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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 1, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 10, 5% more transmissible than even be a 2, which is itself anywhere from. >> 30 to 80% more transmissible than ba one. >> now in 10, another covid variant making its way to california. what health experts are saying about this newest version of the virus. good evening. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm dan thorn and i'm noelle bellow. another covid variant making headlines tonight that new offspring of
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omicron starting to make up more and more cases across the state kron four's amanda hari live in the newsroom with us tonight about what we know so far. amanda. >> good evening. just a few weeks ago, ba 12002.1. it was only a concern in the new york and northeast regions. now we're seeing it all over the country. but infectious disease specialist tells me a lot of people may already be protected from this variant. >> it's really omicron. it's kind of becoming more dominant. so it's estimated to be about 80% of cases on us a few weeks ago. you can only find the omicron variant ba 12002.1. >> in the northeast. now it's all over the country. it's about 25%. >> more transmissible, then even be a 2, which is itself anywhere from 30 to 80% more transmissible than the one ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin.
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hong says he's not too concerned for people with healthy immune systems because so many of them have built-up antibodies to the original strain of omicron definitely helped us because from the body's perspective, it all kind of looks omicron to the body and the body's immune system. he says all these subvariants popping up one after another is actually the best case scenario. they coming one after the other very, very quickly. if there was a pause of even a few months, it it could mean that people's immunity might have leaned a little bit before that new subvariants. but he says everyone should be in a state of readiness for the next major variant californians over the age of 50 are now able to get a 4th shot. but the public health department says only 15% of eligible people have done it. doctor chin-hong says not everyone needs to run out and get it but it may be beneficial for those with weaker immune systems or older. if you were above 65, i
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think it would probably be a good idea. doctor chin-hong tells me he's more concerned with people getting that first booster and is less concerned about a second one. >> he says all adults should get that first booster. live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> as you can see here, a side show taking place in san francisco. this is new video tonight from the citizen app of one of several that took place early this morning in the city. police say they responded to 3 separate sideshows between midnight and 02:00am. this one at harrison and main streets as well as one at geneva avenue and alum a name and another one at 13th street and south van ness avenue. police say that's where a marked squad car was vandalized by a vehicle as they sped away from the side show. no arrests have been
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made at this point. sfpd says they're working on identifying the people who were involved in these events. >> down in the south bay, san jose police say a woman was crossing the street outside of the crosswalk when she was hit and killed by a car. the crash happened last night at the 6.80, interchange with capitol avenue. investigators say a second vehicle also hit that woman. both drivers did stay on the scene. they are cooperating with police. investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the deadly crash. the name of the woman has not yet been released. this is san jose's 28th traffic death and 17th pedestrian death of the year. >> and the north bay as suspected carjacker caught in the nation with more than 60 pounds of marijuana in his possession on thursday and automated license plate reader alerted benicia police to the stolen vehicle. officers found the car at a convenience store parking lot during a search. officers found 2 large trash
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bags in the back seat with 67 pounds of pot inside the driver refusing to come out of the store for a short time. he was eventually arrested. he also had warrants out of alameda and solano counties for crimes ranging from robbery, 2 felony assaults. >> 2 fires over in the east bay are under investigation tonight. contra costa county fire crews saying the suspicious fires broke out early yesterday morning along 6.80, in martinez, firefighters were able to extinguish those fires quickly. they were able to keep those flames from spreading to a nearby dog kennel. investigators are still looking into whether someone intentionally set those fires. >> the golden state warriors winning tonight against the memphis grizzlies in game one of the western conference semifinals. lot of people excited about it. yeah. all the worries are out there on the road. taking care of business in memphis. the team, how the watch party at the drive. city kron. 4 taylor bisacky was there with the fans. >> at chase center today.
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>> hundreds of fans gathered out here at thrive city to watch the jets take on and beat the grizzlies. san say the game was a little too close for comfort, but it definitely added to the excitement for this crowd. >> warriors fans fired up after the win against the memphis grizzlies in game one of the semifinal showdown going great. >> yes, you can hear my voice is cranky. i mean, it came down to the last second. it a lot of bad calls by the refs today. but, you know, we pulled it out. and i think before that was a game, they did everything they could to take the game and we pulled it hold it out. i am just the latest right now. hundreds of people watch the worriers. take the w at the chase center. thrive city on sunday to watch the boys game and the my family because we want not year and see the of the some bear me and we want some grisly me today.
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>> you know, we're out here with fans, man. we just want to see the wind come back home so we can finish the deal for michelle hernandez. >> the wind felt extra special. my part the warriors won on the first number one gold blooded fans bought a baby now feeling more confident heading into game number 2. >> the warriors are back at it again on tuesday at memphis for game number 2 against the grizzlies in the semifinalist in san francisco, taylor fox. 4 news. >> well, looks like a nice day wasn't so absolutely. say and dance join the the sun was shining good. good time to celebrate warriors yeah. it was a good which i was a dancer we've got presa over happening. yeah, no. it was a beautiful day like it was one of those days so hard to come
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into work as i wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. so hopefully those of you in the bay area enjoyed your sunday fun day for me. but we are tracking though. temperatures out there right now on the cool side. very clear. calm is conditions a little bit breezy winds, but tomorrow winds are certainly going to how it's going to be the big weather story to start your work week monday where this storm to our north. >> it is going to try to make its way into the bay area. but unfortunately, it's going to fizzle out. no rain in the forecast. instead, we're going to get left with gusty winds to start out your monday morning. so we are going to see sustained winds of that 20 to 30 mile per hour range. but then by later in the afternoon, they're going to peak. and then shortly after the sun sets, that's when we're going to see wind gusts and that 30 to 40 miles per hour range. so right below that wind advisory level threshold of 45 miles per hour or less. but so far, no wind advisories in the forecast for your monday afternoon or evening. but don't be surprised if the national weather service changes its mind in the last minute.
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monday morning. we are tracking those cool temperatures along the coast. upper 40's for pacific up peddling that 48 degrees. but more than 10 degrees warmer for those of you in concord. 61 degrees after warming up into the low 80's this afternoon. so 5 degrees above average. and we are going to see cooler temperatures 5 to 10 degrees of cooling, especially for warmest inland valleys, not even warming up into the 70's for most of our hottest inland temperaturesl but then we're going to gradually warm up with the midweek. temperatures soaring to the 90's for our hottest inland valley locations, 60's along the coast. and yes, 80's for the east bay shoreline. details ahead on your full work week forecast coming up and your 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes standing. well, back to you. recent thanks a lot. it's may 1st also known as may day, which means thousands of people, as you can see here. >> took to the streets across the world today, demanding better working conditions and of course, better pay. these rallies included people from all walks of life coming together for change in most
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places. the may day marches with a first step happen because of the pandemic. and this year, many of those rallies included desperate calls for world peace with protesters demanding an end to the war in ukraine. college students joining the may day marches in san francisco. their message to president biden to cancel student debt kron four's gayle ong was at the rally earlier today. >> college students along with union members and activists marched through san francisco's mission district sunday afternoon. coming together in a show of solidarity pushing for higher wages. students are urging the biden administration to any student students are essential workers. a lot of times they end up having to take a lot of jobs to fulfill the tuition that is rising right now. san francisco state university student vanessa torres plans to get a second job to cover tuition. everyone is honestly impact when it comes to even though it seemed as an individualized issue. it's your peers yourself. >> the economy and your community as well, according
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to the education data initiative, more than 43 million people are burdened by student loan debt nationwide in total that accounts for more than 1.7 trillion dollars in unpaid student loans. >> president joe biden is considering student loan forgiveness with income caps in to can him too far long. and we are tired and we need to make we demand for full student cancellation because it's necessary. and it's the bare minimum. other sf. state students showed up to have their voices heard that that that i've taken on. it's not just my friends have also taken on that for me and my >> my sisters taken my for my youngest sister who just attended semester of college. he's actually taking out loans for the first that i have. have already in crude. a lot of that. >> and it's made it very also, the first person in my family to go to college and that as a result of it being so costly and expensive, the students say they will continue to push president biden and local leaders to bring attention to student debt cancellation.
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>> in san francisco, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> in san francisco, diapers are now free to everyone on public benefits that includes immigrants and undocumented families. mayor london breed calling it the nation's first city funded program to provide diapers to low-income residents on public benefits. the city says the move will double the number of eligible families. >> coming up here at 10 o'clock, russia has been targeted by hackers since invading ukraine. the warning those hackers have for the rest of the world. >> plus, fire crews near a wildfire in new mexico. we'll say fear wildfire in new mexico might double in size before they can get. it contains details on the growing permits. peak calf canyon fire.
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>> researchers are returning to the alabama coast to assess the remains of the last us slave ship. the alabama historical commission says a 10 day evaluation of the remnants of the clotilda will start tomorrow. the more 100 foot long barge at the site with equipment to support divers and store artifacts. the ship was scuttled in a river after illegally dropping off 110 west africans on the coast of alabama in 18, 60. >> a new mexico wildfire has already burned 100,000 acres.
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and now officials say those flames could double in size. the drought driven wildfire in the northern part of the state is by far the largest and most destructive burning in the united states right now. over 1000, firefighters spent the day trying to prevent those flames from getting closer to the state's small city of las vegas. the fire grew about 50% in 24 hours friday night and thousands of residents were told to prepare for a possible evacuation. so far the fire has destroyed at least 166 homes. we really are in wildfire season. yeah. always going to keep that in mind. not something we like to report on, but it's a reality. when you deal with the winds that we saw today, the dry, the warm weather that we've got. yeah, we're about to get into the 90's in some parts later this week. come from meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has the yeah, that's right, dan and well, we're going to track a midweek. warm-up temperatures today warmed up into the low 80's for concord.
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>> 5 degrees above average there with low 60's along the coast and upper 60's. for those of you in oakland. but >> radar for is going to show cooler weather before we warm up starting on tuesday. so let's get to it because by monday morning we're going to see a storm try to clip of the bay area. specifically those of you in the north bay. unfortunately, not going to make its track further south. so it's going to be more of a wind maker than rainmaker for allergy suffers like myself. i know i'm going to suffer with you as well. but friday looks like by friday night we could see some light rain showers, mainly clipping those of you in the north bay. unfortunately, this storm already starting to dry out and not expected to make its way into the rest of the bay area. but the one good thing we're going to see is valley rain and mountain snow arriving saturday afternoon through early sunday morning for the sierra. so fingers crossed this year. snow-packed gets additional rain and snow showers there by late this upcoming week. live look outside from the east bay over berkeley. and we're seeing low
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50's along the coast of downtown san francisco happened and napa barely in the low 50's. but check out antioch. still on the mild side in the mid 60's there at 63 degrees overnight. temperatures though, mid to upper 40's, but antioch, 53 degrees for your overnight temperatures and tomorrow, a lot of our warmest inland valleys going to struggle to warm up into the 70's with the exception of fremont and santa rosa low to mid and upper 60's for everyone else with more mid 60's and upper 60's around the bay area shoreline. oakland, 66 degrees downtown san francisco at 62 degrees. but half moon bay, 57 degrees. so you're 10 at 10 outlook tracking dry weather, but 5 to 15 degrees above average temperatures as we see a little mini heat wave. fortunately lasting one day on wednesday, we're going to warm up into the low 90's. then. but overall, a dry outlook. great mother's day forecast next weekend, though, very spring-like seasonal weather there can take mom out for a nice little. >> you know, lunch outdoors, something like that. enjoy sunshine. it's going to perfect to enjoy it. thanks for reading this guys.
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>> well, today, speaker of the house nancy pelosi became the highest ranking u.s. official. >> to visit ukraine, pelosi led a delegation of house lawmakers to the war stricken country where she vowed american support. washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin has more. >> during her visit, speaker of the house nancy pelosi told the president of ukraine that the u.s. we'll stand beside ukraine until the end of this war. and despite typical division on capitol hill, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they're ready to lend more support to ukraine. >> i mean, sunday speaker nancy pelosi and a delegation of lawmakers made a surprise visit to the capital of ukraine where they renewed america's promise to being there. when you want go time during a sit-down meeting. pelosi, thank the president of ukraine for continuing his fight for democracy. the visit comes as russian aggression
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continues to escalate in parts of the country on abc's this week, ukraine's ambassador to the u.s. said pelosi's visit speaks volumes as ukraine continues its battle on the ground. we need all the assistance we can get at the request of the president. members of congress are bowing to move swiftly to get more weapons and humanitarian aid to ukraine. this week, president biden asked congress to pass a massive 33 billion dollar aid package. time is of the essence. texas republican congressman michael mccall says it's critical. congress act now. >> to ensure ukraine has the tools to fight back as russia tries to advance the next 2 to 3 weeks. are you going to be very pivotal and very decisive in this war? and i don't think werhave a lot of time to waste, but it's unclear just how quickly congress can move to pass president biden's 33 billion dollar request. congressman mccaul putting all the thought that house lawmakers will not be in session this week. for now in
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washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> in the 3 months of war, russia has become the target of unprecedented attacks by hacktivists in criminals. >> according to the washington post, a cyber hacks of plundered russia's financial data, a leaked government emails on to the web and discredited propaganda. one group calling itself network with tally. and 65 says it doesn't work for any government. they're doing it because it's quote the right thing to do. experts say the hacks have exposed the myth of russian cyber security already, but they're also warning countries to prepare for russia to retaliate. >> back here at home in the bay area of 5th graders in daly city showing their solidarity with ukraine. take a look at this after a class discussion. >> you know, pro sarah elementary and the discovery that one of the students has friends and family in ukraine. that class decided to cover their window with blue and yellow. sticky notes representing the ukrainian flag. the students also put up a message saying stay strong,
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ukraine. we wish you peace. those students say that exercise made them feel good about spreading a positive message within their community. other news tonight, singer naomi judd was inducted into the country music hall of fame today just one day after her death. naomi was one half of the judge a lot singing alongside her daughter winona for many years. the duo was set to go on tour later this year. the judge had 14 number one hits in a career that spans nearly 3 decades. naomi's daughters winona and ashley judge accepted the hall of fame honor in their mother's place earlier today, the country music star was 76 years old. >> still ahead tonight at 10, why police in the nation's capital are on the hunt for this. some wild turkeys.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> taking over to mills college in oakland where swimmers participated in the 27th annual swim a mile move a mile for women with cancer. some participants have experienced cancer themselves and jumped into the pool to celebrate their own recoveries. others use the event as a way to honor the memory of friends and loved ones who have passed away some 500 people participated in the event today. it raises money for the women's cancer resource center which provides free programs and services to people impacted by cancer diagnosis.
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>> well, people and police in washington, d.c., there on the lookout for an angry wild turkey after it attacked multiple people. as you see here on a popular cycling trail. police say they've got nearly a dozen reports of cyclists on this. this turkey pretty much harassing them. fish and wildlife experts saying that there are more than 100 wild turkeys throughout dc. but this unusual behavior. this is unusual behavior for to. >> you've got to get key, right? he's like circling it's by gannett. you're like, i feel like i've seen videos of turkey's attacking people before little kids like that. birds are not nice. i and i don't think they enjoy the wins, though. a joy, the wind i know we've got a lot of wow. that video honestly remind me of like a matador versus a bowl. like a bike ride or using his bike as the cape and the bull. just charging. try not to die what's wrong with
10:27 pm
animals somehow don't know. something's going out. don't part in that turkey, right? all right. let's take a look at when tracker for we're noticing breezy winds out there, but it's going to get gusty tomorrow. that's going to be the big weather story. >> sustained winds 20 to 30 miles per hour, but gusts upwards of 30, 40 miles per hour by sunday night. and then we're going to see cooler temperatures as well. widespread 60's and low 70's inland. all right. mabrisa, thank you for that. about all the time. we've got kron 4 news at 10. a stick with us for your sports night live. >> okay. i was
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>> hello and welcome to another edition of sports night live. this is kiley mills. i'm jason dumas, us high drama today down in memphis, on beale street. >> yeah, jason, i'm a big fan of drama and now that sounds bad when you say it. but i mean shows like tv series. i love reality tv. have you seen the netflix series bridgerton not yet. so good. i was just binge watching it. but that still did not prepare me for the drama we saw in this game. i expected to be close. i don't know if i expected this, without further ado, let you take it away. yeah, i mean, for just the 3rd time in the steve kerr era, the warriors are starting a playoff series on the road. but
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>> when you're led by vets with championship pedigree, there isn't a situation out there that could possibly face them. we saw that today. let's see how it all unfolded at fedexforum steph curry and company trying to get a little redemption. if you remember john morant and the grizzlies ended their season last year in the play him now, this was gary payton, the seconds first career playoff start and when you get the first are you got to do things like that. throws it down on desmond bane. even gary little confused that he jumped with him late in the second. now, grizzlies up by one. this is when things got a little interesting, hard foul by draymond green. you know, they call them be a no boys allowed. grabbed his jersey a little bit, a little extra stuff, but clearly dream and did not do that on purpose. he he told the officials apparently that his hand got caught in the jersey. but that's what they call a flagrant 2. draymond is gone, trying to get his teammates going before he leaves maybe a
10:32 pm
a little extra curriculars to the fans as he runs out and true draymond but a tough pill, no draft. >> final moments, the half worst. got to move on. memphis out in transition, cha, morant sores and scores his pops areas get hyped. the cap showing him all game. yeah, chris is up by 6 and a half. moran says don't mess with me. early in the 3rd curry gets it back from pool splash from the corner and he gets fouled worse. take a three-point lead. stephan 24 points in this one. moments later, jarron jackson from beyond the arc 6 threes and 33 points for jackson. he was really, really good. all right. late in the 3rd. >> we have a pool party. we've been having a lot of cool parties over the house. kiley is a huge fan of bright stews. does take a five-point lead 31. but this game really all came down to final minute. just under a minute to go, clay, what shot? how many big shots of those have he hit in his career next possession who
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said steph curry doesn't play any defense. he's alone with john moran on the island and he gets the stop and he lets them hear it too. now this was a moment you'll see too often. klay thompson miss not one, but 2 free throws. it goes out of bounds. the refs don't know who is out on. so they have to jump it up. memphis wins the jump. last chance for them to get the win great defense by clay and gp 2 forcing a difficult shot for john morant. and guess what? the warriors they get a win dream on in shreet clothes. i love that he had a shower it up and you love to see it got checking win. final score. one 17 to one 16. thanks to that big 3rd quarter where the warriors outscored memphis by 7. they certainly showed their championship pedigree. kron four's. mike's ad has more from memphis. jason, kind of should we really have expected anything different than what we got today here at
10:34 pm
fedexforum because dating back to the last time these 2 teams played in the western conference semifinals, which was back in 2015. the warriors are now 22 in game ones of a playoff series. and that includes today's thrilling win one, 17, one, 16 over the grizzlies. jordan poole coming off the bench, filling it up for 31 while steph and klay combined ago. just 14 of 39 from the floor. thompson had the biggest bucket of the game. this 3 to give the warriors that one 17, one, 16 lead. he also had the biggest stop getting some help. >> as golden state stopped moran at the rim. given the warriors the win and stealing away home-court advantage. i got a great look. and that foe could to make that. but >> unfortunately missing 2 free throws very uncharacteristic for me. but i'm human and i've learned from so much experience that you have to move forward. we still have the lead. still have time on the clock and we had stop missed a layup. i normally make. all the time.
10:35 pm
on to the >> i a piece of 7 just because you haven't been on the stage before and you can tell a lie. that's not something you can teach an in terms of being ready for a moment like this. but just the way that, you know, he said that really helped us. i don't know that we are angry. i just thought we were determined you know, we we knew that was a tough break. the didn't go our way. and we're all kind of shocked by the we were confident and determined and the guys stayed with it and i thought the way we started, the 3rd quarter was really important. i think we went on a run, maybe 13 for 13, 6 right away to to get the lead. and i thought that a really key point in the game. jason column watching the warriors just settle for one golden state. looking to get greedy. they'll try to take both games here in memphis
10:36 pm
with game to set for tuesday night. >> here at fedex forum in memphis, mike's ad kron. 4 sports. >> thanks for that report, mike. all right, kyle. and this was obviously the talker of the game. everybody had an opinion on it after it. draymond green, flagrant who gets kicked out of the game. what were your initial thoughts when it first happened when it first happened? i didn't think it was going to be a flagrant 2. it all a flagrant fall. flagrant one. yes, but a flagrant 2 worthy of an injection know. >> and this got me thinking about what what is the definition of a flagrant one versus 2? looked it up. according to the nba. flagrant one is unnecessary. contact a player makes opponent. flagrant 2 is excessive, unnecessary contact a player makes with an opponent. what does that even mean? it's so subjective. i feel like they're in this situation working determine the outcome of a playoff game. you don't go with flagrant 2 unless it is. so. so. so obvious. that's my opinion. yeah, no, i'm pretty much with you there. i think.
10:37 pm
>> draymond got kicked out based on his reputation, not the actual act, but everyone seem pretty confused after. let's hear from staffing company. also the guy draymond found brandon clarke. >> the on the road, so to start a series and you get a guy dream on. and into the locker room, know, i want to see that it's not good for the game. and they deserve that. no promotion arise out of it, you know, trying stay locked in and, you know. >> the circumstances and give us chance to win. we obviously did that 2nd half. yes, it does a tough. >> he's been known for a in his career. i've watched him on tv my whole life. it feels like so i wasn't really shocked. but, you know, i'm a i'm like like the flopping on. but he should be pretty are twice really when i saw it again. so, yeah, i mean, the show starts coming on and playing our our ball. i'm not really worried about i mean,
10:38 pm
it's not shocking that he did does something is done in the past. so unfortunate, not the same team without him, but just incredibly proud of how we responded. and i think our i mean, we just we responded very well some things are out control. but you can hang your head. >> we knew was a hard foul draymond, his father all the time. person that think is going to be a flagrant 2. no time and the person of and think we're going to happen to them. so called him. we do really good job final game. >> yeah. like i said, everyone was shocked speaking a guy who was just talking. what more can he say about jordan poole? he's only played 6 career playoff games 60 now has 31 30 to 29 point and a 27 point game. i think he's rising to the occasion. >> yeah. for sure. he looked a
10:39 pm
little shaky at the end of that nuggets series, jason. and i think how we responded today was going to be huge coming off the bench is well, clearly he was an phase and he played like a veteran who's been here before, which i mean, very impressive from a young player. another stat i want to point out 8 rebounds and 9 assists, which was by far a team high in this game. and one thing that i think head coach steve kerr talked about back when steph curry was first diagnosed with that left foot sprain is that this is going to force jordan poole to step up his game. not just in creating his own shots, but to his teammates and he's finding good looks. he's not forcing it. i mean, jordan poole's game is just, you know, completely overhauled, most improved player in the nba. if you ask me, yeah, 100%. and usually when you have a bad game. >> it would affect all areas of his game. and now even when he's not scoring the ball, like you said at the end of that denver series, he was still getting other people involved. he was still playing
10:40 pm
defense. so he's come a long way and his teammates, they agree with that. >> jordan has developed such a great floor game and you made some huge shots, deep shots to him. you know, with him and stepson lineup, they can both play off the ball. they can both handle the ball and i'm by the defense by coming off screens and we just need everything from everybody tonight. it was a gutsy win. something will quickly forget because we're so hungry. we still want to take care of his on tuesday. i have so much trust. and so that's not the issues is more so. >> no understanding when things are good thrown at you and, you know, different defenses. how do you you know, i'm xlii. winds, how you all play off each other and stay a certain and make sure everybody's getting touches get looks playing aggressive. >> now there was another nba playoff game today. we have to talk about out of the east, the defending champion milwaukee bucks traveling to boston. take on the celtics in
10:41 pm
game one of that series. what's your prediction for this one? is i thought it was going to be really tough for the bucks without khris middleton. but right. >> they show today they have that greek freak on cuba without his fellow all-star up against jayson tatum. the epceltics. wow. this game reall got out to a hot start. we went straight to the 4th quarter for you, though. the box. >> this game open. jrue holiday was absolutely hot as well. we've got to give a shout out to love the bench. her after that ridiculous giannis dunk as usual. he was incredible. but drew holiday really, really get this one home. a 30 point game for him and the bucs end up pulling it you know, really breaking 24 points, 13 boards and 12 assists, by the way, for the greek freak one. 0, one, 89, the final. they now lead that series. one, nothing. jason. game 2 on tuesday boston. you can't just like the warriors we saw today and now the bucs. you can't underestimate the pedigree of champs and
10:42 pm
>> these are the defending champs yet they were they were the underdogs coming in, but they've been here before. so i'm not completely shocked. >> i think that's going to be a good series, probably 6 or 7. guess what? we've talked so much who we also had baseball today, but neither did it's nor the a's gave fans much to cheer about the weather. beautiful day out at oracle park, though. so i guess you have that. >> we do have that the a's try to avoid getting swept by cleveland at oakland. not a lot going on in the east bay have those highlights or lowlights rather after the break. welcome back to
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sports night live right with the warriors in action. most people are focused on that, but we have a baseball team playing to jive kind of the forgotten team today. yeah, they're taking second fiddle right now, jason. but, you know, there's 162 games in a baseball season is a long season. there's still plenty of time, but we will get to the giants hosting the washington nationals for a sunday matinee at oracle park this afternoon. this game would decide the series. >> areas. i love them. the twenty-twenty one national league manager of the year. gabe kepler. i'm just kidding. i don't love him. that's where early for washington outfielder yasiel hernandez minds on up the middle 2 runs score a 5 run first inning for the nats. how good start for the giants ready? alex com, bottom of the frame, get ready for a ridiculous play here. michael frank o.


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