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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  April 20, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron. 4 morning news here on wednesday. april, 20th middle of the week hump day. i mean, harvey, thanks for waking up with this bright and early yesterday morning we had a very slick wet commute. and today i think we get a little break before it starts to rain again. i'm meteorologist john sabol tracking that with a beautiful view of coit tower right behind you. good morning. hey yes, we're getting a break this morning. showers increasing later on today. and then we're going to work our way back into. >> evening showers tonight.
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rainfall consistently tomorrow all the way into friday morning. certainly do need it. and that snow in the sierra during this time going to be really significant, too. coit tower does look nice and calm, though, for the time being. there's that as daria would put a green blob hanging out to our north and west. that's about to be working its way towards our direction as we work our way on into the afternoon. initially it's going to the north bay that sees some rainfall picking at midday, holding off until afternoon into early evening for most of the rest of the bay area. as for the sierra snow fall picks up tonight but really kicks into gear tomorrow. that's what we're going to see. our greatest rainfall tomorrow evening for the bay area and the greatest snowfall in the sierra nevada, too. it's a multi-day events kicking off today through tomorrow on into friday. it's something we've been asking for. so just gear up for a get ready for it. that appreciate the fact that we're getting something we need 40's and 50's for current temperatures. we've got santa rosa that 44 allay petaluma at 50 degrees.
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san francisco and oakland. he's sitting at 53 right now later on today. do expect showers to begin increasing, loves north bay showers around noontime and then towards the afternoon, especially rendered commute. time tonight. we are going to be seeing some rainfall pushing into the rest of the bay area. so if you need to get outside and stay dry earlier, the better later on today, no guarantee. bring the umbrella. i'll be talking more about where we're headed in the next several days. all still to come right no . john, thanks for that, right. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. a traveling into the city right now. >> about 10 minutes for your drive near. let's head over to get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 14 minutes. no slippery, wet commute this morning. a slow you down. richmond center fell bridge about 9 minutes out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 21 minute drive. a vigil to remember a son and father taken too soon becomes an opportunity to once again demand accountability for his death. 26 year-old mario
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gonzalez died one year ago while he was in alameda police custody. this comes almost 2 weeks after the district attorney declined to charge the officers. now we're involved in his death kron four's taylor's aqi has reaction from his family. >> family, friends and loved ones gathered at scott park in alameda on tuesday, marking one year since 26 year-old mario gonzalez died while being restrained. him pinned down by 3 alameda police officers. we know that what happened was an right and then. >> which is here 2 key members and lime. >> remember him in dallas, his brother jerry and mother edith is still struggling with the fact that nearly 2 weeks ago the alameda county district attorney determined there would be no charges against the officers involved in gonzales is death. people walking. you know, we do need point and you know how ration,
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know, the. >> the cool >> body cam footage shows the moments leading up to his death that day as he was being pinned to the ground face down for several minutes. however, authorities said gonzales, his condition of morbid obesity and alcoholism contributed to his death, which was ruled as a homicide. officers say they responded that day after receiving 9-1-1, calls that said gonzalez appeared disoriented groups like communities united for distorted youth justice came to tuesday's vigil to support the gonzalez family and to denounce the da's decision not to charge the officers involved are feeling a little broken, think or feel a little hopeless. and i think we're >> trying to grapple with those feelings. >> and figure how you know, men may be individually may not have the answers, but maybe collectively come together. we find a solution to prevent this from happening to any other families in alameda teller kron. 4 news. >> well, the family of stephen taylor is suing the city of san leandro and 2 police officers. the family's
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attorney filed a 10 million dollars federal civil rights lawsuit for taylor's death. san leandro police shot and killed him in 2020 taylor's family claims the officers violated his civil rights and the americans with disabilities act. they say officer jason fletcher tried to get taylor to drop a bat and when he didn't date hayes done, they say the shot caused him to point the bat down to the ground, which is when it officers shot taylor in the chest, killing him. well, police determine taylor pose no threat when he was shot. fletcher was charged with manslaughter. but this news law lawsuit targets the city of san leandro fletcher and another officer for its policies when dealing with people in a mental health crisis. >> it was not only the incidents that or the actions over to you that violate its community inviolate family. but it was policies that boost continue to exist in the
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appropriate method is to respond mental health crisis. and so we're looking forward. >> justice was served. we're looking for that means we're getting to change in the city of san leandro. >> well, in a statement, the city of saint landry said it will defend itself against a lawsuit. it also said taylor's death has already led to significant changes in the police department's use of force policies and training. well to current san francisco police officers and one former officer are now they now find themselves in trouble with law. according to an internal affairs investigation, we have officers, kevin lyons and kevin c n they're being accused of destroying evidence last july. they're accused of shredding credit cards and ids and flushing drugs down hotel toilets rather than processing evidence. last august, retired officer mark williams was accused of unlawfully taking home a machine gun with a silencer while serving a part-time position with the department. chief scott says after a nine-month
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investigation, arrest warrants were issued for all 3 men on friday and they surrendered themselves at the san francisco county jail officer lions and sea and were both cited and released on charges of destroying and concealing evidence. williams was booked on charges of unlawful possession of a machine gun and embezzle month. in a statement, chief scott saying in part, quote, no one including a current or retired police officer is above the law. all 3 officers are set to be arraigned on may 19th. the sandwich is the board of supervisors. man. i'm asleep passed legislation that bans the san francisco police crime lab from storing or using any victim dna for criminal investigative purposes. this is in response to sfpd doing just that earlier in the year, the district attorney chesa boudin said the department used dna taken from rape kits to track try and track down and identify suspects in
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unrelated crimes. well, the practice drew wide condemnation from lawmakers and a promise from sfpd to stop that practice altogether. well, santa clara county officials name the person they say is responsible for the massive fire that burned down a home depot and san jose kron four's rob nesbitt tells us what charges that person is facing. the parking lot of this home depot is fenced off 10 days after the store was destroyed by a massive fire. >> it took police less than a week to track down and arrest a suspect. >> this massive blaze burned the 98,000 square foot. home depot to the ground. according to santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen, the man who police believed to be responsible is now behind bars. 27 year-old dylan j. crew's go quick. >> let the fire in an aisle. at the home depot as he was trying to steal tools from the popular hardware store chain. >> according to rosen go, culley was stopped by a home depot employee but managed to
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flee the scene and continued his that spree at a nearby macy's using a warrant. police were able to locate and arrest coqui on april 15th. >> there's no doubt that's because of everyone's efforts. that this suspect will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. given the size of the flames of the extent of the damage. county and city officials are thankful that no one was hurt, a fire that could be detected from outer space. >> and within feet of hundreds of homes, steinbeck elementary school. >> and many, many other. sensitive. locations in our the locally made his first court appearance monday afternoon facing felony arson and multiple theft charges. >> more than 100 firefighters worked to put out the fire that destroyed around 17 million dollars in home depot inventory. >> tens of millions of dollars of damage and sent employees and customers running for their lives. i am incredibly
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to the more than 100 firefighters and dispatchers. >> prevented this from becoming a much greater tragedy. >> district attorney rosen is in short. this home depot plans to rebuild if found guilty go quick. could face 14 years to life in prison in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> from online scammers, 2 car smash and grabs. it seems that criminals are find in any way they can to take your money these days. and that also includes a team that's some police departments say there is a definite spite in brazen overnight and attended thefts of atms. well, they're being ripped straight from the walls of buildings. here's a reason example. you're looking at important will wear. there have been 2 incidents in the last few weeks. police say on sunday someone used a stolen tractor to tear out a machine a month earlier these use a forklift which was stolen from a construction site. and in antioch sunday, someone tried and failed to steal an atm from a credit union. police say it is getting messier an
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ugly here. even when that these do not manage actually get any money, they leave behind an incredible amount of damage. >> i'm not exactly sure what the motive is at this point. other than people are resorting to desperate measures. typically when they robbed a bank, you know, they don't end up with a whole lot of money and they they look at it like the bank is is the big 10 and you're not really hurt anybody. but in this case, you know, the property owners of the victims of banks, that victims of people who are exposed to this stuff for the victims. and so there really is a lot more to fortunately, for these victims that they don't usually end up, get anything out of candidate to cause significant amount of damage. antioch had one as well. the same day we had our recent one and we're working with an to compare notes and compare evidence to see if we can put this case together. >> well, in the recent incidents that we saw in brentwood in antioch, no suspects have been arrested. as for all that damage, captain silva says it is usually so bad. the price of
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fixing everything is far more than anything. the robbers were going to be able to even get away with. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a california state prison. he's earned a college accreditations. why? it's a big step in education for those who are behind bars. and county couple has reached a settlement with the town of tehran. why this all started from a racial profiling incident at work. and the sudden change in the federal mask mandate is creating a lot of confusion. why the biden administration says their decision to appeal rest on the cdc's decision will be right cdc's decision will be right back after the break. after my car accident, cdc's decision will be right back after the break. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard
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kron. 4 morning news. a time for you now for 15. >> on this wednesday morning. hey, yesterday, very slick conditions. and today a lot of people are going to be out on a celebrating many different things we eat for 20 possibly. so what is the forecast going to be for us across the bay area today? we'll get a little damp a little later in the day. so if you are out and about make sure it's earlier in the day because later on, especially for the north bay, at first. >> that's what we're going to start to see those showers drifting back into the picture. they're going to stay put for a while this time around your view outside of the east bay is showing you a
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little bit of a low grade that we have. but we are off to a dry start this morning. good news for our morning commute is that we are looking at dry conditions out there. there's the rainfall well to the north of us. so a look at the bay area. pretty calm right now. those areas that saw rainfall yesterday just looking at the dry conditions right now. there's our next system right there. it's already pushing its way on into the very northern reaches of the state, bringing along with it, the shower activity. and i'm gonna time it out for us. so first of all, i know how dry it is this morning. rainfall moves in 10:00am this morning starting to see some showers up in mendocino county drifting a little bit further inland into mendocino lake in the northern reaches of sonoma county towards 03:00pm. after that pushing on into marine county around 5.30, starting to see some sprinkles near the coastline, too. and then further inland for the rest of us evening. showers tonight will begin to pick up and we'll be hanging out with that rainfall on into tomorrow morning for your morning commute on thursday, areas of
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heavy rainfall at times, especially for early risers to do anticipate in impact as you're getting out there to start thursday. also snowfall in the sierra going to start really piling up middle of the day tomorrow we can to catch a breather, but then a resurgence of rainfall towards tomorrow evening. and that is going to be the rain that really packs the punch tomorrow night's rainfall going to be coming in really strong in the snow in the sierra nevada. this starts to come down really heavy. come here thursday night leading into friday morning. look at how widespread and how low of elevation it will be friday morning. still seeing some showers. so another slick commute to work on friday morning. rainfall totals as we work our way through these next several days. pockets well over an inch of it. other pockets not seeing that much, but we are definitely get a look at some spots in the bay area. really seen it come down and it's not just winter weather advisories. it is winter storm warnings taking effect at 05:00pm today lasting through 11:00am on friday, all up and down. the
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sierra nevada. you head above 7,000 feet and we'll be looking at multiple feet of snowfall. the very crest of the syria is going to be accumulating too, to 3 feet of snow from the system by the time we reached the weekend, how does get a really parallels traffic in your roadways getting up there. but you know, what else is going to do? it's going to help restore that snow pack that has just been dwindling ever. so gradually the past few this is definitely an awesome april. i know we usually look for to miracle march, but april is definitely something. at least it's not enough to get us up to where we need to be. but this is a significant system, especially for this year. that's right on our doorstep right now, as you can see our temperatures today will remain pretty similar to yesterday. the vast majority of the bay area's holding on to 60's with a few 50's in areas like santa rosa, which is further north. and that's more exposed to the cooler air. and those showers have been earlier in the day.
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rainfall increases tonight. we will see showers tomorrow morning. a break from it. the middle of the day on thursday and then are really kicking back up on into thursday night friday morning, a few scattered showers before we clear and dry into the weekend. speaking of the weekend, it looks beautiful. lots of sunshine. some 70's, a nice chance to get back outside after the next few days of rain, rain pounding any weekend. plans yet know what i'm going to a wedding. so yes, i do. how about you that you know what? no weekend plans. they have inspired to get thanks for that job. >> all right. let's get a look at your bridges about a 10 minute drive traveling into the city this morning, san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes as you're traveling there. let's head over get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge about a 10 minute commute for you and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute morning drive. russia's invasion of ukraine
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enters into a new phase as the u.s. and allies talk about next steps on a call tuesday, president biden and european allies reaffirm support for ukraine. the white house says new sanctions against russia could come this week despite additional help areas such as the embattled city of mariupol appear doomed. reporter susan is in washington with the very latest for us. >> ukrainian and russian forces clash in eastern ukraine. russia's invasion enters a new phase weeks after russia failed to take the capital of kiev today, tens of thousands of russian troops are resupplied and readied forming a new front 300 miles long infiltrating the donbass regions of and donetsk. ukraine's industrial heartland on a call. president biden and european allies reaffirm support for ukraine sending more to ukraine. >> u.s. officials say the white house is preparing to
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announce another large military aid package for ukraine and possible new sanctions against russia. the incredible speed and scale with which materials getting over there in recent memory in recent history, truly unprecedented. and that is not an exaggeration. and within days, the pentagon plans to train ukrainians on powerful weapon systems like the howitzer help badly needed as russia advances now issuing a new deadline for ukrainian soldiers pulled up in the port city of mariupol to surrender. >> the russians have taken over most of the city and up bush. the remaining defenders into a couple of on claves will likely fall. russia's relentless assaults creating a catastrophic refugee crisis prompting a meeting of the un security council and a plea from the un secretary general silence the guns. >> and for just best to safety for so many at the media to these and >> but the killing of innocent civilians is not expected to stop. >> it sure looks like
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terrorism and it will continus as will this unprovoked war with both sides digging in. susan mcginnis, washington. >> well, a judge in florida struck down the federal mask mandate that apply to air travel and mass transit. but the sun change in rules is creating some confusion. washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us live with the latest. alexandra, has the biden administration decided whether to appeal that ruling or not? reyna? good morning. the biden administration hasn't made that decision yet. officials say it's is going to depend on whether the cdc finds it's necessary. >> tsa is not currently enforcing the federal mask mandate after the mandate was struck down by a judge. just call it what it is. chaos for the skies, chaos and train stations and subways. another james hodge, a law professor at arizona state university says the sudden change is creating confusion, especially because some airports are in
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cities where indoor or public transit mask rules are still in place. a question right now is who's in charge of those facilities related mask requirements. it's still unclear if the ruling will be appealed. >> continue to wear masks on planes. >> that's up to them. the biden administration says an appeal depends on whether the cdc finds it necessary for now secretary of health and human services have yet santa urges americans, especially those who are at high risk to continue masking up while traveling and commuting about respect the ruling. but i follow the signs. while private businesses can still require masks, most major airlines said they're dropping mask mandates following the court ruling. some people should still wear their mask because they are at more risk because >> you know, they're immune cover miser. we're something else. but for most of us, we appreciate the freedom. i was that a lot of people have the
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mask on and they did not take it all. but once you arrive in a city where mask mandates are still in place, the rules can change, especially once you leave the airport. >> and the rules, of course, can also be different if you're traveling internationally. so the best advice for people is to just maybe maybe carry a mask with you because you just never know when you'll need it. live in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you for that. it's whacky. my mask with me. alexander. you never know when you're going thanks for that report. well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, the bay area's for 20 celebration is back and it is bigger then ever why? this is a great boost for local dispensary since the start of the pandemic will be right back after the break.
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heidi covey: so, i have an eye disease that causes blindness. i have moments where i get a little bit sad because i just can't see things that i used to. dr. stanley taught me to trust in the lord even when you don't want to. god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it.
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just gave us the forecast for the day. so the bay area's biggest cannabis celebration is back in san francisco will get rained out. the return of this high holiday is being looked at as a great boost for local dispensaries. well, for dan thorn has that story for us. >> rain or shine? the marijuana smoke is expected to fill up the air above golden gate, park's hippie hill for for 20st time changes for the thousands of people likely to attend include buying regulated pop products on site to its a grea- opportunity for them to. get an opportunity to sell in golden gate park at this event is that they're making a vent. so we're excited ready to support them.
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>> hippie hill organizer alex aquino says the new cannabis sales not only support local businesses, but also keeps consumption safe. be encourage people to come in by. he just a product from our vendors health officials are also urging festival goers to be careful while celebrating. they recommend sticking with reputable vendors and carrying opioid drug reversal medicines like naloxone, the new buying option brings new restrictions. no one under the age of 21 will be allowed into the fenced in area. but for those who do get says there will be live music and comedy to enjoy with hundreds of like minded people. the event runs from 10:00am to 05:00pm get there have fun come support the. >> the events buy some buy some being tested products from our vendors. >> reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron, 4
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morning news, we take a look at the growing trend of reckless drivers hosting their dangerous driving online and what police are trying to do about it. we'll be right back
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