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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight, 5 now that baby brandon is safe and back home with his mom. a judge has denied bail to the 2 people accused of taking the 3 months old from a home in san jose. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 5 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis this afternoon. jose por tu and just send your ramirez had their second court hearing. attorneys for the 2 requested that a bail be set for the suspected kidnappers. but the santa clara county judge decided to keep the no-bail order in place. kron four's dan kerman is live at the courthouse in san jose with the latest developments. good
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evening. dent. that's right. not much of a change from yesterday when he originally it set no bail, but legal analysts say the reason he continued no bail is because he simply does not have enough information to know whether or not it is safe to release these 2. >> into society. >> 28 year-old jose and 43 year-old you ramirez returned to court friday. the 2 are charged with kidnapping 3 month-old baby brandon. she's very scared. she's not someone who's been at. necessarily used to the incarcerated life. the 2 defendants are currently being held without bail and friday, their attorneys asked that bail be set at $150,000. we have the right to bail and we are innocent if and until proven guilty in a court of law. >> and she has not even been presented with facts by which they're charging her let alone convicted or even tried. but judge luis ramos opted to hold the 2 without bail, at least
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for now, for the time being the court was not satisfied that they could be released safely into the community. attorney and legal analyst stephen clark says that's because at this point. >> the da's office has not suggested a motive for the kidnapping. clark says that will likely determine whether or not bail will eventually be set. the reason that motive is relevant is because you don't know whether this baby was targeted for some particular reason for these people were interested. >> in other children. so until that becomes more clear, i think the court he's concerned that they are a danger to the community. clark also says the mental health of the 2 defendants will also be explored in the weeks ahead. >> and he said it's possible that you may end up not being tried in santa clara county due to all the media attention during the search for baby brandon, you can see the defense perhaps seek to do a gag order to keep the media attention down or you may see this case transferred much because >> the community so invested
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in finding baby brandon. >> now the 2 defendants will be back in court on may. 12th at that point, they will re argue the whole issue of bail. it's also possible that who could enter a plea at that time live at superior court in san jose. dan kerman kron. 4 news. all right. and to the east bay now, teachers in oakland when out on strike today to >> protest the closing and merging of 11 schools. there. as a result, the district is asking parents to keep their kids home from school kron four's rob nesbitt talked with parents and teachers who took part in the strike. he joins us now live in the newsroom with how the day has on folded for those people. vickie. the district says enrollment isn't high enough to keep the schools open, but everyone picking today disagrees, saying the families who rely on having an education close to home will be devastated. >> oakland educators were up early friday starting their day on strike with picket at school sites in the city that
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uniting for a rally at lake merritt, a giant crowd asking for the unified school district not to follow through with its plan to close 11 the first 3 scheduled for june corrin haskell teaches science of brookfield elementary school. he says his school is on the chopping block next year. i want to be a i committed myself to that school 25 years ago and no one else wanted to teach their. they told me i wasn't going to last more than a couple years. >> i feel like the teachers are more committed to the schools in the district is haskell and other protesters made their way from lake merritt to oakland city hall. joined by parents like max orosco whose daughter goes to the less cali to school. he says the middle school. there is one of the 3 closing in june caught in the wings. so by our students. >> they're giving them a straight path. >> to me, the oakland unified school district asked parents to keep their kids home friday since there wouldn't be enouah staff to teach them in a statement to kron, usd said, quote, while most students across the district stayed
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home today with excused absences, some did come to school. our focus right now is ensuring that they are having a positive experience on campus that so the district sent a letter to the teachers union last weekend saying that a strike would only hurt students missing out on a day of in-person instruction. orozco disagrees and says his daughter is learning how to fight for a cause. this is not much i'll miss seeing. >> any type of know this actually gaining you be. >> some educators and parents plan on ending their day with a picket line at the port of oakland to interrupt operations. there. a spokesperson for the port says they are aware of the picket but that no marine terminals are operating today. so there will be no impact on their work. live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, robin. the north bay marin county health officials are advising schools to take extra precautions after seeing a spike in covid cases. >> they say the spike could be due in part to people returning from spring break and large indoor gatherings,
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things like proms where students are not wearing masks. doctor matt willis with marin county public health says it is not surprising they're seeing more cases. >> you know, the end of the school year, we've got graduation problems with that social gatherings. those things we're also seeing increased transmission across the bay area and in marin county, associate with the, you know, the ba 2 variant. >> moving forward, health officials are recommending schools take precautions at indoor events, including possibly requiring proof of a negative same day antigen test to attend requiring vaccine verification to attend and perhaps requiring masks indoors. these are only recommendations. public health officials say they want to move away from mandates and get back to simply advising the public to the east bay covid-19 cases and more than triple that berkeley schools in just a week's time. that is according. >> to the district
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superintendent. as of thursday, there were 91 cases the week prior there were just 29 berkeley unified says that they're also seeing more cases among their sports teams and point to many factors, including. the loosening of mask restrictions. the district plans to pass out more at-home covid test. >> the fda will meet in june to review the moderna and pfizer covid vaccines for kids under the age of 5. currently only children, 5 and older can receive pfizer's vaccine. the agency said more details on these public meetings will be made available at a later date. >> whether time as we get a live look outside on clear, nice day traffic on the golden gate bridge moving along at decent clip. >> sure, it's not nearly as windy today. still a bit of a breeze meteorologist lawrence karnow joins the party. cheers to the weekend. cheers the friday and the weekend ahead. looks like weather was going to be really winds calm down today. that was a nice sight
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to see as we've seen just a general sea breeze outside. yeah, we're seeing some of those westerly winds kicking in right now and some high clouds up above, but otherwise looking good. there's a cold front out there that will affect our weather over the weekend. it's going to kind of ramp up the marine layer along the coastline. we'll see some occasional high clouds drifting overhead from that system. but most the energy is going to stay north of the bay area right now that sea breeze has kicked back in. we're seeing that on shore flow. and you said north northwesterly wind see those arrows and that's showing in the direction of the wind pushing in the bay right now on what the law. i think we'll start to see a little bit of fog. now yesterday we had some gusts of 40, even 55 miles per hour around the bay area today. yeah, we're back to that normal sea breeze here. looking 15 25 miles per hour around the bay area. so little bit of a breeze this afternoon. but overall looking good temperature wise, we watch those numbers pop today. a bit. 75 degrees in concord. 72 little more right now. 71 in san jose, a cooler 62 in san francisco and 65 degrees in oakland. if you're stepping outside this evening, yeah, a
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little bit cooler in breezes long. grab your jacket. if you're headed out, partly cloudy as we head toward 8 o'clock tonight. sounds good. thank you, lawrence. now to the latest on the war in ukraine where russia has struck the capital of kiev with at least 2 missiles, killing at least one person. >> the u.s. continues to monitor that situation as weapons and supplies are sent to ukraine to try to fend off the russians. scott force washington, d.c., correspondent basil john reports on the latest developments in the u.s. government's reaction. >> and nuclear weapons, a nuclear weapon. pentagon press secretary john kirby says russia is making reckless threats of nuclear war as irresponsible as it is for him to use that rhetoric. it would be equally irresponsible for us not to take it seriously. for now, kirby says the u.s. sees no reason to change deterrence strategy and his focus on helping ukrainian people defend themselves. training has already occurred outside ukraine in particular on the howitzers. a russian missile strike killed at least one person inside could leave
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on thursday. kirby says it's another sign the russian aggression is unjustified. none of them. none of them were threatened by ukraine. it's hard to square that rhetoric. what he's actually doing inside ukraine to innocent people. the white house is also concerned russian president vladimir putin still plans to attend the g 20 summit in november. the president has expressed publicly his opposition to president putin attending the g 20. we have welcomed the attending or invitation to attend the g 20 kirby would not say whether what is happening is genocide but very clear that russian forces have committed war crimes. there's no question about that reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> and the person killed in that missile strike in kiev has been identified as 55 year old. >> viera high ridge, her body was found in the rubble of the presidential building. high rich as a journalist for radio liberty in ukraine, ukrainian government official tweeted out this picture of her as he
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shared the tragic news. and this is video of what remains of that site which shows the lower floors heavily damaged. hi rich had worked at the broadcasters ukrainian language service since 2018. she is survived by her parents and and adult son. hi rich is among more than 20 media workers who have been killed in ukraine since the war started. and a former u.s. marine has also been killed in ukraine. >> relatives are telling media outlets the 22 year-old willie joseph cancel was working for a military contracting company. he was reportedly being paid to fight alongside ukrainian forces. and according to his mother, he flew to poland in mid-march and then made his way into ukraine. his mother told reporters that her son believes in what the ukrainians were fighting for. alameda police release images they believe may be connected to a suspicious death investigation. and program in oakland is serving as a model
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for mental health crisis response. >> why state leaders are hoping other cities adopt so-called marco teams nearly $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen from a san francisco store. how the owner says thieves broke in for the second time in less than a year.
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>> these images show the aftermath of the thieves just smashing their way into a san francisco jewelry store,
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taking about $100,000 in merchandise. a store employee tells kron four's zeke, that une this is not the first time this business has been hit. >> another jewelry store, smash and grab burglary this time in san francisco. apparently they said that he used like a torch because they said that there was burned on the glass and then he kicked in. it happened wednesday around 05:20am, here at the margaret elizabeth jewelry store chestnut street in the city's murray did this. this store employee asked not to reveal her identity. yes, that there's just like a whole >> came in through that hole and took all the stuff out of the hole and then is. the case that was there. i was broken. >> she estimates the heist that netted the thief around $100,000 in merchandise both of our vintage antique were broken into on. >> the anti case that was sitting on that completely
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smashed. so we had to throw that one away. and then our main case towards the back of the store is open in the back. wasn't broken. but they took >> almost everything out of it and then they drop joy on the way. so what's left in the case is what was stopped on their way out. not the first time this has happened. you know, this is the second time in 8 months, 3 western kuz. you know, we're just a small business. you know, we're not like a big department store. so, i mean, you know, we have our struggles just to try to get by because we're small. and, you know, traffic is slow. >> so i mean, it affects us, you know, very negatively. and, you know, the joy that he took was brand we hadn't even gotten it posted online yet before it was stolen. it's definitely frustrating. and i definitely wish that they would be, you know, a little bit more attentive to it. >> san francisco police investigators say at this time a connection to this burglary in the previous break-in. back on august, 16th of last year has not been determined in this recent case, investigators released no
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suspect description. they are asking anyone with information to contact san francisco police has it made you go on for news. also in san francisco, district attorney jason dean announced that his office has made 2 arrests in. >> connection to an organized retail theft operation today, the da's office said a la milwaukee and cy eve matute were knowingly purchasing stolen goods from north from out of a number of liquor stores in the city. the crackdown comes after the da's office launched an undercover organized retail theft operation. but dean says that the team will continue to combat organized retail crime and hold thieves accountable along those lines. state prosecutors say they've taken down a major ring of thieves suspected of organizing mass retail thefts from stores. >> across 9 california counties, including contra costa's sacramento and placer. the ring is said to have stolen more than a million dollars worth of retail products from jewelry to clothing. a new online portal has been launched was launched
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today to try to further fight organized retail thefts. it's an online form where you can submit tips. attorney general rob bonta says this is just the beginning of statewide efforts to try to crack down on crimes. today's announcements should serve as yet. >> another warning to those who engage in this criminal activity and commit brazen crimes, you will be held accountable. you will face consequences. >> and here's a look at that new website, the forum where you can submit photos, video evidence and a summary of the crime. you are reporting. >> and take a look at this surveillance video out of new york shows the scary moment that 2 suspects drive a motorcycle up onto a city sidewalk. they jump off, snatched a woman's purse from her hands. there. she falls. nypd says they robbed 6 women on april. 20th in just under an hour and a half. the suspects punched 5 of the 6
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women in the face prior to stealing their purses and getting away on the motorcycle. all of the women were between the ages of 23 35 years old. >> whether time now as we take a live look outside on this friday night. there you see quite tower and couple leaves blowing in the foreground. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has a certain spring in his step. >> you could what we are ready to go. end up on us now looks like the weather's going to be very nice, too. a lot of sunshine out there today. the winds backed off somewhat. still a breeze out there headed up toward the golden gate bridge, not bad at all of folks traveling out there today. lots of sunshine at the bridge. now, tomorrow at this time expect we're going to see a little fog out there. so watch out for that. traveling out toward the coastline. 50's out toward the beaches right now. you're still in the mid 70's in concord. 72 in palo alto. 71 in napa, 72 in novato, 70 degrees in tehran. and 73 in santa rosa. we're
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looking at cold front that's making its way in the pacific northwest rain to catch the trailing edge of that system. unfortunately not going bring us any rain. it will likely help to kick up. some wins, though, behind that as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. so again, expect those winds to be a little bit stronger by tomorrow afternoon, likely going to see some gusts of 20 and 30 plus miles per hour along the coastline to see it right here, too. as we head through the night tonight, those winds begin to subside a bit that front will make its way on shore. and then once it moves through all of a sudden, you start to the coaching. there you go. you see those gusty winds developing around the bay area. still, temperatures will be hovering in the warm side, especially inland. so some mid 70's, the warm spots. thanks, lauren. still ahead, oakland community members and leaders coming together today to speak out about changes needed to support. >> people affected by crime and the decisions california lawmakers have to make w-en it comes to spending projected 68 billion dollars surplus.
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california is predicted to have a record-setting budget surplus this year sounds good. in the short term state lawmakers will decide though. >> how to spend it. yeah, it sounds like a good problem to have, but to avoid future budget problems are going to need to decide. >> whether to cut taxes or change the state's spending limit. ashley zavala explains the early talks on this issue. >> california is projected 68 billion dollar budget surplus could set a record but
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also raise some concerns for the state's financial future. as we reported last week, the independent legislative analyst's office has warned lawmakers that over time the state will not be able to handle continued triggering of the state appropriations limit, a formula that was set in 1979. this is not a situation that we can grow ourselves out of and back the more that the revenue growth big it could exacerbate this. situations each extra dollar over the limit becomes associated with nearly double that amount in required spending. now, back-to-back years of triggering the limit that required spending could grow out of hand and send the state into future budget deficits regardless if the economy grows or hits a downturn, absent a significant recession that reset our revenue base at a much lower level. >> we really feel that is continuing to be an issue, a recurring issue over the next several years. the says there are 2 long-term solutions for the legislature and governor to consider either reduce taxes over time or ask voters to change the limit. we didn't
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really take a position on which one is more effective. certainly times have changed since the 1970's. we've got a lot of our revenue from the higher income taxpayers and we have a progressive tax structure. so it tends to happen just from a structural standpoint is. >> our revenues are predisposed to growing faster. then the formula that calculates the limit. democratic leaders in the state senate say they're prepared to take the issue to voters in 2024. in a statement friday, the office of senate pro tem toni atkins said in part, if the constitutional conflicts are not resolved, then dramatic cuts will need to be made to court baseline programs such as health care, higher education and public safety. >> or even worse proposition 98 would need to be suspended. perennially proposition 98 sets a minimum funding level for k through 12 education. meanwhile, leaders and state assembly are still working on their budget outlook. republicans in that house prefer the tax cut option. we have taxed californians too much and we need to return that money back to the people
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and that them keep their hard earned tax dollars. governor gavin newsom's office said friday it's waiting on updated revenue forecasts from the department of finance before commenting on the issue in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up, the time to get hog wild at hog island. as we take a trip up the coast to act a little shellfish on this week's dine and dish republican lawmakers say it's time to put an end. >> 2 mail order. abortion pills. plus, alameda police releasing new images of a ehicle wanted in connection to a su
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>> alameda police are sharing pictures of a vehicle that they say may be connected to a suspicious death. the man's body was found in a parking lot last week. now kron four's felipe kyle explains the circumstances leading police to believe someone killed him. >> a man's body was found tucked behind garbage bins in the parking lot. and alameda last week and the police department is ruling his death suspicious because it appears an attempt was made to hide the body by benny garbage cars that always happen. they come and up furniture. cool old everything. maria he's noticed that pio last thursday but was surprised to later learn that pile of trash cover dead man's life. she is a hairdresser and hair studio located in the parking lot. she hopes the man died naturally and was not intentionally killed. that's
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the last thing she says. this area near the bridge side shopping center needs, which she says has experienced an increase in crime in recent months. you willie. >> got me like really shocked and nervous and hard to believe that that happened here at this point. police are not really sure what happened but are hoping the public can help shed light on this case. >> they are sharing these photos of a van possibly connected to this case. 1998 to 2002 white toyota sienna with the missing driver's side front, hubcap pieces, someone. >> brother or or daughter got it. now, if you want female or a male, so why he have found monday? this person has some money. so that was like relief. >> the man's identity and cause of death have not been released in alameda fleet. should all kron 4 >> this week is national crime victims rights week end today. the oakland police department and local crime prevention organizations hosted an event to raise awareness. the connc


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