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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  April 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local newi station. we now with breaking news. >> it's it's it is a parent's worst nightmare. we are fortunate. >> but this result in a positive outcome. >> breaking news at 3 o'clock. the baby taken from his home in san jose has been found alive. ending an intense 20 hour kidnapping search. our live team coverage starts right now. and thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman, san jose. police say the 3 month-old brandon quay ares being checked out at a local hospital and appears to be unharmed and in good condition. he will be reunited with this family soon. police
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have identified and arrested 3 people responsible for his kidnapping. so to recap how we got here, baby brandon was taken from his home on elm street in san jose yesterday afternoon. his grandmother said that she was unloading groceries when a man pulled up to the residents, put the baby in a carrier and then walked away this morning, baby brandon was found nearly 5 miles from his home. and we have team coverage all across san jose this afternoon. kron four's rob nesbitt has the latest on the police investigation and the people that have been arrested. kron four's charles clifford at the scene with the baby was found and kron four's. justin campbell is in the neighborhood where the baby lives. we'll begin, though, with the very latest with kron four's rob nesbitt. he's been talking with police today. >> justine police say there's some connection between the 3 people arrested and the quay our family. they are releasing the names of the 3 suspects, but they are celebrating the fact that baby brandon was found safe and unharmed. san
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jose police say the public sharing this surveillance video showing a man walking away with a 3 month-old the baby carrier played a big role in tracking down the suspects. the man described as hispanic is one of the 3 people now in custody be brandon was being babysat by his grandmother at the time of the kidnapping. police say a woman who was with the grandmother is also in custody after she kept giving inconsistent stories to police. no information has been shared about the 3rd suspect. san jose assistant police chief paul joseph says that local authorities along with the fbi worked 20 plus hours on this case to find the baby as well as the 3 people responsible for his kidnapping. >> we followed every lead we had >> we use with information from witnesses, information from video surveillance that we located. and ultimately were able to find the bait. >> san jose police say that no charges have been filed against the 3 suspects. they are working with the da's office to determine
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appropriate charges. but assistant police chief joseph says that kidnapping will definitely be on that list of charges live in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> coverage of the story continues right now with kron four's charles clifford live at the scene where baby brandon was found. charles, what's it like there right now? >> the police department, the fbi have wrapped up their investigation here for the for the day. i'm standing along major drive and little 3 year-old 3 month-old brandon was found and that gray apartment building right behind me there. let's going take a look at some video. some neighbors earlytthis morning around 9.30, actually saw police in the area. one neighbor i talked to saw the baby being carried out. it was then taken to the hospital. we understand also he witnessed at least one arrest. 3 people have been arrested in total, at least one occurred here. we don't know the relationship of these 3 people to the child or to each other. we're hoping to learn that later. and the investigation here lasted for several hours. you have the fbi, san jose police department here investigating.
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they were removing items from the house. they also towed 2 different vehicles from here, including a gray minivan which matches the description of the vehicle that investigators were looking for on monday in connection to the disappearance of this child that was towed from this area. we understand a neighbor here and actually called in that vehicle saying it looked familiar that they've seen it on the news and that it could be that vehicle. and it, in fact, turned out to be the same car that they were looking for. now, i did talk to one neighbor here who saw the child being carried out this saw the initial arrest. he says he's just happy that this is ended. well. >> i think everybody in in our community is probably overwhelmed with joy that a child gets returned to their family. and that is something that we can count our blessings for and say thank you, you know, because sometimes these type of incidences turn up for the worst. but today it is a good, a good day. >> all right, back live now
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again, the investigation here along major drive has wrapped up for the day. we're hoping to get some more details to learn more about the motive for this kidnapping at some point from investigators. but that's the very latest here in san jose. charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> charles, thank you so much. we'll go now to kron four's justin campbell. he's in the neighborhood where the baby lives. they must breathing a sigh of relief in that community today. justin. >> a lot of neighbors that were outside last night. today are inside. we haven't seen any family members, but i want you to get a look to see exactly where this happened. all step to the side. you can see at the second floor apartment neighbors after hearing a baby was snatched within seconds, just moved them. i spoke to a parent. you can see in this video, police were here all night. that parent tells me that she doesn't want to let her kids play outside. police were asking neighbors for reading any type of surveillance
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video, baby branding quay are found safe. the roughly 6 miles away this morning. neighbors with thrilled to hear the news. >> who are refreshing? the news in first in turn on the news right in the morning. and just happiness like thank god. you know, he's found it in such a vast amount of time to just. >> are looking at pictures of 3 month-old baby brandin coming back out to us live. there is a lot of media that still here. neighbors just really asking questions about what happened there. still a lot of unanswered questions. we're working to learn more in when this family arrives here. there will be a lot of media coverage just wanting to know more neighbors, i'm sure will be overwhelmed to see that baby and we'll have that image will bring it to you for now. we're live here in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> justin, thank you. and you
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can stay connected on this story by downloading the kron 4 app and our streaming news app kron on all the latest developments in this case as well as any breaking news updates in the bay area and across the nation could be found there. and of course, on our website kron 4 dot com. glad that that baby has been found in people will be held accountable. now, oakland teachers are preparing for a major strike. teachers and labor representatives gathered for a press conference today ahead of friday's strike at the port of oakland starting in june. the oakland unified school district plans on merging and closing schools. the district says it is necessary to avoid budget shortfalls and improve the quality of education. the oakland educators association says the district illegally backed out of a 2019 agreement to not close schools before giving teachers a chance for input. >> they have decision. 8. welcome to stand. the
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community and it all of the good >> oakland's a superintendent called the strike a violation of the current collective bargaining agreement between the district e a now friday strike is scheduled to start at 6.30, in the morning and then a judge will hear eas unfair labor complaint on may. 20th will have coverage for you on friday. today. some 500 dublin unified school, teachers, families and community members are expected to rally and march in support of better resources for students. the dublin teachers association feels the district is not doing all it can to better retain and recruit educators for dublin schools. the association president says right now schools have a number of special education teacher, vacancies along with math and science vacancies all across the district. >> one is last in alameda county with 30 years of service credit that come when people join our district. we
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only take 5 years when districts around our county take anywhere from 9 to all years of service. and that's a huge contention when you're recruiting educators and then obviously we are also working toward salary enhancements for the retention of our current in place and the recruitment process. >> so that rally starts in about an hour at 4.15 this afternoon. the group will march from dublin high school to the school district office where attendees can speak during tonight's school board meeting. let's switch gears. talk about our weather forecast right now as we take this live look outside here across the road. san francisco looking at the bay bridge and it's a breezy day out there in this tuesday. our meteorologist dave spahr has a look now at the very sunny forecast. hey, good afternoon there. just a good afternoon, everybody. and those breezy conditions to speak of will be with us tonight in a little bit into tomorrow as we welcome in yet another. >> kind of weak system reinforcing the somewhat cool air that we have until we get to the weekend. we start hitting the octane to move up those temps. there's your blue skies also at half moon bay
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temperature check right now. 73, antioch, you can see these are greatly reduce more. they were yesterday, a chilly 66 for livermore. there. 71 for concord, lower 60's along the east bay shoreline. 74 santa rosa. so upstream, we're kind of in the clear for right now. the morning cloud cover has departed. but with the arrival next system, a few little scattered clouds developing for the fog situation like it's a bay area fog a little bit. the typical that we get, but also in some of the inland valleys, a touch that quickly, again, mixes out as we go and to kind of a mostly sunny mode for the balance of the day. 47 going on san francisco for a low tonight. also matched for oakland. 45 san jose? some late scattered clouds kind of thrown in there just a little bit now with these passing systems, maybe a little sprinkle way up towards the north. unfortunate for the bay area. and once we head into the weekend, by that point, we're looking for a warm-up will go a little bit further in coming up in just a bit. justine.
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>> dave, thank you. now to the east bay where an oakland man was hurt on sunday in a burglary in a shooting not far from lake merritt. police say it happened just before 4.30, in the morning on lakeshore avenue. the victim we're learning now was 32 years old and has non life threatening injuries. police are investigating the shooting and anyone who has any details should contact police. to the north bay. now where a man is accused of stabbing a woman to death. santa rosa. police say they arrested 33 year-old barr wind are saying about an hour after finding the woman police say they were responding to 9-1-1. calls about a man with a knife and west creek lane. this was yesterday afternoon. there. they found that woman lying on the ground with several stab wounds. witnesses told police that the man took off in a car, but that suspect was later found in rohnert park. police say the victim and the attacker did know each other. we have a lot more head here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today caught on camera. the moment a tornado just ripped a roof. >> right off the building.
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also, russian officials are warning the west to stop arming ukraine or risk world war 3. we have the latest of d c proper news
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over one thousand uses. are threatening that there could be a risk of a nuclear conflict if the situation ukraine does not get resolved. washington correspondent alexandra limon reports now on these threats.
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>> good evening. all this comes as u.s. officials are rushing to provide more help and weapons to ukraine saying it's making a difference in this war. but it's precisely that help that russian officials are pointing to as the reason for an escalation in this conflict >> this deal was even new russian foreign minister. sergei lavrov warned ukraine against provoking world war 3 and said not to underestimate the threat of a nuclear war. that kind of rhetoric is very dangerous and unhelpful. >> u.s. officials condemned the threats. nobody wants to see a nuclear war happen happen. it's a war that, you know, are all sides lose. the russians also claimed that by sending weapons nato is, quote, pouring oil on the fire. but un secretary general antonio guterres says it's quote, true and obvious that russia is the aggressor. >> we have not ukrainian troops in the 32 already of the russian for the nation,
3:16 pm
but we have russian troops in the as you could for the nation. monday, the biden administration announced hundreds of millions in additional aid to ukraine and lawmakers say they stand ready to rapidly approved even more and then game ought to be for ukraine to went out and we ought to do everything we can. >> meanwhile, russia also said that any weapons provided to ukraine by the west are legitimate targets and warned that any further escalation. >> could lead to world war. 3 in washington. alexandra limon. to get the latest updates on the war in ukraine and ways that you can help here at home. you can go to kron 4 dot com. >> and to do that, you can scan this qr code right now and you'll be directed right to our website. and for your money. right now, the war in ukraine is cutting into the supply of cooking oil. ukrainian supplies. nearly half of the world's sunflower oil. russia provides about 25% and now indonesia set to ban
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exports of cooking oil. dry weather has also hurt the crops of some of the world's major producers. the supply squeeze has sent prices soaring in the u.s. some supermarkets are limiting purchases of cooking oil. the u.s. supreme court appeared divided today over president biden's effort to end a trump era immigration policy. it requires migrants seeking asylum to wait in mexico while authorities review their cases, the biden administration said that the justices. the should be dealing with the border officials and they should be empowered to decide who stays or goes. but chief justice john roberts questioned the government. on the regulations of immigration. >> so there's no limit on at all on how many you can release in the united states. what are we supposed to do? just drive truck loads of people into mexico and leave them without negotiating with mexico. >> also, justice elena kagan questioned the efforts by
3:18 pm
texas and missouri to keep mexico open. the attorneys said that under the federal law, the remaining. have to either be detained or go back to their country. these states governments want to get the border under control in order, they say to prevent crimes like human trafficking and drug trafficking. the high court is expected to make a decision by this summer. all right. back now to our weather forecast. as we take this live look here at a pretty shot at the golden gate bridge, a lihtle hazy out there today. the air quality is. curious about it. and our meteorologist dave spahr has the answers from the weather center. >> justine, what we're getting over the next couple of days is kind of pieces of little systems that are traversing west to east. and this is kind of getting into this pattern. now is the season start to change. unfortunate. we're not getting the brunt of this in terms of the rain. what may be early in the next week, we might get a little more luck here. we see kind of that haze you just referred to along the east bay shoreline as well. a
3:19 pm
little of that marine layer check in. and we certainly have that onshore wind temperatures thus far. we're still at 73 for antioch, but a chilly 66 going on for livermore. 74 santa rosa. 59 san francisco fairly in the clear a couple scattered clouds tonight and more importantly into tomorrow again with kind of that reversion of the system's north or east west to east 61 at 7 o'clock by 10 worried about 52 lows tonight, mostly into the 40's over the real estate here. 49 hayward, 47 san francisco. 46 for livermore. pretty uniform compliments of those winds. futurecast for kind of note, some of this cloud cover again, i just referenced as we get into wednesday into the afternoon, a few scattered clouds to toss about. there's the real action far up towards the north. so we get the reinforcing cool air and the breezy conditions, too. so we have the breezy conditions today. also yesterday and it looks like tonight into tomorrow starts to pounce a little bit as we get into the afternoon and evening hours again with the passage of that
3:20 pm
system. all right. for the forecast tomorrow, let's throw some of those variable clouds in their 62. san francisco, oakland, 66 69 san jose says you see we get some traction here. temperatures get slapped down by new system. finally by this weekend, though, we'll start to see some movement and start to return to about 80 or so come saturday the extended forecast a just >> dave, thank you. still ahead, our baby boys or baby girls more demanding what a new study is saying about which is more needy even before they are born. also after the break, how woman in northern california was able to survive a snowstorm, the food she had to make last 6 food she had to make last 6 states as she was stranded ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. only at jack in the box.
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3:24 pm
survived the 6 days by rationing a 6 pack of yogurt eating one each day and also eating snow because she didn't have any water. >> roof, there is new security videos capturing the power of a destructive tornado in the midwest. >> happened yesterday afternoon in columbia station, ohio, a large metal roof. just tears right off a storage facility and then goes flying across the parking lot. it hit parked cars and nearly hits a moving truck. winds there reached nearly 80 miles an hour. the tornado struck as part of a severe thunderstorm. it has now passed. they are cleaning up the damage today. there was a routine traffic stop that turned very dangerous in tennessee after police officer was run over by the suspect. before we play this video, we do want to stress that it could be a little upsetting for some people to watch. but here we
3:25 pm
go. this is the dashcam video showing the scuffle. the man dragging one officer, tortoise carson other than tries to come in and help the suspect was able to get in and drive away, dragging both officers down to the road. one of the officers had his leg run over by the car. fortunately, we're hearing that both of those officers are going to be ok, the driver was tracked down and arrested and is now facing multiple felony charges. and dramatic video from an oklahoma highway patrol body camera that's capturing a daring rescue attempt after a driver crashed r ght into a building. a trooper raced to this fiery scene after the crash set that building and the car on fire officers had to climb on top of the car and into the building to try and free the driver. we have learned today that the driver did later die at the hospital. 2 of the men arrested in connection to the sacramento mass shooting will appear in court today. police have named andrew martin and his brother smiley martin as 2 of the at
3:26 pm
least 5 people who were involved in the shooting. the brothers already had their first appearances in court. so today was just another hearing. they are being held without bond in the sacramento county jail. authorities say that the brothers did fire shots during the shooting, but they have not been charged with murder. instead, they are facing gun charges right now. and next at 3.30, the trouble ahead for governor gavin newsom's care court. why the plans to connect thousands of homeless people to housing and behavioral health treatments. >> it's having some issues. we'll explain the hurdles that are ahead. and the white house wants pfizer's covid fighting hill placed into a wider use. why so many patients are having trouble getting access to this drug? and there's some more good news here in the bay area to talk about today. hope youth football league has their stolen van back. how police were able to track it down and the person suspected of tak
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>> now to the north and some good news for a youth football league in valais. how that has been down on its luck lately. the van it reported stolen last month has now been recovered. can force them to call. spoke with the league's founder about how this we'll change the game. >> it will require much needed repairs on both the interior and exterior. but the van stolen from the coach serna league last month is back in the league's possession. i thought it would be found i
3:30 pm
didn't think it would be down so quickly. league founder ryan serna says the van was actually located a few blocks from where the non-profit youth flag football league plays its games. >> it was recovered by the solano county sheriff's office just a few weeks after it was stolen from a car dealership last month while awaiting the replacement of its catalytic converter, which was stolen before it was originally donated to the league, fact that they are able to find it and we do have it back in our possession. now you all be that used to be fixed is a blessing. says the repairs will total at least $8,000. but fortunately, the community has raised nearly $5,000 to help out the vallejo police activities league and the service organization, the native sons of the golden west have also partner to donate a second van to the youth league older than its mobile high. but we're really happy to have both bands will be used to transport kids and equipment to and from games this month,
3:31 pm
the coed league launched its second season serving low-income youth and will run for 10 weeks. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> now to sacramento where today lawmakers will decide whether to move forward with a plan that could force people who are homeless in severely mentally ill into treatment if passed. the controversial plan also known as care court still has several hurdles ahead. kron four's ashley zavala explains. >> so i the state senate judiciary committee tuesday kicked off legislative debate on governor gavin newsom's care. court proposal. there are thousands of californians who are languishing. >> this impacts families throughout the state of california. the plan aims to get the most severely mentally ill off the streets are out of jail and into court ordered care. california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli was a witness in support. >> he said it's expected to help between 7,000 to 12,000
3:32 pm
people, homelessness as many faces in california. >> one of the most tragic treatable. this not experienced by the sickest of the sick who often need effective treatment and supports to identify the road to recovery and stability. but the measure faces fierce opposition from several disability, mental health and civil liberty groups who have concerns with forced treatment. >> leave that force terror works well for people with mental health disabilities. and we don't feel that there's a good evidence base to support. others raised concerns about a lack of housing workforce and how it could worsen racial disparities. >> but some noting black californians make up more than 40% of the state's homeless population diagnosis of black men. >> which is a funny and it's well documented yet another disparity. here's a courtney perpetually disparities, court process rather than address the structural causes. a that in san francisco, governor gavin newsome was asked to respond to the criticism tuesday instead of answering he brought up care. court
3:33 pm
supporter mayor london breed to the microphone. this is not about. >> people of color, minority civil liberties. this is about basic human decency. but democrats acknowledge the plan has divided some of them from each other and from groups. they typically work with asked to. >> make a decision that. really what we always believe it, right, the and the civil liberties that we all believe in. i just want to say in making this decision, it's tough, but it's tougher to see. human beings on the street like that. how much care court could cost is still to be determined. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> the white house is saying vice president kamala harris tested positive for covid-19. she is not experiencing any symptoms. officials say that president biden has had no close contact with her. so now harris is staying at her residence and working remotely. she is vaccinated and boosted the vp was in the
3:34 pm
bay area last week before she tested positive. the food and drug administration is giving the green light for young children to use remdesivir to fight against covid. it's the first covid drug approved for kids younger than 12 children must be hospitalized or have a mild to moderate case of the virus to be eligible for this treatment patients with a high risk for progressing to severe covid are eligible as well. there is still no covid vaccine in the united states. that is authorized for children younger than 5 years old. the biden administration wants to get paxlovid the covid antiviral pill into the hands of more americans. while the funding is secured for the first order. our reporter basil john, has more now on the push for additional funding from congress. >> tuesday, white house covid response coordinator doctor ashish jha detail the latest effort to expand access to the covid antiviral pill. paxlovid is a really important step in our ability to fight this pandemic. the biden
3:35 pm
administration says it will work with pfizer to accelerate the production and distribution of paxlovid to pharmacies across the country has an enormously beneficial impact. reduces hospitalizations, but more than 90%. the free antiviral drugs will be available in more than 30,000 locations. the administration believes greater availability will boost awareness in use. a lot more people are eligible and then it would benefit. then i think people think that while the administration has the funding for the first order, they may need more money from congress to purchase more. >> given our federal budget, it's a small amount to ask that we provide money for these therapeutics. senate majority leader chuck schumer says additional covid funding is a necessity in the u.s.. >> to prevent americans from going back into lockdown. senate republicans should work with us to quickly pass another round of covid funding. >> it's not more complicated than that. but republicans like louisiana senator john kennedy and indiana senator mike braun. >> aren't sure the funding is needed. once the administration going to spend it on there. so much money
3:36 pm
sloshing around in the federal government right now. and if you look carefully and we need to be repurposing without the funding. the administration warns the u.s. will fall behind not just with the pills but other covid treatments reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> other health news now, new research is suggesting boys are more demanding than girls even before they're born. scientists of cambridge say male babies grow faster in the and require more nutrients and oxygen. and that could lead to more complications during pregnancy. they say the new data suggesting mothers may benefit from designing individual treatment plans based on the of the baby. they believe making lifestyle changes based on the of their unborn babies could have lifelong benefits for their children. so boys, they're a little bit more demanding then girls. we'll talk about our forecast as we take this live look outside at this pretty picture showing us the view from on top of mount tam hazy out there today sure. but a
3:37 pm
lot of sunshine. our meteorologist dave spahr as hear details and looking ahead at some rain. but if he could be a coming our way this week. >> just our club, soda could be a deer and go get me some more. they're not trying to be too demanding on. >> anyway, women are lemon will be fine. thank you. kindly, ok, east bay shoreline, looking pretty good with that. just a little bit of haze that we've got going on. >> on the second time, what's going on? there are unfortunately no snow and a little bit of a warm-up happening into friday. that will continue into saturday. things change. however, by saturday night, as we see perhaps precipitation. yes, they area rain snow for the mountains as at least a possibility short term overnight, maybe some scattered clouds trying to develop. but the other little probably be into tomorrow afternoon. it looks like relatively speaking. so kind of like variable clouds for your wednesday. cooler temperatures with the breezy conditions just reinforces this cool air we have. so don't get a chance to really get this temperature movement here until we get to around this weekend and saturday, timing of the system will be
3:38 pm
really tricky in terms of determining forecast highs for tomorrow with those scattered clouds, not much moving on those temperatures, lower 70's at best and conquered looks like 69 for livermore. 73 to santa rosa. 62 san francisco. we'll check into that extended forecast for you coming up next, a justine. >> cheers to that day. coming up, reservations will be required at a popular hawaii destinations. for the past few years. we spent a lot of time pconnecting with others on video calls. but there's a new study warning that staring at yourself and zoom is bad for your mental health. we'll explain.
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so you can have more success tomorrow. now. a new study suggesting it may be harmful for people to look at themselves so often while on video calls, psychologist looked into past studies about self. >> object to the k shun and how it relates to today. they found that people with so-called zoom fatigue had higher levels of dissatisfied haitian with their appearance. additionally, women were found to be. more affected by this. that men, the researchers recommended using the hyde self view went on video call. so you can hide your picture from yourself, but not for others. try looking at yourself on tv all the mean, feel about it. researchers are now trying to diagnose autism at a younger age because they say it might lead to a better adulthood. nearly 100 with autism were part of a study at
3:42 pm
the university in england where this took place. researchers found those who are diagnosed early. we're better equipped and handling adulthood. it is common to receive an autism diagnosis later in life. but participants say learning about their autism as a child made them feel empowered and had better connections with similar people. the findings show parents should tell children about autism before they reach adulthood. still ahead, it's video you have to see of a wild chase involving a stolen ambulance. >> the surveillance video that shows us the chaotic chase. coming up. new surveillance
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
video showing us the brazen theft of an ambulance and chicago police arrested the suspect for >> fleeing to elude and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. reporter dana rebik shows us how this whole thing started. >> if you watch closely, you can see a man in a blue coat approach, an ambulance parked in front of the moon palace restaurant on west cermak. it's there one second and the next it's gone. at the fight. >> find out the fact. >> it's unclear if the ambulance park near the chicago fire station at west cermak and wentworth in chinatown was left running or open with the keys inside the man who stole it, took police on quite a chase. so and the
3:46 pm
fact way. >> right now. >> our sky cam caught up with the chase around lamont. the suspect continued southbound weaving in and out of traffic. obviously, that's pretty crazy. makes you wonder like what was the thought process behind that? like what the goal? you know, but i think >> to do it in broad daylight as well as like just insane to me. at times the man appeared to be talking to someone on the two-way radio. >> about an hour and a half into the pursuit tires on the ambulance, blue. and you could see smoke coming from them. wgn viewer nick schultz captured the tail end of this ordeal on i-55 near exit to 17. you can see a line of police cruisers following the ambulance as it heads under an overpass. the suspect got out and ran into the northbound lanes of i-55 near dwight officers. then tackled him with the assistance of a k 9. no one was injured. but some wonder if this ambulance could
3:47 pm
have been needed to help someone in a real medical emergency. >> now, as dana reeve reeorting for us this afternoon. >> and now let's talk about our weather forecast this afternoon as we take a live look outside of our camera showing us the situation unfolding right now in san francisco international airport. a little hazy out there. not too bad, though. our meteorologist dave spahr as look now at the rest of the day and also into wednesday. >> we'll look for some passing clouds as we get wednesday and what's happening already is the season starts to changes. we're in little pieces of the systems that are not generating anything in terms of any rain for us. we might get lucky to the weekend. looks like in the mountains. they're getting something with the what's left over here. we go into wednesday. some variable clouds kind of deal with for a bit and it will act as a bit of cooling mechanism. also with those onshore winds, cooler air mass kind of sneaks on by back to those winds. again, they'll be with us tonight and really kind of so little breezy tomorrow
3:48 pm
afternoon. but it's in the evening hours. we'll actually start to pop a little bit as you can see in the 20's. nothing that i think will be advisory strength, but it will uptick a bit. so mostly clear tonight, cool breezy 40's for this week. cooling all the way through thursday. now warming into the weekend. it will be really saturday will have one day pop before things change again, back to the 80's. it looks like with clouds developing on sunday. now, let's head over to that. a longer range forecast here. as you can see, we're just in the southern edge of everything passing over us. and it looks like by we get to saturday night once we get that warmer temperatures, we might get some snow showers up in the mountains that doesn't look real. real hopeful of getting something as we get into monday. another little chance. but with the change of the seasons were in the southern edge of all of this activity. now, this traffic is really kept temperatures down because we don't have that big parking high pressure, the kind of blocks everything. so we're somewhat cool. 70, 60 ish. here's that 80 pop. and then things change. as you can see, little chance of rain on our
3:49 pm
monday. meanwhile, the coast still on the chilly side in those 50's and around 60 justine. >> dave, thank you. you will now need a reservation to visit one of hawaii's most popular spot starting on may. 12th anyone visiting diamond head on the island of oahu will need reservations before their visit. hawaii officials say the new system keeps crowds down as more people begin to travel, this will be the 3rd state park in hawaii that will require reservations. we have to see this ford's first all electric f one, 50 pickup truck is now rolling off the assembly line and pretty soon it will be heading into customers. driveways. the f one, 50 lightning was announced last year. the 2022 model is sold out. the pickup goes for about 300 miles on a charge and 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds. you can even use the battery in the truck to power your house if the electricity goes out, starting price around $40,000.
3:50 pm
but ford's evs are still eligible for federal tax credits. ford says it has about 200,000 reservations for this truck. and no one won powerball last night. the powerball lottery is now up to 454 million dollars. it could be even higher by tomorrow night's drawing. so good luck out there. if you're buying a ticket and don't forget your good old friend, justine. when you win. we'll check in now with newsnation. see what they are working on for this tuesday night. >> battle of the billionaires. what elon musk and jeff bezos have to gain from controlling the political discourse in america. plus, the white house changes its strategy against vladimir putin. why isn't it working? that's on balance. here's mark. >> thanks, leland. a military veteran diagnosed with pneumonia. turns out it would become stage 4 lung cancer. now master sergeant richard states ball battles the government. again, the politics was over, you know, thought that was the hardest part. why he hasn't seen a penny from the military
3:51 pm
malpractice bill named after him. an exclusive report tonight on news nation. prime. you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. and you can find more details on our website. kron 4 dot on our website. kron 4 dot co and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer...
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happening tonight. it's that time of year already the bay bridge series kicks off at oracle park. the giants take on the a's first pitch. is it 06:45pm? tonight in our sports
3:54 pm
team is going to be there. so have all the highlights. the big game coming up tonight during kron. 4 news in prime time starting at 8. puerto rican singer. bad bunny is entering sony's universe of marvel characters. he has been cast to play the superhero in a new movie. this will make bad bunny. the first latino actor to headline a live action marvel movie in the marvel or 2 as a wrestler whose powers are handed down by interest. ancestry through a mask. so if you're not that familiar with the character here, had a lone home were only appeared in a handful of comics more than 15 years ago. the movie is scheduled to come out in january 2024. 2 time grammy nominated and bay area native kay. lonny is also coming back home for the release of her new album, blue water road. the album comes out this friday in kewaunee says she's having an in-store album signing the saturday. april 30th at 01:00pm. at me the music in berkeley interested check it
3:55 pm
>> and they are bagged. 500 goats are now hard at work. keeping the oakland hills say from wildfire. this is part of the annual vegetation fuel management at grizzly peak before the goats then move on to other hillsides. they go out there. they eat all that did dry grass and they love it. there are so many of them out there go goats. they're the goat. and it's kind of a shame, dave. already things are starting brown out there all across the bay area. we've had a little bit of rain, but it's hard to see like all those beautiful green hillsides are slowly turn in to that kind brown. >> i want to set to the goats, ok? kids eat. >> they're hungry. %p>> yeah. okay. so we'll stay dry like that. we're really hunting pecking here for some rain we're getting into that season now where as this starts to change, everything get shifted towards the north as the systems come brushing by now, they're giving us winds. they're giving us some
3:56 pm
cloud cover and cooler temperatures and maybe still some mountain snow to kind of squeeze out of the atmosphere. let's march 4 with all this this week. this is by thursday, another passage system. we talked about this, some scattered clouds wednesday into thursday as well. all the rain remains in the north west. okay. as we get to the weekend saturday looks like a warm-up saturday night. another opportunity here might be rain. might be snow going on in the mountains. don't hold for a lot of that. might be enough to dirty up your car after the weekend. another successive system, this looks to be a bit cooler. so maybe getting some of that snow up there because we're getting already melting category. filling up the reservoir is a little maybe, but we're getting some of the melting and upstream into next week. perhaps another passing system by friday of next week. so at least there's some opportunities are at the 7 day forecast. it's going remain somewhat cool. we don't have high pressure blocking at least so. we'll have a lot of 60's and 70's mixture with clouds kind of coming and going through all this program here. still keeping a low chance of rain on there on monday. perhaps something to
3:57 pm
dirty up the car saturday night into sunday as well. meanwhile, bay temperatures will be largely in the 60's. he rolled to a nicer warm-up on saturday. so probably a lot of people out and about to kind of soak it up on your saturday. another flavor of almost like early summer. and by the way, the beaches will probably be in the coast at around 60 dusty. >> hey, thank you. and kids are baby goats. i knew that just for the record. that's going to do it for us here during kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman. thank you so much for being with us. we can always connect on facebook, instagram and twitter. i'll see you there right back here tomorrow. >> for news at 3.
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