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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6, thousands of stanford nurses are ready to hit the picket lines as fears over loosening covid mandates grow and nurses worry their own health may be at risk. good evening. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 6. >> i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. the nurses union has called to strike on monday. stanford health officials say they're disappointed in the union's decision to strike. they say they recently met with the nurses union, offered them a 5% raise as well as a 2% bonus 6 months after a deal is signed. there's also an offer
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for funds they say will help employees repay their student loans. we're waiting to hear back from the nurses union about this latest office offer. the nurses have been working without a contract since march 31st. 90 1% of the 5,000 nurses who belong to the union voted for the strike. >> in the east bay, a massive fentanyl bust in alameda county. the county can narcotics task they've recovered more than 92 pounds of fentanyl during bus in oakland and hayward, detectives found a fentanyl manufacturing lab friday afternoon to illegal firearms were also found at the scene. one person was arrested. investigators are still looking for a second suspect in connection to that bust. in walnut creek, a man is behind bars tonight, accused of using a machete while trying to rob a target. police say the 31 year-old suspect on rodriguez did not make it out of the store with anything, but he did try robbing the cash register in the stores
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electronic section on thursday, juan rodriguez failed. he took off on foot near the walnut creek bart station. he was later arrested and taken to the martinez detention facility. >> in oakland, one person is in the hospital tonight after a car crashes into a residential building this morning. this is video of the scene posted to the citizen app. oakland police say it happened around 1 o'clock this morning on macarthur boulevard. the driver of the car was taken to a nearby hospital. his name is not being released while officials trying to get in touch with his family. and investigators believe there was a passenger in the who they say ran from the scene. there's no word yet on what caused this crash or if drugs or alcohol played a factor. oakland police are also investigating a shooting that happened on macarthur boulevard last night. police got reports of gunfire around 11, 30 and when they arrived on scene, they say they found a 41 year-old person from oakland who had been shot several times. they were pronounced dead at the scene. apno further information about the victim is being released until their family has been
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contacted. no arrests have been made so far. >> electronics store best buy has agreed to pay nearly $200,000 after the epa says the company violated federal law that spies accused of selling disinfectant wipes at its union city store that were unregistered and misbranded. the epa considers any cleaning product that claims to repel or kill germs or bacteria. as a pesticide and therefore must be registered with the epa. they say the pure mobile sanitizing tech wipes. we're never registered with the agency. best buy says they're making policy changes to keep this from happening ever again. earth day events continue this weekend with groups. all a ground of the bay area continue to hold events to try and make the bay a cleaner and better place for all of us to live down in redwood city, volunteers picked up a lot of debris and trash. they could find last year they collected more than 3,000 gallons of garbage during their weeklong event.
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>> kron four's camila barco was there. >> this year i found more and mask in any other year. so looks like people are starting to get out again. >> for the last decade, mark o'malley has been volunteering to pick up trash redwood city's bring cleanup event. >> the majority of the garbage is cans, bottles raptors on saturday. o'malley notice redwood creek. >> seems cleaner than years past but mask. we're still feeling his trash i've been here in the past where there was huge after storms, stier from everywhere. an it looks actually a little cleaner, but it's still a lot of debris were pulling out. the pride and beautification committee has been hosting the event for about 30 years committee chair person diane howard says while redwood city has come a long way, trash still ends up in the area wrecking havoc on the
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environment and everything flows down into our waterways into our creeks. >> and goes into the bay. and that's just a sad situation. most of the trash collected. he's thrown away with. some items are donated while others are returned to their owners. >> o'malley sees the value in the cleanup efforts and hopes the event will continue each year. i mean, we have to educate or children and things like that. and we have to set a good so i think that's something we can we still need work on. if you weren't able to come out to saturday's event. redwood city does host to annual cleanup events. the next one. >> is in the fall in redwood city. camila barco kron. 4 news. >> restaurants across the golden state can now apply for free money from the california restaurant foundation that foundations partnered with california's to energy companies to provide $3,000 grant to mom and pop shops. the california restaurant foundation focuses on investing in the kitchens and
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crews that keep restaurants running grants can be used for equipment upgrades and employee retention bonuses. applications are being accepted until april. 30th can only be submitted online. you can find a link to do so on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> the closure of a family owned grocery store in west oakland this year has left a void for residents who want access to healthy food and fresh produce. and as kron forcefully call reports, the community has rallied to fill that vacant space. >> with an alternative option. >> the future of the now shuttered community foods market in west oakland is still up in the air. but in the meantime, community organizers are not letting the space go to waste. we want this space for. >> vendors to be able to sail. healthy food items. or whatever arts they have local artists, family oriented, the organization community ready corps or crc has teamed up with oakland, councilmember carroll fife.
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>> to turn the old markets parking lot at 31. 0, 5, san pablo avenue into an outdoor event called mosaic world market other than >> allowing this space fall victim to blight are in dc because of store beach on saturday, the market held a soft opening, but starting next week, crc events, coordinator, denmark, vesey says it will operate every saturday from noon to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. >> providing a free space for up to 25 vendors to showcase their products, whether it be food or are this is what we call violence folks have fresh foods, i'm more into unity with each in. access to good culture. big creates a bomb within the community. neighbors were sad to see community foods go due to the pandemic supply issues and inflation. the market closed less than 3 years after it
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opened. >> the hope is that mosaic will fill the gap and equal access to nutrition for disenfranchised communities. it left behind. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> coming up, we take a look at the people running for alameda county sheriff and the changes that they are hoping to bring to the county. >> plus, san francisco supervisor matt haney headed to sacramento. a look at his to sacramento. a look at his plans as assembly left. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation
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>> for your help tonight, are you a red wine or white wine kind of person? >> that ice depends on the read read when you're like eating dinner. why? when it's hot summer day rose day for me to overweight for me, you could be different health benefits depending on whether or not you're red or white wine drinker. yes, the researchers at iowa state university to examine different varieties of alcohol to determine how each one affects human health and they actually found the drinking beer and spirits leads to higher levels of harmful. fat say it ain't drinking red wine actually reduces that type of fat. they also found a white wine can potentially improve bone health. so keep that in mind at your next dinner party. nothing on though. >> island. and yet today we certainly notice that warm up 5 to 10 degrees warmer compared to yesterday, widespread 60's and 70's
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tomorrow. flirting with 80's. fin
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>> kron 4 is your local election headquarters in this year. voters in alameda county will decide on their next share. one of the candidates held a meet and greet and hayward today. yesenia sanchez is has a long career in law enforcement and she's hoping to unseat incumbent sheriff greg air kron four's gayle ong was at the event earlier today.
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>> he said he is sanchez joined alameda county sheriff's office as a technician in 1997 and moved up the ranks of deputy sheriff sergeant lieutenant captain and is currently division commander overseeing the santa rita jail in dublin. her next school county sheriff. i'm 25 year veteran. >> i'm the highest-ranking latina and the sheriff's office and i worked a variety of assignments. i worked almost every division. so i definitely know where to start on the improvements and i can hit the ground running. sanchez is hoping to unseat incumbent sheriff greg ahern who was elected in 2006 sanchez held a meet and greet at the dirty bird lounge in downtown hayward saturday. among her supporters, fellow colleagues from the county sheriff's office. he's been my supervisor a couple of times and she's a great leader. i worked with her when i was a technician and then became a deputy and a i promoted to sergeant. might that meyer her throughout her career >> we worked some time together at police services. she says somebody that i've
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admired since day one with the sheriff's office, sanchez says her candidacy will focus on rehabilitation and job training for incarcerated people, racial justice and law enforcement holding sheriff's office accountable and connecting with people. number one priority is to be president and accessible to our community members. >> that's what's needed to build trust and for them to be able to give me some critiques on how the sheriff's office is providing service. the primary election is set for june 7th in hayward, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> san francisco supervisor matt haney is headed to sacramento and he's now assembly member elect for the 17th district after a special election earlier this week that state assembly seat was once held by david chiu. he is now city attorney as a district. 6 supervisor. >> haney represented the tenderloin. he's going to continue to serve that area, which does struggle with homelessness and illegal drug use. and he says these issues go far beyond one neighborhood and that's why he ran for the state assembly. >> we need state leadership,
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state resources, every city and county doing their part on this. you can't expect to solve homelessness or fentanyl epidemic in one neighborhood as hard as we're trying. so we need to have consequences for affective consequences for people were selling fentanyl. we need to stop the flow of these drugs into our state and into our communities. >> the state is expected to have a sizable budget surplus next year. some 23 billion dollars more than previously expected. haney believes that money should be put towards homelessness and mental health services. >> make sure the systems work better. we can't have people who are just abandoned on our streets. we have to get them inside. but also people generally and in san francisco around the state, even though the state is doing well with our surpassed a lot of people still are not doing well themselves. they have debt. they're struggling. they lost a small businesses. so i'm also going to be looking at economic opportunity to lift everyone up. workers put money back in people's pockets. >> you can head to kron 4 dot com to watch that full
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interview with supervisor haney head to kron 4 dot com. >> california's republican convention continued in anaheim today as the party looks to make headway in deep blue, california. there are some big name republicans that call california home at the convention like house minority leader kevin mccarthy. the congressman is scheduled to address the convention at the anaheim anaheim area tonight. this coming just days after the new york times released audio of mccarthy condemning former president trump in the days following the january 6th insurrection in national news tonight, a u.s. senator is pushing legislation that would give cannabis shops an added layer of safety from the federal government because marijuana is not legal at the federal level. shops can't accept credit cards and they can't put their money in banks
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from penalizing depository banks from providing services to cannabis businesses. >> this is really dangerous for small business owners and workers who are just following the letter of the law. it makes absolutely no sense that legal cannabis businesses are being forced to operate entirely in cash. >> the bill would help pot shops in states where it's currently legal, which includes here in california and also washington, along with 14 other states and washington, d.c.. all right. let's get a check now in your 4 zone forecast. a live look over the golden gate bridge. little hazy sunshine out there today. it did look pretty nice out there today compared to those kind of rainy cloudy days. we've been seeing the last couple days. murray's rodriguez. >> back with us this evening for more my breaks up a hey, there know. well and and yeah, beautiful day out there. finally looking and feeling like spring after those winter storms rolled through the bay
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area. bring us much needed rain. >> for much of the upcoming workweek. but we are expecting right now. temperatures right now a little bit cooler for our bay area beaches, mid 50's for pacifica and half moon bay. see northerly winds right now in parts of the south and palo alto. that's what we're tracking in your 20 degree. difference between palo alto, 72 degrees, half moon bay am in the mid-fifties with everything else in between. still in the low to mid and upper 60's santa rosa. 71 degrees. so very pleasant. temperatures out there about 5 degrees above average for warmest inland valleys today, warming up into the mid 70's with wind tracker for it. tracking sustained winds at 21 miles per hour for downtown san francisco. but radar for crystal clear skies. so it looks like april showers. a thing of the past, at least for now. we are going to contend with some patchy coastal drizzle overnight and even some marine layer keeping our beaches in the 50's and 60's for the 2nd half of your weekend. but overnight lows tonight, widespread mid to upper 40's, low 40's. for
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those of you in santa rosa. 42 degrees. but a little bit milder in antioch. 51 degrees for your overnight temperatures. but check out santa rosa in livermore, flirting with 80's. but warming up to 78 degrees. mid 70's of peas for san jose hayward and even app and mid 60's for downtown san francisco. so going to stay seasonal there along the coast and along our beaches as well. but then we are going to hold steady by monday. even with that increase in cloud cover it very spring-like forecast for the next 7 days and no rain in sight. back to you, dan and wealth. >> the breeze thanks a lot looking good will next. in sports, another monster inning fuel. the giants win in washington, d.c., kate rooney has highlights. plus how the a's fared against the rangers oh, wow barbara corcoran!
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> beautiful day for some baseball. no matter which coast you happen to be on. the giants are back east looking for another win in their series with the nationals. let's check in on that. abe lincoln. yeah. well, he's right behind me step sites. you can see him having some fun with giants fans greeting them before the game. we'll pick this one here in the first inning last night, the giants got going early. same thing today. 2 on 2 out brandon crawford base hits the brakes to left field part for crawford to reach and i would send aaron rough home. and so the giants get on the board in
6:25 pm
the first inning to right to the 5th. we go pitcher a for the giants. the 5th was they added 3 runs before jock peterson came to plate. he gets one through the left-field gap. austin slater, nobody was the scores later in and that kept a 5 unanswered run street for the giants. let's get a shot at some pictures, though. challis starter alex wood pitched 5 solid innings. bullpen held up their end and militants all comes in for the save. to the here's deval. and duval ruiz, right? gets the groundout. to win it. 3, one final score. 5, 2, giants, san francisco's bullpen now has the best dra and baseball. 1, 7, 8, ballats. all right. how about the a's game? some a's fans enjoying a beautiful day at the coliseum as the team hosted the rangers. this was scoreless through the 8th inning, 2 on 2 out for ranger brad miller. he tried to single into left field one run
6:26 pm
scores. the score but gets tagged out at home by sean murphy. other not so fast. looks like maybe can't run or eli white rangers. we've got a little bit of a hand on it. official review was initiated by the umpires and then this one gets overturned. they call white safe at home and at a run for texas sighting and a legal block at the plate by murphy manager mark hasse 8 does not like it. he would end up getting adjusted and the a's go on to lose 2. nothing little bit of a controversial call as they dropped their second game in a row to the dodgers. so kind of an interesting finish there yet drama. but i mean, that's what we like. exact lee makes a little bit hard that think i mean, we don't like it when the a's we yeah. okay. thank you for if you're watching us here on the new kronon app, a full hour of news is next. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6 for you tonight. but don't
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worry. we're back for 3 more hours in prime time, 8 or tonight at starting at 8 o'clock. we'll see you there.
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>> now on inside california politics, a challenger to senator alex padilla is running in unorthodox campaign. >> i'm not against asked. i'm not against the warmest, but i am again. the tesla product called full self-driving. >> why dan o'dowd is focusing on a single issue in this race. a member of the u.s. house of representatives, karen bass states, her ce


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