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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  April 28, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and we are back at 4, 30 and at the half hour, let's get a check of that weather out there. i noticed on the drive in rain, it was a little breezy on the bay bridge. i had to hold on to
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that car move i did, too. and i was like i need to slow it down and not draw so headed to work. >> because you are going to encounter some wind gusts out there certainly across the bay area. we are seeing higher winds, no rain in the forecast, though. that's the good news and much drier conditions. a live look outside right now at the east bay hills. you can see clear skies. so a very nice morning. visibility not going to stop you again. full visibility across the bay area and it's hope supposed to stay that way into the weekend as we continue to warm up over the next few days. radar shows a quiet morning, a few clouds, but no low ranging clouds. the air current temperatures outside right now in the south bay mid to upper 40's in the east bay 50's here. alameda oakland, 50, then up in the north bay, napa petaluma mid to low 40's. we're tracking your seven-day forecast. you can make plans for james. we'll send it over to you. all right. good enough. and a quick check of the bridge is not much going on out there. so it's a pretty easy ride. >> you're looking at live conditions here. westbound 80. this is our bay bridge toll
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plaza camera. once you get on the span, it's equally as open. so you're making good time into san francisco. let's jump down to the san mateo bridge where there is a wind advisory in issued by the chp earlier this morning. so just make sure you be extra careful. look out for those wind gustsm but otherwise traffic on the bridge moving just fine here. west end and eastbound on the interstate 5.80, our 90 to 5.80. is our next stop here. the richmond, sandra fell bridge where you're westbound ride those headlights moving. well, no problems reported heading from richmond out towards the north bay. if you're in marin county and beginning your commute down towards san francisco on southbound 1 one, you're looking good across the golden gate bridge. that's our final stop for you this morning. as you can see, there's no traffic on the span so you'll make pretty good time. more weather and traffic check-in a bit. let's get back to the news now and we'll head to the east bay were in oakland. businesses worried about its employees safety after that business was broken into for a 3rd time. now it's happening at the got juice shop just off macarthur boulevard. proper
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theresa takes a closer look at what's happening. >> during the video sent >> with the boarding that's a brandon mccoy showing us the latest damage done to got jews. a local hangout open by mccoy and his high school friend terrell. this is not the first, but the 3rd time their shop has been broken into in the last year. >> we're oakland, natives. we want to open schools for 2 products of this place. so we don't want to believe that it's coming from within the community because we knew most the people, some of these sort of stuff. >> it says if bewildering because you don't know where we're coming from. >> mccoy says that after the first break in, they beefed up security after the second time they put in a reinforced door. so that is the time of multiple without multiple times to get in. >> and when that didn't work. through the window. they climb through the window and it was blood. we have young women
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working there, young man and my concern for them outside of their safety because they're opening and closing. >> he says that he hopes by sharing their story, perhaps it will turn their luck around and prevent future break-ins. we are in a corporate entity if it seems like we're our local business we feel that. >> like anything that happens around here, we really feel that this it hurts. it hurts me that we don't have a speck. palin want this to be on the go into places door to cost x amount of money i get is this is a lack both owners have reached out to the oakland police department that want to hope for the best. >> to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> in the south bay, san jose officials say that early jail release policies are leading to a spike in crime. police are citing data the violent crimes including rape and robbery and homicide. they all went up more than 10% from 2020 to 2021. and 2022 may be on track for those rates to be even higher. mayor sam
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liccardo and others partially blamed the pandemic driven emergency bail orders which caused nearly a 3rd of santa clara county jail population to be released. san jose police data shows that the same 30 people have been re arrested at least 10 times within a year. however, justice advocates say that there's no correlation and that those 30 people were arrested for nonviolent offenses. they say that doesn't support the argument that the release policies of increased violent crime. in the north bay, the sonoma county sheriff's office says they received a report tuesday about a suspected bomb threat at a safeway in guerneville. the swat team responded to the store which is located on highway one 16. they didn't find anything. but investigators now say it appears that this was a swatting call, which means a false report is made of an emergency law enforcement detectives are looking into who made that call. anyone found swatting in california could be charged with a felony. don't forget and be given up to a year in prison.
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in san francisco, there's an initiative launching to try and decrease crime in the city sunset district. it's called the sunset safety network. and leaders say the goal of it is to decrease crime targeting asian on businesses in the area. they're going to do that by coordinating and expanding public safety programs. there. businesses in the area, some of which have been burglarize multiple times support the initiative. we want our employees to feel safe. we want everybody to feel safe. this is a community store. so >> we want people to be able to walk in and shop freely without having a be worried about any robberies or incidents happening in the community. >> yeah, the network is part of 5 new public safety programs for the district including elderly senior escort services and free installation of ring cameras for senior homeowners. across the bay in oakland. they're working on a new project to enhance pedestrian safety along international boulevard. it's a 9.3 million dollars effort called clean california project. and it's going to bring lighting along with
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pedestrian paths to international boulevard, 205 pedestrians, street lights will be installed from 45th avenue. 200 and 7th avenue. officials say these lights are hopefully going to keep people safer. community get safe, secure public lighting. >> yes, some residents are concerned that the new lighting won't be enough, though, to deter crime in the area. we'll see what impact it has. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters and voters in the largest city in the bay are going to have to pick a new mayor in june. >> the candidates are facing off in a debate at the sep center last night. fact, kron four's justin campbell takes a closer look at what happened. >> you have opinions on police reform. these are the people that are going to do that for you. san jose city clerk tony tabor is calling the city's mayoral election in june. the most important election, a vote that she says will affect people's daily life. but she says the voter turnout is expected to be low. people don't really get excited to
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vote in the local elections. tabor says in 2018 only 41% of san jose residents turned out for the mayoral election to 41% of the people chose the mayor for a city of a million people. so we really encourage people to let their voice be heard. she says the city has seen a much higher voter turnout. 73% of san jose registered voters turned out for the last presidential election in november 2020, i would like to see 70%. at least i'd like 100%. honestly. i want everybody to vote reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> well, a new park officially open in san francisco yesterday at 4 and a half acres in size. francisco park is now the largest park to open in the city of nearly 40 years. the park features panoramic views community gardens. they even have a fenced-in dog run there, too. it's built on the former site of the staff just a reservoir which had been fenced off and a new since 1940, san francisco mayor london breed was on hand to commemorate the
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opening. >> san francisco is so fortunate and we're fortunate because we take a reservoir and other things that were made. to not be assess abor available to the public and we create something magical and beautiful. that brings people together. >> i heard the call. the park also features a sustainable rain, water catchment system that's expected to save almost 900,000 gallons of water each year. and again, that park is free to the public. so get out there, take in the views and enjoy it. also in san francisco, the chinese culture center and veiled a new wednesday. fact they partner with wells fargo to create this artwork that depicts important but often unrecognized, asian, american and pacific islander community leaders proper snow. apollo gives us a closer look. >> a new home for community heroes. the corner of jackson street and grand avenue in san francisco's chinatown now
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tells the stories of asian american and pacific islander leaders. it's been all journey. it's been a year-long executive director of the chinese culture center, jenny long says the new mural honors 12 hpi community heroes. some who stories might not be as well-known. we reached out to use to having to use nominating we want put stories that haven't been on recognize or shared or cold >> our youth have not learned about it. some 5,000 students made the nominations activists like cynthia choi artists, poets and literary heroes like judy young are featured, decided depiction of the eye hotel, manila town center and reverend norman, far at this is sacred ground with sacred heroes. and that supervisor aaron peskin who represents the area, says the manila town tenant eviction of the 1970's. >> was a real turning point for san francisco, pro tenant movements and march. when the ap i community came of age in
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political activism in san francisco. so knowing that those heroes are being recognized on this sacred ground is profoundly important buddy and on is also featured on the mural. she was the american airlines flight attendant who first alerted the country of the 9.11 terror attacks. sponsors of the following the rise in anti-asian violence. the mural was an important collaboration and san francisco, noelle bellow kron, 4 news. and for your money this morning, gas prices are continuing to slowly drop across the state. in fact, prices are at the lowest. >> we've seen in over a month, but they're still, of course, a lot higher than they were a year ago. napa county has the highest average price per gallon at $5.87. a gallon solano counties. the cheapest at 5.60. santa clara contra costa, alameda and marin counties are all right around 5.71 a gallon. san mateo residents are paying a little more 5.79 on average with sonoma at 5.81. san francisco,
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a gallon of regular gas. there goes for $5.82. a gallon on average. and experts say that maybe as low as they go for a while. aaa says prices are expected to drop much more as the summer travel season now begins to ramp up and demand increases. >> we don't anticipate that these higher gas prices are going to keep most people home this memorial day weekend now. and that's because after 2 years of covid shutdowns and lockdowns and restrictions, people are really feeling confident to get out there and travel again. >> aaa says prices will remain high because of those covid lockdowns in china, too. in addition to the war in ukraine, all of which are putting a squeeze on supply. 4.42. is the time coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. the warriors. >> again getting the win against the nuggets last night in the first round of the nba playoffs. jason, do moss will have the highlights coming up.
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>> we're back at 4.45. strong winds are in the forecast for the bay area for the next several days with gusts getting as high as 30 miles an hour. there's always concerns, of course, for firefighters working to put out wildfires in the state that this could make things worse or could help spread the fire that sparks rappers, rob nesbitt has more now on the efforts to keep that risk down. >> cal fire says that there are currently no major wildfires in california. that
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being said, firefighters say now is a good time to lower the risk of having a wildfire at your home. >> a wildfire in fairfield created this plume of smoke wednesday afternoon. californians may call the warmer months of summer and fall fire but cal fire battalion chief john heggie says that needs to stop. don't have fire seasons anymore. we have a fire year. he says precautions should be taken year round. encouraging homeowners to remove flammable vegetation and make their homes a defensible space is putting up mash in your in your each. you know, closing off. opportunities were hot. amber may be able to get seated in around your structure while cal fire crews focus on larger dry areas. we have multiple controlled burns going through up and down the state. so really we're trying to do our part to reduce the final vegetation. >> but, you know, it takes all it takes is a community-wide effort. so that community includes local fire departments. steve hill with contra costa county fire says the fleet has bern upgraded their with specialized equipment to help fight
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wildfires. wildfire control workers, campus contra costa county to reduce risks by overgrown vegetation. >> fire lanes working to clear evacuations, groups from manpower to go power. goats are eating through dry brush on grizzly peak as well as the terra linda preserve in marin county. >> superintendent, marine county parks, jim jacobs says the more than 100 goats there can access the high terrain that others can't. what's lunch for them is fire prevention for us. >> some of these techniques like raisin just help, you know, mimicking the benefits of a small fires that would occur regularly. battalion chief peggy says the amount of water in the vegetation notice dual moistures are at a high level lowering the risk of a large scale wildfire in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news and the winds always a concern this time of year and they are blowing a bit this morning. let's get the latest on the forecast with good morning. good morning, james. yes, if you
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are leaving your house right now, you are going to encounter some high winds out there. >> and that's supposed to stick around in the bay area, at least until the evening hours. >> so again, when tracker shows us right here for and you can see high gust in oakland, hayward, calmer and the south bay there. but san francisco along the coast up in the south bay and the north bay as well. we're seeing strong winds. so take your time as you're traveling out there, dry conditions we had anticipated potentially seeing some rain into saturday and the start of next week. but it looks like the forecast model show us a dry week ahead, getting a look at your highs for today here. golden gate park sunset district mid to upper 60's ear along the coast. you're looking at mid 50's low 60's along the bayshore 58 in south san francisco, burlingame, you're at 61 along the peninsula, 70 d wn there in mountain view and then low 70's in the south bay in the east bay. 69 union city. 68 in hayward. mariah,
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you're at 67, a little warmer out in concord and danville and san ramon, all in the low 70's for you. there. sonoma and napa mid to low 70's santa rosa put a little bit in the north bay all mid to lower 70's. so we start the weekend and warmer conditions. look at that friday into saturday. 74 76 in the inland areas and then you cool off and then you start to get much warmer around wednesday. looking at 80's. they shores mid 60's, lower 70's as you started to the weekend, but still much warmer than we saw here on this thursday and along the coast. you're dabbling in the low 60's and he pretty much they consistently there for the week ahead. james, back to you. thank you. and so far, so good on the roads as we take a quick check of the bridges here. the bay bridge. >> approach camera here on westbound 80 in oakland shows traffic is building a touch, but you're still traveling at the limit. no slowdown at the toll plaza. no issues on the span other than the wind. so just make sure you keep both hands on the wheel. let's jump farther south. we've got the
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san mateo bridge, you're highway 92 ride looking. all right. again, the volume picking up, but you're still traveling without any problems. again, the high wind advisory issued by the chp still in effect for the san mateo bridge to be careful and also on the altamont pass, too, by the way, on that stretch of 5.80, farther out to the east, the richmond, sandra fell bridge moving along fine westbound 85, 80 the not slowing down whatsoever. so you're traveling at the limit from the east bay out towards the north bay. and if you are in the north bay marin county heading southbound on 1 one in the san francisco, if that's part of your morning ride, looks like you're still moving smoothly. no issues, which is really no surprise here at this early hour a thursday morning, more weather and traffic in a minute. now back to the news and the sports gold state warriors moving on after eliminating the denver nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. steph curry returned to the starting lineup last night. he's been coming off the bench in the first 4 games of the series. he got into the action right away you'll see it here. this three-pointer ups. that gave
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the warriors the early lead in the 2nd quarter. klay thompson has the big 3. so he caught fire. then the game would be tied, though, going into the half. and then in the 4th quarter. >> gp to gary payton with the 3. goes to that, gave the cubs the lead. and then with just over a minute left, it was payton again, giving the warriors a five-point lead dubs going on to win by final one. 0, 2, to 98, draymond green and coach kerr talked bit after the game one, this the smoothest game, but they got the win. >> feels a lot more familiar. then the last 2 years, you know? that's that's what this who we are. as you know, that's why we've had the success that we've you know, we know how to games. we know how to win playoff games and, you know, we put the work in, we trust in each other. and you know, the results show denver was lou said nothing to
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they played really well for 3 quarters. but the point is is nothing. that's what i said to the points is is just a couple of minutes with 2 or 3 stops in a row and a couple buckets. and we're right there. >> tickets for the next round of the playoffs. go on sale today for season ticket holders. tickets go on sale for the general public tomorrow at 02:00pm. and we don't know yet who are planned. >> memphis or minnesota will find out. we'll be right back.
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>> 4.54 is the time and apple is now giving customers the right to repair their own iphones. about time the tech giant. introducing now its new self-service program. they unveiled it yesterday and now starting $49, you can purchase more than 200 parts online, including the tools you need to install them. the program comes after iphone users have been calling for more control in fixing their own damage devices. oftentimes they can do that for cheaper than taking it to the apple store. the right to repair movement is gaining more traction with regulators will see if this will spread to other companies too. meanwhile, some virtual sneakers are going for big bucks online, nike and artifact have launched a line of nft collectors can customize the kicks with something called skin veils
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from different artists and designers. they change the appearance of the sneakers, adding different colors and patterns, even animations to kind of see it. you know, examples of that on the screen, the average price for some of these sneakers. is in the 6 to $10,000 range. but a few of the ultra rare ones apparently are going for 6 figures worth of the syria. if you're into that cryptocurrency, you can't wear the sneakers, of course, virtual, but you can use a snap chat ar filter to see what they would look like on your feet. if those $10,000 sneakers were actually real. something new every day. we'll take a break here at 4.56. coming up in the next hour. >> the warriors advancing to the next round of the playoffs after beating the nuggets last night. we'll have more highlights coming up in the next hour. and bart officials could potentially bring back the mask. mandate for passengers will tell you what that could mean for your daily commute. and 3 people. who were accused of kidnapping a baby in san jose will appear in court today. we'll tell you what prosecutors say. they've
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charged with.
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don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the
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kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning and happy thursday to you and daria. and i'm i don't know if you noticed it. i had a little wind on the bridge. i didn't hear it in my car, but i heard in my house. so there you go. yeah, it's sort really howling out. you'll need to get where he not necessary rain hit that when good morning bring on the wind gust and the house just make sure you're ready for it when you hit the roads. definitely keeping both hands on the steering wheel. >> a live look outside right now at the east bay hills. clear conditions. so that's the good news for a lot of you traveling this morning. radar shows us dry conditions. a few clouds out there, no low clouds to stop your visibility. current temperatures outside right now in the south bay mid to lower 40 san jose fremont hayward. 51 in alameda, oakland, 50 san francisco. 49 up in the north bay here, timber on a model petaluma it's a lower 50's. we're tracking your 7 day forecast and we'll get a look at those winds ou


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