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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 30, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> tonight at 8, a small walnut creek business back up and running after it was burglarized earlier this week, the owners of french and from say the suspects took thousands of dollars worth of tools, equipment and other personal items. thanks for joining us here at 8. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn kron four's amanda hari is live in walnut creek tonight. >> after talking with the owners about losing so much of their livelihood. amanda. >> the owners tell me this is still a relatively new business. they've only been at
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this location here for a few months. they figured here in walnut creek, it would be a safe location. but they believe the suspects may have scoped out the area beforehand based on just how much they managed to steal quickly. >> someone walk into your space is the incredibly violating feeling. you just feel. it's just a really disgusting feeling down to the core video of the moment. at least 2 people broke into for engine from on south main street in walnut creek. >> in one shot, you can see the suspect cover and knock over the camera. >> owners shelby in blaine, jackson were just coming back from taking a few days off to celebrate their 5th anniversary on we realize they still all of the tools of our trade on the salon. end of the business. >> so all the clippers, all the sheers blow dryer, some of them brand-new. they say their
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stylists rents space in this lawn and had felt safe enough to leave their things behind. >> now they've lost thousands of dollars worth equipment accumulated over here. it's not only where the tools their trade take in and their property stolen. >> but also they had to cancel their clients because they had nothing that they needed to do their jobs. the blame jackson says the stylus community came out to help so many people have not only donated but have dropped off tools living as result giving u.s. schools so we can work right away. >> they're now able to operate this lawn because of the support. so many. >> customers and clients id ending of some people just randomly sending me >> to donate to their stylus into our shop. they even start a fundraiser to help the stylists. >> the owners tell me they're going to be working on getting a better security system to try and prevent this type of situation from happening in the future. live in walnut creek amanda hari kron. 4
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news. >> amanda, thank you. a tragic accident on the peninsula. 2 people are dead tonight and a 3rd person may be missing in san mateo county after a late night car crash at pasco darrow state beach as authorities search for that possible 3rd person. the question remains how they ended up driving off the cliff in the first place from forcefully to call reports. >> the chp says the 2 victims found in this case are from freedom. california. it's unclear if they're related. >> the crash at passed state beach was reported just before 9 o'clock friday night. that's when for unknown reasons. the chp says the 2012 toyota tacoma driving down pescadero creek road towards the coast. cross the highway. one intersection continuing through the parking lot and falling 30 feet down the cliff. >> the man possibly in his 40's was located about an hour after the crash. the girl was pronounced dead. once authorities reached the vehicle, she was found inside the car at around 1 o'clock in
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the morning. it's unclear if drugs or alcohol were factors in this crash this case within know what happened. but this >> a perfect example. why with force lost while we try to stop people before and anything like this happens involving the small child? it's a it's a tragic event. the main thing that we can learn because we didn't know what actually happened is that. >> people who try to carefully fits the road. and couple of the tracking of the u.s. coast guard continued its search for a possible 3rd victim until about 9 o'clock this morning. >> but they suspended that search once they found no evidence confirming a 3rd person was involved in san mateo county, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> to the east bay now where one man is in the hospital after an early morning shooting in oakland. police found him just after 03:00am near 30th and telegraph avenue. investigators say the man was shot during a robbery. so far no suspect has been arrested. the victim is said
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to be in critical condition. >> a vigil was held today and nation memory of crime victims, families gathering at alvarez and 9th street park to honor last ones of loved ones that were lost to violence. families from oakland, richmond, fairfield and vallejo releasing balloons to honor the lives that were lost to violent crimes. this vigil is part of the 4th annual survivors speak healing vigil day of action to mark national crime victims rights week. the event is one of dozens in cities across the country. >> down in the south bay, the coroner's office has determined fentanyl toxicity is what caused the death of former san jose police officer to john packer. the 24 year-old rookie officer was found dead in his milpitas home back in march. packer was a football star at san jose state before pursuing a career in law enforcement. the investigation into his death is ongoing. the san jose police chief said, quote, any allegation of illegal drug use by a san jose police officer is concerning. end quote.
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we'll continue to follow this story and update you as more information becomes available. >> a daring rescue in san francisco today. fire crews climbing 80 feet up the transbay terminal building to save a man standing at the top. they say he was experiencing a behavioral emergency. thankfully he was not hurt, but he was sent to the er for evaluation. >> the union representing about 5,000 nurses at stanford, health care and lucile packard children's hospital have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract and this could end their strike. that began back on monday. union reps say if approved that deal would give their members a 7% wage increase this year, along with a 5% increase next april. and then an%ther one in april twenty-twenty for the deal also includes an increase to the nurses, retirement benefits and an extra week of vacation for all nurses beginning in 2024, however, the union members still have to vote on this deal this weekend before anything becomes official. there was a
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3.3 magnitude earthquake that struck up in the north bay this morning. u.s. geological survey says that quake was senate in geyserville up in sonoma county. so far no damages or injuries have been reported. it. >> all right. now to our 4 zone forecast taking a live look for downtown san francisco tonight. looks like there's a little haze out there. we know was a pretty breezy, windy day across the bay today. still windy tonight as we can some of the trees kind of waving behind us here in our live attending by how long is this one is going to last days? >> many dave, many days. so we're going to have a couple of storms to our north trying to sweep through the bay area, not bringing rain. it's going to dry out by the time it gets here. so. >> more of wind storms then actual wet weather. and this is the time of year where we start to notice a drying trend for the wet season. even though this year, the wet season, pretty dismal at best. thank goodness for april showers, though, our last day of april. i can't believe you
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guys. tomorrow is may let's take a look at radar for right now. we're tracking very dry and clear conditions in right now we are seeing clear skies out there tonight with the transamerica pyramid out in the background. but we are noticing breezy winds and this forecast going to continue for the next several days. i know allergy suffers like myself the last couple of days have been brutal on suffering with you. don't worry. we are tracking those cool sea breeze, a downtown san francisco. 22 mile for sustained winds even breezier for those of you in oakland and fairfield inn that 25 to 26 mile per hour range with gusts there 30 miles per hour or less. and also noticing 2020 miles per hour wind speeds for san jose. so winds going to continue throughout tonight. gusts upwards of 30 to 35 miles per hour. but then we are going to notice most of the ones hanging tight right along the bay area coastline. specifically for those of you at half moon bay shortly before sunrise for your sunday morning. and then by sunday afternoon, that's when we're
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going to notice the increase in those wind speeds specifically along the san francisco peninsula gust 30 miles per hour or less. and temperatures barely in the low 50's or pacifica and half moon bay. thanks to that cool sea breeze. currently. 51 degrees. 10 degrees warmer for those of you in concord. 61 degrees. but we are going to see a nice warming trend in the coming days specifically sunday, cooling down monday and then in the 80's for inland valleys on tuesday, more my full forecast in just a few minutes, dan and well, back to you. murray said thank you, los angeles community leaders are calling for unity as the city marks 30 years since the la riots. the la riots were one of the most transformative incidents in the city's history. the city are opting in violence after 4 lapd officers were acquitted in the brutal beating of rodney king. those riots lasted for 6 days in 1992. from april. 29th until may 4th. >> yesterday elected officials reflected on the dark period. then the progress made to foster more racial harmony across communities. >> a city has survived and
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changed. in many ways. you can see the brave and bold articulation of an la. you never want to bet against. but in other places we still see a city still broken and broke. >> mayor garre said he says the riots were a turning point in the history of los angeles. 63 people were killed more than 2000 others were injured and the property damage totaled just over 1 billion dollars. >> country music star naomi judd has died. her daughters actually in winona judd announcing her death today. the sisters saying that they experienced a tragedy losing their mother to the disease of mental illness. no other details were provided. naomi in winona perform together as the grammy-winning duo, the judds. they were set to be inducted into the country. music hall of fame tomorrow.
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me judge was 76 years old. >> still ahead here, president biden is asking for billions of dollars in aid from congress to help ukraine. state representative john garamendi will join us live a little bit later for more insight. plus, google is urging its users to update their software is to prevent hackers from getting in. and a terrifying tornado leaving a path of death and devastation and a kansas town. we're taking a look at that damage next.
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>> last month, california leaders introduced new legislation to prevent police from using rape kit dna to connect people to crimes. san francisco district attorney chase a beating and senator scott wiener co authored the bill after discovering the san francisco police department had been retaining dna from assault survivors. and then using that information for searches unrelated to the assault. senator wiener has called this practice unacceptable. we need to just make clear that this is banned. >> but if you are sexually assaulted and you make the brave choice to come forward to report the crime to go to the hospital, to provide a dna sample that that sample will not be used against you in the future. >> senate bill, 1, 1, 2, 2, 8, for the genetic privacy for assault victims. bill unanimously passed its first obstacle last week and is heading to the senate appropriations committee. san
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francisco police chief bill scott has expressed support for this bill in national news tonight, the fbi is searching for a corrections officer and an inmate who went missing on their way to a courthouse in alabama. officer vicki white broke protocol when she escorted casey white from a lauderdale county jail yesterday. the 2 have the same name but they are not related. the officer said that she was transporting the inmate for a mental health evaluation. but officials have since learned he did not have one scheduled. the inmate was being held on capital murder charges and should have been with 2 sworn deputies at all times. he is now considered armed and dangerous. >> in kansas, a trail of destruction has been left behind by a massive tornado that ripped through the city of andover overnight. the winds were so strong, several heavy suvs. we're actually tossed into buildings. officials say hundreds of homes and other buildings were destroyed and more than 15,000 people are now without power. the scope of the damage isn't fully known just yet as the
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long recovery process is just beginning back here at home. it has been windy all day long. we've been talking about that time to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. yeah, t e weather not so bad out there today, though. the temperatures are pretty pretty high. looking good out there. and recent yeah, very seasonal spring-like temperatures in the bay area. we were either exactly where we should or slightly cooler with the exception of those of you in concord, warming up to 76 degrees, you should be in the mid 70's. so just 2 degrees above average. there. >> downtown san francisco barely warming up into the low 60 so few degrees below normal. there. beautiful sunset out there right now in the east bay over berkeley, a little hazy out there. but don't worry, we're still tracking good air particles from coast to valleys. that's going to continue through tomorrow as well. when tracker for big weather story certainly has been the winds making temperatures feel cooler, especially along the coast, sustained winds in the 20 to 25 miles per hour range, not just for downtownssan
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francisco, but oakland seeing more those northerly offshore breezes for those of you at san jose 20 miles per hour. fairfield, though, 26 mile per wind speeds with gusts upwards of 30 tonight. so we're tracking very dry and cool conditions right now. but we are going to see some storms to our north trying to clip the north bay. but really that storm track going to remain to our north. so going to be more wind makers than actual rainmakers, unfortunately. and even for this year could see some light showers early saturday morning. but overall, not really tracking any substantial snow showers to help out the sierra snowpack. temperatures right now, though, in the low 50's for downtown san francisco in half moon bay, 51 degrees of peace with conquer 10 degrees warmer at 61 degrees. everyone right in the middle. so we're tracking overnight lows tonight. lew to mid and upper 40's. antioch, though, on the milder side in the low 50's warming up into the mid 70's at 77 degrees for concord in antioch, upper 70's for santa rosa and avato. very seasonal
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temperatures for oakland at 71 degrees downtown san francisco at 65 degrees. so those of you attending the giants game, mostly sunny skies. yeah. those winds going to continue with first pitch as they take on the nationals at one. 0, 5, in the afternoon. and temperatures in the mid 60's. but we're really going to warm up peaking wednesday, 5 to 15 degrees above average, flirting with 90's for inland valleys and even mid 60's along the coast of quite the micro-climate forecast. definitely. i mean, we're going to go from this. when were you definitely need a jacket like shutting those layers pretty quickly watch out if you live inland because it is going to get pretty toasty. so we'll see if any records will be broken that day. break out the sun block. there you thanks, thanks, guys. >> well for your health tonight, the cdc continues to investigate cases of acute hepatitis sharing. some new details regarding the disease in children. yeah, there have been 18 cases reported in at least 4 states. >> but the first cases in the u.s. coming from alabama of those alabama cases. >> the patients were from different parts of the state
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with no contact, all were considered generally healthy with no immune system, weakness. health officials are still searching for the outbreak's origin. >> today is national prescription drug. take back day when people can safely get rid of unused prescription drugs. people dropped off unused prescriptions at local police departments earlier today, e-cigarettes and vape pens were also accepted. the goal is to prevent the drugs from getting out onto the street. the dea organizes the event and says it's also going to help keep harmful chemicals out of local water systems. this week the biden administration announced the fda will move forward with rules to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes. washington correspondent. >> raquel martin has more. health organizations like the american lung association say the ban. >> could prevent thousands if not millions of americans from growing addicted to cigarettes. we're truly excited. erika sward with the american lung association is applauding the fda's effort to
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ban the sale of menthol flavored cigarettes. menthol cigarettes are very dangerous. menthol cigarettes make it easier for the poisoning to go down. sort says the proposed rule is years in the making fda's scientific advisory committee recommended that menthol cigarettes be removed from the marketplace to the obama administration and comes after a decades old battle with tobacco companies who fought to keep the flavor on the market. this is something the industry will not go quietly into the night about. and she's right already. groups like british american tobacco say they plan to fight against the proposed rule saying in a statement we do not believe the public science supports regulating menthol cigarettes differently from non menthol cigarettes. thursday, white house press secretary jen psaki defended the administration's efforts. its estimate the limiting menthol and tobacco products could prevent up to 650,004 1000 deaths over the next 40 years and pushed back against criticism. the rule can result
8:21 pm
in the arrest of black americans who disproportionately used the products because rule would go after manufacturers and people who sell not individuals to smoke menthol cigarettes. it is not just health organizations applauding the band. civil rights groups say for decades now, the tobacco industry has targeted black communities disproportionately black americans use menthol products. of course, it could take nearly a year for the rule to be finalized. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> coming up, how do local congressman feel about the bppresident's request for billions of dollars in aid for ukraine? we're speaking with congressman john garamendi at 8.30, away. plus, a new report says the fbi conducted millions of unwarranted searches last year. >> we tell you why they did this after the break.
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>> china's economy is taking a big hit after the latest omicron outbreak. lockdowns in dozens of cities have shut down factories creating a familiar domino effect of stalled supply chains and suffering retail outlets. on top of that, some businesses plan for a big weekend because this is china's labor day holiday. >> and said the government is discouraging people from travelers, social outings, even in the places that aren't on lockdown. in the last 24 hours, china reported more
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than 1400 new covid cases nationwide as well as 9,000 asymptomatic cases. if you use the google chrome browser, you're urged to install a bunch of new software updates. the tech giant is warning users to get those updates soon because hackers have recently exploited security holes. google identified 30 problems, deeming 7 of them is high as a high threat this affects windows last lenox and other browsers using google code. there's no word yet on the specifics. but the announcement comes as security firms worry about possible russian cyber attacks because of our support of ukraine. >> a new report shows the fbi searched electronic data without a warrant millions of times last year. the report says the fbi conducted as many as 3.4 million searches of u.s. data. a senior fbi official admits the number is
8:26 pm
large, but also says the number of americans impacted may not be as large as the number of searches suggests. the report doesn't allege any of the searches were improper or illegal. more than half of all searches, though, were related to an investigation involving russian threats to critical infrastructure. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news hungry, most show you just a place for shellfish in this week's dine. and dish? plus tomorrow kick-off wildfire awareness month. how you and your family can be prepared for wildfire season. and president biden asking congress for money to help ukraine. a closer look at that request and a live interview with congressman john garamendi after the break. welc
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back. this half-hour want to start off with a check of our 4 zone forecast. yeah. meteorologist breeze rodriguez joining us now with a look at what's happening in tahoe. yeah, we're going to try very breezy winds out there in the coming days. so not only impacting us here in the bay area, but for the sierra as well. live look outside. i-80 at castle peak. >> and wind advisory going into effect for all of the greater lake tahoe area, including the latest. we're tracking valley gusts upwards of 55 miles per hour and for our highest peaks and ridges near 100 miles per hour. wind speeds on monday increasing lake wave heights 2 to 4 feet. that's going to start early
8:30 pm
monday morning at 11 o'clock through 8 o'clock at night. so it is because of a storm, unfortunately, going to be more of a wind maker than rainmaker and even snow maker this year could certainly use some more snow because right now it's averaging 32% of normal, very dry, calm conditions, a little bit breezy out there today in that 30 mile per hour range or less, but future cast for going to show for the 2nd half of the weekend. a lot of sunshine with temperatures warming up into the upper 50's for truckee mid 50's. for those of you at south lake tahoe. and that's where we're going to notice those windy conditions on monday. cooling down temperatures to 54 degrees. before we start to clear out noticing a lot of sunshine on tuesday, temperatures warming up into the low 60's dan and walked back to you. >> all right. thanks. a lot of debris. so russian forces are gaining momentum in eastern ukraine and there isn't operation underway to evacuate trapped civilians and soldiers from a steel plant in the city of mariupol. meanwhile, president biden is asking
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congress for 33 billion dollars in a new aid package for ukraine. reporter tom dempsey has the very latest. >> with the russia-ukraine conflict now more than 2 months old on saturday, the war dragged on. >> worsen forces continue to shell cities and bringing destruction to the ukrainian people standing amid rubble in kyiv. mayor vitaly klitschko described the constant threat that steel would then just ways keeps steal the target. russian fears of season. >> brees is reese. you're right. this is mean, really save lives with me personally. we do it the best, but we can during these in the next couple of or makes a couple of will next. couple of we have the next great all this came the same week as the biden administration pushed for more than 30 billion dollars in
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additional aid for ukraine. speaking to reporters on friday, pentagon spokesperson john kirby described the need to provide weapons. but i can tell you that. >> pentagon planners are already putting pen to paper and and working with the ukrainians on what what they would need. what once we get approval. >> and then to the conflicts still seems far off with talks between the 2 sides get to bring any real impact. this week, the white house looked ahead to the g 20 summit in november called for organizers not to allow a russian delegation to attend. the president has expressed publicly his opposition to president putin attending the g 20. we have welcomed the attending or invitation to attend the g 20. it is 6 months away. so we we don't know how to predict. we can't predict at this point what that will look like. >> that was tom dempsey reporting. the kremlin has said they're preparing for this year's g 20 summit but have not decided whether or not putin will attend in person or for to ali.
8:33 pm
>> still to come here at 8 o'clock getting ready for wild fires. what officials are telling people they need to do to prepare for fire season. >> plus, we get hog wild at hog island as our vicki liviakis takes a trip up the coast to act a little shellfish on this week's diamond.
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>> welcome back. going on road trips. this summer is going to come at a cost, but a trip to a local farm might be a nice way to stay closer to home and experience something new. but we're not really talking about your average farm here. yeah. this week's dine and dish vicki liviakis gives you a taste. >> of an oyster far. >> less than 40 miles from the big city, but a world away. and if the world is your oyster, what what's better than going straight to the source? >> can't get closer to fresh oysters, when you spot mom shack at the farm, you might be surprised to see not cause boisterous. >> this is hog island oyster farm in marshall along the marine coastline. people come here for the views shocking. good time. doing all the hard boat oyster bar serves up a bar b que vive out west cheese and beverages of your choice.
8:37 pm
>> source doing something like this well, since he's gone are the days when you could fire up the grill and cook your own. >> nowadays, it's a table service only with reservations strongly recommended reservation. and we just came out worth it. >> it is well past time or you can't get any closer to the store. you you could call it farm to table with garden grown salads, baked bread and local cheese from cowgirl creamery to be shaped made from local pacific halibut. but make no mistake, the fresh farmed oysters are the stars here on island is open in san francisco's ferry building serving up some of the same oysters from the farm. they've also got a hog island in napa and the newest location for oyster aficionados isn't larkspur landing. in marshall, vicki liviakis kron. 4 news. >> the white house correspondents dinner returning tonight. we'll take
8:38 pm
you out to washington,
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(music throughout)
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>> we're continuing to follow the latest in the russia-ukraine crisis. russian forces are gaining momentum right now in eastern ukraine. that's right. there is an operation underway to evacuate trapped civilians and soldiers from a steel plant in the city of mariupol. >> president biden now asking congress for 33 billion dollars in a new aid package for ukraine. he says the
8:41 pm
latest funding will help ukraine hold off the russian invasion for the next 5 months. for more on this aid package, we have california congressman john garamendi joining us now. congressman, thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm. >> what is this? 33 billion dollar package include and how soon could we see this up for a vote? >> well, actually, the equipment that was purchased in the package is on its way to ukraine. much of it is already are alive to. first of all of us now know the javelin with a stinger missiles, but now heavy artillery is going out there the 155 i can't answer on their way along with additional equipment to really contest russia in the open plains of the eastern ukraine area. russia is not going to be able to even come close to contesting the will to fight the courage, the tenacity of
8:42 pm
the ukrainian. so that older a package is nearly complete. the new one to 33 billion dollar one includes not only. a military equipment, also a good deal of humanitarian aid and financial support for the ukrainian government. all of that is in that package. we have to pass it. there's some not members of the senate. they want to play some games getting their much to wanted. you should probably be into the legislation. so we'll see what happens. but i would expect this will be done probably towards the end of may. >> do you think our response so far to the invasion has been appropriate? >> well, it's certainly been from the very outset. the very first thing the biden administration yet was to rally the support of europe, european union and nato actually got a little ahead of the united states, which was
8:43 pm
exactly what biden wanted. he wanted really to be a on a on nato as well as european union prior to the biden administration, nato was almost defunct. but now with this work going on, nato is strong and a dull is so all of the nato countries are providing assistance. in fact, just 2 nights ago i had dinner with the swedish and finnish ambassador. they were making a very strong pitch at that dinner to get the congress. basically the senate to immediately allow a modification of the nato treaty to at finland and sweden. this was precisely but couldn't did not want to happen. >> congress understand that is expecting things to move a little bit faster here in terms of this takeover of this invasion. so how important is this speed of the the things that we're looking at getting
8:44 pm
involved with with passing this this bill and getting this funding and equipment to the ukrainians in this effort. >> well, first of all, the existing appropriations and the it the equipment, that's all that they've been authorized is flowing. if we can do this. and now the month of may, there will be a continuation. there will be no no interruption will be additional and significant equipment. the eastern european nato countries are actually supplying their own artillery as well tanks and other armored equipment. in addition to i would expect that we will see increased activity. i know united kingdom is sending some 8,000 into the eastern nato countries to bolster the defenses there. sweden and finland actually do join, i expect that they will within the next 3 months. no be even greater strength. all of this
8:45 pm
is a message to russia that they are not going to be able to win this easily. at the very outset of this, i said that the russian bear better be very careful because he's about to try to swallow a porcupine. that never works out well for the bear. that's been the case. i put thought he could to cap it. take. ukrainian government turned out he couldn't take the capital. they certainly didn't reckon the president. so his skate and incredible letter dealership that here show. >> definitely. i know here at home that is one of the the most inspiring things for a lot of us here at home to see how the ukrainian people are fighting and with our help and 33 billion more dollars to go towards that hopefully will continue to help them fight that invasion. and congressman germany, thank you so much for joining us this evening. >> thank you, carrie. not. >> the stockton police department has selected a new chief of police stanley make that work.
8:46 pm
>> mix that will be the first black man and 50th person to hold the position. he spent nearly 30 years with san jose police. currently the deputy chief of field operations. this election comes after a national search and several interviews with local leaders and community members. mcfadden officially will take over as stockton chief of police on june. 1st. now tomorrow is may first which does kick off wildfire awareness month. cal fire's urging bay area residents to do all they can to prepare for wildfire season. now because you may not have time when it counts. we know it's coming. we don't know where we don't know when and we don't know how many, but we know it's coming. we did get a little bit of rain, but that shouldn't make anybody feel complacent. >> while that obviously did add some moisture to the vegetation in recent weeks and months. it also added to what we call the flashy the grass.
8:47 pm
it made it the grass a lot taller. and so that means that the fire can spread more quickly, especially if you get some wind behind it. >> the number one piece of advice is to start creating defensible space around your home as well as keeping your cars and any tools you use and good working order to avoid any sparks that could trigger a wildfire. cal fire's also encouraging san mateo county residents to attend this year's disaster preparedness day, which is set for july. 30th. all right. time now to get a check of your weather forecast. rodriguez here with a look at our drought. yeah, and let's take a look at the latest drought monitor map. little change from last week. most of the bay area still under that severe drought category. it's that tan. >> category right in the middle of the drought monitor. so not abnormal, not exceptional. just right in between. so thankfully, our april showers did improve our drought conditions from extreme to severe, especially for most of the north bay valleys. let's take a look
8:48 pm
right now as we step outside city hall lit up in green this evening and we are noticing crystal clear skies and also very windy conditions. that's been the big weather story for the last couple of days today. no exception, especially along downtown san francisco, sustained at 22 miles per hour. top oakland, 25 mile per hour wind speeds with fairfield. also that 25 mile per hour range with gusts in those cities uppers about 30 miles per hour less. also noticeably breezy for those of you in san jose getting more of those northerly winds. that's why you're in the upper 50's at 58 degrees. while freeman just here north of that 53 degrees. so flirting with 60's right now for san jose conquered. you're hitting that low, 60 degree. mark. you're more than 10 degrees warmer than pacifica and half moon bay. barely in the low ing to cool down as well in the valley there in the low 50's as his fairfax, 51 degrees overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid and upper 40's. antioch, though, cooling down into the low 50's
8:49 pm
but warming up into the mid 70's tomorrow. 77 degrees with san jose. also in the mid 70's as his hayward downtown san francisco, a few degrees above average at 65 degrees. very pleasant temperatures for the 2nd half of your weekend in half moon bay. 57 degrees on account of that cool sea breeze let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. and we're going to track quite a little bit of a weather roller coaster ride from sunday to monday. cooling down 10 degrees for warmest inland valleys. and then as you could see by wednesday, we're going to warm up 10 degrees into the mid 80's, flirting with the 90's. believe it or not, and then we're going to slowly transition into more seasonal spring-like forecast 7 days from now. but, yeah, i mean, i can't believe it's really nice. can't complain. and no rain, though. unfortunately, that's the one thing you know, a little bit bothered by kuz. i was hoping for some first yeah. we were hoping for that may first shower and it's not going to happen tomorrow. so we're getting winds instead. so you're welcome now. yeah.
8:50 pm
>> the white house correspondents dinner returns tonight for the first time since 2019. the pandemic, of course, having to cancel the event in 2020 2021. president joe biden and first lady doctor jill biden, both in attendance. as you can see here, vice president kamala harris, not there tonight, though, after she recently tested positive for covid-19, the daily show host trevor noah is headlining that star-studded event. >> he >> in at he it's >> this is so weird. but not only was this jeopardy contestant smart enough to get on the classic game show. he also showing off his unique talent is just heard. he was singing. that was the alphabet, some backwards. but he wasn't just singing alphabet backwards in the
8:51 pm
traditional way. just saying the letters, he was actually singing the melody fully in rest. first, jeopardy tweeted about this, calling it interest. what is 100 as we are. >> kron 4 sports. >> all righa. to the warriors in the grizzlies mother set to tip off tomorrow in game one of the second round of the nba playoff spot. let's take a look at the first 3 games of this series. it's a quick turnaround for the dobbs as they had to fly out to memphis for game one. that's tomorrow afternoon as 12. 30 tip our time. game 2 also in memphis. that will be tuesday night at 6.30. then finally they get 3 days off and then they get to come back here. the friendly confines of chase center in san francisco for game 3 saturday night. while it's going to be a wild night at 5.30, golden state was only one in 3 against memphis is a young hungry team this season, steph curry was asked about similarities that he sees in this young squad compared to his early warriors playoff teams. >> in terms of young court on
8:52 pm
and make that next step in terms of, you know, winning a playoff series, understanding the difference between regular season and playoffs. this intensity, level of execution focus. it takes. all throughout those 3 years like we learned a lot about and i'm sure they're going through that we don't want them to learn too much, though. >> yeah, that's a young, energetic squad. all right. the giants hosting the nationals today. some fans, they're becoming cove, hoping for that splash hit and they're waiting anxiously. and guess what? they got off. this is the 6th inning. jason vosler going to right field into the bay for a solo bomb. yeah. the guy in the kayak, he's out there and he's happy. this is a part of a four-run 6th that blew this game wide open top of the 9, 9, 3 giants, darin ruf line-drive. he's primarily just a designated hitter. he's got a glove out there. makes a great diving catch to end the game. he also had 3 hits to break out of a recent slump. giants
8:53 pm
9, 3 tell the two-game skid to go for the series win tomorrow afternoon at oracle park. and we had an overt oakland. some kids here enjoying the game on the field at the coliseum. look at that smile is hosting the guardian's say they're tied up and one in the 9th potential inning ending double play here. this is why you got to use 2 hands to get in front of the kids. the arm of second baseman austin allen sees the ball roll up it. and yeah, you better put your head down because this was a crash. 2 batters later. pinch hitter. richie palace ios drives one deep to center christian pasha. can track it down. it's off the wall. 2 runs score on the double 3, one cleveland. that's your final at the coliseum. kohler been a pitched 6 strong. went to waste the a's. try to salvage a game in the series tomorrow. back in oakland, day 3 of the nfl draft the forty-niners trapping offensive lineman, 2 corners, santa d lineman in rounds 4 through 6. we go to
8:54 pm
this next one here. and here is where the real story is right. the final pick of the nfl draft, the niners state quarterback brock purdy out of iowa state. and as the draft last pick, yes, that traditional favorite title. >> miss here are relevant. work your whole life, your whole career to be called mister relevant. yeah, that's right. let's check out the raiders did day 3 in the 4th. they go for a running back then a defensive lineman. a couple more lineman on either side of the ball in the 5th and 7th. and finally with another running back, this is britain brown out of u c l a with their last pick. >> while sports news going on speaking special treat for a's fans who stuck around after last night's came a light show from a galaxy far, far away. we're going to show tia we come back.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
8:57 pm
>> with the a's man lost tonight, but fans got a little extra treat after the game. the a's star wars light show featuring baby yoda. this is actually last night game. he's also known as grogu righties, the child. this is from the mandalorian, the big star wars star wars show darth vader. their cp, star wars day. may 4th is actually coming up just around the why didn't they waded into game on the 4th of year? you know, i think that they would. but like friday night, it's yeah, it was also i heard a lot of people talking about fireworks. they heard a lot of fireworks last night. i think there was some
8:58 pm
>> oracle park last night. so if you are worried and caught, not really sure what that going on there, it was back at 9 o'clock. stick with us.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know, not only where the that their trade take in and their properto


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