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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 1, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> now a nineth and celebrating the warriors taking an early lead in the western conference semifinals. it was a nail-biter there. at the end, the golden state taking home the win tonight against the memphis grizzlies. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm the wealth that low and i'm dan thorn. the game came down to literally the last second. but the dubs managing to eke this one out. >> closing it out. let's get to kron four's kylen mills now for a closer look at the final moments. take island. >> and dan and well, good to see you both on the weekend. nightside shift. it is a party, you know, on sunday nights and warriors fans partying tonight as well. the words are rocking and rolling today in the birthplace of rock and roll. the grizzlies took 3 of 4 from the dubs during the regular season. no surprise this game turned out to be a dog fight. the worst, trying to hang on to a one-point lead with seconds to go. klay thompson, a rough shooting night, but he made up for right here. great defense. on grizzlies point, john
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moran, thompson also made the go ahead. 3 just one possession before that there was more excitement than just this in the game, though, all-star forward, draymond green was ejected for a flagrant foul just before half-time. also, the rising star jordan poole went off in the 3rd. he put in 31 points off the bench source take a one zip lead on the road in western conference semifinals. we'll have the full highlights later on in the and of course, we've got a fun fact for you to the words have won their last 12 straight playoff series when they won the first game. so i think this is a very good signed. and while moving forward, game 2 is on tuesday. i'll send it back to you. >> alright kylen, thanks a lot. and be sure to join kylen and jason dumas us for kron four's hoopsession. that's tonight at 10, 30. the dogs are on the road. taking care of business in memphis fans gather to thrive city for another watch party conference cellar. the sacking was there shows us how fans are feeling about the semifinals. >> hundreds of fans gathered out here at thrive city to
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watch the jets take on and beat the grizzlies. san say the game was a little too close for comfort, but it definitely added o the excitement for this crowd. >> warriors fans fired up after the win against the memphis grizzlies in game one of the semifinal showdown going great. >> yes, you can hear my voice is cranky. i mean, it came down to the last second. it a lot of bad calls by the refs today. but, you know, we pulled it out. and i think before that was a game, they did everything they could to take the game and we pulled it hold it out. i am just the latest right now. hundreds of people watch the worriers. take the w at the chase center. thrive city on sunday to watch the boys game and the my family because we want not and see the of the some bear me and we want some grisly me today. >> you know, we're out here with fans, man. we just want
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to see the wind come back home so we can finish the deal for michelle hernandez. >> the wind felt extra special. my part the warriors won on the first number one gold blooded fans bought a baby now feeling more confident heading into game number 2. >> the warriors are back at it again on tuesday at memphis for game number 2 against the grizzlies in the semifinalist in san francisco, taylor fox. 4 news. >> time now to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. we've got a lot of things in the air tonight if those are planes are stars or going on a clear, i guess the wind is kind of cleared things. gusty, right? yeah. breezes got a look at your forecast. there ever noticing that camera shaking a little bit up. is yeah, >> i always love those accidents are instead of taking the weather wall. i'm
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like spying on someone. why? let's take a look at current conditions out there right now because we are noticing calmer winds along the coast, especially san francisco peninsula, where we're going to see another round of windy weather. thanks to this storm to our north. unfortunately, not going to bring us that rain that we're seeing on radar. instead, we're going to get another round of windy weather. pretty calm wind speeds out there right now. >> calm to about breezy conditions in the double digits. but fortunately in the teens. but we are going to notice winds really start to ramp up tonight shortly before midnight, but it is going to peak throughout the day on monday morning and even through monday night, especially we could see gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour or less sustained winds in that 20 to 30 miles per hour range. but take a look shortly before the sun sets. we're going to see happen. bay. 38 miles per hour wind speeds. same with sandra fell santa rosa, though, 40 mile per hour sustained winds with gusts, possibly upwards of that wind advisory level threshold of 45 miles per hour just keep that
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in mind. going to be pretty gusty, not just for north bay valleys, but our bay area coastline as well. temperatures for the most part 50's and 60's barely in the low 50's. for those of you at half moon bay and petaluma conquer. those still holding steady in the mid 60's at 64 degrees. so 15 degree difference. but, you coolest coastal city and our warmest inland valleys. and speaking of warm after monday, it's going to get downright hot inland peaking midweek. details ahead on your full weektwork week forecast in just a few minutes. noel and and back to you. all right. thanks. a lot greece. another sub variant of covid-19 making its way to the bay area. >> and health officials say a very small percentage of people eligible for a 4th dose of the covid-19 vaccine. have received one. >> kron four's. amanda harry is live in the newsroom after talking to a doctor about who should get that second booster shot a man that. >> according to the state department of health, only 15% of people who are eligible for the 4th dose have gotten one anyone over the age of 50 is
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eligible. but the doctor i spoke to says not everyone that young should be concerned about getting it right away. >> if you were above 65, i think it would probably be a good idea. infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong. >> says everyone should be in a constant state of readiness for the next major variant. >> he says for people who are eligible for the 4th dose, it may make sense to time it out with a big event like before trip or a wedding so they can boost their communities, especially with ba 12002.1 becoming more prominent to its related to omicron. >> it's kind of becoming more dominant. so it's estimated to be about 80% of cases. non u.s. doctor chin-hong says he's not too concerned for people with healthy immune systems because so many of them have built-up antibodies to the original strain of omicron definitely helped us because from the body's perspective.
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>> it all kind of looks omicron to the body and the body's immune system. he says all these subvariants popping up one after another is actually the best case scenario. they coming one after the other very, very quickly. if there was a pause of even a few months, it it could mean that people's immunity might have leaned a little bit before that. second, a new subvariant. >> doctor chin-hong says when it comes to preventing covid-19, more and more vaccines are being created. some are that are more similar to traditional vaccines without the mrna technology. live the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. amanda, thank you. in the south bay, san jose police say a woman was crossing the street. >> outside of the crosswalk when she was hit and killed by a car. this crash happening last night at the 6.80, interchange with capitol avenue. investigators say a second vehicle also hit this woman, but both drivers stayed on the scene and cooperated with police. investigators do not believe the drugs or
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alcohol played a role in this crash. the name of the woman has not yet been released and this is the 28 traffic deaths in san jose so far this year, the 17th pedestrian deaths of 2020. on the peninsula. man was killed this morning in redwood city after hitting a tree on his motorcycle and being thrown from it before. police say it then caught fire. chp says the man was driving on highway 84 when he lost control of the bike veered off of the road and struck a tree. chp describing the bike is being fully engulfed in flames. police have not yet identified that man to the east bay now where a man was stabbed this morning in oakland, police say was sent to the hospital later died from his injuries. victim's name is not being released until next of kin have been notified. anyone with information on this is asked to reach out. >> to oakland police, oakland city council president know nikki fortunato bass is responding to that stabbing in a statement she said, quote,
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enough is calling for immediate action parking restrictions need to be enforced, including ticketing and towing to help prevent violence from occurring and quote. of the north bay. a suspected carjacker was caught in the knee show with more than 60 pounds of marijuana in his possession on thursday and automated license plate reader alerted benicia police to that stolen vehicle. officers found the car at a convenience store parking lot. and during a search, they found 2 large trash bags in the back seat with 67 pounds worth of marijuana inside. the driver refused to come out of the store for a short time, but was eventually arrested. he did have warrants out of alameda and solano counties for crimes ranging from robbery to felony assaults. all right. coming up here on the ground, news at 9 people marching down market street today for may day protest demanding better pay and working conditions for all. we're going hear the changes they want to see.
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>> plus, this wasn't the only issue that was bringing people out on the bay area streets today, the local push to try and cancel student debt.
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>> it appears asparagus has come to the rescue of garlic after being canceled just over a week ago. it looks like the gilroy, garlic festival is now back today on social media.
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the chevy group, host the san joaquin asparagus festival announced they would be hosting the garlic festival this year. they said they heard the extremely sad news about the festival not holding the annual big event. they said they just couldn't let that happen. so the group says there's more details to come. the gilroy garlic festival association had previously canceled the event indefinitely, citing some high insurance costs. but i know a lot of people we're probably really happy. this is the absolutely. we we've done a lot of stories on, you know, people that were disappointed. >> yeah. and there was that sad. and since that happened a couple years ago, but shoot on them by and people want to see things come big. tried really hard over the last couple of years to do the drive-thru event, obviously with covid and and all of that. so hopefully they've they figure something out. sounds like they are figuring something out for this summer because that smell of garlic that, you're driving down that way. yeah. that make you had stopped. all right. let's get
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a check now our 4 zone forecast. beautiful night over san francisco tonight celebrating because of the big warriors win. >> nice day out there. a little gusty but not too bad. we're going to get a warmer as the week goes on recess. got the yeah. but before then we're going to cool down with another round of windy weather to start our workweek monday. >> and then followed by the warm-up. so please plan ahead, especially for fire safety, creating that defensible space. take advantage of the next couple of days before the heat wave arrives on wednesday. let's take a look, though, at temperatures today. pretty seasonable debt and conquered, though. >> in the low 80's, when you should be in the mid 70's with santa rosa. also 5 degrees above average warming up to 77 degrees. when you should be down to 72. so quite the unique microclimate forecast out there. but nice to see that nice bump in temperatures along the coast. absolutely. beautiful weather out there for bay area coastline. but temperatures out there right now starting to cool down and we are noticing calmer winds speeds as well as we take a
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look at downtown san francisco in the teens as a san jose fairfield as well with single digit wind speeds for everyone clear skies out there today. but temperatures for tomorrow. we are going to notice, though, right now temperatures in the low to mid 50's mid 60's right now for conquered. and we are tracking low 50's for half moon bases. still seeing that 15 degree difference. even antioch in the mid 60's at 64 degrees. but overnight lows tonight, widespread mid to upper 40's with antioch in the mid-fifties. temperatures for tomorrow, though, about 5 degrees below average. we're going to cool down 5 to 10 degrees for our coolest inland valley. santa rosa nevado barely in the low 70's tomorrow as our fremont and san jose. but low to mid and upper 60's for everyone else in the bay area. and then as we take a look ahead at our 7 day forecast after monday, we're going to notice a gradual warming trend tuesday peaking on wednesday. we're going to be 5 to 15 degrees above average. still mild on thursday, but very seasonal
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forecast just in time for mother's day weekend. back to dana. noel murray said thanks. a lot is may 1st also known as may day or international workers day, which means. >> thousands of people taking to the streets around the world demanding better working conditions and better pay the rallies, including people from all walks of life coming together for change in most places. the may day marchers with the first in 2 years because of the pandemic. and this year, many of the rallies included a desperate call for world peace with protesters demanding an end to the war in ukraine. san francisco was no exception when it came to may day marchers. many people, as you see here rallying down the street. this is market street from this morning. yeah. well, the people we spoke to all have different reasons for coming out as kron four's will tran reports. >> the one thing they all seem to agree on is workers are being asked to do more now than ever before. >> their cause is all over them out. education, inflation working during the pandemic,
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ukraine unions. but the one thing that they have in common, they say these marches are necessary to send a message to the boss is that it is time to recognize the workers, if not for appreciation, then in the form of pay raises. >> a lot of extra responsibilities and duties were placed on people in this a and we're still trying to catch up to what is being asked of us. more productivity is always be expected from with the intensity of the work is definitely magnified. it hasn't helped having this pandemic as well and continuing to work and having the same pressure as never been alleviated in terms of work i think you know, an element in all this a, you know, just you know, we're we're juggling all this, but it's not taken into context of how difficult the pandemic work is and the brunt productivity overall has increased astronomically, even with the folks working from home. >> they ask you to do more every day as they add
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something to your job, but they never, ever take anything away. so everybody scrambling all day. they're confused. they're anxious. scared of losing their jobs. a lot of times they say when you know, because we're eating union reps like what they want me to do this and they want do that. i'm like, what would they take away? because you're already had 8 hours worth work to do. their workers say there is strength in solidarity and they point to a recent example of a major company bending to the will of its employees. >> amazon recently in san francisco will kron. 4 news. >> yes, speaking of amazon, the company is actually going to be ending covid-19 paid leave for us based employees starting tomorrow. the company says staff will get 5 days of excuse but unpaid leave following a confirmed covid-19 case. amazon says they're making the change now because tests and vaccines are more accessible and guidelines have changed. but it's important to
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note california law does require employers to provide covid sick time. so this change shouldn't have an impact on amazon workers here in california. this comes amid recent worker efforts to unionize some warehouses across the country. >> and as we mentioned, it wasn't just working conditions on the marchers minds today. college students joining in calling on the biden administration to cancel student loan debt. kron four's gayle ong has that part of our coverage. >> college students along with union members and activists marched through san francisco's mission district sunday afternoon. coming together in a show of solidarity pushing for higher wages. students are urging the biden administration to any student students are essential workers. a lot of times they end up having to take a lot of jobs to fulfill the tuition that is rising right now. >> san francisco state university student vanessa torres plans to get a second job to cover tuition. everyone is honestly impact when it comes to even though it seemed
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as an individualized issue. it's your peers yourself. >> the economy and your community as well, according to the education data initiative, more than 43 million people are burdened by student loan debt nationwide in total that accounts for more than 1.7 trillion dollars in unpaid student loans. >> president joe biden is considering student loan forgiveness with income caps in to can him too far long. and we are tired and we did. we demand for full student cancellation because it's necessary. and it's the bare minimum. other sf. state students showed up to have their voices heard that that that i've taken on. it's not just my friends have also taken on that for me and my >> my sisters taken my for my youngest sister who just attended college semester of college. he's actually taking out loans for the first that i have. have already in crude. a lot of that. >> and it's made it very also, the first person in my family to go to college and that as a result of it being so costly
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and expensive, the students say they will continue to push president biden and local leaders to bring attention to student debt cancellation. >> in san francisco, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> now, the month of may also marks asian american and pacific islander heritage month or a p i month and san francisco is celebrating with dozens of events this year celebrations been hosted on zoom for the last 2 years. so this year there's going to be live performances, festivals, movie screenings across the city as well as different workshops. the theme is forging community bonds and organizers are hoping it can foster people to reconnect with one another. that's the community we really need to come together and that super lining that i see this last couple of the community has been going through a lot. but >> we also really coming together. >> you can find a full list of events offered throughout the month on a p a s f dot org. >> still ahead here tonight,
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speaker nancy pelosi is in ukraine for a surprise meeting with president zelensky about she made to the people of the war torn country. >> then a little girl is hospitalized after being bitten by a coyote. doctors now running test for rabies. you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day.
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ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,... liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. researchers are looking into a possible link between asthma
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and obesity. they looked at adults from 11 countries. >> and found that those with asthma are 21% more likely to be obese later in life. and those using adrenal cortical steroids in their medication had twice the risks. people who have asthma longer also had higher chances of obesity compared to those with it for less time. >> meanwhile, researchers say climate change is increasing the risk of new disease outbreaks according to a team at georgetown university. global warming is forcing animals to migrate outside of their typical native areas and closer to human populations. and when they do, they carry with them. thousands of infectious viruses that they transmit to other species. but they haven't encountered before. the study concludes that this is posing a dire threat to humans and animals around the world. the entire study can be found in the journal nature. and coming up, i'll have a full check of your sierra forecast when snow showers will return there. and
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if we're going to see any rain for us here in the bay area for the first month, but a week of may that to you.
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>> a loud night in san francisco's east cut neighborhood. police responding to this side show last night at the intersection of harrison and main streets. this is video of the scene posted to the citizen app. sfpd says dozens of cars were involved by the time they got
9:29 pm
there. they also say they were called to at another 2 sideshows last night across the city. no arrests have been made at this point. >> and in oakland police, they're releasing several videos, they say show a number of side shows happening across the town over the weekend. they've already told several cars and they're asking the public for video that they may have of the sideshows to come forward and help them track down more of the people taking part in these dangerous activities and these kinds of sideshows and problems are not unique to san francisco, sideshows and street races are on the rise nationwide. jennifer mcgraw is in southern california. she's showing us how law enforcement down there is trying to crack down on this dangerous behavior. >> frequent side show seen every weekend, horrific scenes of car slamming into rows of people and car spinning out of control into a mangled mess. and on saturday, another deadly day. 2 people were killed on the freeway in south
9:30 pm
la police believe they were traveling with a group of street racers when a truck was hit striking a pole killing. 24 year-old man and an 18 year-old woman. investigators are still looking for the hit and run driver involved. and last night there were 2 other incidents, sideshows and street racing took over 2 intersections. >> these vehicles are amazingly beautiful. these vehicles can also kill. all of this comes just one day after orange county district attorney launched a campaign to combat illegal street racing. >> to warn drivers of the deadly consequences we are fighting like heck to hold street racers and street exhibitionists accountable. >> the da also releasing a new public service announcement directed by fast and the furious tokyo drift star. some kang. >> it seems cool until it's all over. >> it's a message that hits close to home for actor cody walker. his older brother fast and the furious star paul walker was killed when the porsche she was riding in lost
9:31 pm
control at a high rate of speed and crashed in santa clarita. it's not just you that you're putting in jeopardy. >> it's everybody else around you. >> well, a 2 year-old girl is in the hospital tonight after being bitten by a coyote in huntington beach, fish and wildlife officials matching the dna from the toddler's moon to one of the coyotes found prowling the area days after the attack. officers actually shot. 2 coyotes found on the beach the night the child was bitten. one of those coyotes died. the other was found under a nearby trailer home friday afternoon. and then it was later euthanized. they're running tests right now to make sure the little girl doesn't have rabies. this process is expected to take another day or 2. >> a man has been arrested after breaking into a dealership in topeka, kansas and attempting to steal a car. didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped, though, officers say broke into the dealership through a window. the man is then seen struggling for at least 15 minutes, trying to
9:32 pm
figure out how to drive the 2022. nissan rogue. fortunately, no customers vehicles were damaged. the thief eventually figured out how to operate the suv and drove through the garage door. >> watching the guys, security footage of him not being able to figure out how to put the car in reverse for 15 minutes. and then saying some of the items he left in the vehicle. >> gives a competent comic relief for us at the same time. so >> we're able to laugh about it a little bit. >> suspect is now facing charges of criminal damage, theft and burglary. no word on if it was a stick shift that was may be making things so difficult for him. now, an update on that missing alabama inmate who may have been helped in his escape by a corrections officer. the inmate was serving. 75 years for the murder of a mother of 2. and while the search continues, we're hearing from the victim's family. kayla smith has that story.
9:33 pm
>> coli shock moves completely shocking cows and even possible. we're all stunned. williams mother, connie ridgeway was murdered in 2015. he says the lauderdale county district attorney called him personally to let him know her alleged killer escaped. we have inmate. >> who apparently a state taken center. along with a missing correcting back to do. >> the lauderdale county sheriff is laying out a timeline of events friday morning. assistant director of vicki white left the detention center with casey around 09:41am. to go to the courthouse. just a short half mile drive away for a mental health evaluation. the plan had been for vicki to drop casey off at the courthouse with deputies then go to a doctor's appointment. the sheriff says vicki white never arrived her appointment and casey white did not have an evaluation scheduled at the courthouse. >> he was along with late great knowledge. my policy policy is any inmate under
9:34 pm
both parties are to have to warren deputies. >> it was around 11:00am when vickie's marked patrol car was spotted him t in the parking lot of a local shopping center around 3.30, on friday afternoon. deputies determined vicki and casey were missing a key assist him in a statement possibility. >> what a kidnap en route to the courthouse you know, taken against her. all this another angle we're looking at. >> austin williams says after confessing to his mother's murder, casey white, he's yet to face a court of law and he hopes to see white behind bars again soon. >> somebody really needs to find out how this happened. so we're doing is to look into that. make it can't happen. yeah, because it mean. we really would like to see him go to trial. >> some parents in north carolina are up in arms over a club that wants to hold meetings inside school buildings. it's called the
9:35 pm
satan club and the parents want it gun. but the club says that they're not all bad. they're just trying to make a point. this weekend, parents gathered outside of the school and held a prayer rally in protest. the club was slated to begin meeting last week, but it is now under review by the school. >> but because freedom of speech, do you have to let the sun club end so that the christian cut club can or satan club can't come. does that mean the christian club can come? and i really don't have the answer to that question. all i know is we're going to stand here and pray against what we know is wrong. and for what we know is right. >> well, there are 4 after school. satan clubs across the country, including in illinois and ohio, an elementary school in pennsylvania recently denied the club, creating a lawsuit. turning our attention now to weather taking a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. real nice view out there. looks the bridge is pretty clear as well. nobody
9:36 pm
sitting in a traffic tonight. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with a look. >> what we can expect in the coming days, a member he said, yeah, that's right. no end and got to love those calm sunday nights. right? and it is noticeably breezy out there along san francisco international airport. >> fortunately not as gusty as last night, but tahoe winds are going to be howling for most of the valleys in the sierra gusts. upwards of 55 miles per hour less with this year. ridgecrest tracking wind speeds near 100 miles per hour. that's going to increase wave heights in the valleys 2 to 4 feet, not just for pyramid lake, but also for lake tahoe as well. starting monday morning through monday night. and right now the sierra snowpack averaging 32% of wednesday. temperatures going to peak in the low 60's. so rapid snow melt going to be my biggest concern in the coming days. but from now, until then, breezy winds out there tonight, gusty tomorrow with the storm sweeping through the sierra. going to be more of a wind maker than actual rainmaker. so we are
9:37 pm
going to notice those gusty winds all day on monday. but then there is a chance for valley rain and mountain snow heading into this year for the first week of may. and even for us here in the bay area during the overnight hours, friday night through saturday morning. we could actually see showers out there turning into valley, rain and mountain snow for those of you it this year a saturday night through sunday morning drying out in clearing out by sunday afternoon. so great to see the latest model run showing that mid-fifties of peace for trucking in south lake tahoe. very windy weather, calmer conditions and more sunshine. temperatures warming up into the low 60's by tuesday and then 10 degrees of warming on wednesday in the low 70's. back to you, dan and well. >> thanks a lot. now to the latest on the war in ukraine where today house speaker nancy pelosi became the highest ranking u.s. official to visit the war torn country. that's right. the bay area, congresswoman leading a delegation of house lawmakers to tour the destruction in
9:38 pm
ukraine during which she vowed american support. >> for the country, washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin has the details. >> during her visit, speaker of the house nancy pelosi told the president of ukraine that the u.s. we'll stand beside ukraine until the end of this war. and despite typical division on capitol hill, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they're ready to lend more support to ukraine. >> i mean, sunday, speaker nancy pelosi and a delegation of lawmakers made a surprise visit to the capital of ukraine where they renewed america's promise to just being there. when time during a sit-down meeting. pelosi, thank the president of ukraine for continuing his fight for democracy. the visit comes as russian aggression continues to escalate in parts of the countries on abc's this week, ukraine's ambassador to the u.s. said pelosi's visit speaks volumes as ukraine
9:39 pm
continues its battle on the ground. we need all the assistance we can get at the request of the president. members of congress are bowing to move swiftly to get more weapons and humanitarian aid to ukraine. this week, president biden asked congress to pass a massive 33 billion dollar aid package. time is of the essence. texas republican congressman michael mccall says it's critical. congress act now. >> to ensure ukraine has the tools to fight back as russia tries to advance the next 2 to 3 weeks. are you going to be very pivotal and very decisive in this war? and i don't think we have a lot of time to waste, but it's unclear just how quickly congress can move to pass president biden's 33 billion dollar request. congressman mccaul putting all the fun that house lawmakers will not be in session this week. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> meanwhile, some rare good news out of ukraine tonight, video released by the russian defense ministry shows 100 people being handed over to
9:40 pm
the united nations and the red cross from a steel mill in mariupol about 1000 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters have been holed up in the factory under weeks of continual bombardments in dire need of food and water. ukrainian commanders say there are still people wounded inside of the plant that need help. un negotiators are right now working to secure a truce, allowing others to get out safely. >> take a look at this. some bay area 5th graders are showing their solidarity with ukraine, a class that, you know, borough sarah elementary school in daly city found out one of the students has friends and family in ukraine. so they all decided to cover their window with blue and yellow. sticky notes representing the ukrainian flag students also, but a message saying stay strong. ukraine. we wish you peace. city of san francisco has expanded its free diaper
9:41 pm
program to give thousands more families access to the always needed supply. the city announcing now anyone who is on benefits can access the free diaper supply, including immigrants and undocumented families. mayor london breed calling it the nation's first city funded program to provide diapers to low-income residents on public benefits. citi says this move will double the number of eligible families. >> walker's bike riders and community activists got to enjoy their first jfk drive in san francisco after it became car free for good. the city's board of supervisors voted to close the mile and a half stretch of road to traffic last week. the road in golden gate park was originally kept car free during the covid-19 pandemic. but the idea did face some opposition with disability rights groups who say keeping traffic out is exclusionary to people who rely on cars to get around. mayor london breed proposed the car free legislation and it was co-sponsored by supervisor rafael mandelman,
9:42 pm
along with supervisor matt haney sear a survey by the city's transit agency and recreation and parks department found 70% of people we're in favor of keeping jfk drive free of cars. still ahead tonight at 9, why police in the nation's capital are on the hunt for some wild turkeys. >> and in sports, no dre, no problem for the warriors. they take game one of their series against the grizzlies. kylen mills has highlights and reaction coming
9:43 pm
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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>> 9.44. on this sunday night, one last check of the weather this hour. taking peek out at transamerica. pyramid can kind of see it there. yes, dark out there. it's not so bad, though. little windy today. but yeah, we're going to heat up this week. a recent. yeah, that's right. a midweek warm-up heading our way with our warmest inland valleys. >> warming up into the low 90's so easily, 15 degrees above average for some of our warmest cities. but let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge in are tracking a very calm, lear night out there. but tomorrow we're going to notice another storm try to sweep through the bay area. unfortunately going to be more of a wind storm, then rainmakers. so right now we are tracking some pretty breezy winds in the teens along the coast. but we are tracking calmer conditions as you make your way inland in the single digits with temperatures out there right now low to mid and upper 50's. but 2 outliers out there this evening. petaluma 48 degrees.
9:46 pm
so very chilly there with concord. still on the mild side, 64 degrees after warming up into the low 80's earlier this afternoon. so we are tracking a 15 degree difference out there. got to love those bay area microclimates this time of year overnight lows tonight mid to upper 40's with mid 50's. for those of you in antioch and high temperatures tomorrow about 5 degrees below average. so we are going to see our warmest inland valleys like santa rose in fremont warming up into the low 70's at 71 degrees. but low to mid 60's around the bay area shoreline. 68 degrees for hayward with half moon bay about 10 degrees cooler than that at 57 degrees. so taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook after monday, we're going to transition to above average temperatures. more of a summerlike pattern mid week peaking on wednesday, 5 to 15 degrees above average. but then we're going to just be on cruise control. slowly cooling down to exactly where we should be for mother's day weekend. next weekend. the you
9:47 pm
know no well for you. yeah. mother's >> picturing like fresh cut, homegrown flowers dan like a macaroni masterpiece. i'm sure pasta i have my mom actually still has the one. so you're saying that i liked as kids? so gifts. great. thanks. her like a like a wine basket or something like hazy. it's taken care of. yeah. live or die mean they got to sign it. but yeah. >> there you go. i'm getting my mom. chocolate covered. marshmallow so i'm not going to take my mom's watching yeah, that's a good he's heading your >> all some pretty amazing stuff captured on video at a high school in tampa, florida. check this out. a basketball coach rushing to the rescue of a kid who starts choking the. you see it right there. this kid apparently took a bite out of his cheeseburger, got stuck
9:48 pm
in his throat. he grabbed his throat students around the table started yelling and that's when you see here, the coach left up in the table, ran over, performing the heimlich maneuver on him. the coach said that he knew what to do. thanks to a cpr class city takes every 2 years. save the life. there. good thing they had to brush up yeah. >> and now for sports. >> hard to follow that act. but here we are. the warriors hit the road for game one of the western conference semifinals up against memphis grizzly scene that took a 3 out of their 4 regular season meetings. however, the dubs were rocking and rolling as elvis would say. i'm all shook up after watching this one. let's head out to beale street to see what went down. a highly anticipated matchup between 2 of the nba's most electric point guards in steph curry and the young star john morant early in the first words guard gary payton. the second got his first career playoff. start. that's how you
9:49 pm
make the most of it. how about that dunk puts desmond bane to bed words go up to one minute to go in the second. the worst. looking for a stop. draymond green gets a scuffle down low. he is called for a fall not just any fall. brandon clarke, it was ruled a flagrant 2. he catches clark's face and gets a handful of his jersey. green is ejected before halftime of a one point game. a lot of fans, analysts and other players questioning this call. greene doesn't exit quietly either. it appears he's trying to get the guys going on his way to the locker room and the worst have to move on from their final moments of the half. memphis gets out in transition. will rant flies in for the alley-oop. his pops there can height. they kept showing shots of him. grizzlies up 6 of the break. more aunt says don't mess with me. early in the 3rd curry gets the ball back from jordan pulled from the corner splash and he gets fall worst. take a three-point lead. curry finished with 24 in the game later in the 3rd was a pool party. check this
9:50 pm
out following download the kick out to j p 3. another splash. the slash cousin or the 3rd splash brother. it's looking like dumps take a five-point lead. call it a career playoff-high. 31 points off the bench. this game came down to the final minute, though. 39 seconds left. klay thompson knocks down the tray for the dubs up by one warriors possession. >> was critical. 6.7 left thompson could have iced the game with 2 free throws misses both. the ball gets deflected out of bounds. ref's call a jump ball, meaning grizzlies possession. the 3.6 left memphis could win it there. but no incredible different offense from none other than klay thompson who shuts down rant. the worst take game one in memphis dream on the street. clothes, sunglasses, devon up. his teammates is the exit. the he is just an absolute by their warriors win one, 17, one, 16 game 2 is tuesday in memphis. head coach steve kerr was asked if the team played angry after the
9:51 pm
green ejection i don't know that we are angry. i just thought we were determined you know, we we knew that was a tough break. the didn't go our way. and we're all kind of shocked by the we were confident and determined and the guys stayed with it and i thought the way we started, the 3rd quarter was really important. >> on to some baseball, dan thorn, big baseball guy giants hosting the nationals in a sunday matinee. oracle park, washington jumps, jumped out to big lead off the bat suit. i did there. nats outfielder yonny hernandez on the line that up the middle 2 runs score a 5 run first inning for washington. hernandez had 3 hits and 5 rbi on the day. giants fall 11 5, they lose 2 of 3 to the nationals. san francisco heads to la for a two-game set against the dodgers starting on tuesday. the a's trying to salvage a game in their series against the guardian's top of 3rd base is loaded for cleveland.
9:52 pm
friend mill rate as goes the other way to right. 2 runs come into score part of a four-run 3rd for the guardians a's lose 7, 3, they get swept in 3 games by cleveland. it's the guardian's first sweep in oakland. in 22 years say yes, so not not. and you get there, you guys. but hey, the warriors are exciting. absolutely. literally watched the final 11 seconds, which i think was the most embattled. that's you gave it to on and off pretty well without the full highlights coming up just for, you know, well and hoopsession. i i know you need we'll be right back at the break. under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often
9:53 pm
in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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9:55 pm
>> people in south america got a pretty cool glimpse up in the sky. a partial solar eclipse last night. >> this was in argentina and chile. and these people were in the path of the eclipse. this is the first solar eclipse of the year and there's not another one that's expected until october 25th. but this one pretty cool. yeah. the check that out. well, a little bit closer to home. this infamous grizzly bear and her 4 cubs. well, they were spotted emerging from their hibernation in wyoming's grand teton national park park rangers even blocked off the road. as you can see there to let grizzly 3.99, i guess, is what she's called and her cubs to cross safely. those claws. yeah, this special moment right now, let's to stay positive. that is i want to get close to
9:56 pm
close she's known as the the world's most famous barron. that's according to the grizzly bear time. so i would not get close. do >> people watching be on the lookout for an angry wild turkey after it attacked multiple people going on popular cycling trails like circling around the sky. police say they've got nearly a dozen reports of cyclists. of the turkey harassing wildlife experts say there are more than 100 wild turkeys throughout dc. but this is unusual. turkey behavior, they say. but i think that the turkey is just wise, right. and scott, like a few more months left before it might end up on some buddies played. i was try may be trying harns. now i see you on the would. so many other but they come us saying.
9:57 pm
>> retaliating. alright, of. i think this is a pablo, the lab or doodle. he's a big fan of golf but isn't quite sure how tv works just pablo is watching the mask shot. you can see that ball gets hit and then pablo immediately looks to yeah where the ball when he even goes to the window trying to look for it. yeah. people actually seem to like watching pablo watch tv has video fetching, 17 million views so far. so we had a marc clauson turkeys. have turned their claws and turkey's attack in people getting wild out there. that's things with us. we'll be back in just a minute for kron. 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 10, 5% more transmissible than even be a 2, which is itself anywhere from. >> 30 to 80% more transmissible than ba one. >> now in 10, another covid variant making its way to california. what health experts are saying about this newest version of the virus. good evening. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm dan thorn and i'm noelle bellow. another covid variant making headlines tonight that


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