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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5 brennan, clay ares mother coming face to face with the people accused of kidnapping her baby son as they appeared in court for the very first time. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5. everybody on the key liviakis and i'm grant lotus. the 2 people you see here, jose por over here and you send your ramirez closest amir behind bars tonight. they're accused of >> taking that infant. that 3 months old, baby on monday afternoon. and tonight we're learning more about how police say the kidnapping was actually orchestrate our justin campbell is live for us
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in san jose with what was reveal today. justin, what have you learned? and baby brandon's mother actually showed up in court today. she is excited to have her child back. she says her child is in stable condition and she thanks god that nothing happened to him. she's also sat in court and actually watched as today prosecutors charged. >> 28 year-old jose por along with 43 year-old the ascena ramirez charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping of a child second kidnapping and 3rd burglary. now, the district attorney jeffrey rosen says ramirez drove the grandmother to walmart to go shopping the day of the kidnapping, followed by poor t o that unidentified man that we saw in the video who actually did the kidnapping. now, rosen says the 2 suspects knew the grandmother from church but why they kidnapped baby randon is still a
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mystery. now, brandon's mother says my life is full of uncertainty. i feel like i learned huge lesson as a mother to not trust people because you can never truly know someone. now the 2 suspects will be in court tomorrow for a bail hearing and we will be covering that for now. we're live here in san jose. justin campbell kron, 4 news. thank you, justin. and this just in to the kron. 4 news room. oakland police are looking for a 15 year-old girl who's been missing since sunday. >> unai emery nelson, who you see there was last seen about 8 o'clock 08:00pm near 45th street and martin luther king junior way in oakland. she is 5 foot, 6 inches tall. weighs about 120 pounds. she has black hair, brown eyes. police say that she was wearing a dark green jacket with fur on it and white pants. anybody with information about her whereabouts is being asked to contact. opd is missing persons unit. that number is
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on your screen. it is right there now to the east bay where a reward is being offered to anybody with information. >> about 24 year-old alexis, gabe, who has been missing now for 3 months since her disappearance. the oakley police department has been working with any aac police to try to find her. she was last seen january 26th along the entry way in antioch. gabe was wearing a white tank top jeans and white and green jordan said the time of her disappearance at a press conference earlier today. gabe's father spoke pleading for any information that could help find his daughter. >> we are pleading to whoever has information regarding alexis's disappearance to please come forward. please give alexis the chance to be the person she is meant to be in this world. tell us where a daughter does help us bring her back home. we need our daughter back. >> police say they do have at
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least one person of interest. but so far have been unable to locate her. they also released surveillance video seen here which they say shows a man in the area near where games car was found. he's wearing a face mask similar to an n 95. they say and they say he has a beard underneath anybody with any information is asked to contact the oakley police department or the antioch police department. >> mask mandates are back at least for one bay area transit agency bart's board of directors approved an amendment to its code of conduct requiring face coverings, at least through mid july. our current president kerman live for us at the lafayette bart station with more on this dam. >> bart is one of the first to do this in the bay area. not the first nationally la county also requiring masks on public transit as well as new york city requiring masks on public transit. but bart felt like this is what they needed to do to keep everybody safe. they
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say they have a lot of other measures in place, but they say they've been hearing from riders and wearing masks and making it a requirement, not a recommendation is what's best for everyone. those riding bart are once again required to wear a mask. >> thursday, the bart board of directors added the mandate to the district's code of conduct. we heard from. >> many dozens of riders, same. they will not feel comfortable riding bart anymore. if masks are required and we felt the need to protect the safety of our writers. it's one of the main parts of our mission. bart board, president rebecca saltzman authored the measure. >> she says for many public transit is not a choice but a necessity. and with cases on the rise and unvaccinated children and the immunocompromised still at risk. this is just another in a long line of steps. part is taking to protect the safety of passengers. >> we've replaced over air filters sunday filter out smaller particles. the air is circulated out of trains every
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70 seconds which is much more frequent than in basically any going to so far to safe. but as we get more riders and it will start to get a little bit more crowded, we want to ensure everyone to feel safe. riding bart. >> thursday afternoon, some but not all. bart riders were masked or aware of the new policy, but most supported it. i feel relieved. i'm glad it's back in place. that actually makes a lot of sense to me because there's more people come back to the small space breathing on each other. so it makes sense. >> to have at least bar you still wear your mask people day less test. people are less aware that the goal symptoms and passing the virus on. so i public transit is a good thing. my ma said, however, some couldn't understand why barr would require something. >> federal and state health officials were only recommending. >> you know, i'm triple vaccine, though. i have everything up to date. it seems. well like that word. steuben moronic to have to wear a mask. i woke
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>> now bart's mask mandate will run through july 18th a couple of days before that the bart board will meet. they have been consulting and will continue to consult. they say, with health officials and a couple of days before the 18th, when the board meets, they will decide whether or not they need to extend that mandate even further live at the lafayette bart station, dan kerman kron. 4 news. thank you, dan. and we have reached out to other bay area, public transportation agencies to see, you know, if they have any plans to bring back. >> mask mandates in light of bart's decision and so far caltrain vta as community and ac transit. all told us that at least for now masks will be optional, but strongly encouraged. >> now to the pandemic in moderna is asking the fda to approve its covid vaccine for kids under the age of 5. right now. kids younger than 5 for the only group in the u.s. not eligible to be vaccinated. moderna says it hopes the fda
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will make a ruling in time for the vaccines to be distributed this summer. the head of school in the fall. pfizer is also studying the effects of its vaccine on that younger age group. it is not yet. it has not yet been considered, though, by the fda to the north bay. now a teacher in sandra fell was arrested yesterday for being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. >> while in the classroom. centerville police say that 46 year-old teagan the leonhard was arrested at terra linda high school after an alcohol screening tests showed that she was more than 3 times the legal limit for driving kron four's. rob nesbit reports on how she was not behind the wheel of a car, but she was responsible for the safety of several students. >> when police arrived here at terra linda high school wednesday taken leonhard denied drinking alcohol, a drug recognition expert discovered that that wasn't true and that she had other drugs in her system range us. it's the reaction i received all day thursday when talking
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with people around terra linda high school, according to sandra fell police. it's where teagan leonhard was arrested and charged with public intoxication and child endangerment. an administrator at the school called police after going to the english teacher's classroom and discovering that she appeared drunk. this woman named valerie didn't want to use her last name but told me that she found out about the arrest from a news alert on her phone. really sad way to get there and doesn't. >> you know, like i said, isn't that precedent? you know, for the high school kids, they need all the help can get. >> sandra fell. police officer certified as a drug recognition expert determined that the 46 year-old was under the influence of alcohol, a prescription drug and cannabis when confronted with the test results, leonhard admitted to police that she had been drinking that morning. the teacher was responsible for the safety of 53 students before police arrived to make sure that. >> you know, that that teacher from placed doesn't come back until they had some treatment. terra linda high school principal katie dunlap denied
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kron four's request for an interview. >> that said in a statement, quote, terra linda high school does not comment on personal matters. the safety and well-being of our students are my highest priority. miss leonhard is currently on paid administrative leave according to moraine county jail inmate records leonhard is no longer in police custody in sandra fell. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news >> all right, rob, and learn to switch gears here. get a look outside. talk about the weather. this is the san mateo bridge that event. >> hazy thursday evening, bit of a haze chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. here to talk about what you would think they want. the winds would blow days away. my gosh. i mean, it is gust even down the urban areas. we're talking about 30 some 45 mile an hour going to be. it is with an outside right now. and those gusts going to stick around through the evening hours outside. we do have a couple patches of fog from a lot along the coastline. we'll see more of that on the way. but really the winds have big story as we've got a high pressure building in behind one of those weak weather systems that move by and the
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difference in those nressure systems really cranking up the winds outside. see that low beginning kick through nevada behind that high pressure building in and then here comes the wind and it is getting blustery out there right now that on shore breeze, that northwesterly wind kicking in all around the bay area. now. and yeah, it has been whipping outside some of those gusts as high as 45 miles per hour at sfo, seeing some big-time gusts there that continues in the san francisco specially the coastal sections. but even inside the bay, you're gusting over 20 miles an hour. the west in oakland into hayward fairfield, very gusty winds there as well. so watching that throughout the night tonight. temperature wise numbers running in the 50's and the 60's almost 70 degrees in santa rosa. if you are stepping outside this evening, grab a jacket is blustery out there and that will continue to be that way right through the evening. and then overnight tonight, those winds will calm down. better weather expected for tomorrow the weekend. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, lawrence. coming up, the signs that americans might be worried about a possible recession. we're live
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in washington after the break. it's draft day kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney will join us later with the latest on tonight's nfl draft. and. >> it could affect one of the forty-niners biggest stocks and san francisco police taking new steps to crack down on retail cri more. police will
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be able to deter retail theft in the city of san francisco. >> that's my plan. it. yeah.
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the announcement came earlier today at a press conference san francisco's chinatown. but as kron four's it. but you reports not everybody thinks more. police is the answer. we came to this conclusion because unfortunately san francisco was is and was facing a major surge in brazen crime. it was going to effort to stop the problem of retail theft and san francisco sf supervisor stop. it announces the city's latest attempt. >> the two-day program like the current 10 b program that allows private retailers to hire sfpd officers to provide on site security. the two-day program will allow businesses to contract deputies from the san francisco sheriff's office to do the same. it's not so much that we're going out. >> to arrest. people were going out there to keep people safe. we're going out there as a deterrent to discourage people from committing the crime in the first place. but we're also going out there to provide help and services. the
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problem is the cost of that service may be a bit out of reach for a smaller shop. owner's says the president of the california retailers association, rachel michelin, you know, you have to have a certain sales revenue in order. this is an expensive program. it's not cheap. >> and it really will impact, you know, larger probably more than national brands may be some bigger regional retailers. but if your mom and pot, maybe you are one or 2 stores in san francisco, maybe just one store. it's really isn't going to help you. michelin says he would like to see a more comprehensive approach to solving the retail theft problem in the city. and again, while being able to contract with off-duty, you know, sheriff deputies, it is certainly a way to deter it. >> we don't believe that is answer long-term, to really get a handle on the growing issue of retail that the today legislation allows private businesses to contract. deputies did occasional bases to provide additional law enforcement commercial
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corridors and in retail establishments. >> haaziq madyun kron. 4 news. in the east bay livermore. police arrested 2 people in the death of a 15 year-old girl earlier this month. police say. >> the 17 year-old suspect shot and killed the girl enrichment according to reports, both the victim and suspect knew each other. the other suspect. 44 year-old tamika kramer, was arrested yesterday in livermore. police say thdt she's related to the 17 year-old suspect. and police say that she helped the teen avoid arrest. know motive yet. that case is still under investigation. derek chauvin, the former minneapolis police officer found guilty of killing george floyd. >> has appealed his conviction. chauvin says the jury was intimidated by ongoing, sometimes violent protests and says the jury was influenced by excessive pretrial publicity in a court filing, he asked the minnesota court of appeals to reverse his conviction give him a new trial and a new venue or order
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a re sentencing. last june, a judge sentenced chauvin to 22 and a half years in prison after jurors found him guilty of second-degree murder, 3rd degree murder and second degree manslaughter. minnesota's attorney general now has 45 days to respond to chauvin's brief. >> taking a live look outside right now. this is from our camera, which is overlooking the san francisco embarcadero that a tree in foreground moving around a lot in the home front as well. that would indicate windy conditions. that is a significant wind out there that i mean, it is you really good. yeah, you've got some talent. you got some skills come over the chroma key for a while. it's and we've got some changes coming our way. the good news is we're getting this when done now. >> yes, blustery out there all around the bay area. but for the weekend, i think we're looking very nice. that was going to calm down quite a bit out there now. hazy, as you look out toward the golden gate bridge and out over the
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bay waters. now kind of kicking around a bit in spots and it has been blustery out there in the daly city. you're blow to 32 miles an hour. the richmond district as high as 36 right now and all around the bay area. we've got those gusty winds picking up even inside the bay. 33 mile an hour gust in the burlingame, 27 in the belmont, san carlos, 27 los altos hills. 24 in cupertino. 23 mile an hour winds in campbell all around the bay. these winds are really been whipping this afternoon and they'll continue to do so as the sun sets. i think that things will begin to shift down. we're just a little bit, but it is blustery right to the delta. some 30 plus mile an hour gust into the delta right now. and then our friends in the north bay, also seeing some of those winds whipping around in the mountain tops even stronger gusts than that. some of the gusts over 40 miles per hour be reported around the bay area temperatures. well, those numbers a little bit cool out there that strong longshore when bring all that cool air right off the ocean waters and pushing inside the bay. 58 degrees right now and pretty windy in the hayward. 63 in san jose. 66 where the warmer
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spots in concord and also andy off and check out santa rosa. almost 70 degrees right now. tomorrow afternoon, a lot less wind will still be a breeze to it in a few high clouds up above a look at the temperatures that really going to pop starting tomorrow as high of 74 degrees in santa rosa. 75 in napa about 74 degrees in san jose and a pleasant 65 downtown. san francisco. all right, lawrence. all right. look at this. a driver was caught red-handed by police while doing street stunts. >> officers in georgia sharing this video on social media. they say the suspect was test driving that mercedes benz and a lot just off a officers pulled into the smoke-filled lot moments after witnessing what he pulled off. the 21 year-old suspect was arrested, charged with. reckless driving call that a solo sideshow. >> still ahead, how the brawl in a middle school classroom in antioch is shedding light on a nationwide problem. also, how is that? $400 gas check
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coming along from the we're going to get an update on what lawmakers plan to do. >> to get the money in our pocket.
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starting in june, the oakland unified school district plans to merge and close several schools. the district says that is necessary to avoid budget shortfalls in to improve the quality of education. but the oakland education association president says closing the schools is a racist move. in a letter to the union, the school district superintendent demanded a cease and desist from moving forward with the strike, calling it a violation of the current collective bargaining agreement between the district in the union. the strike is scheduled to start tomorrow morning at 6.30, a group of bipartisan state lawmakers are now pushing for a yearlong suspension of the states. >> gas tax. now this all comes as lawmakers say the talks are stalling out on a relief that californians were promised nearly 2 months ago. kron four's ashley zavala now explains how this proposal is different from other attempts to halt the gas tax. >> california drivers still dealing with steep prices at the pump. talks are held up
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between the governor and state leaders on relief promised months ago. we have stalled out of time that the state cannot afford to stall out a group of democratic and republican lawmakers thursday announced they're pushing for a yearlong suspension of the state's $0.51 gas tax. this is a common-sense idea that it's immediately relief to drivers if we do it the right way. the group that dubbed themselves the problem solvers caucus calling on the governor and legislative leaders to make it happen soon. drivers in california are set to see an increase to the state's gas tax related to inflation in july. we get it and now we can't wait for this announcement comes as budget officials in the state senate projects california's budget surplus could be 68 billion dollars this year. it's ridiculous that while the state's coffers are overflowing with cash, average californians are struggling to buy the basics. the previous bush for a gas tax holiday was a non-starter for some democrats who are concerned the savings would not be passed on to customers. lawmakers say this bill would provide tools and state
5:26 pm
oversight to make sure the tax cut reaches drivers. this legislation shows the problems get solved. >> we put our red and blue jerseys away. meanwhile, the governor and legislative leaders want to send direct payments to californians but are debating how governor newsom give an update. earlier this week, legislature made proposals. i made a proposal. >> it's just about the modest differences and some technical strategies on how best to distribute the money. but how soon californians could see relief is still to be determined in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. well, lawmakers try and sort all this out to gas prices are actually slowly dropping across the state to state average for a gallon of regular. >> that's now at $5 and $0.69. you can see how gas prices around the bay compared to that average prices are the lowest that they have been in over a month. but, you know, there's still much higher than a year ago. experts say this may be as low as they go least for a while. next. what
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happens when you try to recycle plastics? california's attorney general says he knows. >> and he's not impressed to. he's going after accusing them of lying to us for years. plus, investing in helping people with mental health problems. the innovative plan that would provide significant financial incentives for being a mental health worker. and should we be bracing for a recession? the new economic numbers out today and why there's reason for concern and optimism.
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>> new numbers out today show the u.s. economy shrank during the 1st quarter of 2022. now some people are wondering whether americans should be worried about a possible looming recession. our washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us live with what lawmakers in washington. >> have to say about that, alex. >> vicki grant, good evening. well, while the economy did shrink slightly this 1st quarter, it's important to note that that comes after a year in which the economy grew at its fastest rate in decades. >> i'm not concerned about recession. the economy had an annualized decline of 1.4% in the 1st quarter of this year. still, president biden says the bigger picture shows consumer spending and business investment both grew increase to significant ridge. both. >> leisure as well as harm products. plus, the president says unemployment is at the lowest rate since


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