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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at miraculously, no one was hurt. >> in this 5 alarm fire that was so hot and so large that it could be detected from a satellite in space. >> tonight at 5 arrested for arson today, santa clara county officials name the person they say is responsible for the massive blaze that burned down home depot in san jose. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. police have arrested a suspect in connection to this massive
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fire at the home depot in san jose. 27 year-old dylan j. crew's go. qui faces felony charges of arson and thefts. the san jose man was arraigned today in a san jose courtroom. our kron four's rob nesbitt joins us now live from outside the home depot location with more on these charges. rob. >> has been charged with aggravated arson for allegedly starting the fire that destroyed this home depot behind me. he also faces 10 charges of theft. police say he went on to an entire theft spree on april nights. >> the 98,000 square foot, home depot was destroyed in this massive blaze according to santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen, the man who police beliesed to be responsible is now behind bars. 27 year-old dylan j. crew's go quick. >> let the fire in an aisle. at the home depot as he was trying to steal tools from the popular hardware store chain. >> according to rosen go, culley was stopped by a home
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depot employee but managed to flee the scene and continued his that spree at a nearby macy's using a warrant. police were able to locate and arrest coqui on april 15th given the extent of the damage in size of the flames. county and city officials are thankful that no one was hurt, a fire that could be detected from outer space. >> and within feet of hundreds of homes, steinbeck elementary school. >> and many, many other. sensitive. locations in our the locally made his first court appearance monday afternoon facing felony arson and multiple theft charges. >> more than 100 firefighters worked to put out the fire that destroyed around 17 million dollars in home depot inventory. >> tens of millions of dollars of damage and sent employees and customers running for their lives. i am incredibly to the more than 100 firefighters and dispatchers. >> prevented this from becoming a much greater tragedy.
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>> the fire was mostly contained to this home depot. but we learned today that the flames did extend behind the store, damaging the roof and backyard of a home on el reese. lisa drive officials reentering today how thankful they are at the burns were contained to property and not people live in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> 2 current san francisco police officers and a former officer now find themselves in trouble with the law. according to an internal affairs investigation. officers kevin lyons and kevin saying are being accused of destroying evidence last july. they are accused of shredding credit cards and ids and flushed drugs down a hotel toilet rather than processing the evident. and last august, retired officer mark williams. he was accused of unlawfully taking home a machine gun with a silencer serving a part-time position with the department. chief scott says after a
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nine-month investigation, arrest warrants were issued for all 3 men on friday. >> and they surrendered at the san francisco county jail earlier today. officers lions and saying were both cited and released on charges of destroying or concealing evidence. williams was booked on charges of unlawful possession of a machine gun and investment. in a statement in part, quote, a sworn police officers. we have no higher obligation than to earn and maintain public. trust it. we're disappointed that these incidents detract from the outstanding work done by our officers and non sworn members each and every day he went on to say, quote, no one, including a current or retired police officers above the law. all 3 officers are set to be arraigned on may 19th attorneys for the family of stephen taylor have filed a 10 million dollar federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of san leandro and 2 police officers there for shooting and killing taylor 2
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years ago today. kron four's dan kerman reports it meant a great deal to us. we're going to miss him very much. the mother of steven taylor joined attorneys for the family tuesday. >> to announce they filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of san leandro and 2 police officers alleging the killing of taylor at the hands of police violated his civil rights in the american with disabilities act. the city of san leandro and the police department certainly have blood on their hands. this is situation that was wholly preventable should not have happened. but for officers violating the training. but for the city of san leandro turning a blind eye to the pattern conduct of its officers. it was on april 18th of 2021. police confronted taylor at walmart on his sperry and boulevard. police say officer jason fletcher advice tailored to drop an aluminum bat and when he didn't, police say fletcher tased him twice. authorities say taylor felt the shock of the taser and pointed the bat at the ground. police say
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that's when fletcher shot taylor in the chest, killing him. san leandro. police determine taylor pose no threat at the time he was shot. manslaughter charges have been filed against officer fletcher. but this civil targets, fletcher, another officer and the city of san leandro for its policies or lack of policies when it comes to dealing with people in a mental health crisis. we need a mental health response. want san leandro the great a mental health department. >> we want to see a unit able to respond to individuals and mental health crisis without the reliance on military tactics. in a statement, the city of san lee andrews said it will defend itself against the lawsuit. it also acknowledge taylor's death has led to significant changes in the san leandro police department's use of force policies and training. >> and it spurred productive discussion throughout the community about racial justice and social equity. the lawsuit is seeking 10 million dollars. dan kerman kron. 4 news. today
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marks one year since 26 year-old mario gonzalez died as he was being restrained by alameda police officers. >> at a park in less than an hour from now, his family will be hosting a vigil at scott park. police say gonzales appeared to be under the influence when the incident happened. this is body camera video and officers say they thought he may have been involved in a theft. however, that was proven to be untrue. gonzales, his heart stopped beating after officers forcibly held him on the ground and place him in handcuffs. earlier this month, the alameda county district attorney's office determined the 3 officers involved in gonzales, his death will not face criminal charges. gonzales, his family is still fighting for justice. and has filed another lawsuit against the city and the officers involved kron four's dan thorn is going to be attending the vigil, which begins at 6 o'clock tonight and he will have more on how the community is honoring the life of mario gonzalez. that's coming up in our primetime coverage later
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tonight. passengers on a delta airlines flight cheered as you can hear there after it was announced that masks were no longer a requirement on the airline. >> this all comes after a judge in florida ruled that the mask mandate exceeded the cdc's authority. so that means that masks are now optional for passengers on flights and other types of transportation across the country. the white house expressing disappointment in the judge's ruling explaining why the matk mandate was scheduled to be in place for at least another 2 more weeks to be able to assess the latest science. >> in keeping with its responsibility to protect the american people. this is obviously disappointing decision. the cdc continues recommending wearing a mask in public transit. >> earlier this afternoon, the justice department said it will not appeal the decision to lift mask mandates on public transportation unless
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the cdc believes the requirement is still necessary. even though the mask mandate has been lifted, you can still choose to wear masks on public transit. ucsf department of medicine chair doctor bob wachter. >> told us today based on san francisco case numbers right now, if you board a plane with 150 people on it, there's a 95% chance at least somebody on that plane ha4 covid. however, planes have good ventilation and air filtration when they're not parked at the gate when they're actually moving. so while the risk is there. they say it's smaller than on buses or trains where ventilation may not be as good. doctor watcher says while it was inevitable, the mandate would be dropped. at some point, he questions whether a federal judge with likely no medical background should have been the one to make the call. >> do we want a society where a judge can say to the cdc or other federal authorities, you do not have the authority to
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enact a mandate in the middle of a public health emergency. you know, that's always going to be tricky decision. but i personally would rather have experts in public health make a decision about a mandate, whether it's masking or vaccinations or whatever it is based on the science based on the evidence. really about the next health crisis and what the cdc can or cannot do. >> doctor wachter says he personally will continue to wear an n 95 on planes and public transit. for now. he suggests people weigh their own individual risks and then make a smart choice for themselves. meanwhile, uber and lyft have announced they're going to be mask optional. starting today for drivers and passengers. uber is reminding passengers the cdc still recommends covering up. if you have risk factors or if there are high transmission levels in your area, both companies allow customers to cancel a trip of they feel uncomfortable. and some local transit agencies are deciding to enforce
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mask-wearing regardless of what the federal mask mandate says right now. the vta bart caltrain muni. they're all still requiring face coverings. amtrak is making masks optional. for now. our weather time now as we take a live look outside and rain here in the bay overnight. but we're up in the high country here along interstate 80 donner summit. and as you can see there, as you could see there we were buffering and there are some snow. yeah. beside the always happy to see a little bit of that fluff and stuff. you know, like to or drink water. i like that. a good thing. they're going to get a ton of it. i mean, this is going to be impressive. late season storm on up. >> not just a foot or a few, which we're talking several feet of snow across the sierra nevada. so, yeah, this is a no messing around. if you head to the high country, be prepared. we've got a winter storm warning going up there, starting at 5 o'clock in the afternoon on wednesday. that
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continued all the way until 11:00am on friday. so it's going to be a series of punches from the storm system as it comes on shore. the first band coming in maybe as early as tomorrow evening. and then we've got another one coming through on thursday, lingering another one into friday. so some very heavy snowfall across the higher peaks above 7,000 feet. we could see maybe 2, maybe 3 feet of snow. you can see all the way down the lake level, though that's going call the mountain passes. if you're heading in that direction. so winter storm warnings going up. there may be the last one for the season in the high country. the meantime, though, you'll see the storm system right here. it's going to check the bay area too, as it begins to move in by tomorrow afternoon. we start to see some of the showers begin to pop up in the north bay, then sliding across the rest, the bay area as we head to the evening tomorrow night and then more of that snow piling up in the sierra nevada. that will continue on thursday. in fact, maybe even the possibility of some severe weather in the central valley at this time of year. you get the heating in the afternoon that cold air on the backside, maybe low divt into the back side. we could be talking
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about some funnel clouds, maybe some tornadoes in central california as we head in toward at least in the central valley as we head in toward thursday afternoon. more snow piling up in the sierra nevada into friday, too. so if you're headed up there, yeah, this is no be prepared. this is a significant storm that is rolling in and not only going to see a whole lot of snow. we're talking about some very strong gusty winds. some of those gusts maybe as high as 80 miles per hour across some of the mountain passes. and you can see the snow on the temperature just dropping down to the 30's on thursday and into friday. very cold weather there. a lot of rain coming here to. we'll have more on that coming up. the minutes. look forward to that next. large also coming up nearly 2 years after being racially profiled inside their own store. >> the settlement was reached between the business owner and a north bay police department. and she's back. >> a stolen baby goat is now home. how a dog helped reunite with the one with her mama. >> also the increasingly wild and damaging attempts to steal atm sin. the bay.
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>> police say the problem is
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>> from online scammers to car smashing grabbers. seems like criminals are finding all kinds of ways. try and take your money these days. pretty bold. and that includes stealing. >> the whole atm. and there have been several recent examples here in the bay area of that. our catherine heenan is here to run that down to the whole thing. yeah, you
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know, we've seen a little of this for money, but it's getting more from police departments say there is a real spike in these. >> brazen usually overnight thefts and attempted thefts of a t m's. >> and we're talking about really messy, really damaging robberies. the atm, sir, just ripped right from the walls of buildings. you're looking at a recent example in brentwood where there have been 2 such incidents within just a matter of days. police say sunday, somebody used a stolen tractor to tear out the machine. and a month earlier, thieves used a forklift that was stolen, too, is taken from a construction site. and in antioch sunday, somebody tried and failed to steal an atm from a credit union. it is getting messier and uglier. and even when the thieves don't manage to actually get any money, they leave behind an incredible amount of damage. >> it's i'm not exactly sure what the motive is at this point. other than people are resorting to desperate measures. typically when they
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robbed a bank, you know, they don't end up with a whole lot of money and they it look at it like the bank is is the big 10 and you're not really hurt anybody. but in this case, you know, the property owners of the victims of banks, that victims of people who are exposed to this stuff for the victims. so there really is a lot more to fortunately for these victims that they don't usually end up, get anything out candidate to cause significant amount damage. antioch had one as well. the same day we had our recent one and we're working with an to compare notes and compare evidence to see if we can put this case together. >> most of the recent incidents in brentwood and an antioch, no suspects have been arrested. at least the last word. as for all that damage, captain sober says usually it is so bad. the price of fixing it is far more than anything the robbers are able to get away with grant and vicki. >> thank you, catherine. 2 men are behind bars in connection to a shooting in san mateo
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that left a man dead and his 2 year-old son seriously injured. police say on october, 30th 2020 2 men ambushed seek a junior. he was shot, quote, executed style died at the scene. his son was shot in the face as well. his son has since recovered from his physical injuries after an 18 month long investigation. now police say they've identified and arrested 2 suspects john pass. he was arrested monday morning in charlotte, north carolina and is the lely my he was taken into custody in honolulu. both men are awaiting extradition to san mateo county. police say the shooting was a targeted attack. >> we believe it to be related to the murder of susan talked from a case in 2019 where she died in a fire that was deliberately set. posse. mister passing the victim of known each other for over 15 years. mister pass. he does have a criminal history and that currently pending a firearm case out of sacramento from an incident that took
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place just 2 months after this homicide occurred. >> police say despite the arrests, this is still an active investigation and anyone with additional information is asked to come forward. >> santa clara county investigators have identified a woman killed by a notorious serial killer nearly 30 years ago. family members shared this pic picture of patricia schiphol. detectives say that she was about 45 years old when her body was found on the side of the road along highway one, 52 detectives have confirmed that schiphol was one of at least 8 women killed by keith hunter. just person who is already a who had already pleaded guilty to murder. >> this case is really unique because >> it's not often that you have a conviction for murder without knowing who the victim is. >> detectives say they were only able to solve this case by partnering with the dna doe project, a nonprofit organization that provides
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genealogy services to identified jane or john doe's for law enforcement agencies all across the country. happening right now, the race is on to see who will be san francisco's newest assembly member. as soon as tonight district. 17 voters may know who will represent them in the california legislatures lower chamber. either supervisor matt haney or california democratic party leader david campos. one of them will replace david chiu represented assembly district. 17 until october when he resigned to become san francisco city attorney ballots will be accepted up until 08:00pm tonight. >> just in to the kron 4 news room you will not need to wear face coverings on ac transit buses starting tomorrow. the agency just released this statement saying, quote, ac transit is now adopting the voluntary use of face masks on board. all bus lines yet strongly recommends our riders continue to wear masks on our system, end quote, the change text takes effect tonight at midnight. still ahead.
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>> 2 bills aimed at strengthening gun laws in the state move forward in sacramento. but now without
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>> in response to recent gun violence all across the state and the nation. lawmakers are pushing ahead with efforts to strengthen the gun laws here in california. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the actions state lawmakers took today. >> 2 bills aiming to bolster california's gun laws cleared
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key committees tuesday along california. we pride ourselves on having fairly strict gun control laws. we've done better than other other states. still not good enough. ab 15 94 passed its first hearing in the assembly judiciary committee. 72, the bill would allow private citizens, local governments and the state attorney general to sue gun makers. and sellers supporters say the measure would make sure the gun industry faces accountability like every other industry to stop a that the toy industry has a lot more liability. and the industry opponents criticize the bill for being vague. some saying the bill contradicts federal law. >> r enforcement, the waste of tax dollars. it will be challenging. it will be repealed. another bill clearing its first committee ab 16. 21. the bill aims to strengthen the state's ban on ghost guns by halting the sale of untraceable gun parts. it also requires anyone in possession of unserialized guns to make them traceable up in the hands of children. mia tretta was shot at a school shooting in southern
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california in 2019. her classmate used a ghost gun to kill 2 other classmates before killing himself. she stood alongside president joe biden recently when he promised a crackdown on ghost guns. she dialed into tuesday's hearing at the state capitol. anyone with a credit card. >> still to build ikea, french their time to make the same gun that took the lives 2 of my clock. me and changed by proper. >> opponents said lawmakers need to focus more on the people using the weapons found parts don't kill people, behavior kills people. >> i wished our focus would be more directed torch. the shoes with any weapon. >> both bills now head to the assembly, appropriations committee at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up, new details in the police shooting that killed a man during a traffic stop now learning about the final moments before that fatal shot. >> and the new u.s. military aid heading to ukraine as russia increases its attacks. there. plus, a settlement
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reached between north bay police department and business owners who are racially profiled inside their own store. how the owners want to use what happened to them. >> as a teaching mo
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meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. african american owners of yeah, that's a boutique clothing store in timber on have reached a financial settlement with the town. the stems from a racial profiling incident in august 2021. to bron. >> police officers questioned the couple while they were
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working late in the town of their own shop as kron forcefully to go reports. the 2 sides work together to avoid litigation. >> she and her husband to leave are living proof that good can come from even the worst of situations. it was definitely a traumatic experience that has affected our lives forever. but i would say the good things that have come from it are real substantial policy changes that will help protect. >> black and brown people came to my school, ok, ok, did you identify number for duty for myself anybody? i still an 11 minute interaction with the timber on police department more than a year and a half ago outside the couple's clothing store. now defines there are 11 years and 10. >> that night they claim police officers racially profiled and harassed them by not taking their word that the shop they were working in after hours. and this went on for 11 minutes until a white man came out on the balcony.


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