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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 2, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a monday. i'm daria and i'm james may. second, we're entering our first week of the month of may as we get deeper into spring and closer to summer, it's going to feel awful lot like summer. yeah, all in this week we're going to get there talk about the weather than first on this monday morning with good morning darya and james and yes, we are seeing gusty conditions today. >> and then we gradually warm up over the next few days. so a lot of different things happening in the forecast. a live look outside right now at the east bay hills. you can see. >> a few of those bush is blowing back and forth because of those on shore winds. we're talking about look at those winds outside right now. fairfield, especially in conquer and oakland, all seem pretty strong. wind gusts right here in san francisco, 18 miles an hour and then a little calmer in the south
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bay. again, looking at your current temperatures right now, if you're stepping out the house low 50's in the east bay, south bay mid to lower 40's for you, san francisco. 49 up in napa 50 and the final 50. we're tracking your seven-day. you're going to know how to plan this week. we'll have that up in a few minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's take a peek at the commute. if you're heading out the door, you might be late. join the crowd. everybody is packed up and you're waiting at the approach to the bay bridge. they've got a little bit of time. you have to spend there. >> to get to work. and the right over the san mateo bridge is much better. that's a great way to go. if that's in your path this morning, you can look forward to that. the richmond, several bridges been really crowded. so it was a lot slower lot earlier this morning. you can see here you're going to have we for sure. so that's going to cost you some time. the golden gate bridge still an easy commute for marion county. southbound one. 0, one over the golden gate and into san francisco. >> it is 7, 0, one. let's get to one of our big stories this
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morning. the fact that 5,000 stanford nurses who are on strike last week could be back on the job this week, which would be good news for them and for the patients that need their help. they reached a tentative deal over the weekend. so let's go to kron 4 sarah stinson. she's following the latest from the newsroom. hi, sarah. >> hey, good morning. that's right to strike. seems to be over now that the nurses union and stanford health system have reached a tentative agreement. it lasted one week. so this is probably a huge relief for both parties involved, not only the nurses, but also for stanford and the patients as well. a lot of non-emergency appointments and surgeries were put on hold because of this strike. look at that turnout. i mean, every day 5,000 nurses hit that picket line and it all started last monday saying they're overworked and underpaid. and so that's why they got out there and went on strike. many saying they're burned out from the last 2 years of the pandemic during the strike. other nurses had to fill in to help the hospitals get by.
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stanford health says after extensive discussions they've reached a tentative agreement on a 3 year contract that supports nurses, health and ongoing professional development. a federal mediator was used at the bargaining table on thursday and friday to help with negotiations. and it looks like over the weekend they were able to come to an agreement today. the union should be voting to accept signed that contract. and if all goes well, the plan is to have those nurses on strike come back to work tomorrow. i reached out to the union just to see whether out with that stand by. but otherwise good news for patients who had to stanford. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. thank you very much, sara. 73 right now in the south bay in san jose woman was crossing the street outside of the crosswalk when she was struck and killed. >> it was a crash that happened at the 6.80, interchange with capitol avenue. one vehicle hit her then a second vehicle actually also hit her. and both of the driver stayed at the scene and
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cooperated with the police. we don't know the name of the victim at this time, but we do know that she is san jose's 28th traffic death and 17th pedestrian fatality of the year. >> now you can definitely hear all the commotion that was brought by this side show over from the citizens app of just one of several sideshows that broke out early sunday morning. >> in san francisco, police say they responded to 3 separate ones between midnight and 02:00am. this particular one was on harrison and main streets. we also got word of one that happened at geneva avenue and alamein e and then one at 13th street and south van ness avenue. police say there was a marked squad car vandalized by vehicles as they sped away from the side show. no arrests have been made but will. but you know, if there's an update to that, meanwhile, in the north, a suspected carjacker was caught in the nation with more than 60
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pounds of marijuana in his possession. take a look at the video and automated license plate reader spotted this stolen vehicle reported that the benicia pd officers found the car at a convenience store parking lot and it was during a search of that vehicle that officers uncovered this 2 lorge trash bags in the back seat filled with 67 pounds of pot. the driver refused to come out of the store at first but was eventually arrested. he did have warrants out of alameda and solano counties for crimes ranging from robbery to felony assault. >> it's 7, 0, 5 and millions of people took to the streets all around the world yesterday because sunday was they're demanding better working conditions and better pay. these rallies were with people from all walks of life coming together and most of the may day marches. this is all we've seen in the past 2 years. they've been canceled because the pandemic so this was the first of many to come and also a lot of rallies were calling for world peace with people
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demanding an end to russia's war on ukraine and in the bay area, college students participated in may day in san francisco. they marched with a message for president biden. they want their student loan debt forgiven. kron four's gayle ong has that story. >> college students along with union members and activists marched through san francisco's mission district sunday afternoon. coming together in a show of solidarity pushing for higher wages. students are urging the biden administration to any student debt as students are essential workers. a lot of times they end up having to take a lot of jobs. >> to fulfill the tuition that is rising right now. san francisco state university student vanessa torres plans to get a second job to cover tuition. everyone is honestly impact when it comes to even though it seemed as an individualized issue. it's your peers yourself, the economy and your community as well. according to the education data initiative, more than 43 million people are burdened by student loan debt nationwide in total that accounts for more than 1.7 trillion dollars in unpaid
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student loans. >> president joe biden is considering student loan forgiveness with income caps in to can him too far long. and we are tired and we did. we demand for full student cancellation because it's necessary. and it's the bare minimum. other sf. state students showed up to have their voices heard that that that i've taken on. it's not just my friends have also taken on that for me, my >> my taken my for my youngest sister who just attended semester of college. he's actually taking out loans for her. first that i have. have already in crude. a lot of that. >> and it's made it very also, the first person in my family to go to college and that as a result of it being so costly and expensive, the students say they will continue to push president biden and local leaders to bring attention to student debt cancellation. >> in san francisco, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> all right. let's talk. warriors is exciting. his work into the semi-finals now and we like i yes, we want our
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first game grizzlies. so we're leading the series there in the western conference semifinals. >> the warriors, of course, on the road playing that game here at home out thrive city at the chase center conference. taylor second caught up with a whole bunch of fans who are watching the game. >> hundreds of fans gathered out here at thrive city to watch the jets take on and beat the grizzlies. san say the game was a little too close for comfort, but it definitely added to the excitement for this proud. >> warriors fans fired up after the win against the memphis grizzlies in game one of the semifinal showdown going great. >> yes, you can hear my voice is cranky. i mean, it came down to the last second. it a lot of bad calls by the refs today. but, you know, we pulled it out. and i think before that was a game, they did everything they could to take the game and we pulled it hold it out. i am just the latest right now. hundreds of people watch the worriers. take the w at the chase center. thrive city on sunday
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my family because we want not - and see the of the some bear me and we want some grisly me today. >> you know, we're out here with fans, man. we just want to see the wind come back home so we can finish the deal for michelle hernandez. >> the wind felt extra special. my birthday the warriors won on the first number one gold blooded fans bought a baby now feeling more confident heading into game number 2. >> the warriors are back at it again on tuesday at memphis for game number 2 against the grizzlies in the semifinalist in san francisco, taylor fox. 4 news. >> 7, 0, 9 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news schools in several bay area counties are seeing an uptick in covid cases. we'll tell you what they're doing to protect students and the gilroy garlic festival turns
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out isn't canceled. after all, tell you about a new group stepping up to host that festival this year to keep it alive. and lawmakers and the biden administration feeling the pinch when it comes to title. 42 is exploration later this month will tell you what they say. there so concerned about. we'll be right back. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet
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>> 7.12, and happening now, the city of pleasanton is in a stage. 2 drought. they sure are, which means more water restrictions. >> and higher bills to unfortunately will tran is live with the details. i will. >> you know, it's one thing james and area to tell people to conserve water and many people did. but this is how they really get your attention by charging you more. so if you continue to use the same water that you always use, your bill will go up not slightly. how about more than triple the amount. so starting yesterday and they will be sending out flyers to you. so you will not be completely shocked when you get that bill. but starting yesterday, they went to stage 2 and that meant before may first you are paying about $0.18 for every 748 gallons of water. that's a little bit higher, right then it's normally say for a couple years ago because everything goes up. now, how about this
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beginning yesterday? you will be paying $0.65 for every 748 gallons. that's the jumping off point. that message is hopefully to get you to conserve water because it's going to hit you in the wallet. conserve water because of this ongoing drought. actually back in last october that asked people to conserve about 15% of their water usage. and they're still hoping that you continue to do that. but now there's that incentive because if you do that, it's going to save you money. and if you don't listen to that, james and they have a couple of other weapons in their back pockets stage 3 and stage 4 and it's going to really hurt you. so stage 3, if it gets to that point, a $1.39. for every 748 gallons. and after that $2 and $0.91 for stage 4 and 740 gallons. that might seem a lot. but think about it for a household
7:15 am
of say 3 to 4 people with showers with dishes with all the other things that you need to do around the house. that's really going to hit you in the pocketbook say y u've got to be careful about that. help all of us by helping yourself in a couple of pet peeves. i want to pass along. thanks to my mother. when you brush your teeth, turn off the water. that just drives me crazy. and if you only have a few dishes, just hand watch them. you don't have to. but that in your dishwasher, some people don't even have a full load, right, guys. and then the used to dishwasher. just go ahead. and the bottom line is try to do as best as you can. i thought about maybe not drinking coffee. the coffee needs water and coffee is life. so how much it costs. i'm not pulling back on the coffee. use it and i drink coffee for your protection. okay. you're just something we have cut back on. i lick the plate clean. it's perfectly i look at claim. keep mild now they don't come over. no. >> we've got rain and the weather center at there are
7:16 am
some things you have to do. and keeping edition screen is one of the marines. there are some things that you just can't get out of doing it. and maybe today is one of those jacket days because of the gust. >> were seen outside. look at this. a san francisco transit american pyramid. and you can see some of our trees in the back blowing. so we have an onshore wind that's going to stick around for much of the day. and then it's going to start to slowly dissipate into tomorrow where temperatures are going to warm up here. we're getting a look outside right now. currently no rain in the forecast. low clouds slowing us or destroying our visibility for this morning. current temperatures are highs today as you're stepping out the door. remember, we have those winds so that contributes to everything and cools. what would be high temperatures off. so at an antioch conquer upper 60's for you. there of allay you're looking at napa, nevada, low 70's along the east bay in hayward and fremont low 60's. 63 there and the south bay, morgan hill, you're at 70. and
7:17 am
if you're heading along the coast here, half moon bay about a jacket kind of day. but then again, you can definitely get rid of and it's that jacket come tuesday because we warm-up 80's into tuesday and wednesday's even warmer 90's. not sure what i'm gonna do with myself that david definitely make sure you have the ice on hand thursday and friday, saturday, sunday, we all start to gradually cool down into the weekend bay shore. temperatures 60's at the start of the week. 70's 75 into tuesday. 83 into your wednesday mid to lower 70's come thursday friday and into our upper 60's for you saturday and sunday along the coast. upper 50's for you there for most of the week. and then we get to the 60's on friday and then we cool off yet again saturday into sunday, donna. james, back to you. ok, thank you very much. rain it quick check of the commute. we've got our bay bridge camera here showing you the. >> back up at the toll plaza. pretty typical for a monday morning. just checking the chp logs. there's nothing on the span that will slow you down. and, you know, more than
7:18 am
normal. so give yourself the usual amount of time to get through this and on your way. the san mateo bridge also showing a bit of a backup at the toll plaza itself. but as you can see here, once you get on the span, you're moving just fine. that's what this camera perspective shows you. the westbound 90 to ride on the right side heading into its way out towards foster city on the peninsula is heading at the limit as you make your way on the flat section and also on the high rise section 2, the richmond, sandra fell bridge gauging the west bound 5.80, right here in this part of richmond shows that it is slow a little bit as you make your way towards the toll gates. but again, on the span, you're making good time across the water and into the north bay and for murren county viewers or those even farther north, if you're heading southbound, i want to look towards san francisco. looks like you're doing good. lots of gaps there between the cars you're traveling at limit across the span. >> it's 7.18, and national news. political pressure is mounting on the biden administration to address immigration concerns. yeah, it's about the ongoing fight over ending a policy called title 42. and that's what's
7:19 am
really dominating the conversation. hannah brandt has more from the scene. >> title 42 is a public health policy that's been blocking migrants from coming across our southern border with mexico and the controversy is that later this month it's set to expire. the department of homeland security is on the defensive were intensifying. our efforts were adding resources to it. secretary alejandro mayorkas has been touting his agency's plan to tackle the anticipated surge of migrants wants title. 42 ends. he told nbc's meet the press. they've been preparing for months. the infusion of additional resources to the border, the surge of personnel, the surge of transportation capabilities, medical support. but some lawmakers say we aren't prepared to including senator john boozman. this is going to be a crisis. >> but a biden administration manufactured crisis. others are supportive of lifting title. 42 senator tim kaine tell cbs news face the nation. the policy wasn't meant to be
7:20 am
used as a long-term immigration fix and the right answer for the border is not an emergency. short-term regulation, right? answers permanent fixes that will help and the biden administration agrees they've been calling on congress to address what they see as a broken immigration system. secretary mayorkas said on fox news sunday, there's a need for legislation that streamlines the process for migrants building the orderly legal pathways for people to obtain relief. >> under our laws, the plan is for title. 42 to end on may 23rd. but right now it's in sort of a legal limbo as lawsuits, the aim to keep it in place work their way through the courts in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> thank you. hannah 7.20. is the time. we'll take a quick break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news speaker nancy pelosi speaks with. a ukrainian president. volodymyr zelensky can see video here. they're meeting. she's vowing that that the u.s. and that ukraine will stay united through the end of this. we'll through the end of this. we'll have more on that coming up.
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>> 7.23 and speaker of the house nancy pelosi became the highest ranking u.s. official to visit ukraine. she led a delegation of house lawmakers and vowed america's support. washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin has more. >> during her visit, speaker of the house nancy pelosi told the president of ukraine that
7:24 am
the u.s. we'll stand beside ukraine until the end of this war. and despite typical division on capitol hill, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they're ready to lend more support to ukraine. >> i mean, sunday, speaker nancy pelosi and a delegation of lawmakers made a surprise visit to the capital of ukraine where they renewed america's promise to just being there. when time during a sit-down meeting. pelosi, thank the president of ukraine for continuing his fight for democracy. the visit comes as russian aggression continues to escalate in parts of the countries on abc's this week, ukraine's ambassador to the u.s. said pelosi's visit speaks volumes as ukraine continues its battle on the ground. we need all the assistance we can get at the request of the president. members of congress are bowing to move swiftly to get more weapons and humanitarian aid to ukraine. this week,
7:25 am
president biden asked congress to pass a massive 33 billion dollar aid package. time is of the essence. texas republican congressman michael mccall says it's critical. congress act now. >> to ensure ukraine has the tools to fight back as russia tries to advance the next 2 to 3 weeks. are you going to be very pivotal and very decisive in this war. and i don't think we have a lot of time to waste, but it's unclear just how quickly congress can move to pass president biden's 33 billion dollar request. congressman mccaul putting all the fun that house lawmakers will not be in session this week. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. 7.25. right now in country music singer naomi judd has died. yeah, being remembered this her daughters, wynonna and ashley. >> announced her death saying that they lost their mother to quote the disease of mental illness. naomi nationally the mother, daughter duo, the judges and they were inducted into the country music hall of
7:26 am
fame last night. rudabeh shahbazi has more. >> a somber tune being some to at the news of the passing of one half of the iconic country duo, the you think it's it's the daughters of naomi judge winona and ashley judd saying they've experienced a tragedy losing their mother to mental illness born diana. ellen judge in ashland, kentucky, naomi judd worked as a nurse in nashville when she and winona started singing together professionally, blending elements of acoustic music bluegrass and blues made them stand out in the country music genre at the time. >> to stay. >> some of the judge hits, including love can build a
7:27 am
bridge. mama. he's crazy. doubt. >> and rockin with the rhythm of the rain. their fan base grew over time during a career that spanned nearly 3 decades. i know that the reason i'm alive and well and in doing so well is because of my faith in the lord and because of the support from the fans and news of naomi judd's death comes at a difficult time. the judge were to be inducted into the country music hall of fame. they had just announced an arena tour beginning in the fall. their first tour together in over a decade. >> i feel like i'm being kind. they're telling me that i get to give back. and saying one. and one of the ellen a used to these in the now. singer in the business. i get to go sing with her again.
7:28 am
>> the most recent appearance for the mother and daughter singers came early this month when they performed at the country music television awards
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> right now and we're looking at a really nice week. it's very may like sure. yeah,
7:31 am
because, you know, kind of like cool and comfortable today and then really hot sun. that includes kind of all over the board, awfully hot and cool down right back again for the weekend. we've got rain with our roller coaster temperature forecast there. and that's a great way to describe it, which whether do you want, do you want cool conditions? because we got that today. how about hot that's happening tomorrow. maybe even warmer. that's on wednesday. again, a live look outside right now. clear skies, no rain in the forecast many of us were looking forward to that. but we've got those high wind gusts and fairfield conquer nevado here in san francisco along the north bay coast. you've got a wind advisory in place because winds are expected to pick up there into the afternoon and evening hours. one almost looking around. 45 miles per hour. so again, very gusty. the air. if you have some things outside, might be the time to make sure those things are secure so they don't blow away. current temperatures right now in the mid to lower 50's and conquer dublin living more east bay. 49 berkeley,
7:32 am
north bay, santa rosa. 44 petaluma 43 and the south bay mid to lower 50's. we're keeping a close eye on that week that we talked about his all over the place. but darya james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. rain in just a quick check of a couple bridge cameras for you this morning. starting with the bay bridge approach. we've got our westbound right here at the toll gate looking okay. it's the normal backup as you're making your way into san francisco. so you won't have to leave any earlier than you typically do to make it through this. we're also looking at a pretty nice ride on the san mateo bridge. there isn't too much there get in your way as you work your way through the toll. gates on the rich are on the. san mateo side. and as you or i should say on yes, san mateo bridge on the hayward side. that's the word i'm looking for as you make your way out toward san mateo county. you're looking pretty good. you're making your average trek across. 92. >> there's a new covid variant that's showing up in california and bay area. doctors say that it could end up making a half of all the new cases we see in just a matter of days proper samanta harry has more on the story.
7:33 am
>> it's related to omicron. it's kind of becoming more dominant. so it's estimated to be about 80% of cases on the u.s. a few weeks ago. you can only find the omicron variant ba 12002.1. >> in the northeast. now it's all over the country. it's about 25%. >> more transmissible, then even be a 2, which is itself anywhere from 30 to 80% more transmissible than ba one ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong says he's not too concerned for people with healthy immune systems because so many of them have built-up antibodies to the original strain of omicron definitely helped us because from the bodies to suspected it all kind of looks omicron to the body and the body's immune system. he says all these subvariants popping up one after another is actually the best case scenario. they coming one
7:34 am
after the other very, very quickly. if there was a pause of even a few months, it it could mean that people's immunity might have leaned a little bit before that new subvariants. but he says everyone should be in a state of readiness for the next major variant californians over the age of 50 are now able to get a 4th shot. but the public health department says only 15% of eligible people have done it. doctor chin-hong says not everyone needs to run out and get it but it may be beneficial for those with weaker immune systems or older. if you were above 65, i think it would probably be a good idea. >> 7.34 is the time schools in the north bay are seeing a spike in covid cases. marin county's health officials are advising students and staff to take extra care. the problem is likely tied to people coming back from spring break some recent large store, a large indoor gatherings with they've had problems here. recently, students were wearing masks there and health
7:35 am
officials say they're not surprised by the uptick they're seeing in these cases. >> you know, the end of the school year, we've got graduation back problems and that social gatherings. those things. we're also seeing increased transmission across the bay area and in marion county, associate with the, you know, the ba 2 variant. >> now, school officials are continuing to talk about how they're going to these covid numbers down. one option is to require proof of a negative, same day antigen tests before any indoor, large events. and then they also require masks to. they still have to decide. >> 7.35, we have some good news for you- if you like garlic are like festival is back. new organizer apparently stepping in to help out. we've got kron 4 sarah stinson with the story this morning. sarah. that's right. it's organizers of the san joaquin county asparagus festival. clearly they know how to run an event and they said >> they could not bear to see the gilroy. garlic festival be canceled inde initely. take a look. the ceo says not so
7:36 am
fast. we can help put it on this year. the asparagus festival is run by then. the study group, the ceo says we heard the extremely sad news about the gilroy garlic festival and couldn't let that happen. the study group says they're thrilled to announce they will be hosting the garlic festival this year. the go or garlic festival has been around for 42 years. the festival board announced the cancellation of the annual event a little over a week ago citing lingering issues from the pandemic financial issues along with insurance requirements by the city costing 1 million dollars in 2019, a mass shooting happened at the festival in 2020. it was canceled due to the pandemic and then it was scaled back last year with a drive-thru event. people devastated to hear it was canceled are starting to hear about this news about a new host next i did to hear will be happening again. thousands of people travel from all over the world to experience various dishes with garlic.
7:37 am
and it see famous chefs cooking it up. i mean, you're looking at video on your screen. it's a fun time. the go or garlic festival association has not commented on the asparagus festivals offer to host, but they didn't want to clarify their facebook page that just because they're not doing a large event themselves. this year does not mean they're not busy doing smaller events to give back 2 local charities. the asparagus festival is this friday. so the ceo is really busy right now getting that all set up. but they said they will release more information soon about their plans with the garlic festival. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you, ok? we'll see what those plans are. thank you, sarah. >> all right. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. no draymond green. well turns out that wasn't too big of a problem for the warriors as they take game one of their series against the grizzlies. although it was a nail-biter right down to the end, got kylen mills with the highlights coming out and after the break, do you want to train like the celebrities do? well, there's an app that could get you mostly there for
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a lot less cost. we'll talk a lot less cost. we'll talk about that in a minute. under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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>> some 45 right now and we're checking out the weather. i was in the city yesterday and it was quite nice and even a william, it was one today at the winds kind of picking up a little bit. we've got rain and talking about some cooler weather today. but then things change on a dime. but tomorrow, rain and things. actually, it's like you don't even really get used to the windy conditions were seen today before that stops. and you start to warm up a live
7:46 am
look outside right now. you can see our flag showing just how gusty it is out there today. cooler conditions across the bay area. if you're in the north bay along the coastal areas here, there is a wind advisory in place because things are going to pick up into the afternoon and late evening. and today's the day, you're going want to secure. maybe those things that fly away outside. you have flags or if you have furniture lawn furniture outside because of those gusts. current highs for today. so here's how you can plan things. if you're on the south bay mid to lower 60. so 63 in redwood city, fremont hayward over in the east bay. 63 livermore. 68 low 60's here in oakland and then hire 60's out an antioch and conquer the late hall. napa. low 70's for you up in santa rosa, the north bay nevado mill valley. your and 63 and along the coast about 56. we talked about that warm up. we're going to experience that tomorrow into the next few days. and then we cool off
7:47 am
again. so monday, 68 degrees for you. there. and then look at that. 80 degrees on tuesday and trying to figure out what a cool outfits i have to. we're i see it in the ice maker because you'll need that tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, you cool off, we turn turn back to the upper 70's and then along the bayshore. 66 for us today. 70's tomorrow, 80's on wednesday for cool off into the 70's upper 60 saturday and sunday along the coast. mid to upper 50's. you pretty much stay there. and then friday hit into the 60's and then cool off again come saturday and sunday. hey, but if you want to get away. >> want to catch a flight. >> no major delays at sfo right now. be a good day to fly out, although we do have those wind gusts that's not stopping any of the planes are grounding them at this hour. we're checking the skies for you. but daryn, james, how are the roads? well, let's take a peek at the approach. the bay bridge. we've been trafficked racket that tracking traffic
7:48 am
there. but >> you know what? actually, he's got a lot lighter in the last half hour. so that's some good news for ya, things loosen up there over the san mateo bridge. it's really cleared out. that was fast. and now it's a delightful come you're actually better off than the people left about. 45 minutes ago. >> and then. >> let's talk about the warriors are better off this morning. that's for sure. yeah. beat the grizzlies in game one of the postseason. not so great for baseball around the bay, but but they're on the playoffs. so gores callum mills has the highlights. >> the warriors hit the road for game one of the western conference semifinals up against memphis grizzly scene that took a 3 out of their 4 regular season meetings. however, the dubs were rocking and rolling as elvis would say. i'm all shook up after watching this one. let's head out to beale street to see what went down. a highly anticipated matchup between 2 of the nba's most electric point guards in steph curry and the young star john morant early in the first words guard gary payton. the second got his first career playoff.
7:49 am
start. that's how you make the most of it. how about that dunk puts desmond bane to bed words go up to one minute to go in the second. the worst. looking for a stop. draymond green gets a scuffle down low. he is called for a fall not just any fall. brandon clarke, it was ruled a flagrant 2. he catches clark's face and gets a handful of his jersey. green is ejected before halftime of a one point game. a lot of fans, analysts and other players questioning this call. greene doesn't exit quietly either. it appears he's trying to get the guys going on his way to the locker room and the worst have to move on from their final moments of the half. memphis gets out in transition rant flies in for the alley-oop. his pops there get height. they kept showing shots of him. grizzlies up 6 of the break. more aunt says don't mess with me. early in the 3rd curry gets the ball back from jordan pulled from the corner splash and he gets fall worst. take a three-point lead. curry finished with 24 in the game later in the 3rd was a pool party. check this
7:50 am
out following download the kick out to j p 3. another splash. the slash cousin or the 3rd splash brother. it's looking like the ups take a five-point lead. call it a career playoff-high. 31 points off the bench. this game came down to the final minute, though. 39 seconds left. klay thompson knocks down the trade for the dubs up by one next warriors possession. >> was critical. 6.7 left thompson could have iced the game with 2 free throws misses both. the ball gets deflected out of bounds. ref's call it a jump ball, meaning grizzlies possession. the 3.6 left memphis could win it there. but no incredible difference fence from none other than klay thompson who shuts down rant. the worst take game one in dream on the street. clothes, sunglasses, devon up. his teammates is the exit. the he is just an absolute by their warriors win one, 17, one, 16 game 2 is tuesday in memphis. head coach steve kerr was asked if the team played
7:51 am
angry after the green ejection wins one. i don't know that we are angry. i just thought we were determined you know, we we knew that was a tough break. that didn't go our way. and >> we're all kind of shocked by the we were confident and determined and the guys stayed with it and i thought the way we started, the 3rd quarter was really important. >> on to some baseball, dan thorn, big baseball guy giants hosting the nationals in a sunday matinee at oracle park. washington jumps jumped out to big lead off the bat. see, they did there. nats outfielder yonny hernandez on the line that up the middle 2 runs score a 5 run first inning for washington. hernandez had 3 hits and 5 rbi on the day. giants fall 11 5, they lose 2 of 3 to the nationals. san francisco heads to la for a two-game set against the dodgers starting on tuesday. the a's trying to salvage a game in their series against the guardian's top of
7:52 am
3rd bases loaded for cleveland. friend mill rate as goes the other way to right. 2 runs come into score part of a four-run 3rd for the guardians a's lose 7, 3, they get swept in 3 games by cleveland. it's the guardian's first sweep in oakland in 22 years. >> and there's excitement and santa clara this weekend, the forty-niners made some moves in the 2022. nfl draft. it was a rarity for joe measure john and lynch's era. but the niners didn't have a first-round draft pick. they started on day 2 has selected usc edge rusher drake. jackson with their 60st pick overall over the course of 3 seasons as a trojan jackson told 103 tackles with 25 for losses and 12 and a half sacks. he was a 3 time all pac, 12 second team selection, 6 foot, 3, 253 pounds, southern california native. and he's going to beef up the niners defensive line potentially replacing pass.
7:53 am
rusher dee ford, who is unlikely to return after serious injuries. here's lynch on jackson selection >> turn on the film and he just jumps off the film in terms of his athleticism and talent in length and all the his ability to turn the corner and redirect all the all the things we look for in covid. >> in in a defensive end. >> drake jackson joins 8 other players and the forty-niners draft pick. it's 7.53 and we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
over the weekend at mills college in oakland, swimmers participated in the 27th annual swim a mile, moved a mile for women with cancer. some of the participants have experienced cancer themselves and they jumped into the pool to celebrate their own recoveries and then others they use the event to honor the memory of friends and family who have passed away about 500 people participated in the event. it raises money for the women's cancer resource center which provides free programs and services to people impacted by cancer. >> it is 7.56. we'll take a quick break. but coming up on the kron 4 morning news, stanford versus who were on strike last week coupd very well be back at work this week. we'll tell you about what happened over the weekend
7:57 am
and the ongoing sideshow problem continues in the bay area. we've got video of one of the latest ones that took place in san francisco. plus, the city of pleasanton. now in a stage, 2 drought emergency kron four's will tran will be live to explain what that means to you and your wallet.
7:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> morning and i know it's going to be a little chilly when james told his coffee cup like yes, just so that will take a and is going to be this afternoon to i guess we have temperatures are going to be maxing out in the 50's and 60's and then suddenly a lot of 30 degree jump or so by mid week we've got rain with the forecast. they are in james. the weather doesn't know what he wants to do it wants to be gusty, if it wants to be hot. but that's what you get when you live in the bay area. >> a live look outside right now. the east bay hills clear skies, no rain in the forecast, but certainly we're seeing wind if you live in the north bay, we have a wind advisory there just along the north bay coast here. so we're going to see very gusty conditions reaching more than 45 miles an hour in some areas along the north bay coast. so definitely be careful and safe as you're traveling there, 14 miles per hour. conquer oakland. 25 year. as you look in


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