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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 19, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> in response to recent gun violence across the country and across california, lawmakers are pushing ahead with efforts to try to strengthen gun laws here. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the actions state lawmakers took today. >> 2 bills aiming to bolster california's gun laws cleared key committees tuesday along california. we pride ourselves on having fairly strict. >> gun control laws. we've done better than other other states. still not good enough. ab 15 94 passed its first hearing in the assembly judiciary committee. 72, the bill would allow private citizens, local governments and the state attorney general to sue gun makers. and sellers supporters say the measure would make sure the gun
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industry faces accountability like every other industry to a that the toy industry has a lot more liability. and the industry opponents criticized the bill for being vague. some saying the bill contradicts federal law have to result in distracted law enforcement. the waste of tax dollars. >> it will be challenging. it will be repealed. another bill clearing its first committee ab 16. 21. the bill aims to strengthen the state's ban on ghost guns by halting the sale of untraceable gun parts. it also requires anyone in possession of unserialized guns to make them traceable up in the hands children. mia tretta was shot at a school shooting in southern california in 2019. her classmate used a ghost gun to kill 2 other classmates before killing himself. she stood alongside president joe biden recently when he promised a crackdown on ghost guns. she dialed into tuesday's hearing at the state capitol. anyone with a credit card. >> still to build ikea, french their time to make the same gun that took the lives 2 of my clock. me and changed my property.
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>> opponents said lawmakers need to focus more on the people using the weapons, fire and parts don't kill people. behave kills. people. >> i wished our focus would be more directed torch. the shoes with any weapon. >> both bills now head to the assembly, appropriations committee at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> for decades said clinton has offered inmates courses in literature, american government and other higher education classes. but now the prison college has gained accreditation and prisoners will officially be students of mount. tam opi is community college. it is the country's first community college with a campus inside a prison. and the latest on efforts by san quentin to rehabilitate his prison population with the new accreditations students can more easily transferred to other colleges after their incarceration. ann's. if you had trouble electronically filing your california state income tax return by last night's deadline, you now have a 24 hour extension.
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>> the franchise tax board extended the e filing deadline to 11:59pm tonight because of what it called a service disruption on its web pay app. the agency did not say what caused the problem. californians can file their state returns for freeze for the count file tool that's on the tax board's website. >> all right. let's take a look outside looking at along san francisco's embarcadero and a huge cruise ship standing by with all those tourists saw than camera. it's norwegian something magic norwegian, something like anyway. looks nice out there. did. sunshine. little rough out there. the army said i've sailed out the golden gate and one of those cruise ships before it's a little rough going outside the gates of big ship like that. yeah. can we get rock and roll and especially these kind of conditions? we've got a storm off the coastline. so get your driver mean ready to go. as we've got some waves are going to be building out there for tonight. in fact, those
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>> expected to get pretty large, maybe some 14, maybe some 18 foot swells moving along the coastline the next few days. and that's because storm system is gathering out there and that storm is going to generate some big-time waves out there along the coast to watch out there along the water's edge as well. the meantime, here's your long range forecast. and then this a great sight to see especially this point in april. the end don't mean the usually see storms like this. developing this late in the season. but here we go. the first part of that moving on shore as we get towards tomorrow afternoon begins to spread across the bay area. fact, you're likely to see some showers in the north possibly earlier than that. and then behind that, you've got a couple areas, low pressure on the backside. they're going to be driving system with the storm. bring another round, that rain and maybe the potential for some really kind of interesting weather in the central valley. maybe some thunderstorms may be giving rise to some funnel clouds. this kind of system. we could actually see some small tornadoes out of in the central valley. think staying unsettled and wet into friday. looks like it will be a dry weekend ahead. this could be it. this may be the last significant rain of the season.
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>> thank you, lawrence. now to the war in ukraine. the pentagon says russia has started a major new offensive. the escalation in the eastern part of the country comes as u.s. aid arrives to help the ukrainian military. russia's attack is focused on the donbass region in the east moscow. backed separatists have been fighting in that area for years. russia has committed thousands of extra forces and has already begun to pummel and estimate cities in that region. meantime, new u.s. military aid is being sent to ukraine, including heavy weapons, such as howitzer artillery cannons. >> we're being careful about what we're saying on each shipment. but i can tell you that those howitzers will be arriving soon. they we source and we know we're going to get them from. they're going to come from the united states will get them ready for shipment right now. >> the pentagon reiterated that no u.s. forces will be in ukraine to help train their soldiers on that new equipment.
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>> president biden was on the road today. he is highlighting his 1 trillion dollar infrastructure deal. the president says billions of dollars from that piece of legislation are being spent on rebuilding the nation's ports and waterways. >> we're making no significant investment in modernizing our roads and bridges sense. the interstate highway system was built with eyes. >> president biden says 6 billion dollars will also go to rescue nuclear power plants at risk of closing california is slated to close its last remaining nuclear power plant. now blow canyon plant in 2025. officials there think that they can replace it with new solar wind and battery storage resources. still ahead tonight, a new independent autopsy report is in of a man shot and killed by police in michigan earlier this month. what we're learning about this ongoing case tonight and a hollywood drama plays out in a virginia courtroom. johnny depp takes the stand in his defamation trial. hear his
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testimony just ahead. and his force and gis and double heather action today in new york as they take on the red-hot mets. kate rooney has highlights comi oh, wow barbara corcoran!
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>> the first autopsy results uncovering new insight into a deadly shooting in michigan. a forensic expert says that patrick, he'll love was shot in the back of the head by a police officer while he was face down. >> the report confirms what was seen on police body camera
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video. jacqueline francis has more on the autopsy report and explains how forensic experts are explaining the findings. there's no question. >> what this young men, the results of an independent autopsy confirming what millions saw on cell phone footage recorded in grand rapids this month. okay. >> today based on scientific evidence. >> we can come from that. patrick was shot in the back. >> of the findings reported by retired forensic pathologist doctor werner spitz famous for his work on the john f kennedy and martin luther king junior assassinations. the only injury on the body was a typical. wound of entrance with a human skull in his hands. doctor spitz model the bullet's path through patrick leo. yes, brain emphasizing that he believes the gun was pressed directly to the oia's
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head. >> the was conscious. everywhere of the fat. good with being a deal to the back of the oia. a refugee from congo was pulled over april 4th by an unidentified police officer. >> the plate does not belong in this car. >> leo, yahoo was unarmed. first refuses to get back inside the car and then ran as the officer instructed him to stop. the officer tries to apprehend him. at one point he is heard telling the oia multiple times to take his hand off of the taser. like all the ways the officer up on top of the oia where the officer fires one fatal shot. the shooting, sparking protests and calls for the officer to be fired and demand echoed by leo. yes, family. i do. you know, that's the who what i want to welcome home should start to keep someone. >> again now as jacqueline francis reporting for us
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(music throughout) are you ready to du more with less asthma? >> actor johnny depp took the witness stand today in his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. amber heard depp claims that heard indirectly defamed him back in 2018 in an opinion piece she wrote for the washington post in the
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article heard referred to herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. she did not name death, but his attorneys argue that she referenced a restraining order she saw in 2016 right after depp told her he wanted a divorce. today, he testified that the 2 argued, but he denied allegations of abuse. >> never. did i myself reached the point of them. the striking miss her any way struck any woman. i'm in my life. >> the defense will cross examined damp tomorrow. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside. it's going gate bridge, a little bit of a breeze out there, lawrence, and changes afoot. yeah, we had those nights storms rolling through the
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last a week and a half here or catch a little break and we've got one more to go. >> in the series you can see out toward the golden gate bridge. look at cargo ship just coming underneath right now us we've got the sun much, but it is set on the bay area after a nice little storm moved through last night. temperatures outside now 50's and some 60's outside a little cool in spots. co-signed little breeze blowing. but we've got that guy off the coastline that your next storm that will likely bring some rain in the north bay starting tomorrow and then by the afternoon that begins to spread across the rest, the bay area. so that will kind of open up the door. the core low on that system going to rotate on in and going to make for some very interesting weather some rain around much of the state. lots of snow in the sierra, nevada, maybe 2 to 3 feet up there between now and friday. that's certainly some good news and locally. we're going to see a whole lot of rain, maybe some places over an inch of rain. if you get a thunderstorm rolling over head, you could certainly see a whole lot of rain and that will continue on and off starting tomorrow through friday morning. temperatures for tomorrow. the wind's going to be kicking up some showers possible in the san francisco
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by the afternoon on the coastline, breezy to 50's out there toward the beaches, got some 60's just inside the bay, the green to hold off on the rain in the south bay for tomorrow. in fact, some those temperatures stick in the upper 60's, maybe even some low 70's. but otherwise, you head further to the north, they can better chance of rain, especially as we head toward late in the day. see the showers begin to pop up. they're staying unsettled. looks like over the next few days with more rain, maybe some thunderstorms on thursday drying out warmer weather over the weekend. >> kron 4 sports. >> some people are calling them the fast 5. others like the frisco 5. but whatever your nickname of choices. last night's 3 guard warriors lineup of steph curry, klay thompson, jordan poole, andrew wiggins and draymond green still has dubs fans talking. golden state is now up to games on the denver nuggets in this first round of the playoffs as the series moves to denver for thursday's game 3 and a huge part of that game plan will be to keep the fire
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under this red hot offense stoked. curry, thompson and pool when a combined. 31 for 52 from the floor. they had 13, 3 pointers among them and curry alone was a fire starter. he came off the bench to score 34 points in 23 minutes together. this group look almost an beatable. so can they keep it going away from the friendly confines of chase center? well, curry cited the old cliche. the series doesn't start until somebody loses at home. >> there are crowds going to be into it. and we have to kind of impose our will. hopefully, you know, pretty quick when we get out there. new dream. i said the locker >> game 3 shoes. could snow snag that momentum? and then trying to get greedy after that? so could be are far game on thursday. >> how about some baseball? the giants of the mets facing off today in game one of a double header, a makeup from
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yesterday's game that was postponed due to rain. we go to the top of the second giants trailing by a run jock peterson. at the plate changes that with one swing of the bat deep to straightaway center. >> that one is gone. peterson's 3rd home run of the season tied the game at one time. the 3rd giants up 1, 2, on for brandon crawford and he lines one into center for a base hit. 2 runs come in to score. san francisco extends its lead to 3 feeling pretty good. after the mets tied it, we go to the bottom of the 10th all knotted up at 4 runners at the corners for francisco lindore. he hits it into center to bring home. yeah, the winning run. mets. walk it off 5 to 4 and that snaps the giants. 5 game winning streak had to happen eventually. now they're in game 2 of the double header and the giants are trailing the mets 3 to one. it's in the top of the 8th. max scherzer had a no-hitter going through
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5 innings. but the giants, not that in the 6, but the darin ruf, rbi single. so we're going to have all those full highlights later tonight. also, the a's game is just getting underway. they are in baltimore to take on the orioles. and of course, we're going to keep you updated on that one later as well. >> all right, kate, thank you. coming up, he's known as a young picasso introducing you to a 9 year-old artist who takes his exhibits around the takes his exhibits around the world. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team.
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>> check out this 9 year-old artists from germany's being called a young put casa is impressive. works of art are now on display at an art gallery. reporter michelle ross met with him today about his new york city debut. >> at only 9 years old, german born artist mchale, a car has created profound pieces of abstract art. one stop on his world tour is here at the high line. 9 gallery in new york city, his favorite city. he says it only and people. i ready friend to me. his family first discovered his talent after his 4th birthday when they didn't get him. the suspected legos or shiny toy cars. i a canvas and campaigns. >> and then the next 8. >> i drive picture. and the kyle's mother came home from
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work one day and saw the painting. and as the father, if the father painted the painting and he said no, i think this was make and that it started giving have more and more canvases, more and more paints and it kind of took off from there. he's known in the art community as a young picasso. but still, his father says he's a normal kid. has many friends. his own age loves to play soccer and instruments. >> his exhibit is called colorful new york and the gallery is honored to have his work on display. mchale has such a kind and compassionate personality. >> he's so creative. he such an eloquent speaker. and i think the way that that replace with art, that's something that a lot of the parents are neighborhood and a lot of the kids are neighborhood have been really inspired by. >> now as michelle ross reporting for us tonight to very interesting young guy. yeah, i mean, the colors of bright pretty, you know, you could be at moma. who knows? it like when they do the profiles and both eyes are on one side of hard to figure
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out. yeah, you can tell that we really are critics who all roght. that's it for us tonight on 4 news at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock. have a good evening.
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♪ ♪ and >> announcer: across america. >> masks are now optional. >> overnight, the great unmasking. >> announcer: what is it too soon? look, they are still wearing masks. then johnny depp takes a stand in his defamation trial against ex-wife amber heard of. >> i'm obsessed with the truth. >> plus, exclusive. he's a guy who paid half a million dollars for tom brady's last touchdown ball. now the brady is coming out of retirement, does he still have to pay? >> how did you feel when you


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