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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5 boxing legend mike tyson is throwing punches again. but this time on a plane at s f o. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. hard to believe, right? the former heavyweight champs reps confirmed to us the altercation in a statement today. this video here you see. >> tyson kind of coming over the seats tmz sports had the video, by the way. and, you know, you have the lead up to the fight. you have the fight, the moments after the fight
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and at the end. >> one guy's face was dripping with blood and it wasn't isis kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live from sfo with details on what happened and what aviation experts i have to say, rob, this is crazy. yeah. yeah. it is crazy. grant the fight between mike tyson. >> and another passenger happened on an airplane here at sfo last night around 10:30pm. witnesses say that the famous boxer was pleasant with a passenger sitting behind him at first. but then things escalated. tmz, you can see the passenger standing up and almost taunting mike tyson who sitting in front of him. the celebrity clearly gets throws several punches at the passenger on the jetblue plane flying from sfo to florida. very tough to see that video of captain laura on settlers, a pilot with a major u.s. airline says police are notified any time there's an altercation like the one that
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happened at sfo wednesday night. the flight crew that are on board are there primarily for the safety of the passengers for the flight. >> so any time we have a destructive behavior or altercations or things like that, we have to call in the authorities. san francisco police have not confirmed that they were called to the airport because of the fight or charges have been filed. tyson's reps released a statement thursday saying, quote, unfortunately, mister tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him and threw a water bottle at him while he was in a seat. tyson was in town wednesday for for 20 celebrations in golden gate park promoting his own cannabis brand. >> hours before the flight that left the passenger behind him with a bloodied face. just got beat up by mike tyson. captain and settler hopes the protection from abusive passenger. zach gets passed by congress. >> so that violent offenders convicted of assaulting flight crew and others on board will be placed on no-fly list managed by tsa if there's just really abusive or disruptive
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>> and assault type situations, you know, those people need to know they will never fly again on any airlines that this point. >> might >> federal law prohibits the physical assault of anyone on an aircraft and there are civil penalties for any passengers found guilty of doing so live at sfo. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> being on that plane while well, meanwhile, the faa says it is keeping its 0 tolerance policy for unruly passengers. the agency instituted the policy during the height of the pandemic in an effort to try to curb that surgeon disruptive behavior on planes. we saw the rule which is now permanent, allows the faa to find passengers up to $37,000 per violation for unruly behavior. the faa said the program has helped reduce the violent incident rate by more than 60%. now the federal mask
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mandate has been lifted for public transportation. some airlines are reevaluating their lists of >> bad passengers. united airlines issuing a statement saying that they will allow customers who were banned for failing to comply with the mask mandate on a case by case basis. alaska airlines will also allow previously banned passengers to fly except those whose behavior was, quote, particularly egregious. and delta airlines says that they will allow banned passengers to return, but only after they demonstrate an understanding of their expected behavior. >> now to the east bay and what was said to be a serious and credible threat had uc berkeley lockdown for hours earlier today. scary situation that a lockdown was lifted about 2 o'clock this afternoon when. >> university college police say that that individual who made the threats was found and is no longer considered a risk for some. and harry live on campus tonight. amanda, what are we learning about the
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situation and how things look there right now? >> well, in the shelter-in-place was put in place earlier today, they did cancel classes for the rest of the day. so right now here it is fairly quiet. if you take a look behind me, you can see not many people are out and that's because many people chose to go home. one that lockdown was first put in place. now, if you take a look at this video, this is when the shelter-in-place ended just before 02:00pm university. officials say this morning you see pd learned that an individual affiliated with the university issued a serious and credible threat of violence towards others. specifically people who worked or learned that university officials say they decided to make the safest decision and that was to lock down some students. stay on campus for that time. one told kron 4 she was moved to a safe window. this room in a basement where she stayed for the entirety of the shelter in place. luckily,
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the game of telephone didn't go on too far and it felt like >> calm information which helped cause. i don't know. you never know if it's time to panic, but it's hope very controlled. >> the university officials tell us that the time with the information that they had locking down was the safest thing to do. there's no longer a threat and no one was hurt. the investigation is still ongoing. and university officials tell us more information will be available in the future. live in berkeley amanda hari kron. 4 news. thank san jose police have released a photo of the man wanted in connection for a hit and run crash. >> that killed a mom and her daughter. investigators determined that jose who's who's ear is the primary suspect responsible for the april 7th crash call avenue and oakton court. police say that the red truck used during the incident has been located
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and is now in police custody. but was our is believed to have left the area. there is an active arrest warrant out for him for vehicular homicide and felony hit and run anyone with information could get a cash reward >> taking a live look outside and see the ominous skies above the transamerica. pyramid in san francisco. but a hint of blue, maybe upper left. and that's the way it's been today. sunny skies at points and all of a sudden you see these big storm clouds roll in earlier today. most of the bay saw a decent amount of rain and parts even saw little bit of hail. >> yeah. and rain here in the bay mean snow up in the sierra which is a good thing. the snow is putting a damper on fire danger and restocking some of the shrinking snow pack. the snow is good news for several ski resorts that are still open instead of closing down a may 1st palisades tahoe is extending its season to at least the 15th of may because of all
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this april snow. >> we've got more snow in april than we did in january, february and march combined this year. so i'm really interesting season we're having. >> interesting to say the least. the chp is reminding drivers to expect heavy snow and significant travel impacts during the storm and make sure you have an emergency kit in your car if you're going up there. extra food also chains, of course, if your car is 2 wheel drive. >> really hard to believe. january february, march and then you have more in april than those months combined. it's a it's really an impressive system that we're seeing. it really is. and now we're talking talk about the snow. i was looking at some of the pictures up there at on right now. just dead stop eastbound traffic. but now we're talking about the potential for some severe weather in california. that doesn't happen every day. but when you get a storm like this coming through this late in the season is graham talked about if you get some sunny breaks in between the clouds, that's so important because that gives all that energy from the sun, a chance to hit the ground and then re radiate
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up in the atmosphere and give rise to some thunderstorms. and that's what we're seeing out there right now. numerous lightning strikes popping up. look at that. almost too many to count across the central valley and now looking for the potential to get severe out there as we've got a tornado warning that has now been moved into effect there. just northeast of stockton. you can see near farmington making its way towards san andreas. look at that line of strong storms through that area. very heavy rainfall right now and started to try and get a signature of swirl in atmosphere, getting an idea that we may have a tornado trying to form. so tornado warnings in effect until 5.15, but that may very well be extended. these thunderstorms are staying very strong right now and would be unheard of to see this a stick around and be reissued. just moved a little further to the northeast. the track on these storms will continue in this direction following right along this line here show anywhere along that line the you're looking at some possibility of some very dangerous weather now we've
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got some more severe thunderstorms all along. parts of the central valley. there's a possibility we could see some more thunderstorms here as well. a further to the north. of course, you've got more storms coming down. you've got the snow in the sierra nevada and you've got another very strong line near yuba city pushing out toward the northeast near a also up towards grass valley and a feather falls. that is bring some very heavy rainfall there and the potential for maybe some tornadic activity in that area. things will be happening fast throughout the evening. we'll keep tracking right here on kron. 4. >> all right, lawrence, california regulators charged with protecting employees in the workplace have passed another round of covid-19 safety rules they're now in place for the entire year instead of expiring next month. and he's got 4. kerman explains. some employees are ecstatic. well, some business owners are more concerned about the financial burden. >> cal osha standards board has re adopted its covid-19 workplace safety regulations. labor advocates say that's
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especially important. now the virus is. >> orders of magnitude more transmissible now than it was when we started and the vaccines will very effective at keeping you out of the hospital and keeping you alive. don't do nearly as much as they once did to slow transmission. so in some ways we're actually in a worse place now than we've ever been in terms of being able to protect workers from this virus. labor advocates hailed the board's decision, especially the provision that requires employees to pay workers who are sidelined after testing positive for covid-19. the best way to make sure that they don't cause an outbreak and to give them the time they need to recover is to allow them to go home with boats, collusion pay while they're out. but business leaders say this and kept pay for those excluded from the workplace, maybe too much for businesses to bear the exclusion pad of the regulation does not have a clear mathematical like to say you will accrue 5 days for you or for example, if you're a new employee, you have this much. it just says if you excluded, you get this. >> the california chamber of commerce is also concerned. several other provisions may
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be difficult for businesses still struggling to get back up on their feet. >> you have an increased costs in that businesses may have to hand out more n 95 respirators than they do under the prior version upon employees also increased testing requirements. so it's hard to project exactly how those will hit individual businesses, particularly because they may change based on your case rates, right? we see potential increasing costs of those areas that we're going to have a lot of this in california. >> these covid workplace regulations will run through the end of the year. labor advocates are hoping for a more permanent solution after that. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> coming some bay area visitors where vice president kamala harris and president barack obama work earlier today. >> and president biden announcing millions of dollars in more aid for ukraine is he says this war could be far from over. >> plus, the does look to go up 3 games to 0 in denver
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make more of what's yours. >> all right. less than 2 hours or so from tipoff of the warriors next playoff game, course, there in denver now for game 3 of their first-round series with the nuggets proffers. kate rooney joins us now with a preview of tonight's big matchup case. also fire at the just got to keep that up. >> the dems are right where they want to be in this game. it's game 3. they're up to. in the series there really
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executing on both sides of the ball so far. and steph curry, hey, he seems to be getting healthier by the day. steve kerr said today that the plan is for curry to play. more minutes tonight he played 22 minutes in game one. 23 in game 2 scoring 34 points in those 23 minutes. the expectation is the golden state will have curry come off the bench until he's cleared for a full game. but so far it's been working just fine with curry as the 6 man denver has really had no answer for that 3 guard rotation of curry, klay thompson and jordan poole alongside andrew wiggins and draymond green. but game 3 in enemy territory could be a different story. and thompson said the warriors are in no way getting complacent. >> getting great shots. great. looks early. making them. score. hard work on offense, not just giving them easy. looks start not letting that get out in transition. and i'm
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playing that star were defense. we've been playing in. trusting dream on the post trusting in the to the best on jokic just a coming out with a sense of desperation. >> and clay, by the way, averaging 20 points and shooting. forty-seven 0.1% in the postseason. so far it does feel like he is close to full pre injury farm. tonight's to have live coverage from denver later tonight in our sports segment. all right, kate. although the game will take place in denver, warriors fans are still invited to get together to. >> watch the game at thrive city warriors playoff watch parties are going to take place during all warrior road playoff games, providing a very festive atmosphere with a number of activities. in addition to, you know, watching the game on the biggest outdoor video board in san francisco. >> his dad was president. kamala harris has been in the bay area today. she visited
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ucsf to address what she calls maternal health crisis hard for his catherine heenan in the newsroom with more on what the vice president is saying, catherine. yeah, well, this was the vice president's first official visit to the bay area some september. >> when she campaign for governor newsome, that was during the recall effort. this time it was all about taking better care of women during and after pregnancy, harris visited with expecting families. she heard from health workers at ucsf about the challenges they're facing. she says that the u.s. maternal health crisis is real. that black women are 3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications. native american women more than twice as likely to die and women in world america 60% more likely to die. >> maternal mortality is not only health care issue. it is also. housing issue. transportation issue. and
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environmental issue. think about it. if mothers don't have a safe and healthy place to live. before and after childbirth, they will be at greater risk of adverse outcomes. if a woman has no means of getting to the hospital, the checkups, it will negatively impact her health. >> the biden administration is now giving states the ability to expand medicaid coverage to women who have given birth instead of the current 2 months of postpartum care, it would be a full year. 11 states, including california, are doing that. harris is calling on all states to do so. grant and vicki. >> all right. thank you, catherine. meanwhile, former president barack obama is in the bay area as well today he spoke at stanford university's cyber policy center this afternoon. president obama talking about the dangers dis
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information does to democracy. he encourages everyone to keep asking hard questions. stay informed and treat other people with respect. >> today, of course, we occupy entirely different media realities that directly into our phones. or even up to look up. and has made all of us more prone to what psychologists call confirmation bias. the tendency to select facts and opinions that reinforce our preexisting. worldviews and filter out those that don't. so inside our personal information, bubbles. our assumptions are blind spots. our prejudices, our challenge. the reinforced. >> it is late. the speech obama called for more oversight on social media companies. he also highlighted the positive role social media can play in society saying social media can bring people together, pointing out that if it weren't for sites like my
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>> dna evidence is being credited for solving a murder
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cold case in the city of richmond. it happened way back in the 90's long time ago, although a suspect has been identified, a family member of the victim explains why this does not bring closure. kron. 4 says he quit. you has the story. >> after 23 years, the murder cold case of micah wadley has now been solved. >> to meet his family loved ones. i hope today brings a measure of peace. >> and of closure. california attorney general rob bonta held a press conference at the department of justice's dna processing lab in richmond in which he says played a key role in using familial evidence to identify the alleged murderer by connecting dna collected at the crime scene to the dna of a family member of the suspect. we were able to establish a list of likely first degree relatives. >> of the person responsible for me because murder and ultimately helped our partners. identifying officials identified the
5:25 pm
alleged killer as jerry lee henderson. and although this particular suspect died. >> some days after the murder, i am hopeful that the family of micah. >> we'll have some degree of closure regarding their loved one's death. >> richmond police investigators say back in january 1999, 28 year-old me go out and he was found dead in her apartment in richmond over the years. the search for the murder of turn cold. but richmond police investigators say they never gave up on the case to mika's family and friends. >> nothing can make up for this tragic loss. but i hope that these efforts bring some sense of closure for all of you make a lot of these nice as closure remains yet unfulfilled without knowing why she was killed. why her? >> she wouldn't a fly. so yeah, so sweet. she was in a never in a million years. i thought something like this can happen. she has so many
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dreams. she was able to feel. >> has it made you cry on for news? >> next, an amazon delivery. everyone can support how much money is headed to the city of oakland and what it will be used for. plus, a football play on a baseball diamond. what led up to this violent tackle in the fallout from the take down? >> and why president biden is sending higher powered weapons. now to >> help ukraine try to fend >> help ukraine try to fend off russia. after my car accident, >> help ukraine try to fend off russi wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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>> turning now to the latest on the war in ukraine. russian president vladimir putin claimed victory in the battle for the port city of mariupol today. well, he ordered his troops not to risk more losses by storming the giant steel plant where ukrainian troops and civilian defense teams are taking cover to survive the incessant bombings. he directed his forces to seal off that plant so that no one can come through. russian forces have repeatedly issued orders for them to surrender. the city is largely, as you can see, turned into ruins. >> today president biden announced more than a billion dollars in new support for ukraine, including more weapons for the military and more economic support for the ukrainian government. >> washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us now live with the the impact that it could have on the war was shot. >> vicki and grant president biden says that ukraine has entered into a new phase in the war, which is why he
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approved more high-powered weapons for them. >> we're in a critical window now. president biden says an additional 800 million dollars of military and humanitarian aid is headed to ukraine. >> this package includes heavy artillery weapons. dozens of how are teachers and 144,000 rounds of ammunition to go with those howitzers. >> the u.s. has already started training some ukrainian soldiers on the artillery systems. but president biden says not all u.s. assistance will be advertised. >> sometimes you will speak softly and carry a large javelin because we're sending a lot of those well. also thursday, treasury secretary janet yellen met with ukraine's prime minister and pledged an additional 500 million dollars in direct assistance to help keep ukraing's government operating if ukraine urgent. >> and we plan to deploy ukne


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