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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news >> big issue. and this really is the intersection of law and public health. >> now at 10, just days after mask mandates on public transportation was shut down. they're being challenged in federal court to try and have them reinstated. san francisco cracking down on how dna obtained from rape kits kit
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cannot be used in other criminal cases. >> the new rules meant to protect victims. >> i i can't believe it. >> and a vicious attack. and a bay area high school. it's caught on camera. the student and her family speaking out tonight. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. we'll have more on those stories coming up in just a moment. but it is raining right now outside. so we want to get straight to the 4 zone forecast. you can see from these live pictures of the golden gate bridge and the richmond sandra fell bridge. they're both wet right now. >> and you can see from our radar just how widespread the rain is in the bay area right now. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us what's ahead, lawrence. this is really a big deal. really isn't very impressive start. we've had some places already in the bay area are over a quarter of an inch in urban areas. >> a mount tam over half an inch already can feel almost a half an inch. so yeah, it's coming down in some parts of bay area. we've got a lot more
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to go as the storm system really just kind of get going. so it's wet out there right now. the commute tomorrow morning. be prepared. it is going to be very wet. there's another band of rain, maybe some heavy rainfall coming by early tomorrow morning as well out there right now. kind wet around the bay area around the state as well. kind of a 1, 2 punch here and the next 12. 24 hours here, we've got the front that's coming through right now. and you've got this trough on the backside of that's going to be dropping in. that's coming around with a lot colder air, lot more instability. and i think that we're going to get a chance of some of those thunderstorms. maybe some hail as we head through the day tomorrow could be a really interesting day around the we're going to see some very unstable air rotate in. but tonight, the showers start in the afternoon in the north and then really kind of get going as we head toward the evening. look at this latest ban that is now making its way on shore right san francisco in the south san francisco. some heavier amounts of rain moving through right now. more of that to come. this storm system moving fairly quickly, though, this latest band that's tracking through right now. you can see
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as we take you now to street level, some of the showers popping up now in parts of the marina district continuing in the chinatown and well further south, we're seeing that whole kind of a train of moisture sliding on southward now all the way into daly city. you see a wall of a canyon parkway see coma. some of that rain coming down moderate to some heavy amounts of rainfall in the south. san francisco in the you're seeing some heavier amounts of rain now moving into shelter cove and further south now and a half moon bay starting to see some of that moisture move on shore and there's the whole band that is going to be pushing through in the next 30 minutes or so. so not only that we've gotten to the east bay as well. san leandro. you're seeing plenty of san ramon in dublin, also seeing plenty of rain moving through there as well and further to the east. now, this panda stretching across into conquered in antioch, in the pittsburgh, bringing some much needed rainfall outside. and it's going to be on and off here as we go through the evening here is there's still just a whole lot of rain and some gusty winds to go along with that. we've been looking at some 20 some 30 mile an hour gusts along the coastline. a stormy night to
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be had more on the way for the commute. we'll check out that commute forecast coming up in just a few minutes. all right, lauren, thank you for that. now to our other big story tonight as u.s. justice department felt a florida judge's ruling which ended the mask mandate on public transportation. >> with the cdc issued a statement today in support of the legal appeal. this comes as a new poll by politico shows more than half of americans supported the mask mandate 80 for. >> 84% of the support came from democrats while 35% were republican. kron four's taylor. the sacking joins us live now in the studio to break down all of this tonight. taylor lot going on, guys. it's really hard to keep track. and i think that. >> all the drama has many of us feeling confused the last few days with being told to wear masks and told not to wear the masks and still kind of like a political game of hot potato. we spoke with a legal expert today to make sense of all the back and forth.
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>> after the cdc said that wearing a mask remains necessary for public health. the u.s. justice department is appealing a ruling by a federal judge. the end of the nationwide mask mandate for planes and public transportation. on monday, the department of justice, i think is appealing in part because they don't want. >> a trial court ruling a district court that says cdc when it comes to things like mask mandates, your authority is really, really small. and i think it that they're correct to want to appeal that loyola law. professor jessica levinson says the appeal will examine a federal law known as the public health service act district. judge kathryn kimball mizelle who void the mask mandate. >> relied in part on her interpretation of the term sanitation included in that law. what we're focused on right now is what can the cdc do when it comes to this language in a federal law that says cdc, you have authority when it comes to sanitation and quote, other measures. and that's what we're litigating
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right now. robinson says mizelle's opinion of the cdc's ability to respond to public health emergencies. >> could potentially have a lasting effect on the cdc's authority. do you appeal it to you? just leave it there? >> and say, look, it's just one district court judge or do you peel up to the 11th circuit and then maybe up to the supreme court, as you said, and it comes to a lot of issues. there is a risk of more and more bad decisions. if the 11th circuit court of appeals says no, you're right. you really should read the cdc's authority that nearly then its decision upon decision. >> how could all of this play out next? well, we know this will go to the court of appeals and it could potentially then get appealed up to the supreme court. however, as professor levinson mentioned, the supreme court doesn't take most of the cases that are appealed to them. so if they don't take it, that would mean the opinion in the lower court. the court of appeals would stand back to you. >> taylor, thank you. will bar dropped the cdc's mask mandate
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for all riders today, but one bart official is already proposing to bring it back. barr board president rebecca saltzman, talk to us live on kron. 4 news tonight. at 8 o'clock, she says she plans to present a measure to the board to implement bart's own mask mandate. >> because there are many riders who need to be protected from covid. so folks who have underlying health conditions who are immunocompromised kids under 5 were still not eligible to get vaccinated, which is i know amazing to some people because vaccines have been around so long. but small children are still not eligible. those people really need to be protected in the best protection is that everybody wearing. >> mask. >> feldman says many bart riders reached out asking them to bring back the mask mandate. she says more than 95% of bart riders have been complying with the mandate while it was in effect. >> for those who wish to continue wearing their masks.
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health experts say you will still be protected from covid even if no one else is wearing a mask. researchers say mask can protect the wearer alone by acting as a barrier between particles and their nose and mouth. they say the level of protection depends on how well your mask fits and how effective the mask material filters out particles that can carry viruses. scientists are looking into if updated booster shots can help protect against new covid flare ups. this comes after moderna announced it's aiming to launch a modified version of its booster specific to defending against c omicron variant. meanwhile, johnson and johnson announced it's suspending its vaccine. sales forecasts to 2 decreasing global demand and here in california, there's been a delay for a covid vaccine mandate for all school-age children until at least next summer. >> we don't have full him to fda approval we recognize the implementation challenges, schools and school leaders would face that. we are moving
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to have a vaccine requirement schools when this coming academic year. >> the cdc says at least 82% of americans age 5 and older have now received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. this is a changing situation. so stay up to date with the very latest here with kron 4 in prime time as well as at kron 4 dot com and the kron 4 app. that's where you can get all the latest covid news and headlines. >> a high school freshman in the east bay is recovering from her injuries tonight after she was attacked at school. the violence was captured on this cell phone video. and this comes just a few days after a high school girl in stockton was stabbed to death at her school monday by an intruder. >> it wasn't supposed to be on campus. police say that attack appears to have been random, but it and this new case today
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are shedding light on safety on california school campus and local school district officials say the incident involves people who trespassed on school grounds. in a story you'll only see here on kron 4 kron four's gayle ong talks with the victim and her mother. >> cell phone video captures a young woman attacking another on the ground, throwing several punches inside a bathroom stall in el cerrito high school. the student on the ground, 14 year-old julie at sutherland does not fight back. it happened tuesday around lunchtime in an exclusive interview with kron 4 on wednesday. >> juliet described the experience as terrifying that punch me in the head. >> i'm the ground were kicking me on the ground. juliet says she had an encounter with another student before the attack. >> the situation escalated the west contra costa unified school district notified parents about the incident. the district says some of the people involved are not students and trespassed on
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campus with the help of another student. >> a group like 4 or 5 other girls in and another guy had ran into a bathroom following the whole crowd. the people that i've seen around here did at 10 my school. >> in a statement, the district says in part, they are working with police. safety is our top priority in wcc usd. and we have a recently put into place and hand safety measures at our schools, including limiting the points of entry on campus and requiring all students to wear their id card. we are also encouraging students to remain vigilant and recognize and report when there are strangers on >> the taking that was bad. it is to get it. >> you know, i mean, >> i mean, it's just crazy. so i have get in julie. its mother, michelle rodeman says she is concerned about safety. >> just last month, a fight broke out at the same school involving a firearm. the firearm was never fired and no one was injured and the i i
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can't believe it and the face and my child's school. >> julie had suffered injuries to her head and abdomen. she says her friend was also hurt. >> also police say the department is investigating this incident reporting from el serino, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> also in the east bay, recent traffic crashes and speeding drivers and let people in west oakland to call for more traffic control and consequences. as you can see in this video, a suv right there, drives through the intersection, gets hit the suv rolls onto its side. you see people rushing to try to help the victims. there. this is all happening at the intersection of 7th and filbert in oakland. there are more videos of the kind of dangerous driving going on at that intersection in west oakland, neighbors and the council member for that district say more traffic lights have to be installed before somebody gets seriously hurt or even killed. but the city is continue to push the date to install those new lights back. >> and set insulin the like this summer. the want to delay
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that and the flashing light tunnel basically next year, spring mix these residents and constituents have been asking for help from the city for quite some time. and i thought that we're on the right track when we met with the department of transportation and we're given a construction date for the flashing lights that they were promised. and i only recently found out that that date has been pushed back that year. but once again, because this was promised. i feel it's necessary to expedite the request from the residence. it's very concerning for the community because people, adults, all sorts of people. >> street. >> and while councilman fife and residents are on the same page about getting the lights put up, the city is not move the date back up and as not even said why exactly they pushed it back in the first place. a different catholic priest who served time for sexually molesting children is back in jail tonight. this time after a felony dui case.
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75 year-old stephen. he's charged with hitting the victim in the planned community of ross war and walnut creek on forestry says stasio has the story. >> we're here and ross more where this accident took place and residents out here tell me that they are heartbroken and traumatized about the facts of this case. investigators are calling this crash in ross more a felony dui accident. >> they say 75 year-old steven keys, lee's car jumped the curb and struck curtis gunn and his wife laura land as they walked on the sidewal- back from a trivia game night at the local rec facility. 64 year-old curtis died at the scene. laura lynn was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. >> my heart was just broken. he's just a tragedy. it's it's very sad. berry said that the man lost his life and feel sorry for his wife. >> and it was totally unnecessary on wednesday, roswell residents talked about the tragedy looking at the
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markings still visible where investigators not doubt the crime scene. just walk by the spot where there's. >> i think, you know, leftovers from the flares and it just just hit me, you know, because i haven't been out since since the news. yeah, i'm just very, very sad. keys lee shown here is ad frock catholic priest who served time for molesting several children when he was at parishes in fremont and putting all. >> he moved to ross more back in 2010. i spoke to kathy stonebraker who says keys lee sexually abused her when she was a little girl. they had just been with this. >> devil of a man i call him. at a at the clubhouse where they reside. playing games with them. she had never met him. then harassment are going back to the complex and here comes case late driving. intoxicated. what was he doing?
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>> what a horrible, horrible. >> the situation this is turned out to be. he has broken so many hearts once again. >> as far as casey, he remains in custody at a martinez jail and he will be facing his arraignment on thursday. swore to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> members of the berkeley high school mountain bike team were robbed at gunpoint over the weekend, 3 coaches and to student athletes were held up. it happened near the intersection of 8th and virginia streets on saturday afternoon. the thieves drove off and one of the coaches vans and for bikes were attached. another bike was left behind, but it was severely damaged. the stolen items costing more than $20,000. thanks to some help from the community. the team has raised more than $23,000 to replace what was stolen. the berkeley police department says it is reviewing surveillance video that may have captured the robbery.
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>> in san francisco, a civil case against businesses accused of fueling the opioid epidemic in the city starts on monday. the lawsuit takes on manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies which the city says all engaged in the >> on lawful and harmful flooding of san francisco with opioids. walgreens. the allergen pharmaceutical company, teva pharmaceuticals and endo pharmaceuticals are all listed as defendants in the case. >> city attorney david chiu says that this is a first of its kind case because his office is targeting the entire supply chain. >> together, the over supplied opioids that resulted from the defendants false and misleading statements and from the defendant's failure to control against diversion, flooded san francisco with prescription opioids in created the crisis that we see playing out on our streets every day. >> according to to the city is
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already entering a settlement with one of the defendants. the company is agreeing to pay 10 million dollars to san francisco to combat the crisis. 5 million to be paid immediately. and then 5 million more to be paid over 10 years. >> san francisco police department will no longer be allowed to use rape kit so rate dna to identify crime suspects. the city's board of supervisors unanimously passed a law last night. the band's law enforcement from storing and using the dna chase, including the district attorney, says he was shocked when he first learned that police had used dna collected from a woman's rape kit years earlier to connect her to an unrelated felony property crime. the concern that assault victims might not come forward if worry that their dna profile can be used against them publicly revealed the practice and that led to the city's board of supervisors moving to make it illegal. a woman linked to the property crime case through her dna had her charges dropped. but she still
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planning to sue the san francisco police department. as for brooding, he's says he's relieved the ban is now reality, but he still intent on making sure that crime victims know about it. >> there's nothing more important to me in my office and be able to hold people commit crimes accountable and we can't do that. yeah, they don't just don't report crime if they don't trust, asked her cooperate with our prosecution these kinds practices are not only legal, but they also serve very serious to turns to victims coming forward and cooperate with law enforcement. i want to do everything in my power to reassure survivors of assault in any violent crime that if they come forward and cooperate with law enforcement, we will stand with them, will support them and we will not use their own. profiles against them. >> and we're about to hear a lot more about this. for example, there's an ongoing audit to determine if other rape victims were later arrested by using this practice. there's at the state
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level to ban it altogether and using rape kit dna in crime investigations. >> san francisco police are investigating a shooting from tuesday night. it happened about 10 o'clock at night on the 1200 block of buchanan street. a 30 year-old man was found with gunshot wounds. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. anyone with information about the incident. >> is asked to call sfpd san mateo county. law enforcement is investigating an early morning shooting in coma. 3 people were injured in that shooting it happened about 3.30, this morning near el camino high school on lawndale and hillside boulevard. police are still looking for the shooter in this case, though, it is unclear if they're looking for just one person or a number of suspects. 2 of the victim shot drove themselves to the hospital. that's where police found them. no word yet on the 3rd victim. >> just into the kron, 4 news room, a community organization
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of seniors and disabled people in the bay area say they are shocked and appalled by local transit agencies dropping their mask mandate senior and disability action sent us this statement that reads in part public transit is an essential service and must be safe for everyone relying on public transit to get to medical appointments. now means a decision between putting off necessary medical treatments or risking unnecessary exposure. the covid-19 will keep you posted on continues. reaction. >> still ahead tonight, the efforts underway in the south bay to try to move homeless encampments away from the san jose airport. >> well, some people are celebrating for 20. there are concerns california's cannabis industry could be on the brink of collapse. what the industry says it needs to say the state's legal market and they're cute. but don't pet the pups. it is baby seal season in the bay area. >> why you're told you shouldn't touch a seal pup and
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festival returns tomorrow with films and events are returning to theaters in person after a two-year online run. yeah, this year, more than 130 films will be featured. but of course, no bello takes a look at opening weekend and the documentary highlighting the untold story of the murder trial. if you >> it was a murder case that
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put racial issues front and center. first time in open policeman has been killed in nearly 20 years. now the documentary film american justice on trial examines the untold story of the 1968 landmark murder trial. >> a black panther party, co-founder huey p newton was a very important trial. why? because it galvanized the transformation of the american jury. the film is based off the 2012 book. the sky's the limit written by author and retired california judge lisa perlman. the film features interviews with legendary bay area journalists velva davis and people who were involved in the trial, including david harper, the first black man to serve as the jury foreman. >> on a major murder case. >> and to have this jury have 7 women and for minorities and one of them being african american who became the foreman was groundbreaking. >> perlman says she wrote the book after realizing some major scholars had forgotten
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about the trials impact on america. we now expect to see diverse a jury. i think we need to diversify every aspect of our justice system. >> to help repair restore people's faith in it. >> american justice on trial will be featured friday evening alongside 2 short films, all of which examined black legacy, vulnerability and history. my focus has always been on the power of diversity. this year marks the 65th year of the sf film festival of the 130 films slated more than half were created and directed by black and indigenous filmmakers. that's wonderful juxtaposition. it is so timely. and it is so important. the film festival runs until may first. and san francisco, noelle bellow kron. 4 news. >> we have next for 20 celebrations returns to hippie hill in golden gate park today. but this year was different from years past 4, a number of reasons. we'll
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explain. >> and then home prices are up. and now mortgage rates are up to the latest on the hot bay area housing market. >> and a lot of rain around the bay area. some heavy downpour still and more to
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>> now at 10, 30, a group of people who are homeless are living on airport property right next to where planes take off and land in san jose.
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the faa says it's had enough saying, though, no longer allow those people to camp in that area. kron four's justin campbell takes us to that encampment as the city works to move the people, they're farther away from the runway. the skies above are clear, but just below rotten garbage and squatters living on airport property. >> we'll stay back. going 10 by 10 san jose city workers notify people that it's time to go. they keep this area and was not vacated. we will start to dismantle and clear by the week of may 16 olympia williams, a division manager with beautify san jose just cannot live here, says the faa is demanding the area to be cleared for safety reasons. this is a flight coming in right now. i yes. i mean, you just. for a variety reasons in case they're needed there. any emergency actions that need to happen at the airpdrt. they know this area is clear. >> the city has already cleared this plot of land from
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people living on it across the street. they're now orking to get people cleared out of this area by june. 30th, a little bit stable. be here, you having somewhere to go knowing that this is my home more than 100 families live at the guadalupe gardens encampment, including john walker lindh fincher who has been there 3 years. it's been. >> a roller coaster probably staying here it's been difficult at times in and >> trying at times and it's just not the best situation. you know, that. anybody she's for themselves. the city noticed venture and others living here 3 years ago. but waited to take action. >> we wanted to wait until we got through the worst part of the pandemic. >> and then really start looking at solutions in those solutions really focused on housing and moving people from an encampment into some housing in sheltering options. one resident of the encampment says the city has helped him secure housing. you excited to
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move? >> well, it >> but for others frustrated because i still don't have nowhere to go will have 30 days come the end of june to find a new home. away from descending planes and airport property reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> meantime, some san jose state university students are asking the school to do more to help unhoused students. the students demonstrated today on campus. they say the schools are not doing enough to make good on a 2020 agreement to provide services for people who need it, including emergency housing and food pantry. information according to a report from last year, more than 11% of the student body or about 4,000 students experienced homelessness, at least once within the past year. >> i would be too much of the 13 students out to us as you can assistance. only 12 have been granted emergency housing. isn't a business
10:33 pm
person is and we have no idea why. >> student advocates are asking for greater implementation of programs as well as more transparency. they say they have a meeting with the school's interim president tomorrow. speaking of housing, one thing that's not helping with homelessness in the bay area's that housing prices just keep going up. zillow is reporting bay area housing prices are up 20% just since the start of this year. kron four's justine waltman takes a look at why. >> this is a really difficult environment to be shopping for. a home sweet home cost where money march numbers by zillow show enough buyers are out there to keep home values growing at a record pace, even as interest rates hover close to 5%. unfortunately for home shoppers this spring, those record low rates are a thing of the past. zillow found the year over year cost of a typical home in the san francisco metro area went up almost 20% to just over 1.4
10:34 pm
million dollars with the monthly mortgage at $5700. even rent went up 11% in san jose. home values went up about 24% year over year. the average home price. 1.6 million dollars with a monthly mortgage at $6500. one way prices could cool off more inventory as people opt out of this red hot market. that's according to zillow. senior economist jeff tucker, if you go from a property having 38 offers even down to 15 offers. >> that's more than enough to still sell above list price and still feel very competitive for the folks who are still in the running. >> buyers remain ready to pounce on any home that hits the market. the typical time a home was on the market in march 9 days. that's today's faster than in february in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> for your money, high gasoline prices continue to put a strain on drivers all
10:35 pm
across the country, which is why president biden has announced several actions aimed at changing that one is the release of oil from the strategic petroleum reserves. and officials also say the decision to allow gas stations to sell a higher ethanol blend of this summer will also make a difference. but ultimately, experts say the president has a limited effect on prices and costs are really sent by the global market, which has been facing instability. >> there are very few weapons in the president's arsenal they could use. and pretty much trying everything. they really are limits on. you know, how much polls the makers can do to really drive down the price at the pump. >> to help cut gasoline cost yourself. experts suggest keeping your car maintain and drive conservatively by following the speed limit. here's a look at average bay area gasoline prices for a gallon of regular. the state average is currently $5 and 69
10:36 pm
says the most expensive in the bay area is napa averaging $5.86 the cheapest in the late averaging 5.59. a gallon. vice president kamala harris and former president barack obama are both visiting the bay area. tomorrow. the vice president will be in san francisco at the university of california, san francisco hospital ucsf there. she will meet with. >> families who having a baby soon and talk about maternal health. that was video of her visit this week to vandenberg space force base in santa barbara county. earlier in the week. in a separate visit, former president obama will be at stanford to give a speech about mis information. now for another check of your 4 zone forecast. we give you a live look at the san mateo hayward bridge and a lot of wet roads and water. you know, we're still in a drought a severe drought. so this is really good for us. really? a mega drought means starting back in the year 2000. if you want to go way back then so yeah, we could use all of late season moisture and certainly coming
10:37 pm
down in spots that we really need it. the sierra nevada, that's where it's going to really help out a lot. and up there now, the roadways, not bad, but that's going to change pretty quickly. winter storm warnings up their heavy snow, 2, maybe 3 feet of snow coming down this late in the season. that is going to be great. has it all works its way into our reservoirs? but that's going to be tough getting up there tonight through friday morning. that's where we're expecting the heaviest snow and some very gusty winds across the high country. all right. check out your doppler radar around the bay area. it has been coming down in some place. pretty impressive already. some place about a half an inch or more across some of the mound. you see some of the cells now just pushing through. and boy, it has been coming down along the coastline, especially further south. you get into half moon bay where those storm clouds really rolling through. there are some heavier downpours stretching across under a 7 tail and a redwood city. >> you've got more of that moisture coming your way and more on the way just off the coastline. in fact, there's a colder system that's out there now. and that will bring with it. some heavier amounts of rain. downpours now into oakland, as you're seeing some
10:38 pm
of that stretch all the way up toward piedmont indoor, renda moraga. you're going to get into a pretty quickly. and then danville and san ramon. you've got more of that rain coming through your neighborhoods to drag it all the way. the south now we're seeing more showers moving in the union city, but more scattered light showers in the south bay. not a whole lot so far. just mainly some scattered light activity. but that is going to change as we take you through the night tonight and tomorrow morning. so, yeah, it looks like it is going to be a very wet commute tomorrow morning. there's another band of moisture coming through right at dawn. that makes for some heavy rain, some dangerous traffic out there. more rain on and off the next couple days drying out a warmer for the weekend. >> all right, lawrence, thank you. will today is for 20 and that is an exciting day for the marijuana industry. but there is also concern that california's legal marijuana market could collapse. marijuana growers and sellers say while today was a good day for business, their overall at a tipping point with the state's taxes and regulations. >> members of the industry say
10:39 pm
the state needs to ease up on the amount of collection. also ease up on some regulations. >> it's really easy. even for a like myself, that's not really highly educated to figure out that it just can't work pretty much taking away. what is 30 to 40% of my business in the last year. >> so when you say your competition, you're saying the illegal market, right? yeah, that is the illicit market. and they just they just don't have taxes and regulations. >> experts say statewide anywhere between 30% to nearly half of the price customers pay for legal marijuana products is going to state and local taxes. and because of these higher prices, the legal market is losing customers. state leaders say they are working on it. several bills are circulating through the state capitol designed to east texas inmate cannabis more accessible across the state. hearings are scheduled for next week. lawmakers in the east bay are making it easier to get marijuana in walnut creek. the city has voted
10:40 pm
unanimously to legalize recreational delivery in the city, but there are some restrictions as of now, only 3 authorized companies can deliver to a fix residential address. drivers also delivered more than $5,000 worth of product. that is the state limit and they must deliver directly to customers without stopping anywhere on the way the council is delaying, making a decision on allowing store-front sales of recreational marijuana until at least next year. well, for 20 was back at golden gate park. you can see it here. a lot of activity out there. it was canceled for the last 2 years because of the pandemic. the familiar hayes returned to robin williams. meadow is thousands of people took part in the celebrations today for rob nesbitt. was there. >> there's live music, vendors and food. but for most people at 4.20, it's all about what you can smoke being able to see friends and family and
10:41 pm
have a good time to get really high for the first time in the event's history, legal cannabis was sold and consumed in robin williams. meadow happy for 20 guy. deepak just started her own grow operation and says the event is an opportunity to network and learn from others. great thing about this crowd is that there's so many people want to more open-minded on trying to strive change the candidates and issues from small growers to larger operations like west coast cure based in irvine, california. this is the first time jennifer know, has set up shop at 4.22. sell cannabis having people being able to. >> we live the way they want to live on that. >> there were police and park rangers inside and outside the fenced off area, making sure no one under the age of 21 was allowed in and that other rules were being followed by the most complex. kelly glenn has been coming to golden gate park on april, 20th for the last decade. he sees a positive and having the grassroots movement turn into a sanctioned event put on by the city of watched it from, you know, pretty big crowd to
10:42 pm
like huge crowds. you know, they talked about. >> how much they have to pick up tents chairs, problems that mayor london breed and other city officials want to avoid while allowing for 20 to be what it's always been for the cannabis people 20 in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> coming up next in sports deebo samuel drama with the forty-niners gets deeper. >> the niners star says he wants to be traded sports treasure.
10:43 pm
i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. you are watching actual videos of the tesla full self driving technology as recorded by the drivers. from turning too tightly and hitting a pylon... [ expletive ] to swerving toward a pole. jesus. watch the bicyclist on the right almost get hit before the driver takes over.
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sometimes it seems the tesla doesn't want the driver to take over. i'm trying. this driver had to hit the brakes when the tesla didn't understand a detour sign. ok. here it almost hit a truck. obviously, i had to take over. and here it swerves into an oncoming lane. look at that! often, the tesla doesn't know what it wants to do. what is it doing? or just doesn't know how to turn. jesus, oh my god! tesla's full self driving software for drivers and pedestrians, it's unsafe at any speed. tell congress to shut it down.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the deebo samual san francisco forty-niners marriages be on rocky. we may be at the point of no return. the superstar wide receiver slash running back hybrid. he is formally requested a trade from the organization. the reasons are murky. deebo hasn't come out and said anything but reports are that it's not about money. so it's not about money. and what is it about, i guess in time we shall find out. after giving tuesday off, the warriors got to practice in at chase center today before they hopped on a flight and took off for denver. the dubs hold a 2. nothing lead over the nuggets in neither game has been particularly close. golden state looks like a well oiled machine. but >> they are getting caught up in all of that. this team is laser focused and they want
10:46 pm
this series to end as soon as possible. >> class a tricky because, you know, the emotions run high when you win. and they run low. when you lose. so it's just important to stay even keeled and realized no winning 16. not winning, doing or not doing were supposed take the first to at-home protecting home court. and respecting your opponent. having appropriate fear, knowing that they're more than capable of. evening out the series. if we don't come in and do our jobs. tell these young guys, most importantly, to enjoy this and appreciate the everyday doings of being an nba player because nothing's guaranteed in this business. >> giants at mets brandon belt celebrating his 34th birthday and have yourself a birthday. happy feet. look at get he takes chris bassitt about 40
10:47 pm
home run of the season. he is just raking in the early going of the year. now it's 5 to an 8th. wilmer flores athletes makes a nice stab at it. that end the ending. he also saved 2 runs in the process. giants win 5 to 2. they go for their series split tomorrow in new york. thanks. recovery. after being swept in the double header, the a's they host the orioles game 3 of their 4 game series. top of the 5th. no score. this was going to hurt kelvin gutierrez grounds it elvis andrus can't hang on. trickles into center field in the run comes into score for more takes a one. nothing lead on that air. bottom of the 8th oakland threatening with runners at the corners and no outs. but the orioles bullpen held it down. strikeout strike out ground out. >> and the a's missed a golden opportunity. orioles blake, them one zip aes will look to win this series tomorrow. some
10:48 pm
nba playoffs. check this out. game tie with 0.9 on the clock. joe. well, and be the process. >> it is good. that gives philly the lead and ultimately the win one '04, one. 0, one. >> sixers lead that series 3 to nothing. they go for the sweep saturday in toronto. what shot? what a player. all righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back sports. we'll be right back after a quick break. sports. we'll be right back after a quick break. at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app,
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ >> it was today in 2010 of the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history began when a powerful explosion rocks the deep water horizon oil rig off the gulf of mexico. 11 crew members died in the blast and then over the next 3 months, more than 210 million gallons of crude oil spilled into the gulf, destroying local ecosystems and crippling the seafood and tourist industries in the area for years. of tar would wash up on beaches from florida to texas with an estimated 1000 miles of shoreline polluted. the long-term effects on the area are still being discovered. today. 1972 apollo 16 lunar commanded by astronaut john young and piloted by charles duke landed on the moon. it was nasa's 5th mission to the moon won the space race in 1969, they're the second to
10:52 pm
last apollo crew to go to the moon as the apollo and saturn 5 program would be shutdown at the end of the year after the apollo 17 mission returns to earth. and today in 1986, number, 23 lit up the boston garden. he scored 63 points in an nba playoff games are talking about michael jordan was the most ever in a playoff game. although jordan and the bulls fell in double overtime to eventual champion. celtics jordan made his mark as the game's best with the celtics legend larry bird saying, quote, i think he's just god disguised as michael jordan. >> a beautiful moment on the beautiful beaches of hawaii caught on camera. this mama hawaiian monk seal gave birth to her pup. wildlife officials just released the footage. this happened back on the 14th. they have named the by his mother is our in 58, but also known as lou. anna, since his birth feel 5 has enjoyed nursing and climbing the rocks and venturing into the water.
10:53 pm
if you're heading to the beach, watch out for baby seals, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says it is pupping season and baby seals could suffer permanent harm if they are moved. no officials say this happened several times every year because people see a pup by itself and they assume that it's abandoned. but usually the pup's mother is just out getting to the food and then returns only to find her baby is missing. seals are federally protected. under the marine mammal protection act. anybody interfering with them could receive legal penalties. and take a look at this playful pod of dolphins putting on quite a show for the officers as they swam the side of marine patrol boat. >> this is in sarasota, florida. the police department shared the video on social media saying that the officers were out patrolling when they suddenly realized they would not alone. and from dolphins to goats. a suspect goat is a
10:54 pm
matter of tallahassee, florida police departments struggle to take the suspect into custody. >> they tried to hurt him, but he was just too quick. he made a tactical error, though, just to get away through an apartment building. and that's where the officers cornered the goat and took him into custody. police say they don't often become wranglers but when you've got a goat on the lam, you do what you can to get it off. the street goes on the to ski and we don't have pictures of the actual bears. but a family in tahoe got a surprise when they found a family of bears living underneath their home. apparently there are there all winter. >> the homeowner says there are a few times with her. some low rumblings from the crawl space and a lot of snoring. but it wasn't until this week when mama bear made some unmistakable bear noises that they knew something was going on. so they called in professionals to check it out and eventually the bears were evicted. wildlife officials were hoping one of those bears within the tory as hank, the tank. but it turned out that hank was not among those
10:55 pm
bears. >> 2 cousins will attempt a never before seen air stunt high above the skies of california. this weekend their names are luke akins in andy farrington their longtime pilot and skydivers with the red bull air force aviation crew on sunday. >> they're going to attempt a plane swap 14,000 feet in the air, going to try to fly their planes close together, put them in a nosedive. as you see there. and then they jump out of airplanes in sky dive into the other person's planed before making a safe landing. you can see here's a look at one of their attempts to holston is going to be live streamed on hulu. this is on sunday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. they're starting out from soft to airport in arizona. ellroy arizona, and then they eventually had to the coast where i presume if they don't make it, the planes will end up in people sit around and come up with it. but the public make a lot of money, jump shot or play out of my play. the new remote it
10:56 pm
every day. >> yeah. might all sound like good we got to pull it guys, we've got some great job around the bay area tonight. hey, it has been coming down in buckets around parts of bay area. we're just getting things going up toward the golden gate bridge. kind of breaking up just a little bit now. but still plenty of rain to go. in the system, the first to punches coming on shore, one coming in now. the one right behind it. that's the trough. the sliding into northern california. and that's coming our way, too. so, yeah, a lot of rain out there all around the bay area. you've got some pockets of the heavier amounts of rainfall along the peninsula right now in the woodside headed south. now to redwood city continuing across the bay and more of that on the way overnight. tonight, we're going to see this continue to slide to the south. so again, at the much rain in the south bay just said, you're going to get some a little bit later on and things stay very active. fact, i think tomorrow going to be a really interesting day. we've got a chance of not only the showers, the possibility some there's an isolated chance you might even hear some reports
10:57 pm
of some funnel clouds in the central valley showers continuing on and off into friday. i think back to some spring weather on saturday and sunday. but this a significant storm event. lots of snow in the sierra nevada, 2 to 3 feet, 2 to 3 for april. that's amazing. and give us water. thank you, lauren. thank you for being with us tonight. everybody. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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