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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  April 27, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for waking up with this bright and early here on the kron. 4 morning news. it is wednesday, april 27 and the week is just flying by. hey, we've had a great past couple of days for me in the allergy department. he's been pretty miserable terms of that. so make sure allergy medicine. john trouble is in this morning to tell us how the next few days are going to be. good morning, john. yet rain that i know it's not fun for you, but the weather's great when the allergies or bad, that tends to be the way it works. and we have had such a nice week, but pollens are enjoying that weather too.
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>> and so that makes it a little bit tricky. your view outside of the golden gate bridge looking good. we are seeing a fairly clear start to this morning and we're going to be holding on to those dry skies for another day. also on the cooler side for another day to you can see from the sierra the bay area. we're all looking nice and dry. not a lot going out there today. aside from a couple of patches of fog that really haven't resulted in too many issues for us just yet current temperatures 40's to 50's definitely getting those jackets on. as you stepping out there that aluma low 40's for you right now. oakland, alameda in hayward, you know, in the 50's to get this one started later on today, we're going to be looking at daytime highs climbing into the 60's to 70's. so some good stuff to look forward to all over again. will this trend of dry comfy, whether be interrupted? i'll let you know in your forecast. rima. tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges today as you're traveling into the city right now about 10 minutes. >> for your drive, the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. no
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major issues there for you. about 13 minutes. a richmond center fell bridge about a 10 minute commute as you're heading across towards the nfl and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute drive. 3 people were arrested for kidnapping a 3 month old baby from his home in san jose. brandon quay are was found unharmed and in good condition yesterday. thankfully kron four's rob nesbitt brings us that story. >> police say there is some connection between the 3 people they have in custody in the quay. our family, the entire community of san jose is celebrating the fact that baby brandon has been found safe unharmed and has been reunited with his mom. san jose. police say the public to not just watch the surveillance video of brandon quay ares kidnapping. >> but they also repost it on social media, helping police track down and arrest the man seen walking away with the baby carrier. we followed every lead we had >> we use no information from witnesses. information from video surveillance that we located. and ultimately were
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able to find the day the 3 months old grandmother was babysitting while his mother, jessica quay are was at work. >> police say the grandmother was in another room putting away groceries when the man walked inside and snatched the baby. a woman who was with the grandmother at the time of the kidnapping has also been arrested after her story to investigators changed multiple times. local authorities and the fbi were 20 plus hours to track down baby brandon and the people responsible for his kidnapping. and they worked every lead to the ground until we had a resolution. and thankfully, in this case. >> they be brandon and reunited jessica san jose. police say a 3rd suspect is also in custody. >> but they did not share any information about that person. they are working with the santa clara county da's office to determine appropriate charges for all 3 suspects. but assistant chief joseph says kidnapping will be included on the list. his advice to other parents, always be careful and always be vigilant. if an unfortunate tragedy like that were to occur, we would stop it. you know nothing. we would use
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every resource to the south police department and any law enforcement agency to help us get to this kind of resolution. san jose police say that an amber alert was not issued for baby brandon because initially they did not have enough information to do so such as a suspect, vehicle and license plate number in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> home neighbors say police found 3 month you're all brandon quay are and arrested that man in connection with the kidnapping. >> at an apartment complex after a dry police arrived at this location just shortly after an employee of canyon springs skilled, nursing and rehabilitation facility down the street spot at that silver minivan out front. look at this. well, the chp released a photo of the vehicle earlier in the morning saying it may be tied to the kidnapping. police responded quickly and reportedly made an arrest without any problems. those who live in the area say they heard about the kidnapping was all over the news, but they had no idea. it was also close to home. >> i'm glad that they did find the everybody in in our
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community is. >> probably overwhelmed with joy that a child gets returned to their family. and that is something that we can count our blessings for. >> well, that minivan and another vehicle on the street, we're told everyone is thankfully. >> happy that this incident had a happy ending because it could have been much well, cell phone video shows a fight. this happened inside of a 6th grade classroom. >> at a middle school in antioch with no teacher in sight. a parent at the school says it all happened while a classroom full of students were left unattended. kron four's taylor is actually spoke to that parent and she breaks down that story for us. >> exclusive cell phone video shared with kron. 4 news apparently shows a 6th grade student being tossed around by another student inside a classroom at park middle school in antioch on monday. the fact that there was no teacher there. >> and that's the whole problem with all of this. you know, like that's the most
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capital thing about a concerned parent who didn't want to share their identity out of fear of retaliation against their child says. >> the teacher of that class room didn't show up for school monday morning and no substitute was provided all the time for coming from her school. but this time there's there was no one there. >> to break up the fight, there was no adult supervision. there is a staff member running across a they had seen it from a distance. mean, sometimes happens at lunch and they don't have anyone direct the supervising them that much. >> but you know, it will be seen from a distance of someone somewhere. we'll break it up. but there was nothing. nothing being done at all. >> she says this behavior shouldn't be tolerated at the school yet it happens repeatedly and often times it's the same students allegedly starting the flights. the parents says she's now worried about what is and isn't being taught at the middle school. my concerns are that my child is not getting an education. >> not an academic education
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may be an education and how to fight until second reporting. kron. 4 news. >> oakley police department is expected to announce a reward for information in the disappearance of a lexus gate. >> the 24 year-old was last seen on january. 26 at any out. police say they have been aggressively pursuing leads in the case. they're now asking the public for help. more details on the war are going to be announced this afternoon. police will also be providing or they're going to have a conference actually thursday afternoon. now it's going to start at 11:00am and we will be live streaming that over on kron on. well in san francisco after more than 11 hours of debate, the san francisco board of supervisors has voted to keep jfk drive in golden gate park car free for good. the vote was 7 to 4 supervisors. connie chan, aaron peskin cautious offi and shamann walton voted no opponents say among other arguments that closing this role makes it harder for people with disabilities to access the part. museum operators say the closure
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makes it much harder to attract patrons. jfk was first closed off to cars last year. city's slow streets initiative. the space is seen a 30% increase in bicyclists and pedestrians since it was first closed in 2020. mayor london breed tweeted a response quote, today is a historic day. the board just voted to make jfk drive permanently car free and essential space for our residents and families. that is now a long-term benefit to the city. we still have work to do, but passing the legislation is where we begin to make real change. and supervisor dean preston released a statement on the voter reads in part, it means so much to see this come to fruition. we need a robust network of safe streets are walking and biking across our city and car free. jfk is a critical part of making that a reality car free. jfk will move our city for a greener, safer future. state. senator scott wiener also spoke out. he wrote in part, we must work to make our streets safer and
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more sustainable. the approval of car free jfk is a huge win in that effort. that switching gears, a state senate committee has unanimously passed a bill that would prevent law enforcement from using the dna of assault survivors to investigate unrelated crimes. will sanders a school district attorney chase of a dean and state senator scott wiener authored the bill. well after building condemn san francisco police department from using rape victim's dna to arrest them for future crimes. not long after police chief bill scott vowed to stop the practice. federal law already prohibits 8 adding victim's dna to the national combined dna index system. but as of now, there's no state law that prevents local law enforcement agencies from retaining the victim's dna. now to the latest in the elon musk. twitter take over while they try to finalize the 44 billion dollar deal. elon musk must explain. he goes
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online and he tells us what his definition of free speech is. he gave some insight to the future plans of twitter. well, he starts off by acknowledging his critics writing in a tweet, quote, the extreme antibody reaction from those who fear free speech says it all followed by reply by free speech. i simply mean that whrch matches the law. i'm against censorship that goes far beyond the law. if people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect. therefore going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people. us has been a vocal critic of twitter's current policies restricting and blocking some users. the most notable example being the ban of former president donald trump. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the ongoing drought is bringing big changes to the east bay. the new mandatory measures that are going into place. and new grants going to small businesses in san francisco. what the money will be used for. >> and the deadline to apply.
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and democrats and republicans are at odds over a much-needed increase in covid funding. while republicans say they won't make a decision until a vote on title. 42 is brought up. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. the time now for 13 on this wednesday morning. hey, we made it to the middle of the week and there's a lot of sunshine expected in the forecast. isn't that right, john? pretty out today. again, we're definitely looking at dry skies, rain and that's something that we're going to be holding on to for the rest of this workweek. now, looking outside this morning, not a whole lot that you are seeing just yet because it is obviously still dark. >> but we are in for a partly cloudy day today. you're still going to get plenty of brightness between those clouds conditions out there and try really nicely from last week. so it's been a better chance just generally to spend time outdoors. yesterday was a bit of a breezy one. today is going to be comparatively a little bit calmer, but we're still in the midst of this cooler pattern. so as you're getting out there, you will notice temperatures feeling cool enough for the long sleeve t-shirt. even the light
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jacket. as i mentioned, a few clouds passing overhead today. today is the cloudy us to have your forecast. tomorrow will clear out a little bit more temperatures right around the same as today before temperatures really start to climb into the weekend by friday and saturday, we're tapping back into at least close to 80 degree numbers into early next week. conditions will start to cool down just a little bit again. now, as far as temperatures go today, it's 50's at the coast and 60's right along the bay shore. we are going to be looking at some 70's for inland areas. again, today's numbers are very comparable with where we were yesterday. so not a lot of change yesterday from where we were for a mere tuesday, just to repeat basically carbon copy dublin, pleasanton at 65 degrees. same for you in oakland, walnut creek and and build them into the upper 60's ball conquered antioch, pittsburgh, fairfield, vacaville napa in youngsville among spots along with santa rosa. still hanging on to the
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70's tomorrow as temperatures will be a little bit cooler. that cool breeze does continue. but we warm into the weekend by saturday. we're looking at near 80 degree highs monday of next week. that's a second brings our only chance of showers in this forecast, john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges this morning heading into the city right now about a 10 minute drive to make it to that fremont street exit. >> san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. a little under 14 minutes for you as you're traveling. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge about a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes for you this morning. well, u.s. attorney general merrick garland testified on capitol hill on tuesday making his case for the justice department. nearly 38 billion dollar budget and president biden's 2023 budget garland says there's billions in new investments to support law enforcement and reduce crime. while crime is a hot topic at the moment, it's not the only issue on senators minds but some republican senators grilling garland on
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the effectiveness of his department. >> i think the justice department is losing. i think you're losing on crime. i think you're losing on drugs. i think you're losing on immigration. >> garland says he's committed to the independence of his department, but the gop continues to voice their concerns about whether or not the doj can fairly conduct an investigation of the president's son, hunter biden murdered format. newly-released really cdc report has identified covid cases connected to a new more infectious subvariant of omicron ba 2. the new variant has now become the dominant strain in the northeast and represents about 29% of cases across the u.s. health. officials say it spreads faster. then the however, they say does not lead to more severe infections. the report also found that 3 out of every 5 people in the u.s. now have antibodies from a previous covid infection. pfizer has
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sent an emergency use authorization request to the fda for a covid-19 booster shot for kids. the booster is for ages 5 to 11. the company says a 3rd dose increases the amount of antibodies by 36% in this age group. pfizer also says it expects to submit more studies were children younger than 5 in the following weeks. the biden administration wants to get paxlovid the covid antiviral pill into the hands of more americans. reporter basil john explains why the funding is secured for the first order. additional money from congress may be necessary. >> tuesday, white house covid response coordinator doctor ashish jha detail the latest effort to expand access to the covid antiviral pill. paxlovid is a really important step in our ability to fight this pandemic. the biden administration says it will work with pfizer to accelerate the production and distribution of paxlovid to pharmacies across the country has an enormously beneficial
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impact. reduces hospitalizations, but more than 90%. the free antiviral drugs will be available in more than 30,000 locations. the administration believes greater availability will boost awareness in use. a lot more people are eligible and then it would benefit. then i think people think that while the administration has the funding for the first order, they may need more money from congress to purchase more given our federal budget. it's a small amount to ask that we provide money for these therapeutics. senate majority leader chuck schumer says additional covid funding is a necessity in the u.s.. >> to prevent americans from going back into lockdown. senate republicans should work with us to quickly pass another round of covid funding. it's not more complicated than that. but republicans like louisiana senator john kennedy and indiana senator mike braun aren't sure the funding is needed. once the administration going to spend it on there. so much money sloshing around in the federal government right now. and if you look carefully and we need to be repurposing without the
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funding the administration warns the u.s. will fall behind not just with the pills but other covid treatments reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. the white house is warning what could happen if congress does not pass another round of covid funding soon. >> democrats say they're ready to move for. but right now republicans say they don't support it. washington correspondent anna wiernicki joins us live with the details. good morning, anna. >> good morning with the white house is really putting pressure on congress this week to act. they say that without the additional funding from congress, the u.s. will lose covid treatments. >> good afternoon, everybody. white house covid-19 response she's just says the u.s. is at an inflection point. deaths are continuing to fall. >> we're down about 300 deaths today. >> still to many, but john says the u.s. needs to ready itself for new mutations and variants congress has not stepped up to provide the funds that are needed for our
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most urgent needs earlier this month, congress announced they reached a bipartisan deal on a 10 billion dollar covid-19 relief bill. less than half of the 22.5 billion. the white house requested. but lawmakers left for recess without a vote. the holdup republicans will need to have. >> title 42 vote. at some point here in all likelihood on the covid package. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans won't support it unless it includes an amendment that targets president biden's plans to lift the pandemic asylum policy known as title. 42 extremely important. >> the border is already entirely to open. it shouldn't be used to hold up important things like covid aid. but democrats say the need for funding is critical. >> the white house says it's already exhausted funds to purchase a 4th round of covid-19. vaccine doses and they've already started to cut back shipments of anybody,
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treatments to states to make supplies last longer. it's very risky for the health of the american people, for them to be playing political games with it. >> i mean, at least 10 republicans on board in order to pass the bill. and she said that he'll be spending the week meeting with members from both sides of the aisle too, try to reach some sort of agreement as quickly as possible. for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> thank you for that update. anna. >> vice president kamala harris's tested positive for covid-19. a white house spokesperson says the vice president is not experiencing symptoms. well, vice president harris is currently isolating and working from the vice president's residence. she has not been in close contact with president biden or the first lady. the vice president will return to the white house. one. she gets a negative test last month. second gentleman, doug emhoff tested positive for covid. harris is fully vaccinated and double boost it. coming up next on the
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kron, 4 morning news president joe biden used clemency powers for the first time. >> the reaction from one of his first pardons will be right back after the break.
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heidi covey: so, i have an eye disease that causes blindness. i have moments where i get a little bit sad because i just can't see things that i used to. dr. stanley taught me to trust in the lord even when you don't want to. god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it.
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former secret service agent is one of the first people to be pardoned by president biden. >> since he took office reporter julian cruz has
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reaction from the community in chicago where he grew up. >> but joy, the very much so joe nathan hand and so many others you talk to here and abraham bolden, southside neighborhood, thrilled to get news of the presidential part. >> he's outstanding a so a whole lot. whole lot of kids you. >> no, let anybody for stability bolden for decades, a mentor to kids pictured here in a 2010, chicago's very own with micah materre talking about the racism he encountered in the early 60's during his years with the secret service. they're golden. >> and i'm sitting right next to it. you know? and and it it was all i could do. you my first reflex would give this guy a shot break is joe tapped by president john f kennedy to join the secret service. bolden made history. the first
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african-american to serve on a white house detail. but his efforts to uncover rampant racism and misconduct in the service. bolden maintains leading to retaliation and false charges. the tragically landed him in prison for nearly 4 years. but i love america. america is my country. you understand. and so when america makes a mistake like they did, in my case, then you stand up and you tell them air. it made a mistake for many here in bolden's neighborhood near 76 and halsted. he's a profile in courage. never letting racism and questionable accusations defeat him. >> i'm really happy for miss the boat to get pardoned. i believe more people should be pardoned. >> that's deserving of it. well, that was julian crews reporting for us. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning valais whole youth football league was has its band back but not in the condition that they were hoping for how police were able to track down the person who they say stole it will be
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right back. well, welcome back
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to the kron. 4 morning news here on this wednesday morning. the top you now 04:30am, and yesterday was really filling that today's going to be even nicer. >> but for those of us of allergies, john, we just need make sure we take precautions right? yeah, definitely got say precautions. nice weather means bad al


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