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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  April 28, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>>now at noon, police in oakley announced a reward in the search for an east bay woman. the latest in the investigation to bring alexis game home. and president biden pushes called on congress to fund more support for ukraine. the significant weapons and humanitarian aid that could be coming. and if you're planning to take the bar, get ready to mask. back up. that breaking news straight ahead. >>we begin right now with breaking news. >>thanks for joining us on kron on news at noon. i'm
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stephanie land bringing you now to that breaking news within the last hour. bart's board of directors voted to reinstate the mask mandate on bart trains. here's what we know about the new policies. it's temporary and will last until july 18th. it will not apply to people who can't mask up for medical conditions or children to or younger. right now, there aren't any plans for police and station agents won't be direct. it won't be enforcing this directly. but if people refused to wear a face mask after being given a warning, there could be consequences. >>we're going to remember that the only reason that the mask mandate was lifted was because of a court ruling. know health officials made the determination that it was the time to list the mask requirement on transit and on planes. we really feel there needs to be a bar requirement for masks because many of our writers have reached out us and said that they're not going to feel safe. riding bart or other transit without
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a mask >>bart says they will update the signs at different stations, notifying people about the changes. the board plans to meet again, at least 5 times in the near future to see how compliance is going kron four's. dan kerman is working this story and he'll have a full report for us on kron. 4 news at 5. moderna is asking the fda to approve its covid vaccine for kids under the age of 6 right now. kids younger than 5 are the only group in the u.s. who are not eligible to be vaccinated. moderna says it hopes the fda will make a ruling in time for the vaccines to be distributed this summer. right now, pfizer is also studying the effects of its vaccine on young children. but it is not yet being considered by the fda. new today, oakley police just announced a reward for information that leads to a lexus game. the 24 year-old has been missing since january. kron on's charles clifford joins us now from
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police headquarters. there were it sounds like officers are now asking the public for their help. charles. >>yeah, well, alexis gabe has been missing now for 3 months and the police department. investigators say they've exhausted all their available leads and they're now reaching out to the public to hopefully try and get some information about this case. let's go and take a look at some pictures of a lexus here and talk a little bit about her case. she was last seen in antioch on january. 26th. the lexus is 24 years old. she described as being 5 foot 770 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a white tank. top jeans and white and green jordan's now after she disappeared, her car was found here in to a short time later. >>with the keys in the ignition. now the investigators from oakley in can work together. they've searched the area. they followed up on all available leads, which is they say they've had quite a few. we have at least one person of interest. they've conducted a search warrant. but after all of that, after 3 months, they still haven't found a lexus.
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and now they are reaching out to the public for help. also today, alexis's father spoke pleading for any information that could help them find their daughter. >>we have now reached a point that beyond frustrating for all of us. we have simply run out of investigative leads to follow and we are now seeking the assistance of the public. we are pleading to whomever has information regarding alexis's disappearance. >>to please come forward. please give alexis the chance to be the person she is meant to be in this world. tell us where a daughter does help us bring her back home. we need our daughter back. >>and now in order to hopefully encourage anyone to come forward with information, the police department, the family, they put together a $10,000 reward for any information that could help them find alexis, you can contact the oakland police department or the antioch police department. if you if you know anything. but for now in oakley, charles, clifford
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kron, 4 news. >>yes, so heartbreaking to hear that statement from her father. thank you so much, charles, for that live report. breaking news out of san jose. the santa clara county district attorney has chosen not to charge the 3rd suspect and the baby brandon kidnapping case. we're learning a ball de mayo sandoval. he's the man on the right side of your screen. there remains under investigation. but the santa clara county da will release him from the county jail. we're working to extend understand the exact reason why the 2 suspects pictured on the left will still be arraigned this afternoon. these 2 face multiple charges, including child abduction and home invasion. we're continuing to follow this fast-developing story. more details to come on. kron. 4 news at 3. new at noon. 2 partners at a san francisco investment firm face federal charges for a cryptocurrency fraud scheme. the partners of block its capital are charged with wire fraud. investigators
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say the pair raise $960,000 in 2017. they allegedly told investors their money would be managed safely, but instead invested those funds in risky cryptocurrency related ventures. the firm is accused of losing more than half a million dollars. each of the partners faces up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines. mental health workers in the state may soon be getting some jobs support. state senator scott wiener's behavioral health workforce revitalization act passed a committee. it would give hiring a performance bonuses to mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, behavioral support technicians and others. it would also give stipends to students pursuing degrees in social work and create a network that connects mental health professionals with job openings throughout the state. now to the latest on the invasion of ukraine today, president biden push for more support to the country. washington, d.c.,
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correspondent trevor shirley has more on the president's call to action. president biden says money in assets seized from russian officials and oligarchs. >>on to be used to help ukraine fund its war effort and rebuild its country. now he's hoping congress gets on board as well. the president made the announcement at the white house earlier today. he laid out a new legislative proposal that congress would need to pass to make this a reality. the plans streamlines the process of seizing russian assets and then turning those assets over to ukraine. it also makes it easier for the u.s. to use seized russian money to help ukraine. so far the white house says the u.s. and its allies have frozen more than 30 billion dollars worth of russian asset. more than a billion dollars worth of yachts and aircraft have also been frozen or seized by western authorities. the president also today asked congress to approve a new 33 billion dollar aid package to continue to help ukraine cost of this fight. it's not
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cheap. >>but kb new aggression is going to be more costly if we allow to happen. back in creating people as they defend their country or we stand by and the russians continue their atrocities and aggression in ukraine. >>now it's not clear when congress might actually take up this legislation for a vote. but given that there is pretty widespread bipartisan support for continuing to help ukraine in congress, it is likely this legislation would pass reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley ktla. 5 news >>former u.s. marine trevor reed is back on american soil. reid had been locked in russian prison since 2019. joe khalil has the reaction from the marine's family. >>trevor reed is now back on american soil arriving this morning, a satisfying ending to an ordeal, an answer to the read families, prayer. it's going to really hit us when we get to put our arms around him. the call to the parents
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of trevor reed came in at 04:00am wednesday morning to keep in mind the call they've been waiting nearly 3 years to receive. it's not going to hit us until we see him. i mean, we're we're excited. we know he's on the plane. their son. >>the marine would be coming home after being detained for 985 days in a russian yesterday, escorted by 2 armed russian guards out of captivity and onto a plane part of a prisoner swap between the u.s. and russian governments. that also saw the release of konstantin yaroshenko from an american prison. your convicted of trafficking cocaine was 12 years into a 20 year sentence in the u.s. details of how the prisoners want came to be of not yet been released. but president biden says it was months in the making. it's a huge today that speaks to president biden's commitment to bring home americans held hostage. 3 family thanked the
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president for greenlighting the switch adding it probably saved trevor's life, trevor's health in russia was deteriorating. it's a perfect mother's day. it is better a lot better. but almost as good as the day he was yeah, much. it must mean so much to them out at their sons back home. >>now let's get a check of our forecast from kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. him agrees there 70. yes, certainly breezy out there still in the bay area making that wind chill temperature feel even cooler out there. thanks to that sea breeze. but we are noticing clear skies ahead, but still going to be a breezy day for the coast and even for the east bay shoreline. we're tracking wind gusts about 30 miles per hour or less. >>highest peaks in the north bay mountains and east bay hills. no longer under a wind advisory, but you could still see gusts at times 40 miles per hour less. but we are noticing sustained winds at 24 to 23 miles per hour for downtown san francisco. and even for oakland and those gusty winds mainly along the
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bay area coastline, going to continue throughout the day and even for north bay valleys could see some pockets of some gusty winds, france in noma and even into vacaville as well. but we are going to see calmer conditions throughout the night and then we're going to notice, though, light sea breeze can returning right along the coast for your friday morning. but we are going to get more of those northwesterly breezes, those warm, dry, offshore winds to help warm-up temperatures on friday through the weekend. but temperatures out there right now below average. 53 degrees for downtown san francisco. low 60's for san jose and oakland but just barely petaluma 61 degrees. but nevada, one of the mildest cities out there at 63 degrees and the latest drought monitor released today still under severe drought that there is slight chance showers in the forecast. more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to stephanie. >>all right. looking forward to it. thank you so much. mabrisa. we're bringing you an update now on a newsnation investigation into military
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malpractice correspondent kellie meyer follows the story of hundreds of veterans who ae still waiting for compensation from the government. sergeant stay skills. spent the day here at the pentagon trying to get answers answers that he's been waiting years for. and now. >>is running out of time to get a green beret. sergeant pressing the pentagon for answers asking why he and hundreds of other service men and women are still waiting for compensation years after the money was set aside. >>i asked to does the pentagon have a response to his case in the hundreds of others who are waiting for >>their repayments year? and why is this taking so long to happen? all i can tell you without getting into specifics of this case is we do take that seriously. follow the law. >>nd and we we treat every claim as seriously and has giudice's this week the pentagon defense. there is a process that has to be followed here. nothing is more important to the secretary. >>then the health and well-being of people and and
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and their families. and that's a sacred obligation. but we have to follow the law. so i pressed again, is there any way to expedited? because for some of these people, they're running out of time governed by law and very strict as you expect, it would be procedure that that has has to be follow. so that claims can be treated impartially and fairly in 2019 master sergeant richard stay skill helped push through a bill to make sure service members. >>could get this compensation and he thought the fight was over. >>i thought politics was over. you know, i thought that was the hardest part was like. congress agreed. they said it's a worthwhile long we're going to put in place and we're going to buy buy from here on out the act passed in, stay skills, name authorized 400 million over the next decade. >>for the department of defense to pay out malpractice claims 2 years later, the delay continues is stage 4 terminal. everyone knows what that means. time is not on your side. he does not have time on the side yet. the process has been so painfully
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slow. start in statesville tells us he's meeting with the secretary of the army went well. it was a great open conversation. but as far as getting a final answer for himself and so many others waiting for that compensation. >>it's just going to take time. and that's something that these veterans just don't have. that was kellie meyer reporting for us. coming up on kron on a classroom brawl happened with no teacher n the room. >>we take a look at the chronic at the impact of the chronic teacher shortage ahead. plus, what a new state audit has to say about the evidence of bias found across 5 california police departments. you're watching kron on more news straight ahead.
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>>and oakland businesses broken into for the 3rd time this year. this happened at the got juice shop off of macarthur boulevard. now, this is a look at sunday. that's just some of the damage done during this most recent burglary. the owner says after the first break in, they beefed up security. then after the second incident they bought a reinforced door. >>so i guess that i multiple without multiple times to get in and when that didn't work. through the window. they climb through the window and it was blood. we have young women working there, young man and my concern for them outside of me is their safety. >>because they're opening and closing.
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>>you know, those damages can't be cheap to fix the owner says they have reached out to police after this latest burglary. the owner says that they realize that police, however, are probably busy with other crimes in the city, help that a suspect can be found. there. new developments in the investigation on what happened to mario gonzalez. a second independent autopsy lists his cause of death as restraint us 60, a shun and not drugs. 26 year-old gonzalez died a year ago this month. he died after 3 police officers in alameda put their body weight on him for more than 5 minutes while attempting to take him into custody. the second autopsy was ordered by the attorneys representing gonzalez, his family in a federal lawsuit against the city of alameda. these results, these new results rather contradict the report from the alameda county coroner's office, which ruled that gonzalez died from drugs in his system, combined with the stress of being restrained. da nancy o'malley announced earlier this month. none of the officers involved
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will face criminal charges. in sacramento. the state auditor's office just finished its evaluation into bias within california law enforcement on tuesday, the audit looked into 5 law enforcement agencies across the state, including the san jose police department. the stockton police department, the state department of corrections, san bernardino police and the la county sheriff's office. the audit found that some officers at each department engaged and biased conduct and social media posts. >>yeah, needs to be addressed yesterday. not today. not tomorrow. yesterday. >>the auditors also found that once those police departments found out about the potentially biased social media post by their own officers, they failed to appropriately address the issue. the new report calls on state lawmakers to introduce new laws that more closely address the issue of bias in california. law enforcement.
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you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after this.
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>>the oakland police department is inching closer towards the end of federal oversight, which has lasted for nearly 2 decades after multiple scandals and allegations of police brutality. a federal judge said he plans to issue an order soon that will lay out
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what's next for oakland pd kron on's taylor reports. >>we do recognize that today marks a milestone in a continual journey its reforms. oakland mayor libby schaff join police chief leronne armstrong on wednesday after a federal judge left the city with hope saying he plans to issue an order next week. that will detail when the department can enter into its one-year probation period to end federal oversight. right pn wait for the judge's order to give us clarity about what the judge would like to see. >>from this department moving forward. but i think we can acknowledge by the cmc follows by the plaintiffs attorneys as well as some of the things that just spoke up. they all recognize that the department has made tremendous strides. >>and so we look forward to what the just final ruling will be in class action lawsuit in 2000 where 6 men in west oakland argued they were falsely arrested on drug charges. >>assaulted and framed by police resulted in the 20 plus
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years of federal oversight. all the officers were found not guilty in criminal court. the civil case led to a settlement that required the department to complete 51 tasks to improve the way it trains and disciplines its officers. all of those tasks. but one have been completed. i want to make sure that black options were carry within the department. >>and when that had to be done with the consistency of discipline, that is a task that is not completed yet. but here's one that i think will get done within the next 6 months is part of the sustainability. pierre plaintiff's attorney john burris has been monitoring the change over the years. he explains that court oversight will continue over the next year if the department moves into that probationary period that will continue. >>it's just a reduced >>investment of time. before he did so my weekly monthly that would not place would only be every 3 or 4 months and is on for certain tasks. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news.
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>>oakland is working on a new project to make it safer for people traveling along international boulevard. the 9.3 million dollar project called clean california. we'll bring more lighting to pedestrian paths. about 200 street lights will be installed from forty-fifth to 100 and 7th avenue which city officials say they'll hope we'll make the area safer for people passing through. >>it's overdue that this community get safe, secure public lighting. >>but some residents say they are concerned that this new lighting project while south, what sounds great will not be enough to deter crime in the area. in the east bay. a pastor in contra costa county is accused of sexually abusing a child. now the victim says the church should have done more to protect her kron on's justine waltman has this story. >>we want our employees to feel safe. we want everybody to feel safe. this is a community store. so we want people to be able to walk in
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and shop freely without having a be worried about any robberies or incidents happening next. >>the complaint by jane doe says she was betrayed by her trusted pastor and spiritual advisor. pastor alvin bernstein from bethlehem missionary baptist church of richmond that the pastor hired known offender jesse armstrong to lead the choir of which the victim was a member. the suit claims armstrong had 2 prior convictions and the victim's attorney claims even a minimal background checks would have revealed. armstrong was a convicted child molester of which either the past or neglected to do or ignored the abuse allegedly went on for 4 months from december 2011 to april 2012 at the church after choir practice at church events between classes at the victim school in his car and at hotels, the victim was 14 years old and the lawsuit alleges the pastor should have known how vulnerable children are to assault by mentors. and
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the pastor did not protect or warn her of the dangers or of her accused abusers past messages for pastor bernstein at the church have not been returned. i'm justine waldman, kron. 4 news. >>back here at home, the city of san jose is electing a new mayor in june. that's when mayor sam liccardo ends his second and final term. the candidates in the running faced off in a debate at the s ap center last night. city officials say they are not expecting a high voter turn out. san jose city clerk wants to change that. >>the 41% of the people chose the mayor for a city of a million people. so we really encourage people to let their voice be heard. >>73% of san jose registered voters turned out for the last presidential election in november 2020. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after this.
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>>welcome back to kron on. i'm stephanie land in our top story. this half-hour, chaos in the classroom. we're talking about the middle school brawl in antioch that happened this week. nancy loo takes a look at just what happened and examines the impact of the teacher shortage on our schools. >>this is the latest violence symptom of the chronic teacher
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shortage. problem for school districts across the country. in this case, sixth-graders going at it inside a middle school in antioch, california. according to a parent, the teacher didn't show up for work on monday and no sub was provided the fact that there was no teacher there. >>and that's whole problem with all of this. my concerns are that my child is not getting an education. not an academic education, aid and education and how to fight there's been a blitz of brawls across the country over the past 2 years with students, parents and educators partly blaming the unprecedented stress of the pandemic. >>near portland, oregon, one district shut down for a week in december due to too much fighting the national education association claims schools are simply underfunded and understaffed. we need a counselor in every school. we need a nurse in every school. >>we had a reading specialist in every school so that our kids have an opportunity to learn from some of the things that they may have missed over the last 2 years. and to have
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that additional support, the surge and behavioral problems coincides with a steady wave of teacher retirements and fewer joining the ranks and a big reason for that is low salaries. according to the any a teacher pay adjusted for inflation is at its lowest level since the great recession. the average starting annual salary last year was less than $42,000. when you look at the salary and you look at their ability to, you know, take care of their own families, maybe to rent an apartment or buy a car to travel to where their jobs are. they are able to do that and pay their student loan debts. >>which is a huge problem. >>school lunchroom worker has been ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars after a payroll mistake. the chilton county school district in alabama says they mistakenly paid out more than $23,000 to a cafeteria manager. kristi payne hand was apparently paid the wrong salary after she was
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promoted in 2016. the error went unnoticed until this month. she received a letter demanding that she take a $325 paycheck deduction for the next 6 years or pay back the full amount in one go and said the district's payroll department blamed her for the mistake was she said was clearly the department's error. but surely she must have noticed an increase in unusually high amount in her a monthly paycheck. but who knows? all right. let's get a check of our forecast from kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. a memory hey, there's 70 it's going to be another cool breezy day in the bay area. no wind advisories and not a cloud in the sky out there. but when trucker for. >>certainly tracking that cool sea breeze out there in downtown san francisco and oakland. little bit calmer for most of our inland valleys. but we're going to continue to see breezy winds and that 30 to 40 miles per hour range throughout today. temperatures out there right now, though we are going to be a few degrees
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below average, widespread 50's and 60's san mateo, 60 degrees with oakland in the low 60's frame up a little bit milder at 61 degrees. but starting to warm up. >>into the mid 60's. for those of you in the north bay, thanks to those northwesterly breezes napa and allay both in the mid 60's this afternoon. and temperatures today low to mid 60's. but for beach is going to remain in the 50's. but we are tracking some changes in the extended forecast. slight chance of showers for those of you in the north bay. but it looks like that storm track going to remain far to the north as will that be the case on monday. but we are going to see, though rain chances returning with showers by next thursday. we are going to notice some light scattered showers from thursday afternoon, all the way through friday morning. very little rain, but even going to bring some snow showers to this year. so that's great news there. great weekend on top are going to start a warming trend starting friday. continuing this weekend with
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little change in an even bigger, warm up tuesday and wednesday for this upcoming week where we warm up into the low 80's for our warmest inland valleys. back to you, stephanie. >>well, enjoy the sunshine while it's still around. thank a all right. strong winds, abrasive just mentioned, are in the forecast for the next several days. and that's always a concern for firefighters. kron on's rob nesbitt has more on what fire crews are doing to keep wildfire risk low. >>cal fire says that there are currently no major wildfires in california. that being said, firefighters say now is a good time to lower the risk of having a wildfire at your home. >>a wildfire in fairfield created this plume of smoke wednesday afternoon. californians may call the warmer months of summer and fall fire but cal fire battalion chief john heggie says that needs to stop. we don't have fire where we have a fire year. he says precautions should be taken year round. encouraging homeowners to remove flammable
12:36 pm
vegetation and make their homes a defensible space is putting up mash in your in your eves, you know, closing off opportunities were hot. amber may be able to get seated in around your structure while cal fire crews focus on larger dry areas. we have multiple controlled burns going through up and down the state. so really we're trying to do our part to reduce the final vegetation. but, you know, it takes all it takes is a community-wide effort. so that community includes local fire departments. steve hill with contra costa county fire says the fleet has been upgraded their with specialized equipment to help fight wildfires. wildfire control workers, campus contra costa county to reduce risks by overgrown vegetation. >>clearing of fire working to clear evacuations, groups from manpower to go power. goats are eating through dry brush on grizzly peak as well as the terra linda preserve in marin county superintendent, marine county parks. jim jacobs says >>the more than 100 goats there can access the high terrain that others can't.
12:37 pm
what's lunch for them is fire prevention for us. >>some of these techniques like raisin just help, you know, mimicking the benefits of a small fires that would occur regularly. battalion chief peggy says the amount of water in the vegetation notice do moistures are at a high level lowering the risk of a large scale wildfire in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >>virtual assistant alexa can now tell you when there's a person or a package at your front door. the feature works with certain rang. and google nest video doorbells. once you set it all up, you can get an alert from the alexa mobile app here. notification on echo speaker or even see a live video of you on a supported device. keep in mind, you will need to pay a subscription. fyi. another way. lex is becoming more helpful. google is giving you a new easier way to remove your personal infrmation from search results under the new policy users can request to have
12:38 pm
their phone number email address or physical address removed from search results. google does want people to know that removing the search that removing the search result might not take all your information off the internet. google says that if the information is public record, they don't have to remove it. so keep that in mind. and apple is now making it easier for people to fix their broken iphones. the new online store sells over 200 parts and tools to fix the display camera and battery on the iphone 12, 13 and the latest iphone se. >>they're also manuals available to guide you through all the steps you can rent the necessary repair tools for a week for 50 bucks. not bad. i think i'd still rather have the professionals do it for me, though. alright, someone is 473 million dollars richer today a powerball winning jackpot ticket was just sold in arizona. the winner was not been publicly identified, will have the option to either have
12:39 pm
the 473 million dollars paid out gradually over the next 29 years or they can just walk away with the money immediately with tax is applied. of course, lottery officials say the odds of winning the jackpot are about one in 290 million. the power ball now starts all over again at 20 million dollars. still not a chevy him out. and testimony continues. and actor johnny depp's lawsuit against his ex-wife, amber heard 2 lapd officers told a virginia court what they witnessed when they responded to a domestic violence call at depths home nearly 6 years ago, heard claimed that depp hit her. but the officers said they did not see any signs of violence. >>just because i see if you know, when in guys doesn't mean that. something happened because i don't see an injury. what did you determine this call was after your investigation? >>this a growing dispute. it's
12:40 pm
not use the law. argue they are you my life. >>heard's lawyers argued that she covered up her injuries or her alleged injury with makeup because she wanted to protect depth at the time. depp is suing her over an op-ed piece she wrote in 2018 that he claims damaged his career. the fda has revealed plans of details of a plan rather to ban menthol cigarettes. the proposal impacts the sale of man but mental cigarettes as well as all flavored cigars nationally. but mental eat. but mental e-cigarettes are not affected. the ban is not expected to take effect for at least 2 years. menthol cigarettes make up a 3rd of all cigarettes sold in the u.s. with annual sales of 20 billion dollars. the administration says the ban would help reduce disease and death associated with smoking. and now to some breaking news we've been following for you. a uc berkeley student is facing charges for criminal threats for making criminal threats, which led to a
12:41 pm
lockdown on campus last week. that's according to campus police. here's video of the scene taken from that day. uc berkeley police say 39 year-old lamar bercy has been charged for criminal threats. it all started last thursday around 7.30, in the morning. officers say the threats to were made towards specific people and that led to an hours long shot a lockdown of the campus. students and staff were ordered to shelter in place. police say they found bercy around 2 in the afternoon off campus. he is currently behind bars coming up on kron on battle of the bay. we're talking a's giants and the warriors coming up. you're qua non sports news. you're watching kron on more news straight ahead.
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>>now to sports, the golden state warriors are moving on after eliminating the denver nuggets at the chase center. now they're getting ready for the western conference semifinals, but we're still waiting to see who they will play on. sarah stinson is in san francisco with more on wednesday night's game. and when you can get tickets for the next round. >>the warriors are on to the second round of nba playoffs. we did it. and guess who's back on the starting lineup? none other than steph curry himself. he definitely helped them win last night. it was a close game, though, against the denver nuggets. we did not win by much. it was a winning
12:45 pm
score of 102 to 98. neither team had more than a 10 point lead the whole game. but in the end, the warriors beat the denver nuggets. steph curry came in hot towards the end. just like he's done so many times in golden state. postseasons curry scored 30 points in his return. he explained what it was like to play in chase center with that crowd. roaring. >>it was fun election goes loud, 4th quarter. you can tell so kind of a anxiousness in there. great celebration afterwards. and draymond green had 11 points and 6 assists last night. it feels a lot more familiar. >>then the last 2 years felt, you know. >>that's what this what we are you know, that's why we've had the success that we've light. thompson had 15 points and 9 rebounds. he says it is so nice to have curry back on the starting lineup. he's our leader.
12:46 pm
>>the longest tenured player and the pea. and without him. it difficult. i think we all wish we had a co-worker who would talk about his like that. fans are already looking forward to attending the western conference semifinals. the warriors will play the winner of the minnesota timberwolves series against the memphis grizzlies. >>memphis leads 3 to 2 right now in game 6 will be played friday night in minnesota. so we may not know who we're playing or where we're playing, but we know we are playing and we are in the next round of the nba playoffs season ticket holders. they can get their tickets. >>today and everybody else has to wait until tomorrow. those who may not be able to for the game like me. well, we can just get pumped, get that swagg out and get ready for now. i'm sara stinson reporting in san francisco. back to you. >>i love her team spirit. love that. now bay area, baseball giants and a's fans enjoying the game bundled up on a windy night at oracle park. the first batter of the game. chad
12:47 pm
pender sends it deep to the left. the a's taken early one. nothing lead. and that was all the scoring they would be in this game. the a's shut out. the giants. on to nothing. they split the bay bridge series with the giants. both teams are off today. they will finish the bay bridge series when they meet in oakland in august. happening today, the nfl draft kicks off in las vegas. hundreds of thousands of people are in vegas for the event. it starts tonight and runs through saturday. now to the raiders nor the forty-niners have picks in the first round tonight. but that could change. both teams could end up trading for a first-round pick. you may remember the niners traded this year's first-round pick so they can move up and draft trey lance last year. but as of right now, the niners won't get a pick until the end of the second round. and the raiders are not scheduled to make their first pick until the middle of the 3rd round.
12:48 pm
some virtual sneakers are going for big bucks online. nike and artifact have launched a line of nft shoes. another nft thing. okay. collectors can customize the kicks with something called skin biles from different artists and designers they changed the appearance of the sneakers adding by adding different colors patterns, even animations. so it looks pretty cool. the average price for some of the can go up to the 6 to $10,000 range. wow. but a few of the ultra rare ones are going for 6 figures worth of at the he can't wear the sneakers, but you can use a snapchat ar filter to see what they would look like on your feet. not sure if that's how i would spend my money but to each their own gas prices appear to be slowly dropping across california prices are the lowest they've been in over a month, but they still
12:49 pm
have, but there's still much higher than they were a year ago. those in santa rosa are now paying $5. and $0.81 on average in san francisco, a gallon of regular is going for about $5.80. drivers in san jose are paying $5.70 and people in oakland are paying just around $5. and $0.71. experts say that may be as low as these prices are going to be for a while. aaa says prices are not expected to drop much more as the summer travel season approaches. >>we don't anticipate that these higher gas prices are going to keep most people home this memorial day weekend now. and that's because after 2 years of covid shutdowns and lockdowns and restrictions, people are really feeling confident to get out there and travel again. >>aaa says prices are still high because of covid lockdowns in china. in addition to the war in ukraine, the ongoing war in ukraine will it is expected to have long-term effects on the global economy. the world bank
12:50 pm
says the war will result in higher prices for commodities such as food and energy. the bank also predicts these levels will stay high throughout 2024, which could stall economic growth and increase inflation. economists say this would result in the largest price hikes worldwide since the 70's. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after this.
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>>it is culture center unveiled a new social justice mural wednesday they partnered with wells fargo to create the artwork that depicts important. but often unrecognized, asian, american and pacific islander community leaders. kron on's noelle bellow takes a look. >>a new home for community heroes. the corner of jackson street and grand avenue in san francisco's chinatown now tells the stories of asian american and pacific islander leaders in all journey. it's been a year-long executive director of the chinese culture center, jenny long says the new mural honors 12 hpi community heroes. some who stories might not be as well known. >>we reached out to use to having use nominating process. we want put stories that haven't been on recognize or shared or cold that's our
12:54 pm
youth have not learned about it. some 5,000 students made the nominations activists like cynthia choi artists, poets and literary heroes like judy young are featured, decided depiction of the eye hotel, manila town center and reverend norman fall at this is sacred ground with sacred heroes. and that supervisor aaron peskin who represents the area, says the manila town tenant eviction of the 1970's. >>was a real turning point for san francisco, pro tenant movements and march. when the ap i community came of age in political activism in san francisco. so knowing that those heroes are being recognized on this sacred ground is profoundly important betty ann ong is also featured on the mural. she was the american airlines flight attendant who first alerted the country of the 9.11 terror attacks. sponsors of the following the rise in anti-asian violence. the mural was an important collaboration
12:55 pm
and san francisco, noelle bellow kron, 4 news francisco park is officially open in san francisco. that's an interesting one. it opened yesterday at 4 and a half acres. francisco park is the largest park to open in the city in nearly 40 years. >>the park features panoramic views. community gardens and a fenced-in dog run. it's built on the former site of the san francisco reservoir which had been fenced off and unused since 1940, san francisco mayor london breed was on hand to commemorate the opening. >>san francisco is so fortunate and we're fortunate because we take a reservoir and other things that were made. to not be assess abor available to the public and we create something magical beautiful. that brings people together. >>park also features a sustainable rainwater catching system that's expected to help save almost 900,000 gallons of water a year. and take a look
12:56 pm
at this. an 11 foot alligator causing quite the traffic jam during the morning commute. this happened yesterday in lake jesup, florida. where else numerous police agencies were called to the scene to help wrangle the reptile off the busy highway. the seminole county sheriff's office posted these photos and we also have some local media coverage from the area of this incident. sheriff's deputies and highway patrol officers surrounded the gator before fish and wildlife arrive to help move the animal away from the highway. thank you so much for watching. kron on at noon. i'm stephanie lynn, we'll see you back here at 3.
12:57 pm
>>news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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>> judge tanya: things became a little volatile, and you wanted him to leave. >> it's a little bit more than that. the toxic situation grew more to the point that he got arrested. >> judge tanya: and that's why, fortunately, there are three of us to get the whole story. >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge patricia dimango. judge michael corriero. three judges. three opinions. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. captions paid for by cbs television distribution >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 104, rodriguez vs. espina. >> judge tanya: thank you, officer montejano. ms. rodriguez, you're suing the defendant for $2,100. this is money that you say you loaned him so he could find a place to live. he and your daughter have a child together, and that's


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