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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 21, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. just as promised. and that ties it is raining. i'm darya and i'm james. yeah, john, right on the money with this one. we've got stormy weather outside right now as you're waking up and heading out. let's see how it's impacting everything out there. i, john. yeah, a very wet this morning, guys. going to be a bit of a messy commute for a lot of us. is this rainfall this time around is pushing in, right? as so many of us are trying to get out there. you can see that we do have san francisco under some widespread showers right now and widespread snowfall really starting to pile up in the sierra. nevada will be talking feet of it throughout the course today of the day. up there on into tomorrow morning. so where are we here in the bay area? let's zoom in on some of the spots of heavy rainfall that we are seeing are right in the middle of the bay right now. now this is going to leave our bridges really slick and are really soaked. you can see that we do
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have those areas of yellow and orange. now these are spots of heavier rain that sit right around sfo on up both to 81. 0, one into the city of san francisco golden gate bridge, bridge richmond center fell all in the midst of some heavier stuff and stretching from richmond down through oakland. alameda eventually down to san leandro on up. 24 now getting over to concord and walnut creek as well. and right along highway 4, they're getting closer to bin niesha as well as martinez in vallejo. all in the midst of some of this heavier stuff. now, rainfall this morning has generally been moving in this east northeasterly direction. and you can see just an update there second ago as these this line of showers makes its way a little bit further eastward, actually at the time it out for you right now. so that those of you further east in the bay know when this rainfall is going to be heading your direction. so for those of you in concord, rainfall really about to set to pick up here in just a couple of minutes. hayward expect a heavier rainfall around 5.15, a san ramon
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around 5.18, while pittsburgh, antioch, a little closer to that 5.30, time is when your showers will definitely start to pick up that that line of showers is what i'm looking at right now. coming along with an initially a very light start. and then there are really starts to come down with a very short areas a little further south. you can see san jose, a little quieter right now, but that rainfall bit further south is also moving that same direction. so impact to hear shortly. zooming out a little bit further. there's the sierra 50, 80 and not a good. go ahead and up that direction today at the earliest head up there tomorrow afternoon. honestly, if i were you, i'd wait until early saturday. better chance to enjoy that fresh new snowfall after roadways are cleared out. so very active situation across the bay. it's on and off. showers today. pockets of heavier rainfall. kind of like we're in the midst of right now. interspersed by dry skies at times, rain stays with us through your morning commute. so it is going to be a rough go this morning right around
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10:00am. we'll catcher first break. a resurgence of showers into the early afternoon. another break after that. and then a resurgence of them on into the evening tonight. see, get the picture here. today is day that could catch you off guard if you're not prepared for it. umbrella as rain jackets through the day, even if you're stepping outside to some sunshine a bit later on today. 50's for your current temperatures, not the coldest mornings. so focus on staying dry and you'll be good to go. >> rain. all right. focus on staying dry, focus on driving safely. so you are not getting into any we do have an accident. this is on the bay bridge, 80 westbound right near that treasure island exit. however, doesn't appear to be any major delays right now. they may be able to get that off of the bridge. we'll track that right now. your drive times at around 9 minutes making it to that freeman. she exit from the maze. 82 want to want a little under 13 for you as you're traveling across the san mateo crockett down towards the maze. about 15 minutes for you as you're traveling on the
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slick morning and in the south bay. 85 heading into menlo park a little under 30 minutes highway for appear traveling from one 60 in to conquer around 15 darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 5, 0, 3, and new this morning. you do not have to wear a mask any longer on bart. yeah, but that could be short-lived. we have one bart official saying they're going to oppose enforcing their own mandate. >> everything still in flux. camila barco is live in pleasant hill trying to sort it all out high camilla. >> good morning. so today we're actually right now in walnut creek. we've already seen passengers go through these gates and ride bart this morning. and let me tell you, darya james, they're happening. people wearing their mask this morning despite bart saying that masks are now optional and they're highly encouraged. but like james said, this could be short-lived because part is actually trying to. well, there is a proposal to reinstate that mask mandate and they dropped their mask
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mandate after there were now know local state federal guidelines saying that you have to wear asked the state's department of health also terminated their statewide order on mask. and barr have been following tsa's guidance. but now that agency as well will be enforcing back either. however, as we mentioned, bar is reconsidering a proposal that would require masks on its trains. and that proposal is being brought by the board's president. and here's why she's moving forward with it. >> because there are many riders who need to be protected from covid. so folks who have underlying health conditions who are immunocompromised kids under 5 were still not eligible to get vaccinated, which is i know amazing to some people because vaccines have been around so long. but small children are still not eligible. those people really need to be protected in the best protection is that everybody wearing. >> mask.
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>> now she'll be presenting that proposal at the next port meeting. she says covid cases are going up again and they say that this would be their way to keep riders safe, especially the ones who are at high risk. we're under the age of 5 and darya james. that meeting is on the 28. so we'll have to see what happened then. but for now, nascar optional, if you're riding bart starting this morning and like i said, i've seen plenty of riders this morning wearing their mask. however, i just did see one person without one. again, it's optional. but bart officials are highly encouraging it back to you. >> all right. thanks. a lot of camilla. and now on a national level, the u.s. justice department is appealing the florida judge's ruling that ended the mask mandate on public transportation nationwide. >> the cdc says it supports this appeal. >> and there's a new poll by political that shows more than half of americans supported the mask mandate that the ruling struck down. we spoke with a legal experts make some
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sense of all this. yeah. loyola law professor jessica levinson says that the appeal will take a look at a federal law known as the public health service act. that law gives the u.s. public health service, the authority to prevent the spread of diseases from other countries into the u.s.. now, professor levinson says the judge's opinion of the cdc's ability to respond to public health emergencies could potentially have a lasting effect on the cdc's authority. >> do you appeal it to you? just leave it there and say, look, it's just one district court judge, where do you peel up to the 11th circuit and then maybe up to the supreme court, as you said, and it comes to a loc of issues. there is a risk of more and more bad decisions if the 11th circuit court of appeals says no, you're right. you really should read the cdc's authority that nearly then its decision upon decision. >> the appeal could eventually make its way to the u.s. supreme >> happening today, vice president kamala harris is
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going to be back in the bay area. yes, she's going to be speaking at ucsf is part of a push to address what the white house calls a maternal health crisis. we have kron 4 sarah stinson live out at ucsf to explain. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. that's right. vice president kamala harris will be right here at u c s f and she will be getting a tour of a health care facility meeting expecting mothers and families talking with health care workers to really address and get to the bottom of this maternal health crisis. and this is a big, good deal for her to come back. she doesn't come back to her home state, let alone her home of the bay area. very often think this is about the second time she's come home. so what is the maternal health crisis will apparently, according to the american medical association, women are dying during pregnancy or a pregnancy related death more than ever, even more than in the 1990's, america's maternal mortality rates are among the highest in
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the developed world. black women are 3 times more likely than white women to die as a result of pregnancy. and the cdc says 60% of these deaths are preventable. so the vice president is working on initiatives for maternal health to combat this in systematic unit in qualities that lead to the worst outcomes for women of color in her home state visit, she will advocate to improve these outcomes as a part of her continued call to action. the administration is actually investing 3 billion dollars to help prevent women from dying while pregnant or giving birth or afterwards. so the vice president will be speaking around 2 o'clock this afternoon. and you can listen in because it's going to be, of course, and they close quarters area indoors at ucsf. but you can watch for yourself. owner app kron on. for now. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in san francisco. back to you. thank you, sarah and former president barack obama is also going to be in the bay area today. he's going to be speaking out of stanford. >> later this morning, apparently talking about dis information in the media. and
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the challenges to democracy. he said to begin his speech at 9.40 this in a while. he's all in the east bay. a high school freshman is recovering from injuries. she was attacked. >> at el serino high school. take a look at was captured on cell phone videos. big fight. the girls attackers trespass apparently on the school grounds. >> a group like 4, 5, other girls in another guy had ran into a bathroom following the whole crowd. the people that i've seen around here did at 10 my school. >> so they weren't even students there last month, a fight broke out at the school as well. and it involved a gun though that gun was never fired and nobody was hurt in that case. el serino, police are investigating this incident. >> okay. 5.10, is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a former priest
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now facing a manslaughter charge after a deadly car crash. police tell us how it happened. and coming up after the break, state lawmakers are concerned the california's cannabis industry could be on the brink of collapse. we'll tell you what the industry says it needs in order to save their industry. >> and we're in the midst of some pretty good rainfall in parts of the bay area. the line of showers i'm looking at stretches right now from concord, down towards around san leandro and it's moving eastward. so those of you further south and 6, 80 like in san ramon can expect your rainfall, the pickup here in just a few short minutes. i'll be tracking it all in your forecast. and we're also staying on top of your thursday morning commute. >> we'll have a look at those updated drive times and the
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>> 5.14, and and danger. stay away from the beach today. national weather service is telling us there's a high risk of rip currents and strong sneaker if you're going to be out there, don't go in the water. kind of those ways can knock you over employee out and say it's not surprising. oftentimes what we do have a storm system roll and it will bring the waves with it looks like that's the case. >> today, wind, the wind like was insane. and still this morning, i it flew over my entire. i like 11 tree with a lattice thing. you know, like a not john. how strong are not 11? true? yeah. he got a dar
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let off as they some soil. but it's ok, we're good with to go. hopefully later but yet not even the most tempting day to head out to the coast. so at least there's that. but the warning is right. keep that extra distance between yourselves and the waves today. we're going to be looking at these high waves, us of dangerous rip current potential. >> from this morning through saturday morning. now, as you're heading back outside this weekend, fortunately, we will be seeing a lot of that surf calming down just little bit. but yeah, this storm system is definitely whipping up some winds whipping up some waves along with it too. and a lot of snowfall in the sierra nevada winter storm warning in effect up that direction. if you haven't headed up into the syria, i'd wait until saturday morning at the earliest friday, late in the afternoon as we're seeing that snow piling up in feet towards donner summit here in the bay area. things are happening as we speak. this line of showers right here, very strong frontal boundary that is pushing right through the east bay from concord right now
5:16 am
through walnut creek, down through oakland airport, san leandro. those spots really seen it coming down in pretty widespread good moderate rainfall from bunny shipped down through into more august. oakland itself right across the bay bridge coming down a little bit now for san francisco and up in marin county after you saw that resurgence of moisture now pushing a bit further eastward north bay, it's actually pretty quiet for mendocino. northern sonoma counties. you do have snow and upper elevations of lake county. there's a little bit of a closer look at an updated look at that rainfall, that heavy pockets of it that continues to move a little bit further eastward. concord, now more too out towards bay point. it's eventually going to impact you further and further eastward out towards antioch. and brett would and further move down 6.82 danville, san ramon and eventually the tri valley. also going to be picking up on this heavier area of rain that is moving gradually further eastward. further south san mateo down through mountain view. you're in the midst of some areas of
5:17 am
moderate rainfall, mostly santa clara valley, still quiet, but it's on its way your direction. so expect your rainfall to pick up here in just moments. multiple systems working their way through. we actually do have a very strong area of moisture that's sitting right to the west of the bay that once it collides with this frontal boundary is actually going to see a pretty good uptick in rainfall here in just a matter of an hour or 2. so we are going to see pockets of rainfall really picking up here and there most of it, the most widespread rain is going to be light. but those pockets will pack a punch. the potential of a few rolls of thunder and even some small hail at times this morning into early afternoon and into the early evening tonight. those are your 3 waves that are really going to come through interspersed by some clearing. so be ready for rain any point today, even if you do see sunshine doesn't mean you're done with it just yet snow in the sierra all day long. there's your first wave of rain pushes out around 10:00am you get your fall sunshine and then another one
5:18 am
pushes through could start to see some thunderstorms around one to 02:00pm today. only in pockets, though. some of us will stay dry. others will see those downpours and even some small hail. we'll have another dry period after that towards the late afternoon. may even catch it for your evening commute tonight, which is nice timing and then rain really picks up after sunset. this is going to be the heaviest of rain for the south bay. notice that all day long today. what we see waves of energy here in the bay, the sierra does not let up. as far as snow goes, we will continue to see heavy rain on into tomorrow morning at times this is 06:15am, omorrow morning. areas li hayward fremont could see some of your heaviest, the pockets of rain to start the day tomorrow after that will dry out towards the latter part of your friday. stay dry through saturday and sunday. winter storm warning in effect through 11:00am friday. as i've been talking about, we've got one to 3 feet of snowfall piling up above 7,000 feet. and below that, we have inches of snowfall that you'll be seeing down into your
5:19 am
foothills communities. temperatures today pretty familiar stuff here. i'm going to roll through pretty quickly. it's 50's at the coastline. it 60's for the rest of the bay. definitely stuff we're accustomed to at this point. we've been here for about 2 weeks with these cooler temperatures. and i think we're pretty thankful for him because they've come along with rainfall that is actually gotten some of the bay area caught up to where with where we should be for at least april rainfall totals. we'll celebrate some normal after what was historically dry january february and march april's coming through the way it's supposed to with some average rainfall so far this month. now, tomorrow morning showers begin to dissipate after 10:00am. after that, we're pretty down with the rain for the rest of the forecast. 70's for the weekend and into early next week. i think after this, we've earned some of that sunshine and comfortable weather reyna. all right, john, looking forward to the clear air here. we do have a few accidents to tell you about. >> this one. 24 eastbound west of broadway there in oakland, another one along 80 southbound south of oak
5:20 am
street. so you are seeing a slight delay as you're traveling in these 2 areas. 5.80, though, looks really nice heading into the city. there's an accident. 80 westbound right near that treasure island exit. so about 11 minutes for your drive. we went up by a few minutes because of that san mateo bridge, a little under 14 minutes making your way across towards one o one. as you're traveling there at a richmond. % still, you can see all of our bridges are slick. still, though, about 7 minutes for you as you're traveling from the tolls to one o one in the south bay. 85 into middle part. 28 minute 2, 80 82. i don't see any major delays there. let's check on crockett down towards the maze. use it at about 16 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 5.20. is the time it was an exciting for 20 for the marijuana industry. but there is concern that california's legal market could collapse. marijuana growers and sellers say that while the celebration was good for business, there are at a tipping point right now with the state's taxes and regulations. members of the
5:21 am
industry say the state needs to ease up on the amount that collects and some of those regulations too. >> it's really easy. even for a like myself, that's not really highly educated to figure out that it just can't work pretty much taking away. what is 30 to 40% of my business in the last year. >> so when you say your competition, you're saying the illegal market, right? yeah, that is the illicit market. they just they just don't have taxes and regulations. >> and several bills are circulating through the state capitol right now to ease some of those taxes and make cannabis more accessible across the state hearings are scheduled to begin next week. >> lawmakers in the east bay are making it easier to get marijuana and walnut creek. the city voted unanimously to legalize recreational delivery in the city. but there are some restrictions right now. only 3 authorized companies can deliver to your home. drivers can also deliver more than $5,000 worth of product, which is the state limit and they must deliver directly to
5:22 am
customers without stopping along the way the council is delaying make a decision on allowing store-front sales of recreational pot until next year. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. the san jose airport is seeing a rise in homelessness near its airplane why city officials are trying to move them away. and we're going to take a quick look at your storm tracker. 4 got some heavier showers now in the east bay as well. looking at the morning, wet weather impacting your commute back with a complete update in just a minute.
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>> in the south bay, the faa is working to move a group of homeless people away from the airport. the unhoused people have set up a camp near a landing strip at the san jose airport. you can see their vehicles here. more than 100 families live in this encampment area. san jose city workers are notifying them that the area needs to be cleared and they have to get out in the coming weeks. the faa says it's a safety concern. >> they keep this area and what's not vacated. we will start to dismantle and clear by the week of may 6. >> the city has already cleared another plot of land that's across the street that was being used by the homeless
5:26 am
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>> 5.28 is the time right now. the yellow even moved as we that commercial storm is moving. and i seen i was i was in the north bay and that's where you see it's dry. i had like one drop and i really dodged it on my way. i but i got away let's find out more about this range on standby with. >> all the cruise ship. i just look that up. john, the cruise ship behind you. yeah. what is it? the viking orion coming down from victoria candidates used to the rain. that's on my bucket list go. but yeah, you know what? they're used to it. they've actually seen a lot of rainfall up to this year. western british columbia has been setting records. they've been getting all the rainfall that we want it to get. the jet stream just been pushing it up that direction. >> finally, though, april is coming through for us after months of waiting for it. so right now we are seeing snowfall pretty heavy up in the sierra and then yeah, that rain is coming down pretty good in some spots. the north
5:30 am
bay is actually going to be fairly quiet from this point forward. you're going to be on some of our lighter rainfall totals the next 24 hours as this energy shifts a lot further southward. as you can see, the core of this energy as of this moment is right there along this front, a line that is pushing through the east bay as we speak. san ramon expect or rainfall to pick up here in just a moment or 2. you are right at the edge of it 05:37am. it's going to start to pick up for you. oakley around 5.49. and then after pleasanton and livermore little bit closer to the 6 o'clock hour is when you're really going to notice that rainfall kicking more so into gear for you, oakland, it's starting to show signs of calming for you as the east bay shoreline is starting to see the energy pushing up into the hills just east of you. while the creek conquered, you're still in it. san ramon diaz mount diablo about to be in it more so and a little bit calmer compared to where we were earlier right across san francisco and our bridges. look at the south bay. you're right on the cusp of at least some light to moderate rainfall right now, san jose
5:31 am
saratoga, sunnyvale, you're starting to see that light shower activity picking up out. it's staying pretty light for you as well. zooming out across the region. we do have that snow. a lot of blue showing up in the sierra nevada. that's going to be staying put all day long today. so where is the bay area? see waves of energy pushing through this morning into early afternoon on into early evening tonight and in between those waves of energy, you're actually have some sunshine and that sunshine is not the best of news because once it hits the ground, that means that we could start to see some thunderstorm formation, which i'm expected to be highly possible on into early afternoon and early evening tonight with the second and 3rd waves of moisture. so snow in the sierra rainfall pretty consistent through the morning pockets of rainfall may even hear a couple rows of thunder this morning. maybe some small hail as well by 10:00am most of that rain has shifted out. you'll get peeks of sunshine and then into early afternoon, you see those next pockets of rainfall pushing through. those are the ones that could have some thunderstorms on into early evening tonight.
5:32 am
next wave as well. now 50's for current temperatures. it's a cool morning, but not a very cold morning. so focus on staying dry today. as long as you've got the rain jacket and umbrella, you're pretty prepared for what your thursday has to offer rain on. thanks for we had an accident along 8.80, and that is now clear. so we're looking at drive times. >> 11 minutes traveling from oakland to highway 38. there. also 5.80, moving along pretty nicely. so again, all of those incidents that we had just cleared up, still have that accident on the bay bridge about 16 minutes for you now. maze that free much to exit. so you have slick conditions and that delay to factor into your drive. richmond center fell tools to 1, 1, about 7 minutes for you. there's a traveling out of richmond, the san mateo bridge, although it's slick drive times are still pretty consistent. 13 minutes heading across from one. 0, one, looking at westbound. 24 walnut creek traveling down from walnut creek into 5.80. it will take you a little under 14 minutes to make that drive darya.
5:33 am
james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. it's 5.32 and a big story. a former bay area priest and convicted child molester is now being charged with manslaughter while driving under the influence. yeah, he's going to be arraigned this afternoon. we have kron four's theresa stasi with the story. >> investigators are calling this crash in ross more a felony dui accident. they say 75 year-old steven keys, lee's car jumped the curb and struck curtis gunn and his wife laura land as they walked on the sidewalk back from a trivia game night at the local rec facility. 64 year-old curtis died at the scene. laura lynn was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. >> my heart was just broken. he's just a tragedy. it's it's very sad. berry said that the man lost his life and >> feel sorry for his wife and it was totally unnecessary on wednesday, roswell residents talked about the tragedy looking at the markings still visible where investigators
5:34 am
knocked out the crime scene. just walk by the spot where there's i think, you know, leftovers from the flares and it just just hit me, you know, because i haven't been out since since the news. yeah, i'm just very, very sad. keys lee shown here is ad frock catholic priest. >> who served time for molesting several children when he was at parishes in fremont and putting ul he moved to ross more back in 2010, i spoke to kathy stonebraker who says he's lee sexually abused her when she was a little girl. they had just been with this. >> this new jobs, all of them and i call him. that the clubhouse where they reside. playing games with them. she had never met him. then harassment are going back to the complex and here comes case driving. intoxicated. what was he doing? >> what a horrible, horrible.
5:35 am
>> the situation this is turned out to be. he has broken many hearts once again. >> as far as casey, he remains in custody at a martinez jail and he will be facing his arraignment on thursday. swore to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> it's 5, 35, 1 of the suspects in the sacramento mass shooting is now behind bars. smiley martin was in the hospital after he was injured in the night of the shooting. martin now faces charges for having a gun that he was not legally allowed to own his brother dandre martin was also arrested in connection with the shooting. authorities are still searching for a 3rd suspect. but payton. >> well, san francisco man who spent more than 3 decades behind bars for a murder he didn't commit is now walking out of prison. 61 year-old joaquin ciria was arrested back in 1990, and convicted of a shooting death in san
5:36 am
francisco. well, the northern california innocence project of santa clara university advocated for his release and attorneys with the organization brought new evidence and eyewitness accounts which proved that syria was not involved. he was innocent. he spoke to reporters as he walked out of prison. a free man. >> you don't think he did what we a beacon that i probably all my sale. i'm like, oh, my god, i say may not know when i opened my eyes. he says something about doing. not >> yes, it is. case marked the first exoneration by the district attorney's innocence commission, which was established by san francisco district attorney chase back in 2020 with the purpose of reviewing potential wrongful conviction cases. in san francisco, a civil case against businesses accused of
5:37 am
fueling the opioid epidemic starts on monday. the city lawsuit takes on manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies that city officials say engaged in unlawful and harmful flooding of san francisco with opioids, walgreens and allergan farmaceutica pharmaceutical company, teva pharmaceuticals and endo pharmaceutical companies are all listed as defendants in this case. san francisco city attorney david chiu says that this is the first of its kind case because of his office targeting the entire supply chain. together. >> the over supplied opioids that resulted from the defendants false and misleading statements and from the defendant's failure to control against diversion, flooded san francisco with prescription opioids in created the crisis that we see playing out on our streets every day. >> and according to to the city is already entering a settlement with one of those defendants. the company has
5:38 am
agreed to pay 10 million dollars to san francisco to combat the crisis. 5 million to be paid immediately. and then 5 million more to be paid over the next 10 years. >> time now is 5.37. and stick with us. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news for you to take a look at house prices. they keep rising. we're going hear from experts who say there's a reason, though, that they could start going down. and the warriors are ready to take on denver tonight in their house. >> was the first away game in the series will see what they're doing. >> and we are seeing conditions out there today that are wet to start. can see thiseline of showers from danville, insanely us own stretching all the way up through brentwood now. and it's a solano county, heavy rainfall in pockets continues on and off today. but i'll keep you updated on all of it keep you updated on all of it in your forecast. ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪
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5:42 am
to 5%. unfortunately for home shoppers this spring, those record low rates are a thing of the past. zillow found the year over year cost of a typical home in the san francisco metro area went up almost 20% to just over 1.4 million dollars with the monthly mortgage at $5700. even rent went up 11% in san jose. home values went up about 24% year over year. the average home price. 1.6 million dollars with a monthly mortgage at $6500. one way prices could cool off more inventory as people opt out of this red hot market. that's according to zillow. senior economist jeff tucker, if you go from a property having 38 offers even down to 15 offers. >> that's more than enough to still sell above list price and still feel very competitive for the folks who are still in the running. >> buyers remain ready to pounce on any home that hits
5:43 am
the market. the typical time a home was on the market in march 9 days. that's today's faster than in february in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> it's 5.42. and coming up next, it's raining and moving around the bay area and we are tracking the storm this morning. so don't go away. ♪ ♪ [ bird chirps ] springfest is back! [ sprinkler & birds chirping ] these are the mowers i was telling you about. and right now, you'l find everythig your lawn and home needs this season. [ food sizzling and happy family chatter ] at great prices for the season. stop by lowe's now, for your happiest spring.
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5:45 am
>> 5.45 and check this out. this 89 in olympic valley and you can see the roadways
5:46 am
covered. good. there's a plat we well, that will make it easier to drive although you're not supposed to drive today, i don't think this is the best get away day. a palace aides, though, is extending may 15th. they just decided, we've got snow. let's do this. and they're looking at maybe more spring storms come coming. so >> they figure the list are going to keep running as long as possible because they have to make up for in a last loss. and the last times was that good. january, february, march, world duds i know. so it's just getting good absolutely. so let's find out from john in the weather center about this current storm. if there are any others on the john? yeah, this is the big one so far this month. it's caught a lot of us back up to normal as first april goes. >> if you exclude, you know how far behind we got in january, february and march to at least april has been a normal month for us. but we still got a way to climb out. if you're heading up into the sierra today, you can see this is 80 right here. it is. snow packed. things are moving along. really, really slow up. they're definitely not your
5:47 am
best travel day. we have a winter storm warning in effect through 11:00am tomorrow up. their snow is coming down and we will have 50 mile per hour wind gusts at the mountain passes of the sierra paired with multiple feet of snowfall of one to 3 feet of it at those crest of the sierra. those mountain passes here in the bay area. things are not much quieter for a lot of us. i'm going to start in the north bay. you're going to be one of her quieter areas for the rest of the day today. your rainfall totals from this point forward a really light. that's because a lot of this energy has shifted further southward. and as you can see, we do have a lot of that energy now moving well into the east bay. so you're coming down now for areas like oakland, berkeley, even out towards conquered. you're starting to calm down walnut creek. it's still coming down. pretty good for you. just about to be picking up in any brentwood and oakley and right along highway 4 around bay point. you're in the midst of it. currently. on over towards dublin. also seeing some pockets of heavy rain working your direction, calmer out towards the coastline, but
5:48 am
don't expect it to stay that way. further south in the bay. san jose, you're in the midst of some lighter stuff. light to moderate across the santa clara valley on up the snow. great into the tri valley right now. multiple waves of energy are about to impact us throughout the course of today tonight and into tomorrow morning. that's why we are going to be looking at dry times that the rain picks up another dry time. rain picks up again. so even though you will be seeing it sunshine at times today. don't be fooled by thinking that today's rain is over because it's coming in waves. you want to be ready for to 80 point. snow in the sierras stays consistent while our rain falls on and off by 08:39am. starting to see a calming down only temporarily for parts of the bay peaks of sunshine out there. late morning. and then a resurgence of that rainfall, pockets of it. even some rules of thunder. and even a couple areas of hail could be expected. imbedded in those pockets of rain that moved across the bay mid afternoon and right around the evening commute should have a bit of a dry spot that is actually great news for your evening
5:49 am
commute. as rainfall pushes in after that and some pretty heavy stuff at times pockets of heavy rainfall on into the evening tonight. it could also hear a few rolls. that thunder as you're settling down to sleep this evening. skies clear briefly, another wave of energy into tomorrow morning. just in time for your morning commute. notice that snow in the sierra has kept consistent wall. we've been a little bit more unpredictable for the bay as those waves come in and out across the region. so snow in the sierras going to be really impressive. some of our rainfall totals here in the bay area also going to be pretty impressive, too. winter storm warning in effect as we speak through 11:00am on friday. feet of snowfall piling up up there. you had below 7,000 feet and you still got the potential of up to a foot of it inches down into the sierra foothills. and then upwards of 3 feet at some of those highest of elevations in the sierra. it's paired with some really strong winds. so i highly advise against travel up there today. could see some roadways closed down, especially into tonight, temporarily 50's for your highs near the coastline. and
5:50 am
it's pretty solid 60's. elsewhere today is not going to be by no means the coldest day. in fact, when sunshine peeks back out of points this afternoon, it's actually going to feel pretty comfortable from time to time, but always be ready for those showers because they'll be moving in quickly and unexpectedly at times. so umbrellas, rain jackets, keep them handy. keep him on you all day long today. you can plan your time, right? maybe get outside for some errands, a time or 2. but yes, always be ready for rainfall to kick up at any moment now on into tomorrow. showers earlier in the day, moving out by midday tomorrow. the rest of the forecast after this actually looks pretty dry for the time being anyways saturday and sunday looks great highs back into the 70's under sunshine rain. all right, john, thanks for that. today is take your time morning. >> out there on our highways and bridges. you don't want to rush it because of all those slick conditions looking at drive times right now, cracking down towards the maze, about 70 minutes for you as you're traveling there. you can also see richmond center fell bridge here. no major issues moving at the limit. it's the bay bridge where the
5:51 am
meter lights are on. we had an accident, 80 westbound near that treasure island exit. that is clear. so about a 12 minute drive at the meter lights are on and traffic is going to probably continue to pick up because of that 13 minute commute freeway 80 to one. 0 one. as you're traveling there. let's get a look at the south bay as you're heading for. 85 in to menlo park along one. 0, one. now 34 minutes to 18. 82 both are at the limit. 17, no delays as you're traveling there. checking on southbound 6.80, doubling down to fremont a little under 15 minutes and then 8.80 you can see traffic is picking up as you're traveling down south through fremont and hayward just factor that and to your thursday morning drive darya. james, back to you. thank you. 5.51. in the san francisco film festival returns today. movies and events going back to there's in person after 2 years. they've been just doing it online for the past couple of this year, though, a more than 130 >> films are going to be featured in one of those films actually documentary. and it highlights the untold story of
5:52 am
the murder trial of huey p newton american justice on trial. it's called and it's based on the 2012 book. the sky's the limit. people vs need in the re-trial of the 20th century. that was the book was written by alise per elise per month. a retired california judge. the film features interviews with journalists bell the davis. >> you know, people who are involved also as well or are in this film. david harper, the first black man to serve on a jury. >> as jury foreman in a major murder trial. perlman says that she wrote the book after realizing some major scholars have forgotten about this trials impact on america. >> it was a very important trial. why? because it galvanized the transformation of the american jury and to have this jury have 7 women and for minorities and one of them being african american who became the foreman was groundbreaking.
5:53 am
>> the film is going to be featured friday night alongside 2 short films. it's already sold out. yes, was going already and tickets to the festival, though, at large, which might want to check out runs until may first. it does. >> and tonight the warriors are going to be in denver for game 3. the first round of the nba playoffs. all fans will be watching the warriors up in the series. 2 games to 9 after winning the first 2 games at home. the team held their final practice at the chase center. and then they're taken off for denver. they took off yesterday. >> they say despite their lead in the series to now feels pretty good right there. still laser focused what they need to do to end the thing as soon as possible. >> class a tricky because you know, the emotions run high when you win. and they run low. when you lose. so it's just important to stay even keeled and realized no winning 16. not winning, doing or not doing were supposed take the first to at-home protecting home court. and respecting your opponent. having
5:54 am
appropriate fear, knowing that they're more than capable of. evening out the series. if we don't come in and do our jobs. tell these young guys, most importantly, to enjoy this and appreciate the everyday doings of being an nba player because nothing's guaranteed in this business. >> say clay has a new appreciation after all he's been through with injury in the recovery. so to steph. tipoff for tonight's game, 7 o'clock in denver a late night. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
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>> 5.56 is the time we are tracking the rain across the bay. a live look stormtracker 4. we're going to on trade, wind weather center. find out exactly where this rain is exactly where this rain is meet a future mom, exactly where this rain is a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs.
6:00 am
still falling around the bay this morning. we've got a closer look at where it's falling now and where it's headed next. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >> morning and thanks for joining us on a nice rainy day. yeah, it's nice to have it. we have sure. while so we've got lots to look forward to today. and i guess the rain showers might last into tomorrow. let's find out for sure was being thankful for every drop i saw this morning. i didn't see too but we get more. >> i know we can be thankful for and prepare for it. that's all we can do because we absolutely do need it. but it does make for a rough commute this morning. pretty windy out there, too. you can see the trees around coit tower being pushed around in that steady breeze that has made its way into the bay area along with this much needed rain. snow in the sierras going to stay consistent from this point forward piling up in feet. well, the bay area, we're going to see waves of moisture pushing through one of those waves is currently making its way


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