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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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we begin with a major development in a legal battle against the city of san leandro. the family of stephen taylor who san leandro police shot and killed at a walmart. >> is now suing the city and the officer involved for 10 million dollars. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. that lawsuit comes almost 2 years to the day that taylor was killed. kron four's dan kerman reports. it meant a great deal to us. we're going to miss him very much. the mother of steven taylor joined attorneys for the family tuesday. >> to announce they filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of san leandro and 2 police officers alleging the killing of taylor at the hands of police violated his civil rights in the american with disabilities act. the city of san leandro and the police department certainly have blood on their hands. this is situation that was wholly preventable should not have happened. but for officers violating the training. but for the city of san leandro turning a blind eye to the
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pattern conduct of its officers. it was on april 18th of 2021. police confronted taylor at walmart on his sperry and boulevard. police say officer jason fletcher advice tailored to drop an aluminum bat and when he didn't, police say fletcher tased him twice. authorities say taylor felt the shock of the taser and pointed the bat at the ground. police say that's when fletcher shot taylor in the chest, killing him. san leandro. police determine taylor pose no threat at the time he was shot. manslaughter charges have been filed against officer fletcher. but this civil targets, fletcher, another officer and the city of san leandro for its policies or lack of policies when it comes to dealing with people in a mental health crisis. >> we need a mental health response. want san leandro the great a mental health department. we want to see a unit able to respond to individuals, a mental health crisis without the reliance on military tactics. in a statement, the city of san lee
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andrews said it will defend itself against the lawsuit. it also acknowledge taylor's death has led to significant changes in the san leandro police department's use of force policies and training. >> and it spurred productive discussion throughout the community about racial justice and social equity. the lawsuit is seeking 10 million dollars. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> today marks one year since 26 year-old mario gonzalez died as he was being restrained by alameda police while at a park. his family is hosting a vigil at scout park in alameda right now. this is a live look at that event gets underway. mario gonzalez, his family members, their lawyer and advocates are all there joining others from the community. police say gonzales appeared to be under the influence when the incident happened a year ago when officers say they thought he might have been involved in a theft. however, that was proven to be untrue. gonzales is heart stopped beating after officers forcibly held him on to the ground, placed him in handcuffs lesson 2 weeks ago.
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the alameda county district attorney's office determined that the 3 officers involved in gonzales, his death will not face criminal charges. gonzalez, his family has filed another lawsuit against alameda and the officers involved kron four's taylor attack. he is attending that vigil and she'll have more on how the alameda community is honoring the life of mario gonzalez. that's coming up in our primetime coverage tonight. 2 current san francisco police officers and a former officer are now finding themselves in trouble with the law. according to an internal affairs investigation. officers, kevin accused of destroying evidence last july. they are accused of shredding credit cards and ids and flushing drugs down a hotel toilet rather than processing the evidence. >> and last august, retired officer mark williams was accused of unlawfully taking home a machine gun with a silencer while serving a part-time position with the department. chief scott says after a nine-month
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investigation, arrest were issued for all 3 men on friday and they surrender themselves at the san francisco county jail earlier today. >> officers lions sand were both cited and released on charges of destroying or concealing evidence. williams was booked on charges of unlawful possession of a machine gun and investment. in a statement, chief scott saying in part, quote, sworn police officers, we have no higher obligation than to earn and maintain public trust. and we are disappointed that these incidents detract from the outstanding work done by our officers and non sworn members every day he went on to say, quote, no one, including a current or retired police officer is above the law. all 3 officers are set to be arraigned on may the 19th. >> today, santa clara county officials names to the person that they say is responsible for this. a massive blaze that burned down a home depot in san jose. police have arrested a suspect in connection to
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that fire. 27 year-old dylan j. crew's go. ke faces felony charges of arson and theft. the san jose man was arraigned today in a san jose courtroom kron four's. rob nesbit explains the charges he's facing. >> the parking lot of this home depot is fenced off 10 days after the store was destroyed by a massive fire. it took police less than a week to track down and arrest a suspect. >> this massive blaze burned the 98,000 square foot. home depot to the ground. according to santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen, the man who police believed to be responsible is now behind bars. 27 year-old dylan j. crew's go quick. >> let the fire in an aisle. at the home depot as he was trying to steal tools from the popular hardware store chain. >> according to rosen go, culley was stopped by a home depot employee but managed to flee the scene and continued his that spree at a nearby macy's using a warrant. police were able to locate and arrest coqui on april 15th. >> there's no doubt that's
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because everyone's efforts. that this suspect will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. given the size of the flames of the extent of the damage. county and city officials are thankful that no one was hurt, a fire that could be detected from outer space. >> and within feet of hundreds of homes, steinbeck elementary school. >> and many, many other. sensitive. locations in our the locally made his first court appearance monday afternoon facing felony arson and multiple theft charges. >> more than 100 firefighters worked to put out the fire that destroyed around 17 million dollars in home depot inventory. >> tens of millions of dollars of damage and sent employees and customers running for their lives. i am incredibly to the more than 100 firefighters and dispatchers. >> to prevent this from becoming a much greater tragedy.
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>> district attorney rosen is in short. this home depot plans to rebuild if found guilty go quique could face 14 years to life in prison in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> a spring snowstorm is sweet sweeping through the sierra nevada right now. winter weather advisory from the national weather service is in place for the greater lake tahoe area. according to caltrans chain controls were ie place this morning on interstate 80 at the summit level up there at donner pass. >> kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the storm system and all of the weather. in fact, he's here to tell us what's coming up. this may be it. this may be the last big storm of the season. so this time of year we start to wind things down. but if you're heading to the high country and this is really no joke. and we're going to see a significant amount of snow, not just inches. we're talking feet likely to fall from the storm system. looking at it right now. you see some of that snow left on the side there from the recent storms. a great sight to see. but we've got a whole lot more coming. in fact, this has been upgraded
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to a warning. now, that's a winter storm warning that has gone into effect. now in the sierra nevada, through the tahoe area through daughter all the way to twain art in the mineral, you name it. they're going to see some heavy snow and that continues not only tomorrow, but all the way until 11:00am on friday. so this is going to be a series impulses that come from this storm system that are going to bring with it. a plenty of snow across the high country, 2 to 3 feet above 7,000 feet. let's time it out for you right now. right now, the system kind of winding down up there now. but tomorrow things begin to pick up again by tomorrow evening news. see the snow beginning to make its way into the tahoe area. here we go as we head into thursday, all along, the ridge tops. they're not only going to see a lot of snow, some very strong gusty winds, maybe gusting to 80 miles an hour across some of the mountain peaks there as well. so it is going to be a rough ride over the next few days and continue right into friday. so if you're thinking about a getaway on friday, you may see some lingering snow showers up there as well. so be prepared if you're headed
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to the high country during that period, not going to see the snow begin to see that strong. gusty winds. this real winter weather conditions. you if you're headed up there. yeah, it is going to be not just several inches but likely several feet of snow likely to fall from the storm between now and the weekend. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. the department of justice says it may appeal a judge's ruling that >> strikes down the federal mask mandate on public transportation that doj says% it will go through with the appeal. if the cdc determines that masks are still necessary in those locations. but now masks are optional for passengers on flights and other types of transportation across the country. the white house expressed disappointment in the judge's ruling, but as paul gerke tells us, passengers appeared pretty happy after it was announced that masks were no longer required. >> count >> you are now free to move about without your masks
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around of applause from passengers after learning masks are now optional on flights. a federal judge in tampa struck down the cdc's transportation mask mandate monday ruling the agency had exceeded its authority and failed to follow proper procedures. judge kathryn kimball mizelle argued the mandate didn't live up to its purpose of sanitation wearing a mask, cleans nothing. she wrote at most. it traps virus droplets but neither sanitizes the person wearing the mask nor sanitizes the conveyance. the order effectively ends mask requirements and flights and in public transportation huts. the tsa announced it will no longer handle enforcement. and the airlines were quick to drop their mandates in turn falling like dominoes and signaling the end and turmoil in the sky. the faa reported a record number of unruly passenger reports in
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2021, nearly 6,000 of that. >> about 4300 of those were related to masks. >> the cdc had extended its mask mandate until may 3rd, citing the need to study an uptick in covid cases caused by the ba 2 omicron subvariant. but airline industry groups have fought the mandate for a while. now arguing air on a plane is filtered and it's cleaner than in most places. and as the news rolled in across terminals and in the skies, many passengers were more than happy to breathe it in. >> meanwhile, uber and lyft of announced they're going mask optional. as of today for drivers as well as passengers. uber reminds passengers the cdc still recommends covering up. if you have risk factors or that there are high transmission levels in your
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area. most companies allow customers to cancel a trip if they feel uncomfortable. and some local transportation agencies are deciding to enforce mask wearing regardless of the federal mask mandate being lifted right now, these agencies vta bart caltrain an sf muni are all still requiring face coverings. amtrak is making masks optional. and you won't need to wear face coverings on ac transit buses tomorrow. that agency just released this statement that says, quote, ac transit is now adopting the voluntary use of face masks are on board all bus lines yet strongly recommends our writers continue to wear masks on our system. this change takes effect effect, rather at midnight tonight. the race is on to see who will be san francisco's newest assembly member. in fact, as soon as tonight district, 17 voters may know who will represent them. and the california legislature's lower chamber either supervisor matt haney or california democratic party leader david compost.
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>> one of them will replace david chiu who represented assembly district 17 until october when he resigned to become san francisco city attorney mayor london breed has announced she is endorsing supervisor matt haney and district attorney boudin announce he is endorsing david compost. ballots will be accepted until 8 o'clock tonight. coming up, the increasingly wild and damaging attempts to steal atm is in the bay area. police say the problem is getting worse. almost 2 years after being racially profiled inside their own store. >> the settlement been reached between a business owner and a between a business owner and a north bay police department. it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own.
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or just doesn't know how to turn. jesus, oh my god! tesla's full self driving software for drivers and pedestrians, it's unsafe at any speed. tell congress to shut it down. >> the african american owners of yemm a boutique clothing store in timber on of reached a financial settlement with that town. yeah, this stems from a racial profiling incident from back in august of 2020. that's when timber on police officers who arrest the couple while they were working late at night in their own store kron four's philippe reports the 2 sides work together to avoid litigation. >> 11 minutes of unreasonable detention is what yemen leave his wife. probably a wash and civil rights attorney charles bonner say is leading to meaningful police reform in the town of temper on were leaving a positive imprint in
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the community. the community has been the couple's home for 11 years, but more than a year and a half as owners of the town's only black owned business that you were confronted and detained by timber on police. >> well, the 2 worked in their shop after hours. ok to my school, ok, ok, did you identify number different myself anybody? it's my either was arrested. but the incident lasted long enough to stick with them. the rest of their lives. if this wasn't here, there's no comment this so we breath to this town and that should be embraced. that should not be seen as something. you know, if he's not the target. and this went on 11 minutes until a white man came out on the balcony after seeing all the flashing lights and yelled go, what are you all doing? that's their store. and then police scattered shortly after the incident citing personal reasons, a supervising officer that night and the police chief resigned. since then the couple and the town have reached the $150,000 settlement and agreed to
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policy changes for the police department and those changes and the creation of a citizen advisory panel which will provide input. >> on the hiring and firing of officers, the town has also taken steps to make it easier. were members of the public to identify officers they interact with and more ways to report complaints. we believe those are substantial changes. >> that will impact people from today. onward. in a statement, the town's mayor says changes resulting from this settlement will help make timber on a leader in diversity, inclusion and transparency in temper on phillipe djegal. all kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay, police say a student at berkeley high school has died after falling from a parking garage. police were called out to the structure across the berkeley city college about lunchtime yesterday. officials say the 18 year-old fell from one of the higher levels of the garage. the student was taken to highland hospital but did
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not survive. berkeley. high officials say other students witnessed the fall. the student's name has not been released publicly. the investigation into the fall is still ongoing. >> from online scammers to car smash and grabs. it seems like criminals are looking for just about any way they can to take your money these days. and that includes stealing a t m's. there have been several recent examples of that here in the bay area. kron four's. catherine heenan live for us in the newsroom with more catherine? yes, some police departments can say there is a definite spike in these very brazen. usually overnight thefts and attempted thefts. we're talking about messy, very damaging robberies. the atm, so ripped straight from the walls of buildings. you're looking at a recent example in brentwood where there have been 2 such incidents with an a the last few days and weeks. police say sunday's somebody used stolen tractorlto tear out a machine a month earlier. thieves used a forklift stolen from a construction site. and
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in sunday, somebody tried and failed to steal an atm from a credit union. this is getting messier and uglier. police say even when the thieves don't actually managed to get money, they leave behind an incredible amount of damage. >> it's i'm not exactly sure what the motive is at this point. other than people are resorting to desperate measures. and typically when they robbed a bank, you know, they don't end up with a whole lot of money and they it look at it like the bank is is the victim and you're not really hurt anybody. but in this case, you know, the property owners of the victims of banks, that victims of people who are exposed to this stuff for the victims. and so it really is a lot more to fortunately, for these victims that they don't usually end up, get anything out candidate to cause significant amount of damage. antioch had one as well. the same day we had our recent one and we're working with an compare notes and compare evidence to see if we can put these cases together. >> in the most recent incidents in brentwood in
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antioch. no suspects have been arrested at last word. as for all that damage, captain silva says usually it is so bad, fixing it costs a lot more than anything. the robbers are able to get. pam and ken catherine, thank that. well, thanks to a very smart dog, a stolen baby goat is now back home. >> so see >> how cute is that? this is video from terry. we are isn't the goat's owner. she says the kid was immediately reunited with its mother after it was returned last night, the baby goat was stolen over the weekend. just hours after it was born. we're told a dog sniffed out the goat while on a walk in the dog's owners recognize the goat after watching the news about somebody taking it. there is the unnamed dog. that's a hero. and then of course, there is a very happy reunion. >> the mom was so excited and the baby was thrilled in all the other boats were very curious about where she had
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but the news was from out in the world. so it was just such a feel-good moment. >> but all police tell us they're still looking for this woman in this video. surveillance video you can see are walking across the street holding the baby goat. the investigation is still ongoing. and we're hoping that that gone get some extra treats and good deed and sniffing little lost goat. all taking a live look outside looking out over the bay on this tuesday evening. >> break between storms at what's going on. yeah. just a little brief break. we're going to get right back into it as early as tomorrow evening, at least in the north bay. and so it looks like we've got a lot more to come. this going to be kind of a several day and then. >> that's going to affect the bay area. right now. you've got some blue skies, little breeze out there. but pretty call rainfall totals last 30 to 24 hours. inch of rain there in the napa valley. that's not bad at all. >> over half an inch in canfield 13, 100's in the half. moon bay, just a 10th of the san francisco of all for
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hundreds of an inch of rain in oakland in just over a quarter of an inch in richmond. so i'm not a huge storm that came through, but nice soaker indeed in this next one. going to be a lot more impressive. you can see the first part of it and that's going to take aim at the north bay as we head in toward tomorrow. and as we head through the day, that's going start segue to ths south now, kind of just some scattered light showers left over from that storm system across the higher peaks of the mountain tops otherwise remaining dry. but that's going to change as high pressure weekend. and that's going there low pressure and approach the coastline, bringing some showers to our north. first and then spreading to the south as we head through the evening tomorrow. and then that rain kind of picking up in the winds that we whip around the bay area. some gusts out of the south of 30 plus miles an hour, i think toward the afternoon and this time it out for you. it's going to be a series of impulses from the storm system tomorrow morning. most the commute doesn't look bad. although you can see the showers begin to show up in parts of northern snowmen, northern marine. and then as we head through the day, that's expert of the south and by the evening hours. yeah, that might impact driving tomorrow evening. if you're
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late in the evening hours, that rain kind of moving in showers continuing on and off more scattered showers as we head through the evening. then a nice little impulse come through late on a wednesday night into early thursday morning. that will bring us more rain that continuing on and off right through friday morning. so we're going to have unsettled weather through that period. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. coming up, san francisco's 4.20 celebration has been going on for years. but >> tomorrow's a man is going to look different. how cannabis vendors will benefit this year. >> and the lineup for san francisco's biggest music festival has been released, which artists will hit the stage for outside lands.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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outside lands returns this year in august. and the lineup was finally released. one of the top headliners and well may include berkeley legends, green day rap artist post malone and r and b singer >> tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 o'clock in the morning. the music festival will kick off on august. the 5th through the 7th at golden gate park in san francisco. san francisco will allow onsite cannabis sales at tomorrow's for 20 celebration in golden gate park city officials say that it will be the first time in the event's history. the celebration returning for the first time since the covid pandemic started as scheduled from noon to 05:00pm it is expected to draw up to 20,000 people. in addition to
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cannabis and food sales. this year's for 20 celebration will also feature a dedication to the late comedian and actor robin williams. officials say attendees will be required to show a valid id and vaccination card in order to enter the event, which will be enclosed by a fence. coming up, president joe biden pushes infrastructure plans during a visit on the east coast. how he plans to put billions of dollars into roads. >> and nuclear plants. plus, if you ran into some problems, filing your california taxes online, you weren't alone. now the state is trying to help out taxpayers who need some extra time and 2 bills aimed at strengthening gun laws in the state. move forward in sacramento today. but not sacramento today. but not without some fierce criticism. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive
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