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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 25, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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those clear skies all across the bay, partly cloudy, start mostly sunny. finish. easy to get down 40's and 50's for current temperatures. alameda. 56 oakland, 54 a dublin fremont east at forty-seven degrees. right now. i'll be talking a nice afternoon in your forecast and some pretty nice afternoons after that, too. all still to come, right, tom, thank you for that. hey, we do have a hot spot. still along the richmond, sandra fell bridge an accident right near the tolls. slowing us down. 33 minutes as you're traveling across towards one o one. >> and only one lane is blocked there. so hopefully they're able to get that clear. 21 minute drive traveling from the maze into the city to that fremont street exit. no accidents along the bay ridge or the san mateo bridge. an 18 minute drive as you're traveling across towards one o one and the south bay. 85 to menlo park along one. 0 one. 51 minutes. so an uptick in traffic there and highway for about 24 minutes. as you're traveling from any acts. one, 60 into conquered darya.
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james, back to you. thank you. rain at 8 o'clock and it appears a deal is imminent between twitter and elon musk. yeah. if the rumors are twitter's board apparently met over the weekend too. >> hash out the final details in that could also fall apart. but the rumors this morning that they're close to a deal, what does it mean is a question more trolls are less. let's check in with saracens issues falling for the news. my sarah. >> good morning. that's right. negotiations between twitter and elon musk reportedly went overnight and continued early this morning. a deal is closer than ever to being reached. word got out quick causing twitter to soar on the stock market. twitter's board yesterday they met to discuss musk's 43 billion dollar bid to buy the company. bloomberg reported this morning. the twitter is in the final stretch of negotiations. they say twitter is working out the terms of the transaction for its shareholders. last week musk said he secured funding for his unsolicited bid to buy the company for 5 for $54.20
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per share on the social media site right now. rest in peace. twitter is trending. many people have their opinions about musk owning twitter but twitter stock doesn't seem to be dead at all. just checked twitter stock is up nearly 3% selling it $50 and $0.33 a share. it's a very fast pace, fluid situation between twitter and musk. that's why we're here in the newsroom following the latest. a deal could be reached any minute and it could also fall apart. something we'll continue to follow for now. i'm reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you very much, sara. meantime, a 18 house republicans are asking twitter's board to preserve all of the records related to musk's buyout offer. republican lawmakers have repeatedly accused twitter of censorship and they say that this request is part of their examination of big tech. >> well, happening right now, we have thousands of stanford and lucile packard children's hospital, nurses on strike and
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they all seem to be where yeah. yeah. the biggest strike i've seen in a long time and i wonder what it means for the hospital to as far as being staff or patients covers. will tran reports on that live from stanford medical center. hi. well. >> you can see all the nurses behind me and you can probably hear how loud it is as the cars driving by and honking their horns. i can tell you that if you have an appointment with stanford and their system, you might want to call ahead because >> it is a tall order to replace all of these nurses. yes, they brought in replacement nurses, but we're talking 5,000. so more than likely your schedule could be pushed back canceled. who knows? but the bottom line is you might want to call ahead because they're not at work there on the picket lines and they actually started this strike at 6.45 this morning. and it looks like it will go on for quite some time. >> there is a little bit of glimmer of good news and i'll talk about that. and just a
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few moments. but i did get a chance. james and area to talk to some of the nurses. they said they have tried desperately to avoid this situation. >> they talk to their boss is about getting more pay more appreciation that they're overworked. but they claim it's fallen on deaf ears. they're not keeping up with inflation and the cost of living. and this is all drives. we're unable to stop icus. >> and other >> because >> to and live here because cost of living is so high and the wages also love. >> okay. so this is what stanford told us about what's going on with the strike and actually got a heads up a few weeks ago that they would be on strike unless they reach the deal, which clearly they have not. stanford says at union work stoppage is a serious event that is disruptive. >> to our patients, families and colleagues. the impact could be deep, long-lasting and costly. we have worked
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diligently to reach a mutually acceptable contract agreement and have made meaningful progress at the bargaining table so far. speaking of the bargaining table, james and area. >> they have tried clearly didn't reach deal, which is why you see all those nurses behind me and this is the loudest strike i have ever been to not cover hundreds of strikes throughout my career. >> i could barely hear myself speak. but as far as negotiations, the glimmer of hope i was telling you about, they will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow to try to reach out a deal. they didn't say how close they are, but at least they're talking as they pose to not talking to each other. again, if you have an appointment. you might want to call ahead because you're nurses are not at work. >> they're on the picket lines. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll incredible scene. >> 8, 0, 5 is the time. and it was a busy weekend for san francisco. police says they're now investigating multiple shootings that happened across the city. the first one
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involved an argument at a memorial service. police say one man was shot near harriet and howard streets in that instance. and then another man was shot in the tenderloin. this is video of that. investigators say the victim and the shooter fought each othes near the hnl mart on geary street. they think maybe that was gang-related. they're still looking into it. the conditions of both victims has not yet been released. will let you know when we find out. meanwhile, police on the peninsula are investigating 2 separate but very similar robberies. so the first one happened just after midnight sunday in redwood city. police say the victim in that case was returning home when they were targeted. the next one happened about a half hour later this time in foster city where the gunman that robbed this person reportedly got into the victim's garage as he was parking his car and then fired a shot into the driver's side window while demanding the victim's wallet. police say the person wanted in both of these roeberies is described as a woman driving an suv. >> 8, 0, 6, in the east bay.
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somebody put anti semitic, flyers around da ville, put him in the driveways of people over the weekend and the police posted on facebook saying they're aware of these flyers. they were left around the yesterday morning. they are investigating and officials say that this goes against the town's values. they do not condone violence or any hate in any form. it's 8, 0, 7 right now. other news that we're following this morning, the national prescription drug take back day. it's saturday. >> so that's a day where if you have unused prescription drugs, you can safely dispose of them. the u.s. drug enforcement agency, organizers of this event. so that harmful chemicals and drugs don't get to the wrong hands or get into the local water supply. so if you would like to drop your pills off, you can do that at your local police department from 10 am to 02:00pm on saturday. and you can also get rid of e-cigarettes and vape pens there as well. >> turning our attention now to bay area basketball, the warriors unfortunately missed out on their chance to deliver a sweep in denver.
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>> in game 4, it was an exciting game, but they couldn't pull it off. they were away. the fans were here at home, sharing them on kron four's taylor. the second was there. >> let me tell you, the energy was extremely high, especially in those last few minutes when the game got really close fans. of course, we're hoping for a sweep but are still confident heading into game 5. >> deadly very electric. mine is deadly. nice to see the whole bay area. again, they're so deadly. very excited fans from the bay area and beyond. packed in to thrive city. at the chase center on sunday to watch the warriors take on the nuggets in game it. >> as part of the playoffs, the warriors hosted watch parties this week while the team was on the road in denver. buys good atmosphere first year that city and give
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support now the dubs will return to the chase center on wednesday after missing their chance to sweep the nuggets on sunday. i don't care a because they could have in that home said we will win the stuff. you know, we could put him away. but >> i mean, they have to win one, right. so what will come back here when it back in the city and on to round 2. >> the warriors will take on the nuggets here at the chase center for game 5 on wednesday night in san francisco. taylor kron. 4 news. >> 9 is the time. we'll take a break. but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, san francisco supervisor matt haney now headed to sacramento. we'll take a look at his plans as the new assembly member. plus a woman with a long career in law enforcement is running for sheriff in alameda county. we'll tell you what her plans are if elected and title. 42 is set to expire in less than a month. we'll tell you why it's causing some lawmakers on capitol hill to the about a possible surge at the southern border. >> and we are in for a lot of sunshine today and some of
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warmest temperatures of the week climbing well into the upper 70's in san jose. low 70's in oakland, san francisco, salt 60's. i'm talking the rest of your forecast. still to come. >> and tracking a hot spot on this busy monday morning along the richmond, sandra fell bridge are also keeping a close eye on your other drive times. we'll have more on that. once we get back.
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>> 12 right now and we're looking at a sunny, gorgeous day. we are around the baby yeah. gorgeous town in the south bay as well as at the coast all the way up into the sierra much calmer than last week was for yeah. so time for the sunscreen, i guess. and shorts. yes, because you're talking like what? 78 ice on your forecast for today. couple 80's and kinda vacaville, too. so there are hot spots if you really want the sunshine, it's not the beach. you want to go to back of ill. are looking at said he's a nice and clear south bay, just one of those spots that is sitting under the sunshine to our north, that cloudy blanket is a sign of the cold front that's about to drop its way in tonight into tomorrow morning. it's very weak, cold front. so all is going to do for us is make temperatures a little cooler tomorrow, but only about 5 degrees increase cloud cover tonight. and a bit of a breeze during your overnight hours,
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too. aside from that, we stay dry and we stay nice and inviting all the way through this forecast. mostly sunny skies this afternoon. cloud cover increases again during overnight hours tonight can actually see that cold front sweeping through early tomorrow morning. just leaving us behind with a slightly cooler day tomorrow. so if those upper 70's to low 80's are a little on the warm side for you, you've got to treat because it's upper 60's to low 70's for your daytime highs. starting tuesday through thursday. now, temperatures today 60's for san francisco. just a couple of 50's right along the coastline and then it will be 60's to 70's elsewhere. burlingame 68 saying carlo 71 san jose at 77 today already going to start warming up under that sunshine. freeman said no. let's 73 pleasanton an i-75 for you say monday in ville. well, your low 80's in antioch, in vacaville, our very warmest spots. pittsburgh, not far behind at 79 today, looking ahead of next 7 days tomorrow, wednesday. thursday are the coolest after that cold front sweeps through only cooling
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things down a little bit paired with the sunshine. it's still going to feel really good saturday. our warmest of the forecast right time for the weekend in sunday, our only chance of showers, john, thank you for that. well, here's the good news. that hot spot we've been tracking along. the richmond, sandra fell bridge. >> finally, they got that cleared. so we went from the upwards of around. 35 to 40 minutes now down to about 20 minutes. so that's going continue to improve as the morning goes on along the richmond, sandra fell bridge, the bay bridge right now, 18 minute drive maze to that fremont street exit. no accidents there for us. down here in the south bay along 2.80, about a 15 minute commute for you as you're traveling along one o one heading into cupertino. 85. let's get a look at one. 0, one as you're traveling. look at that. an uptick in traffic there. 5.80, traveling from 85 to menlo park to 18. 82. i don't see any major issues there. so you might want to go ahead and take that. 21 minute drive traveling from antioch,
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into conquered and again, down here, northbound 1 one hellyer avenue in san jose. we do have an accident. keeping a close eye on that darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. 8.15, right now. let's give you the latest on the war on ukraine. after failing to overtake the capital of kiev. >> there's been heavy russian shelling in the east. yeah. we've got rudabeh shahbazi with more on the very latest. >> a solemn day in ukraine. worshippers attended services today to celebrate orthodox easter as russian forces continue to bear down on eastern ukraine. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky released an orthodox easter message saying he believes in a new victory for ukraine. the umbilical 90 you. >> in the bill could move today's great holiday gives us the hope and believe the light will win over darkness. will good win over evil is it just might win over or just there for ukraine will win an
8:17 am
evident and water. >> okay. hope on a much lesser scale did come today with a visit from secretary of state antony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin. the trip marking the highest ranking american officials to touch down in ukraine since russia launched its invasion 2 months ago. the purpose of the visit reportedly to focus on logistics of funneling more military assistance to the country's embattled troops to fight off russian forces. on thursday, the biden administration announced an additional 800 million dollars military aid package for ukraine. and while the west has provided a lot of military equipment to ukraine. so once he has stressed repeatedly that his country needs more heavy weapons, including long-range air defense systems, as well as warplanes residents in kiev echoing that same request. look see if it show. i think everyone wants more support. you want heavy on so that at last we can manage to carry out a counter offensive overnight the russian military reported
8:18 am
hitting 423 ukrainian targets including fortified positions and troop concentrations. russian also saying its warplanes destroyed. 26 ukrainian military sites. >> including an explosives factory and several artillery depots. most of today's fighting focused on the donbass region in the east. that is where ukrainian forces are concentrated and where moscow backed separatists controlled some territory before the war since failing to capture kyiv. the russians are aiming to gain full control over the eastern industrial heartland. >> it's 8.18. and today the supreme court's going to hear the case of a former seattle area high school football coach who was fired because he would not stop praying on the field as was his custom joe kennedy was fired 2015 for defying a prayer ban after the games. the school district asked him to pray separately from the students, but he refused the americans united for separation of church and
8:19 am
state is concerned that if kennedy wins this case in the high court, it would allow teachers and coaches across the country to pressure students to join them in prayer. >> meanwhile, the white house says it's planning to lift the title. 42 pandemic restrictions at the southern border by the end of next month. and opponents are worried that without a plan in place that we could renewed surge of immigrants at the border with that and working with the very latest now on it from d c. >> good morning. there's growing concern among lawmakers who oppose president biden's plan to end title. 42. now even some democrats warning what could happen if the policy is revoked. >> texas democratic congressman henry clay or says lifting the pandemic asylum restrictions known as title. 42 will cause an immediate surge of migrants. the border patrol is unprepared to handle. the messages are going out to the smuggler said to into the migrants is that on
8:20 am
may 23rd you can go ahead and come and quay or who represents a south texas border district says his constituents are very concerned who's listening to the border community says my question, the department of homeland security estimates that when title 42 expires 18,000 additional migrants will cross the u.s. mexico border each day, 500,000 over the next 5 weeks. my state of texas. we just simply can't absorb this. texas republican congressman michael mccall says the surge of migrants in the midst of a pandemic puts a border patrol and the border communities at risk. this is the absolute worst i've ever seen. but massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren said on cnn state of the union that she supports getting rid of title. 42 because she says it's not consistent with american values. the biden administration is putting plans in place to deal with people who are asking
8:21 am
>> amnesty and humanitarian relief at the border. the biden administration says they're working on a plan to ramp up security at the southern border. >> that includes relocating agents and adding more processing centers, staffed with medical officials. >> today president biden will meet with members of the congressional hispanic caucus about his immigration plan. also happening today, a group of republican lawmakers are scheduled to take a trip down to the southern border where meet with local leaders in eagle pass for now in washington. anna wiernicki, back to you. all right. thank you, anna. a 21 on the clock and we'll take a break coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> gas prices in the bay area are actually coming down a little bit. we'll take a look at what the average prices near you.
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with a galaxy trade-in. a 24. and there's some good news for gas prices have actually come down a little bit. >> in the last month. so here's a quick look at where things stand at the moment. prices according to triple a as you can see on the left is today and on the right was where it was a month ago. and you can see san francisco now 5.79 used to be 5.93. so that's come down quite a bit. oakland, same story. 5.71 now 5.85. a month ago, san jose. same deal for you. sandra fell
8:25 am
also coming down. fairfield 5.60, today where it was 5.78 again one month ago. she could wheels by the way. yeah. >> cash only like cheap gas station of line. it's like they're giving it away was 5 bucks. and still hard to imagine 5.60, like that's anything like if you're getting 5 year in a deal and if you want to save money on groceries, some people are deciding to grow their own. nearly 20 million americans started gardening during the pandemic. well, i guess it was a combination of boredom and assess right because groceries are high and then you've got nothing to do because the pandemic and now. >> maybe it's just caught on seed companies and community gardens. both say there's been a steady rise in demand. in fact, community gardens across the nation. so a 40% rise in people coming to them last year alone. >> there's nothing better than a homegrown to meet. the satisfaction of planting a seed and seeing that sprout within a couple of days. the
8:26 am
magic nature. >> the industry is like that. dad that people are growing like it's the it's growing by the look. oregano, you can do. >> herbs are easy to do. >> and then they say the lemon tree is going to give me llaman sunday. so i was holding my breath. >> community gardens growing like >> sarah. >> well, i'm in the newsroom following a story about a driver in pittsburgh that was shot at multiple times overnight. we've got video from the scene and details from police coming up. 20
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right now and we're checking out the weather is just going to be a whole gorgeous week. i the hottest day, all it might be. i think john is talking about today. we're going to e% see some of the warmest temperatures at least in the next couple of days. john, good morning. yes, some low 80's for a couple of spots, antioch, in vacaville, your spots that are going to be the warmest. >> although a lot of the rest of the bay area not following it too far behind some upper 70's for some of the south bay and inland east bay. >> right now in san francisco, it looks beautiful, clear skies and we're seeing those all across the bay area. no fog, not a ton of cloud cover. we actually have nice clear skies this afternoon to look forward to current temperatures. still cool. so if you like that crisp, feel in your morning jog right now is the time to go. a lot of 50's on the map. pittsburgh
8:30 am
are very warmest right now at 58 degrees. while our cooler spots like santa rosa still hanging out in the upper 40's. i'll be talking about this afternoon. what else to expect this week? all still to come over to john. thank you for another new accident. this is in the south bay. so northbound, want to what? your avenue. >> we have a hot spot. 2 lanes are blocked there. monterey road might be a good alternate because 87 is pretty delayed as well. and a little further here along northbound 2.80, north, a avenue, another accident. so we're keeping a close eye on the south bay, 90 minute drive heading into the city right now about a 15 minute commute heading across towards the peninsula via the san mateo bridge. if you are taking bar, here is an alert for you. trains are not stopping at the embarcadero station because of some police activity going on right now. so keeping a close eye on your roads and your bar commute darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much, renay 30's, the time. let's get to some breaking news this morning. a shooting in
8:31 am
pittsburgh that police think might be related to road rage for sarah stinson has been covering up this morning. let's go to in the newsroom for an update. sarah, what you know. >> still waiting for an update on the shooter because pittsburgh police were looking for that person. but we do know that the person shot is recovering in the hospital. a man was in his truck sitting there when someone came by and shot at him multiple times. take a look at this map so you can get a good idea of where the shooting happened on kirker pass road in pittsburgh at castle would drive that's across from the castle kids center and woodland hills apartments. the scene there has been active. it was active overnight, but i can tell you this morning it is cleared. so won't be impacting your commute. video shows 2 bullet holes in the driver's side door of the truck with the window shattered. this happened around 11, 30 last night. it appeared to be a road rage incident to people on scene. but police are still investigating what happened. >> a sergeant told me on the phone that the man was sitting
8:32 am
in the truck when the shooter drove up and shot him multiple times. no one is in custody right now. investigators will be talking with the victim in the hospital to try and figure out what happened. did they know each other was this random was a road rage incident. a lot of questions remain at this hour. i just called pittsburgh police to get an update because they said they have some kind of update for us later this morning. and i have not heard back yet. but as of now, they're still looking for that shooter. hopefully we'll have another update for you in about an hour from now. >> i'm sarah stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. time now is a 32 and san francisco supervisor. matt haney is headed to sacramento as the assembly member elect for district 17 after the special election last week, the state assembly seat was once held by david chiu who is now city attorney as a district. 6 supervisor haney represented the tenderloin and says he will continue to serve that area as it struggles with homelessness and illegal drug use. haney says those issues go far beyond one
8:33 am
neighborhood. and that is why he ran for state assembly. we need state leadership, state resources. >> every city and county doing their part on this. you can't expect to solve homelessness or fentanyl epidemic in one neighborhood as hard as we're trying. so we need to have consequences for affective consequences for people were selling fentanyl. we need to stop the flow of these drugs into our state and into our communities. >> the state is expected to have a big enough budget to spend some money, a surplus of 23 billion dollars it up more than was projected as what we think. we're going to have in hand. believes that money should be put towards homelessness and mental health services. make sure the systems work better. we can't have people who are just abandoned on our streets. we have to get them inside. >> but also people generally and in san francisco around the state, even though the state is doing well with our surpassed a lot of people still are not doing well themselves. they have debt. they're struggling. they lost a small businesses. so i'm
8:34 am
also going to be looking at economic opportunity to lift everyone up. workers put money back in people's pockets. you can watch the entire interview with supervisor haney on kron 4 dot com. >> just click on our special tab for politics. it's called inside california politics. >> and this year, voters in alameda county, by the way, will decide on their next sheriff. one of the candidates held a meet and greet in hayward over the weekend. the sandia sanchez has a long career in law enforcement and she's hoping to unseat incumbent sheriff greg ahern. she joined the alameda county sheriff's office says a technician back in 1997 and has steadily move up. the ranks. she's currently division commander overseeing the santa rita jail in dublin. sanchez says that her candidacy, we'll focus on rehabilitation and job training for incarcerated people, racial justice in law enforcement and holding the sheriff's office accountable. while connecting with people. >> number one priority is to be president and accessible to our community members. that's
8:35 am
what's needed to build trust and for them to be able to give me some critiques on how the sheriff's office is providing service. >> well, the primary election is set for june 7th and we'll be following it. there's some new relief available for restaurants that were hit hard by the pandemic. >> yes, there is relief for restaurants, restaurant owners across the state can now apply for money from the california restaurant foundation. the foundation is offering $3,000 grants to mom and pop shops. grants can be used for equipment upgrades and employee bonuses and applications are being accepted until april. 30th. they can only be submitted online and if you want to link, just go to conference com. 35 the time right now. and airline officials say they're trying to work with passengers who have become afraid to fly because suddenly no more masks for requirement. this after a federal judge in florida struck down the nationwide mask requirement on airports and airplanes. kron four's amanda hari has more. >> i'm seeing about a 50, 50
8:36 am
split of people choosing to mask up and people choosing to go unmasked here at the airport, a doctor i spoke to said there is going to be a higher chance of getting covid-19 while traveling. now think people should recognize that. >> there's more responsibility on themselves. >> to take every conceivable precaution they can to rare sight at the airport. many people now unmasked after a federal judge in florida struck down the masking requirement to think was a world with this edition of the judge may just horrible professor of infectious diseases at uc berkeley doctor john swartzberg says he doesn't think it was the right decision. some airlines say they're now offering options, including refunds in some cases. >> for passengers worried about flying united airlines ceo scott kirby said, quote, we're working with those customers to find another option. give them credit or if they don't ever want to fly
8:37 am
again, we're actually willing to give them a refund. american airlines ceo robert said, but like we do in all these events were taking a look at our policies and asking them to get in touch with our reservations office and we'll make sure that we accommodate them in an appropriate fashion. i spoke to passenger believe from france. she says she'll still be wearing her mask. first of all, i'm pregnant. so i have to be careful of that. that, yeah, i want to protect the others and taken the virus is not done like we're still living with but passenger marina, gary lena feels differently. facebook couple of couple of weeks ago, you know, even in its stores, >> yeah, he'll find you do basic precautions you do the right doctor. swartzberg says it's up to each person to weigh the risks and some people have to consider their risk more carefully. if you're elderly. >> if you've got. conditions that would really predispose
8:38 am
you to a outcome. what being immunocompromised or even things like diabetes or obesity or chronic lung or heart disease. those are some examples of people who, you know, need to really weigh the pros and cons more. if you're worried about catching covid-19. doctor swartzberg recommends still wearing a well-fitted mask while traveling. >> as well as getting those first 2 doses of vaccine and a booster at sfo. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> it's 8.38. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news finding healthy food and fresh produce is going to get a little bit easier in oakland. we'll tell you where to go. the 3 words that could save your life. all have the app that convert your exact location into 3 words and let you relay that information
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>> 8.41 is a time in the east bay. the closure of community food markets in west oakland this year left to avoid really for residents who want to have access to healthy foods and to fresh produce. but the community has rallied now to fill that vacant space with an alternative option. the organization called community ready corps or crc teamed up with city council member carol fife to turn the old markets parking lot into an outdoor event called mosaic world market. the event provides enough free space for up to about 25 vendors to showcase their products.
8:42 am
>> as a west, oakland is not a lot of it's a food desert for healthy food. and so we know that in most black and brown communities that we don't have access to healthy, fresh produce. >> now the hope is that the market will fill the gap in equal access to nutrition for disenfranchised communities left behind. starting this week, actually, crc says that the mosaic world market will operate every saturday from noon until 5. we'll take a break here in a 42. we'll be right back.
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our flexpath learning format lets you set deadlines and earn your nursing degree on your schedule. make your difference with capella university. >> the bay area science festival kicked off with discovery day at oracle park. it's a weeklong event with hands-on experiments and behind the scenes tours, you go there and explore this skeleton of a 40 foot whale. there are stem robots, an exhibit on the human brain hold on and you'll see the >> well, and all kinds of other science, the stuff less tripping and i love the little machines and kind games and stuff like that. and they the point is to show you how science can make the world better. and they're just hoping it connects with kids.
8:46 am
>> of science today is is paramount. and i think both what you mention, you know, climate change. we have a lot of other events coming up this week but focus on climate change. and of course, you know, the covid-19 pandemic. i mean, that really highlight and science, right? we are able to get a vaccine in record time. and so we're able to be back here doing this. >> say i can't tell you how many times my kids and explain science to make sadness that school and they tell me all about it because you can we love it. i love the fact that it makes it 10 on tangible. yes, hands on, but also relay double to they kind of show you how science is behind. just about everything we kind of just take for granted for marc laptops to our phones, too. how well we can predict the weather, right? double a man of science technology because that from satellites and space to computers at network all this information. it's pretty incredible. yeah. and don's got all his fingertips. yeah. let's take a peek at what the forecast says. i don't yet that still changing all the time. but this week, the weather
8:47 am
prediction. >> back to the basics we go because last week it was the on and off of rain. and then the dry days, this one's pretty simple here holding on to the sunshine in the dry skies for the week ahead. means a nice week to get back out. there may be gone. that jog this morning and enjoy some sunshine this afternoon. berkeley looks great from up in the hills and you can see to our north and west, we do have a system that green and that cloud cover that you're making out. there's a little bit of rain up towards the oregon border. this is a cold front that's going to slide into night. what it's not going to do for us as a result in any chance of rain, a very weak system. what is going to do is make for a bit of a cloudy evening in start to the day tomorrow and a modest cool down tomorrow around 5 degrees. cooler on average for your tuesday compared to today. so if you like the upper 70's and the low 80's today is your day. this is what we have in the middle of the night tonight. that cloud cover on the rise. and then you can see that frontal boundary passing through early tomorrow morning, a bit breezy to start and then skies clear out nicely. and we're in for a nice and comfortable day. still tomorrow, just more. so
8:48 am
the low 70's rather than the upper 70's like today come your tuesday. now, as far as temperatures go today, i've already mentioned it's one of our warmer ones for mission and financial districts. you'll be close to 70 degrees. a couple of 50's. the holdouts near the coastline that are usually are colder spots anyways. elsewhere in the bay area at 60's to solid 70's redwood city at 73, san jose. 77 today, east bay temperatures pretty sol d 70's as well with pleasanton in danville. at 75 oakland in castro valley at 71. there's your low 80's over an antioch in vacaville and getting close in pittsburgh, concord and fairfield. well, santa rosa, a nice one at 76 today. tomorrow's temperatures a little cooler and we'll stay on that cooler note into wednesday and thursday before we round things up again, back into the upper 70's to even low 80's by friday and saturday, sunday is or loan chance of showers in this forecast. still looking like a slight chance between here and there. it's the sunshine and dry weather todd, thank you for that. ok, we have to hot spots ere keeping a close eye
8:49 am
on. >> here's what it said was a northbound. want to want helier avenue, 2 lanes are blocked there. i'm saying monterey road might be a good alternate because you can see a 7 is really backed up as well as you're trying to take another highway. also up in westbound 37 wilson avenue. you get 2 lanes are blocked so you can still get through. but as you can see, it's pretty slow heading into the city right now about a 90 minute drive traveling for the maze that fremont street exit.% let's look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula, down to a little under 14. so that's really good for you at this hour. last time we checked in on bart, we had a delay. we're not stopping at the embarcadero station. now, bart has resumed service to the embarcadero station. so just keep that in mind. no more delays there. 15 minute drive out of richmond heading across the worse and rafale and along one o one. 85 in to menlo park about 40 minutes. tara james, back to you. thanks a lot. 8.49. right now there's a new
8:50 am
app is making it easier for firefighters to respond to emergency. yeah, it's free for anybody to use. and its creator says it's a lot more reliable than just dropping a pin on a map like we do these days. rich demuro takes a peak in tech smart. >> many people just drop a pin when they want to send someone there location. but what if you don't have a data connection or what if you want to speak your location? >> now, 3 words can help. >> knowing where you are is pretty easy these days. thanks to gps, cell phones and map apps. but what if you have to tell someone your exact location fast when they remember the address or gps coordinates counts and the pin drop to 9-1-1. so this is where the system works. the system is called what 3 words, a free app that lets you pinpoint your location using a combination of 3 unique words. we've divided the into 57 trillion. 10 foot by 10 foot square as. >> and then we've allocated each one of a square has a unique 3. what identify? so instead of a broad street
8:51 am
address, you can direct someone to the exact entrance to a large building. >> or the purse, ice place your tailgating in a giant parking lot. if you have 40,000 an english 40,000 times, 40,000 times, 40,000 64 trillion. and gives you enough to give every single 10 foot by 10 foot square in the world. the unique. >> 3, what identified importantly, what 3 words, ios and android apps work offline without a cellular connection. so, for instance, let's say i want to meet someone at this specific rock. i would give them the 3 words best name round. but if i want to meet someone at this rock, the 3 words are splice earth. >> feed, they'll take you right here. voice navigation systems, delivery companies, and even emergency services are starting to incorporate what 3 words being able to get the location. quickley's is precious because, you know, time is everything when especially a medical emergency. the los angeles
8:52 am
fire department is partnering with what 3 words to help locate everything from emerging fires to lost hikers faster and with more precision. this app. >> has reduced our response time significantly and easier way to speak or location. just say the words commute to send. >> and credit even my parts of the world and it will still work such an easy way to relay your location. my advice, download the what 3 words app now-you can get familiar with it. and even if you send your location of someone who doesn't have the app, they can still navigate right to you using their preferred maps app. all right. got the link our website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. james. james. i just got text on the those 3 with 3 z. this all will be right back.
8:53 am
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>> if you got this, it's a coyote that's oh, there's the coyote to look at the school. he's jason's the school got away. can you believe it is great. and then he just started. this coyote just started running down the middle of the street to find that yeah, well, there's plenty more where that came from, but he's looking in the wrong place. this was actually taken near the valley way area. and it was by a family member of a producer here at kron. the scroll wasn't
8:56 am
launch. nobody was lunch. no pets, everybody's fine. look, there goes that's fun. luckily this girl. haha. all right. very cool. and speaking of luck, it feel lucky. i am. yeah, i play the lottery of the week ended when, but i'm feeling lucky or about today, you're never going to stop. are you now? >> we've got the u.s. powerball now up at 421 million dollars. no winner on saturday when it was about 400 billion dollars. so it's steadily growing. next. drawing is later on tonight. and i go by the grocery store on the way home. so to pick up a couple tickets, the winning ticket, right? that's going take it. so then you won't be here when did you say the dryness lee jones well, okay. so we'll know if you want. >> and you want to answer my calls. a 56 right now and coming over the next hour, the kron 4 morning news. elon musk owning twitter a deal could be in the works and reached any moment now. we've got a live update. >> and stanford nurses are on strike a lot of them. they say they're overworked. they want some change. we've got a live
8:57 am
shot with kron four's will tran and they are behind him making whole lot of noise. stick around. we'll be right back with that.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us at 9 o'clock on a monday, we are squeezing
9:00 am
every bit of monday out of this. yes, we are. >> today has actually really find you're going want to squeeze the and little bit out of the entire day because it's going to be sunny temperatures. saying up towards 80, a walk earlier rather than later because think it is going to get pretty hot jobs. yes, still crisp out there for now, but it's not stay that way into the afternoon. get a feel pretty toasty actually. >> right now, there you go at the embarcadero. got a nice day for this cruise ship that as james told us, this work its way up from la. it sounds like bringing some ellie weather with it this time around. you can see to our north there is some cloud cover will have a cold front swing through tonight. just going to dip temperatures a bit tomorrow. also result in a few clouds and a bit of a breezy evening ahead of us. but not before this warm sunny afternoon that we have to look forward to right now. most of us are in the 50's conquered brentwood at 61 degrees, though in pittsburgh. also among our first spots in the 60's at 60 degrees. i'll be talking a couple 80's this afternoon and then that slight cool down for


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