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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 22, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the streets because other businesses, they're going to face the same thing. the store >> now it's 6 in east bay laundromat burglarize costing that this is thousands of dollars. and tonight the owner is asking the public to help capture the suspect. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan pam and can have the night off. police say the man captured in video managed to steal about $2500 in cash from the bill change or machine damaged machine itself is pushing the total loss to more than $10,000 and kron four's felecia gaal has that story. >> an estimated $2500 in cash and coins was stolen from this bill changer machine at one stop laundromat in el serino about 2 and a half weeks ago. this after a man broke in and burglarize the business on san pablo avenue. you know, the police department and bin
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zhang, you business say the damage caused by the burglary. plus, the monetary loss exceeds $10,000 and help us right in the situations that suspect took advantage of the businesses being open that night once term and no one was around. he spent about 3 and a half breaking through a door to get to the back. police say used to get into the machine. i have heard of these things. i never thought that i would be. >> you know, a victim of one of these these making matters worse is the nationwide coin shortage during the pandemic. eu says it was already a daily tour securing quarters from banks for customers have been reaching out to folks on craigslist. >> on on next door and asking for neighborhood folks to bring coins and has been really helpful. >> but i'm still running around and i think i'll be doing that for the the near future. as in the meantime, he's hoping someone recognizes the man who wore a mask during
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th' burglary. police say he stands 5 foot 6 and dressed in all black. reach out to investigators. if he looks familiar, he cost a family business. a lot of money. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news in oakland. police have made an arrest in connection to the homicide of 15 year-old camilla brown. the teen was shot inside her home on 68th avenue back on april 9th. she died the following morning. >> police are not releasing any other details on the arrest. people at an east golf club are reacting tonight after one of their employees was killed in a hit-and-run accident. >> happened april 18th at the intersection of fairway drive and monarch bay drive in san leandro. police said that the monarch bay golf course maintenance worker had been riding along more when he was hit by what witnesses say was a black ram pickup. the truck turned out to be stolen. police arrested. 44 year-old jason mcdermott of oakland, the name of the worker who was killed has not been publicly
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released yet. in a statement, the golf course, officials said we are deeply saddened by the passing of our associate at one of our managed properties. we'll continue cooperating fully with the investigation. our deepest condolences are with the associates, family, friends and colleagues string this difficult time. >> in the south bay, san jose police say a carjacking suspect is dead after crashing into another car during a high-speed chase. happened about 01:00am at the intersection of north first street in montague expressway. police say that the suspect ran a red light and then hit another car. that driver had major injuries and later died at the hospital. 3 passengers in the stolen car along with the driver of the second car. we're also rushed to the hospital. san jose police have reopened ahead and run case from 11 years ago after the woman who was hit died from her injuries. police say the victim was 15 years old when she was hit by a car in a marked crosswalk near camden and baskin avenues. officers
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believe that the car was a gray or silvar sedan. and early 2, thousands model, but the car it was never found. the driver not identified this crash has left the victim of a quadriplegic for many years. she died on tuesday while in hospice care. >> we are learning more about the man who was punched in the face by mike tyson on a plane at sfo this week. news agencies are reporting that the passenger as 37 year-old melvin townsend, the 3rd kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us now in the studio here with more on how towns in this apparently had a few run-ins with the law before. that's right. vicki, according to court records, townsend has multiple felony offenses. >> that he's been found guilty of serving more than 2 years in prison. time will tell if he or tyson see jail time over there. brawl on a plane to fo. and san francisco police were called to the airport wednesday night around
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10:30pm, after a fight broke out between heavyweight champ mike tyson and the passenger behind him. >> both were released by police. tyson's reps responded thursday with a statement saying the passenger was aggressive, harassed tyson and threw a water bottle at him. comparing video capturing the fight on board the jet blue plane and this 2020 mug shot from the florida department of corrections. it appears that the passenger is melvin towns in the 3rd of gorda, florida court records show that the 36 year-old has been convicted of grand theft fraud by identity theft trafficking in stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription townsend served jail time twice. the first for 20 months from 2009 to 2010 and most recently from 2019 to 2020 for 15 months might like many people, president of flyers rights, paul hudson, watch the video and was shocked by what he saw in his opinion. it never should have escalated to a physical altercation. well, there's a call button. >> right above you push the call button. that's what happens. the flight attendant
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comes over. they break up the argument. the necessary move some of the party's hudson says the federal aviation administration will have to decide if the no tolerance for unruly passengers. policy applies to everyone. celebrities included interference with a flight crew. >> and the air is a federal felony. i spoke by up to 5 years in prison. captain laura einsetler is a pilot based out of la and deals with passengers of celebrity status. often she says crew members and other passengers are expected to act accordingly. with celebrities on board is in. in that case, we would ask the other passengers to please be respectful of that celebrity passenger. >> because there are people as well and they need to get to where they're going and they're focused on what they need to be focused on and what they're thinking. >> the video of the fight between tyson and townsend is under investigation by the san mateo county sheriff's office, san mateo district attorney steve wagstaffe says his office has not received any
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police reports of the investigation and no charges have been filed. live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. thank you, robin. now to a developing situation in washington, d.c., police have ordered a shelter-in-place after at least 4 people were shot. they include a 54 year-old man, a woman in her 30's, a woman in her mid 60's and a 12 year-old girl who was shot in the arm. all of them are being treated for their injuries, said they are expected to be okay. but police say they have identified a 23 year-old virginia man is a person of interest. but there still looking for tonight. and here's more video posted to twitter. this was shot from a balcony above the scene. you can see what appears to be a swat truck posted in front of a building. there are more video shows law enforcement officers walking down the street. several streets are closed in the area. this again is a developing story. we will continue to follow the details as they come in. all right.
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time for a look at the forecast. what a nice start to the weekend as well. we look live over san francisco. >> little rain to scrub things down and green up the grass. yeah. get ready to go. now we're going bring a little more sunshine here. we are. get ready for a weekend on a friday night and looks like it is going to be just all right. weather wise is temperatures going to be heating up a little breezy out there right now looking toward the golden gate bridge. you see the flag blowing in the wind right now. the cars out there in the bridge of this evening as well. last 24 not a ton of rain but not bad either. just about a quarter of an inch in petaluma oakland, almost a half an inch of rain just over that in redwood city union city just under half an inch cast valley slightly over half an inch in almost a quarter of an inch in berkeley. so this just adding to the totals and this is where we sit for the season. this may actually where we stand as reeves had over 8 and a half inches in san francisco. that's actually twice as much as we've had compared to the last 2 years. impressive. so even though running slightly below the average of 86%, not a bad year
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at all. not so much into san jose. they're only 57% of normal at over 7 inches of rain. oakland, you're 96% over 16 inches of rain elsewhere around the bay area. not so bad. of course, we've got a ton of snow up in the sierra nevada, upwards of 2 to 3 feet from this late season storm. >> all right. thank you very much. lauren the contra costa water district is were crying are requiring customers to cut back on water use by 15%. this is compared to 2020. it is part of stage 2 of the district's water shortage. plan officials say it's a way to tackle the drought, but also to come into alignment with the governor's conservation plans. the district board is also proposing a temporary drought surcharge of up to 15% starting in july, a public hearing on the proposal is set for june 15th. after a wet october and december,
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california seen really dry january, february and march, so much so that the snow pack. >> which many of us rely on for water is that only 38% of average? yeah. and we cannot take a look here at the drought monitor shows that almost every county in the state trust me of that show's had almost every county is either in severe drought or extreme drought. and that's got one bay area water agency thinking about putting waters restrictions in place before summer kron four's dan kerman reports. the drought has taken its toll. >> the driest january february and march on record. i mean, san pablo reservoir in the others both locally and in the sierra that store water for east bay muds 1.4 million customers. our only it 71% capacity. now east bay mud is considering a variety of steps to reduce water use. so demand doesn't outpace supply there to be looking at how much
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snowfall >> is going to run into the same a reservoir us how much water do we think customers will need and use this summer and make a projection about what need to do? >> 10% water conservation is currently voluntary. but if he's payment declares the stage 2 drought next week, reducing water use could become mandatory. other actions could include a water surcharge for all customers that would help purchase supplemental water supplies in a siege to the way that our plan and the board mae be looking at like it to to 8% increase some 5,000 residential customers who've been identified as using more water than prescribed. >> could also be assessed a penalty or fine. those customers, our customers. you seeing what he's been? my considers water use in an excess of caution. so whether that's you know, a week or it could be due to outdoor watering or or what have you. east bay muds board will
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discuss next steps at its meeting next week. while some things could go into effect immediately. other things like a water surcharge would go into effect until at least may. >> that said pablo reservoir, dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> so here's a question of the day. why did the coyote cross the road, though? this one apparently crossed it to pick up some home repair tools at a home depot. our she snapped this picture of the coyote in sandra fell this afternoon while walking towards the home depot who knows why he really went there may be needed. some keys made. all right. coming up, the long time and much loved gilroy garlic festival has been canceled. >> indefinitely why organizers say it had to happen. plus, an update on the state's projected budget surplus. just how much extra money state officials are now expecting and how they could use that money that helped taxpayers as of the price everything continues to go up. and san
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francisco's earth day festival returning this weekend for the first time in 2 years. we will talk live to one of the producers about what you need (music throughout)
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> today is earth day today least one day dedicated to celebrate the planet we call home. you know, there have been events across the bay area over the place aimed at cleaning up plastic pollution in some cases protecting wildlife and people in san
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jose city leaders and volunteers brought out shovels. they were planting trees. this was bay point park in north san jose. they planted 30 oak trees and chinese french trees. san jose's mayor says the city's tree canopy has been kind of fanning out recent years and they want to reverse that trend. >> had lot of kind of being a certainly on our health and obviously on our environment in so many ways. and so we're determined to reverse are shrinking candidate. >> as the chinese proverb tells us. the best time to plant a tree was a generation ago. the next best time to plant a tree is today. so good proverb, >> the goal they say is to plant 1000 trees and the district and san francisco will continue. it's earth day celebration tomorrow with earth day. san francisco festival. yes, this will be a will be the event's first return to the city's mission district since the pandemic began. so it's been a while with the fun details. we're
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joined by mona lisa wallace, a co-producer of earth and san francisco. well, fun details, but also you want people to learn something i owe so much will be kind of a juggling act. >> okay. they list this. we're so excited to be back having our street festival. another new thing about this festival is that we have partnered with san francisco, the edge to society. so for the first time we've actually gone vegan, it's really an interesting thing for california, as you're just talking about the the drought. 80% of the water goes to agriculture in california. so as much as we cut back at home in short our showers, that's going to be nothing compared to what could happen if just one day a week we went vegan and so not only do we have our awesome like, well, music and psychedelic rock bands like sunshine, garcia band starting at one 30
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done to us doing their amazing dance performance. beginning 11. we go to 8. we have celebrity chefs teaching how to make just the most nutritious and delicious vegan food recipes that you can make it home. from whole foods even our food trucks this year begin. so we're inviting everyone to come out and learn something. kuz earth day is just an amazing celebration. it's also teach an >> our lease always with my co anchor katherine here. >> and, you know, i didn't even know this, but that earth day was actually introduced by. >> an environmental activist here in in san francisco in 1969, at the unesco conference held in the city. so really, you know, we have a legacy to uphold. >> that's right. and it all actually began with that horrible oil spill in santa
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barbara. it really began to wake people up that we have to to do something about this. and it's it's more urgent than we have could pay women for peace who are really doing to teach an about why peace is green. and really there's a lot to learn and just a lot to celebrate a spy being together once again in person and sharing your commitment to doing something about climate change and environmental justice. and mona lisa, the press releases had a lot of talk about art programming. so i want to hear more about what that is. >> well, we have an amazing art there an opportunity actually interacting and body. what what? we're what we're as a community. and so but i but painting by planting and doing things with their hands cooking that were actually.
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really interacting with the changes that we want to say. >> are lisa. i get the impression this is joyous occasion. and yet, you know, you really are facing the planet is facing some dire situations between the wildfires, the drought, that pollution. is that what you're hoping to impart to people to give them a sense of? we can do something to turn things around. >> well, every we not only. >> dance and celebrate and d you are, but we also include activism. one year several years ago, we had over 3,000 signatures collected in one day is earth day for the label. gmo movement. and this year we're really organizing around ukraine and peace. and i'm really understanding that even where people say that nuclear power can be green and we realize with chernobyl and fukushima that it in the in
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the best of times. we can't really on the safety of nuclear power. so every year also there's activism. and this year we really do need to activate around peace. >> well, anything involving food and music and art sounds pretty good to us. art. mona lisa, thank you so much for the update. >> thank you. we'll see you tomorrow. ok? thanks for joining us. have a good evening. all right. now to our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now. it s f o. >> and kron first. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. what little i saw of today. i mean, it was nice to sleep in. >> well, okay. matter of fact, you know, but everything is green. yes. the beautiful time to get out. there really is a lot. yeah, that that rain is wonders. at all that kind of push back the fire season by a few weeks. and that is great news. and so hopefully we can get a little more coming in right now. we're drying things out now. you've got that wind blowing outside sfo. you've got some. >> winds kicking up and some
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clouds forming over the mountain tops there on san bruno mountain. some patchy fog come overnight tonight looks like the atmosphere starting to settle down. you've got one last little swirl off the coastline. this is kind of a dying area of low pressure sitting out there right now. that will begin to move on through overnight tonight, but not going bring any rain for us. still, some scattered pop up showers over the mountain tops even a couple lingering snow showers. but really they're more isolated. now around much of the state. the bay area looking mostly dry, but the winds they've been kicking up behind the system. so yeah, now blowing almost a 30 miles an hour and a san francisco getting blustery along the coastline. i think as we head through the evening. but then that low kicks to the east. high pressure kicks in the winds, calm down. well, those temperatures are going to start to warm up tomorrow is going to be mild day, even warm inland. you start to see some 70's popping up around the bay area. lots of sunshine and return to a couple patches of fog. if you are stepping outside this evening, you might want to grab a light jacket. the temperatures are cooling off and that wind is blowing just a few clouds begin to roll in as we head in toward 8 and 9 o'clock this
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evening with some of that patchy fog forming. overall, though, temperatures for we're warming things up. 71 in concord about 71 mount. you may be 73 in san jose. maybe mid 70's in the napa valley. next few days we're going to warm things up even further. some temperatures near getting near 80 degrees on sunday and monday cooling down. but staying dry tuesday, wednesday of next week. all right, lawrence garlic lever. a big announcement today from the folks in charge of that. yeah, the gilroy garlic festival. the festival not happening this summer and they're telling us maybe never again. >> the board of directors is talking about pandemic-related problems along with financial problems. all that was a big factor. one example bought very high cost of the insurance being required by the city. in a statement, the board says that gilroy work requires a minimum general liability coverage of 1 million dollars for any event. some city parks, city
6:24 pm
streets, sidewalks, parking lot, city buildings are taking place in any city facility, but it adds they're requiring much more from the gilroy garlic festival and for the record, the association does have insurance coverage of 1 million dollars first. the festival, if you recall, it was canceled in because of the pandemic. and then, you know, last year. >> it was a drive-thru event, but also in a tragic shooting left 3 people dead, 17 injured. and the board says that the garlic festival will never be the huge event it used to be, but maybe someday it might be a smaller one day event. the gilroy garlic festival has been around for 42 years, raising millions of dollars for local charities. yeah, people loved >> it may come back in some form. all right. still ahead, a high school prom on the peninsula leads to nearly 100 covid cases among students of the school district is now rethinking its policies before rethinking its policies before the prom schedule what can i du with less asthma?
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>> california's budget surplus actually might be much greater than originally projected than it's already begun. january governor newsome projected a surplus of nearly 46 billion dollars. but the recent finance department report says the amount is 17 billion dollars over what the governor was expecting so far this fiscal year. but legislative
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analyst's office says the state could see another. 33 to 39 billion in unexpected revenue from things like personal income corporation and sales taxes with all that extra money. the legislature and the governor will have to deal with the appropriations limit that restricts the amount of tax money the state can spanned and don't hold your breath, but it does give them all the option of sending rebates to taxpayers. >> disney versus desantis. how florida's ongoing feud with the entertainment company is about the cost. one of the millions of dollars. plus an honor flight. kerry bay area veterans took off from sfo this morning for the first time in 2 years. their story of service and sacrifice. but first, we are checking out the snow up in the sierra live report from south lake tahoe.
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