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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 20, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> for 20 is always an exciting day for the marijuana industry. but there are real concerns tonight over the state of california's legal marijuana market. state leaders are warning the market could be on the verge of collapse. >> but marijuana businesses are hopeful the state will step in to try to help kron four's. ashley zavala has the story. >> with 4.20, celebrations underway, leaders of california's legal cannabis market say it's still in crisis mode. actually, it's gotten as a as a an overall and revenue being driven into the legal market has gotten worse. marijuana sellers like jared kilo say they need the state to ease up on the amount of taxes it collects and some regulations with the state's industry on the brink of collapse were in a point where
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the market has actually stopped the number licensed dispensaries is has decreased taxes and regulations are also hurting small growers like johnny casale. i can. >> yeah. >> i can't imagine not doing something that i've been doing my whole life because ali says an oversupply of cannabis in the market has caused the price of tripoli flour to drop to $300 a pound. he says $161 of that gets cut by taxes. >> on top of other regulations he has to follow which also costs money. it's really easy. even for a like myself, that's not really highly educated to figure out that it just can't work. and in shops, a similar situation. >> experts say statewide anywhere between 30% to nearly half of the price customers pay for legal products is going to state and local taxes because of these higher prices, they're losing customers pretty much taking away. >> what is 30 to 40% of my business in the last year. so when you say your competition, you're saying the illegal market, right? yeah. like that is the illicit market. and they just they just don't have
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taxes and regulations and fees. state leaders say they're working on it. several bills are circulating through the state capitol to east taxes and make cannabis more accessible across the state. some advocates say they're hopeful governor newsome will provide relief for them in his revised version of the state budget due in may, some of these proposals could take months to go into effect. so in the meantime, we're looking at holding on by our fingernails. so we're just kind of hoping for a good and that there's good demand from tourism. ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> the city of walnut creek has voted unanimously to legalize recreational marijuana delivery in that city. but there are some restrictions. >> as of now, only 3 authorize companies can deliver to a fixed residential address. drivers also cannot exceed the state limit of $5,000 worth of product and they must delivered directly to customers without stopping on the way the council is delaying, making a decision on allowing store-front sales of recreational marijuana until at least next year.
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>> we just mentioned for 20 and of course, it return to golden gate park today. the popular event took 2 years off because of the pandemic. but cannabis enthusiasts pectin to robin williams meadow again today. kron four's rob nesbitt. was there. >> there's live music, vendors and food. but for most people at 4.20, it's all about what you can smoke being able to see friends and family and have a good time to get really high for the first time in the event's history, legal cannabis was sold and consumed in robin williams. meadow happy for 20. pact just started her own grow operation and says the event is an opportunity to network and learn from others. great thing about this crowd is that there's so many people want to more open-minded on trying to strive change the care of this issue from small growers to larger operations like west coast cure based in irvine, california. this is the first time jennifer know, has set up shop at 4.22. sell cannabis having people being able to. >> we live the way they want to live on that.
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>> there were police and park rangers inside and outside the fenced off area, making sure no one under the age of 21 was allowed in and that other rules were being followed by the most complex. kelly glenn has been coming to golden gate park on april 20th for the last decade. he sees a positive and having the grassroots movement turn into a sanctioned event put on by the city, wants to from, you know, pretty big crowd to like huge crowds. you know, they talked about >> how much they have to pick up tents chairs, problems that mayor london breed and other city officials want to avoid while allowing for 20 to be what it's always been for the cannabis industry. people 20 in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> now a check on our weather as we take a live look outside from our camera atop mount of olives. same just the social tower camera, which is on now, which miles to go. correct. thank you very much. appreciate that. looking no one is from watching for 20
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stuff in it's not a contact high, but maybe a visual air quality had about we're going to clear that out with rolling in the bay area. now out there right now, though, you can see the clouds gather. and yeah, we've already had some showers popping up in parts of the north bay but will be long. this is all going to impact the entire bay area. so, yeah, this may be that this may be the last significant storm of the season making its way through the bay area and what a beautiful storm. it is all the way in the gulf of alaska. leeuwen ice swirl of low pressure. >> you've got the front that just moving on shore now behind that hot on its heels, we've got a trough of low pressure with much more uistable air this where we can start to talk about the possibility. maybe some thunderstorms i think is that system comes through and then you got the core low. that's all going to swing through over the next few days. so it could be pretty active here in the next few. so the showers already making their way across a northern california. the rain already moving the bay area. see some of those
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are raindrops begin to pop up outside and starting to spread to the south. so it's not a well-defined cold front. you can see kind of broken little bit. that's what we're going to see this kind of on and off the showers rolling through the bay area. but still some of the cells as they come through with the possibility of some heavier downpours. taking it for a closer look. there you see right mount tam. we call it. you can see the rain making its way through right now and some heavier downpours in that area will see the possibility of some lightning and even some hail out there to over the next few days to go along with that. of course, we've seen a lot of winds, some gusts of 20 and some 30 mile an hour gusts up out of the south from this cold front approaching the coastline. so, yeah, the next few days, here we go. we've got the showers, the possibility. some thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow with some really interesting weather. maybe a lingering shower early on friday morning. then we get back in the weekend is back to spring weather temperatures in the 70's. thank you, lawrence. coming up in sports, forty-niners star deebo samuel says wants to be traded. >> sports director jason dumas it all down. coming up.
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>> san francisco film festival returns tomorrow. coming up, a look at some of the films that will be featured, including a documentary on the murder trial of one of the founders of the black panther party.
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>> san francisco film festival returns tomorrow with films and events returning to theaters in person after that. to your online run this year, more than 130 films will be featured. kron. 4 s noelle bellow takes a look at opening
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weekend films in the documentary highlighting the untold story of the murder trial of huey p newton. >> it was a murder case that put racial issues front and center. first time in open policeman has been killed in nearly 20 years. now the documentary film american justice on trial examines the untold story of the 1968 landmark murder trial. >> a black panther party, co-founder huey p newton was a very important trial. why? because it galvanized the transformation of the american jury. the film is based off the 2012 book. the sky's the limit written by author and retired california judge lisa perlman. the film features interviews with legendary bay area journalists velva davis and people who were involved in the trial, including david harper, the first black man to serve as the jury foreman on a major murder case. >> and to have this jury have 7 women and for minorities and
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one of them being african american who became the foreman was groundbreaking perlman says she wrote the book after realizing some major scholars had forgotten about the trials impact on america. we now expect to see diverse a jury. i think we need to diversify every aspect of our justice system to help repair restore people's faith in it. >> american justice on trial will be featured friday evening alongside 2 short films, all of which examined black legacy, vulnerability and history. my focus has always been on the power of diversity. this year marks the 65th year of the sf film festival of the 130 film slated more than half were created and directed by black and indigenous filmmakers. that's we'll wonderful juxtaposition. it is so timely. and it is so important. the film festival runs until may first. and san francisco, noelle bellow kron.
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i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> recent traffic crashes in speeding drivers have led people in west oakland, a call for more traffic control and consequences. so you see that video and suv rolls through the intersection at 7 filbert
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and it got hit the suv rolling onto its side and see people rushing over to try to help the victims there. there are more videos of this kind of dangerous driving going on at that very intersection in west oakland. in fact, neighbors and the council member for that district say that more traffic lights must be installed before somebody gets seriously hurt or dies. >> kron four's haaziq madyun has more. >> take a look at this video of a major traffic collision. it happened back in november 2021. at the intersection of 7th street and filbert in oakland. so what happened that day? and i've seen many of these accidents, but this happened to be on camera. what was on my camera to some of see says he happened to be recording video at an event being held at the muslim mosque on 7th street with the vehicles drove into the camera's view. we're just basically like kind of recording before entering the banquet hall soon as the car accident i ran towards if the
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accident site that car flipped multiple times. he says fortunately no one suffered any major injuries. >> if this guy was here, you're looking at more recent video showing what folks say it is like trying to safely cross the street. they pull out most as the community was expecting. the oakland department of transportation to and stop traffic mitigation measures this spring. >> says he recently received bad news. >> and set insulin the like this summer. the want to delay that and the flashing light tunnel basically next year, spring mix here, these residents and constituents and scores have been asking for help from the city for quite some time. the intersection in question is in city council member carol phys district in west oakland, in my district. >> we have some of the most horrific accidents and challenges when it comes to traffic. and so that is one of my focus areas to ensure that
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we have the proper safety mechanisms throughout district 3. so that people don't experience what we saw in that video. councilmember 5 says she's made contact with the department of transportation to see what can be done about installing some traffic control measures at this intersection. >> these folks who live there say the sooner the better we did a fashion like to be there. >> because we want to say flight. >> has it. but you run for 2. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside the embarcadero in the clouds have started to move south. yeah. and laura says there's already some light rain falling in some sections of the bay area topping up out there. now we've got more to go a long way to go in the storm system looking out toward the golden gate bridge. you kind of get an idea. see some the showers there in the background. >> and more that on the way and sliding south throughout the night. tonight, doppler radar looking beautiful for this time of year. all lit up with some green out there and see some pockets of yellow as well. some heavier bands and begin to move in. but more
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scattered about the bay area right now. all that is going to be moving its way southward as we head through the evening hours. most of the focus so far has been toward the north bay, although we're starting to see a stretch in the parts of the east bay in richmond, parts of oakland as well and more to come behind that. in fact, let's time this out for you overnight tonight. she some pretty good bands coming through. maybe some thunderstorms being picked up by the models here as we head in toward about 10 o'clock tonight along the peninsula stretching across the east bay. then overnight tonight, quite down a little bit. and then a stronger band, the very unstable air coming through the trough as we head in toward tomorrow morning. 06:00am and look at your commute. pretty wet out there with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms as we head through the day, kind of on and off showers throughout the day. keep that umbrella handy. keep things wet. maybe some lingering showers into friday morning, drier weather expected to return for the weekend. thank you, lauren. here's a look at average bay area. gasoline prices for a gallon of regular. the state average is currently $5.69. >> the most expensive in the bay area is in napa averaging
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$5.86 a gallon. san francisco is 5.83 sam, a tail 5.78. alameda 5.73. and is in toledo, averaging 5.59. a gallon. high gasoline prices are a problem all over the country. president biden has announced a number of actions aimed at changing that. our hannah brandt is in washington, d.c., to explain whether those actions are working. >> gas prices are painfully high, but president biden says he's taken steps to bring them down. americans should already be seeing the savings, although it's only gone down about $0.18. the savings are start. andrew gross, aaa confirms prices are trending down. gas prices reached their peak on march 11 when they hit for 33. and since time, they've slowly been working their way. >> down, one of the things that helped was the president's release of oil from the strategic petroleum reserves said that
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announcement, not the actual physical release from the reserve. that would that help drive prices down. and jeff cooper with the renewable fuels association said the decision to let gas stations sell a higher ethanol blend. this summer is also making a difference. those drivers that are >> choosing higher blends of ethanol like the 15 are absolutely seeing savings. but ultimately experts say the president only has a limited impact on prices. there are very few weapons in the president's arsenal. they could use him. pretty much trying. everything costs are really set by the global market. there really are limits on. >> you know how much polls the makers can do to really drive down the price at the pump with conflict in ukraine and researching covid across the world. gas prices may continue to fluctuate with international instability. you have this upward pressure from the war, downward pressure from covid and all of us are stuck in between in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> the deebo samuel san francisco forty-niners marriages be on rocky. we may be at the point of no return. the superstar wide receiver slash running back. hybrid has requested a trade from the organization. the reasons are murky. the ball hasn't come out and said anything. but reports are that this is not about money. what is it about? i guess in time we shall find out. john lynch. we'll speak on monday after giving tuesday off. the warriors got a practice in today at chase center before taking off for denver. >> the dubs hold a 2, oh, lead over the nuggets and neither game has been particularly close. golden state looks like a well oiled machine. but they are getting caught up in all of that. this team is laser focused and they want this series to end as soon as possible. >> class a tricky because, you know, the emotions run high when you win. and they run low. when you lose. so it's
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just important to stay even keeled and realized no winning 16. not winning, doing or not doing were supposed take the first 2 at home, protect home court. and respecting your opponent. having appropriate fear, knowing that they're more than capable of. evening out the series. if we don't come in and do our jobs. tell these young guys, most importantly, to enjoy this and appreciate the everyday doings of being an nba player because nothing's guaranteed in this business. >> the a's hosting the orioles game 3 of their 4 game series. top of the 5th. no score. kelvin gutierrez grounds it elvis andrus can't hang onto it. trickles into center field. a runner comes on in to score. baltimore takes a one. nothing lead on the air. bottom of the 8th oakland threatening with runners at the corners and no outs. but the orioles bullpen was better strikeout, strikeout and and a
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ground out right here. oakland waste at golden opportunity. they blanked the a's one to nothing. they will look to win the series tomorrow. so back to basketball. the warriors day took off today. they play we'll have a live report out in denver from our sister station. looking forward to that. but like i said, they seem focus. you know, is yeah, they don't. they're not messing around i like what clay said. i mean, it's real good perspective from somebody is, but there can share that with the younger players. exactly. and they've all been saying that unlike even more. so it sounds cliche, but it really seems like. >> let's not play with our food. let's get it done. haha. all right. thanks, jason. we'll be right back. (music throughout)
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: scenes from a troubled marriage. it's. >> she threw the large bottle and it made contact and shattered. >> as johnny depp returns to the stand for more shocking testimony. >> mrs. heard could very easily drink two bottles of wine a night. >> announcer: plus, bands no more? a passenger who put a red thong. >> deborah: will he not be allowed to fly again? >> announcer: and the baffling new rules on masks. >> i don't have to wear a mask right now but the moment i board the train, the mask has to go on. >> announcer


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