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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 28, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us at 7 o'clock. i'm sorry and i'm james. let's get right to the weather. we've got rain in for john talking about our forecast today with little breezy earlier. and how about now? it is still pretty breezy out there, still telling people to take your time as you're traveling out there, make sure you bring some sort of light jacket. a live look outside at the east bay hills and you can see clear skies. that's what we're anticipating today. and we still have a wind advisory in place for the east bay and north bay hills. that's going to be until 11:00am today and then winds will slowly start to taper off a live look outside right now. pretty quiet, dry conditions for us. and we're anticipating dry skies for the next few days. current temperatures outside right now low 50's in the east bay you're looking at low to mid 40's and in the south bay
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50's. we're going to have your full seven-day forecast coming up and a look at those winds. but for now daryn, james, back to you. thank well, a quick check of the roads this morning. and we've seen this back up here normal back at the bay bridge as we're checking your drive this morning. >> under great conditions, though, as you can see, the sun is up. so though you're waiting to get through the toll plaza, at least you've got some nice weather to enjoy your san mateo bridge ride looking pretty good. 92. once you're past the toll gate, you're moving smoothly across the span. so no problems there getting into the peninsula. and as we jump to the north, we've got our richmond, sandra fell bridge camera that was showing us the right on west bound 5.80. is commuters make their way from the east bay out towards marin county. so far. so good. once you get past the toll gates, but obviously just a little bit of a slowdown at the toll plaza itself. not really the case here at the golden gate bridge. it's been a nice smooth ride all morning long on southbound one. 0, one from marin county and san francisco. you're kind of traveling nice and easily into the city by the bay. >> happening today, the 3 people arrested for the kidnapping of a 3 month-old baby in san jose make their
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first court appearance. the trio facing multiple charges. we've got kron four's will tran standing by san jose following up on the story with us this morning. we'll going to be in court today. >> they will be in court right behind me in several hours from now. maybe by then they will have a lawyer and we will talk to the lawyer and maybe we'll talk to the family members because they're just as confused. it seems like as we are the possible motive behind all of this. let me show you their pictures. they were arrested 2 days ago after an intense manhunt that the san jose police department actually even had to bring in the fbi to help with the man their names. jose for t o he is accused of being the one who walked into the apartment unit and grab baby brandon. there's you see in a row. mer is 43 years old. she was the one who was driving brandon's grandmother around. not exactly sure her motive at this time as well. but she was
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with the grandmother when the grandmother put baby brandon inside the apartment complex and then was just off loading groceries, walking back and forth when according to investigators, walked into the home and grab brandon and then there's all the males son of all. he's also somehow connected to the case. they be rented and he was kidnapped at 01:00pm on monday when he was at the apartment complex located about 2 or 3 miles from my location on the 1000 block of elm street, his grandmother was watching that watching him at the time. we then. but according to investigators, came there with a carrier empty but left with brandon inside the carrier. so they believe this was all orchestrated. it was a misunderstanding. miscommunication, i should say between the chp and the san jose police department that sent that picture out of that minivan that that the san jose police department that they were looking for, it was a nursing home worker that spotted the van about 5 miles
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away from where brandon was kidnapped, called the police. the police arrived to recover them. he is safe. brandon is back with this mother at this particular time. james story, a lot of people wondering the motive we might not find out today, but once this process moves along, that motive should be at least available to the public because the prosecutors we'll have to lay out their case. we are obviously in front of the courthouse. and as soon as all of the players arrive, including the family members as well as the defense attorney, hopefully we will get an interview with them as soon as it back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> 7, 0, 4, the time there are some people who continue to question why an amber alert wasn't issued in this kidnapping case instead of an amber alert. the chp issued an endangered missing advisory. and that's something that law enforcement uses to notify communities of a missing or endangered person when the case doesn't in their mind, meet the criteria of a statewide amber alert the
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founder of the klaas kids foundation. marc klass, though, says that the surveillance video showing baby brandon being taken should have been enough evidence to escalate this case to that of an amber alert. those san jose police say they didn't issue one because they didn't feel they had enough information on a suspect vehicle or a license plate. >> i don't know where the but there was an absolutely enough information just knowing that child had taken and having video on verification of that. >> now the chp did post a picture of a car that they say was possibly used by the kidnappers, but took that image down that they had tweeted at the request of san jose pd. the officers there said they didn't want that information public at that time. >> 7, 0, 5, and another missing person's case. happening today. the oakley police department is now going to announce a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to solving the case of alexis gabe, who disappeared. the 24 year-old last seen on
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january. 26 in antioch and police and searchers have been trying but not finding her for all of this time. so there hoping that maybe the public will give them a break in this case, we should get more details at 11 o'clock this morning about the reward and also about the investigation that will be live streaming on kron on. >> breaking news. moderna is asking the fda to approve their covid vaccine for the little as kids because right now kids younger than 5 can get a shot there. the only group in the u.s. that aren't eligible all eligible for now. so 5 and under, including real little babies and be able to get that moderna shot if they get the fda approval. >> they're hoping they would give the shots coming this summer pfizer is also studying the effects on the youngest kids with covid shots. but they're not being up for consideration yet by the fda. so moderna would be the first one was speaking of covid. we have bart now contemplating may be bringing that mask mandate back. yeah. and the
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question is what do of the board and what do riders think about this? we're following it live this morning with khan fours camila barco morning feel. good morning. you guys together spent a lot of back and forth with the conversation about mask right now. they're optional when people write part. but >> in 3 hours, the board will discuss whether to bring back mask on bart trains and possibly vote on this proposal. rebecca saltzman, bart's board president introduced this idea of bringing back mask on bart trains. she wants to add a mask mandate to bart code of conduct the rule, however, would not apply to people who cannot wear a face covering because of a disability or medical condition or for children ages 2 years or younger. now, if passed, the mask mandate would be in effect until july 18th saltzman sent a letter to 5 bay area counties where bart runs urging them to make a mask a requirement on public transit. now she says mask will protect people when riding buses or trains, especially those who are high risk.
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>> because there are many riders who need to be protected from covid. so folks who have underlying health conditions who are immunocompromised kids under 5 were still not eligible to get vaccinated, which is i know amazing to some people because vaccines have been around so long. but small children are still not eligible. those people really need to be protected in the best protection is that everybody wearing. >> mask. >> now, according to bart's, customer code of conduct riders would be warned are ordered to leave if they violate one of the rules. this would include if someone does not wear a mask on a bart train. now, again, if passable would be in effect until mid july unless the board of directors extend that deadline. now just a few days ago, la made it a requirement for people to wear mask on public transit. the question darya james is well, bart do the same for the bay area will see what happens this morning at 09:00am when board members
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are scheduled to meet to discuss this proposal and are you were talking about writers? i did post a poll on my personal twitter 100 and about 150 people decided to cast their vote. a majority of that 67% say that they would like to see mask on public transportation. >> that's a pretty healthy majority. camila, thank you. we'll see what the board decides 7, 0, 9, right now. and the police department is inching closer towards ending federal oversight in oakland, a federal judge is planning to order and this next week we think in detail when the oakland police can begin their one year probationary period which would end the oversight. the oversight resulted from a class action lawsuit in 2000 where 6 men in west oakland said that they were falsely arrested on drug charges assaulted and then framed by the oakland police. the officers were found not guilty, but there was a civil case and that led to this settlement that required the oakland police department to
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complete 51 tasks to improve their training and discipline of officers and they've completed 50 of those. >> i want to make sure that black options were carry within the department and when that had to be done with the consistency of discipline, that is a task that is not completed yet, but is one that i think will get done within the next 6 months is part of the sustainability period. >> last week, attorneys on both sides involved in the case filed a joint statement saying they're open to starting the one-year transition into the probationary period. >> let's turn our attention now to the golden state warriors. they are moving on as a that win against the denver nuggets, the chase center. so around one down, it's on to round 2 as tess is 99. >> they put them to although it was kind of a i was doubting event. let's get the latest from kron 4 sarah stinson on the game. and then what happens next? i sarah. >> we have a good future ahead of us. now that guess who's
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back? steph is back. i got this little bobblehead here because want not, we're all pumped this morning to hear that. the warriors to lynch to that next step that second step into the nba playoffs. and as daria said, it was a close call. i mean, one of 2 to 98. but everyone was stoked to see step back out there. healthy, healthier than he's been in some time, but that neither team had more than a 10 point lead the whole game. but steph came in towards the end and really just push for it hard like he does and has done so many times and golden state postseasons curry scored 30 points in his return. draymond green had 11 points and 6 assists. klay thompson had 15 points and 9 rebounds after the game. we caught up clay. he said there's a lot of work to be done. they're on track to play like old times explain how nice it is to have stepped back. >> he's our leader, the
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longest tenured player and the pea. and without him. it difficult. so. steph curry is. this one of a kind and will continue to do the spectacular. make it look effortless. >> fans are already looking forward to attending the western conference semifinals. the warriors will play the winner of the minnesota timberwolves series against the memphis grizzlies. the grizzlies eliminated golden state when we played them last year at this time. so if we play them again, it will be quite the rematch. memphis leads 3 to 2 in game 6 will be played friday night in minnesota. so we don't necessarily know when we're going to play who are going to play. but as i said, warrior fans, we don't care. we're just glad we're going on to the next step. people out of their back in motion. just to see our team in good health after 2 years. yeah. i mean, people are excited. so i'm not here on the balcony. i love the propping up san francisco
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and the bobblehead that as they go over to the sports directors jet does jason? and just take was dealing and stuff. ticket holders can get their tickets that's right. and then what general public is it tomorrow? >> that they can get their tickets. >> i think that's tomorrow. those who can afford those tickets good for you. otherwise all of us as james, that she's free. thank you, sarah. all right. we'll take a quick break here at 7.13. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. >> a disturbing story out of richmond. a child abuse victim says that the church she went to should have done more to protect her. we'll have more on her allegations coming up. meanwhile, it's supposed to be windy here in the bay area for the next few days. we'll tell you what cities are doing to try and stop wildfires from starting and spreading.
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>> 7.16 right now and in the weather is hard to capture on tv when because sometimes well, those are blowing. sometimes it's gusting. sometimes it's not rain is got the best view. now, the best indicator. good morning. ran good sometimes it doesn't really back in haha. right now it's doing its job, but it stopped a moment ago. don't trust that. it is incredibly windy outside. we'll show you just how windy it is across the bay area right now. so hey, if you're in the east bay 20 miles per hour, novato 15 miles per hour down there in the south bay. you have a few wind gusts not as strong as were seen in the north bay and east bay hills. you have 2 high wind advisories in place
7:17 am
until 11:00am today. so keep that in mind, drier conditions for us. we were anticipatmng seeing some rain. however, that's not going to happen. thankfully into the weekend. you're going to have dry conditions for you along the coast here. looking at your highs in the low 50's bayshore san bruno mill rate. burlingame, all low 60's for you in terms of your highs, we'll get a little warmer down in san carlos, redwood city, palo alto, all upper 60's, even warmer down here in the south bay, los gatos, cupertino, low 70's for you. there. all right. let's check on the east bay hayward, union city, upper 60's, low 70's oakland, san leandro, berkeley, upper 60's there. the north bay napa 73 today. vacaville 82. so a little warmer than everyone else. santa rosa, about 75. now we talk about that 7 day forecast. first model show. we could potentially see rain in the north bay. now we're showing dry conditions throughout the weekend. even warmer as the week progresses. so in the inland areas, you're looking at the mid 70's for
7:18 am
the weekend. 80 degrees on wednesday hoping that we get there because i like the warmth. they sure we get into our low 70's saturday and sunday and we start to cool off just a bit. staying pretty consistently around tae low 70's upper 60's and then along the coast. 58 today. but look at that mid to lower 60's for the rest of your week. so again, dry conditions, windy conditions for today. and then we start to gradually get warmer as the days go on. darya. james, back to you. let's take a peek at traffic rain and the bay bridge. so stubborn and so heavy today at the approach, as you can see. >> in fact, i wonder if these are same cars that were sent here before when we checked like 20 minutes. you have to so there is definitely a way for you. the toll plaza and making your way through the east bay to the bay bridge has been tough. even the san mateo bridge just got a little heavier. it was looking pretty good rolling at the limit. but now there's plenty of traffic westbound. 92 on the right side. that's the commute direction. the richmond sandra fell is also getting heavier. and so let's take a peek at
7:19 am
that. yeah, it says stop and go, but it is moving million couple lanes there. so takes always a little bit longer when you squeeze down to 2 lanes and then the golden gate bridge, which has been great all morning continues to look good. traffic is flowing easily in this spot commute direction for moran into san francisco. >> for your money this morning, credit card debt is about to get a lot more expensive. and california drivers may not get a break on gas taxes this year. jane king is to blame. she's live at the nasdaq with these are not about to play. aj, what's what's going on? not been news. i know that you want to hear james, the california lawmakers. >> peer unlikely to pause the annual summer increase in the state's gas tax ahead of the may first governor newsom had previously expressed support for helping california motorists experiencing pain at the pump by waiting to implement that 5.6% tax hike that schedule take effect july 1st. >> the tax is used to fund roads and other infrastructure projects. well, the mayor of
7:20 am
jacksonville, florida, calling on tesla ceo and potential new twitter owner lynn mass to relocate the company's headquarters. the florida and florida's chief financial officer and state fire marshal also calling on us to twitter to florida and then in austin, texas area rancher offered to give a loan, must be 100 acres. give it to him to build the new twitter headquarters near there and amazon will lead warehouse workers keep mobile phones with them on the job. the company had briefly lifted a ban on phones at the warehouses during the pandemic. so workers could get emergency alerts and keep in touch with family. this is especially important as a tornado killed 6 amazon workers illinois warehouse in december. but now amazon says they're going to let the workers keep those phones for good and credit card debt is creeping up as consumers face. rising prices almost across the board. on top of that, the federal reserve's next interest rate hike which will probably happen next week. only make it more expensive to carry a balance that consumers paid off a record. 83 billion in credit card during the pandemic helped by stimulus checks and lockdowns. but
7:21 am
those belts are back up again as higher prices for gas, groceries, housing, all of adding up live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king back to james. all right, jane, thank you very much. >> time now 7.20, and former u.s. marine trevor reed who was imprisoned in russia in 2019 is finally back with his family in the u.s.. yeah. his freedom, though, came in exchange for the release of a convicted russian drug offender, a drug dealer who was serving time here in the u.s. so. >> he now goes back to washington. we've got the latest now on. >> trevor reed is now back on american soil arriving this morning, a satisfying ending to an ordeal, an answer to the read families, prayer. it's going to really hit us when we get to put our arms around him. the call to the parents of trevor reed came in at 04:00am wednesday morning. moment the call. they've been waiting nearly 3 years to receive. it's not going to hit us until we see him. i mean,
7:22 am
we're we're excited. we know he's a little played their son. the marine would be coming home after being detained for 985 days in a russian yesterday escorted by 2 armed russian guards out of captivity and onto a plane, part of a prisoner swap between the u.s. and russian governments. that also saw the release of konstantin yaroshenko from an american prison. your convicted of trafficking cocaine was 12 years into a 20 year sentence in the u.s. details of how the prisoner swap came to be not yet been released. but president biden says it was months in the making. it's a huge today that speaks to president biden's commitment to bring home americans held hostage. 3 family thanked the president for greenlighting the switch adding it probably saved trevor's life. >> trevor's health in russia was deteriorating. it's a perfect mother's day. better a lot better. but almost as good as the day he was coming up on
7:23 am
the kron 4 morning news. san jose residents are going to be voting for a new mayor this summer. but the turnout? >> maybe pretty low. tell you why.
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at great prices for the season. stop by lowe's now, for your happiest spring. ukraine is going to have a long-term effect on the global economy. the world bank says >> that the war is going to result in high prices for commodities such as food and gas and other types of energy. the bank predicts these levels
7:26 am
are going to remain high through 2024, which could stall economic growth and increased inflation. economists say that this will result in the biggest price hike worldwide since the 1970's. >> well, gas prices are slowly dropping across california. they're the lowest we've seen in a month. however, they are still quite a bit higher than they were one year ago. just to keep it in perspective, here's what the latest average gas prices around the bay santa rose about 5.81 a gallon. san francisco, a penny cheaper 5.80, san jose 5.70, in oakland just about their 5.71. so everybody hovering at those levels. experts say this may be as low as they drop, though, for a little while because aaa is expecting the summer travel season to pick things are right back up again. >> we don't anticipate that these higher gas prices are going to keep most people home this memorial day weekend now. and that's because after 2 years of covid shutdowns and lockdowns and restrictions, people are really feeling confident to get out there and travel again.
7:27 am
>> aaa says prices are obviously still high because of what's going on with china and the pandemic lockdowns there in the war in ukraine. all of that putting pressure on global supplies. >> up next on the kron, 4 morning news and east bay juice bar keeps getting hit by burglars. what they're trying to do to prevent this from happening again. 7.29 and
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7:29 am
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we're talking about the weather being windy today, which seems to be scrubbing out the clouds. it good zip up the jacket as you head out. good morning. ran good morning. i regret not bring my jacket is good. yeah. bush's behind you blowing back and forth. not so much for this image, but you can see just how clear the skies are. >> and we do have gusty conditions, especially along the altamonte pass. if you're traveling there right now, be mindful of that. also the east bay and north bay hills, dry and warm conditions into tomorrow and the weekend. current temperatures outside right now with those wind gust. pretty chilly and cool out there. south bay low 50's. 49 down there. fremont east bay. 51 oakland-alameda north bay petaluma. 45 santa rosa? 41 so definitely bring the jacket as you're planning your week ahead. we have a look at your seven-day forecast and those just how high are they getting? we'll have that coming up in a minute. are you dense back to you? >> thank you very much. rain. a quick check of the bridges. it's the normal, you know, stop and go at the bay bridge toll plaza. nothing out of the
7:31 am
ordinary. just checking no accident on the span. so once you get on the bridge, you're traveling as usual into san francisco. we have the san mateo bridge camera set up for you here to gauging the ride on highway 92. the heavier side, the right hand side, as you can see that your commute direction westbound heading out toward the peninsula. and yeah, it's slow, but it's the usual slow there on the spot. nothing out of the ordinary to the north. the richmond, sandra fell bridge. also seeing a bit of a backup here at the toll gates. but once you're on the span, you're making good time westbound on 5.80, into marion county. and for those of a our viewers in marin county or elsewhere in the north bay looking to hop on the one on one. where is everybody? yeah, it's actually just some of the damage that they've been dealing here with. these recent burglary.
7:32 am
after the first time they get hit, they beefed up security. then after the second time they bought a reinforced door. but look at what happened. they broke in through the window. >> so i guess that i multiple without multiple times to get in and when that didn't work. through the window. they climb through the window and it was. we have young women working their young man and my concern for them outside of me is their safety because they're opening and closing. >> the owner says they have reached out to the police about this and he realizes that they're busy with other crimes, that it might be more serious to, you know, people's health and safety. but, you know, they consider this very serious the safety of their employees. so they're definitely going to be looking at how they can improve their security. it's 7.32 and there's a new development in the death of mario gonzalez. a second independent autopsy says the cause of death is restraint. us 60, a shunt and not drugs. the 26 year-old
7:33 am
died a year ago this month after 3 police officers in alameda put their body weight on him for more than 5 minutes while they were attempting to take him into custody. this second autopsy was ordered by the attorneys representing gonzales, a son in a federal lawsuit against the city of alameda and the results contradict the report from the alameda county coroner which ruled the gonzalez died from methamphetamine in his system combined with the stress of being restrained. the district attorney announced earlier this month that none of the officers involved is going to face a criminal charge. >> 7.33 the time in the east bay, a pastor in contra costa county now is accused of sexually abusing a child. and now the victim says that the church should have done more to protect her comforts. justine waldman has the story. >> the complaint by jane doe says she was betrayed by her trusted pastor and spiritual advisor. pastor alvin bernstein from bethlehem missionary baptist church of richmond that the pastor hired
7:34 am
known offender jesse armstrong to lead the choir of which the victim was a member. the suit claims armstrong had 2 prior convictions and the victim's attorney claims even a minimal background checks would have revealed. armstrong was a convicted child molester of which either the past or neglected to do or ignored the abuse allegedly went on for 4 months from december 2011 to april 2012 at the church after choir practice at church events between classes at the victim school in his car and at hotels, the victim was 14 years old. and the lawsuit alleges the pastor should have known how vulnerable children are to assault by mentors. and the pastor did not protect or warned her of the dangers or of her accused abusers past messages for pastor bernstein at the church have not been returned. i'm justine waldman, kron. 4 news. >> in san francisco, there's
7:35 am
an initiative launched to try and decrease crime in the city sunset district. it's called the sunset safety network and leaders say the goal of this network is to decrease crime that's been targeting asian owned businesses. and we're going to do this by coordinating and expanding public safety programs. there. businesses in the area, some of which have been burglarize multiple times say they are in support of this effort. >> we want our employees to feel safe. we want everybody to feel safe. this is a community store. so we want people to be able to walk in and shop freely without having a be worried about any robberies or incidents happening in the community. now, the network is part of 5 new public safety programs for that district. >> including an elderly senior escort service and free installation of ring cameras for senior homeowners. >> oakland is working on enhancing pedestrian safety along international boulevard by bringing the lights to it. it's a night with 3 million dollar project called clean california. that would bring within 205 street lights actually to be exact along
7:36 am
this way from 45th avenue, 200th avenue and city officials are hoping it works. >> it's overdue that this community get safe, secure public lighting. >> some residents are worried that the lighting is not going to be enough to deter crime in the area will have to wait and see. this is all they're doing for now. >> 7.36 in kron 4 your local election headquarters and voters in the biggest city in the bay area are going to pick a new mayor. yeah, we're talking about san jose and candidates. they're faced off in a debate at the sep center last night and kron four's justin campbell was there. >> you have opinions on police reform. >> these are the people that are going to do that for you. san jose city clerk tony tabor is calling the city's mayoral election in june. the most important election, a vote that she says will affect people's daily life. but she says the voter turnout is expected to be low. people don't really get excited to vote in the local elections. tabor says in 2018 only 41% of
7:37 am
san jose residents turned out for the mayoral election to 41% of the people chose the mayor for a city of a million people. so we really encourage people to let their voice be heard. she says the city has seen a much higher voter turnout. 73 1% of san jose registered voters turned out for the last presidential election in november 2020. i would like to see 70%. at least i'd like 100%. honestly. i want everybody to vote reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> 7.37 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news attorneys in california say the governor gavin newsom's office got in the way of their lawsuit. that's why they resigned. now, the governor says that's not true, but we'll take a closer look at the story. plus, the oakland a's tying up the bay bridge series. we're going to show you the highlights coming up in a minute. and after the break, the much anticipated nfl draft starts today in las vegas. we'll tell you what we vegas. we'll tell you what we might expect.
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to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. (music throughout) now with speeds up to 5-gigs. >> giants and a's are split. they check again. yeah, they did. which is how you want to write when you have a fan base that's divided here in the bay. >> but yeah, game at a windy oracle park last night. here's the action. first batter at the plate. chad pender sending this one deep to left has taken the early one. nothing lead >> and would ride that lead
7:41 am
all the way to the end because you see the final score. still one, nothing at the end of the night of the bets were not on fire. that's the end of before that. it was like 8 to want it. but hey, a win is a win. and so here both teams share in a in a victorian a victory with their fans will finish the bay bridge series when they mtet up again in oakland. that will be in august 7.41. right now on more sports today is the nfl draft kicking off in las vegas and there are >> a bunch of people. thousands of people in vegas ready for this event. yeah, it's big every it starts tonight. runs through saturday. >> neither the raiders know the forty-niners have picks in the first round at that could change as we know yet. few people that want to go or they are expected to go. well, deebo wants to go. so what are they going to do there? it may be trade. you know, the trade there. mean, they traded last year to work their way up in and get trey lance. the forty-niners did. so who knows? maybe there could be some sort of last minute movement of players that would the niners or the raiders if
7:42 am
they decide to something similar, a higher pick in the draft. >> i admit sometimes i watch it a little bit. kind of like the oscars, like i like to what everyone is wearing. the applause. joy families. yeah. that's i think app 7.41. on the right back. ♪ clamp it, grab it, ♪ ♪ almond shake it, shake it, ♪
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>> 7.44 and strong winds are happening and they're expected for the next several days around the bay. and that's creating a concern for. >> firefighters across the state cal fire is assuring the public. there are no major wildfires burning right now in california. but cal local fire departments are taking this as a time to lower the risk. >> we have multiple controlled burns going through up and down the state. so really we're trying to do our part to reduce the final vegetation. but, you know, it takes all it takes is a community-wide effort by >> overgrown vegetation fire lanes, working to clear evacuations groups. >> there is some good news because they're saying that the amount of water that is in our vegetation is actually at a high level which lowers the potential if a fire breaks out, you know that that feels going to go up because this moist makes all the grass on the hills, that much juice
7:46 am
year. show stay all the good and watching him in that right? right. and the goats like it to. and we like that. the wind not so much. so that's always a risk. so rain has got more on when exactly everybody likes a nice fed. to be hungry out there. >> we're talking about those high winds. you see it here in san francisco are looking at those bush's going back and forth. that's been the story for most of the day. but really the east bay and the north bay hills, that's where you're seeing a lot of that when we have a high wind advisory until 11:00am in those areas. so keep that in mind. we're also looking at our radar clear skies for the day. that's the good news. we were early early it. we were anticipating some rain. we're looking at saturday to monday in the north bay. however, those new models came out and there's no rain in the forecast. all right. let's get a look at your highs. you're traveling along the coast here. flow 50's along bayshore. so burlingame millbrae san bruno, all mid 50's upper 60's. we start to warm up as we go down towards the south bay, low 70's there,
7:47 am
san jose campbell saratoga. look at that. all mid to lower 70's over in the east bay. 69 out of dublin pleasanton. you're at 72 walnut creek, 74 conquer. and then upper 60's in oakland, richmond, that area napa you're looking at 73 benicia mid 70's. and then here san rafale santa rosa. all mid to lower 70's. now we talked about the rain not going to see it. thankfully, if you want to get some things done outside outdoors, you might have to do a little light watering if you were anticipating getting some of your plants wet is it's not going to happen in this forecast. over the weekend. we start to warm up a bit. look at that into the weekend. we're in the mid 70's there. and then wednesday looks like the warmest day of the week for us, especially in our inland areas and 80 while the bayshore you're in the low 70's and then you start to taper off just a bit consistently in the upper 60's low 70's and then along the coast, you warm up and you stay consistently in the low 60's.
7:48 am
>> all right. let's look at our travel right now. >> in the skies, we just got a look. and everything is all the time this morning, which is a lot to say with those high wind gusts, not slowing us down one bit. they will take on the skies. but james and darya. how are the roads looking out there? well, let's take a peek at our problem child, which has been the bay bridge. >> a lot of people want to take it to work at the same time as the problem every day. but you know what? actually, they're inching along faster than they by a long shot within the last half hour meeting. i think it's moving before they can work. so right is a little bit better. more improved than it was the last time we checked it, least san mateo bridge. those still pretty trafficking. others in stop and go. but it is moving pretty well. as you can see, lots of sunshine hold on to the wheel because we're talking about the wind. let's check the richmond center fell bridge. this was also pretty busy. and as you can see, it's even more busy now because of the 2 lanes to the right word. the only ones now spreading on the left. as you can see, it's get more traffic at the golden gate bridge as well. but at
7:49 am
least they're still running at the limit until they hit the toll plaza. >> 7.48 is the time talk about a story coming out of sacramento. now we're learning more about the departure of 2 california civil rights attorneys who claim that governor newsom's office interfered in a lawsuit that they were prosecuting on behalf of the state involving the popular video game company. activision. that's the company behind the popular video games. tony hawk's pro skater whole bunch college duty is another one. >> kron four's. ashley zavala has more. >> we filed this open records request after the state's top 2 attorneys for the department of fair employment and housing were either fired or resigned. those attorneys were representing the state in the lawsuit against the popular video game company that is until they say governor newsom's office got in the way. assistant chief counselor melanie proctors, final e-mail to her legal team. both celebrated but mourned the important work. she said it had done on behalf of california's department of fair employment and housing. we obtained the email through an open records request to the department after she resigned
7:50 am
in protest of her boss janette wipper having been fired and what she said was the office of the governor's interference in the state civil rights lawsuit against video game company. activision proctor wrote the f th has been able to prosecute civil rights cases independently for nearly 10 years. >> however, that has now changed the office of the governor repeatedly demanded advance notice of litigation strategy end of next steps in the litigation as we continue to win in state court. this interference increased mimicking the interests of activision's council in protest of the governor's alleged interference whip or withdrew his counsel in 2 separate lawsuits, one against activision and the other against tesla. according to proctors letter, she continued the office of the governor's interference into dfd ages litigation, including its termination of jeannette, has harmed dfe ages independence and its ability to protect californians. this is inconsistentgwith the fda to statutory mandate and the fair administration of law in our open records request. we also asked for all communication
7:51 am
between the governor's office and the f th regarding activision. the department did not deny the records exist but denied releasing them noting they are related to pending litigation. governor newsom's office maintains claims of any interference are categorically false. in a statement, communications director erin mellon said the newsom administration supports the effective work the fda has done under director kevin cash to enforce civil rights laws and protect workers and will continue to support the f th in their efforts to fight all forms of discrimination and protect californians the f th sued activision in july claiming the company has a frat boy culture that had become a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women. state campaign finance records show activision ceo eric hirshberg donated $25,000 to governor newsom's 2022 reelection campaign in september of 2021. it's longer. >> acceptable for the governor and the governor's office to pacific. there's not going see here. there's a lot to see here. assemblyman jim patterson is the vice chair of the assembly committee on
7:52 am
accountability and administrative review. this cuts fundamentally to whether or not this agency can rightfully lawfully do its job. because of the influence. by the governor by the governors office. i've never seen anything like it. and these are brave women to come forward. and i just hope we get to the bottom of it. >> a new chief counselor has yet to be appointed to the fda's at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news.
7:53 am
7:54 am
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7:55 am
>> 74 well, james, you're here. so we know you didn't win. no, but actually, after 30 knows there was a yes, you won the lottery and it came to a ticket holder in arizona. but we just don't know if it was one person or a group something going in. so maybe they have to split the pot, which is 473 million dollars. imagine all the problems. have trying to divide that. i can't believe something. what with jackpot to get big again. so we'll see how long it takes. but yeah, pretty big one last night. you want to see a big 11 foot alligator on the road, creating a traffic jam. not here. 20 guess where it well, you see, know, if florida always florida with the alligators force and they're equipped to handle it as far
7:56 am
as like traffic. they stopped traffic immediately because he gets to go wherever he wants, which is the wrong direction by and trying to cross the street. also know now you can see the police cruiser there on the left actually had a units from the seminole county sheriff's office out there trying to corral and until fish and wildlife got out there. we're able to safely move them on. i went to florida. i remember seeing that. i don't think it's an alligator crossing. but remember, they had a lot of alligator signs along the roadways. the where, yeah, our hey. don't give them a crossing area cross river. they >> some 56 right now and coming over the next hour. the worriers are advancing to the next round of the playoffs. it was a tough one, but they beat the nuggets last night and win is a win. and >> and bart officials could potentially bring back the mask mandate. yeah, apparently there's a growing number of passengers wanted back in the board thinks maybe it's a good idea. we'll talk more about that. and 3 people accused of kidnapping a baby in san jose are going to be in court today. prosecutors are charging him with.
7:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us and aria and i'm james at the top of the hour. let's get right to the weather center. reyna harvey standing by with a look at our
8:00 am
forecast as you might need a windbreaker you definitely a windbreaker or just a little extra time navigating out there. high gusts are certainly in the forecast today. you can see our flag blowing back and forth across the golden gate bridge. take your time as you're driving out there today. clear skies, much warmer conditions. we start to see friday into the weekend. but today's going to be a cool one because of those wind gusts. looking at your current temperatures outside right now in the south bay low 50's there right here in berkeley. 48 oakland, 52, north bay, upper 40's and there along the coast mid to lower 40's. there were going to be tracking the winds. also talking about your 7 day ahead in just a few minutes. darya. james, back to you. ok, thank you very much. rain. let's check the bridges for you this morning. beginning with the bay bridge ii. this been a slow ride since. >> about 6.30, or so this morning. still the case here at 08:00am so give yourself a little time. if you're headen to the toll plaza here in oakland, the san mateo bridge moving. okay. but as you can see, it's also dealing


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