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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9, this is video you'll only see here on kron 4 showing a violent fight inside a 6th grade classroom. this is at park middle school in antioch. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and. >> and i'm vicki liviakis a parent at the school says it all happened while a classroom full of kids were left unattended and it comes just a week after a similar situation was captured on camera added else high school. our first taylor spoke to that parent today. she joins us now in the studio with more taylor. >> vicki grant, unfortunately the 6th graders mother says
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this isn't the first fight either. she says it's a regular occurrence and just like many other parents, she's worried that the school isn't doing enough to stop these fights from happening. >> exclusive cell phone video shared with kron. 4 news apparently shows a 6th grade student being tossed around by another student inside a classroom at park middle school in antioch on monday. the fact that there was no teacher there. >> and that's the whole problem with all of this. you know, like that's the most wanted capital thing about a concerned parent who didn't want to share their identity out of fear of retaliation against their child says. >> the teacher of that class room didn't show up for school monday morning and no substitute was provided all the time for coming from her school. but this time there's there was no one there. >> to break up the fight, there was no adult supervision. it was a staff member running across a they had seen it from a distance. i mean, sometimes happens at lunch and they don't have anyone direct the supervising them at >> but you know, it will be
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seen from a distance of someone somewhere. we'll break it up. but there was nothing. nothing being done at all. >> she says this behavior shouldn't be tolerated at the school you get. it happens repeatedly and often times it's the same students allegedly starting the flights. the parents says she's now worried about what is and isn't being taught at the middle school. and my concerns are that my child is not getting an education. >> not an academic education may be an education and how to fight. >> now we called and emailed the antioch unified superintendent and her office several times. but our requests have gone unanswered. we also reached out to each of the board trustees but have not heard back yet. i'm taylor the second reporting. back to you. >> i think everybody in in our community is probably overwhelmed with joy. >> yeah. the other big story we're following for you tonight is of course, the good news that 3 month-old brendan quay are has been found safe
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and sound and is now back home with his family tonight and joy and relief. he was found roughly 5 miles from where police say he was taken from his grandmother yesterday around one in the afternoon. but while baby brandon is safe there still. >> a lot of unanswered questions. but first, rob nesbitt has the latest now on the police investigation in the people who are in custody. >> police say there is some connection between the 3 people they have in custody in the quay. our family, the entire community of san jose is celebrating the fact that baby brandon has been found safe unharmed and has been reunited with his mom. san jose. police say the public to not just watch the surveillance video of brandon quay ares kidnapping. >> but they also repost it on social media, helping police track down and arrest the man seen walking away with the baby carrier. we followed every lead we had >> we use no information from witnesses. information from video surveillance that we located. and ultimately were able to find the bait. the 3 months old grandmother was babysitting while his mother,
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jessich quay are was at work. >> police say the grandmother was in another room putting away groceries when the man walked inside and snatched the baby. a woman who was with the grandmother at the time of the kidnapping has also been arrested after her story to investigators changed multiple times. local authorities and the fbi were 20 plus hours to track down baby brandon and the people responsible for his kidnapping. and they worked every lead to the ground until we had a resolution. and thankfully, in this case >> they be brandon reunited jessica san jose. police say a 3rd suspect is also in custody. >> but they did not share any information about that person. they are working with the santa clara county da's office to determine appropriate charges for all 3 suspects. but assistant chief joseph says kidnapping will be included on the list. his advice to other parents, always be careful and always be vigilant. if an unfortunate tragedy like that were to occur, we would stop it. you know nothing. we would use every resource to the south police department and any law enforcement agency to help us
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get to this kind of resolution. san jose police say that an amber alert was not issued for baby brandon because initially they did not have enough information to do so such as a suspect, vehicle and license plate number in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news >> police kept saying during the search for brandon that they needed help from the public in order to find baby brandon. and tonight, san jose police are crediting the community for doing just that and the community couldn't be happier that this abduction ended with the best possible outcome. but first, justin waldman has that side of the >> first thing turn on the news right in the morning. and just happiness like thank god. no, he's found it in such a vast amount of time to just. >> much relief for neighbors who live near elm street where a man was caught on video walking away with 3 month-old brandon quay are on monday. some people who live here say they were so shaken by the kidnapping. they did not want to let their kids play outside. now they're worried
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turned into a joy see happiness. i'm just glad that he made it home safe >> he's just safe. and you know, scene. >> tragic happens. i'm glad that they did find the to >> 5 miles away. the police search zoned in on this quiet neighborhood and math or drive by tuesday morning, a worker at this care facility noticed this silver minivan out front and let police know our decided to make a call. >> to san police department and turns out it was a good, a good call. >> it is thus a vehicle. the california highway patrol wanted to find in connection to the kidnapping, the van and another car on the street were eventually towed bringing to an end. a 20 hour intense search for baby brandon. everybody in in our community is probably overwhelmed with joy that a child gets returned to their family. and that is something that we can count our blessings for.
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>> witnesses told us that the suspect did not fight police during the arrest. and police told us that the family of baby brandon wants privacy right now. in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. you can stay connected to the story by downloading the kron 4 app and our streaming news app kronon. >> all the latest developments in this case as well as any breaking news in the bay area and across the nation can be found there. and of course, always on our website kron 4 dot com. >> the goats are back. the oakland fire department posting these. photos, videos, half joking that the 500 the best vegetation management professionals have arrived. these goats are munching their way through dry brush up grizzly peak. and that surrounding area to protect it from it, wildfires and those little animals and other goats, just we're going to be eating up fire fuel all over the bay area over the next several look out for. and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast. this is a live look
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at the conditions now, the golden gate bridge. >> yeah, those goats are going have a lot fuel to munch through because that rain last week, some some fresh stuff popping up they're really helpful in the and they can go through and you herd of goats like that. i mean, they can go lot of yoga afterward. >> has we're going to see some changes coming our way. the winds picking up around the bay area today, of course, blustery in spots start to calm down a little bit. now. >> looking out toward the golden gate bridge, still cool out there. degrees in pacifica right now. it's 50 in half moon bay. 52 cool and san francisco. 56 now in concord and a cool 48. so they're the big winner of the cooler temperatures in petaluma and the big debate. so we've got a cold front that moved through today. that front brought with the clouds early on some low clouds and fog. but then the front came through, brought in some colder temperatures and scour out the low clouds and the fog moving all the way to southern california. that's kind of where we sit now in between systems, the winds.
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yeah. kicking up behind that cold front. you see more of a northwesterly wind kicking in some strong winds up the coastline to see him in red and the purple arrows here. those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour just off the coast. so we've seen some of those gusts move on shore. some of the gusts in san francisco over 30 miles an hour today. but overall, looks like things are kind of quiet out there for those far as rain is concerned. today. yeah, not a bad day, although cooler temperatures outside of the san francisco, only 60 degrees little bit below the average for this time of year. 63 in oakland, 68 degrees in san jose. 66 in livermore, 72 still warming cochran. 74 in santa rosa. cupp, more systems ago. the jet stream still is running to the south and that means well, we've got a couple of systems that are going to continue to roll on by and they'll kind of kick up the winds from time to time throughout the week. so be prepared for that. it will be gusty at times. the fact the temperatures going to stay down a overnight tonight, likely to see a return of some patchy fog along the coastline. late tonight early tomorrow morning. so don't be surprised if you wake up to some of that early, then we're
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going to some mid to high level clouds kind of moving across our skies throughout the day tomorrow as another weak system kind of slides through. and then by the afternoon again, we're talking about some of the winds moving up in the 20 to 30 mile an hour range out toward the coast. so tomorrow it will be a very similar day. cool temperatures coasts. i plan on those numbers only in the 50's. those winds whipped off the waters and as you get inside the bay little more wind sheltered. so you head toward the santa clara valley, probably some mid to upper 60's in the afternoon. some comfortable weather there and some of the valleys looking very nice. you're talking about 71 in napa. 71 in santa rosa about 72 degrees in concord. and 72 also in livermore over the next few days, the breeze will continue another round as we head in thursday by friday. the temperatures start to head north and we warm things up into the weekend. a few more clouds coming our way over the weekend to specially on sunday. and it looks like by sunday night into monday, at least there's a slight chance of showers. let's hope so. thank you, lawrence. this is new video you will only see on
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kron 4 tonight. this is a >> business in the late. whoa. that was vandalized over the weekend. he was caught on camera guy shows up on a bike starts throwing things at windows. throws anything you can fight. the businesses on broadway street in vallejo owners telling us the sky appeared to be intoxicated and was harassing them. the business owners also told us they tried to get him to leave. they recorded the encounter. this is cell phone video of that. the business owners have also provided us with, but they say is a photo of the man. this incident has been reported to police. anyone with information is asked to call the vallejo police department and staying in the north bay. some good fortune for youth football league in vallejo. that's been a double down on its luck. >> the van reported stolen last month has been recovered. and we reported on this when the van was jack now kron forcefully to gall says that he spoke with the league's founder who says he hopes to get this man back on the road as soon as possible.
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>> it will require much needed repairs on both the interior and exterior. but the van stolen from the coach cerner league last month is back in the league's possession. i thought it would be found i didn't think it would be down so quickly. league founder ryan serna says the van was actually located a few blocks from where the non-profit youth flag football league plays its games. it was recovered by the solano county sheriff's office just a few weeks after it was stolen from a car dealership last month while awaiting the replacement of its catalytic converter, which was stolen before it was originally donated to the league, fact that they are able to find it. and we do have that back in our protection. now you all be to boost the fix is a blessing. serna says the repairs will total at least $8,000. but fortunately, the community has raised nearly $5,000 to help out the vallejo police activities league and the service organization, the
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native sons of the golden west have also partner to donate a second van to the youth league older than its mobile high. but we're really happy to have both bands will be used to transport kids and equipment to and from games this month, the coed league launched its second season serving low-income youth and will run for 10 weeks. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news and out of the east bay where oakland police are investigating a shooting happened near lake merritt just before 4.30, this morning. >> on lakeshore avenue, police say the victim is 32 years old and has non life threatening injuries at. but to anyone with information is being asked to call apd the oakley police department meantime, is expected to announce a reward for information on the disappearance of alexis gabe, the 24 year-old was last seen on january, 26th in antioch. and police say they have been aggressively pursuing leads in this case and are now turning to the public for help. more
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details on the reward will be announced at a news conference happening on thursday. police will also be providing details on their case. the news conference starts at 11 o'clock in the morning and you can watch it live on our streaming app. the kron on. >> to the men arrested in connection to the sacramento mass shooting were in court earlier today. police names dandre martin and his brother smiley martin as 2 of at least 5 people who were involved. they say the shooting. the brother said. their first appearances in court previously. so today was another hearing. they are being held without bond in the sacramento county jail. authorities say the brothers fired shots during the shooting, but they have not been charged with murder for the incident. instead, they're facing gun charges for having a gun when they were not supposed to. >> well, tonight, a dublin, unified teachers, families and community members. they are speaking out at a school board meeting demanding more support and better resources for the
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kids to dublin. teachers association feels the district is not doing all it can to better retain and recruit educators for dublin schools. >> the association president says right now schools have a number of special education teacher, vacancies along with math and science vacancies. district-wide. >> that was last in alameda county with 30 years of service credit that come when people join our district. we only take 5 years when districts around our county take anywhere from 9 to all years of service. and that's a huge contention when you're recruiting educators. and then obviously we are also working toward salary enhancements for the retention of our current in place and the recruitment process. >> the teachers association says it's looking forward to the next negotiation meeting with the district that is in mid-may. oakland teachers are preparing for a major strike. teachers and labor representatives gathered for a press conference today at the port of oakland ahead of the plan to strike on friday, starting in june, the oakland
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unified school district plans to merge in close several schools. the district says that is necessary to avoid budget shortfalls and improve the quality of education. but the union says the district illegally backed out of a 2019 agreement not to close schools before giving teachers a chance for input. >> there is they decision. some 8. we welcome to the community and it all of the good lines. >> oakland school district superintendent kyla johnson travel, calling the strike a violation of the current collective bargaining agreement between the district and the union friday strike is scheduled to start at 6.30 in the morning. a judge will hear the unions unfair labor complaint on may 20th. >> breaking news just into the kron. 4 news room after more than 11 hours of debate. the san francisco board of
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supervisors has voted to keep jfk drive in golden gate park car free for good. jfk was first closed off to cars last year through the city. slow streets initiative. the space is seen a 30% increase in bicyclists and pedestrians since it was first closed in 2020 mayor london breed tweeting out a response, quote, today is a historic day. the board just voted to make jfk drive permanently car free and essential space for our residents and families. that is now a long-term benefit to this city. we still have work to do but passing this legislation is where we begin to make real change. a state senate committee has unanimously passed a bill that would prevent law enforcement from the dea of assault survivors to investigate unrelated crime to can't use that anymore. san francisco district attorney chase of the dean and state senator scott wiener authored the bill after bodene condemned san francisco
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police for using victim's dna to arrest them for future crimes. not long after police chief bill scott bout to stop the practice federal law already prohibits adding victim's dna to the national combined dna index system. but as of now, there is no state law that prevents local law enforcement agencies from retaining victim dna. >> now to the latest in the elon musk twitter takeover. and while they try to finalize that 44 billion dollar deal, musk is explaining his definition of free speech giving some insight to his future plans for twitter. he starts off acknowledging his critics treading in a tweet, quote, the extreme antibody reaction from those who fear free speech says it all followed by a reply by free speech. i simply mean that which matches the law i am against censorship that goes far beyond the law. if people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect. therefore
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going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people. musk has been a vocal critic of twitter's current policies restricting in blocking some users. the most notable example of which as the band of former president donald trump. musk felt it necessary to explain himself like that. due to the intense backlash this deal has faced since it was announced and well, we have to wait and see the changes he's planning to make of the website. the deal. >> is also having people ask, you know, if he's going make changes to wear the headquarters are as well. markie martin has the story. >> i would motivated by curiosity. i think. >> justice twitter's board moved to accept elon musk's. 44 billion dollar offer for the social media giant. texas governor greg abbott took to the platform saying this at elon musk bring twitter to texas to join tesla. spacex
9:20 pm
and the boring company 0. 21 was the busiest year in the history of the state for corporate location. that's a fact at curtis is ceo of why texas, a company that helps businesses move to the lone star state. he says while musk tesla transition from california to austin certainly open the floodgates for other businesses to relocate, it doesn't mean twitter is guaranteed to follow my crystal ball on anything that elon musk does. >> is it we have no idea. >> while opening tesla's massive gigafactory earlier this month. looks like he's made himself right at home here, donning a cowboy hat and hosting a cyber rodeo to celebrate the milestone. we need a place where we could be really bit. >> and there's no place like texas. so here we are, where we're 10 minutes from the airport. 15 minutes from downtown central hub. we've got access to all some talent. thank you, austin. thank you. travis county. >> tesla built the factory after receiving about
9:21 pm
64 million dollars in tax breaks and guarantees from state county and local school districts taxing authorities. but when you combine the regulatory environment and the tax environment for a company, the supply chain and being very close to your customers and to your vendors and suppliers. at the end of the day, it's a huge savings for the company. >> still to come, the biden administration wants to get a covid antiviral pill into the hands of more americans. why additional money from congress may be necessary. >> and why plans to connect thousands of homeless people to housing and behavioral health treatments. well, we're having some issues clearing some hurdles in sacramento. then new grants going to small businesses in san francisco with the money will be used for and the deadline to apply.
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>> for your money tonight, consumer confidence took a slight dip this month, but it is still seen as a very good outlook. yeah, all relative, i guess consumer confidence index dropped 3 tenths of a point compared to march. and analysts says that's mainly because of inflation and the war in ukraine. those factors are expected to cloud optimism through the rest of the year. for example, high inflation is causing some people to change their summer vacation plans. according to a new survey by bank rate dot com. 69% of people who plan to take a
9:25 pm
summer vacation. they change their travel plans as prices soar to record levels. the top changes people indicated they may make include taking fewer trips and traveling shorter distances. the most common destinations this year include beaches, staycations and national parks and adults with higher incomes above 100,000 per year are more likely to take those vacations as well as parents with young kids. fort worth, texas. now the first city in the nation to mine bitcoin. the city's mayor spearheaded this project, which she admits is small in scope, at least for now. the city purchased 3 mining computers, which >> will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. the mayor says the value of the mine bitcoin should offset the costs to the city and the computers are run on private networks, too. try to minimize security risks. no word, though, on what they're doing, if anything, to offset the massive amount of energy
9:26 pm
it takes to mine. bitcoin. the mayor believes mining bitcoin will help raise the profile of fort worth. >> coming up next here on fox, 4 news at 9, one booster shot for young kids has been approved. another could be on the way. we're gonna let you know about the new eligible age range. lot of parents are concerned about that. then the trouble ahead for governor newsom's care court. why the plans to try to connect thousands of homeless people to housing and behavioral health. it is having issues clearing certain hurdles and the new mandatory measures that are going to place in the east bay.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. coronavirus pandemic, a newly released cdc report. >> is identifying covid cases connected to a new more infectious subvariant of omicron ba to this new variant has now become the dominant strain in the northeast and it represents about 29% of cases across the u.s. health. officials say it spreads faster than ba 2, but they say it does not lead to more severe infections. the report also found that 3 out of every 5 people in the u.s. now have antibodies from a previous covid infection. and those numbers are even higher among kids here in the u.s. with the cdc estimating that as many as 3 out of 4 kids in the country have beenainfected by the virus. that's a lot. researchers examined blood samples from more than 200,000
9:30 pm
americans looking for antibodies that. >> of course, are from the infection. they found the greatest increase was and people 17 and younger were antibodies rose from roughly 45% in december to about 75% in february because of omicron. the cdc says this is due to that surge that we saw with omicron spreading wildly during the latter part of 2021 in early 2022. luckily the food and drug administration is giving the green light for younger children too, be able to use remdesivir against covid. it is the first covid drug approved for children younger than 12 kids must be hospitalized or have a mild to moderate case of the virus to be eligible for the treatment patients with a high risk for. processing to severe covid are going to be eligible to. there is still no covid vaccine in the u.s. that is authorized for children younger than 5
9:31 pm
years old. >> and at the same time, pfizer has sent an emergency use authorization request of the fda for a covid-19 booster shot for kids too. this booster is for ages 5 through 11. the company says 3rd dose increases the amount of antibodies by 36% in this age group. pfizer also says they expect to submit more studies for children younger than 5 in the following weeks. the biden administration wants to get packs loaded the covid antiviral pill into the hands of more americans. kron four's washington, d.c., correspondent basil john reports that, well, the funding is secured for the first order, additional funding from congress may be necessary. tuesday. white house covid response coordinator doctor ashish jha. >> detail the latest effort to expand access to the covid antiviral pill. paxlovid is a really important step in our ability to fight this pandemic. the biden administration says it will work with pfizer to accelerate
9:32 pm
the production and distribution of paxlovid to pharmacies across the country has an enormously beneficial impact. reduces hospitalizations, but more than 90%. the free antiviral drugs will be available in more than 30,000 locations. the administration believes greater availability will boost awareness in use. a lot more people are eligible and then it would benefit. then i think people think that while the administration has the funding for the first order, they may need more money from congress to purchase more given our federal budget. it's a small amount to ask that we provide money for these therapeutics. senate majority leader chuck schumer says additional covid funding is a necessity in the u.s.. >> to prevent americans from going back into lockdown. senate republicans should work with us to quickly pass another round of covid funding. it's not more complicated than that. but republicans like louisiana senator john kennedy and indiana senator mike braun aren't sure the funding is needed. once administration going to spend it on there. so much money sloshing around in the federal government right
9:33 pm
now. and if you look carefully and we need to be repurposing without the funding. the administration warns the u.s. will fall behind not just with the pills but other covid treatments reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> billions of dollars are now available to help san franciscoos small businesses and nonprofits recover from the pandemic city officials launched an 11 and a half million dollar grant program today. mayor breed says this money will also be used to train and establish new and existing entrepreneurs develop. new programming, organize festivals and events and offer technical assistance to small businesses. the city's deadline to apply for the grants is may 19th. the application is available through the city's office of economic and workforce development. we have a link to that on our website. kron 4 dot com. lawmakers are moving forward with a plan that could force people who are homeless and severely mentally ill into treatment. passing
9:34 pm
unanimously. today. the controversial plan also known as care court still has several hurdles ahead as kron four's ashley zavala explains. >> so i the state senate judiciary committee tuesday kicked off legislative debate on governor gavin newsom's care court proposal. there are thousands of californians who are languishing. >> this impacts families throughout the state of california. the plan aims to get the most severely mentally ill off the streets are out of jail and into court ordered care. california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli was a witness in support. >> he said it's expected to help between 7,000 to 12,000 people, homelessness as many faces in california. >> one of the most trying to treatable. this not experienced by the sickest of the sick who often need effective treatment and supports to identify the road to recovery and stability. but the measure faces fierce opposition from several
9:35 pm
disability, mental health and civil liberty groups who have concerns with forced treatment. >> leave that force terror works well for people with mental health disabilities. and we don't feel that there's a good evidence base to support. others raised concerns about a lack of housing workforce and how it could worsen racial disparities. >> but some noting black californians make up more than 40% of the state's homeless population diagnosis. a black man. >> which is a funny and it's well documented. yet another disparity. here's a tip. courtney perpetually disparities, court process rather than address the structural that in san francisco, governor gavin newsome was asked to respond to the criticism tuesday instead of answering he brought up care. court supporter mayor london breed to the microphone. this is not about. >> people of color, minority civil liberties. this is about basic human decency. but democrats acknowledge the plan has divided some of them from each other and from groups. they typically work with asked to. >> make a decision that.
9:36 pm
really what we always believed it, right, the and the civil liberties that we all believe in. i just want to say in making this decision, it's tough, but it's tougher to see. human beings on the street like that. how much care court could cost is still to be determined >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> still ahead, the ongoing drought is bringing big changes to the east bay. the new mandatory measures that are going into place. >> so what we could really use a little rain will we soon see? so we'll talk about that. your forecast coming up next. and it sports giants hosting the a's in the bay bridge series sports director jason
9:37 pm
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's one of the funny series of the year for obvious reasons. oakland, san francisco, they're separated by a bridge in the bay 2 fan bases who take pride in their differences. so when days and giants get together the entire bay area pledged their allegiance to their squad in. we have some fun tonight. game one at oracle park in. would you look at it and a fair moneys enemy's territory enjoying some not chose top of the first no score. 2, carlos road high heat right there. he sits down stephen piscotty and
9:40 pm
the bottom of the second, wilmer flores at the plate. that one is off the left field wall. brandon crawford comes on in to score. it's a one. nothing game. bottom of the 3rd. up 2 to one to offer flores and he gets all of that one. that's his 4th rbi of the game. that 3 run blast extends the lead before. top of the 5th. 5, one giants. we're done. it's going to get tony kept. frees him up right there. nice pitch by he goes 6 scoreless innings of one-run ball. he struck out 9 and this was the kill shot. austin slater. deep into right. that hit off the top. they had a review it but that's a home run, baby giants pour it on game is still in progress.
9:41 pm
they're up 8 to 2 in the top of the 8. we're 4 games into golden state's post season. and this guy right here, steph curry. he hasn't started a game. the reason for that is because staff was coming off of that foot injury and he was on a minute restriction. so staff wanted to come off the bench to ensure that >> he get end quarters on the floor. but steve kerr said that minute restriction is gone. that means steph. well, in all likelihood re-enter the starting 5. so someone is going to be the odd man out either jordan poole or provide looney will be relegated to a bench role. not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you have the ego of a pro athlete. and i don't say that as a slight, you need somewhat of an ego to make it to the top one percent of your craft, which all these nba guys are. but will it be an issue? will staff have to say something to the guy who was booted from the lineup? he doesn't think so. >> no, but it. it's the
9:42 pm
essence of who we are says since of how we >> do >> and i understand >> at some >> take your immokalee jp mone myself like. we've had plenty other guys start. there's some bad points throughout the every season. every situation you find yourself and you have just made the right call in terms of was in the spirit of winning and give yourself and your team the best shot at winning. that's everything should line up to that. and you should be able to handle whatever decisions or whatever role you have to kind of assume, you know, based on what the answer that question us. >> very well said. all righty. that's your look at sports. >> at the 10 o'clock hour, we'll have a live report from oracle park. a room is there on standby soon as that game. those final. we'll be right back the break.
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talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. find a xiaflex-trained urologist at >> now to the latest on the war in ukraine where russian officials are threatening the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict and the country's foreign minister is saying that russia considers u.s. and nato shipments of weapons to ukraine is provocative. moves that leave those countries open to attack. tom negovan has more. >> she was in 2 ii interviewed
9:46 pm
on state tv, russian foreign minister sergei lavrov addressing a very real nuclear threat. this must just i would not want to elevate those risks artificially. he says many would like that. the danger is serious, real and we must not underestimate it. as battle rages in ukraine, allegations mount of russian war crimes use of banned weapons, deliberate targeting of civilians. there's a persistent fear. the conflict will escalate to the use of battlefield nukes. a newsnation poll of 1000 registered voters last month found 82% at least somewhat concerned about a nuclear attack sometime within the next decade. the u.s. and its allies promising new packages of heavy weapons for ukraine. brushing off a threat from moscow that their support for kiev could lead to nuclear war. ukrainians are standing up. they're standing strong and they're doing that with
9:47 pm
the support that we have from are literally around the world. >> russia's foreign minister address tattoo saying western military support is a choice that deliberately raises the stakes still put its. of course, these weapons will be a legitimate target for russia's military acting within the context of the special operation. he said, how could it be otherwise, if nato essentially engages in war with russia through a proxy and is arming that proxy war means war. >> that was tom negovan reporting for us tonight. and in an attempt to hurt ukraine's nato allies, poland and bulgaria. both say russia has stopped all deliveries of natural gas into those countries. meanwhile, back here in the u.s. president biden is using his clemency powers for the first time since taking office. the president issued 3 pardons and commuted the prison sentences of 75 nonviolent drug offenders. among the pardons,
9:48 pm
one goes to abraham bolden, the first african american secret service agent who served on the presidential detail. the 86 year-old was arrested for attempting to so a secret service file, an allegation he denies witnesses later admitted to lying at the request of prosecutors, u.s. attorney general merrick garland testified on capitol hill today. >> making his case for the justice department's nearly 38 billion dollar budget in president biden's 2023. budget garland says there's millions in new investments to support law enforcement and reduce crime. prime is a hot topic at the moment. it's not the only issue on senators minds with some republican senators grilling garland on the effectiveness of his department. i think the justice department is losing. >> i think you're losing on crime. i think you're losing on drugs. i think you're losing on immigration.
9:49 pm
>> garland says he is commi-ted to the independence of his department, but the gop continues to voice their concerns about whether or not the doj can fairly conduct an investigation of the president's son, hunter biden. >> here in the bay area, the drought is forcing some big changes, for example, today that east bay municipal water district voted to put in mandatory drought measures that will put limits on water use show would also implement penalties of households go over those limits. but first, resist osseo has more now. and whinto effect. >> we're going into a stage, 2 drought. that means that customers are going to be required, not asked to conserve water effective immediately. east bay municipal utility district customers must. >> start conserving water or else face penalties. the board approved the move into stage 2 drought at its tuesday meeting. district spokesperson
9:50 pm
andrea polk breaks down. what happens next? >> we're asking them to conserve water at a level of temper and that is district-wide not individually. some people can save more. and some people have already taken, you know, significant measures. polk says that the board stopped short of putting in a drought surcharge or rate hike to help pay for extra water supplies due to the drought. tabling that telling meeting in may. but the board will start an excessive water use. panel. the ordinance that puts a limit of slightly more than 1600 gallons per household. and if you go over that daily rate, it is $2 per unit. it's definitely time to take that route seriously. so it was tempting back in october and december to think that we were out of the are dry january march. certainly polk says all of this is not to punish households, but face a reality. 3 year statewide
9:51 pm
drought. i would say the most important thing for people is that what they do really matters what they do counts collectively, we really can make a difference. and we must make a difference in case next year is dry to recess to kron. 4 news. >> last time at large joined us. vicki was saying something about goat yoga and lawrence and i knew of it. we kind of laughs like to try to his but it's a thing with important things like that. absolutely. have you done go? know, just know about it. you know, with this, this started with the goats eating the dry brush, right? so they're very talented. are you going to try to go, you know, good. you do not know we have pictures of it case. anybody gets any idea. i understand they only the kids write the baby go. yes, the big guns. that might be a little uncomfortable like back time. they was on the climb all over. they jump all over yeah. some people say it hurts, but it might. but it's fun. but everybody says they
9:52 pm
laugh and have a great time. so you want that's what you're whether of the bay area. now we've got some mostly clear conditions out there toward the golden gate bridge. but the fog likely to form a little bit later on long as forecast boy would love to get a little rain going here. unfortunately, storm system start to track further and further north. >> as we head through the season and that's where we're starting to see. now. you see that next system. >> come moving into far northern california on thursday, bringing some >> rain. even some snow showers across the high country. but unfortunately, not much for us. just some winds. one getting a little bit closer on saturday. and i think we may have a chance of getting some rain on monday. it's going to be like if we see any rain from this one, we're talking hundreds of an inch of rain. so not a whole lot. so behind that models kind differentiate a little bit. this model last keep it dry or the other model the american model wants actually bring some rain to the bay area right around the 4th or 5th of may. so we have to wait on that. but looks kind of active for the through about the middle of may. so we're
9:53 pm
going to see how things work out. temperatures for tomorrow. you look at 15 60's cool on the coastline. no rain to speak of out toward the beaches. 50's some fog early on little sunshine in the afternoon. 59 in burlingame, breezy temperatures going to be very similar to what we had today comfortable in the south. a lot of 60's, maybe some low 70's inland by tomorrow afternoon. further north, you go. the temperatures warm up nicely. 67 degrees in richmond and we're talking numbers. 70 degrees in the napa valley. so some pretty nice weather out there. looks like some nice weather continuing little breezy from time to time. maybe a chance. some showers. but you know, this time of year, it's good to get outside a little goat, yoga research, fresh yeah. let those little kids walk a little eyes are too much of a say bring like a disinfectant spray for your mat because sometimes. >> but, you know, i understand that is good luck. if they have a goat, guys know more high. yeah. had a little time to go to listen all right. we need to take a break go. you know.
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under district attorney gascón,
9:56 pm
i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. >> on this day in 1986, a powerful explosion rocked this small ukrainian town outside the nuclear power plant. chernobyl triggering the worst nuclear accident the world has ever seen. the initial blast inside reactor number 4 killed. 32 people, but radiation rapidly released into the atmosphere at levels several times higher. then the atomic bombs dropped over japan. an estimated 5,000 more
9:57 pm
people eventually died from cancer and other illnesses caused by their exposure during the explosion. the subsequent cover-up attempt and eventual years long. cleanup efforts. and 157 years ago on this day, presidential assassin john wilkes booth took his final breath 12 days after killing president lincoln at ford's theater in washington, d.c., the search for his assassin ended at a farm in virginia. union soldiers found booth hiding in a barn. they tried flushing him out by setting fire to it. but when that didn't work day started shooting into the bard, eventually hitting booth. he held out for about 3 hours before he died from his wounds. >> today, 1937, during the spanish civil war german troops helped fascist leader francisco franco bombing the city of guernica. that would inspire one of public. the casas, most famous and
9:58 pm
celebrated works named after the city gone on to become one of the most recognized antiwar symbols in the world. and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9 on this tuesday night. appreciate you being with us this hour. keep it here. the kron, 4 news at 10 is coming up next. and pam is here with a look ahead to low grant and vicki, good to see both. graham will be joining me tonight at 10. and coming up after more than 11 hours of public comment, san francisco board of supervisors has voted to keep a part of jfk drive car free for good. we have details and reaction to the vote. >> plus, a brawl at a middle school classroom in the east bay. where is the teacher? that question coast tonight by the mother of the student who took this video, a story you'll see only on kron 4 and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking oughou)
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