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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 18, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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after the national mask mandate keeping travelers with their faces covered up is done away with tonight. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis today. a federal judge in florida voided the national mask mandate calling it unlawful. the judge says that the mandate exceeds the authority of u.s. health officials and says the cdc improperly failed to justify its decision and did not follow proper rulemaking. well, the ruling came just days after the cdc extended the mask mandate until may 3rd, citing concerns for this new omicron subvariant still. yeah. the white house is confirming tonight that the tsa is no longer enforcing the mandate. it's real crowd for sale and the sac ease live at sfo tonight. she joins us now with what travelers need to know about the changes. taylor, good evening to you. >> a grand hey, the key. i'll
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tell you, there's definitely been some confusion and mixed messaging for passengers today. you know, many of the airlines at this point in time have dropped their mask requirements. same thing with tsa. however, on the flip side, some airports like sfo are still requiring that people wear masks throughout the airport. >> some passengers walking off planes maskless at sfo on monday after many of the major airlines announced they've dropped their on board mask requirements that, ok, well, maybe they'll tell me to take my mask off in the middle of the flight. >> they didn't. but my colleagues flying delta and they announced on board that they could take their foot off or take their mask off in flight and everyone started cheering. so i have to say that there were a lot of happy flyers today as of monday evening, delta, southwest alaska, air united american and hawaiian airlines have all announced that they've job facial covering requirements. if i hadn't checked online, would have known about it. >> only way kind of was balloted for me was when i saw like the place and without the
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mask on on the plane. >> meanwhile, some passengers like michael kim say they'll continue to wear masks on board the gold. probably still keep my on. thanks for traveling. it's probably good idea. the transportation security administration also issued a statement monday night saying that, quote, tsa will no longer enforce its security directives. an emergency amendment requiring mask use on public transportation in transportation hubs. however, some airports like sfo are still requiring that masks be worn throughout the airport pending confirmation from local tsa leadership messaging that some passengers might have missed on monday as a handful of people were seen walking through sfo, maskless think it's time. i think people are ready to move on with their lives and that includes without masks. for those who want on this flight this now, most people kept on some. i'm hoping that stays. >> now, just within the last 30 minutes, we did get word that oakland international is no longer requiring masks either. now at last check as a
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foe still is. and we're still waiting to hear back from san jose international. now we're live at sfo. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> thank you, so joining us now for some expert analysis about this public transit mask mandate to ending his doctor abrar occur kron is an infectious disease specialist at stanford health. a doctor curran, thanks for your time tonight. do you agree with the judge in florida that >> this mandate is not appropriate? >> well, i can tell you this, it's it's not a good public health decision. so as i'm sure all of you seeing with headlines showing that were severely under detecting cases based on wastewater data in this country where showing over 80,000 cases a day and wastewater data only detecting in the 30,000. there's a lot more spread than we know. and in in public transit to particularly in buses and trains and in planes when the plane is offer tax scene, the
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ventilation is not very good. and your pack somebody i was just on a flight from boston back here to california couple weeks ago and i had my and 95 on in the person to see behind me was coughing the entire flight and was eating the whole time. no mask on. there are situations that you can't control. you can't get out of. and again, you know, for pre-pandemic response, this is not about just individual responsibility. it's about community responsibility. when we had the omicron surge. i can tell you this when we had a lot of cases, even though the small percentage of select lot of people getting very sick having to miss many people get hospitalized and i don't want to see that happen again. so the time like this, where we're not sure where things are headed with ba 2, it's a bad time to pull back on mask mandates in public transport. >> so do you think the biden administration should challenge is just on the basis of the setting a bad precedent? because now the cdc issues, another health warning in a mandate. people are going to say we don't necessarily have to listen. >> yeah, i mean, i think this is very confusing for the
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public. and i think this really speaks to the fragmentation of the response by state and by political you know, we just don't have a good grasp on and what we need to do in terms of leadership here. right. and i think that some of this is beyond my expertise. you know, i'm not a lawyer. i don't know what the legality of this is, but i can tell you clinically in from public health standpoint, this is not a good thing to do when you're uncertain where a potential surge is heading, right. that's not the time to pull back on on that protections and mitigations in situations where you can have super spreading events everybody's in masks packed together. so, you know, i it's it's unfortunate to see this. and i hope just as much anyone that we don't have another surge. i hope that because we've had a lot of spread from ba one because we have a lot of people vaccinated that we be able to thwart off a big surge from ba 2. it's not going to help. pull back mitigation measures. if you're high risk or if you're living with some news high risk or if you just want to avoid infection, having to be out for 10 days indefinitely. wear
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your mask in the settings that are crowded. i mean, no doubt. >> people would argue, though, you know, that it's been 2 years. if you want to get vaccinated, you can. if you're extremely high risk, you can mask up. but people deserve in america. the choice whether or not at this point to mask up. is there credence to that argument? >> yeah. and i think that there is a lot to be said for people being able to make their own choices, their own decisions but in shared public spaces when you know, we i guess a lot of people want to think about the emergency is being over that pademic being over. we don't really get to decide that right. the virus will decide that if if it it be a one wasn't enough evidence. many people said the same thing around the time of ba one where they said, you know what, delta is over. it's not a big deal. get on with it. you can get vaccinated. nba one is a huge disruption. a lot of people were out sick and it really disrupt. is it? i mean, we're seeing that in some countries, lot of people working in the airline industry are out sick and there's a lot of delays. so
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whether we want this to affect us or not is is really not our choice. if we have a large amount of spread, it is going to be a problem and we're going to deal with that problem, whether it's now or later. so, you know, i guess if the public is deciding what they want to do, they can decide that. but it doesn't change the course much. i mean, you're going to still have spread. yeah, i mean, we're basically protected for those of us who who have the vaccine. but what about young children who aren't vaccinated? summer's coming up, people want to travel. >> what's your recommendation very quickly to them. to the parents. yeah, i mean, i think, you know, if your kids are not vaccinated, you want to hold and avoid them getting inficted again. i would take precautions right now with big crowded situations trying to do outdoor activities and watch case counts in your area depending on where you live. >> there could be more less spread. cities tend to have bigger spread faster earlier. if you're more rural areas, you won't. so i would keep an eye on those you know, i'm not saying for people not to live their life and do things, but they're higher. a situation that can be avoided for the
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time being. but ultimately, i think people do what they what they choose to do in this conditions will will be here to take care of you if you need it. so you know, i just hope everyone can stay safe. >> good advice. thank you so much for joining us. doctor abrar kerr from stanford health. >> have a good rick, which is bart muni ac transit and the vta. >> all at least right now still requiring their passengers to keep their masks on. so we'll keep you posted on where things stand there. other news tonight, oakland, unified students and teachers return to class today after spring break. they were told to keep their masks on for another week, at least district leaders say they have concerns about a surge in cases after spring break starting next monday, though, april 25th, they have announced indoor masking will be strongly recommended, but no longer mandatory. nurses from 15 different sutter health facilities took to the
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picket line today. a 24 hour strike. they say enough is enough. the california nurses association is calling for improved health and safety standards. the health care workers say they have been in negotiations since june for a new contract. but there's been little to no movement. union workers hope to strike urges management to sign a fair contract as soon as possible. >> safe staffing is our number one priority without it. our patients suffer. staff burns it's affects every aspect of the hospital. if you just don't have the staff and the numbers that we need to to make things run properly. >> center health released this statement to us about the strike saying, quote, by moving forward with today's costly and disruptive strike, union leadership has made it clear they're willing to put politics above patients and the nurses they represent. despite the intervention of federal mediators and our willingness to bargain in good faith. well, under threat of a strike. cleanup is underway
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tonight after pretty good-sized fire burned several buildings in san francisco, 3 alarm fire happening. west portal neighborhood businesses rooftop. >> but first, justine waltman joins us now live in the studio to a kind of break it down for us. just big fire. big response about 100 firefighters came to put this fire out. it started around 11, 30 this morning at a business on west portal avenue. it quickly drew a 3 alarm response was contained. >> shortly after 2 o'clock this afternoon. but that fire did a lot of damage to 3 commercial buildings with 6 different addresses. video showing us the flames and the smoke that filled the sky throughout san francisco today. the fire, though, did not burn any homes, but the roof for the fire started collapsed and crews had to respond quickly. >> our firefighters realized that while they were inside the smoke filled building, we initiated an evacuation. got all firefighters out of that
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building. wait we're able to safely determined that the collapse was done and we started to work. the fire from the corners of the edges in from the outside. >> officials say the cause of the fire is accidental because of construction, but it will be investigated. now a san francisco firefighter was hurt while trying to put this fire out. but that person is expected to be okay. live here in the studio. i'm justine waldman, kron 4 news. thank you, justine. so we are expecting to hear more tomorrow about an arrest and charges in connection to a massive fire in san jose. that fire on april 9th. pretty much destroyed. home depot, santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen says that he's going to be holding a a press conference tomorrow at 11 o'clock. and we will be carrying it for you live on our streaming service kron. >> and a grass fire that started this afternoon in fairfield is now under control. you see the smoke there. this is around 2 o'clock. it was on hill, born road right off 80. at one
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point, the trailer park on goya drive was being threatened. but crews were able to stop the fire before they've got super close to home. snow evacuation orders were issued. that were 4 zone forecast. fortunately, we've had some rain. so things are dire out there as they could be all that and it makes a big difference. apparently we're going to get more erica. yeah, fact, the north bay is already seeing some showers right now. >> we have a satellite and radar here which we're going to pull up there. it is. so i was just tracking this. moderate rain fell north. the winds are going over the one o one. so it is wet up there as well as petaluma. also seeing some light showers within the last 20 minutes and then some along the coast here in marin county and sonoma county, the rest of the bay area right now, just seeing some drizzle. but it's not going to stay like that. you'll get showers later tonight and tomorrow morning. >> right now, winds not looking to batter numbers have actually gone down because this system is actually a weak system versus the next system
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that we're going to get wednesday night into thursday. we're though, will actually be thunder. >> with that, possibly. here's a look at futurecast for tonight. you can see the moderate rain moving into other parts of the bay area at 11 o'clock tonight over the east bay and the peninsula and then it shifts more southward to san jose around 3 o'clock in the morning buyer commute time around 6.30, can see it kind of exits the bay area. so we'll be left with a lot of cloud cover and some dense fog, especially along the coast. be careful when you're driving out by the afternoon, we might actually get to see some blue skies for the north bay here. this actually close to lunch time. we're going to dry out next. storm system arrives wednesday night, which will see in a bit on futurecast. but our temperatures tomorrow will be a little lower versus what we saw today. we actually hit the 70's out in livermore today, but tomorrow looks like we'll be at 65 64 for aniak, antioch and allay tomorrow. so here is
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wednesday afternoons future cast. you can see our second storm that will be arriving in the afternoon. it hits the north bay first, just like the one that we're seeing now. and then it shifts more southward. this is 9 o'clock wednesday night to other parts of the bay area here. light showers thursday morning. also looks like it's going to be a wet commute to work. so just drive safely. leave a little earlier. if you need to a light rain throughout on and off on that day as well as friday morning as well. so here's our 7 day extended forecast. you can see though high pressure will be building over the weekend. so mostly sunny skies then. but these next 4 days, you know, rain on and off again. okay. we'll take it. thanks, erica. >> today marks 116 years in san francisco's devastating 19. 0, 6, earthquake and fire. a commemoration ceremony was held at lot as fountain on market street early this morning happens that time every year a moment of silence
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was observed at 05:11am in the morning to exact time that the earthquake hit. mayor london breed spoke today about remembering those who helped save lives and rebuild the city. >> this city, 80% of it over 3,000. people lost their lives. and i know there were probably people. discouraged and felt. what do we do now? but i also know that there were more people who stepped up and said let's rebuild. >> than 3,000 people died as a result of the 7.9 earthquake and fire and more than 200,000 were left homeless city leaders say today's ceremony should serve as a reminder that everybody needs to be prepared for the next big one. well, things will be done differently in golden gate for this year's for 21 big change this year is going to be. >> the city will be carting people as they walk in. yeah. how on our kron four's rob nesbitt reports now on the efforts to try to make sure this year's for 20 is safe for
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people participating as well. as for folks who live near the park. anyone under the age of 21 won't be allowed inside for 20. a new rule for the sanction event that's organized by the city and not just a free for all for cannabis enthusiasts. >> on wednesday, the popular for 20 will be back in san francisco's golden gate park. >> prior to taking 2 years off because of covid, mayor london breed says the event made for a headache. but people who were not only on the sidewalks but spilled all into the street. >> cars couldn't go past. it was a nightmare. the mayor police fire parks and rec and for 20 organizers all gathered monday to announce changes. >> trying to make things safer. attendees and those living near robin williams meadow director of the office of cannabis in san francisco. the kash patel says legal cannabis will be sold and consumed for the first time in the event's history. these are lab tested products. they're regulated products and they are vital to ensuring that this experience is safe for
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everyone who's there because of this change anyone under the age of 21 will be turned away. families have come out and teenagers have been invited to this event sometimes by the parents. >> please, please take heed to the rules. mayor breed says there will be areas where smoking is not allowed and shuttles will be provided again this year to keep traffic under control. participants will also need to show proof of vaccine. the reason mayor breed says large gatherings are possible. again, i am not as concerned as i probably would have been a year ago. and i think we're in a really good place. organizers are asking everyone to follow the rules to ensure the event's future success. this is an amazing opportunity for the city to showcase its cannabis community and also to get this right. >> other rules for people to follow with you're going to golden gate park for 4.20, no drones, alcohol, vending or pets will be allowed inside the event in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news, a compassionate care first response model years in the making is now on the streets of oakland. it is being called the
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>> mobile assistance. community responders of oakland or macro, their pilot phase lunch just a little over a week ago. and since then, staffers have been busy introducing themselves to oakland residents and reacting to several nonviolent non-emergency situations in the process. the president of the oakland police officers association says, you know, the timing really couldn't be better. >> just check before it came on as 161 call standing citywide right now for a police officer were not taking any police reports. we we absolutely appreciate. what it was. another tool to try and mitigate the staggering number of calls the police department gets. >> macro team members undergo several weeks of classroom training at the oakland fire department followed by ongoing training in the field as program develops. program's manager says the goal is to be the first response for emergency calls. >> the clear lake family's recent reunion with their
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missing son nearly 3 years after he vanished shining a light on missing children's cases across the country. the family of connor jack as well has spent the last to win a half years or so studying unidentified persons posts, even checking morgues, try to find their boy last thursday. police in utah found the now 19 year-old you see him there in this body camera video, they were able to get him to agree to a fingerprint scan which led deputies to his name and family situation as well. is living with autism and the national center for missing and exploited children says this case brings attention to the missing children who have autism, especially this month, which is autism awareness month. >> children who go missing, who have autism are known to wander or a safe environments it's something we hear are concerned about. something we see from time to time missing child posters. when we put
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them out there, they're called for help. their call for action. and what we ask of the communities just stop for a second. and look at those images because as i said behind every single one of them is a surging family in need of your help. >> important advice there. the center leaders say they hope this story will bring hope to other families who are searching for their loved ones. the website missing kids dot org provides resources for those families and outlines the steps they should take in the days following the disappearance. now to the latest in ukraine as the invasion rolls into its 56th day. russia is intensifying attacks and eastern parts of ukraine. at least 7 people have died in. this comes as ukraine's president is extending an invitation. >> to president biden to visit his country. washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us with more. >> good evening. the pentagon says 4 flights of military aid
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is starting to arrive in ukraine as part of an 800 million dollar package approved by president biden. russian forces launched their first missile attacks on the western city of lviv killing at least 7 people. we don't have a clear sense of battle damage assessment about. >> what they were targeting and what they hit. the city has become a refuge for thousands fleeing the east as well as a major hub for receiving native supplied weapons. at this time. we don't have any indication that western aid was a was targeted and or hinder destroyed. state department spokesman ned price says the attack is a sign of russia's intensifying strategy is undertaking. >> a campaign of terror, a campaign of brutality, a campaign of despicable aggression. >> well, hosting the philippines, defense minister, defense secretary lloyd thank the country for standing against russia.
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>> russia's unprovoked ration of ukraine has reminded us all. will be important. standing together to defend our core principles. >> ukrainian president zelenskyy said he has invited president biden to visit the country. but the white house has said president biden will not visit ukraine and russia's increased attacks in the country. make it even more unlikely. tomorrow morning president biden will hold a secure video call with allies about more support for ukraine. >> and how to further hold russia accountable. reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. >> thank you for shots. still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at 9, a handful of smash-and-grab suspects are behind bars. the charges they're facing. >> plus, some lawmakers are pushing to have much needed. microchips made right here in the usa. why experts say the usa. why experts say that's the way to go.
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>> from computers to cars, medical devices and phones. semiconductor chips are up key part of the items that we count on every day that the majority of these chips are actually made in other countries. and that's why texas u.s. senator john cornyn and representative michael mccaul are pushing legislation to manufacture them right here in the usa. the pair toured a ut austin research facility which is helping to secure a sliver of the 50 billion
9:27 pm
dollars of funding this aimed at boosting research and development of semiconductor manufacturing. experts say not only do we risk security when production is outsourced, but major crises in those countries could create worldwide supply chain issues. >> by having a very long supply chain. essentially you are becoming susceptible to their right? sees that. he said in a radio sources that counting pose at constraints in our supply chain. >> i find this surprising, but the u.s. only produces about 12% of the world. semiconductor conductors, the 52 billion dollar bill is in its final stages with bipartisan support from both chambers. and it's expected to be signed by the president. vice president kamala harris is visiting vandenberg space force base tonight. it's her first visit since taking office. the vice president is getting briefed on the national security work. >> being done by the u.s. space force and u.s. space command. harris is also
9:28 pm
meeting with a group of service members and their families at the base and delivering remarks alongside california sen alex padilla. harris's visit comes a day after a space x rocket carrying national reconnaissance office. satellite was launched from the vandenberg base. next at 98 welcoming their fans to the coliseum for the first time this season. we'll take a look at how fans have been celebrate. details on the stockton teen stabbed to death on school grounds. what inve
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>> welcome back to the news at night. 6 people are behind bars tonight in san jose. police say these are members of a robbery crew that targeted jewelry stores throughout the bay area are crawford's. justin campbell talked with one store owner who shared her story, she was robbed in her store, cleaned out in a matter of seconds. >> screens, glass shattering and people running as robbers into jewelry store at la plus c to shopping center in january. a security camera captures one owner pushing a jewelry case to lock herself in trying to protect my business because it's my personal business. >> and i have my kids and i was trying to protect my kids as well cared and didn't want to be identified. but she's just one of 3 other jewelry stores that police say robbers hit between october 2021. and
9:32 pm
january this year, brooke criminal, the coming 5 seconds couple seconds. the coming still from you. it's not right. police arrested 6 suspects all between the ages of 18 20. no word on where the jewelry when but multiple guns were seized. detectives say they connected the robberies by the same criminal pattern throughout different cities in the bay. the men used sledgehammers broke the glass and took off with jewelry and get away vehicles to pay for their crime. you know, they shouldn't be out there that they should be working like us. >> we wake up early in the morning to come to work. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. it's a small family business now to an arrest in a san mateo county shooting that killed a man and seriously injured a child. this was back in 2020. police say they've arrested the 2 men who you see john pass. he was arrested this morning in charlotte, north carolina, and is hey, was arrested in honolulu? police say back on october,
9:33 pm
30th, the men ambushed. what am with psaki junior in his driveway. this is on eleanor drive the victims. 2 year-old son was also shot in the face. the child has since recovered from his injuries. san mateo police have scheduled a press conference for 10 o'clock tomorrow morning to release more information about this case. a 15 year-old student northern california high school has died after she was stabbed by an intruder. >> police say a man in his 40's just drove through the front gate of stagg high school in stockton and stabbed the young girl several times. the district says that school resource officers immediately took the man into custody. the killing caused the school to be on lockdown. most of the day students were not allowed to leave campus until school. let out for the day. 3 hours after the attack. no word on a possible motive for whether the victim even knew the suspect. 2 weeks after the downtown sacramento shooting, some groups are urging state
9:34 pm
lawmakers to step up resources for crime victims and to study released today shows many victims are not getting the services and compensation they need. >> kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has that story. >> it's extremely reckless and it's dangerous. it's a sound heard all too often in san jose. this is video from past sideshows. police say on sunday around 04:00pm they responded to various sideshow incidents throughout the city. it's so frustrating to know that i chose are still. >> still but at least in this particular case, it looks like it was really one side show that happening at different sequentially district, 6 council member dev davis says the police department used all their available resources to get the situation under control. they had 40 ops. >> okay. that was not the correct story. we hope to get
9:35 pm
back to it a little later. meantime, good news here. it was opening night for the oakland a's. lot of excitement over that. the team is kicking off another season at the coliseum. offseason trades and questions about if the team is leaving have been swirling a lot lately. but tonight it was all about the fun for the fans. but first, dan thorn has more now from the oakland coliseum. >> after a season opening road trip, the oakland a's are back in oakland. it's a new season and a new look team. but the fans are excited to see what they can do on the oakland a's fans tailgating for opening and the team is back for its 54th season in the bay area. and it's good to have baseball back in oakland once again. really glad to be out here today with all my friends are 9th year in a row for opening day. it's just fun and it's exciting to be here. spirits are high. despite a series of offseason moves, big names like matt olson, and matt chapman worship the way. but this team is so far exceeding
9:36 pm
expectations. a lot of into the comes back. but other than that, we're good where we were looking pretty solid for said that we lost quite a few players that we we all love and admire the bay. but >> where united were team, we stick with there've also been worries about the a's potentially moving to las vegas. but some fans tell us not a chance. know where you they know they can survive in the nobody can survive for these a's fans. it's all about focusing on the positive and showing up for their team. go away. >> for the next week, the oakland a's will be having a nice stretch at home before going back in the road. but they won't be going far will be visiting the giants next week for the bay bridge series reporting at the coliseum. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> thank you, dan. well, if you still haven't filed your taxes, you now have the but 2 and a half hours to get it done or request an extension. the deadline is midnight
9:37 pm
tonight. record low staffing numbers and a huge backlog could delay some people's returns this year. if you're one of the millions who hasn't filed yet again, either file quickly or file an extension to get. yeah, little wiggle room there. but remember, if you expect to owe money on your taxes, you still have to pay by today. >> still ahead at 9, the boston marathon return the patriots today for the first time since 2019 highlights from the world famous event that just wrapped up its 126 year.
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>> lots of emotion is athletes cross the finish line at this year's boston marathon marathon monday today about 30,000 people participated more than half a million folks were spectators there watching. and jodee reid was one of them. she was at the race and has more now on. >> why this year was a little more special. >> happy marathon monday for the first time since 2019, this event is being held on patriots day and everyone that we spoke to here on boylston street said they're thrilled to see this historic event the men's wheelchair division kick things off this morning in hopkinton followed by the hand, cyclists in the lee men's division. more than 30,000 participants signed up for the marathon this year in close to 500,000, spectators came out to show their support. prior to the race.
9:41 pm
the boston athletic association announced that runners that live in russia or belarus will not be allowed to compete as a way to show their support for the people of ukraine, which was a common theme for the marathon this year, according to several ukrainian runners that cross the finish line. and they hope that the strength that they showed today will be felt back my people are in ukraine. this though it's difficult you we all hope this war is going and so on. >> safety was also at the the marathon this year, additional uniformed and plainclothes officers were strategically placed along the route. >> and around the city of boston, when are the elite men's division was evans capito with a time of 2 hours and 6 minutes, many of the volunteers runners in their family members said they're so happy to have the race feel like normal once again in boston. i'm jodee some scary moments over the busy travel weekend. travelers described
9:42 pm
panic and chaos is. >> they were forced to evacuate. boston's logan international airport a suspicious item found somebody is luggage. the bomb squad called in to the scene after about an hour. officials determined the item in question. was it an old playstation video game console? officials say that the damage condition of the gaming console caused abnormalities in the x-ray machine. and then prompted emergency. >> 8 people are under arrest after a bunch of sideshows in san jose over the weekend. proffers amanda hari spoke with the city councilor about the, you know, how they're trying to prevent these types of crimes. >> it's extremely reckless and it's dangerous. it's a sound heard all too often in san jose. this is video from past sideshows. police say on sunday around 04:00pm they responded to various sideshow incidents throughout the city. it's so frustrating to know that sideshows are still. >> still but at least in this
9:43 pm
particular case, it looks like it was really one side show that happening at different sequentially district, 6 council member dev davis says the police department used all their available resources to get the situation under control. they had 40 officers and 4 sergeants out there. so they were able to do citations, take advantage of our spectator law. that spectator law makes it illegal to watch a sideshow and a person can get cited for doing so. we made it illegal to promote. and so that's something that the police department will continue to will investigate and go through the process. in this particular case, if it was promoted online, that's something that that they will be looking at. they also recovered ghost guns and impounded 3 vehicles. police say this man, isaac guzman. >> rambus supervisors, patrol car. he tried to drive away and then hit an officer who was on foot. the officer was
9:44 pm
taken to the hospital, treated and released. guzman was arrested for 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. felony hit and run and for possession of a privately made firearm. i also get very angry about this. these are young people who >> it frankly, you know, just flouting the laws that we have. and it's really important get them to understand that what they do have consequences. council member davis says she believes it's important to continue to add to the san jose police department. >> so they have the resources to come out in force and enforce the law. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> coming up in sports, the warriors trying to go up 2, nothing in their series against the nuggets. sports director jason dumas is live at chase center. well, it was rockin there tonight. he has the very latest this came to the very latest this came to just end it.
9:45 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> all right. the warriors game just finished up. they win one. 26 to one. 0, 6, and what a game this jordan poole has arrived, folks. he needs to be initiated into the splash brotherhood because he looks just like stepping clay out here. it was a really fun night here at chase center. the warriors are up 2 games to
9:48 pm
nothing and they are looking like a well oiled machine. steph curry and company just left the floor. >> let's go to the highlights right now and see how it all went down. steph curry still on a minutes restriction. he didn't start tonight. didn't really matter. 1st quarter. downey andrew wiggins gets it out to porter? hand down, man down. that puts them up. that puts them within 5 on sorry, late in the second. now. 43 42 denver stepped. nice move here. he lays it in. that gives golden state its first lead of the night. aishah curry loves it here in on and couple minutes later dubs up 5 jordan poole with the behind the back pass to play finishes with the layup. clay had 21 points next. worriers possession stepped. from 29 feet out. golden state went on
9:49 pm
a 26 to 8 run. many of those planes will curry and dream on on the court together. 3rd quarter worriers up big step. step back. he sinks it and is found he's having fun out here. that will put them up by 20 chase center was just rocking all night. step with 34 points off the bench. finishing touches here. jordan poole with the stepback he had. 29 of his own son, like i said, growing up before warriors run away with one. 26 1 o 6. they take a commanding 2. nothing lead and like i said, this was just crazy atmosphere. the warriors were down by 12 points in the 1st quarter. i believe my eyes and all a sudden the warriors are up 20 points. this is eerily reminiscent of 2019, 2018. they just go on. these runs
9:50 pm
and they suffocate and demoralized and opponent. they've done it so far in this series, it feels like a 1, 8, matchup, but his 3, 6, hey, now they go to denver. that game is on thursday at vivint arena in downtown denver. we will have coverage leading up to that game and we'll have more coverage tonight. we'll hear from steve kerr. we'll hear from steph curry will hear from jordan poole. >> the man of the night. 34 for steph 29 for jordan. poole. what a night here at chase center and hank, this playoff run feels like is just getting started. and i don't want to get ahead of myself is only game 2, but it feels like it might be a long playoff run. you could just feel it in the air. >> on another note, the oakland a's. they also play today. last time we checked, they were winning. we will have those full highlights at 10 o'clock and more reaction from this warriors game. but for now, that is all we have
9:51 pm
from chase center. i'm jason ipdumas kron. 4 sports. we'll b right back after the break. >> all right, jason, we're going to take it, but great job out there. and what a win. yeah. the warriors, iraq it tonight. yeah, was. all whether to that. yeah, erica caturay with a sedative fill us in. i what it's going to look like tonight and tomorrow. yes, we've been talking about the rain that's already hitting parts of the bay area. but >> the also going to get wet as well. in fact, the northern parts already seeing some action there. so the heaviest snowfall that we can expect in that region will occur between 6 to 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. >> and that is why is there a winter weather advisory that will be in effect from 02:00am through 02:00pm tomorrow. so we expect to get 4 to 10 inches of snow from that system. not the best time to be traveling out there. however, wednesday, it does dry out before a second storm arrives on thursday. bringing more snow to that region. so again, here in the bay area,
9:52 pm
we have that rain that's moving through overnight and then it dries up and leaves the south bay around 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. we can expect to see fog and cloudy conditions and then tries up in the afternoon before a second storm system that we're talking about that comes on wednesday. so temperatures tomorrow across san francisco be in the lower 60's along the coast. 61 for half moon bay as well as millbrae mid 60's for burlingame. 66 for saying carlos down to mountain view, you can see that our temperatures are cooler because of that cold front that's moving through. i mean, today in livermore, we hit the 70's, but tomorrow just coming in at 65 degrees for that region. mid 60's for concord down to san ramon. 63 for sonoma. 67 for fairfield and santa rosa coming in at 64 for tomorrow. stay with us. we'll have more news after the break.
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9:55 pm
>> walking our pet alligator this morning. tired. i think i'll take a break as they >> yeah, this florida. you said most people yesterday maybe get a visit from the easter bunny. but things are a little different in florida. often the sarasota county sheriff's office shared this video of that sizable gator taking a stroll easter morning through a neighborhood in venice. they think it's about
9:56 pm
10 feet long. deputies alerted wildlife officials, but they didn't respond because they got a report that the gator was well behaved and i'm bothered. went right back. into the agua. well, you show it. we'll the animal planet theme going. and there are feral cats making themselves right at home at the oakland coliseum. dozens of them roaming all around the property. a stance might see the cats this season. lot of people talking about it during kron. 4 news at 03:00pm. our justine waltman talked to a president. they've kabul about finding the cats, some real homes. >> so i heard about these tax, these feral cats that are roaming around on the property. are they still there? are they going to be at the opening game tonight? >> they're definitely here. i saw 4, 5, when i came in earlier today and the cats around in doing double duty,
9:57 pm
taking care of all and and they're very cute and they're all different colors. there's, you know, its hard shell and calico and all different cats. and we're going have a kit giveaway either. later, this homestand or later this this season. so these kids can find a forever home. >> we can give them names after famous stays players. people are going to the boy like that idea. thank you. heard it here. first. >> all i they've also talked about what is the season at the ballpark, like stadium seating options. a parallel pass with las vegas. a future at howard terminal on pins and needles over we'll be right back.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now it's and your next trip. you can ditch that face mask if you want to. whether it's by plane train or bus masks are no longer required on public transportation. beginning today. good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. that decision was made today by a federal judge in florida who called it unlawful. the judge says the mandate exceeds the authority of u.s. health officials and added tth


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