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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  April 25, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> well, good monday morning and thank you for waking with this ride and early here on monday. april, the 25th, i'm reyna harvey. hopefully you had a great weekend. it was a really nice one. got a chance to get out and soak up some sun. >> and now that we're back for another week, we expected to see sunny temperatures throughout the leaker. any more rain? surprising. haha. no rain to surprise us. at least are in the work week we're going to be looking at consistently dry, steady conditions for this week. ahead. >> i think that we've earned a little bit of dry weather at this point. not that we could use any more of the rainfall,
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though. your view outside right now. pretty calm there at the embarcadero. not see any movement on the flag right now. not looking at any fog there at the bay bridge, either. in fact, visibility across the bay area is looking pretty solid as we do kick off this monday morning. start to the workweek is definitely dry from both the sierra on up into the bay area. we're looking at conditions today that are going to remain dry well throughout the course of the day. so not a lot coming in to be interrupting the partly cloudy skies to start in the mostly sunny skies to finish out the day 50's for most of our current temperatures, although a fair share of 40's in areas like livermore, hayward, fremont as well as up into the north bay petaluma. our coldest spot right now down to 41 degrees later on today. look for to daytime highs climbing back into the 70's, sunny, but a bit breezy at times that breeze going to come in handy for inland areas where temperatures will in spare lee close to 80 degrees. i'll be talking about this week's forecast. any chances of rain that we do, macy all still to come reyna. john, thank you
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for that are let's get a look at your bridges this morning. hey, 10 minute drive heading across the bay bridge into the city right now. >> let's get a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for your monday morning commute out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell. you're looking at a 10 minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for you. the golden state warriors missed their chance to sweep the denver nuggets in game 4 sunday. the lawyers were in denver playing the nuggets, but the fans were at home cheering for the team from for sellers acuse. they're speaking with fans. she has that story for us. let me tell you, the energy was extremely hot, especially in those last few minutes when the game got really close. >> fans, of course, we're hoping for a sweet but are still confident heading into game 5. >> deadly very electric. mine is deadly. nice see the whole bay area. again, they're so deadly. very excited fans from the bay area and beyond.
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packed in to thrive city. at the chase center on sunday to watch the warriors take on the nuggets in game it. >> as part of the playoffs, the warriors hosted watch parties this week while the team was on the road in denver. by atmosphere first year that city and give i like everything about is going to support the team. now the dubs will return to the chase center on wednesday after missing their chance to sweep the nuggets on sunday. i don't care when a because they could have in that home said we will win the stuff. you know, we could put him away. but >> i mean, they have to win one, right. so what will come back here? >> when back in the city and on to round 2. >> the warriors will take on the nuggets here at the chase center for game 5 on wednesday night in san francisco. taylor kron. 4 news. >> well, 30 veterans are back
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in the bay area after taking an honor flight to washington, d.c., they travel to the capital over the weekend to celebrate their accomplishment. if you take a look at this video from friday, you can see all the veterans getting ready to take off for their trip. this is all thanks to a nonprofit called honor flight. well, it gives war veterans a chance to see memorials for american wars and to also honor their fallen comrades. we talked to some of the veterans before their flight. some say they still remember the day when they were on the battlefield. >> at the graduate high school. 3 my friend feel is it going in same time? try to stick to get after the basic found be on together. that was a land mine exploded underneath the armored personnel carrier and threw me into the air. when i come down a colorado my and shattered 3 vertebrae. >> well, this is only the second honor flight trip in 2 years because of the pandemic. the group was in washington, d.c., for 3 days. our kron, 4
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anchor navy veteran ken wayne was able to join them. well, happening today, thousands of stanford nurses are going hit the picket lines over a list of concerns to me from the covid outbreak. they're demanding better pay. they're asking for increased staffing, medical and mental health benefits. they say the pandemic led to burnout fears of accidentally taking a disease home to others. we'll stand for health. officials say they are disappointed in the union's decision to strike and they say they recently met with the nurses union and offer them a 5% raise. well, they've also offer funds that they say will help nurses repay their student loans. the nurses have been working without a contract since the end of march, 90% of the union voted to strike and stanford officials say replacement nurses are going to be brought in and the hospitals are going to stay open. well in santa rosa, one person is dead after the motorcycle. they were riding, crashed into a telephone pole. it happened around 03:00am on sunday morning after chp tried to
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pull the driver over on the water when the driver sped off. about 5 minutes later, they received a call about a crash at a telephone pole on petaluma hill and all petaluma road. well, they say the driver had been thrown from the motorcycle landing some 200 feet from their bite. they suffered major injuries die in the air on the scene. investigators still have not released that person's identity. well, it was a busy saturday night for sfpd with multiple shootings across the city. the first of all, that argument over a memorial service. police say one man was shot just near harry and howard streets. then another male shot in the tenderloin. investigators tell us there was a fight between the victim and the shooter knew the hnl mart on cherry street. well, they say this was a possible gang-related shooting the condition of both victims have still not been made available to us. another big story we've been following. oakland police finally made an arrest in the death of 15 year-old brown. that incident happened on the
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9th near the easement town center. well, police say there was a large crowd nearby when that 15 year-old girl was shot. investigators have not released any information on that suspect. there've been more than 30 homicides happening so far this year in oakland alone. well, police on the peninsula are investigating 2 separate but incredibly similar saturday morning robberies. the first taking place just after midnight saturday in redwood city. police say the victim was returning home when he was targeted. the next happened 30 minutes later in foster city. the suspect in that robbery reportedly entered the victim's garages. he was parking his car. the robber then fired a shot into the driver's side window after demanding the victim's wallet. police describe the person wanting both robberies as a woman wearing camel print clothing and drive in a japanese crossover type suv. well, santa cruz couple became the victim of a hate crime. they were just out walking their dogs. police say that happened around 11 30 last
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night. a blackburn street police say the couple was walking their dog with the past. a man and a woman also walking a dog. the 2 dogs got into a before. the suspect now identified as 28 year-old richard, what call the couple a homophobic slur and began hitting one of the man. well, the woman victoria van sant reportedly join in on saw before running off into a nearby apartment complex. well, the dual was arrested and they're now facing assault conspiracy and hate crime charges. san francisco supervisor matt haney is headed to sacramento as the assembly member elect for district 17 after a special election happened earlier this week. well, the state assembly seat was once held by david chiu, who's now city attorney and as district 6 supervisor haney represented the tenderloin. he will continue to serve the area which struggles with homelessness and illegal drug use. haney says these issues go beyond one neighborhood. that's why he ran for the state assembly in the first place. we need
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state leadership, state resources. >> every city and ciunty doing their part on this. you can't expect to solve homelessness or fentanyl epidemic in one neighborhood as hard as we're trying. so we need to have consequences for affective consequences for people were selling fentanyl. we need to stop the flow of these drugs into our state and into our communities. >> well, the state is expected to have a sizable budget surplus next year. some 23 million dollars more than previously expected. hey, believes that money should be put towards homelessness as well as mental health services. >> make sure the systems work better. we can't have people were just abandoned on our streets. we have to get them inside. but also people generally and in san francisco around the state, even though the state is doing well with our surpassed a lot of people still are not doing well themselves. they have debt. they're struggling. they lost a small businesses. so i'm also going to be looking at economic opportunity to lift everyone up. workers put money back in people's pockets.
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>> well, you can head over to kron 4 dot com to watch that full interview with supervisor haney. it's all under the inside california politics tab. and this year, voters in alameda county will decide on their next sheriff. one of the candidates held a meet and greet in a word over the weekend. yes, it is. sanchez has a long career in law enforcement. he's hoping to unseat incumbent sheriff breaking heard kron four's gayle ong has that story for us. >> he said he is sanchez joined alameda county sheriff's office as a technician in 1997 and moved up the ranks of deputy sheriff sergeant lieutenant captain and is currently division commander overseeing the santa rita jail in dublin. her next school county sheriff. i'm 25 year veteran. >> i'm the highest-ranking latina and the sheriff's office and i worked a variety of assignments. i worked almost every division. so i definitely know where to start on the improvements and i can hit the ground running. sanchez is hoping to unseat incumbent sheriff greg ahern who was elected in 2006 sanchez held a meet and greet
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at the dirty bird lounge in downtown hayward saturday. among her supporters, fellow colleagues from the county sheriff's office has been my supervisor a couple of times and she's a great leader. i worked with her when i was a technician and then became a deputy and a i promoted to sergeant. might that meyer her throughout her career >> we worked some time together at police services. she says somebody that i've admired since day one with the sheriff's office, sanchez says her candidacy will focus on rehabilitation and job training for incarcerated people, racial justice and law enforcement holding sheriff's office accountable and connecting with people. number one priority is to be president and accessible to our community members. >> that's what's needed to build trust and for them to be able to give me some critiques on how the sheriff's office is providing service. the primary election is set for june 7th in hayward, gayle ong kron. 4 news coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. gas prices in the bay area are easing off a
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little bit give you a look at what the average price is near. you. >> an airline travelers are still concerned after the mask mandate was over. turn making multiple people afraid to fly and title. 42 is set to expire less than a month causing lawmakers on capitol hill to be concerned over a possible immigration surge. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for you now. 04:14am, on this monday morning. it's an early one. many of your waking up. you want to get the rose. you need to know how to address today in more and so plan your week. john travel has been actively keeping us and ford about all of that. john, a nice sunny monday, right? yeah, nice. sunny monday. not a lot to know today. that's going to interrupt just so you can get outside. enjoy it for sure. >> in much of the rest of the week's going to be the same. so a nice steady, holding pattern of enjoyable weather ahead of us. this is your look outside at the berkeley hills camera right now. skies are nice and clear, not talking a lot of fog this morning, although we do have some partly cloudy skies to start zooming in a little bit closer on the bay area. all things are calm. all things are dry this monday. so again, this is
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an easy one stepping outside, not even all that cold, although we do have some 40's in the north bay and the inland east bay futurecast shows are partly cloudy. start are mostly sunny. finish the day. no rain from start to finish. now. tomorrow is going to be much the same as today. a little bit of cloud cover at the beginning. a little bit clear towards the tail end of your tuesday. and after that wednesday, thursday and friday, actually only growing even clear yet. now, temperatures today are going to be in the solid 60's to 70's at the coastline. a few upper 50's saying it out and down to el granada while brisbane at 64 burlingame at 68 degrees. san mateo southward through mountain view into the south bay, pretty solidly in the 70's san jose. a nice warm 77 hayward right at 70 degrees. oakland at 71 concord, one of her closer spots to 80 degrees will antioch in vacaville. our only 2 spots to be getting into the low 80's today. a look ahead these next 7 days. pretty steady inland areas. stay in the 70's. well,
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bayside areas mostly sticking with the 60's coastal spots in the 60's to 50's. now we will see a little bit of cooling starting tomorrow. taking us back in the low 70's inland. but skies remain sunny and dry all the way through. that is until next sunday, which is our first chance of showers in this forecast and only a slight chance that that rain on. thank you for that really sunny forecast. hey, let's go. look at your bridges. >> 10 minute drive traveling from the maze that fremont street axis of traffic is moving along pretty nicely heading into the city. a check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 13 minutes for your drive. richmond center fell bridge about a 9 minute morning commute and the golden gate bridge. no hazards. 20 minutes traveling from 37 to the tolls. happening today, the supreme court will begin hearing the case of a former seattle area high school football coach who was fired because he refused to stop rain on the field. the americans united for separation of church and state
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is concerned. if kennedy wins the case, it would allow teachers and coaches across the country to pressure students to join them in their prayer reporter basil john has that story ahead of the hearing. >> it's a showdown at the supreme court over school. prayer versus the first amendment at the center of this case is is really the right of coach kennedy and really the right of all americans. the case focuses on joe kennedy, a former high school football coach in washington state who would prey on the 50 yard line after games. just give a a a personal prayer of thanksgiving for the opportunity to be a coach. >> and for that. >> he lost his job. one of coach kennedy's attorneys, mike berry says the school wrongfully fired coach kennedy over his personal private kennedy sued back in 2015 and the federal district court ruled in favor of the school. kennedy and his attorneys argue that this ruling could impact anyone who wants to visibly express their faith no
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matter what religion we as americans should be able to enjoy the right. >> to live out our faith, our faith freely and openly, regardless of who our employer happens to be. >> rachel has organization. americans united is defending the school district. she argues there was nothing private about how the coach prayed. this is the coach and he's praying holding up a football helmet encircled by students. you're not allowed to pray in your public official capacity. >> and such that students would feel pressured to join you. laster says if the supreme court should rule in the former coaches favor, it puts at risk the religious freedom of students and their families in every k through 12 class from across the country. the court will hear from the lawyers on monday with a decision likely this summer reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> the white house says it is planning and preparing to lift the title. 42 pandemic restrictions at the southern border at the end of the next month, republicans are calling on the biden administration to keep title. 42 in effect
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because they fear that without a clear plan in place, chaos. we'll are up at the border. washington correspondent anna wiernicki joins us live with the details. good morning, anna. >> good morning. rain will there is a growing concern among lawmakers who oppose president biden's plan to end title 42. and now even some democrats who are warning what could happen if the policy is revoked. >> texas democratic congressman henry clay or says lifting the pandemic asylum restrictions known as title. 42 will cause an immediate surge of migrants. the border patrol is unprepared to handle. the messages are going out to the smuggler said to into the migrants. is that on may 23rd you can go ahead and come and quay or who represents a south. texas border district says his constituents are very concerned who's listening to the border community says my question, the department of homeland security estimates that when title 42 expires
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18,000 additional migrants will cross the u.s. mexico border each day, 500,000 over the next 5 weeks. my state of texas. we just simply can't absorb this. texas republican congressman michael mccall says a surge of migrants in the midst of a pandemic puts the border patrol and the border communities at risk. this is the absolute worst i've ever seen. but massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren said on cnn state of the union that she supports getting rid of title. 42 because she says it's not consistent with american values. the biden administration is putting plans in place to deal with people who are asking >> amnesty and humanitarian relief at the border. the biden administration says they're working on a plan to ramp up security at the southern border. that includes relocating agents and adding more processing centers, staffed with medical officials. >> and today, president biden is scheduled to meet with
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members of the congressional hispanic caucus, which includes texas. democrat henry quay are about his immigration plan. also happening today, a group of republican lawmakers are scheduled to take a trip down to the southern border to meet with local leaders in eagle pass for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki rain at back to you. thank you for that update. anna. >> 18 house republicans are asking twitter board to preserve all the records related to elon musk offered to buy the company last week the tesla ceo launched a hostile takeover bid saying he had secure more than 46 billion dollars to via twitter. well, this comes as republican lawmakers have repeatedly accused twitter of censorship. gop lawmakers say their actions are a part of congress's examination of big tech. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news victims of the former u.s. gymnast larry nassar are using the fbi why they say they're suing the fbi for negligence. we'll have that story and more once we get back.
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heidi covey: so, i have an eye disease that causes blindness. i have moments where i get a little bit sad because i just can't see things that i used to. dr. stanley taught me to trust in the lord even when you don't want to. god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it.
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>> 13 victims of former usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar are suing the fbi for mishandling the assault investigation. attorneys for the survivors are using the federal tort claims act which
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allows people to be compensated for injury or loss caused by government negligence or wrongdoing after a federal investigation concluded last september on capitol hill, senators call the fbi's negligence, quote, an epic failure. >> there are reports and to know that they had those sitting at 3rd and they refused to or act and just left us at the disposal of a predator is. frustrating for me. >> the fbi has not responded to the lawsuit publicly. they are being asked to pay a total of 130 million dollars to the women who are involved. well, a somber day of remembrance for the armenian american community as they honor the victims of the armenian genocide. sunday marked the 170 year since the beginning of mass killings of armenians by the ottoman empire during one.
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>> well, in san francisco, a memorial was held at the mount davidson cross supervisor rafael mandelman and former mayor willie brown were also in attendance. representative jackie spear spoke out memorializing the quote, cold-blooded murder of one and a half million armenians. she says our truth is the strongest tool again. see ray, sure and oppression. this is the 25th anniversary since the san francisco armenian community purchase the land at the mount davidson cross. still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news. locating healthy food and fresh produce. >> will be a bit easier. why one community organization is teaming up with one city council member to make it a reality. we'll be right back after the break. they will
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news it time for you now 04:38am on of monday. the weekend was great. >> and it looks like we're in for a better week ahead. john sabol has been tracking that us all sunshine across the map have a list changes this week from the rain and the cool last week. >> to some really comfortable staff and indeed, quite sunny out there. you look outside at the embarcadero. nice and clear right now. and we're going to be holding on to


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