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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 29, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
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you're watching kron. 4 news heading. now at a cracking down on retail crime. in california, a new measure announced by the da has burglars hit another store in san francisco. >> also open teachers on strike today protesting the proposal to shut down nearly a dozen campuses. >> some of the parents of students joined the cops and the final snow survey of the season is in the department of water. resources says the outlook is grim. hello, everybody out. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm catherine heenan and i'm grant lotus store front smash-and-grabs also. >> flash mob burglaries, shoplifting sprees. it's a mess. crimes like these are all too common in the bay area. and one of the late%t incidents, it happens this week in san francisco just before 5.30, wednesday morning. thieves got away with $100,000 worth of merchandise. this was at the margaret elizabeth jewelry store in the marina district, a store
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employee asked us not to reveal her identity but says it was not the first time this has happened. >> no, this is the second time in 8 months yesterday because, you know, we're just a small business. you know, we're not like a big department store. so, i mean, you know, we have our struggles just to try to get by because we're small. and, you know, traffic is slow. >> san francisco police say there does not appear to be at the connection between this and the break-in last august. they're in the most recent case. police say they do not have a suspect description. >> meantime, san francisco district attorney chesa boudin says his office made 2 arrests in connection to an organized retail theft operation. the 2 men are accused of buying goodes knowingly stolen goods from various liquor stores. again knowing they were merchandise. it was merchandise stolen from nordstrom. the da's office recently launched an undercover operation to fight
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organized retail theft. those who break the law and pedal stolen goods must be held accountable. california attorney general rob bonta speaking outside the chp office in oakland. >> announced a major take down of an organized retail crime ring that targeted drone. we stories at multiple jc penney's and sam's clubs involving defendants who stole more than 1 million dollars worth of jewelry from stores in 9 counties. >> across california bonta says it took multiple law enforcement agencies that started investigating the robbery ring. >> back in 2020 that has led to 4 people now being charged because when me take these large rings out. >> we reduce the demand for smash-and-grab robberies and street level. >> multi county theft rings are a big deal. legal expert canny says usually the county's district attorney initiate a prosecution. it is remarkable that the attorney
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general sort of took the proverbial bull by the horns and initiated a prosecution. bonta also announcing today the state will be opening out an online portal where the public can submit photos and tips to help fight organized retail theft, members of the public who see something can say something they can say to us. we can take it from that. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. there's a strike in oakland today. teachers walked out and they had some support from not only some parents, but also students. and the question is and what would happen today with all these teachers off the job? well, the district advise parents to keep your kids home because there wouldn't be anyone there to watch them. and while some people think that there's concern because the students miss out on a day of in-person instruction. some parents we talked to said that they like the fact that their students are learning how to fight for a cause.
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>> family what the district is doing. he's actually breaking this families apart and caught in the wings. so our students. they're giving them a straight path to me. >> the oakland unified school district asked parents to keep their kids home today. as we said since and just not enough staff there to teach them in a state of the crowd for the district said, quote, while most students across the district state home today with excused absences, some did come to school. our focus right now is ensuring that they are having a positive experience on campus. >> covid cases have more than tripled at berkeley schools in just a week. this is according to the district superintendent. as of thursday, there were 91 cases in just a week ago. there were 29 berkeley unified says it's also seeing more cases among its sports teams. factors being blamed include the easing of mask restrictions.
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the district is planning to pass out more at home testing kits. and the north bay marin county health officials are advising schools to take extra precautions after seeing a spike in covid cases. the they think probably tied to people returning from spring break and going to big outdoor gatherings and things like proms where students wearing masks. health officials say they are not surprised by the spike in cases. >> you know, the end of the school year, we've got graduation problems with that social gatherings. those things we're also seeing increased transmission across the bay area and in marion county, associate with the, you know, the ba 2 variant. >> some of the suggestions. so you heard most of them that schools require proof of a negative. same day, antigen tests before going to big indoor events. and that masks be required. but again, these are recommendations because public health workers say they want to try to continue to
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stay away from mandates too much covid in the clubhouse. and now the giants are cracking down after a coronavirus outbreak of the team is reporting multiple cases within the organization. >> brandon belt, dominic leone sack will tell in my case trump's key have all tested positive recently and are quarantining. the team is now limiting clubhouse access to just essential employees until further notice. that means the media will not be allowed in and players are being asked to wear masks and report symptoms it is not confirmed who else in the organization tested positive for covid. now to the state drought emergency in the final snow survey of the 2022 season is out and it's not pretty now. fact, the department of water resources says the snow pack is in grim conditions as they put it. a kron four's. justine waldman takes a closer look. >> recent rain and snow was not enough to move california out of severe drought conditions. according to the
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california department of water resources, there was no snow to measure today. at phillips station, you remember back in january when you're here for first new survey of season, we're standing on over 6 and a half feet of snow. >> within the driest january through march period in recorded california history means all that snow is long gone. this map illustrates how well the snow pack is doing to date blue is the average across various locations this year is in purple. the average snow water equivalent is at 19 and a half inches with the latest data showing its at just under 7 and a half inches. that's 32% of normal. the water resources department calls what is left of the northern sierra snowpack grim. we're still finish the year and only about a 3rd of average for our snow pack. >> so important to remember. we're still in the 30 year the drought. >> so considering how dry and dire the water situation is in the state, some ways that you can save. water includes just
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watering the areas in your lawn, need it. try not to aim for driveways or sidewalks and fix any leaks in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> whether time now as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast taking a live look outside the camera here is on sutro tower giving us a majestic birds eye view of the northern tip of san francisco's golden gate bridge there on the left. just a beautiful friday night at majestic. that's a good attitude for it. all right. john lawrence lorinc is well, thank you very much. weekend to looks good. yeah. feeling good. on a friday night. ready to go. it looks like the weekend weather is going to be absolutely fantastic. lot of sunshine coming your way. looking out there. >> toward the bridge, actually, the cruise ship just went out there. look at that up toward the golden gate bridge just heading out underneath and headed out in open waters. and what a beautiful day out there on the bay. not as rough as it's been yesterday. a lot of white caps out there are things calming down today with a little less wind. >> there is a storm system up in the pacific northwest. so if that cruise ship is headed
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toward alaska, you can run into some rough waters a little further to the north. going to be a little bit bumpy here in the next 24 hours in that direction. rain moving in that way is but for us, we're going to see the trailing edge of the system, but we can help to deepen the marine layer a little bit and it's going to ramp up the winds by tomorrow afternoon. you can see already a general seabreeze more of the north northwesterly wind kicking in right now. not as strong, though, some of 50 mile an hour gust we had yesterday, more like 20 miles an hour around the bay area. so a little breezy out there right now that will continue. back off throughout the night tonight and then i think wrap up by tomorrow afternoon, maybe a little bit stronger late in the day. if you're stepping outside, grab a light jacket. if you're headed out about threat of any major weather concerns out there for tonight, a little patchy fog will start to gather along the coastline overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. otherwise tomorrow we're off and running again. i think very similar temperatures inland mid 70's into places like concord in livermore about 72 in san jose. 68 degrees in oakland about 65 degrees in san francisco and
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looking out over the next few days. got a nice weekend ahead. lots of sunshine coming your way. and then cooling down a little bit with another front on monday with a few more clouds than warming right back up on tuesday and wednesday, a slight chance of showers next thursday and come with a few minutes. we're going to take a look at some severe weather. some really scary weather that is out there hit the country's midsection tonight. all right, lawrence, thanks very much. coming up, some news renters. they are facing a major brand talk. >> and elon musk making big moves with his other companies as he waits for approval of his twitter takeover. >> and the bay area doctor back from delivering aid to ukraine talks to us about his experience. that's after the break.
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>> now to the latest on the war in ukraine where russian forces have been gaining momentum in eastern ukraine. this is while an operation to evacuate trapped civilians and soldiers from a steel plant in mariupol is under way. officials believe vladimir putin is also pushing for a major >> battlefield success ahead of an important russian holiday. president biden is asking congress. meanwhile, for 33 billion dollars son new aid for ukraine and 20 billion dollars they say would pay for things including drones, artillery. >> the rest of the money would be spent on economic and
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humanitarian aid. the president says that latest round of funding would help ukraine hold off the russian invasion for the next 5 months. >> we need to consider long-term. we need to consider the fact that this war could go on for months. nobody knows for sure. but we're talking about a war now in an area of ukraine that both sides know well. >> the president says there be 500 million dollars for domestic food production to help offset shortages. >> another journalist has been killed in ukraine radio free europe has confirmed. 55 year-old journalist vera high ridge was killed in a missile strike in kiev. her body was found in the rubble of a residential building here. this is video of what remains of that site. you see the lower floors heavily damaged. high ridge had worked at the broadcasters ukrainian language service since 2018. she is among more than 20 media workers now we have been killed in ukraine since the war started and a former u.s.
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marine has been killed in ukraine. relatives are telling media outlets 22 year-old willie cancel was working for a military contracting company. he was reportedly being paid to fight alongside ukrainian forces according to his mother, he flew to poland in mid-march and made his way to ukraine. his mom tells reporters that her son believed in with the ukrainians were fighting for. >> a local doctor is back home after delivering medical supplies to hospitals in ukraine. he spoke with kron four's theresa about the devastation he saw and how despite being scared. he wants to go back and do more. >> we were able to take our car across the border so we had to go dumping warehouse, a location. >> the san francisco doctor, eduardo dolan on his journey to ukraine as he and a colleague delivered 500 pounds of medical supplies to the front lines. this mandate across the border. dolan says
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that they got straight to work meeting with a ukrainian doctor at a military hospital in so that we need to to vote for all of you. and do it said. >> instead help bus base about 3 to 4 times a day you you the the sirens will come come on >> most people duck for cover basements and fallout shelters and things that. >> so it's eerie. the doctor now back home in the bay area from his weeklong trip. >> i've done a lot of disaster medicine in my 12 years. really bad situations. this was the scariest there was by far the the most treacherous trip that i've taken. >> despite the horror he saw firsthand dolan as he also saw up close the strength of the ukrainian people. the result was. >> amazing. ukrainians are. fiercely independent. and
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they're willing the die for every inch of the territory i think is a big problem for for and the russian. >> the doctor says he will go back in a few months adding it is the least he can do in this horrible war. but i'll tell you this. i scares as scary as it was. i didn't want to leave. >> had i not had a practice here in december to start, i would have stayed. that's theresa kron. 4 news. >> all right. 4 zone forecast time and we are taking a live look right now. this is a live camera from our sister station in wichita, kansas. obviously we're on new station vehicle and they're out on the roads because there is severe weather in the middle part of the country right now. lawrence is here and you've been tracking this. it's pretty ferocious of sons like yeah, storm chasing oat there. what a scary night out there for folks. you can all the flashes of the lightning up
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and watching them drive around. see the hail come down. >> on top of the car there as well. and you know that just like driving around on marbles and those kind of conditions out there to go along with that. now we've seen some of tornadic activity outside. reports of numerous tornadoes on the ground in the country's midsection. and it's going to be a long night ahead. these storms really just continue to race across that area. it's very scary weather there tonight. so, yeah, that was live. look now at this. how looks up from the radar? it's very impressive out there right now. is the storm system coming right across other hugo tornado alley right across the country's midsection. you see wichita here and then you see that line of storms, ferocious line of storms rolling on through. and here's some of the storm reports out there. you can see a couple these little swirls hear these reports of tornadoes on the ground possibly or funnel clouds being reported by people in and around these soon as that funnel system have moved on by. they started to get these reports. and it's pretty impressive to see that not only that, the strong gusty winds to go along with that. and then you all of a
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sudden you start to get the reports of the tornadoes to begin to come in and then impressive. right now they're talking about the multi for text or make tornadoes wedge tornadoes, a wedge tornadoes, an extremely powerful tornado on the ground. another out rose lee also saying a tornado on the ground there and all around this area continuing all along this line. we've got a fierce line of thunderstorms not only here but stretching further to the north and numerous reports of tornadoes all along that track. you can see up toward winchester in back behind that. you can see all the strong gusty winds. the reports, the strongest there and damaging tornado. so scary night ahead there for them. a tornado watches and warnings, of course, up there, all the bay area. what a different story we have just a quiet night out there. a gentle breeze now blowing in toward the golden gate quite the contrast and weather here. beautiful conditions setting up for the weekend. in fact, tomorrow should be a very nice day. we'll see a return. some fog and low clouds. that's one thing along the coastline. a little more gray tomorrow. i think inside the day, lots of sunshine and 60's. you see
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plenty of 70's probably was the mid 70's. the warmer spots inland tomorrow. >> lawrence, thank you very much. team responding to non-emergency 9-1-1. calls in oakland will be getting more money about $700,000 in federal funding. u.s. senator alex padilla joined oakland mayor libby shaft today. they made that announcement, but mobile assistance responders of oakland, they call mackerel. it connects people to padilla called it a model for cities across the state. >> we know the interest is there based on a federal funding applications we received from san jose city of los angeles and a lot of the midand small-sized throughout the state. so i think all eyes are open to see some of the early success that can be replicated throughout. >> the senator's office says it's managed to get more than 5 and a half million dollars in federal money for statewide mental health programs.
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>> still ahead at 8, a judge said the 2 suspects accused of kidnapping baby brandon in san jose must stay behind bars. a legal analyst gives that's one reason why the judge may have made that decision. >> so call from 4 5. a car you're looking at is among the cars have a major safety concern. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet
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>> apple corporate employees are pushing back against the company's back to office pilot program, which will require most employees to be back at the office. at least 3 days a week, a newly formed group of employees known as apple together. is petitioning leadership for more flexibility. the people in the group want the company too, have little sort of groups within the company that determine what works best for their teams earlier this month, apple had employees return to office in a hybrid format as of right now, most of them are in the office one day a week. but according to company policy, employees will need to be in the office at least 3 days a week starting. in late may. ford is recalling more than a quarter million explorer suvs. >> because they can expect unexpectedly roll away while in park. the problem is a rear
8:26 pm
axle mounting both which can fracture causing the drive shaft to disconnect and that would make the car roll even if the gear isn't park. the recall is affecting some 2022 current model year explores no reports that we know of of crashes or injuries. owners will be contacted by dealerships about a fix. elon musk must be looking for liquidity after agreeing to cough up. 44 billion dollars for twitter. he sold 4.4 million shares of tesla stock or earlier this week for about 4 billion dollars. a big chunk of that happened tuesday. that one tesla shares dropped 12%. the majority of the twitter purchased will be a purchase will be financed by banks. but a texas rancher meantime, is offering 103 acres of land. if musk will move twitter headquarters from san francisco to texas. his name is jim short. nerd is offering
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the land and the town that is named shorten or texas. he has a 20,000 acre spread about 40 miles north of austin. >> next on kron, 4 news at 8 rent is about to go up for some people in oakland will tell you how high it might be. and what maybe could be done about it. plus, alameda police releasing images that they believe could be connected to a death investigation. why police? they foul play could have been involved and cases are up 80% worldwide. why doctors say this could be a sign
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>> our top story at a 30 some oakland tenants could be facing the highest rent hike they've had in years starting in july. the city of oakland says landlords of rent-controlled properties can raise right by more than 6%. and the city says this is intended to try to deal with inflation. >> kron four's amanda hari talk to affordable housing advocates about what it means for tenants. >> that's a devastating run increase. we're we're not very pleased with that decision. some oakland tenants in rent-controlled units are about to face their largest annual rent increase, shot. the thing with the nonprofit tenants together says now is not the time that we're already at a crisis point. and this is kind of adding insult to injury a little bit. the oakland rent adjustment ordinance allows an annual rent increase based on the consumer price index. it takes
8:31 pm
effect every july. 1st this year, the rent increases 6.7%. that raises a $2000 rent, for example, to $2134 last year. the cpi increase was 1.9% oakland where the 6 foot 0.7% is being justify. does you know essentially 100% of the consumer price index. that's not really >> how rent increases work in other cities, other cities. i get just the housing portion >> of inflation. but seeing tells me it's not too late for tenants to do something about it. fire in oakland are right now. i would calling city council member who will be calling up in the mayor. i would be calling all my representatives and letting them know exactly what this is doing. to me. that's the most. that's the most important thing that they we can do right now is. >> have tended speak out and eat. is the co chair of the oakland tenants union. >> he says the city councilors can step in and stop the
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increase. the city council can anything about some of the other things like gasoline vote. we have the power in oakland to do something about housing. amanda hari kron, 4 news >> us living expenses had a 40 year high over the last year. the report says that prices surged 6.6% over the 12 month period ending in march. economists are hoping inflation, pete, in the 1st quarter, despite the price jumps, data shows americans did feel a little better about the economy this month. >> now the baby brandon, it is safe and back home with his mom. a judge has denied bail to the 2 people accused of s%
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taking that 3 month-old from a home in san jose earlier this week. 28 year-old jose por and 43 year-old just say ramirez will remain behind bars for the time being. attorney and legal analyst stephen clark says that is because at this point, the da's office has not indicated the motive for the kidnapping. he says that will likely determine whether or not bail will eventually be set. >> it's not just about maybe brandon, but it's about were they seeking out this child and others. and so motive is important in assessing there a level of dangerousness to the community. >> clark says the mental health of the 2 defendants will also be examines in the weeks ahead. and he said it's possible defense attorneys could ask for a gag order or to have the trial moved to a different county. >> alameda police sharing of photos of a car that they think could be connected to a suspicious death. they say that a man's body. it was fun
8:34 pm
to talk behind garbage bins in a parking lot. this happened in alameda last week. police are calling the death suspicious and say there was apparently an attempt to hide the body. they 1998, to 2002, quite toyota. sienna with a missing driver's side front. hubcap could be connected. police are hoping for leads from the public. the man's identity, the cause of death. those facts have not yet been released. happening tomorrow, the national prescription drug take back day. people can safely get rid of unused prescription drugs. the dea is organizing this event. it says it will help keep harmful chemicals out of local water systems and of course, try to keep the medicine out of the wrong hands. you can drop off unused prescriptions at your local police department and you can also get rid of e-cigarettes and vape all right. time for another look
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at the forecast as we take live look beautiful at night to the sfo. yeah. people getting on planes heading out of town. maybe quick weekend. jaunts lawrence is here. a lot of folks have a little pep in their step. whether nice this weekend could feel it to a lot of folks getting out and about now on today already. yeah, everybody getting out there enjoy that sunshine. and of course, those winds calming down that helped a lot, too. not that real bite with that down looking good at sfo. you get forecast for you. no delays at sfo, oakland or san jose tonight about the boundary bay. if you're heading that direction, couple patches of fog sneaking in overnight tonight early tomorrow morning. temperatures will be a little bit cool if you're headed that way. 58 degrees. moderate 58 in carmel. >> and it will be warmer. slimmest about 65 degrees. southern california. variety of temperatures, you'll find some 60's co side to san diego in long beach about 79 in pasadena and 74 degrees in los angeles into the high country we go. we've got a high-pressure holding off for the weekend. that means no
8:36 pm
threat of any rain or snow making its way on shore. so we'll keep those temperatures in the 50's. if you're headed there, fact, all the way up to 70 degrees. warmer in reno tomorrow. now, if you plan on sticking around for the weekend, changes in the weather pattern as we head toward the beginning of next week. this weekend looks good with temperatures hovering in the upper 50's. but on monday, another cold front dives in likely bring a few clouds and getting a little gusty across the mountain tops. if you're heading that direction or coming back on monday. alright, storm clouds love to get some of the storms rolling in right now. lowers forecast model shows the rain focus now up in the pacific northwest. the jet stream start lifting that pretty typical this time of year. they're going to be a lot of rain up there. unfortunately, we're not going to get anything here. just some clouds, some low clouds and fog that on shore breeze monday, another one comes through. i think that will help to kick up the winds again by monday as well. and then the possibility of maybe a little rain, keep your fingers crossed for that. that's really iffy. some long right forecast, though. but next few days looking very nice. enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather this weekend.
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we'll do. thank you, lawrence. still ahead tonight after a crazy first round of the nfl draft. >> rounds 2, 3, well, tonight apwe have a live report from vegas where the niners in raiders made their first picks of the 2022 draft. >> and we're the first human case of the latest bird flu strain in the u.s. has been discovered.
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>> in the south bay, the valley transportation authority has a new policy.
8:40 pm
this requires employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated against covid. they're not talking about boosters yet. the only exemptions and approved request for medical or religious reasons of those workers that would still have to be tested every week. roughly 61% of the vta >> well, your health tonight worldwide cases of measles are up 80%. that's according to the united nations. measles says a virus that strikes mainly children in january. more than 17,000 measles cases were reported worldwide. most of those in africa in the eastern mediterranean. but there were several cases reported in the u.s. as well. health experts say this resurgences due largely 2 missed vaccinations during the pandemic. they warned that other diseases may follow. this trend has regular vaccine regimens continue to be interrupted. and the first human case of bird flu is in
8:41 pm
colorado. an inmate was on a work release program at a commercial farm. health experts say it is likely that's where he was exposed to the h 5 n one virus through infected birds. the birds have been euthanized. doctors report he is not showing symptoms. cdc experts say it is rare for human to human transmission so they do not believe there is a risk for a widespread outbreak. >> coming up in sports, the forty-niners is in. tell us who the ninees from second round of the draft. also break down. the other 9 a
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>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> hey, deebo samuel is still 49 or so. the nfl draft must be going pretty well for san francisco and by the way, they also finally got to draft some players today in the second and 3rd rounds, the first player to become a 49 or in this year's draft. well, no big surprise us pass rusher san francisco picked up usc edge, been tre jackson. jackson played 3 seasons for the trojans in his career there. he played in 27 games, racking up 103 tackles. 25 tackles for loss and 12 and a half sacks. you need all pac 12 0nd team in each of his 3 seasons. but now he's a pro
8:45 pm
and his life is forever changed. >> it felt like. i walked outside of my body on that can believe it. my whole life, you know, was dedicated for this moment. everything's been i've never, you know, done anything else are always done things that i need do to come to this place. but still at that point, you never really if you're able to go. so it's still like a one one once once in a lifetime opportunity and i just can't it's it's par. >> and we go now live to las vegas where andrew martin is standing by. what are your thoughts, andrew, on jackson going to the you know, kate, i like the pick. as you said, the forty-niners needed an edge rusher. they got a guy who was a three-year starter at usc. he is a pass rushing specialist. he is athletic 6, 3, 254 pounds and >> he's just the right fit for
8:46 pm
what they need. now, you mention obviously in your lead-in to what he had to say about deebo samuel still being a 49 or maybe that's why the forty-niners didn't take a wide receiver with that selection and they waited until the 3rd round to get danny gray out of smu. and by the way, that kid is fast. he ran a 4. >> 3, 3, 40. so whether or not you have people standing the team when the season starts, you get a guy that you probably can't overthrow, whether you're jimmy garoppolo or trey lance. hopefully that situation gets sorted out pretty soon. >> yeah, i think a lot of forty-niners fans are waiting with baited breath for that one. let's switch gears. talk about the raiders really quickly. they had to wait until the 3rd round to make their pick ended up drafting an interior offensive lineman. dylan par him out of memphis. they took him with the 90th picked. you think you someone who can make an immediate impact for the raiders? >> i to k because he's really for celebs looking up. these starts that he had a different positions for you. 28 at left guard 12 at right guard 11 at right tackle. so that's the definition of versatility.
8:47 pm
he's probably going to play center at the nfl level. what i find interesting about that pick is so the draft here in las vegas is being held in, of course, vegas, the home of the raiders. they did not have a pick in the first round or the second round because of the devontae adams deal and they moved back in the 3rd round was supposed to pick 86. they will back a couple of spots in a trade with tennessee with that of taking a quarterback, billy willison with the pick that would have gone to the raiders. and what's interesting about that is there were no quarterbacks taken in the second round and between willis and kenny pickett, we went about 50 selections that actually take effect has been riddled with first. but between the league will is being here in las vegas and kenny pickett not being here. it was a run on quarterbacks in round 3, but not before that. so i just found it interesting the trade that the raiders made turned out to be a quarterback for another yeah. a new regime in vegas, right? interesting decisions being made over there. other forty-niners question for you. they made a move that might be a bit of a surprise. they took a running back in the 3rd round. that
8:48 pm
being. >> ty price, davis from lsu with the 93rd overall pick. he is a big physical guy. how do you think he fits into the forty-niners backfield? >> so he's 1000 yard rush for more than 1000 yard. his junior season, but only 6 touchdowns at lsu from the running back position. obviously what i find interesting here is that a crowded backfield right now the niners took a running back in the 3rd round last year in so between elijah mitchell, trey sermon, wilson, hasty and help this kid. that's a lot of guys were by for just one football on the team. so i don't know how this will translate when they all get you know, to to fall camp. but i can tell you this skate, there will obviously be competition battle that, as they say, will just push to make everybody better. but i was a bit surprised that went running back at that spot. it was a lot of other people. i think we did think that they would take a right to sue some point. like you mentioned, danny gray out of smu that 100th overall pick. >> how do you think he fits in? what are your thoughts on how contribute? yes. again,
8:49 pm
he's just really fast. that was the last pick of the 3rd round. everything we keep reading is his best. his best, best. this was a draft to be a wide receiver in the draft. of course, not over yet. rounds 2, 3 are, but in the first round or 6 guys taken out of the wide receiver position, 7 the second round of. so if you're a wide receiver, it's a good track for you and getting great. >> even though he went to smu, which is not known as a hotbed for producing wide receiver talent, he's fast and that put him on a lot of people's radars. and so i think he can fit in very nicely with the forty-niners. obviously the most annual situation is to be sorted out first. but the niners have some weapons and you never want to turn down a guy who can outrun everybody else on the field. >> yeah, i think that's a pretty good thing. no matter which way you look at it and do some great insights. thank you so try not to have too much fun down in vegas, but maybe squeeze in a little bit while you're a busy with all those will talk to you later. >> all right. how about some basketball? the warriors back
8:50 pm
on the practice hardwood today after clinching a spot in the western conference semifinals on wednesday. now they're just awaiting their opponent for that contest. memphis just close things out against the timberwolves tonight. the dubs, though they were thinking that they might have to wait for sunday's game. 7 of series. they don't, though it is set to be a game one in the western conference semifinals against the timberwolves. here's what steve kerr said about how the words have been staying flexible even without knowing their phone and over the last couple days. >> it's kind of strange. i don't know that we've ever been in this position since i've been here were. you know, you don't have much time. and you're scouting 2 different teams. so but our you know, our first thought has to be. we have to be ready to go to memphis tomorrow and play a game at 2.30. so that means our staff. has to at least, you know, a game plan that we could present to the team
8:51 pm
tomorrow before we would fly. and then we've got to be ready to pivot. >> so, look, we know that they are prepared for whatever they got. memphis grizzlies have been a tough challenge for them so far this season. but they sound like they're ready. and i think it's going to be really interesting matchup superstar. >> power there, john, we're at and obviously the warrior self, plenty of them lot. all stars on the floor on sunday. yeah. should be fun. thanks, kate. appreciate okay. >> still ahead tonight, feeling kind of jumpy. well, there's a place that can help with that or you can. i know a lot of walls. this looks like a prepared to make the event. but we're back with what's going on there. what calls a lot of jumping after the break.
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8:54 pm
>> friday night may be looking for something to do over the weekend. maybe we can go to bounce house. he's not back in the world's biggest bounce. house is now in the bay area. this thing santa rosa, little the size of this. it has been certified by guinness as the biggest. >> the event is called the big bounce. america, the biggest turning event of its kind got all kinds of attractions. >> it is this includes obviously the giant bounce house, which is more going on than your typical inflatable attraction.
8:55 pm
>> it's not just a square by spot. we've got claiming totals obstacle, courses slides, both pets even in the eye and say that. but the castle and the model is a stage where we've got performers d g's and is because lights, snow. machines, bubble machines. so much going on. it really is. it really is a law firm. >> this that a scottish accent, that's pretty. does that come with i don't know. but if i were there are so okay. just talk to me for a while. great acts and heart this thing will love. the bow ties will be here until may 1st at the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa. so here. >> tomorrow and sunday and people have a chance to go. check it out. my kids love those they've never been to the biggest, of course. but, you know, even a modest bounce house. a good point, though, that it looks sort of pre pandemic. that's a lot of children. the pre produced video there with the kids in the bubbles and jumping around
8:56 pm
and it's kind of outside doubts. it sits outside bounce house and high winds or in high heels. yeah, you could end all the he transition. >> they only get put on. right now. right vicki is here to talk about what's coming up, at least in part to talk about what's coming up at 9 o'clock. thank you both. looking forward to talking with you again. fran, you. here's what's coming up on properties. these are using all trying to break into a pharmacy in oakland's chinatown. and this isn't the first time that that tester was hit. we have more on this must-see video. >> plus, a warning from business leaders there. also the final snow survey of the 22 2022 season. it is out the results. he's been called rim. we're going to get a closer look at those numbers and will may bring us any rain at all. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will have your forecast properties at night is next.
8:57 pm
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8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
9:00 pm
you're watching kron. 4 news at known brazen burglary caught on camera in oakland as the back of the u haul pickup truck. >> was used to smash into the front of a pharmacy. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. just plowed into with the store's owner now left to pick up the pieces not once but twice this week. kron four's dan thorn has the story and a warning tonight from business leaders about these break. its. >> a mob of burglars using a uhaul pickup truck to ram through the metal barriers of a pharmacy in oakland's chinatown. thousands of dollars in damage racked up in just seconds and being able many pharmacies in the area being talk. chinatown, chamber of commerce. president carl chan says this crime happened around 3 o'clock thursday morning. it was the second time the business owner had been hit by burglars in the past week. a crowbar was used to break into his other


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