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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 2, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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guard suspended its search just before 9 o'clock in the morning. >> we're told the crash here at prescott arrow state beach happened just before 9 o'clock friday night. the chp says the 2012 toyota tacoma driving down pescadero creek road headed toward the ocean, continue through the highway. one intersection and the beach parking lot before falling 30 feet down the cliff. the car was partially submerged in the water. >> the man was found dead about an hour after the crash. the girl located inside the car at around 1 o'clock in the morning. both victims are from freedom, california. some of things that happen in cases like this is a person could be. >> driving under influence of alcohol or drugs that could be going to mean that those, you know, those falling out of love, those falling at the event last night. but in the way, they got to ready to drive that vehicle. >> and be ready for anything that can happen. and in this case, what happened then as in
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the city as the investigation continues, we'll learn more and more. either way, it's a very surprising that we lost 2 lights and possibly through the coast guard believes that this time only 2 people were inside the car. but if at any point investigators determined there was a 3rd person, they'll continue. >> their search as for the crash itself, the chp says at this point it's unclear if drugs or alcohol were factors. in san mateo county fleet of all kron, 4 news. >> in the east bay where a man was stabbed early sunday in oakland. well, police say he was sent to the hospital but died from his injuries. the victim's name isn't being released until next of kin is notified. oakland city council president nikki fortunato bass responded to the stabbing in a statement saying crime would be reduced if parking restrictions in the area were in force. she's asking for ticketing and towing to help prevent violence from occurring. well, a car crashed into a traffic signal and erupted into flames in
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oakland. this all happened at the intersection of market street in stanford avenue as just a few blocks away from san pablo avenue, firefighters had to use special equipment to get the driver out. the driver suffered burns and was taken to the hospital for treatment. on the peninsula. man was killed sunday morning in redwood city after hitting a tree on his motorcycle being thrown from it before. police say it caught fire. well, chp says the man was driving on highway 84 when he lost control of the by veering off the road and struck the tree. chp is describing the bike is being fully engulfed in flames and police have not identified the man just yet. and the south bay, the coroner's office has determined fincen all toxicity as what caused the death of former san jose police officer does on packer. the 24 year-old rookie officer was found dead in his milpitas home back in march. packer was a football star at san jose state before pursuing a career in law enforcement. the investigation into his death
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is ongoing. the san jose police chief said, quote, any allegation of illegal drug use by a san jose police officer is concerning. we will update you as more information becomes available. the oakland police department is congratulating 26 new graduates of the 187 recruiting class. the city canceled many police academy classes a few years ago. but in the wake of recent highly publicized crimes, local leaders demanded that opd reinstate the academy classes despite the new officers. oakland pd says they are still severely short-staffed and are actively recruiting. well, daring rescue unfold it above san francisco streets. fire crews climbed 80 feet up the transbay terminal building to say the man standing at the top on saturday. they say he was experiencing what they caught a behavioral emergency. thankfully was not hurt and was sent to safely to an emergency room. health workers in the state may soon be
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getting a big boost. san francisco senator scott wiener's behavioral health workforce revitalization act passed a committee vote. it will provide money for hiring and performance bonuses for mental health professionals like psychiatry and behavioral support technicians. it would also provide stipends to students who pursue a master's degree in social work and create a network to connect mental health professionals with job openings throughout the state. last month, california leaders introduced new legislation to prevent police from using rape kit dna to connect people to crimes. well, sarah says will district attorney chase of a dean and senator scott wiener co authored the bill after discovery. san francisco police department have been retaining dna from assault survivors. and using that information for searches unrelated to the u.s. all. senator winners call the practice unacceptable. we need to just make clear that this is banned. >> but if you are sexually assaulted and you make the brave choice to come forward
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to report the crime to go to the hospital, to provide a dna sample that that sample will not be used against you in the future. >> well, in the east bay covid-19 all right. well, yet moving forward. well, let's go to next story in recent weeks, cases at uc berkeley have tripled over the air. that's all according to the district superintendent. as of thursday, there were 91 cases the week prior. there were 29 cases. the berkeley unified says they are also seeing more cases among their sports teams. and they point to factors, including the loosening of mask restrictions. the district plans to pass out more at home. covid test. schools in the north. they are also seeing a spike in covid cases. marin county health officials are advising students and staff to take extra precautions. now, the problem is likely tied to people coming back for spring break. a large indoor gatherings like proms were students wearing mask. well, health officials
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say they're not surprised by the uptick in cases. >> you know, at the end of the school year, we've got graduation but problems again, social gatherings. those things we're also seeing increased transmission across the bay area and in marion county, associate with the, you know, the ba 2 variant. >> well, schools officials continue to discuss how to get covid numbers under control. one option is to require proof of a negative same day antigen test before large indoor events and that masks be required. now the fda is the dates in june to root review vaccines for children who are under 5. it's going to be reviewing that moderna and pfizer vaccines. as of now, only kids, 5 and older can get the pfizer vaccine. they will be more public meetings in the coming weeks. happening today. amazon is in covid-19 paley for us based employees. the company says staff will get 5 days of excused but unpaid leave following a confirmed covid-19 case. amazon says they're making the change now
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because testing vaccines more accessible guidelines of even change. but it'o important to know. california law requires employers to provide covid sick time. so this change should not have an impact on amazon workers here. this comes amid recent workers efforts to unionized some warehouses across the country. well, asparagus has come to the rescue of garlic after being canceled just over a week ago. looks like the gilroy garlic festival is back on social media, one of the groups that host the san joaquin asparagus festival announced they would host the garlic festival this year say we heard extremely sad news. the gilroy garlic festival not be holding their annual big route fest. we just could not let that happen. the group says more details are to come. the gore garlic festival association of previously canceled even indefinitely, citing high insurance costs. coming next on the kron 4 morning news. no dream on no problem for the lawyers as they >> take game one of their
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series against the grizz e mills has the highlights and reaction coming up.
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>> all right. well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news for a lot of us that are heading outside right now. let's get a look at current temperatures across the bay area mid to upper 40's here in the east bay. a chilly as you can see, make sure you grab your jacket as you're heading out the door. half moon bay. 49 santa rosa. 42 napa, 48 and in the south bay low 50's. all right. let's check on your seven-day 40 as you are planning your week ahead. a live look outside. this is the east bay hills. and you can see we do have clear skies right now. no rain in the forecast are expected to warm up in the next day. so that's great news for you. planning. all right. let's also get a look at your seven-day forecast for you and inland temperatures. we start to heat up in the 80's tomorrow into wednesday and then and along the bay. sure. you're looking at 70's coastal temperatures. you're still around the mid
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60's. all right. let's check on the traffic today about a 10 minute drive heading into the city across the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge. it will be about 13 minutes for you making way across towards the peninsula out of richmond, heading across towards center fell about a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for you there, james. alright, rana, thank you for 42 is the time. let's talk sports. the warriors clinching game one against the grizzlies. the grizzlies. it was a nail-biter right down to the final seconds. >> it was a great weekend for bay area baseball as well. we've got kron four's kylen mills with the highlights. >> the warriors hit the road for game one of the western conference semifinals up against the memphis grizzly scene that took a 3 out of their 4 regular season meetings. however, the dubs were rocking and rolling as elvis would say. i'm all shook up after watching this one. let's head out to beale street to see what went down. a highly anticipated matchup between 2 of the nba's most electric point guards in steph curry and the young star john
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morant early in the first words guard gary payton. the second got his first career playoff. start. that's how you make the most of it. how about that dunk puts desmond bane to bed words go up to one minute to go in the second. the worst. looking for a stop. draymond green gets a scuffle down low. he is called for a fall not just any fall. brandon clarke, it was ruled a flagrant 2. he catches clark's face and gets a handful of his jersey. green is ejected before halftime of a one point game. a lot of fans, analysts and other players questioning this call. greene doesn't exit quietly either. it appears he's trying to get the guys going on his way to the locker room and the worst have to move on from their final moments of the half. memphis gets out in transition rant flies in for the alley-oop. his pops there get height. they kept showing shots of him. grizzlies up 6 of the break. more aunt says don't mess with me. early in the 3rd curry gets the ball back from jordan pulled from the corner splash and it's fall worst. take a three-point lead. curry
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finished with 24 in the game later in the 3rd was a pool party. check this out following download the kick out to j p 3. another splash. the slash cousin or the 3rd splash brother. it's looking like the ups take a five-point lead. call it a career playoff-high. 31 points off the bench. this game came down to the final minute, though. 39 seconds left. klay thompson knocks down the trade for the dubs up by one next warriors possession. >> was critical. 6.7 left thompson could have iced the game with 2 free throws misses both. the ball gets deflected out of bounds. ref's call it a jump ball, meaning grizzlies possession. the 3.6 left memphis could win it there. but no incredible difference fence from none other than klay thompson who shuts down rant. the worst take game one in dream on the street. clothes, sunglasses, devon up his teammates as they exit the he is just an absolute by their warriors win one, 17,
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one, 16 game 2 is tuesday in memphis. head coach steve kerr was asked if the team played angry after the green ejection i don't know that we are angry. i just thought we were determined you know, we we knew that was a tough break. the didn't go our way. and we're all kind of shocked by the we were confident and determined and the guys stayed with it and i thought the way we started, the 3rd quarter was really important. >> on to some baseball, dan thorn, big baseball guy giants hosting the nationals in a sunday matinee at oracle park. washington jumps jumped out to big lead off the bat. see, they did there. nats outfielder yonny hernandez want to line that up. the middle 2 runs score a 5 run first inning for washington. hernandez had 3 hits and 5 rbi on the day. giants fall 11 5, they lose 2 of 3 to the nationals. san francisco heads to la for a two-game set against the dodgers starting on tuesday. the a's trying to
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salvage a game in their series against the guardian's top of 3rd bases loaded for cleveland. friend mill rate as goes the other way to right. 2 runs come into score part of a four-run 3rd for the guardians a's lose 7, 3, they get swept in 3 games by cleveland. it's the guardian's first sweep in oakland in 22 years. >> well, let's talk football now. excitement down to santa claire this weekend as the forty-niners made some moves in the 2022. nfl draft in a rarity for general manager john lynch. the forty-niners didn't have a first-round graphic. so we had to wait around too. and that started on day to select the usc edge rusher drake jackson with the 61st pick overall over the course of the 3 seasons as a trojan. he totaled 203 tackles with losses and 12.5 sacks. he was a 3 time all pac, 12 second team selection. the 6
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foot 3, 253 pounds. southern california native is going to beef up the niners defensive line potentially replacing pass rusher dee ford, who is unlikely to return after serious injuries. and here is john lynch talking about jackson's picked. turn on the film and he just jumps off the film in terms of his athleticism and talent and length and all the >> his ability to turn the corner and redirect all the all the things we look for in covid. >> in in a defensive end. >> and rick jackson now joining 8 other players in the forty-niners draft pic. alright, turning our attention to some tech news this morning. a workout app used by celebrities is being made a little more affordable and want to know how much your sports cards are worth. well, yes, there's an app for that. there's an app for everything. we've got rich demuro with that in today's tech smart. >> personal training once reserved for the rich and
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famous now affordable and available to everyone through an app called hip train. one of the advantages you've got professional was trained on how the human body works. helping you accomplish your goals. the price tag. just $7 for a 30 minute session. $14 for a full hour of one-on-one instruction. get world class personal trainer may be on the that put together your workout plan based on your goals. don't come to rest on the ground reform in real and the rest. right on site, the first week is free. and you always get the same trainer to hold their phone. really close your present. while looking at a text you start pulling it becomes readable icu's. my reader number app helps you figure out which reading glasses to get all of us notices problem. i'm at a restaurant. it's called presbyopia and mostly starts after age 40, the telltale sign menus. get tougher to read in low light. the $3 app does a quick vision test using augmented-reality this really solve the problem of do you
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need it and what power do you need? that works best for you. finally collects is an app that lets you scan sports cards to see how much they're worth. we were like really struggling to find the prices for developed by a new jersey father and son. the app reveals average prices in seconds on baseball, football and basketball cards. we pull a lot of faces from we calculate average so that average is usually based on the last 10 transactions within the last 6 months come not included. i really like this. i'm going through the pack and then finding that good player. and you're like, oh, my god, that's so cool. >> 4.59 of time. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back at 4.52. alright, check this out. a mountain lion in arizona thinking twice before entering a building after seeing this. yeah, the sliding doors kind of freak them out. here he is again, as we look the video walking up to the doors. and of course, the motion sensor triggers the doors open and that's when the cat takes off. never seen anything like that before. i'm sure wildlife officials who tweeted out that video said that the size of
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the cat and the way it acted when it got startled suggest maybe it was just exploring and wasn't really a threat to anybody. maybe you should sort of wandering around taking in the sights. yikes. got a little more than it bargained for. all right. here's a of a fun story for his. well, disneyland giving one of its hotels. pixar think makeover heard about this disney's paradise pier hotel now currently themed around california is beach front boardwalks. but soon it's going to feature the artistry of every bill. bass pixar. disneyland says that they plan to weave in elements from the pixar universe into what they describe as a comfortable and contemporary hotel setting. and these are just some artist renderings of what might be added to the theme park. paradise pier will get a new walkway as well. that will take it at disney, california adventure park. so they're kind of time it all in. time. now is 4.53. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, stanford nurses who were on strike last week could go back
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to work this week. >> we'll have more details on that story coming up. and the city of pleasanton is well to the stage. 2 drought alert will tell you how this is going to fact residents with higher water rates and the gilroy, garlic festival is back in in a way. we'll tell you why one group stepped up to help host the garlic festival this year. we'll have more details on that coming up in a minute.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> and thanks for waking up with us at 5 o'clock on may. second. there you go. yeah. monday morning we're entering the month of may can believe that. pretty incredible. summer is almost summer today. we've got rain rv standing by leading off of the hour with a check of the weather forecast. let's get to that. good morning, and so no. okay. now the mic works. we're all good. >> hey, if you're waking up this second day of may here on monday. >> temperatures outside right now. currently a little breezy you might be experiencing that right now. >> a live look outside east bay hills. clear skies, nice conditions, but we are seeing more when we got that onshore wind making its way throughout the bay area. look at this in oakland, 20 miles per hour. up in fairfield, you're pretty gusty pacifica in san francisco. you're going to be experiencing some winds today. we're looking at your current
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temperatures outside right now. so not incredibly cold, but still a little cool. nonetheless, half moon bay, upper 40's pacific at their san mateo. you're in the 50's les hill. 49 napa at 48. we'll have a look at your full day forecast. coming up, a dorian james, back to you. it's a lot. let's take a peek at the traffic indeed. we'll start off with the bay bridge approach westbound 80 so far. so good on an early monday morning. just checking the chp lot. not seeing anything too. >> 2 impactful out there. so whatever there is, you're making your way around it. just fine. no issues getting into san francisco list, at least across the bay bridge. let's check the san mateo bridge for you this morning. you're highway 92 right across that part of the bay and in both directions. you moving just fine. no reported problems at all. as you make your way from one end to the other. the richmond sandra fell bridge has been nice and light so far this morning. and that's still the case here at 4.59, as you're looking at, a steady stream of lights here on west bound in all likelihood, it will probably be start to build up as we get into the 6 o'clock hour. so keep that in mind. here's a check of the golden gate
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bridge. one southbound, those 2 headlights making their way into san francisco moving without any problem and the northbound direction. also moving without incident. no worries on one-on-one throughout. well, any part are in or napa counties this morning, i can vouch for that. >> they go. and at 5 o'clock new this morning, more than 5,000 stanford nurses on strike could be back on the job this week. yeah. so the nurses reached apparently a tentative deal over the weekend and are now voting on the terms of that new contract. that's good news for sarah stinson is live in the newsroom with the details. hi, sarah. good morning. that's right. the strike lasted one week in seems to be over now that the nurses union and stanford hospital system have reached a tentative agreement. now, this is a huge relief for both parties involved, but also. >> for all of the patients is a lot of the non-emergency appointments and the surgeries were put on hold because of this strike 5,000 nurses hit the picket line last week last monday, rather. they've been going for


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