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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 27, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm sorry and i'm james. 06:00am as the time it's beginning, get a little brighter outside. getting a better feel for how but yeah, the moon is gone. it to you got to get up earlier for but the day actually looks fantastic once again today. it does. let's talk about it on. yeah. beautiful out there again. we're smooth sailing this week. not a lot coming through to interrupt this dry and mild trend of weather. we've been on your view outside this morning looking nice and this perspective, too, right there on the embarcadero today. you'll notice a few more clouds than yesterday and temperatures will remain cool. a brisk wind does continue. so it's light jacket, kind of stuff. but >> comfortably cool at that
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40's and 50's for your current temperatures until you get up to petaluma and santa rosa where you're sitting at 37 degre s, the coldest we've been up all week in those spots. i'll be talking about a weekend warm-up that gets us right back. up next to the 80's. still to come, reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. hit the roads on this wednesday morning. middle of the week. >> the 11 minute drive traveling into the city. the metering lights are on here at the bay bridge toll plaza heading across towards the peninsula around 13 minutes for your drive as you're traveling there out of richmond heading across towards san rafale. you're looking at 7 minutes for your commute and in the south bay one, 0, one traveling from 85 into park around. 31 minutes started. james, back to you. our big story this morning. 3 people have been arrested out in the kidnapping of a 3 month-old baby in san jose. it was our big story yesterday, baby brandon. luckily thankfully. >> returned to his mother on the harm. so they're both together this morning that there are a lot of questions
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about who these people are. what is the relation to the family kron? four's will tran is live in san jose with what we know. i will. >> what is not known guys this morning motivation. why with those 3 people that the investigators that they arrested yesterday, why did they do this? they didn't go into details, but they did say there is some sort of relationship between the suspects and the family. now get this. it was a miscommunication between the chp and the san jose police department that actually helped officers track down baby brand. it. here's a picture of the minivan. so late monday night, the chp tweeted out a picture of the minivan about 6 or 7 hours later, even during our morning newscast. the san jose police department actually reached out and said don't show that picture anymore. they actually told the chp to take down that tweet because there was some sort of miscommunication by then many in the public already saw that tweet. and
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here's how it helped out because there was a nursing home worker about 5 miles away from where baby branding was kidnapped on monday at around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. it was that nursing home worker on tuesday morning spotted that minivan call san jose police officers. they came to that scene on the 1000 block of drive blocked in that minivan. and then looked around, went into a home and found baby brandon. they made 3 arrests. but at this particular point, the suspects names have not been released to the public, but we are getting a little bit more details on at least 2 of those suspects. one was a woman who was with the grandmother at the time. all explained that just a few moments. but they did arrest the man who was spotted in the surveillance footage. they believe this was orchestrated because the man showed up to the apartment complex with a baby carrier. and so brandon and casually walked away. so he has been arrested. then there was a
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woman who was with the grandmother at the time the grandmother was watching brand and she was off loading groceries with brandon inside the unit. that woman was with the grandmother. they interviewed her and that woman's story kept changing, according to investigators. so she was also arrested. there was a 3rd person. they're not going into details about that particular person, including not even the gender that person to 3 people arrested altogether. they say that they're still working on the case. but if you're wondering this morning and you're drinking your coffee, what was the motive? well, we have the same question so far. the san jose police department and the fbi, they brought in the fbi to help. they had the news conference and both agencies did not go into the details on why anybody would go into an apartment unit and kidnapped a 3 month-old baby boy. but the bottom line is that boy is safe this morning. >> all right. happy to have a happy ending to that. at least. thank you. will.
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>> 6 '04 is the time the oakley police department are about announce a reward for the information and finding alexis gave the 24 year-old woman who was last seen on january. 26 in antioch. police have done so pursuing leads. they say, but they want the public's health help with this. more details on the reward are supposed to come out a press conference tomorrow and we're supposed to get some more details on the case at that time. if you want to check it out will be live streaming at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. that's the plan. time. so go to the kron on app for that. >> all right. 6, 0, 5, is the time and new this morning we have video showing a fight inside of a 6th grade classroom at a middle school in antioch. pretty vicious apparent at that school says it happened while the students were left unattended. proffers taylor per second takes a closer look at explains what happened. >> exclusive cell phone video shared with kron. 4 news apparently shows a 6th grade student being tossed around by another student inside a classroom at park middle school in antioch on monday. the fact that there was no
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teacher there. >> and that's the whole problem with all of this. you know, like that's the most on a capital thing about a concerned parent who didn't want to share their identity out of fear of retaliation against their child says. >> the teacher of that class room didn't show up for school monday morning and no substitute was provided all the time for coming from her school. but this time there's there was no one there. >> to break up the fight, there was no adult supervision. it was a staff member running across a they had seen it from a distance. i mean, sometimes happens at lunch and they don't have anyone direct the supervising them at >> but you know, it will be seen from a distance of someone somewhere. we'll break it up. but there was nothing. nothing being done at all. >> she says this behavior shouldn't be tolerated at the school you get. it happens repeatedly and often times it's the same students allegedly starting the flights. the parents says she's now worried about what is and isn't being taught at the middle school. my concerns
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are that my child is not getting an education. >> not an academic education may be an education and how to fight until second reporting. kron. 4 news. >> 6, 0, 6. and another big story that we're following. the san francisco board of supervisors has voted to keep jfk drive in golden gate park closed for good. the cars. yeah. the immediate reaction to the decision has been pretty positive. i know a lot of families especially enjoyed having that thoroughfare open for the kids to run around and for everybody to take a nice walk. that's the way it's going to be, even though some people are not set asides. sarah stinson has both sides of the story in san francisco highs there. >> that's right. jfk goibg to remain car free. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a lot of people turned out to that meeting yesterday to make sure their voices were heard. we're already seeing some people enjoying it as they have for the last 2 years going for a run, going for a bike ride before work yesterday, the
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board of supervisors they met for 12 hours. there was hundreds of public comments. people voicing their opinions both for and against this. but mostly i would say mostly for it. you can see what we're talking about on your screen. video of people enjoying jfk with outdoor recreation. several organizations have been working tirelessly for months getting people to sign postcards to supervisors, urging them to make this stretch of jfk car free permanently. people against this want jfk open on weekdays from or carcass ability since people have. >> going back to work in kids who come back to school during the week, jfk became 100% car free back in april 2020 by mayor london breed closing off to cars between jfk drive on the eastern end of golden gate park from keys or drive to transverse drive. 24 hours a day to one and a half miles stretch. so people can safely exercise with social
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distancing, especially during the pandemic. that was very helpful. people in the city fell in love with this. and now around 300,000 people use it per month. so mayor london breed wrote of this legislation to make it like this forever, along with a few other supervisors before it was closed to traffic. the organization walk sf says it was on the city's list of most dangerous streets due to the number of traffic crashes. mayor london breed. she pushed for this to happen in. let's see what she had to say. once it went through from the board of supervisors tweeting saying today is a historic day, the board just voted to make jfk drive permanently car free and essential space for our residents and families that is now long-term benefit of the city. we still have work to do. but passing this legislation will begin to make real change in by work to do. she means that they are going to now work on things that this plan, green lights and epthat includes dozens of efforts to make it more
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accessible to cars. even make the park more accessible to people with disabilities. that access is parking spots and they're going to get the shuttle going. that makes it a lot more accessible. so it will be interesting to see how much this park changes and a lot of people saying for the good i'm sarah stinson reporting golden gate park. we'll send it back to you. all right. thanks on sarah. >> turning our attention now to the east bay. we have some commuters. they're asking that the mask mandate actually be brought back for public they were told they don't have door of a sudden they want to wear a mask now because they feel it's a public health issue. and that's what the transit board is saying, too. camila barco has the details. >> good morning. you guys. so yeah. if you remember last week, bart leaders proposed something similar and now the east bay transit riders union says that bringing back mask on public transportation will help reduce the spread of covid. now, this organization is a group of riders who use public transportation daily. they want the ac transit board
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of directors to bring back masks on buses that run in the east bay. the union says that they owe it to the people who ride these buses that are high-risk and vulnerable because by not wearing them, it could lead to serious health problems. they also argue that taking no action. >> is likely to drive people away from taking the bus is now bart, the board president there. rebecca saltzman also wants to a mask requirement on bart trains. she sent a letter to 5 bay area counties square park operates. >> urging them to make masks a requirement on public transportation else. altman says that she's not trying to make masks a lifelong saying she says that she's trying to keep rule at least until july. we'll have to see what happens there because bart board of directors will consider this mask requirement at a meeting tomorrow. but tonight, the east bay transit riders union, they will be attending a meeting. the ac transit board of directors meeting. they will be presenting their
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proposal to bring back mask on public transportation. and i are james. that meeting is scheduled for 5 this afternoon. back to you. all right. thanks a lot, camilla. >> 6.11, is the time breaking news now. russia has apparently released a u.s. marine veteran from texas as part of a prisoner exchange with the united states. so russia traded trevor reed in exchange for a convicted russian drug trafficker reid was arrested back in 2019 after russian authorities say he assaulted an officer while they drove him to a police station following a night of drinking. he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for that. the russian drug trafficker was serving a 20 year prison sentence for conspiracy to smuggle cocaine into the u.s.. the prisoner swap marks the highest profile release during the biden administration. >> it's 6.12, and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news teachers in the east bay are going on strike. we'll tell you what the demanding and how it might affect kids. plus, the ongoing drought bringing new changes, more changes to the east bay. we're going to
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tell you about the new mandatory measures. >> and democrats and republicans are at odds over covid funding will tell you why we might not see the money flowing for covid. >> and today is going to stay on the cooler side of things, a little bit breezy with a few passing clouds, but we're in for quite the weekend. warm up just around the corner of the breaking down. everything to expect in your forecast. still to come. well, you made it to the middle of the week. and so we're keeping. >> a close eye on your drive >> a close eye on your drive th with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent.
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>> 6.15, right now and the goats are back. he got to cut back on the weeds and growth and that's what the oakland fire department is doing by unleashing 500 of their best vegetation management professionals that are at least 500. they're hungry us what they were doing much in the way at all that dry brush near grizzly peak. obviously, that's one of the fire mitigation techniques they use to keep the fuels low is going see their own they need their old. you know, we've got to let the dogs out who >> we need as goat song working, you know, let the go. i mean, to go to someone should write a special good song, ok? we've got a lot of talent out there he's keeping an eye on the other part of that story, of course, which is the sun. >> our worsening drought situation. it seems, although john, in the past what month or so, it's got a little better. definitely has got better. so those goats are enjoying that. i'm sure i you
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know, and the song and the little greener died and the song too. we hear from the goats. there are true we are looking at a nice morning. you can see san jose sitting under some pretty bright skies to getting started and we are keeping the dry weather going good for grades and good for walking the dog. whatever you got to be doing today. >> hopefully you're doing so with the light jacket ready to go because it is still a cool day. we're in the midst of this dip in the jet stream that's brought us cooler breezier conditions that will last into tomorrow, too. so this past weekend, monday where the warm times we cool down a little bit. since then. we've got a little bit of cloud cover today, but still plenty bright tomorrow. we clear things out, but we're still cool. we're still breezy. this is ahead of a warmer weekend around the corner by friday. you're really going to start to feel that warmth to building by saturday. our warmest day of the weekend going to be feeling really, really nice today. we're still in the 50's and 60's for san francisco 50's or right along the coastline. then pretty solid 60's right along the bay shore
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for most areas. burlingame, 62 redwood city among spots at 64 san jose. comfortable at 68. you're gonna love that. feel with the sunshine overhead. hayward at 63 in oakland, 65 concord starts a trend of 70's that continue over to antioch and on up into most of solano and napa counties as well as over to santa rosa at 71. tomorrow's temperatures in the upper 60's a little cooler than today, but also a little clearer than today. friday will warm things up. and by saturday, we're nearing 80 degrees. one lone chance of rain in the forecast and that's towards the start of may next monday with a slight chance of showers john, thank you for that. hey, if you're taken 5.80, or 80 and you're traveling crockett down towards the maze. >> right now it's going to take about 18 minutes for you to make that drive traveling into the city right now. a little under 15 minutes for you. you can see the meteor lights up and on for about 30 minutes or so out of richmond heading across towards san rafale. you had about 8 minutes for you and let's head to the south bay and check on
6:19 am
one. 0, one. 85 into miller park around 29 minutes to 80 82 into 37. all moving along. pretty nicely. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you. ran a 6.18. the cdc has identified another strain. a new more infections says subvariant of omicron. it's different version of ba 2. the new variant is now the dominant strain and represents 29% of cases across america. health officials say it spreads faster, nba 2, but it does not lead to more severe infections. the report also finds that 3 out of every 5 people the u.s. now had antibodies from a previous covid infection. pfizer is requesting emergency use authorization for a covid booster shot for kids because remember, the kids got their shots but not a booster yet. this is for 5 to 11 year-olds and they say pfizer says that another dose would help
6:20 am
antibodies. it was 36% higher in this age group. if they get the booster, if its approval waiting for that men. pfizer also expect submit more studies for kids younger than 5 in the following weeks to also get boosters, ok? well, let's continue the theme here and keep you updated on covid. the white house now warning that. >> you know, bad things could happen if congress doesn't pass another round of covid funding soon, democrats say they're ready to the republicans are not. anna wiernicki is in dc with why. hi anna. >> good morning. that's right. the white house is really putting the pressure on congress this week to act. they say that without the additional funding from congress, the u.s. will lose out on covid treatments. >> good afternoon, everybody. white house covid-19 response she's john says the u.s. is at an inflection point. deaths are continuing to fall. >> we're down about 300 deaths today. >> still to many, but john says the u.s. needs to ready itself for new mutations and variants congress has not stepped up to provide the
6:21 am
funds that are needed for our most urgent needs earlier this month, congress announced they reached a bipartisan deal on a 10 billion dollar covid-19 relief bill. less than half of the 22.5 billion. the white house requested. but lawmakers left for recess without a vote. the holdup republicans need to have. >> title 42 vote. at some point here in all likelihood on the covid package. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans won't support it unless it includes an amendment that targets president biden's plans to let the pandemic asylum policy known as title. 42 is extremely important. >> the border is already entirely to open. it shouldn't be used to hold up important things like covid aid. but democrats say the need for funding is critical. >> the white house says it's already exhausted funds to purchase a 4th round of covid-19. vaccine doses and they've already started to cut
6:22 am
back shipments of anybody, treatments to states to make supplies last longer. it's very risky for the health of the american people, for them to be playing political games with it. senate democrats to at least 10 republicans on board to pass the bill. and schumer says he'll spend he'll be spending the week meeting with members from both sides of the aisle to try to reach some sort of agreement as quickly as possible. >> for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. thanks, anna. >> it is 6.22. we'll take a break. but coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, we're going to take a look at what you can expect from the next iphone will be right back.
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>> 6.25 right now and a bigger iphone screen could soon cost less something at a major investment firm is now using bitcoin. apparently we've got rich demuro to explain in this morning's tech smart. here's what's happening in the tech world. fidelity will become the first major retirement plan to offer bit coin as an investment. >> this will allow employees to invest in bitcoin to there for one case, fidelity is one of the biggest retirement plan. providers with 23,000 companies that use it, each company will decide if their employees get the big point option for their portfolios. then it's up to individual employees to actually invest in it. this is a major move
6:26 am
that pushes cryptocurrency even further into the mainstream at a time when the government still doesn't have many crypto rules in place. the new iphone models are just under 6 months away. so what can we expect? well, for might be going away. this according to a new bloomberg report. but there will be a small and big screen size for both the regular iphone and the iphone. 14 pro models. this means you'll be able to get a big screen phone for about $200 less than last year. also this time around, only the pro models might get apple's latest processor. and finally, the first ford f one, 50 all electric pickup trucks are heading off the assembly line and soon into customers. driveways. the f one, 50 lightning was announced last year and the 2022 model is sold out. the pickup goes around 300 miles on a charge and 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds. you can even use the battery in the truck to power your house if your electricity
6:27 am
goes out, starting price is around $40,000 and 40 bees are still eligible for the maximum federal tax credits. ford says demand for the truck is extremely high with about 200,000 reservations. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. well, after the break, a youth football league got their stolen van back. we're going to tell you how police did it and who they say was responsible. [ drums playing ] ♪ my love for you, baby ♪ ♪ is like a merry go round ♪ ♪ it goes up down ♪ ♪ anyway you want it baby ♪ ♪ up ♪ ♪ down ♪
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>> 6.29 right now checking out the weather look at the airport. i wonder if anyone is flying out. is there any delays or anything? i hope not. be weather related. i would have no yes. so a little bit of a friday field for me. but >> wednesday for the rest of us, a nice bright skies as you're waking up for the middle of your workweek anyways, you see the bay bridge out there. nice bright skies over treasure island right now. just beautiful way to start the morning. we are off to a cold start to the morning, though. in fact, we're under some frost advisories and even freeze warnings. once you get up into northern lake and mendocino counties, temperatures falling into the 30's for the first time this weekend. we are seeing a couple of those numbers up towards penn aluma and santa rosa down at 36 37 degrees right now. 40's and 50's elsewhere across the bay. it is notably a colder morning than yesterday, though, santa rosa down a full 13 degrees from the same 0. 24 hours ago.
6:31 am
reyna. john, thank you for we do have an accident along highway 4. so if you're traveling. >> 2 pittsburgh westbound highway 4, just west of railroad avenue. so you are seeing delays this morning. let's get a look at the bay bridge right now. 18 minute drive maze to that fremont street exit. no accidents, no hazards. just an uptick in traffic for you. there. no delays along the golden gate bridge. that's good news for us. 90 minute drive. 37 to the tolls. dublin tent traveling down to fremont about 15 minutes for you along 6.80. let's check on we're starting to slow down just a bit to hayward and fremont as you're traveling southbound there. and we'll be with a look at the south bay along one. 0, one, as you're traveling from 85 park, about 30 minutes started. james, back to you. >> 6.31 the time. thank you. oakland teachers are preparing now to go on strike starting friday. in fact, they gathered for a news conference yesterday ahead of that strike to at the port of oakland to explain why they're taking this step. they say starting
6:32 am
in june, the oakland unified school district plans on merging and closing schools. now the district says they have to to avoid budget shortfalls and to improve the quality of education. the oakland education association, however, says the district illegally backed out of the 2019 agreement to not close schools, at least until they give teachers a chance to provide some input. >> there is they have decision. some 8, we welcome to the community and with on picket lines. >> oakland school district superintendent kayla johnson trimmel called the strike a violation of the current collective bargaining agreement that was struck between the district and friday strike is scheduled to begin at 06:30am in the morning. a judge we know we'll hear eas unfair labor complaint on may. 20th. >> 6.32, and dublin, unified teachers, families and community members are demanding more support and
6:33 am
better resources for students. the dublin teachers association says it feels the district is not doing all it can to better retain and recruit educators for the double in schools. the association president says right now the schools have a number of special education teacher, vacancies and math and science vacancies district-wide too. >> that was last in alameda county with 30 years of service credit that come when people join our district. we only take 5 years when districts around our county take anywhere from 9 to all years of service. and that's a huge contention when you're recruiting educators and then obviously we are also working toward salary enhancements for the retention of our current in place and the recruitment process that teachers association leaders say that they are looking forward to their next negotiations with the district, which is supposed to be in mid-may. >> well, some good fortune for youth football league in vallejo. the group's van that was stolen is now back. it was stolen from a car dealership while it was there awaiting repair work with kron four's.
6:34 am
philippe call with an update on the story. >> it will require much needed repairs on both the interior and exterior. but the van stolen from the coach cerner league last month is back in the league's possession. i thought it would be found i didn't think it would be down so quickly. league founder ryan serna says the van was actually located a few blocks from where the non-profit youth flag football league plays its games. it was recovered by the solano county sheriff's office just a few weeks after it was stolen from a car dealership last month while awaiting the replacement of its catalytic converter, which was stolen before it was originally donated to the league back that they are able to find it. and we do have it back in our protection. now you all be to boost the fix is a blessing. serna says the repairs will total at least $8,000. but fortunately, the community has raised nearly $5,000 to help out the vallejo police activities league and the service organization, the
6:35 am
native sons of the golden west have also partner to donate a second van to the youth league older than its mobile high. but we're really happy to have both bands will be used to transport kids and equipment to and from games this month, the coed league launched its second season serving low-income youth and will run for 10 weeks. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> a man was caught on camera. a camera vandalizing a business in vallejo. take a look. you see him right up on this bicycle and then he starts throwing stuff. looks like rocks or something. but the business, yes, just picking something up and checking it. this business is on broadway street. and the owners say that the guy appeared to be intoxicated. he harassed them and they tried to get him to leave and actually took some video of the process. looks him was one of shake their hand. there looks like and they gave they took a photo and they gave a report to the police. so like us are on the lookout for him.
6:36 am
a bill that would prevent police from using the dna of assault survivors to investigate unrelated crimes has passed the state senate committee, san francisco district attorney chase of doing and state senator scott wiener wrote the bill, but dean can condemned the san francisco police department for using rape victim's dna to arrest them in the future for crimes. not long after police chief bill scott vowed to stop that practice. federal law already prohibits adding victim's dna to the national combined dna index system. but right now, there is still no state law that prevents that. well, the controversial plan to get the homeless and severely mentally ill into a court ordered care. >> facility is passing unanimously. the plan known as care court was proposed by governor gavin newsome, california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli says it's expected to help between 7,000 to 12,000 people. but the measures face
6:37 am
fierce opposition from several disability, mental health and civil liberty groups who have concerns about forced treatment. >> believe that forced care works well for people with mental health disabilities. and we don't feel that there's a good evidence base to support >> others are raising concerns about lack of housing workforce and how it would potentially worsen racial disparities. also, how much care court, what cost is still something needs to be determined. >> college students all across the country and in california are looking for housing for this coming fall and finding it hard to find, especially in the bay area rents are high and there's a lack of housing, especially again on some uc campuses like cal berkeley is one of them has a longstanding problem with being able to keep up with enrollment house. all the kids, cow has a limited dorm space and the competition is fierce for the
6:38 am
off campus ranson a range for like $1600 a month for a studio. if you're lucky enough to find one. >> and a lot of sun city had no idea of this housing crunch when they chose to attend uc berkeley. >> feel like most students go into this process blind and not knowing how bad and how difficult it is to >> and frankly, i definitely was not prepared. >> to be distressed about housing every year and about like >> i feel for the kids because that is such a pain in like they're spending so much money and they're so excited to go. and then they all went sleep day. i can't fit in the dorms. the question now. so that's tough when actually so you see was going to have to cap enrollment numbers because of lawsuit brought by neighbors who are upset about the growth. but state lawmakers fast track to fix. so that allows the campus to rule as many students as they plan for this coming >> back. they don't have an update to housing, right? because they have not been
6:39 am
allowed to build more housing. >> interesting. all right. 6.38 is the time. let's talk about the california drought. it's actually forcing. >> bay area cities to make some big changes now, this is a look at the most recent map and you can see all of the bay area is in. >> a severe drought level and now east bay mud. they voted to put new limits into place. yeah. and there will be tougher penalties to for households that go over those limits with crawford's theresa to explain. >> we're going into a stage 2 drought. that 'eans that customers are going to be required, not asked to conserve water effective immediately. east bay municipal utility district customers must. >> start conserving water or else face penalties. the board approved the move into stage 2 drought at its tuesday meeting. district spokesperson andrea polk breaks down. what happens next? >> we're asking them to conserve water at a level of temper and that is district-wide not individually. some people can
6:40 am
save more. and some people have already taken, you know, significant measures. polk says that the board stopped short of putting in a drought surcharge or rate hike to help pay for extra water supplies due to the drought. tabling that tell a meeting in may. but the board will start an excessive water use. panel. the ordinance that puts a limit of slightly more than 1600 gallons per household. and if you go over that daily rate is $2 per unit. it's definitely time to take that route seriously. so it was tempting back in october and december to think that we were out of the are dry january march. certainly polk says all of this is not to punish households, but face a reality. 3 year statewide drought, i would say the most important thing for is that what they do really matters what they do counts collectively. we really can make a difference. and we must
6:41 am
make a difference in case next year is dry to recess to kron. 4 news. >> we'll take a break here at 6.40, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. the giants and the a's. well, they hit off a battle of a series in game one. sports director jason dumas has the highlights. coming up. >> and today already up to a nice and clear started is a cold start, though, with some of our temperatures in the north bay as cold as the 30's this morning later on today, it will be the 60's and 70's. you have to look forward to more on your forecast is still ahead. >> and traff c is building out the air on this wednesday. middle of the week for you. we are closely watching your roadways and you're bridges will have an update. once we get back.
6:42 am
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>> we are back at 6.44, years and still got on the lottery. the good news is what jackpot has gotten even bigger. 454 million dollars. is that the good news? when you when i forgot to buy tickets for monday, nobody won. so i probably would have if i'd played but not going to play this time. 30th drawing since the last winner was a announced back in february mid february as it was. so the drawing tonight, if you win the cash option, only walk away with 271.9 million dollars. so that's a treasure
6:45 am
going. why? why are you even contemplating calculating dream? fun? but you really do. i want to build. i want to buy that. 26 million dollar home down in menlo. all that we showed got to got to win the lottery like, gosh, part of my retirement plan. that's a good plan. hold your breath and do other and then we'll check the lottery that just makes me so sad because i want to do it, it's so exciting to think but not as exciting as your forecast is because there's a realistic thing you can enjoy today. lots of sunshine, just some light jacket, kind of stuff. >> it is cold this morning. those you definitely don't want to forget to layer up, especially in the north bay. we're in the 30's for some nice, bright skies of coit tower. that was definitely a perk clear skies last night allowed temperatures to fall well cooler this morning than they were yesterday morning. so don't be shocked get outside. it feels noticeably colder out there. make sure to throw that extra layer up. bundle up as you're venturing outside. now we are in the
6:46 am
midst of this dip in the jet stream that's bringing us this cool down today is going to be a brisk feel through the day with breezy conditions and highs in the 60's to low 70's. a few passing clouds here in the middle of the day. but for the most part, today is going to be mostly sunny one tomorrow. skies clear out a little bit more, but just as cool, just as brisk as today. so today, tomorrow, your light jacket kind of days before a weekend warm-up. that takes us right back into the 70's. even close to the 80's by saturday of this weekend. as for today, definitely nothing close to 80's out. there will be in the 50's and 60's for sf in 50's right along the coastline. temperatures for bayshore cities mostly in the 60's foster city saying carlos down through palo alto, each at 64 south bay, temperatures close to 70's but hanging out in the 60's. fremont union city's snow at 64 pleasanton oakland at 65 well. conquered over to get up into solano and much of napa counties in the midst of some 70's again today, some of our warmest spots this
6:47 am
afternoon tomorrow similar to today. and then we warm things up starting on friday, saturday, going to be beautiful highs solidly in the 70's. lots of sunshine. enjoy that one sunday. going to be great to before a little bit of a cool down in a slight chance of showers on monday right now. john, thank you for that. last time we checked daily at an accident up here in pittsburgh. now that that's clear. >> you still have about a 33 minute drive traveling from any acts. one, 60 and to conquer to 42. let's check on the bay bridge that fremont street exit. you can see traffic building their 20 minute drive as you're heading from the maze into the city eastbound right near that 4th street exit. there is an accident, but i'm not seeing any delays as you're traveling out of the city because of that. we're closely watching that san mateo bridge, 14 80 to one o 1, 1, one moving along pretty nicely. doubling down to fremont about 16 minutes for your drive. 5.80, moving along as well. and then you get to 8.80, and you start to see some delays. you're traveling southbound there on the northbound side, though,
6:48 am
things are moving at the limit in the south bay one-on-one. 85 traveling into menlo park. 33 minutes to 18. 82 moving along pretty nicely. and to 37 17, no accidents. there. the golden gate bridge. 37 to the totals about a 20 minute drive darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. at and the giants host the a's in the bay bridge series. yes. and the warriors are coerced, prepared for game 5 against the nuggets tonight. >> where you are going? oh, yeah. warriors blue plan that jason this with with more. what we can >> game one at oracle park and check it out. an aids fan in enemy territory, enjoying those not shows. >> let's go to the top of the first no score. it carlos read on he was dealing high heat right there. he says down stephen piscotty to end the ending. bottom of the second, wilmer flores at the plate.
6:49 am
looking like it's out of there. but you know, that wind in oracle park. hit the warning track and brandon crawford comes into score is a one. nothing game. bottom of the 3rd giants up 2 to one to offer. flores now. the winning goal. keep this one down. that is long gone. three-run home run that extends the lead to for his 4th rbi of the game. of the 5th 5, 1, done. he is still doing it. look at him. just freeze. tony kemp. get out ending right there. he went 6 innings of one-run ball. he struck out 9 and this was the kill shot. austin slater high and deep to right. it goes off the top of the fence. the look at it in. they called it a home run as they should. the giants. they go on to win 8 to 2 set. the tone came out, throwing strikes >> even when the a's which
6:50 am
they did all the way through the game, put really good high quality about on took good swings, fouled off some pitches and ran pitch count up. he continued to attack the strike zone. so he set the tone from a crisp standpoint. it was it was crisp right out the gates. and we had some big bats. and think we played good all around baseball game. we're 4 games into golden state's post season run and steph has not started a game. >> the reason for that was because staff was coming off of that foot injury and was on a minute restriction. so staff didn't want to come off the bench to ensure that he could and quarters on the floor. i should say he wanted to come off the bench so he can ensure he ended quarters on the floor. >> but stay, steve kerr said that minute restriction. well, it's over. that mean staff will in all likelihood, bree enter the starting 5. so someone is going to be odd man out either jordan poole or combine looney that we're relegated to a bench role. not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you have ego of a pro athlete. and i don't say that as a slight,
6:51 am
you need somewhat of an ego to make it to the top one percent of your craft, which is every nba basketball player. but will that be an issue will step have to say something to the guy who ends up booted from that starting lineup. steph does not think so. >> no, but it. its essence of who we are says sense of how we >> do things and understand every season, every situation you find yourself and you had to just make the right call in terms of what's in the spirit of winning and getting yourself and your team, the best shot at winning. that's should be able to handle whatever decisions or whatever role you have to kind of assume based on what the answer that question us. >> very exciting tonight 07:00pm tipoff time again. so it's going to be a late win was for us anyway. >> we'll be watching ball, but don't know. goes to bed was set at 7 o'clock.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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>> 6.54. is the time and you will soon need a reservation to visit one of the most popular spots in hawaii starting on may 12th out of state residents. all of us diamond head state park are going to have to make a reservation. before we go. the landmark obviously one of the big draws there on the island of oahu. it's one of the state's most visited spots known for obviously stunning views. once you get up, there just a sample of it. that scorching asked state land.
6:55 am
say that bookings will open up tomorrow. it will be available 2 weeks ahead of visits. so it's kind of like a 72 lead. so far out, there's going to be a 3rd state park in hawaii that will require reservations to. and we'll have more on that coming up. never been. i mean, at the a lot like the rim all the time now, of course, you and i apparently it's a big yeah. yeah. popular draw. now you got to make reservations. >> demand just too high. all right. what about this? puerto rican singer? bad bunny is entering sony's universe of marvel james, do you like this well, i don't know much about it. not a lot of people do. it's one of the more obscure characters, but if he gets this role and make it will be the first latino actor to headline a live action. inspired movie. basically what this alert those old, right? that's not a new character. well, it's been around since the early terrorism wrestler. and what's interesting member,
6:56 am
the mask with jim carrey, of course. yeah, put the mask on. you get power. yeah. well, this is the same thing. he's this mask was handed down from his father to him and a coward that carries powers with and so it's going to kind of you. he has strong ties to spider man, who knows if the has ties to spiderman. they fought each other once. did they? almost to spider-man mask. how we would go we'll talk more about that as it comes out. but anyway, bad bunny is making that leap from. you're going to see it from singing to acting. was in what, f 9, right? i think it was in fast and furious. 9. he's with a brad pitt in that new movie. what brad pitt's got. coming up. like speed train or something like that is it is how i i don't know looks great 6.56. be right back. coming up, no more cars in drive in golden gate park. we'll tell you about that in a live report. plus. >> the east bay transit rider union wants to bring masks back. so there no mask nationwide. and now people say no, we want to wear a mask when riding and there's still
6:57 am
a lot of questions about a baby's kidnapping in san jose. will tell you what we know in a live report. the doctor will be in to see you shortly. ♪ hi.
6:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. 7th inning
7:00 am
stretch and yeah, a bridge series is going on with warriors tonight years and also your scholars going today, get the spirit going and we'll have much more on that throughout the morning. but first, want to get a check of weather and traffic so good afternoon today. and what about tonight for baseball fans out at the oracle park? you're looking pretty good jacket where the staff, but you've got the clear skies out there so that sunshine hit you on the certain side of the stands anyways. things are going to be all right. but when the sun goes down, things are going to start to get pretty chilly. right now. the sun is coming up. temperatures will warm because of that. but we are off to a cold start still under a freeze warning and frost advisory in the lighter blue up in the northern end of the bay area lake and mendocino counties through 09:00am this morning temperatures that they're falling into the low 30's and just one look at our current temperatures map shows you that we do have some upper 30's right now in petaluma at 37 degrees. santa rosa, you just left the 30's. now you're back up to 40 kelsey bill at 36 right now, though, definitely a lot more moderate right along the


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