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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  April 19, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> he will welcome back to the khan from warning. use a time for you. now 04:30am. hey, if you're just waking up very slick conditions out there on the roadway. so you want to take it easy? i definitely slowed it down just a little bit as i was traveling this morning and leave the house earlier. don't hit snooze when the alarm goes off, get up, get together. give yourself a little more time, john. even actively tracking this wet weather we've been seen what's happening today where we sit in part her to not hit snooze on the rainy what is to embed? we've got a boat. >> slowing down because of the rain. but i'm glad to see you on the roads are because it is slick out there for sure. we are in the midst of showers that are very light, but
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nonetheless making things very wet out there. you can see that rainfall pushing through the bay and some snow up in the sierra nevada. i'll step out of the way for a second. get a better look at what you've got out there, which again is light showers this morning. nothing super, duper, heavy, but enough to get roadways wet, san jose. it's really starting to pick up for you right now. you had been looking at some of are comparatively drier conditions, at least compared to the rest of the bay area. but now you're in the midst of some of our most widespread light rainfall up into the tri valley. up 6.80, as well as 5.80, across the east bay, 2.81. 0, one on the peninsula. also still looking at light showers in some of our bridges to holding on to some light sprinkles. things are starting to calm down a bit for the north bay. still, misty up there for sure, though. and the sierra nevada, if you're traveling at 80 or highway 50, both routes are now snow packed as we do see that multiple inches of snowfall having come down overnight and guess what, more rain and more snow in the more significant of these systems is about to
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make its way through starting tomorrow later in the day. so we get a little break here later on today and early tomorrow before yet, another system makes its way in 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures. open your at 57 san francisco at 53 santa rosa sitting right at 50 degrees later today. we are going to see some good sunshine. enjoy every moment of it because we're going to settle in for a few days of rain later on this week, which i'll get to in the rest of your forecast, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your although it's wet, no major hot spots right now. a> 10 minute drive from the maze that must exit 7 tail bridge. let's head over to check on conditions there. if you're traveling across towards one o one, i see no issues a little under 14 minutes for to make that drive out of richmond across towards sandra fell. we're looking at about a 10 minute drive time and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls around 20 minutes. firefighters are cleaning up after a fire broke out in the west portal neighborhood in san francisco
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on monday over 100 firefighters came to put this fire out. it started around 11 30 monday morning at a business on west portal avenue. it was contained shortly after 2, the fire damaged 3 commercial buildings with 6 addresses. video shows the flames and the smoke that filled the sky will show you that. thankfully the fire not burn any homes. well, the roof for the fire started collapsed in crews quickly responded. >> firefighters realized that while they were inside the smoke filled building, we initiated an evacuation. got all of our firefighters out of that building. wait we're able to safely determined that the collapse was done and we started to work. the fire from the corners of the edges and from the outside. >> a san francisco firefighter was hurt but is expected to be okay. officials say the cause of that fire is accidental due to construction. but it still will be investigated. a grass fire that started monday afternoon in fairfield is now under control. that happened around. he'll born road. that's right. off a tee. at
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one point, the trailer park ongoing and drive was being threatened. but crews managed to stop that fire. ford reach there. no evacuation orders were issued. also happening today, an arrest has been made in connection to the massive fire that consumed a home depot in san jose. look at those flames. that's all according to the santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen, who will be holding a news conference to announce an arrest and charges in that case. well, the fire happened. april 9th on blossom hill road. no one was injured, but the billy was a total complete loss. that announcement will happen at 11:00am and we're going to carry it for you live over on our streaming service on kron on. san jose city council members are trying to help crack down on sideshows that were seen in the city. this comes after 8 people were arrested for multiple sideshows. that happened at different locations on sunday trumpers. amanda hari has that story. >> it's extremely reckless and it's dangerous. it's a sound heard all too often in san jose. this is video from past
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sideshows. police say on sunday around 04:00pm they responded to various sideshow incidents throughout the city. it's so frustrating to know that sideshows are still. >> still but at least in this particular case, it looks like it was really one side show that happening at different sequentially district, 6 council member dev davis says the police department used all their available resources to get the situation under control. they had 40 officers and 4 sergeants out there. so they were able to do citations, take advantage of our spectator law. that spectator law makes it illegal to watch a sideshow and a person can get cited for doing so. we made it illegal to promote. and so thas's something that the police department will continue to will investigate and go through the process. in this particular case, if it was
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promoted online, that's something that that they will be looking at. they also recovered ghost guns and impounded 3 vehicles. police say this man, isaac guzman. >> rambus supervisors, patrol car. he tried to drive away and then hit an officer who was on foot. the officer was taken to the hospital, treated and released. guzman was arrested for 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. felony hit and run and for possession of a privately made firearm. i also get very angry about this. these are young people who >> it frankly, you know, just flouting the laws that we have. and it's really important get them to understand that what they do have consequences. council member davis says she believes it's important to continue to add to the san jose police department. >> so they have the resources to come out in force and enforce the law. amanda hari kron, 4 news. well, happening today, a major arrest in san mateo county in a shooting that killed.
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>> one man and seriously injured a child back in 2020 police say they arrested these 2 men on the screen. john pacey was arrested monday morning in charlotte, north carolina and isolate lee may in honolulu. police say back on october, 30th, the man and bush. you take misaki junior in his driveway on eleanor dry several times. the victims, 2 year-old son was also shot in the face. the child has since recovered from his injuries. san mateo police have scheduled a press conference for 10 this morning to release more details about the case. santa clara county investigators have identified a woman killed by the tory, a serial killer nearly 30 years ago. we'll show you a picture. this is heart. this is patricia sky pool. santa clara county detectives say sky polls about 45 years old. her body was found on the side of a road along highway one, 52 also known as the pacheco pass highway detectives confirmed this week that sky pool was one of 8, at least killed
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women by keith hunter jet. just person who had already pleaded guilty to murder. also happening tomorrow, it's the annual golden gate park for 20 celebration is back after a two-year right because of the pandemic, though, this year, things are going to be done a little differently. kron four's rob nesbitt has that story for us. >> anyone under the age of 21 won't be allowed inside for 20. a new rule for the sanction event that's organized by the city and not just a free for all for cannabis enthusiasts. on wednesday, the popular for 20 will be back in san francisco's golden gate park prior to taking 2 years off because of covid. mayor london breed says the event made for a headache. but people who were not only on the sidewalks but spilled all into the street. >> cars couldn't go past. it was a nightmare. the mayor police fire parks and rec and for 20 organizers all gathered monday to announce changes. >> trying to make things safer. attendees and those
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living near robin williams meadow director of the office of cannabis in san francisco. the kash patel says legal cannabis will be sold and consumed for the first time in the event's history. these are lab tested products. they're regulated products and they are vital to ensuring that this experience is safe for everyone who's there because of this change anyone under the age of 21 will be turned away. families have come out and teenagers have been invited to this event sometimes by the parents. >> please, please take heed to the rules. mayor breed says there will be areas where smoking is not allowed and shuttles will be provided again this year to keep traffic under control. participants will also need to show proof of vaccine. the reason mayor breed says large gatherings are possible. again, i am not as concerned as i probably would have been a year ago. and i think we're in a really good place. organizers are asking everyone to follow the rules to ensure the event's future success. this is an amazing opportunity for the city to showcase its cannabis community and also to get this right. >> other rules for people to
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follow with you're going to golden gate park for 4.20, no drones, alcohol, vending or pets will be allowed inside the event in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news hall in oakland. there is a new program is changing the way the city response to emergencies. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon. >> has more on the first response model that was years in the making. >> so just won't let you go. i'm going i have to kind of have this on a little low and you're going to have on because you you're still duty during the we have 2 crews in the streets right now in east oakland, west, with the mobile assistance, community responders of oakland or macro launched its pilot phase back on 4/9/2022. since then, the staff members have been busy introducing themselves to oakland residents and reacting to several nonviolent, not emergency situations in the process. as macro program manager elliot joe's here is how he describes macro. we are teams of emergency medical
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technicians and community intervention specialist a role that was created for oakland that will be dispatched to address low acuity quality of life concerns and community disturbances throughout the city of oakland. yhe timing couldn't be better, says the president of the oakland police officers association who says opt is averaging more than 2000 calls for service a day. i just checked before i came on as 161 call standing citywide. >> right now for a police officer were not taking any police reports. we we absolutely appreciate. what it was. another tool to try and mitigate the staggering number of calls the police department gets anticipated eventually during the pilot, there will be 24 to 36 staffers working 8 hours shifts 5 days a week. how does he measure success? you want to be that first response if a subsequent response is required. >> that's okay. but allow micro to get their first. the fact that we have crews in the
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streets that are available to start responding to success measured. >> how is it that you cried for news coming up next to the kron. 4 morning news. the oakland a's welcome their fans to the coliseum for their first home opener of the season. >> we'll take a look at how the fans celebrated their team will be right back after the break. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro.
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>> hey, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at all for you now 04:44am here on this tuesday. it is a slick wet line, but, you know, you're going encounter that in a moment when you walk out the door, definitely bring your rain jackets today, john, even tracking it. did you bring that rain jacket? >> i did actually friday. and that's that's tough for me because i have a favor jacket that is not a rain jacket set to be thinking if i actually get the rain jacket out of made that mistake over but yes, it is beautiful out there this morning. i love the rain stepping outside. just smelling it odd. so nice and refreshing. absolutely. need it got a little bit of that moonshine sitting right there above the cloudy blanket of of san francisco, shining right through it actually pretty bright morning in san francisco. is that cloud cover begins to break just a little bit. you can see that we do have some showers to the south of the bay area and then especially some snowfall in the sierra nevada. zooming on the bay itself. we do have our most widespread of rainfall
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sitting from dublin on up through danville and san ramon right now as well as in the south bay, zooming in on that spot in the east bay. you can see that heavier pocket of rainfall sitting just south of san ramon down towards doubling in the south bay. pretty widetpread now for san jose on up the snow grade into livermore. these are spots that are seeing most of that energy now, general be calming down a little bit further northward. this line of showers already making its way further and further south to the east. leaving us with some misty conditions for much of the rest of the morning, but much calmer than what we saw last night. cloud cover through the morning before clearing skies into early afternoon. we're actually going to see a good dose of sunshine today. just got to wait till right after that noon hour to see it. snowfall in the sierra nevada continues through midday before dissipating as well. tomorrow we start the day with clear skies, but cloud cover increases towards the afternoon. and by noontime, we'll start to see some showers and snow. but northern sonoma county drifting further southward by 02:30pm, starting
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to touch northern marine county tomorrow. and after that by 05:00pm, are in napa and sonoma counties. now in the rainfall, the rest of the bay area having yet to tap into it. by that point. but we will start to see it moving south of the golden gate after your evening commute. and after that wednesday night into thursday on into friday morning. good to be consistently rainy for the bay area and consistently snowy for the sierra. look at those pockets of heavier rainfall that we'll have rolling across the region during your early morning hours of thursday. that's going to be the hardest one. as far as your morning commute goes thursday and friday, mornings drives to work. definitely going to be slick indefinitely. ones you want to plan on getting to the roads early for rainfall totals. once we look ahead towards this next system could be quite significant. some pockets could be well over an inch of rainfall. this is so nice. we saw 8 inch of rainfall for much of the bay. last week we saw multiple feet of snowfall in the sierra last week. we're keeping that momentum going for yet another
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week. right now we are under winter weather advisories up in the sierra nevada right around lake tahoe. tell 11:00am. we'll see those briefly expiring than going right back into effect with that next system. just around the corner 50's 60's for your highs and san francisco lindor right along the coastline. the rest of the bay area pretty solid 60's. unlike yesterday where a few of us made it up into the low 70's. that is not going to be the case today. today is generally cooler one as you'd expect from a rainy and grey start like we are in the midst of even with sunshine. returning later today, we're not going to see temperatures rising that much to get us back into that comfortable range of 70's. tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's will be starting the day with the clear skies tomorrow. but ending it with the rain thursday consistently rating in friday. rain during the morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon. that sets us up for a very nice weekend. highs climb back into the 70's and are more sunshine. rain. john, thank you for that are let's get a look at your
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traffic this morning heading into the city. >> about a 10 minute drive for you there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you can see, raindrops continue to fall a little under 13 minutes for you 5. let's check out. the richmond center fell bridge traveling out of richmond a little under 10 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute drive. let's head over and talk about sports off to the lawyers now playing the nuggets in game 2 0st quarter temps down by 8. and wiggins gets it out. hands off to honor porter. and he nails the 3 there puts them within 5. that's pretty much late in the second. 43 to 42. denver and steph with that nice spin he lays it in bag. is golden state. its first lead of the night? look at them. you see i should carry. she is loving all of that. a couple minutes later. jobs up by 5 in jordan. pull with the behind the back pass to clay. he finishes it
4:50 am
out with that layup. next, the lawyers possession. and 29 feet out. golden state goes on. and they run close to the half at 3rd quarter. lawyers are up comfortably, steph, with that step back and he sinks in the 3. 8 actually after making this gets fouled. that's a 4 point play that will put them up by about 20 chase center is rocking the air. everybody's excited and happy staff with about 34 points off the bench. and the finishing touches their jordan poole. okay. with the step back of his drops in the quarter. 3 29 points to poor warriors run away with about 126 to one. 0, 4, it take a commanding 2 games. nothing lead. here's steve pool after the game. >> i never envisioned jordan
4:51 am
playing this. well, you know, at the beginning of the season, even though you had had a great season a year ago. i couldn't envision this, but he's earned it. sky put sorkin every single day in the gym and that leaves them so often and got a lot of skill. >> well, it was part weather for the opening night for the oakland a's as the team kicked off another season at the coliseum, you know, will tran was out there early in the morning. fortunately with the covid pandemic still hanging on. some players were on the covid injured list is bad news came after an offseason filled with questions about where the team is going. but not all everything was gloomy. kron four's dan thorn southee spoke to some fans. and how the a's the dior orioles in their home opener. take a look at this. >> after a season opening road trip, the oakland a's are back in oakland. it's a new season and a new look team. but the fans are excited to see what they can do on the open days.
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fans tailgating for opening and the team is back for its 54th season in the bay area. and it's good to have baseball back in oakland once again. really glad to be out here today with all my friends are 9th year in a row for opening day. it's just fun and it's exciting to be here. spirits are high. despite a series of offseason moves, big names like matt olson, and matt chapman worship the way. but this team is so far exceeding expectations. a lot of into the comes back. but other than that, we're good where we were looking pretty solid for said that we lost quite a few players that we we all love and admire the bay. but >> you know where united were team. we stick with >> there've also been worries about the a's potentially moving to las vegas. but some fans tell us not a chance. know where you take your mind they know they can survive in the nobody can survive for these a's fans. it's all about focusing on the positive and
4:53 am
showing up for their team. go away. >> for the next week, the oakland a's will be having a nice stretch at home before going back in the road. but they won't be going far will be visiting the giants next week for the bay bridge series reporting at the coliseum. dan thorn kron. 4 >> hail from a one-time star nfl running back to a hockey team owner oakland native marshawn lynch's join the ownership group of the nhl, seattle, kraken. >> the organization made the announcement on monday. >> will be a part of the nhl's hockey. it's for everyone's campaign which help nonprofit hockey organizations that provide opportunities to underrepresented under privileged and disadvantages. you when asked about the opportunity to join the ownership group. lynch said, quote. >> this is something i never would have always dreamed of playing on a professional team. but only one is something special. lynch spent 7 of his 13 nfl seasons in
4:54 am
seattle. >> we'll be right back after the break. so ok, got it.
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thank you. >> we'll take a look at this. lego wants to be a part of your plant collection. that is so cute. the botanical collection botanical collection is adding 2 new sets. their orchards and
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succulents. i've got a bunch of succulents at the house. this be so cute. the orchard kid has about 600 pieces and the succulent kid is closer to about 800. the orchard kit comes with a blue pot while the succulents have 8 different pots. both kids are set to go on sale may first for 50 bucks but their beautiful look at that. it will come the next hour. a california family is reunited. >> after their son goes missing for 3 years. why they want to spread awareness for missing kids. and public transportation agencies are following suit after the mask mandate was shut down by a federal judge in florida. we're going to details on why some airports are still requiring masks on board. and an arrest made in the massive home depot fire in san jose. we have more in a live report. stick with us in the next hour.
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all part of the circle of caring for our natural resources and trees. recycling your boxes and paper products helps nature thrive. be a force for nature and choose sustainable, recyclable paper and packaging. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at r joining us on a tuesday morning. i'm darya and i'm reyna it for james this morning. he's a little under the weather and we do have some weather that we're all under little bit of rain. ye


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