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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 27, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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following developing news tonight. a federal judge is expected to decide on whether the oakland police department's 20 plus year federal oversight will
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continue or end. the department was placed under federal oversight starting in 2003 pending compliance with 52 specific reforms. >> that were negotiated in a settlement agreement, including concerning racial profiling and reporting practices about the use of force. a federal judge is deciding whether or not the oakland police department is in compliance with all of those tasks that were negotiated speaking just about a half-hour ago come police chief leronne armstrong called today's decision a milestone. well, the idea that this police department past put itself in a place where we can have conversations about sustainability and potentially demonstrating to the public that we serve, that this is the most progressive police department in the country. we await the judge's orders, but i'm optimistic that we are proven to the public that we have reformed. civil rights attorney john burris help to lead the process of this federal oversight. and he joins us now live with more on
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what we can expect from the judge. john, thank you for joining us. of course, you've been involved with this. >> from the beginning and we're understanding that you are among those who are now saying maybe it is time for this federal oversight to be in winding down. just characterize how you feel about things right now. >> well, i'm i i think that you well, we have reached a milestone in a long, winding road to get to this point. many stops and starts. so i think now that with the exception of one task, the department is in compliance, that doesn't then mean outside of having oversight. that oversight will last during the cold sustainability period which last for one year. the court did not start that today. the court still maintain that this taft partially compliant with. i agree that. that portion was in compliance. but we also believe that because there were 50 others didn't deaths that were in compliance. i was
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ok to start the compliance period. the court didn't say that the court they will wait. he issue an order and i'm certain that he will indicated one-year period will start and that the and one other tasks have to get in the judge basically says is that we're going to maintain the oversight with the monitor coming in. would not be as reason it has been. but every 4 months on every 3 months he wants to report. and when the court has been have to come back to the court and see sustainability is blasting very, very important. want to be sure that whatever we've done in the past age done and that the racial profiling issues not resurface, nor the binding on the brutality that represent open befo%e is done and equally important is the consistency of discipline within department. it's very important. might not think that care about this. but
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good. what i care about what i want to make sure that black options were carry within the department and where that had to be done with the consistency of discipline. that is a task that is not completed yet. but is one that i think will get done within the next 6 months is part of the sustainability period. so on balance, a lot of progress have been a real pleased about the progress that is not over. and i'm cautiously optimistic that the party will sustain itself you're in sustainability. pierre, john, talk about the. >> police department today versus how it was back in the late 90's and early 2, thousands when we have the right or case and so on. for those of up for those people who worked here at the time or maybe don't remember because it was a while ago, 20 plus years ago. how has the deparoment changed? >> yeah. when i started this jim shannon back in 2000, it was really the culmination of conduct that have been occurring when previous 10 news. and so we've seen a lot during that period. a lot of
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beatings when the drugs, perjury, name of assault, all kinds of very negative activities. but much of that does not occur. now and started. i said that we've had other on the other scandals that have taken place. just been namely church cases of assault and lady. we're kind of cases that we've had to deal with a long way. but we do not have the and we used to have. we don't have as many people being stopped. they used to being without probable cause, concerted effort to stop the not have that's not done yet because to me, that's one of the most important part of citizenship is not to be stopped just and search. you have your body search and taken into custody for a crime he did not commit or to engage in conduct that placed them initiate. i don't like it out of 2. those were cleared issue
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that took place. then it's not likely they will take place now. but just because of the checks and balances and people asking questions about what do you stop that person? why did you do 1, a push to get it when it going to solve that and now they are. we have to maintain the records, the cover those kind of things. so it's a completely different apartment or not says none of the options were around. you know, years ago here now for this department has changed over in terms professionalism in terms leadership and all that important present chief himself a relatively normal officer when i started this case. now he is the chief. you've been raised and trained on the innocent. and that's what's important on many off. no, nothing. i was before don't know they're being trained on now. so that's very, very important. so i think the future can be bright. but i think given the fact that, you know, leadership changes in the prom. you have to make sure the new leadership is also committed to the changes that
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have been made real quick. i want to ask you one question because we are out of you did express confidence in the current chief leronne. >> armstrong, is an oakland native and certainly is very concerned about these issues, the interim period that you're talking about, you know, clinton spent upwards of 30 million dollars on the federal appointed monitor. will warshaw continue to be that monitor or just the court now take over that responsibility. >> one, the court has always been involved, but the actual monitoring been done by the monitor were shot and that will continue. it's just a reduced investment of time. but before he did so my weekly monthly that would not to place would only be every 3 or 4 months and is on for certain tasks. challenging task, of course. but but the breath of the work has been reduced. and so i'm certain of police department is happy about that. but it still will on court. basically cent. i want
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this these task to stay in compliance. if you don't stand compliant, we will not get off of of the by him or by the in the month. all is not free ride. and you know, not what this means. you got different task front of you and you have before john burris. >> active in this whole process from the beginning. thank you so much for your time this evening. thank you. >> all right. we're going to take another trip to chase center. the worriers looking to close out their series against the nuggets and move on in the nba playoffs. a live report from jason dumas coming up.
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>> lawmakers on capitol hill are weighing in on billionaire elan musk decision to buy the social media company. twitter. some republicans say they're actually celebrated the must purchase of twitter. tennessee senator bill haggerty claims until now twitter and other big tech companies tried silencing conservative voices. >> the vast majority of the content that's pulled out this conservative speech. they pulled out all of my speaking engagements at cpac. recent was talking about national security. >> musk says protecting free speech on the influential platform is his primary reason for making his 44 billion dollar offer. but not everyone is excited about his plans. i to shake my head when i see
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these billionaires who continue to play games with our economy. i think it's basically to short the trust that we have in each other. >> democrats say they are currently working with republicans on new legislation that could regulate the power of social media giants. >> and tracking gusty winds for your bay area forecast tonight, wind advisories going into effect for the highest peaks. details in my final forecast after the br
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>> and our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look from a bouncing camera on the top of mount tam up. i am a breezy. you said it was windy and there's more proof of it. yeah, exactly. ken and pam are going to see gusts tonight, far north bay mountains and east bay hills, 60 miles per hour or less already tracking breezy winds out there right now, not just along the bay area coastline, but even in our innermost valleys in the north bay with fairfield seeing 22 miles per hour, sustained winds, most of our valleys overnight, 30 to 40 miles per hour. wind speeds but the highest over the north bay mountains and east bay hills, 60 miles per hour or less through 11 o'clock thursday morning. so temperatures out there right now on the cooler side. thanks to that cool sea ereeze influence with pacifica and half moon bay. barely in the low 50's san jose. 62 degrees with concord and santa rosa. 67 degrees. thanks to those
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breezy southerly winds warming you up into the 70's today. so near average temperatures for you. but overnight lows tonight low to mid and upper 40's and we are going to notice temperatures a few degrees below average for your thursday afternoon, downtown san francisco in the low 60's oakland, 64 degrees with concord and livermore at 68 degrees of peace as our vallejo and avato in san jose mid 60's for your thursday afternoon highs. but then we're warming up very nicely with calmer winds speeds just in time for the weekend, starting friday through sunday. temperatures in the mid 70's for warmest inland valleys and mid 60's returning along the coast. but we're going to see temperatures cool down more winds, then rain on monday as the storm tries to make its way into the bay area. unfortunately, no rain to start out the month of may. back to you, ken and pam. >> thank brees is starting now east bay mud. customers must start to conserve water or they could be fined. people are being asked to reduce water consumption by 10%. the east bay mud board also put a
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limit of just over 1600 gallons of water per household per day. if you go over that amount, you'll be fined based on how much water you use. a spokesperson for east bay mud says the board stopped short of raising prices to help pay for extra water supplies. but that idea will be revisited. next month. florida. >> fish and wildlife says not one, but 2 panthers were spotted this month. >> this sighting happened just outside of tampa where a homeowner captured this on their security camera, fish and wildlife in florida say a different cancer was hit and killed by a vehicle nearby. it was the 11th panthers similar to our mountain lions to die that way in florida this year. then this panther was spotted the very next day. >> i was really surprised because i was hearing about all this movement about the big push where you live. and i never expected to come here. so that's pretty crazy exciting to see. >> experts experts say the passer population in florida is growing, which is causing
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the animals to roam north of their area and find new territory. there are also affected by development. it's infringing on their habitat. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> jason dumas here with your sports report. i am in chase center, but kick me off the floor. i am up top at delo catena lounge. nice up here. people enjoying their food and feel like i need a raise of. i want to eat up here and enjoy a warriors here. but to the game get this is the this announce his starting lineup and they are getting that death lineup. ptsd is the newest moniker, jordan poole, steph curry, klay thompson, draymond green and andrew wiggins. they will make this start tonight. they are a plus. 32 in 26 minutes in this
6:49 pm
series, they have been a really potent lineup. that means come on. looney has been relegated. >> to the bench, not the first time he's been relegated to the bench and i wouldn't call it a demotion is just as other lineup has been playing so well in stephens, no longer on a minutes restriction. so it just makes sense. step re enters the starting lineup as the warriors look to eliminate the denver nuggets in advance to the second round. now, you would think in an elimination game it would kind of be a must win. there could be some sense of urgency and there has been a sense of urgency with the players. but steve kerr was asked, is this a must-win it steve kerr gave an answer that. hey, it surprise me. >> most when is when you're facing elimination. so that's hence the so players, you know, players are are going to. have their own sense of urgency. obviously everybody
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wants to when the game tonight close the series and it would be great to do that. but 7 game series. so. the plan. >> all right. one quick game. no, andre iguodala. he is out for game 5 tonight. he's listed as a left cervical disc injury. that's a neck injury. remember, he missed a couple of games back. the cause of that neck injury. he'll be reevaluated for just a neck injury next wednesday. so he will miss the end of this series. and if the warriors are playing a game one on sunday or tuesday, he will likely miss that game as well. so steve kerr seemed a little concerned. obviously they were bought back in dollar to play in these playoff game. so hopefully that neck gets healed and he can get back on the court sooner rather than later. now in other news, this mile up the street, we have a pretty big game at oracle park. the giants hosting the
6:51 pm
oakland a's in the bay bridge series. guess what, oakland? they're up early one. nothing. they lost 8 to 2 last night on the boat for this hall blackburn on the bump for the giants is sam law. we will have live coverage from oracle park tonight as well as live coverage from chase center tonight. only station in the bay area doing that. that's your chronic or sports team proud of all of our work. but for now, we're just a couple minutes away from tipoff here at chase center. everyone around me is eating and drinking making me a little jealous. let me get to my see him. catch the action will have another report at 8.45. during the sport's black at kron. 4 news at 8. but for now, that's all i have chase center. i'm jason dumas, back to you guys. yeah, he's at the game and he's love with orders of the world. how this wedding marked a first for the south pole and why the couple picks
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. and that's exactly - 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> go about >> spectacular image. their history being made master a
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nasa astronaut and stanford grad jessica watkins. it's on our way to the international space station. she will be the first black woman to work on the space station. space x launched the astronauts in the early morning hours from kennedy space station in florida. this is also the first nasa crew comprised equally of men and women. the crew will spend 5 months in space. spacex has now launched 5 crews for nasa and 2 private trips in just less than 2 years. and there's also history made here on earth in antarctica. >> the continent has now seen its first wedding. 2 sailors tied the knot. and even carpenter from england were married this past sunday on board their polar research ship to says, sir david attenborough. they are the first same couple to do so. and an arctic. tara towed to
6:56 pm
territory. the pair planned to hold reception at the rough research station. it is the largest british research facility in antartica. >> high school student took a creative approach to putting her passion into her prom dress. take a look at hailie scott, a senior at prairie grove high school in arkansas. she is a lover of art. very clever and the harry potter series and she made dress out of 2 of its books. haley says the idea came from being a fan and finding comfort in the series. >> whenever my parents got divorced, that was my main escape and comfort was sir harry potter. >> and i thought, well, this has to be magical. >> how comfortable it is. hailey and her mom made the dress in 4 days. she says she plans to use it in the future to inspire others, to be creative and to encourage people to wear wearable art. >> and to recycle, very nice. tonight's powerball jackpot is now up to 454 million dollars with no one winning the top
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