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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 2, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> morning and i know it's going to be a little chilly when james told his coffee cup like yes, just so that will take a and is going to be this afternoon to i guess we have temperatures are going to be maxing out in the 50's and 60's and then suddenly a lot of 30 degree jump or so by mid week we've got rain with the forecast. they are in james. the weather doesn't know what he wants to do it wants to be gusty, if it wants to be hot. but that's what you get when you live in the bay area. >> a live look outside right now. the east bay hills clear skies, no rain in the forecast, but certainly we're seeing wind if you live in the north bay, we have a wind advisory there just along the north bay coast here. so we're going to see very gusty conditions reaching more than 45 miles an hour in some areas along the north bay coast. so definitely be careful and safe as you're traveling there, 14 miles per hour. conquer oakland. 25 year. as you look in the air also, let's get a
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look at the temperatures right now. so with your 7 now, remember, we talked about cooler temperatures because of that wind that we're seeing in the south bay mid to lower 50's hayward alameda. 53 oakland up in napa. 51 vallejo, you're 52, nevada. 54 and timber on 48. so a cool day today. is it going to stay the same way tomorrow? we'll have more on that coming up. doritos back to you. ok, thank you very much. rain. a quick check of the commute this morning. we do have a bit of a slowdown here at the bay bridge. >> toll plaza. not a lot going on in terms of why other than this. just your normal slow and go. we did have some road debris as you are heading westbound 80 real getting near the treasure island tunnels. but it looks like hopefully get that cleared up pretty quick. but in any event you're looking at a normal back up here at the oakland side of that bridge let's go down to the san mateo bridge where traffic here looks fantastic. actually, aside from just a little bit of a backup at the toll gate, once you get
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through it, look at that. you've got a nice, easy ride westbound. 92 heading out toward the peninsula. a quick check of the richmond. sandra fell bridge your west bound 5.80, right here across that stretch of the bay looking pretty good. you've got a minor back up here at the toll gates. but again, nothing out of the ordinary. the chp law doesn't show anything on the span. so once you get on it, you're doing well heading into the north bay marin county drivers heading south one-on-one into san francisco. looking good. this spanned itself looks fantastic. big, big gaps there between the cars. we'll be back with whether traffic in a bit. let's get to the headlines. yeah, because new this morning that 5,000 stanford nurses have been on strike could be back on the job this week. apparently they've struck a deal, least a tentative one anyway. >> that happened over the weekend for more on this, let's get to kron 4. sarah stinson has been following the story. sarah. >> that's right. the strike is likely over now that the nurses union and stanford hospital system have reached a tentative agreement. the strike lasted a whole week. so it's probably quite a relief
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for both parties involved in for patients as well. a lot of the non-emergency appointments and surgeries were put on hold because of the strike. 5,000 nurses hit the picket line last monday. they've been doing that every day since saying thty're overworked and underpaid. many saying that burned out in the last 2 years. the pandemic during the strike, other nurses had to come in and fill in for those on strike. stanford health says after extensive discussions they reached a tentative agreement on a 3 year contract that supports the nurses, health and ongoing professional development. a federal mediator was used to the bargaining table on thursday and friday to help with negotiations and looks like it worked because they reached a tentative agreement today. the union should be voting to accept and signed that contract. if all goes well, then the plan is for those nurses on strike to come back to work tomorrow. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. thank you very much, sara. >> it's 8, 0, 3, and the south
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bay in san jose, a woman was crossing the street outside of a crosswalk when she was struck and killed. 2 cars ended up hitting her. this crash happened at the 6.80, interchange with capitol avenue first vehicle hitter than a second one. and both drivers stayed at the scene and cooperated with the police. the woman has not yet been identified are released to the public anyway. this is san jose's 28th traffic deaths and 17 pedestrian death of the year. >> well, you can definitely hear the commotion at this particular side show. this is video from the citizens app showing one of several that broke out over the weekend actually broke out early sunday morning in san francisco. police say they responded to 3 separate sideshows between midnight and 02:00am. the one here in the video was at harrison and main streets. there was another one that you need the avenue and alamein and then one at 13th street and south van ness
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avenue. police say that is where actually a marked squad car was vandalized by vehicles as they were speeding away from the sideshow. so far no arrests have been made. we'll keep you updated. in the north bay as suspected carjacker was caught in the nation with more than 60 pounds of marijuana in his possession. >> as well, it was an automated license plate reader that actually spotted the car and relayed the information to punish apd officers tracked it to a parking lot at a store and during a search, that's where officers found what you see here, bags and bags and bags and bags of marijuana. 67 pounds in all the driver who initially refused to come out of the store was eventually arrested. in fact, he had warrants out of alameda and solano counties for crimes ranging from robbery to felony assault. >> it's 08:00:05am. and happening now, the city of pleasanton is in a stage. 2 drought alert. what does that mean? well, it'll mean more water restrictions. >> and it will mean you're going to dig a little deeper to pay your water bill. watching kron four's will tran
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is live with the details and the warning i will. >> the city of pleasanton giving you more reasons to save water and these reasons. a very personal not just to the city, but it should be very personal to you because if you don't conserve water, it's going to hit you in your wallet. so that's why they moved over the weekend from stage. one to stage 2 went into effect yesterday and it's going to last as long as they think they needed in place. just to give you some perspective stage one and they use 748 gallons as the jumping off point. so at stage one, you were charged in the city of pleasanton $0.18 for that. now with stage 2, you're looking at $0.65 for every 748 gallons. that's more than triple the amount last october. the city of pleasanton asked people to conserve water by 15%. a lot of people did safe to say some people did not, but we're all in this together with no rain in the immediate future. no
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significant rain. that's what the city went ahead and went to states to to get people to conserve water if for nothing else for them to save money, conserving water. if that doesn't work, they have a couple of tools left in their tool box stage 3, 4 stage 3. we're not talking a slight increase. it will be leapfrogging to a $1.91. for that and skews me, should say dollars. 65 for 748 gallons. and after that jumps to $2 and $0.91 for every 748. so lots of reasons. if you did not pay full attention to this, i'm sure once you see how much money is being taken out of your account by you writing a check or direct deposit into water. bill, then you will feel it and hopefully things will get a lot better. but city of pleasanton always ahead of the curve because they were one of the first cities to go ahead with a 15%
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conservation request. and now they're leaving it up to you. if you want to pay more, so be it. if you want to save money, then save water. back to you. that's that. yeah, that's the message. thank you very much. well, it's 8, 0, 7, right now, millions people took to the streets for may day all around the world. >> they are demanding better working conditions and better pay. and these rallies where people from all walks of life coming together and many places, it was the first time that they had this kind of a big event or a day for a couple years because the pandemic, the rallies also this year included a desperate call for world peace with people demanding that russia and its war on ukraine. and bay area college joined in the may day marches in san francisco. their message was to the biden administration because they want their student debt canceled. kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> college students along with union members and activists marched through san francisco's mission district sunday afternoon. coming
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together in a show of solidarity pushing for higher wages. students are urging the biden administration to any student debt as students are essential workers. a lot of times they end up having to take a lot of jobs. >> to fulfill the tuition that is rising right now. san francisco state university student vanessa torres plans to get a second job to cover tuition. everyone is honestly impact when it comes to even though it seemed as an individualized issue. it's your peers yourself, the economy and your community as well. according to the education data initiative, more than 43 million people are burdened by student loan debt nationwide in total that accounts for more than 1.7 student loans. s in unpaid b- >> president joe biden is considering student loan forgiveness with income caps in to can him too far long. and we are tired and we did. we demand for full student cancellation because it's necessary. and it's the bare minimum. other sf. state students showed up to have their voices heard that that that i've taken on. it's not
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just my friends have also taken on that for me, my >> my taken my for my youngest sister who just attended semester of college. he's actually taking out loans for first that i have. have already in crude. a lot of that. >> and it's made it very also, the first person in my family to go to college and that as a result of it being so costly and expensive, the students say they will continue to push president biden and local leaders to bring attention to student debt cancellation. >> in san francisco, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> well, the golden state warriors won against the memphis grizzlies in game one of the western conference semifinal. so we're up on the series. yes, we are. and they're on the road. yes, right here. back in san francisco, fans held their own party and thrive city to watch covers to love. the second has more. >> hundreds of fans gathered out here at thrive city to watch the jets take on and beat the grizzlies the game
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was a little too close for comfort, but it definitely added to the excitement for this proud. >> warriors fans fired up after the win against the memphis grizzlies in game one of the semifinal showdown going great. >> yes, you can hear my voice is cranky. i mean, it came down to the last second. it a lot of bad calls by the refs today. but, you know, we pulled it out. and i think before that was a game, they did everything they could to take the game and we pulled it hold it out. i am just the latest right now. hundreds of people watch the worriers. take the w at the chase center. thrive city on sunday to watch the boys game and the my family because we want not and see the of the some bear me and we want some grisly me today. >> you know, we're out here with fans, man. we just want to see the wind come back home so we can finish the deal for michelle hernandez. >> the wind felt extra
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special. my part the warriors won on the first number one gold blooded fans bought a baby now feeling more confident heading into game number 2. >> the warriors are back at it again on tuesday at memphis for game number 2 against the grizzlies in the semifinalist in san francisco, taylor fox. 4 news. >> all right. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news schools in several bay area counties are seeing an uptick in covid cases. we'll tell you what they're doing to try to protect students and lawmakers along with the biden administration feeling the pressure as title. 42 set to expire later this month will have a look at 5. those lawmakers are a bit concerned. we'll be right back.
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>> 15 right now and country music singer naomi judd is being remembered this morning and they'll miss daughters. winona and ashley announced her death saying that they lost their mother to, quote the disease of mental illness. naomi nationally for the mother, daughter duo. the judds. here's a look back. >> a somber tune being some to at the news of the passing of one half of the iconic country duo, the you think it's think
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it's the daughters of naomi judge winona and ashley judd saying they've experienced a tragedy losing their mother to mental illness born diana. ellen judge in ashland, kentucky, naomi judd worked as a nurse in nashville when she and winona started singing together professionally, blending elements of acoustic music bluegrass and blues made them stand out in the country music genre at the time. >> to stay. >> some of the judge hits, including love can build a bridge. mama. he's crazy. i doubt. >> and rockin with the rhythm of the rain. their fan base grew over time during a career that spanned nearly 3 decades. i know that the reason i'm alive and well and in doing so well is because of my faith in
8:17 am
the lord and because of the support from the fans and news of naomi judd's death comes at a difficult time. the judge were to be inducted into the country music hall of fame. they had just announced an arena tour beginning in the fall. their first tour together in over a decade. >> i feel like i'm being kind. they're telling me that i get to give back. and saying one one of the a used to these in the now. singer in the business. i get to go sing with her again. >> the most recent appearance for the mother and daughter singers came early this month when they performed at the country music television awards >> have so many song. by all of them, the judges, you know,
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they're amazing. >> they lost a country and we'll obviously be doing more memories. the industry will throughout the day today. it's 17 right now. want to check the weather and the traffic for in a monday morning. it's back to work right it is back to work. and this week going to to a lot of different things happening. so today's a windy day and then tuesday into wednesday, we're going to see a lot more sunshine is going to warm up and then we start to gradually cool off into the weekend. a live look outside right now and you can see the flag here blowing in san francisco were seen some really strong wind gusts year. if you live along the north coast, there is a wind advisory in place because winds are going to pick up into the early evening an afternoon ranging around 45 miles an hour. make sure you nail things down that need to be nailed down right now. currently outside, you can see clear skies, no low clouds, a few passing clouds throughout the bay area. currently looking at your temperatures for the day. so these are your highs. so if you're out in
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livermore or hey, we're mid to lower 60's there. upper 60's. the lay hole up in napa. low 70's for you, nevada. you're at 70 santa rosa. 69 along the coast. mid 50's here. but remember, you've got those wind gusts. so it's going to be chilly one. today's the day to wear a jacket. so you were that jacket for today, but then you go ahead and you can leave it alone. come tuesday. it was it because you won't want a jacket. we're warming up 80's inland 90's on wednesday, 80's into thursday, upper 70's on friday. and the really cool off low 70's come saturday and sunday. bayshore 66 today mid 70's tuesday 80's into wednesday. and then we start to cool off gradually into the weekend, making it to the upper 60's along the coast. 57 there mid to lower 60's for most of the week and we khalafi even more so into your weekend. so again, daria, like convention, it's all over the place doesn't know what it to get all my outfits 7, indeed. every single one of them. let's take a look at
8:20 am
what you need time wise. if you're commuting over the bay bridge, you can see. >> that it is not too bad at all, especially for monday morning. so if that's your ride, not terrible. and then let's just check one of the bridge because traffic and joe, isn't that bad? this is the san mateo bridge westbound 90 to the right hand side. that's the commute direction. you do have company, but it's moving at the limit. in national news, political pressure is mounting now on the biden administration to address immigration concerns. yeah. and an ongoing fight over the end of that policy known as title. 42 is dominatang. >> the conversation we've got hannah brandt in dc with more on this. >> title 42 is a public health policy that's been blocking migrants from coming across our southern border with mexico and the controversy is that later this month it's set to expire. the department of homeland security is on the defensive were intensifying. our efforts were adding resources to it. secretary alejandro mayorkas has been touting his agency's plan to tackle the anticipated surge of migrants wants title. 42
8:21 am
ends. he told nbc's meet the press. they've been preparing for months. the infusion of additional resources to the border, the surge of personnel, the surge of transportation capabilities, medical support. but some lawmakers say we aren't prepared to including senator john boozman. this is going to be a crisis. will help and the biden administration agrees they've been calling on congress to address what they see as a broken immigration system. secretary mayorkas said on fox news sunday, there's a need for legislation that streamlines the process for migrants building the orderly legal pathways. >> for people to obtain relief.
8:22 am
>> under our laws, the plan is for title. 42 to end on may 23rd. but right now it's in sort of a legal limbo as lawsuits, the aim to keep it in place work their way through the courts in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> thank you, hannah. a 21 is that i'm coming up on the kron 4 morning news. president biden says the fda will move forward with banning menthol cigarettes and cigars. we'll tell you what they want to do to make that move happened. we'll be right back.
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>> it's a 24. and this week the biden administration announced the fda is going move forward with the rules to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes. and we have our washington correspondent, raquel martin to explain. >> health organizations like the american lung association say the ban could prevent thousands if not millions of americans from growing addicted to cigarettes. we're truly excited. erika sward with the american lung association is applauding the fda's effort to ban the sale of menthol flavored cigarettes. menthol cigarettes are very dangerous. menthol cigarettes make it easier for the poisoning to go down. sort says the proposed rule is years in the making fda's scientific advisory committee recommended that menthol cigarettes be removed from the marketplace to the obama administration and comes after a decades old battle with tobacco companies who fought to keep the flavor on the
8:26 am
market. this is something the industry will not go quietly into the night about. and she's right already. groups like british american tobacco say they plan to fight against the proposed rule saying in a statement we do not believe the public science supports regulating menthol cigarettes differently from non-menthol cigarettes. thursday, white house press secretary jen psaki defended the administration's efforts. its estimate the limiting menthol and tobacco products could prevent up to 650,004 1000 deaths over the next 40 years and pushed back against criticism. the rule could result in the arrest of black americans who disproportionately used the products because rule would go after manufacturers and people who sell not individuals to smoke menthol cigarettes. it is not just health organizations applauding the band. civil rights groups say for decades now, the tobacco industry has targeted black communities disproportionately black americans use menthol products. of course, it could
8:27 am
take nearly a year for the rule to be finalized. for now in washington, raquel martin, i well, thanks for waking up
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and start your day with us here on a monday morning at 8.29. and things are looking pretty nice. you're going to need a light jacket. you will.
8:30 am
you can see the trees behind us kind of blown around a little bit. so it's a little gusty outside on this. >> first monday of may. good morning good gusty one for sure. definitely a day. you want to nail everything in a backyard down and hold on to your garments. we want anything flying away out there. a live look outside at the east bay hills. clear skies, no rain in the forecast. that's for the foreseeable future. we do have those high wind gusts even talking about san francisco. 25 miles per hour. >> it's along the north bay coast that there is a wind advisory in place because of all the strong winds you're going to see through this area. >> a fairfield conquer livermore also getting some pretty gusty conditions there. the south bay, not too much as opposed to the rest of the bay area. current temperatures outside right now low to mid 50's in the south bay east bay. 53 oakland, dublin. 52 pacifica. you're at 49 vital. 55 and fairfield. 53. so again, cooler temperatures today. we're going to continue to warm up. we'll tell you
8:31 am
just how hot coming up daryn. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain. a quick check of the roads this morning as we take another look at bay bridge approach. westbound 80 at the toll plaza in oakland showing that we have a bit of a backup. but according to the chp. log. now there's nothing there, actually that's causing it. so it's just your normal slow down at the toll gates themselves. once you get on the spaniard, doing good in the san francisco, the san mateo bridge to the south, also moving. well, once you get on to the span itself here, you're looking at the flat section highrise section, also moving without any issue, both east and westbound on 92. let's jump to the north. the richmond, sandra fell bridge where actually it's beginning to lighten up a little bit. some of that earlier blockage that we saw is beginning to loosen as cars are now making their way through that hole gets a little bit quicker than they were before. and our final stop for the golden gate bridge has been a nice ride all morning long. and that's still the case here at 8.30, we've got traffic southbound on one heading towards the camera. that's your direction into san francisco. you're moving just fine.
8:32 am
>> a new covid variant is floating around and showing up in california and they're sinking that it could make up half of all the new cases in just a matter of days. crawfords amanda hari with a closer look. >> it's related to omicron. it's kind of becoming more dominant. so it's estimated to be about 80% of cases on the u.s. a few weeks ago. you could only find the omicron variant ba 12002.1. >> in the northeast. now it's all over the country. it's about 25%. >> more transmissible, then even be a 2, which is itself anywhere from 30 to 80% more transmissible than ba one ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong says he's not too concerned for people with healthy immune systems because so many of them have built-up antibodies to the original strain of omicron definitely helped us because from the body's perspective, it all kind of looks omicron to the body and
8:33 am
the body's immune system. he says all these subvariants popping up one after another is actually the best case scenario. they coming one after the other very, very quickly. if there was a pause of even a few months, it it could mean that people's immunity might have leaned a little bit before that. second, a new subvariant, but he says everyone should be in a state of readiness for the next major variant californians over the age of 50 are now able to get a 4th shot. but the public health department says only 15% of eligible people have done it. doctor chin-hong says not everyone needs to run out and get it but it may be beneficial for those with weaker immune systems or older. if you were above 65, i think it would probably be a good idea. >> schools in the north bay are also seeing a spike in covid cases. in fact, the marin county health office says that students and staff are being advised to take extra precaution. they believe
8:34 am
the problem is likely tied to people coming back from spring break and some of the large indoor gatherings had recently like proms where students weren't wearing masks. health officials say they honestly aren't surprised by this uptick. >> you know, the end of the school year, we've got graduation problems with that social gatherings. those things we're also seeing increased transmission across the bay area and in marion county, associate with the, you know, the ba 2 variant. >> yeah. as more people get vaccinated, the worry gets less and less. school officials are continuing to discuss how they can get these numbers to come back down. one option is to require proof of a negative. same day antigen test before any future indoor gatherings, a large ones and also perhaps bringing back mask requirements. they're still thinking about bringing back, you know what's coming back. the garlic festival. it will be different. but still celebrating garlic right anew. organizer has stepped in to. >> try and help keep it alive. kron 4. sarah stinson in the newsroom with more. sara?
8:35 am
>> well, yeah, we've learned a lot in the last hour. organizers of the san joaquin county asparagus festival have announced that they will hold their own garlic festival. we spoke with an organizer this morning who says he's going to be releasing more details on this thursday. but this is a separate event from the one in gilroy. now there was some confusion over a post on facebook with the announcement. take a look at these various festival. organizers wrote saying we heard the extremely sad news about the gore garlic festival and we could not let that happen. study group runs the festival and says they are thrilled to announce they will be hosting the garlic festival this year. however, gilroy garlic festival organizers and partners say they have not received any information about this new festival and that is not associated with them in any way. the gilroy garlic festival has been around for 42 years. we talked with one of the gilroy garlic festival partners who says this announcement really caught him off guard this morning.
8:36 am
>> i woke up, i think exact article is doing garlic festival back on after being canceled. and so we will get to that in a lot of members of the community were shocked and confused by this up to and including members of the eu regarding festival association. their past president and current president members of my family and my company none of us have been a poor nation with this we never heard of them. >> the festival board announced the cancellation of the annual festival a little over a week ago citing lingering financial issues from the pandemic, along with insurance requirements by the city costing millions of dollars. in 2019, a mass shooting happened at the festival in twenty-twenty was canceled due to the pandemic and in 2021, it was a drive-thru event. so people devastated to hear was canceled this year. they started to hear the news about the new host in about the new garlic festival in the got excited that it was going to be happening in some way in some fashion. but now we're
8:37 am
learning that's not associated with those in gilroy. we're going to learn more about this new garlic festival. there's going to be information released on thursday for now. i'm sarah since stenson reporting live in the newsroom. back to a little more clarity. all right. thank you very much, sheriff. there. >> 8.36 is time right now. and here's an inspiring story a young california cancer survivor has spent the last 9 months walking across america. yeah, raising money and awareness about pediatric cancer. we've got christina pascucci with the story. >> 246 days is how long it took for cody o'connor to cross america is amazing feat for anyone let alone someone who is told he would never walk normally ever again. >> the feeling is isn't saying. >> 26 year-old cancer survivor cody o'connor's. 3800 mile cross-country track finish here on santa monica pier. my knees are buckling a little bit from rush right now. yeah,
8:38 am
it's. >> we made it huge feat for anyone, but especially for someone who is told this is not possible the doctors took my phone out of my leg, they woke me up after an said i'd never play sports again. >> not never walk normally again in my life. cody had his best friend, connor at his side, rooting him along the way. he was as much of a part of this is i was i could have done it without him for it being for such a great might couldn't really say no. >> think it's important just to know what the stands for. primarily that is hope. >> well, the walk for hope. this video day. one of the walk for hope 10 months ago, june 17th 2021 for those that don't know the bone cancer survivor walking batter my to 30, a walking across america crossing into nevada. this is our 16th state. cody was challenge. she lived through southern pennsylvania, heard nearby gunfire in arizona was chased by farmers. got covid midway and did everything to save to maximize donations. we stayed in the car for majority
8:39 am
of the last 70 days in order to conserve budget. there it is. our final state boundary as we enter the state of california and there were cool moments like the oklahoma thunder invited cody do again. he met ufc president dana white and got noticed by some pretty big names. >> you know, cody dj here, the most impactful part of his journey meeting kids like colton who battled the same cancer. 17 year-old at cody walk today in her honor. she just came here. she got released from city hope and we drove straight here to see him walk in what he did for us was incredible because they you guys donations. we have now amassed over $100,000 in total contributions. and to me that is just so humbling. and we've been unpacking 50 families live. this is the end of chapter great chapter. one was to walk across america. >> the rest of the story is to go to thanks. doctor said i would never do again. i'm would never do again. i'm christina pascucci. the santa
8:40 am
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♪ clamp it, grab it, ♪ ♪ almond shake it, shake it, ♪ ♪ shake it and collect it. ♪ ♪ sort it, chop it, ♪ ♪ chop it, smooth it, ♪ blend it, blend it, ♪ almondmilk it. ♪ ♪ that's what it is. ♪ ♪ silk almondmilk. ♪ ♪ milk of the land. ♪ >> a 42 and over the weekend at mills college in oakland, swimmers participated in the 27 annual swim a mile move a mile for women with cancer. some of the participants of actually experience cancer themselves and they jumped into the pool to celebrate their recovery and then others use the event as a way to honor the memory friends and loved ones who have passed away about 500 people participated in this event. that raises money for the women's cancer resource center
8:43 am
which provides free programs and services to people impacted by a cancer diagnosis. it's a 42. and we'll be back with more in just a few minutes. don't go away. 45 is the time of before
8:44 am
8:45 am
you head out the door. let's take a peek at the weather it could be very different than you might expect tomorrow. be very going to come today for every day this week. i think
8:46 am
you better stay tuned. yes, like it. take a look at monday for us. that's why we need to take it a day at a time. today's the gusty day and tomorrow in the next few days. >> we start to see warmer conditions across the bay area. live look at right now. san francisco. you can see the the flag will back and forth in gusty conditions out on the roadway. definitely want to put both hands on the steering wheel. okay. so dry conditions. no major fog out there today, but we do have a few clouds that are going to move in throughout the bay area today. if you live in the north bay along the north bay coast, that's where we're seeing a high wind advisory in place because of those gusty winds today into late afternoon. so just for that area. but you're pretty windy across most of the bay area. our highs currently right now in the north bay novato napa valley all lower 70's out aniak 68 concord, your 68 out the air, the east bay low 60's with that added wind. so again, we've kind of chilly conditions depending on where you're situated in the bay area. no major win in the
8:47 am
south bay. but again, you that temperatures around 65 in mountain view, redwood city at 62, san francisco. 59, when we talk about the week doing a lot of changing that's into tomorrow. so today you're at 68 inland and then tuesday and wednesday, you will from 80 to 90 back down to 80 and then 70's into your weekend. so just when you think you need the jacket for the whole week. you don't. you can ditch it come tomorrow. bayshore 66 today. 75 tomorrow. 80's into wednesday. that hot as you get throughout the week. the new cool off thursday friday, saturday, sunday into your upper 60's and along the coast. 57 today, 60 tomorrow and wednesday. 50's and then into your low 60's for friday. so again, the week is all over the place. but daryn, james, i just call this another day in the bay. absolutely. it's our toes friday's fisa life whatever he saying is that let's take a peek at the bridges because the commute has been kind of all over the
8:48 am
board to but not too bad, especially for monday. agency has pretty nicely. the bay bridge now lightning up a little bit. that's easy. san mateo bridge about looks good, too. yeah, that was been consistent. so like running at the limit. the implant company, the richmond, sandra fell. >> has been more of an ebb and a flow. and you do have a little bit of a wait. but just in a couple of the lanes there, golden gate bridge has been pretty light all so, okay, this is the heaviest we've seen the golden gate right now. so you can bet that one o one is pretty slow heading southbound through marin county in the san francisco and over the bridge. >> all right. let's talk sports. the warriors clinching game one against the memphis grizzlies. baseball. they struggled but the warriors they were. yeah. and this is the playoffs. so the focus is really on that call for us. kylen mills has the highlights. >> the warriors hit the road for game one of the western conference semifinals up against tha memphis grizzly scene that took a 3 out of their 4 regular season meetings. however, the dubs were rocking and rolling. >> as elvis would say, i'm all shook up after watching this
8:49 am
one lets it out to beale street to see what went down. a highly anticipated matchup between 2 of the nba's most electric point guards in steph curry and the young star john morant early in the first words guard gary payton. the second got his first career playoff. start. that's how you make the most of it. how about that dunk puts desmond bane to bed worst. go up to one minute to go in the second. the worst. looking for a stop. draymond green gets a scuffle down low. he is called for a fall not just any fall. brandon clarke, it was ruled a flagrant 2. he catches clark's face and gets a handful of his jersey. green is ejected before halftime of a one point game. a lot of fans, analysts and other players questioning this call. greene doesn't exit quietly either. it appears he's trying to get the guys going on his way to the locker room and the worst have to move on from their final moments of the half. memphis gets out in transition morant flies in for the alley-oop. his pops there get height. they kept showing shots of him. grizzlies up 6 of the
8:50 am
break. more aunt says don't mess with me. early in the 3rd curry gets the ball back from jordan pulled from the corner splash and he gets fall worst. take a three-point lead. curry finished with 24 in the game later in the 3rd was a pool party. check this out following download the kick out to j p 3. another splash. the slash cousin or the 3rd splash brother. it's looking like the ups take a five-point lead. call it a career playoff-high. 31 points off the bench. this game came down to the final minute, though. 39 seconds left. klay thompson knocks down the trade for the dubs up by one warriors possession. >> was critical. 6.7 left thompson could have iced the game with 2 free throws misses both. the ball gets deflected out of bounds. ref's call a jump ball, meaning grizzlies possession. the 3.6 left memphis could win it there. but no incredible different fence from none other than klay thompson who shuts down rant. the worst take game one
8:51 am
in memphis. dream on the street. clothes, sunglasses, devon up his teammates as they exit the he is just an absolute by their warriors win one, 17, one, 16 game 2 is tuesday in memphis. head coach steve kerr was asked if the team played angry after the green ejection wins one. i don't know that we are angry. i just thought we were determined you know, we we knew that was a tough break. that didn't go our way. and we're all kind of shocked by the we were confident and determined and the guys stayed with it and i thought the way we started, the 3rd quarter was really important. >> on to some baseball, dan thorn, big baseball guy giants hosting the nationals in a sunday matinee at oracle park. washington jumps jumped out to lead off the bat suit. i did there. nats outfielder yonny hernandez on the line that up the middle 2 runs score a 5 run first inning for washington. hernandez had 3 hits and 5 rbi on the day.
8:52 am
giants fall 11 5, they lose 2 of 3 to the nationals. san francisco heads to la for a two-game set against the dodgers starting on tuesday. the a's trying to salvage a game in their series against the guardian's top of 3rd bases loaded for cleveland. friend mill rate as goes the other way to right. 2 runs come into score part of a four-run 3rd for the guardians a's lose 7, 3, they get swept in 3 games by cleveland. it's the guardian's first sweep in oakland in 22 years. >> but back to exciting for you to watch the to the final second and was great as i was watching and it was a ghost town like i could do whatever i but as yesterday everybody was on tea and watching tv and i was see if that's the case. again tuesday night. we'll be right back. think it's i think, is.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
♪ ♪ wait. no, i'm just window shopping. i want to go and look at lucky thing in arizona. this mountain lion was scared and not invited by the sliding doors right? yeah. it's just another example of, you know, big cats wandering down you know, develop the areas and >> this is just another case. luckily, as terry said, it didn't decide to go in, but instead ran off. fish wildlife. take a look i think it was just curious. he wasn't
8:56 am
coming down looking for food or anything. you know, wondering when they do look, you like, you know, on tv and on surveillance later that person, i would want to see him down the shopping out coming out of the grocery store crossing paths with a mountain lion in the safeway parking lot. >> it's going you know, it's going to be different. when the next time you go to disneyland. yes, you've got a different theme to their hotel to not built yet, but paradise pier, which has been there forever. and it's more like a kind of themed around california beach front boardwalks or it's going to have a new look. they're going to be featuring and rebuild based pixar characters. yeah, so the i think, you know, it's new for a little yeah. and that they're also looking, i think, to kind of repurpose california adventure and make it more like that's where the feature all the different movie things. that's where they have their marvel, avengers campus. that's where they have to make it more california thing like what's in california, hollywood. so they're kind of turning that into their own little. >> disney owned movie seemed things latest things. very cool. can't wait to go. check it out. i mean, obviously will
8:57 am
take a while. but yeah. >> it's a 56 right now and we will be back in a few minutes. and coming up, we're going to cover the stanford nurses who are bent on strike since last week that they could go back to work soon. we'll have more details on that big development over the weekend. meanwhile, the ongoing sideshow problem getting worse here in the bay area. 3 of them broke out early yesterday morning in the city. >> we'll show you more of this video, one of them. plus the city of pleasanton is now officially in a stage. 2 drought alert, which means more restrictions and more penalties. higher water rates to prop was will tran will have the latest in a live report.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us on monday. at 9 o'clock. i'm daria and i'm james. and on this early morning here. well, not really early anymore. it is a little breezy out there. be ready step out. so you get to get up at 9 o'clock. so look at a possible go wrong. i mean, this is a great day. morning rain. good morning. hey, it's a gusty one out there. so make sure you hold on to your hat. >> because they might just blow away. looking outside right now, the east bay hills, clear skies. but again, really gusty conditions. we do have a wind advisory along the north bay coast. so definitely be cautious if you're in that area. 23 here, miles per hour along the coast there concord in the east bay, 13 miles per hour. and


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