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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 28, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. range of us. you know that. >> that teacher would do that. >> now at 6, a teacher in sandra fell has been arrested for being under the influence of drugs and alcohol while in the classroom. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. centerville. police say the incident happened at terra linda high school after an out call screening test show that the teacher was more than 3 times the legal limit on board. knows bit talk to the school's principal and explains what she had to say. one parent i spoke to told me
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that they weren't aware that a teacher was arrested here at terra linda high school wednesday. >> never receiving notice from administrators that the teacher was allegedly drunk and on drugs. sandra fell. police got the call just before noon on wednesday when a terra linda high school administrator discovered that the teacher teagan leonhard seem to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. >> this woman named valerie didn't want to use her last name but told me that she found out about the incident from a news alert on her phone. really sad way to get there and doesn't. >> you know, like i said, isn't that precedent, you know, for the high school kids, they need all the help. can get a sandra fell. police officer certified as a drug recognition expert determined that leonhard was under the influence of alcohol, a prescription drug and cannabis. >> when confronted with the test results, the 46 year-old admitted to police that she had been drinking that morning. leonhard was responsible for the safety of 53 students before police arrived, she was arrested and charged with public intoxication and child endangerment. terra linda high
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school principal katie dunlap tonight, kron four's request for an interview but said in a statement, quote, terra linda high school does not comment on personnel matters. the safety and well-being of our students are my highest priority. miss leonhard is currently on paid administrative leave. as for next steps, some sandra fell. parents say that firing leonhard is the best outcome while others believe a second chance should be offered. i think that they need help. >> you know, and and if they can become well, again, you know, why not keep them employed? >> according to moraine county jail inmate records leonhard is no longer in police custody in sandra fell. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news brandon clay ares mother coming face to face with the people accused of kidnapping her 3 month-old son. >> as they appeared in court for the first time and the 2 people you see here are the ones involved according to police, jose and just say nyet ramirez, they are behind bars tonight and they are accused
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of taking the 3 month old baby boy on monday. tonight we're learning more about how police say that kidnapping was orchestrated from for u.s.. justin campbell live for us in san jose with what was revealed in court today. just it. >> ken and pam, the da says the family knew the 2 suspects, but the still a question that has not been answered is why baby brandon was kidnapped. now the mother brandon quay ares mom giving an update today on her son saying he's doing very well. he's healthy in stable condition. she made the comments just moments after coming face to face with the people accused of taking her 3 month old son. those 2 people, jose por in vencio ramirez were charged with 3 felonies today conspiracy to commit kidnapping of a child kidnapping and burglary. a 3rd person who was initially taken into custody has been released santa clara county district
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attorney jeffrey rosen also shed some new light on how the kidnapping allegedly happened. he says ramirez took brandon's grandmother shopping at walmart and when they got home port heal showed up with a carrier, took brandon and walked out of their apartment. now the da believes that the kidnapping pre meditated east says when police searched petito's home, they found diapers. they also found baby a baby rocker and baby formula. both suspects will be in court tomorrow for a bail hearing. reporting live here in san jose. justin campbell kron, 4 news. thank you, justin. in the east bay, police in oakley are now offering a reward to anybody with information about elections gave she vanished 3 months ago. kron four's grant lotus has more on the this has been going on for quite a while. and families obviously. >> upset about the progress or lack of distraught and they
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don't want people to forget about alexis and rightfully so. so. >> today they came forward. he'll reward is being offered to anyone with information about the 24 year-old alexis capers now been missing, as we said for 3 months since her disappearance, the oakley police department has been working with antioch police to try to find her. she was last seen january. 26 the long bent tree way in antioch. gabe was wearing a white tank. top jeans, white and green jordan's when she disappeared at a press conference earlier today, gabe's father spoke pleading for any information that might help find his daughter. >> we are pleading to whomever has information regarding alexis's disappearance to please come forward. please give alexis the chance to be the person she is meant to be in this world. tell us where a daughter does help us bring her back home. we need our daughter back. >> police say they do have at least one person of interest,
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but so far have been unable to find him. they also released surveillance video. you see it right here. it's kind of hard to make it out clearly, but they say this person here shows a man where alexis gabe's car was found with the keys in the ignition. he's wearing a face mask. they say it's similar to an n 95 and they say he has a beard underneath that anybody who has any information is asked to contact the oakley police department where the antioch police department, pam and ken, back to you. grant, thank you for that. in the east bay livermore, police arrested 2 people in the death of a 15 year-old girl earlier this month. police say. >> 17 year-old suspect shot and killed the victim in richmond. according to reports the victim and the suspect knew one another. the other suspect, 44 year-old tamika crammer was arrested yesterday in livermore. police say kraemer is related to the 17 year-old suspect and they say she helped the teen avoid
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arrest. no motive has yet been announced. the case is still under investigation. >> 4 zone forecast as we give beautiful look over downtown san francisco on this thursday evening on this breezy thursday. by the way, our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing. but, yeah, those winds really kick are really gust even down in the urban areas where people live. you can see those wind just whipping around outside today out along the golden gate bridge. hold on across the bridge today. those wind just whipping out there you see the flag almost an a straight up there in that wind right now and more that continuing sfo, very blustery conditions at sfo. we've seen some gusts over 50 miles per hour at sfo. in fact, one gust there at 55 miles per hour, just after 2 o'clock this afternoon and continue to see some gusts there over 40 31 mile an hour gusts in hayward, the altamonte pastor probably shut down the windmills gusting to strong. they're now 61 mile an hour gusts on the altamont pass. 39 in the bottle. half moon bay. 34 mile an hour
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gusts. san jose even inside the wind sheltered up parts of the bay seeing some of those winds very strong. now you see it all around the bay area. now that sea breeze kicking in cold front moved to the east of us now, high pressure trying to build in the difference between those pressure systems really kicking up the winds outside overnight. tonight, those winds we'll begin to back off and begin to die down as we head toward tomorrow. but right now it is very blustery around the bay area's the sun sets. those winds should begin to subside to. but you can see the front that moved through. use it just to the north sea. a little swirl with some of the green there in the clouds. that's the front. the pulse of the went by behind that high pressure trying to sneak in. and that's why we're getting all those winds developing outside right now. temperatures slowly as you might expect to get that strong sea breeze off those cool ocean waters. keep those numbers down. only 53 right now in pacifica. 55 and a windy in the san francisco. 61 in berkeley and 64 degrees in playoff. 61 in the napa valley as you head toward tomorrow afternoon, though, we'll enjoy a little more sunshine and look at the numbers. they are going to pop mid 70's in the
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spots in the lot of 60's inside the bay and 50's at the coast. thank you, lawrence. >> well, mask mandates are back at least for one bay area transit agency bart's board of directors approved an amendment to its code of conduct requiring face coverings, at least through mid july kron four's dan kerman live for us at the lafayette bart station with the details. dan. >> well, the since the requirement was dropped at the state level, bart directors say they've been hearing from lots of bart riders who say they are just not comfortable riding bart without everyone wearing a mask. and so today, bart put that mask mandate back in place. >> if you plan to write barred any time soon, you would best bring your mask. it's required again thursday. the bart board of directors added the mask mandate to the district's code of conduct. it's a small thing to ask. might feel like an inconvenience for some, but you're protecting all of the other riders around you and protecting yourself. bart board, president rebecca
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saltzman off of the measure and says because public transit is not a choice but a necessity for many. >> it's necessary to protect those most at risk. he says have been continuing to and >> though lots of people have good protection from covid through vaccinations and boosters. there are still a lot of people at high there are folks who are immunocompromised or have underlying health conditions. and of course, all the kids under 5 who are still not eligible to get vaccinated thursday afternoon, some but not all bart riders for mask or aware of the new policy. >> but most supported it. i feel i think on public transit. it's good to have i feel good about that. i think the safer we are the better and i think just everyone should take every precaution they can to protect themself in other people. it will be more comfortable now. so it was less comfortable with people were not
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>> however, some couldn't understand why barr would require something. health officials are only recommend it. >> i personally don't care for it. the mask mandate has been lifted state like countrywide for a while now and it feels unnecessary. >> a mask mandate will run through july 18. that's a couple of days after of our board meeting the point being. but a couple of days before it's set to run out, the bart board will meet and decide whether or not it needs to be extended. live at the lafayette bart station, dan kerman kron. 4 news today and what we reached out to other bay area. public transit agencies to find out if they have any plans to bring back mask mandates in light of the bart decision so far caltrain the valley transportation authority sf muni at ac transit have all told us for now. masks are optional, but strongly encouraged. >> moderna is asking the fda
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to approve its covid vaccine for children under the age of 6 right now. kids younger than 5 are the only group in the u.s. not eligible to get the vaccine. moderna says it hopes the fda will make a ruling in time for the vaccines to be distributed this summer. pfizer is also studying the effects of its vaccine on young children. it is not yet being considered by the fda. >> san francisco police taking new steps to crack down on retail crime. that plan coming up. >> and a big homecoming for trevor reed and his family. just a day after being released from a russian prison. the former marine is reunited with his parents, but he has a long road ahead to reintegrate into society. what's next now that he's back home? >> also ahead, how is that $400 gas check from the state the law will get an update on what lawmakers plan to do to get that money in our pockets.
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>> a group of bipartisan state lawmakers is now pushing for a yearlong suspension of the state's gas tax. this comes as lawmakers say talks are stalling on that. really think californians were promised nearly 2 months ago been forced. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how this proposal is different from other attempts to try to hall to the gas tax. >> california drivers still dealing with steep prices at the pump. talks are held up between the governor and state leaders on relief promised months ago. we have stalled out of time that the state
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cannot afford to stall out a group of democratic and republican lawmakers thursday announced they're pushing for a yearlong suspension of the state's $0.51 gas tax. this is a common-sense idea that gets immediately relief to drivers. if we do it the right way. the group that dubbed themselves the problem solvers caucus calling on the governor and legislative leaders to make it happen soon. drivers in california are set to see an increase to the state's gas tax related to inflation in july. we need to get it done. now. we can't wait for this announcement comes as budget officials in the state senate project. california's budget surplus could be 68 billion dollars this year. it's ridiculous that while the state coffers are overflowing with cash, average californians are struggling to buy the basics. the previous bush for a gas tax holiday was a non-starter for some democrats who are concerned the savings would not be passed on to customers. lawmakers say this bill would provide tools and state oversight to make sure the tax cut reaches drivers. this legislation shows the problems get solved.
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>> when we put our red and blue jerseys away. meanwhile, the governor and legislative leaders want to send direct payments to californians but are debating how governor newsom give an update. earlier this week, legislature made proposals i made a proposal. >> it's just about the modest differences and some technical strategies on how best to distribute the money. but how soon californians could see relief is still to be determined in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> california attorney general rob bonta has subpoenaed exxon mobil for his alleged role in what he calls the global plastic pollution crisis. >> the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries have engaged in a half century campaign. of deception. that has harmed our environment. our people and our natural resources. >> says he's launching a first of its kind investigation to determine whether petroleum companies violated the law by
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telling consumers for decades that the majority of plastics are recyclable. in reality, he says 91% of plastics wind up in landfills burned or somewhere in the environment. botta says the goal of the investigation is to require companies to be honest, to clean up plastic waste and to make changes to their manufacturing. >> all right. let's take a live look outside. can't really seepwind unless there's something being blown around it is really breezy even at the toll plaza. that's right. our chief meteorologist is here to prove it. has been one of those days. i mean, really gusty the bay area. unusual. see the winds that strong down the urban spot usually over the mountains. we talk about those winds gusting to 60 miles an hour, but it's been blustery out there all around the bay area. c one sailboat out there on the water. boy. >> plenty when to fill those sales. that's for sure. temperatures today, the running a little bit below the average in the san francisco 61 degrees. 62 degrees in oakland. 65 in san jose. 63 to
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live more 68 degrees in concord and a nice warm 70 degrees in santa rosa. but that cold front sliding by to our north and high pressure building in behind it. that's helping really generate some of those big time winds out there for today. so if you're stepping outside this grab a light jacket, those winds will continue through the evening hours as the sun sets here as we head toward 8, 9 o'clock. the winds will start to begin to back off just a little bit. i think as we head toward tomorrow, looks like a great day ahead. in fact, what we're going to watch the temperatures pop all around the bay area tomorrow away from the coastline. talk about 70 degrees and beautiful and fremont less wind tomorrow. 74 degrees in san jose. 76 in concord. 69 degrees. gorgeous weather in oakland about 75 degrees in the napa valley. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, a bay area family working to help first responders understand what autism looks like hoping to avoid tragedies before any crisis call comes in after the break, how the family is making progress and educating the community about
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, awareness month awareness about a complex lifelong neurological condition. >> autism shows itself in a wide range of behaviors which most people jusi don't understand. autism can affect social skills, communication, the ability to self-regulate. >> and the spectrum can go from mild and high-functioning too extreme cases which can
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involve self-harm families face with autism. look for ways to be a part of the broader community to help keep their loved ones safe. but it's difficult. so now a new idea is emerging created by a fremont couple. i spent time with who have an autistic child. >> you might not immediately recognize that someone is on the autism spectrum and with some of the behaviors are you may not understand what's going on. >> misbah and kerry rates have an autistic son named joshua, you ready to eat and they know that people on the autism spectrum can at times become overstimulated by too many sights and it radically or shut down altogether, particularly in public settings. we have to really. think and plan when we're going out in public. >> with him because we don't know what to expect sometimes. and then we have to plan in
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case he does have a meltdown in we know what that looks like. but for stranger, they may not be able to. they may not understand that he's like looking like this and he's moving around. then all of a sudden. it's like, he's overwhelmed. he doesn't know any any doesn't know what to do. many behaviors by someone on the spectrum can easily be misinterpreted and as their son grew and his behaviors were revealed. >> misbah and carrie ritch decided to start the nonprofit foundation called joshan was gift to help families cope, offering support resources and options for family activities. but as their son has gotten older, a new concern evolved. joshua is now 20, but his cognitive ability is age so now imagine there is an emergency situation. >> having a son. a black son with autism. raises the level
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of fear. a makes a call to the police. >> you may not be familiar with his behaviors. >> we were concerned that that could be. a real bad, you know, outcome for him. so we this is an opportunity to. to educating in to try to developed relationships >> and that's why they recently created a new program called code. it has 2 components mission, which is number one is reaching out and educating first responders about autism and what it looks like. the riches worked with inclusion with the help of the san jose police department put together an educational video producer joey travolta, a former special education teacher whose nephew was on the autism spectrum proudly points out. you got a camera here. you got sound. you've
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got people back there that the lighting on the spectrum. but a lot of people don't believe that people on the spectrum can do that as any of you been calls to response to a question on the autism spectrum, we have recently or team has. >> an opportunity. >> to make people aware that some people on the autism spectrum are different. behave differently. and also the father of the very rambunctious artistic son. and i don't want the police to misinterpreted his erratic actions or his lack of speech or resisting arrest are 2 of code. joshua is a family registry system. here's how it would work. >> families would register with local first responders under code. joshua decided what information they want to include as a picture and behaviors for arson. is this. his stemming is. >> the flapping of the hands,
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more or loud, lots of loud vocalization or he may just plug his ears. >> or he might run away from an >> and not not follow command, not follow commands because he does not understand the if co joshua is put into motion, the process would kick in even before the emergency crews leave the station dispatch. what's in the information right to their computers? 9-1-1, emergency. what are you reporting? my son ran away from >> he testing can his nonverbal. >> if you registered with coach san francisco fire is also interested in exploring code. joshua, just imagine, you know, >> there in a fire building. okay. and we're trying to extricate them out of a fire building with with folks on the spectrum. >> you know, they're they're they're on sensory overload at is okay. when we respond to
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calls, we come in with lights, siren oftentimes wearing gloves. that is just all very overwhelming for those folks. education is everything, you know, families, family. that was several polls. whatever it is. >> their family love them. you want to protect and keep you safe. we ultimately find is, you know, people when they, you >> they're very helpful. but you have to >> educate them. so they know so. >> the joshan was code idea is still being introduced to bay area. first responders and the initial reactions have been positive. the rich family hopes that one day the idea goes nationwide and maybe even expands to encompass other developmental disabilities. of course, that's long range right now. if you would like to donate and support joshua's gifts and learn more about coda. joshua, just go to the website. joshan was gift dot org. >> thank you, pam. great
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story. coming up, america's economy unexpectedly shrank in the 1st quarter of this year. why did president biden say we don't need to worry about a recession yet? and the assault on ukraine's eastern region is intensifying as russia continues. its deadly invasion. the president is pushing congress for an additional 33 billion dollars in aid. what the president wants to do with that money in the war effort. and san francisco police are stepping up their forces on retail staffed, but not everyone agrees with the move. what retailers say needs to be done.
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