency amendment requiring mask use on public transportation and
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transportation hubs at this time. airlines quickly issued statements dropping the mandate among them. united airlines tweeting master no longer required on domestic flights, select international flights or at u.s. airports more comfortable keeping years on. go right ahead. the choice is yours. the u.s. department of justice can still choose to appeal the judge's ruling and legal analysts say they have a good case. i do not agree with the judge's conclusion here. i think the statute issue provides. >> a very broad grants for these particular moments when we know from a public health perspective that we can try and lower infection rates. and i think that there was good cause to suspend the normal rules for notice and comment. >> now with this federal mask mandate does indeed go away. it doesn't prevent a county health department from imposing its own mask mandate, for example, requiring masks at are on a local public
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transit agency. we don't know if that will happen. we'll just have to wait and see. at sfo. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> among the major airlines that have dropped the mandate. delta, southwest alaska air united and american airlines. we reached out to bart and muni to find out whether they are still requiring masks. both agencies tell us that the mask mandate will stay in place until they hear directly more from the tsa. >> oakland students and teachers returning to class today. we're told they have to keep their mask on for at least another week. they say there are concerns over a potential surge in covid cases following spring break. the oakland unified school district says it will keep the mask mandate in place until sunday. april 24th after the 24th indoor masking will be strongly recommended, but it will not be mandatory. >> a 15 year-old student at a california high school has died after she was stabbed by an intruder. police say a man
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in his 40's drove through the front gate of steady high school in stockton and stabbed the young girl a number of times. the district says school resource officers immediately took the man into custody. the murder cause that the killing called the school to be on lockdown. most of the day students were not allowed to leave campus until school. let out for the day, which was 3 hours after the attack. no word on a possible motive or whether the victim knew the suspect. >> authorities in the south bay say somebody will face charges tomorrow for that massive fire that destroyed a home depot store in san jose. that's according to the santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen, who will be holding a news conference tomorrow to announce an arrest and charges in the case. the fire happened on april 9th and blossom hill road. nobody was hurt, but the building was a total loss. tomorrow's announcement will take place at 11:00am. and we will carry it live on our streaming service. kronon evacuations in
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san francisco's west portal neighborhood today after a 3 alarm fire started on a businesses rooftop. the fire affected some muni service in that area. earlier today. kron four's justine waldman joins us now here in the studio. >> with the latest just being good evening to all of you. and over 100 firefighters had to come put out this fire today. it started around 11, 30 this morning at a business on west portal avenue. it quickly, drew a 3 alarm response. >> it was contained just after 2 o'clock this afternoon. 3 commercial buildings with 6 addresses were damaged by the fire video here showing us the amount of smoke that was in the air and the efforts firefighters had to do to put out the flames burning from the roof. the fire did not burn any homes, but the roof or the fire started did collapse. >> buckley, everybody evacuated. they heard their lives. just saw the smoke and fire and they got out of their businesses. we had some business owners coming out saying i 5 employees and we're all out. there was no customers in my business. very helpful, allowed us to address
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the issue right now. >> officials say the cause of the fire is accidental because of construction, but it will be investigated. one san francisco firefighter was hurt while putting up this fire. but that person is expected to be okay. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. thanks. toasting. >> a vegetation fire that broke out this afternoon. a fairfield is now under control. that fire started out about 2 o'clock on hill barn road. that's right. off of interstate 80. at one point, the trailer park on goya drive was threatened, but the crews managed to stop the fire before it got there. no evacuation orders were issued and a car exploded and caught fire. radley neighbors in the oakland hills this afternoon. the car caught fire along campus drive near stone ridge court this afternoon. not far from era college. the driver said his car started smoking badly. so he got out and left it on the street. neighbors called fire crews which arrived quickly. the dry conditions have people
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concerned that the car fire could spread. >> san jose police say they busted a group of serial jewelry. robbers. according to police, 6 men were responsible for a string of smash-and-grab robberies dating back to october of last year. as you can see, the suspect used sledge hammers to smash open displays and take thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. police seized a number of weapons in their investigation, including 2 assault rifles, ghost guns and pepper spray. police say the bust was the result of a long and complicated investigation with several different agencies involved. police say they are thankful the teamwork paid off. >> i know when these incidents happen, people want, you know, a resolution quickly. but these as you can see, most of these incidents happened last year. and these are wong, very complicated investigations. our robbery detectives continue to do an excellent job in identifying these folks and then subsequently arrested. >> the suspects are identified as andrew morrow. vila murray
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sweet charles evans. michael are all know a tackle. and david foster, all of the men could face between 18 and 20 years in prison based on the charges. >> let's check on our 4 zone forecast on this monday evening. a live look outside over san francisco from our camera atop. so, there are some clouds out there. we had a little rain over the weekend >> erica is here to tell us we might have some more. yeah, definitely. in fact, our half moon bay camera behind me has some drops that have fallen on the lens of as you can see here, but definitely a different view. i mean, just a few hours ago, there's a little bit of blue along the coast. and then the cloud cover just started moving in. >> so here's a storm that's going to bring us rain area of low pressure. you can see the airflow going counter clockwise and that's why are winds are coming out of the southwest. if you take a look at our guests right now in the 20's, i don't expect these numbers to get any higher than this. the storm that we're going to see moving through is actually a weak system versus one that we're going to get later in this week. so that
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rain will give us about a 10th of an inch of rain for the south bay peninsula in the east bay in the north bay can expect to get close to a quarter of an inch of rain. with that in the morning, we are going to see some dense fog as well and cloudy conditions on your way to work tomorrow. and then as i mentioned, i am picking up chances for more rain later in the week. so i'll have more on the extended forecast as well as the sierra forecast coming up in just a bit for now. back to you. alright, erica, thank you. well, it is an exciting night for warrior fans. game 2 of their playoff series against the denver nuggets is tonight in san francisco. if the warriors when they take a commanding 2, nothing series lead kron. 4 sports director jason dumas joins us now. >> live from chase center with a preview of tonight's game. and he's got some pretty good seats right >> yeah, i got the best seat in the house right now, guy. but just about everything went
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right for the warriors during game one step came back from injury. he does he didn't miss a beat. he scored 16 points in 22 minutes off the bench. he didn't show any signs of rust his splash brother klay thompson. he scored 19 points. draymond green. he scored 12 points and 9 rebounds, 6 assists just an all around game. the biggest revelation with jordan poole. he scored 30 points in just >> 13 shots and he really surprised everyone. he's been playing so well for the past 2 months or so. but the crazy thing is as well as they played this warriors team. no, that really doesn't mean anything tonight. they know they're going to have to match that energy. the denver nuggets, they are a really good team. they're probably better than what they showed on saturday night. yes, the warriors played really well enforced denver into some mistakes. but you have to assume. >> denver is going to play better. the key to that engine is the reigning mvp nikola
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jokic. if you just look at the stat sheet, he did have 25 points and 10 rebounds. and yes, that's a good ok? guy. >> he's capable of scoring 30. 48 50 points in any given night. and the warriors know that they are expecting a motivated nikola jokic and they prepare that way and they don't want to get some places. they want to leave san francisco up 2 games to nothing. >> going up to 25 10, 6, whatever was mean, he's just an amazing player. so we're ready for what's coming i would bet my life on fact that he will get more than 2 free throws. that has to come you know, his aggressiveness more. then our reaching, you know, as long as we stay solid and don't reach unknown, slapped down. you know, we may can go through us to we stay
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vertical. do all those then. then we were just read, you just play. he's going to try to come and give me 40 15 15 next game. so how i feel about that is that he's and he's coming back with a vengeance tomorrow for your plan. and it's a great player you know? they're going score and he still had 25 points. you're not locking down a great he's the mvp of the nba for a reason. you know, he's possibly epa didn't >> bp of the nba again, very possible. a great said speaking of great players have one right behind me. klay thompson. how impressive has he been in his return? remember, he missed 2 and a half years of basketball with that torn acl and torn
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achilles. he's been playing great basketball. one quick note for tonight. no andre iguodala. he has neck spasms so that could open up some playing time to rookie jonathan only played 4 minutes game one, but he is very capable of having a great game for this warriors team had a fantastic warriors now you have one more live report coming up at the bottom of the hour before this one tips off at 7. but for now, i'm jason dumas, supporting from space center. >> good luck you at the game tonight. thanks. >> changes coming to this year's for 20 festival in the city. tell you about the increased security measures you can expect if you plan on attending. >> a different approach to emergency response in oakland. why it took the city so long to get the program up and running tonight is the home opener for the oakland a's will have a live report from will have a live report from the coliseum right after the oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> get ready. baseball is back in oakland. we're less than 30 minutes away from the a's home opener at the coliseum tonight. yeah, the team's first 10 games were on the road, but tonight they are taking on the baltimore oils and oakland and kron four's. dan thorn is live at the coliseum tonight. he has more on the matchup. dan. pam and ken. yeah, beautiful night here in oakland for the oakland a's and the baltimore orioles. the team pretty good so far this year considering.
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>> they had a pretty tough road trip going up against some powerhouse teams in the american east. but hey, they're 5, 5, and fans are telling us that this team is exceeding their expectations. pretty good tailgate happening out here as well as fans are filing into the stadium. take a look. we had a lot of food, fun and family people getting out here and getting ready for the baseball season. as we said, the fans out here telling us that this team is is looking pretty good. despite a series of subtractions, the a's. were it seem like they were holding a fire sale? this offseason? they were dealing a lot of the household names like sean. when matt chapman and matt olson and it's like, oh, my goodness. who else is going to go? and even before all of that happened, former manager bob melvin took a trip down the 5 and he joined the san diego padres. is their new manager. >> lot of concern, too, about this about whether or not they were going to stay here and openly the las vegas. but fans say they're not focused on any of that. as you can hear their their focus on the good stuff
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in and they're happy to be here to see their team on opening night. take a listen. really glad to be out here today with all my friends are 9th year in a row for opening day for being a fan. you love days. >> we're sad that we lost quite a few players that we we all love and admire the bay. but you know, where united were team. >> we stick with go away. >> as you can see, plenty of good energy here hand. why not? this team is 5, 5, if they can get on a roll against the baltimore orioles which really isn't much of a team to write home about this team could be looking pretty unfortunately, with the covid-19 pandemic still hanging around a's had to play some players on the covid-19 injured list included in that list. as you can see here, austin allen, jed lowry, chad pender, aj pollack, kirby snead and lou trivino. but they also added some players, some substitute players to fill in the holes there. sam selman left-handed pitcher infielders nick allen and kristian lopez to the roster
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games get underway at 6.40, fans are just filing in raleigh night. so there's going to be towels that are given out to fans. and hey, there's still some tickets available. so if you want to come out to the ballpark, they're not that bad to 15 bucks. 15 bucks to go enjoy major league baseball game. i mean, we we all live and work here in the bay area. if you get a salad for $15 here, so you can come on out and enjoy the game. enjoy the ballpark. should be a fun night, pam. all right. that's a good point. >> all right. well, today is tax day. the irs expects to receive 10's of millions of last-minute electronic and paper filings as of april. the the irs has received more than 103 million returns for this tax season. it has issued about 63 million refunds already worth more than 204 billion dollars record low staffing numbers, though, and a huge backlog could delay some returns this year. if you
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are one of the millions who has not filed yet, experts suggest that you filed for an extension. but remember, if you expect to owe money on your taxes, you still have to pay that money by today. things will be done differently in golden gate park for this year's for 20 event. one big change this year. >> the city will be carting people as a going to the park kron four's. rob nesbitt has more on the city's efforts to make this year's event run smoothly. anyone under the age of 21 won't be allowed inside for 20 a new rule for the sanction event that's organized by the city and not just a free for all for cannabis enthusiasts. >> on wednesday, the popular for 20 will be back in san francisco's golden gate park. >> prior to taking 2 years off because of covid. mayor london breed says the event made for a headache. but people who were not only on the sidewalks but spilled all into the street. >> cars couldn't go past. it was a nightmare. the mayor
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police fire parks and rec and for 20 organizers all gathered monday to announce changes. >> trying to make things safer. attendees and those living near robin williams meadow director of the office of cannabis in san francisco. the kash patel says legal cannabis will be sold and consumed for the first time in the event's history. these are lab tested products. they're regulated products and they are vital to ensuring that this experience is safe for everyone who's there because of this change anyone under the age of 21 will be turned away. families have come out and teenagers have been invited to this event sometimes by the parents. >> please, please take heed to the rules. mayor breed says there will be areas where smoking is not allowed and shuttles will be provided again this year to keep traffic under control. participants will also need to show proof of vaccine. the reason mayor breed says large gatherings are possible. again, i am not as concerned as i probably would have been a year ago. >> and i think we're in a really good place. organizers are asking everyone to follow the rules to ensure the event's future success. this
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is an amazing opportunity for the city to showcase its cannabis community and also to get this right. >> other rules for people to follow with you're going to golden gate park for 4.20, no drones, alcohol, vending or pets will be allowed inside the event in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> i ahouldn't have to be. speaking voice, but this is some that was forced upon me. but the person that killed my daughter. >> victims of violent crime are speaking out asking for more support from the state will hear from them. coming up. >> city of oakland is now semding mental health professionals to respond to 9-1-1. calls instead of police. details on that after the break.
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>> a significant change in the way the city response to emergencies is taking shape in oakland. it is a compassionate care first response model that has been years in the making. the program's manager tells kron 4 says the money on it has only been a few days, but they have hit the ground running. >> so just won't let you go. i'm going i have to kind of have this on a little low and you're going to have on because you you're still active duty during the we have 2 crews in the streets right now in east oakland, west of what the mobile assistance, community responders of oakland or macro launched its
6:26 pm
pilot phase back on 4/9/2022. since then, the staff members have been busy introducing themselves to oakland residents and reacting to several nonviolent, not emergency situations in the process. as macro program manager elliot joe's here is how he describes macro. we are teams of emergency medical technicians and community intervention specialist role that was created for oakland that will be dispatched to address low acuity quality of life concerns and community disturbances throughout the city of oakland. the timing couldn't be better, says the president of the oakland police officers association very who says opd is averaging more than 2000 calls for service. i just checked before i came on as 161 call standing citywide. >> right now for a police officer were not taking any police reports. we we absolutely appreciate. what it was. another tool to try and
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mitigate the staggering number of calls the police department gets anticipated eventually during the pilot, there will be 24 to 36 staffers working 8 hours shifts 5 days a week. how does he measure success? you want to be that first response if a subsequent response is required. >> that's okay. but allow micro to get their first. the fact that we have crews in the streets that are available to start responding to success measured. >> how is it that you cried for news? >> coming up, vice president kamala harris is in california tonight. we're going to tell you about her first official visit to van den bergh space force base on the central coast. plus, we'll show you how san francisco city leaders commemorated today's anniversary of the 19. 0, 6, earthquake. and after the break, deadly missile strikes shatter a relatively peaceful last few weeks in the ukrainian city of lviv. we have the latest coming up in a liv
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>> ukrainian president volodomyr zelensky says russia has launched a full-scale offensive to try to take control of ukraine's eastern part of the country. the move was expected after russia announced last month. it would concentrate on the donbass ukraine's mostly russian-speaking industrial heartland. so lets kids about to fight and defend that region. he is also extending an invitation to president biden to visit the country. our washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us now with more on this was shot.


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