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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 25, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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antioch vacaville actually rising into the low 80's. so this is going to be. >> the warmest one of the workweek. we cool things down a little bit tomorrow, but still hanging on to the 70's. your view outside this morning. nice and clear. quite our looks extra dice on this monday. start a couple of foggy patches out towards the central valley. but not really resulting in too much of an issue so far for us now, skies will remain dry today and notably pretty clear as well, especially this afternoon, we see a mostly sunny one. current temperatures are in the 40's to 50's to put those jackets on this morning. get ready for a cool feel. oakland alameda among are more mild spots at 53 right now. >> right now, john, thank you for that. and we do have a hot spot we've been tracking. this is along the benicia martinez bridge. so southbound 6.80, right near the mid span. we have 2 lanes that are blocked. so you certainly are seeing a delay as you're traveling there. no delay heading into the city right now. so about 2 minutes for your drive on this monday morning to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont
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street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 13 minutes as you're traveling along and in the south bay, a slight uptick in traffic just along one. 0, one. 85 heading towards the middle part about 30 minutes story. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 6 o'clock and the developing story. it appears a deal between twitter and elon musk is going to be announced any moment. surprising pretreating twitter shares are up as a >> word of this takeover is spreading kron 4. sarah stinson actually live in the newsroom to help us understand what's happening. so there was this sunday meeting between the 2 sides on. >> yeah, no sleep for those twitter board. members twitter is reportedly very close to reaching a deal after yesterday's meeting. the still with elon musk could happen any moment, as you said. and word got out quickly this morning about that meeting yesterday. putting twitter stock at a pre market high once again, twitter's board met yesterday to discuss musk's 46 and a half billion
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dollar bid to buy the company. bloomberg reported this this morning that twitter's and the final stretches of negotiations. they say twitter is working out the terms of the transaction for a tort shareholders. last week musk said he secured funding for his unsolicited bid to buy the company for $54.20 per share. this morning, twitter stock has fluctuated at one point it rose 5% to about $51.50 a share. the new york times is reporting that negotiations went overnight and continued early this morning. it's a very fast pace and fluid situation between twitter and musk. a deal could be reached as soon as today or it could fall apart. right now we are just following the latest minute by minute. rest in peace. twitter's trending on twitter. so a lot of people have a lot of opinions on twitter will continue to fall. the latest right here from the kron, 4 news room for now on sarah stinson reporting live back to you. very interesting. well, we'll see what happens.
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and very much, sara 6, 0, 2, is the time. and happening now, thousands of stanford and lucile packard children's hospital. nurses are on strike. yeah. the nurses say that they're burned out. they say they're overworked. >> they want change and they want it now. yeah. and kron four's will tran is following this live at stanford medical center. good morning. well, >> good morning, james and area. we'll talk to kathy storm bergen just a few moments. she is the media coordinator as well as one of the nurses who will be on strike. technically it begins in about 40 minutes. for now. it's 6.45. so this is what they are hoping for. they're looking for a better deal, a better workplace environment. they've been able to give their boss is a heads up that they've been basically working without a contract for the past several weeks. and as james talked about, say they're overworked, underpaid, underappreciated and they are looking for a better deal before we talk to kathy, let me pull up a statement from
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their boss is from stanford. we're talking 5,000 nurses. yes, they had a heads up, but more than likely to fill 5,000 positions. that's going to be tough. so you might want to call ahead if you have an appointment today. this is what stanford told us. they say a union work stoppages, serious event that is disruptive to our patients, families and colleagues. the impact could be deep, long-lasting and costly. we have worked diligently to reach a mutually acceptable contract agreement and have made meaningful progress at the bargaining table so far, ok, as i promise here is kathy, you just heard what i read from your boss is your reaction to that? >> well, we wouldn't be out here if we had something that we could find acceptable if the hospitals have been willing to work with us and acknowledge the problems that we have with their staffing, acknowledge the hours that we have put in an overtime to keep this hospital staffed.
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it's not nurses working their regular shifts that are keeping this hospital staff. it's us working hundreds of hours of overtime and hiring hundreds of travelers. they have problems and they need to fix them. we are wanting to fix them with the hospital. but we have a fundamental disagreement that there is a problem that all when's the next time you're back at the bargaining table tomorrow. tomorrow. are you guys? very close are still far away as a member of the bargaining team. i can't really say where we are, but we are working hard because it is ultimately it was never our goal to have to walk out of these hospitals. it was only after months of them not listening to us that we felt we had no other choice to get their attention and we hope we have their attention now and that they'll come back to the bargaining table tomorrow and be able to make an agreement we can all except okay. very good. thank you so much. i know you're nurses and your fellow colleagues are. >> gathering across the street here. let me step out. james underneath. thank you so much about that. kathy, let me step
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out of the way and i will zoom in be behind us and you will see a look at that. the nurses and they're getting the support. it looks like from people driving by honking. so they will have a news conference at 9 o'clock. but again, if you have an appointment, you might want to call ahead because filling 5,000 positions as a order. >> for any hospital back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll keep checking back with you later on this morning. well, >> 6, 0, 6, is the time. and it was a busy weekend for san francisco police. they're investigating multiple shootings that happened across the city. the first one involved an argument at a memorial service. police say one man was shot also near harriet and howard streets. and then another man shot in the tenderloin. investigators say the victim in that case and the shooter fought each other near the hnl mart on geary street. they say this was a possible gang-related shooting. the conditions of both victims has not yet been released. police on the peninsula. meanwhile, investigating 2 separate but
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similar robberies suspiciously similar. but the first one happened just after midnight sunday in redwood city. police say that case the victim was returning home when he was targeted. the next one happened 30 minutes later in nearby foster city. in that case, a gunman in robbery reportedly got into the victim's garage as he was parking his car and then fired shots into the driver's side window after demanding the victim's wallet. police say the person wanted in both of these robberies is described as a woman who was seen driving an suv. >> in the east bay, people live in danville found antisemitic flyers and their driveways. the danville police posted on facebook saying they are where and investigating where the flyers came from. somebody put them there yesterday afternoon. the officials of the town say it goes against the town's values, said they do not condone violence or hate of any kind in any form 6, 0, 7, is the time right now. other news that we're following this morning and the national prescription drug take back
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day. >> it's this saturday. so this is a day where if you have any unused prescription drugs, you can safely dispose of them. it's a organized by law enforcement. they say they do it to help keep the harmful chemicals out of local water systems and also out of the hands. >> of anybody who might intentionally or accidentally take somebody else's meds. you can drop off your prescriptions at your local police department from 10:00am 2, 2, this saturday. and you can also get rid of e-cigarettes and vape pens at that time. >> well, the golden state warriors missed their chance to sweep the denver nuggets in game 4. unfortunately, the warriors away there yesterday playing the nuggets. but the fans were at home cheering their team on. yeah, it was a good second take speak. >> let me tell you, the energy was extremely hot, especially in those last few minutes when the game got really close. >> fans, of course, we're hoping for a sweet but are still confident heading into game 5. >> deadly very electric. mine is doubly nice to see the
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whole bay area. again, they're so deadly. very excited fans from the bay area and beyond. packed in to thrive city at the chase center on sunday to watch the warriors take on the nuggets in game it. >> as part of the playoffs, the warriors hosted watch parties this week while the team was on the road in denver. by atmosphere first year that city and give i like everything about is going to support the team. now the dubs will return to the chase center on wednesday after missing their chance to sweep the nuggets on sunday. i don't care when a because they could have in that home said we will win stuff. you know, we could put him away. but >> i mean, they have to win one, right. so what will come back here? >> when it back in the city and on to round 2. >> the warriors will take on the nuggets here at the chase center for game 5 on wednesday night in san francisco. taylor
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kron. 4 news. >> 6, 0, 9 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, san francisco supervisor matt haney is headed to sacramento. we're going to take a look at his plans as the new assembly member elect. plus a woman with a long career in law enforcement is running for sheriff in alameda county. we're going to tell you her plans for the city if elected and title. 42 is set to expire in less than a month. why it's causing lawmakers on capitol hill to be concerned about a possible immigration surge. >> and today going to be a really pleasant one. we've already got some relatively clear conditions out there. calm in the 40's and 50's later today. 60's and 70's for most areas will be breaking down all the details of this week's forecast. all still to come. >> and tracking that accident along the benicia martinez bridge. we're also getting a look at your drive times across the bay bridge and across highways. we'll have a look at that. once we get back from break.
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>> 6.13, is the time right now. and we're looking for to a warm week after you know, we can enjoy it. guilt-free kuz. last week we get the grande. we had our vegetables. now we >> exactly. it's the desert. we that's a really good way to
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put a lot of sunshine. some 70's for really most of the bay area today sounds pretty sweet to me. your view outside at san jose this morning looks good. we have a little bit of cloud cover. it's a partly cloudy start to what will be a mostly sunny afternoon. you look to the north and west of us. you can see that faint greening out. well offshore. that's a cold front that will cool things off by just a few degrees tomorrow. it's not a strong enough system. the results in any chance of rainfall for us so evening. hours tonight will see an increase in cloud cover as well as winds picking up a little bit as that cooler air sweeps across the region today, though, ahead of that is going to be the warmest day of the forecast. so if you like the 70's and even a couple of low 80's today is certainly want to savor every minute of it. tonight, you can see that cloud cover sweeping, especially into early tomorrow morning behind that temperatures will cool into the low 70's that our warmest, that's where we're going to stay from tuesday, wednesday into thursday. a little bit of a cool down midweek, but really keeping us still pretty comfortable, especially when you pair those 70's with all the sunshine that we're going to be holding on to. now.
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today's daytime highs, mostly in the 60's closer to the coastline. a few spots from pacifica, delta granada holding on to the upper 50's 60's as well from brisbane down to burlingame. while you had to foster city, san mateo south to mountain view and eventually into the south bay and will be looking at temperatures in the 70's for san jose. campbell was callous in saratoga. we'll be just a few degrees shy of 80 at 77 pleasanton. a very comfortable 75 for you this afternoon. same in danville. well, oakland in castro valley at 71. there's your 80's in antioch, in vacaville, getting close to that in fairfield, pittsburgh, as well as conquered at either 78 or 79 degrees. santa rosa at 76 today. now tomorrow's temperatures start that cooldown. we will be seeing temperatures in the low 70's that our warmest by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, some 60's returning right along the bay side. skies remain pretty clear all week long now, friday and saturday, temperatures begin to climb and by sunday of next week,
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our first hint of an opportunity for rainfall. just a chance at this point to close out next weekend. rain. john, thank you for that. still tracking this hot spot along the venetian martinez bridge. southbound there. 2 lanes are still blocked and you can see the delays we've been seeing. >> as you're traveling along, keeping a close eye on that, they just turn the metering lights on along the bay bridge. so now we're at 11 minutes may go up as travel times continue to increase right there at the toll plaza heading across towards the peninsula. no delays 80 to one. 0, one. 13 minutes on your drive. let's check on some of our highways. so croghan down towards the maze. about 19 minutes for you as you're traveling there highway 4, we are starting to see an uptick in traffic. 22 minutes traveling from antioch into concord's to 42. our richmond, sandra fell bridge about 7 minutes tolls to one o one. we start off the morning with the hazard there. that's now clear. and in the south bay, 85 to menlo park about 28 minutes story. james, back to
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you. thanks a lot. 6.16, and we want to give you the latest on what's going on with the russia's invasion of ukraine after failing to take over ukraine's kiev, the capital, there's been heavy russian shelling in the east over the weekend. yeah, we've shahbazi with the very latest on this. now. >> a solemn day in ukraine. worshippers attended services today to celebrate orthodox easter as russian forces continue to bear down on eastern ukraine. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky released an orthodox easter message saying he believes in a new victory for ukraine. the umbilical 90 you. >> in the bill could move today's great holiday gives us the hope and believe the light will win over darkness. will good win over job. life win over or just there for ukraine will win an evident and water. >> okay. hope on a much lesser scale did come today with a
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visit from secretary of state antony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin. the trip marking the highest ranking american officials to touch down in ukraine since russia launched its invasion 2 months ago. the purpose of the visit reportedly to focus on logistics of funneling more military assistance to the country's embattled troops to fight off russian forces. on thursday, the biden administration announced an additional 800 million dollars military aid package for ukraine. and while the west has provided a lot of military equipment to ukraine. so once he has stressed repeatedly that his country needs more heavy weapons, including long-range air defense systems, as well as warplanes residents in kiev echoing that same request. look see if it show. i think everyone wants more support. you want heavy on so that at last we can manage to carry out a counter offensive overnight the russian military reported hitting 423 ukrainian targets
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including fortified positions and troop concentrations. russian also saying its warplanes destroyed. 26 ukrainian military sites. >> including an explosives factory and several artillery depots. most of today's fighting focused on the donbass region in the east. that is where ukrainian forces are concentrated and where moscow backed separatists controlled some territory before the war since failing to capture kyiv. the russians are aiming to gain full control over the eastern industrial heartland. >> well, happening today, the supreme court will begin hearing the case of a former seattle area. high school football coach has been fired because he refused to stop praying on the field. joe kennedy was fired back in 2015 for defying a prayer ban after games. the school district asked kennedy to pray separately from the students, but he refused to do so. the americans united for separation of church and state is concerned that if kennedy winds, it would allow teachers going forward and coaches across the country to pressure students into joining them in
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prayer on public school grounds. meanwhile, the white house says that it is planning right now to lift the title. 42 pandemic restrictions at the southern border by the end of next month. and opponents are afraid that without a clear plan in place, chaos is going rob to anna wiernicki joins us live with the latest. anna? >> good morning. when there is growing concern among lawmakers who oppose the president's plan to lift title. 42. >> and we're even hearing from some democrats who are warning what will happen if this policy is revoked. >> texas democratic congressman henry clay or says lifting the pandemic asylum restrictions known as title. 42 will cause an immediate surge of migrants. the border patrol is unprepared to handle. the messages are going out to the smuggler said to into the migrants is that on may 23rd you can go ahead and come and quay or who represents a south texas border district says his constituents are very concerned who's listening to
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the border community says my question, the department of homeland security estimates that when title 42 expires 18,000 additional migrants will cross the u.s. mexico border each day, 500,000 over the next 5 weeks. my state of texas. we just simply can't absorb this. texas republican congressman michael mccall says the surge of migrants in the midst of a pandemic puts a border patrol and the border communities at risk. this is the absolute worst i've ever seen. but massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren said on cnn state of the union that she supports getting rid of title. 42 because she says it's not consistent with american values. the biden administration is putting plans in place to deal with people who are asking >> amnesty and humanitarian relief at the border. the biden administration says they're working on a plan to ramp up security at the southern border. that includes relocating agents and adding
6:22 am
more processing centers, staffed with medical officials. >> today president biden is scheduled to meet with members of the congressional hispanic caucus, which includes a texas democrat. henry, quiet quay are at the white house about what the administration's immigration plan is also happening today, a group of republican lawmakers are scheduled to head down to the southern border where they will meet with local leaders in eagle pass. for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thank you, anna. >> we'll take a break here at 6.22. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. finding healthy food and fresh produce produce is going to be little bit easier in oakland. we're going to show you one community organization that's teaming up with the city council member and make that happen. and after the break, gas prices in the bay area are actually easing off a little bit. we're going to give you a look at what the average prices near you.
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[ paint rolling ] your happiest spring starts at lowe's. experience all the deals at springfest. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> 6.25 good news for people in the bay area. gas prices have dropped a little bit since last month. let's take a look at what we're paying right now. according to triple a you can see. well, today, san francisco's at 5.79, a month ago as 5.93. that's pretty significant. you can see these numbers are down on average by maybe 10 or $0.15.
6:26 am
a kind of depends where you are ticket little pru's and you can see, for example, sandra fells fall a good amount. 5.73 now is 5.91. and look at fairfield right? think of what you can do with all of those extra coin. all of those extra go in your pocket. i don't know so if you want to save some money on groceries, you might want to consider growing your own. nearly 20 million americans started gardening during the pandemic. and now with the rising costs and limited options in some produce aisles, more and more people are looking to grow their own food seed companies and community gardens have seen a steady increase in demand. in fact, community gardens across the nation. so a 40% increase in people coming in last year alone. >> there's nothing better than a homegrown to meet. the satisfaction of planting a seed and seeing that sprout within a couple of days.
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>> the magic nature. >> i waiting for the love. and james, remember, you know, so i did that as well. i've never done my life. and i played 11 and i'm just waiting to get my first lemon right now. it's just flowers. okay. well, when they do, the flowers turned 11 lemons a fruit okay. still waiting for my bag lemons. when only let me get in, you're not harvest air or growing not me. 6.27. all we've got more news this morning. >> yeah, we're following the latest from a shooting in pittsburgh. a man in his truck shot multiple times and got video from the scene and we've got details from police coming up.
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>> 6.30, right now. this what i was getting up over the weekend, a slipped in stick sleeping in pretty good. if you are waking up this morning, it looks like a beautiful start to the day. yeah, really nice out there and a nice start to what is a nice week ahead of us. >> look at that little glow there over the embarcadero right now. gorgeous way to kick things off. i'm surprised there's not more of you out there jogging along the embarcadero just yet. now visibility is good for most of us. a couple of foggy patches into our inland valleys. so do watch for those areas. overall, though, today is going to be a nice and clear one. actually going to grow
6:31 am
clearing clear into the afternoon today. now current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's feel like the cool feel that crisp morning walk a good chance to do so. today is going to be the warmest of the workweek. i'll tell you just how warm it will get. still to come in your forecast, john, thank you for we're slowly but surely starting to open up more and more lanes along the benicia martinez bridge. >> so now one lane is blocked. remember, we had several still seeing delays as you're traveling southbound to cross the benicia martinez bridge that accident right near the mid span. >> 40 minute drive heading into the city. the metering lights are on right now. slowing things down. >> just a bit. but no accidents or hazards. there. our golden gate bridge, a 19 minute drive. 37 to the tolls. let's check on the south bay one. 0 one. 85 heading towards menlo park. a 30 minute to 18. 82. i don't see any major delays along to 37 as well. the kraken down towards the maze, picking up a bit through richmond and san pablo about 20 minutes. tara, james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 6.31.
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breaking news overnight. a shooting in pittsburgh might be linked to road rage. yeah. the video that we're about to show you here shows a car with bullet holes in a kron. 4. sarah stinson actually following the story for us up in the newsroom. sarah? >> that's right. a man in pittsburgh shot at multiple times while in his truck. police tell me he's recovering in the hospital. the shooter has not been found yet. take a look at where the shooting happened on kirker pass road in pittsburgh at castle would drive. that's right across from the castle kids center and woodland hills apartments. the scene there has been active overnight, but it has been cleared. so won't be affecting your commute. video shows 2 bullet holes in the driver's side door of the truck with the window shattered. this happened around 11, 30 last night. appeared to be possibly a road rage incident, but police are still investigating what actually happened. sergeant tells me the man was sitting in his truck when the shooter drove up and shot him multiple times. they really don't have much more information, but no
6:33 am
one is in custody and investigators will be talking with the victim in the hospital to try and find out exactly what happened. what what did they know? each other was this random did in fact, have a road rage incident. pittsburgh police say they will release more information later this morning as they continue to search and identify the shooter. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, sir. time now 06:00:03am. san francisco supervisor matt haney is headed to sacramento as the assembly member elect for district 17 after the special election last week, the state assembly seat was once held by david chu, who's now city attorney as a district. 6 supervisor haney represented the tenderloin and he says he's going to continue to serve that area. that's struggling with homelessness. an illegal drug use. he says these issues go far beyond one neighborhood and that's why he ran for the state assembly. >> we need state leadership, state resources, every city and county doing their part on
6:34 am
this. you can't expect to solve homelessness or fentanyl epidemic in one neighborhood as hard as we're trying. so we need to have consequences for affective consequences for people were selling fentanyl. we need to stop the flow of these drugs into our state and into our communities. and he says we've got the money in the state is expected to have a sizable budget surplus next year. but 23 billion dollars more than and forecast it. believes that that money should go towards homelessness and mental health services. make sure the systems work better. we can't have people who are just abandoned on our streets. we have to get them inside. but also people generally and in san francisco around the state, even though the state is doing well with our surpassed a lot of people still are not doing well themselves. they have debt. they're struggling. they lost a small businesses. so i'm also going to be looking at economic opportunity to lift everyone up. workers put money back in people's pockets. you can head to kron 4 dot com and watch the full interview with supervisor haney that's under the inside california politics tab.
6:35 am
>> and this year, voters in alameda county will decide on their next sheriff. one of the candidates held a meet and greet in hayward over the weekend. yesenia sanchez has a long career in law enforcement and she's hoping to unseat incumbent sheriff greg proffers gayle ong with the story. >> he said he is sanchez joined alameda county sheriff's office as a technician in 1997 and moved up the ranks of deputy sheriff sergeant lieutenant captain and is currently division commander overseeing the santa rita jail in dublin. her next school county sheriff. i'm 25 year veteran. >> i'm the highest-ranking latina and the sheriff's office and i worked a variety of assignments. i worked almost every division. so i definitely know where to start on the improvements and i can hit the ground running. sanchez is hoping to unseat incumbent sheriff greg ahern who was elected in 2006 sanchez held a meet and greet at the dirty bird lounge in downtown hayward saturday. among her supporters, fellow colleagues from the county sheriff's office. he's been my
6:36 am
supervisor a couple of times and she's a great leader. i worked with her when i was a technician and then became a deputy and a i promoted to sergeant. might that meyer her throughout her career >> we worked some time together at police services. she says somebody that i've admired since day with the sheriff's office, sanchez says her candidacy will focus on rehabilitation and job training for incarcerated people, racial justice and law enforcement holding the sheriff's office accountable and connecting with people. number one priority is to be president and accessible to our community members. >> that's what's needed to build trust and for them to be able to give me some critiques on how the sheriff's office is providing service. the primary election is set for june 7th in hayward, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> well, there's some new relief available for restaurants that were hit hard by the pandemic restaurant owners across the state can now apply for money from the california restaurant foundation. that foundation is
6:37 am
offering $3,000 grants now to small restaurants and shops. grants can be used for equipment upgrades. you can use it to, you know, put towards employee bonuses. applications are being accepted through april 30th. they have to be submitted online. so to find out more, we put a link on our website kron 4 dot com. check it out. airline officials meanwhile, say that they're trying to work with passengers who are afraid to fly with others who aren't wearing face masks. this comes after a federal judge in florida struck down the mask requirement in airports and during flights. some airlines like united and american say that they're offering options, including refunds in some cases for passengers that are worried about flying professor of infectious disease at uc berkeley. doctor john swartzberg says that he doesn't think it was right to make that decision to get rid of them and it all together. he says it should be up to each person to weigh the risks of wearing a mask or not. >> if you're elderly, if you've got. conditions that would really predispose you to a outcome. what being
6:38 am
immunocompromised or even things like diabetes or obesity or chronic lung or heart disease. those are some examples of people who, you know, need to really weigh the pros and cons more. >> doctor swartzberg still recommends wearing a well-fitting mask. if you're worried about covid while traveling. he also suggests being fully vaccinated and course getting your booster shots too. >> in the east bay, the closure of the family owned grocery store in west oakland made it harder for people to get healthy food, fruits and vegetables. yeah. so because of strong community support and efforts now there is an alternative option that's coming with kron forcefully to go with the story. >> mosaic world market will provide free space for up to 25 vendors to operate and sell healthy, fresh food, filling the vacuum left behind after full-scale grocery store community foods market closed in this space more than 2 months ago in the flatlands a west. oakland is not a lot of it's a food desert for healthy food.
6:39 am
>> and so we know that in most black and brown communities. >> that we don't have access healthy, fresh produce on saturday, the market held a soft opening. it's located in the old markets parking lot at 31. 0, 5, san pablo avenue in west oakland starting next week. community ready, core events, coordinator, denmark, vesey says. >> it will operate every saturday from noon to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. showcasing not only food but also local artists selling their own work. also has. >> ready for what we do every weekend is we actually give away produce fruits and vegetables. so, of course, we're going to give away some foods ourselves. the crc is a local organization that has teamed up with oakland council member carol fife to make this project happen. they hope it will attract younger people inspire them to showcase their art. >> and help make the neighborhood safer during the summer. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news.
6:40 am
>> in walnut creek, a man is behind bars. he's accused of using a machete while trying to rob a target store. 31 year-old on rodriguez was arrested, apparently didn't even make it out of the store with anything. but he is accused of trying to rob the register in the electronics section of target. and then when he failed to get a hold of any cash, investigators say, whew ran towards the walnut creek, bart station. they confiscated a knife. you see here he was arrested and now he's at the martinez detention facility. >> investigators are trying to figure out how this sailboat. >> caught fire in san francisco bay. you can see the fire department putting out. you see the smoke. this was saturday afternoon between pier 27 and treasure island. and the fire department gave us a video. they put it out. nobody was hurt. >> in san jose police right now are reopening a hit and run investigation from 11 years ago after the person who was hit just now died from their injuries. the victim was 15 years old at the time when she was hit by a car near camden and bascom avenues.
6:41 am
officers think that car involved was an early model may be a 2000 gray or silver sedan. they never did find the car or the driver. that crash left the victim paralyzed and police say she died tuesday while in hospice care. for the first time in u.s. history, guns were the leading cause of death among children in 2020 new research looked at cdc data and found more than 4300 children died of gun-related injuries that year homicides made up the majority of deaths among children and teens. and overall. guns killed or gun killings went up by 33% from 2019 to 2020. most of the children killed were 14 years old and older. keeping in mind, of course, the legal age to purchase guns is 18. researchers say the cdc's data doesn't fully capture the scale of gun violence among kids in the u.s. because it doesn't take account for the non-fatal shootings. >> the 3 words that could save
6:42 am
your life all have the app that convert your exact location into 3 words and let you relay that information hpfast. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart. >> and we are seeing conditions today that are a little bit warmer. the clear and drier than we were at least last week. san jose nearing 80 oakland, low 70's, san francisco in the upper 60's. a little cooler come tomorrow. i'll tell you all about your forecast ahead. >> and tracking a hot spot along the the nation martinez bridge and looking at your other bridges and highways on this monday morning. we'll have an update on your drive times once we get back.
6:43 am
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>> 6.44 right now and the bay area science festival kicked off with discovery day. >> at oracle park and they brought props. this is a weeklong event and there are a hands-on experiments and way easy. the hands on this brain in a second. but >> here's the skeleton. you like james, 40 foot whale named gracie. love it. and then here's all the stuff that the kids get to players the way for review is a real brain while that's a big one to have event. the event is meant to show people how science makes the world better. and it connects people with stem organizations. of science today is is paramount. and i think both what you mention, you know, climate change. we
6:46 am
have a lot of other events coming up this week but focus on climate change. and of course, you know, the covid-19 pandemic. i mean, that really highlight and science, right? we are able to get a vaccine in record time. >> and so we're able to be back here doing this. and that festival is northern california's biggest free educational event. >> and they're going to keep these going all around the bay through april 30th. so if you missed the event yesterday, don't worry. there's another one like it on this coming saturday at cal state east bay. hey, cool, right? it it looked like the lady was or the you know, they had to bring. i don't think you can just poke around just for fun. look, don't touch by law. you walk through that whole thing. this it's going to be great. >> and i love that. it's there at the ballpark this week. the weather is going test. it. sure is a little bit warm. those brains could get on rain on the is not, it is definitely going to be a nice
6:47 am
day today. continuing to be that way through saturday. if you want to go out to the event and they were there. >> looking outside this morning, you can see some of the gray that we do have. it's a partly cloudy start to what will be a mostly sunny afternoon around the corner. you can see a little bit of the green up there. well, offshore to the north of us. that is a line of cooler air that's going to push on and into early tomorrow morning. but it's not going to do is resulting in the rain for us. that's a weak system. it does cool temperatures off around 5 degrees from today into tomorrow. that's going make today the warmest day of our forecast. partly cloudy this morning, mostly sunny afternoon. cloud cover increases towards the evening tonight that into early tomorrow morning. there's your cold front. that line of clouds that pushes in a little bit breezy ahead of that cold front. but setting us up for a nice just touch cooler of the day tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday, thursday into the low 70's for warmest of highs k up e warming things b into the weekend. as for today's temperatures, pretty solid 60's for san francisco.
6:48 am
a couple of holdouts in the 50's near the coastline. but most of the rest of the bay area is either 60's to 70's redwood city at 73 mountain view in i-75 san jose nearing 80 at 77 today while fremont and at 73. we've got union city and oakland among spots at 71. a few low 80's for the stimulant, antioch in vacaville being those spots. pittsburgh, you're close, though, at 79 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures a little bit of a cool down, as we've noted, will stay that way through wednesday and thursday before we warm things back up into the weekend, saturday is expected to be the warmest day of the weekend with plenty of sunshine and sunday bringing our next and only chance of rain. this next 7 days and just a slight chance that that john, thank you for that. here's the good news in regards to this hot spot we've been tracking. >> along the venetian martinez bridge, all lanes are now open. and so hopefully we're going to see these delays that are seen along 6.80, start to dissipate as the morning goes on. all lanes are open there.
6:49 am
60 minute drive heading into the city may so that fremont street exit metering light have been on for about an hour or so 30 minute drive for you crossing the san mateo bridge. so heading for 80 across towards one on one, a slight uptick in traffic along the 5, 18, 80 here crockett down towards the maze around. 25 minutes for you. let's check on the south bay along want to one traveling from 85 down there into park. 32 minute to 18. 82 both moving nice at the limit. we're seeing delays on highway for up to 25 minute drive for you. if you're heading from antioch in to conquer and we'll leave you with a look at highway. 24 walnut creek traveling down towards 5.80, about 12 minutes. tara, james, back to you. thanks. a lot 6.49, a new app is making it easier for firefighters to respond to emergencies. yeah, it's free for anybody to use and the creators say it's more reliable. >> then dropping a pin. we've got rich demuro with more on this morning's tech smart. >> many people just drop a pin
6:50 am
when they want to send someone there location. but what if you don't have a data connection or what if you want to speak your location now, 3 words can help. >> knowing where you are is pretty easy these days. thanks to gps, cell phones and map apps. but what if you had to tell someone your exact location fast when they remember the address or gps coordinates called, send up and dropped to 9-1-1. so this is where the system works. the system is called what 3 words, a free app that lets you pinpoint your location using a combination of 3 unique words. we've divided the into 57 trillion. 10 foot by 10 foot square as and then we've allocated each one of a square has a unique. >> 3, what identify. so instead of a broad street address, you can direct someone to the exact entrance to a large building. >> or the purse, ice place your tailgating in a giant parking lot. if you have 40,000 an english 40,000 times, 40,000 times, 40,000, give you 64 trillion and gives
6:51 am
you enough to give every single 10 foot by 10 foot square in the well. the unique. >> 3, what identified importantly, what 3 words, ios and android apps work offline without a cellular connection. so, for instance, let's say i want to meet someone at this specific rock. i would give them the 3 words best name round. but if i want to meet someone at this rock, the 3 words are splice earth. >> feed, they'll take you right here. voice navigation systems, delivery companies, and even emergency services are starting to incorporate what 3 words being able to get the location. quickley's is precious because, you know, time is everything when especially a medical emergency. the los angeles fire department is partnering with what 3 words to help locate everything from emerging fires to lost hikers faster and with more precision. this app. >> has reduced our response time significantly and easier
6:52 am
way to speak or location. just say the words commute this in. >> incredibly remote parts of the world and it will still work such an easy way to relay your location. my advice, download the what 3 words app now-you can get familiar with it. and even if you send your location of someone who doesn't have the app, they can still navigate right to you using their preferred maps app. all right. got the link our website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. i just knew that for the airport on a door. 3 door to arrivals departures. where are you? i am download right we'll that there goes. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. take a look at this. a coyote roaming the streets of south san francisco. well, he's making time there apparently looking, wow, oh, yeah, he wanted food and that's girl is going to be it. one of our producers, family members took near valley view way. there he's running on middle of the street. i mean, pick a side. luckily, nobody became its meal. so scroll got away. yeah. yeah. it made any people or pets. so that's some good news. very cool. all right. here's some other good the powerball lottery. >> is growing the jackpot now 421 million dollars is a big enough i know you well, it was big enough before i played over the weekend. did win. next drawing tonight should
6:56 am
be. but you keep playing. i'm gonna keep plan as you can't win. if you don't have barely you can't win. if you play >> but i'm thing and that's right. every everybody was lot i feel about the lottery. >> 6.55, is time right now coming in the next hour. elon musk. could he own twitter soon? why a deal between him and twitter could be reached at any moment. >> and stanford nurses are on strike. what does that mean for you? if you're a patient? the doctor will be in to see you shortly. ♪ hi.
6:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. and thanks for tuning in on a monday to get things started for. let's get this party started. absolutely. we've got lots stanford nurses on strike we'll talk about that twitter last we visited with it. they said no thanks to the law must offer. now on a monday morning. are they close to a deal that? why are these in our ip twitter like that? is it just we're going away mean lots to talk about, but we'll get to the weather first because you got know what to wear. it sounds like shorts. maybe all week. the shorts. t-shirts. yeah. get a pack out
7:00 am
where the sunscreen, too, because we're going to plenty of that. >> look at this beautiful view of san francisco right now. got the sunshine beaming there down on those towers in downtown san francisco. visibilities a-ok for most of us. we've seen a little bit of low cloud cover inland. hasn't resulted in anything widespread as far as issues go, though, and we're going to stay dry this week. today is one of those days and today pairing it with some of our warmest of temperatures to. we may be cool this morning in the 40's and 50's, but we've got some 70's and even a few low 80's to look for to later today. alameda at 52 right now, pittsburgh, 54 one of our more mild spots as well. 53 talking more about this nice day in the rest of your forecast it may be nice weather wise, but looks like we've had some backups we did. we had a hot spot along the venetian martinez bridge. >> thankfully, all lanes are now open. there. so you're traveling along a few residual delays that southbound 6.80, along the benicia martinez bridge heading into the city right now. a 2 minute drive heading from e


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