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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  May 2, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we're worth it. >>now at noon, it is not your typical food fight beef between the asparagus festival and the garlic festival. why organizers say this is not a collaborative effort. plus a monumental win for stanford nurses, how the seven-day strike ended and what it means for your health. plus, new drought concerns could why you're going to want to keep an eye on your water bill. thanks for joining us here on kron on news at noon. i'm noelle bellow. our top story this afternoon. a bit of confusion over the status of the gilroy garlic festival teams. organizers of an
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asparagus festival in northern california want to lay claim to a new garlic festival separate from the one that's been around for 42 years. kron on sarah stinson has what we know so far >>organizers of the san joaquin asparagus festival have announced they're going to throw their own garlic festival. and organizer tells us this one will be separate from the one that's held in gilroy. there was some confusion over a facebook post with the announcement. the asparagus festival organizers writing, quote, we heard the extremely sad news about the gilroy garlic festival and we couldn't let that happen. the study group runs the festival and says they are thrilled to announce they'll be hosting the garlic festival this year. however, gilroy garlic festival organizers and partners say they have not received any information about the new festival and that it is not associated with them in any my grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the eu regarding festival. can christopher says the announcement about a new
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garlic festival caught him off guard? i will not. i think exact article is doing garlic festival back on after being canceled. >>and so we will get to that in a lot of members of the community were shocked and confused by this up to and including members of the regarding festival association, their past president and current president members of my family and my >>none of us have been a poor nation with this we never heard of them. >>the gilroy garlic festival has been around for 42 years. the festival board announced the cancellation of the annual festival a little over a week ago citing lingering financial issues from the pandemic, along with an affordable insurance requirements by the city. >>and that the requiring over 10 million dollars worth of insurance coverage worth additional me. they only require a 1 million dollars insurance policy. and so in doing that, effectively issued a potential roadblock in 2019, a mass shooting happened at the festival in 2020. it was
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canceled due to the pandemic. >>and last year it was a drive-thru event. this year's event has been canceled. but the association is holding smaller events to give back to local charities and celebrate garlic. more information is going to be released about the new garlic festival this thursday will continue to follow the latest about this. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting in the newsroom. >>back to you. >>the city of pleasanton is now in a stage. 2 drought alert. that declaration by the city means new water restrictions and higher rates. kron on's will tran breaks it all down for us. >>the city of pleasanton is leaving it up to you to decide how much you want to pay for water because over the weekend they went from stage one to stage 2. what does that mean for you? well, that means water will cost you a lot more than it did before this past weekend because of the ongoing drought. the city of pleasanton is initiating new
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water rates now for every 748 gallons. and that's the jumping off point for the city of pleasanton for every 748 gallons. it's going to cost to $0.65. before that. it was $0.18. so now it's more than triple the amount it's going to cost you for water. city of pleasanton. they were one of the first cities in the bay area last october there asked people to conserve water by 15%. many people dead. let's face it. some people did not with the ongoing drought desperate times call for desperate measures and that's why they are doing this. not sure how long it's going to last. but if this is an ongoing problem, they have a couple of tools in their tool shed for them to reach into to grab in the form of stage 3 and stage 4, which will really be expensive stage 3 for every 748 balance a $1.39, if that doesn't deter people from trying to not waste water.
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that rate will jump to $2 and $0.91 for every 748 gallons, you might think that's a lot of water. no big deal. but think about it. a family of 3 or 4 with all the showers, the dishes and all the other things that you need around te house that's going to hit you right in the pocketbook. but they're leaving it up to you. you can decide your own fate. save water and save money. >>now contra costa county fire crews did put out a total of 7 fires saturday morning near 6 take a boulevard in martinez. firefighters receiving a call after midnight saying 4 fires were actually set separately. those were contained about 3 hours later. then a short while later, they received a second call of 3 more fires being set. those were extinguished within an hour. an investigation is ongoing. time now to take a look
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outside at the golden gate bridge starting off the week. little windy, a little gloomy in some parts across the bay. >>it's definitely cooler out there than what we saw over the weekend. and it's definitely cooler than what we're going to see later this week. crime meteorologist dave spahr standing by with the details on your forecast a day. >>issue for for 2 is also at half moon bay to this is not the case we see everywhere, but it's just kind of where this system is having trouble per per traversing through the bay. therefore, it's kind of getting stuck with cloud cover as well. this is not just fog, but see that cloud cover getting stuck in the santa cruz mountains a little bit. and so over to pa graffiti, this will clear out in the afternoon. but you combine this with those cool breezy conditions and that keeps temperatures suppressed notice will be so then we're going to see for the next to the 7 day forecast and get ready for a warm-up. those short sleeve shirt. you have keep them handy and because we're going to talk about some warm hot temperatures. 61 54 san
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francisco. look at the area. temperatures around noon as we approach 60 on the east bay shoreline. 64 san jose 66 going on for any auc with all of this. speaking of those winds, wind advisory is with us until 9 tonight. this covers along north bay of the coast there. it's all point raise, as you can see. meanwhile, our winds there, they are on shore and they're going to build a little intensity for this afternoon to a break in your day down for you. got to do with this cloud cover. that's just kind of stubborn. it just doesn't want to give up in spots. this will be mostly san francisco peninsula. santa cruz mountains, better clearing happening inland, which is kind of the story type we always talk about with afternoon clearing going on here. temperatures not bump into much. however, i think we're going to see some 70's for the inland valleys as we have a little bit couple of futurecast for again with this line. golly, gee, i want to having some problems here. then a funny starts to mix out. so for this afternoon, clearing clearing tonight tomorrow. and wednesday, we really warm up, however, note
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this, a little bit of coastal fog is trying to show up here underneath the dome. so anywhere near water with the cold water hand more typical advection fog. expect some of that as we get into wednesday, kind of like almost a summertime feel here in july august, when we get that this afternoon, we're at 65 for high. 66 coming in for oakland and san jose at 69. want to point out again, some of those inland temperatures as we look at some lower 70's both up in the north bay and the east bay. but a lot of 60's across the real estate going on here for today. one of the few days we'll actually see that because a big time warm up is coming from mid week until we get cool back down again. i just want to give you idea. we're talking about tomorrow. it's 91 by correction. again, reinforcements on friday and actually somewhat cool as we head into the weekend with lower 70's. meanwhile, along the bay, we're looking at temperatures even popping on wednesday. so you'll get a flavor with this heat spike of a little bit of summer coming your way. well. >>thank you, dave. california
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has become a place of refuge for women seeking safe abortions. at least 80 women from out of state have made their way to the state over the last several months for that reason, santa clara county is ready to become a safe haven for those looking for help. we're listening now to some county leaders talk about what they need. let's listen in. >>who needed the most? we strongly support the onetime plan. parroted mur monte capacity and expansion funding that supervisor and supervise and ellenberg for the opportunity to bring the necessary resources to health care, infrastructure and our community. thank you so much for being here. so we're happy to answer any questions. and i and i would just wrap up with this one point and say to you how really proud we are of the work that you've done and your team. we're so sorry for the
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experience that you're having. and i and i would just remind everybody that when we impede women's ability to get health care of any kind. we impede their ability to get health care of all kinds. and that's part of the reason that we're so focused on making sure that the training facility is available and that these services are available to because we know that, you know, planned parenthood not addresses abortion but health care for women of all kinds, including, you know, mammograms and all of that. and those ended. this is primarily going impact for women. let's be clear across the nation for women are going to be impacted more than anybody else. so with that, we're happy to answer any questions. so we've been listening santa clara county's in the county is asking for the board of supervisors to
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approve up to 3 million dollars in funding for the planned parenthood located in mar monte to go ahead and strengthen access to abortion services for residents and other out of state women who they have started to see coming to california to get safe abortions. i'm going to have more on this coming up on kron. 4 news at 3 as well as our later shows this evening and other health headlines this afternoon of the american academy of pediatrics says it's taking steps to abandon its race based guidance. pediatricians for years have followed the group's guidelines linking race to risk for conditions like urinary infections and newborn john des. the academy says it started purging outdated advice and scrutinizing its entire catalog for revisions to eliminate any racism in medicine and resulting health disparities. officials say the reexamination intensified after george floyd's death back in 2020 amid concerns that black children have been undertreated and overlooked.
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>>in some coronavirus news, a new study used smart watches to track the body's response to covid vaccines. a team from scripps research analyzed data from 5600 people 2 weeks before and after their covid shots overall vaccine didn't cause any major changes to sleep or activity patterns, but resting heart rates went up even more. so after the second dose, experts say the changes are due to a person's immune response. it's believed trackers and smart watches could actually help guide future vaccine development optimize efficacy and safety on an individual level. this comes as many health experts warned and predicted covid cases have started to surge in riverside county following the coachella music festival daily. covid numbers spiking by 75%. 2 weeks after the festival attracted 10's of thousands of music fans. but health officials say the real numbers are probably higher. the majority of the cases in riverside are reportedly of
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the omicron variant. we're going to take a quick break now. but coming up here on kron on a controversial club, starting on an elementary school campus, why parents say they do not want their kids joining the satan club. we'll be right back.
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>>we're >>looking at one of several sideshows that took place early sunday in san francisco. police say they responded to 3 separate sideshows between midnight and 02:00am. this one at harrison and main streets? there's also one at geneva avenue in allegheny and a 3rd happening at 13th street and south van ness avenue. police say that's where a marked squad car was actually vandalized by a vehicle as they sped away from the sideshow. no arrests have been made. to the north bay now where a suspected carjacker was caught in benicia with more than 60 pounds of marijuana in his possession and automated license plate reader alerted benicia police to the stolen vehicle. officers found the car at a convenience store parking lot during a search. they found 2 large trash bags in the back seat filled with 67 pounds of pot inside the driver refused to come out of the store for a short time but was eventually arrested. he had warrants out of alameda and solano counties for crimes ranging from
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robbery to felony assaults. gabby petito against the parents of brian laundrie petito's. the 22 year-old woman who was found dead in wyoming after going on a road trip with her boyfriend brian laundrie. investigators say laundrie killed petito and then killed himself. weeks later. now petito's parents are suing laundrie's parents accusing them of knowing their daughter was dead. the trial has been set for august of next year in florida. the attorney for the laundrie family has already filed a motion to try and dismiss that lawsuit, calling it baseless. back here at home, the oakland police department is getting 26 new police officers. the city canceled many police academy classes a few years ago. but in the wake of recent highly publicized crimes, local leaders demanded that opd reinstate the academy classes. oakland pd says they are still severely short-staffed and are actively recruiting. in the meantime, a
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man was stabbed early sunday in oakland. police say he died at the hospital. oakland city council president nikki fortunato bass responded to the stabbing in a statement she said crime would be reduced if parking restrictions in the area were enforced. she's asking for ticketing and towing to help prevent violence from occurring in that area. really in a car, crashed into a traffic signal and erupted into flames. and oakland's take a look at these photos happened at the intersection of market street and stanford avenue. that's just a few blocks away from san pablo avenue. firefighters had to use special equipment to get the driver out. they suffered some burns. miraculously survived this accident. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. a daring rescue unfolded above san francisco's streets. fire crews climbing 80 feet up the transbay terminal on saturday to save a
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man standing up the top they say was experiencing what they called a behavioral emergency. thankfully, this man wasn't hurt was instead sent safely to an er room. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>bay area college students joined in the may day march in san francisco. their message,
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it's the biden administration. they want to cancel student debt. kron on's gayle ong has the story. >>college students along with union members and activists marched through san francisco's mission district sunday afternoon. coming together in a show of solidarity pushing for higher wages. students are urging the biden administration to any student students are essential workers. a lot of times they end up having to take a lot of jobs to suffield the tuition that is rising right now. san francisco state university student vanessa torres plans to get a second job to cover tuition. everyone is honestly impact when it comes to even though it seemed as an individualized issue. it's your peers yourself. >>the economy and your community as well, according to the education data initiative, more than 43 million people are burdened by student loan debt nationwide in total that accounts for more than 1.7 trillion dollars in unpaid student loans. >>president joe biden is considering student loan forgiveness with income caps in to can him too far long.
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and we are tired and we demand we demand for full student cancellation because it's necessary. and it's the bare minimum. other s of state students showed up to have their voices heard that that that i've taken on inside just my friends have also taken on that for my >>my sisters have often taken my for my youngest sister who just attended her semester of college. he's actually taking out loans for her. first that i have already in crude. a lot of that. >>and it's made it very also, the first person in my family to go to college and that as a result of it being so costly and expensive, the students say they will continue to push president biden and local leaders to bring attention to student debt cancellation. >>in san francisco, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >>over in the east bay covid-19 cases have more than tripled this at berkeley unified schools in a week's time as of thursday, there were 91 cases the week prior.
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29 berkeley unified says they're also seeing more cases among their sports teams and point to factors, including the loosening of mask restrictions. the district plans to pass out more at home covid tests. >>schools up in the north bay are also seeing a spike in covid cases. marin county health officials are advising students and staff to take extra precautions. the problem is likely tied to people coming back from spring break. another large indoor gatherings like proms where students are not wearing masks. health officials say they're not surprised by the uptick in cases. >>you know, the end of the school year, we've got graduation that prompted a social gatherings. those things we're also seeing increased transmission across the bay area and in marion county associate with that, you know, the ba 2 variant. >>school officials continue to discuss how to get covid numbers under control. one option is to require proof of a negative, same day antigen tests before large indoor events and to possibly
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reinstate mask mandates. this all comes as a new covid variant is starting to show up in california bay area. doctors saying it could could make up half of all new cases in just a matter of days. kron on's amanda hari has the details. >>it's related to omicron. it's kind of becoming more dominant. so it's estimated to be about 80% of cases on us a few weeks ago. you could only find the omicron variant ba 12002.1. >>in the northeast. now it's all over the country. it's about 25%. >>more transmissible and even be a 2, which is itself anywhere from 30 to 80% more transmissible than the one ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says he's not too concerned for people with healthy immune systems. >>because so many of them have built-up antibodies to the original strain of omicron definitely helps us because
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from the body's perspective. >>it all kind of looks omicron to the body and the body's immune system. he says all these subvariants popping up one after another. >>is actually the best case scenario. they coming one after the other very, very quickly. if there was a pause of even a few months. >>it it could mean that people's immunity might have leaned a little bit before that. second, a new subvariant, but he says everyone should be in a state of readiness for the next major variant. >>californians over the age of 50 are now able to get a 4th shot. but the public health department says only 15% of eligible people have done it. doctor chin-hong says not everyone needs to run out and get it but it may be beneficial for those with weaker immune systems or older. if you are. >>above 65, i think it would probably be a good idea.
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>>the fda has set dates in june to review vaccines for children under 5. it will be reviewing the moderna and pfizer vaccines. as of now only kids, 5 and older can get the pfizer vaccine. there will be a more public meetings on this as well in the coming weeks. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>welcome back. new at noon, a pair of deadly crashes on san jose's streets over the weekend last night. a bicyclist was killed. the crash happened on capitol expressway near tours road just after 09:00pm. police say a man was riding his bike trying to cross lanes of traffic and was hit. the bicyclist died at the scene. his name has not yet been released. the driver of the car remained at the crash and was cooperating with police, drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor. that crash happened just one day after a woman was hit and killed while crossing the street outside of the crosswalk. not that this one happened saturday night at the
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6.80, interchange with capitol avenue. investigators say a second vehicle also hit the woman, both drivers stayed on the scene and cooperated with police. the name of the woman is not yet been released. these bring the total number of traffic deaths this year in san jose to 31. also in the south bay, the coroner's office has determined fentanyl toxicity is what caused the death. a former san jose police officer, john packer, the 24 year-old rookie officer was found dead in his milpitas home back in march. packer was a football star at san jose state before pursuing a career in law enforcement. the investigation into his death is ongoing. san jose police chief has said, quote, any allegation of illegal drug use by a san jose police officer is concerning. we'll update you as more information becomes available. another big story we're following today. striking nurses have reached an agreement with stanford after a weeklong strike, nurses who have been on the picket lines will head back to
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work. the deal gives union members a 7% wage increase this year along with a 5% increase next april and another in april twenty-twenty for the deal also includes an increase to the nurses, retirement benefits and an extra week of vacation starting in 2024. 83% of the 5,000 nurses involved accepted the steal. nurses will be returning to work as early as tomorrow. now to another sign of a labor force, a revolution in new york workers at another amazon facility are set to vote on whether to unionize. the union drive is being led by the same group that successfully organized the first union of amazon workers earlier this year. kelsey kernstine reports on what this could be in for other warehouses across the nation. voting definitely going to vote. yes, because they've had the chance. >>to get it together today about 1500 staten island. amazon workers will decide their fate whether to unionize or not. and it all comes after
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an unexpected win by the union last month that amazon has disputed. but in this go-around, far fewer workers are eligible to vote compared to last month's 8300 amazon workers. and it will be up to the federal labor board to tally up the votes. the union called a l you has made promises to amazon workers including higher pay at $30 an hour instead of $18 an hour longer breaks and more job protection. top union leaders across the country. u.s. senator bernie sanders and high-profile lawmakers like representative alexandria ocasio cortez and all showed support speaking at union rallies. haha. >>you want to treat our people right? however, amazon has been very vocal about telling its workers to vote against the union, told the mandatory meetings, posting fliers with anti-union blurbs and creating a vote. no website. an amazon spokesperson says our focus
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remains on working directly with our team to continue making amazon a great place to work. >>that was kelsey kernstine reporting for us this afternoon. some amazon workers have spoken out against the union worried about losing pay. others, however, have been very on board with unionizing and exposing amazon's anti-union practices and concerns about workplace conditions. results are expected early tonight by the national labor relations board. >>workers rights were also highlighted over the weekend. millions of people taking to the streets around the world. as you can see yesterday for may day or international workers day people are demanding better working conditions and pay the rallies included folks from all walks of life in most places, the may day marches were the first in 2 years due to the pandemic this year, many of the rallies included desperate calls for world peace with protesters demanding an end to the war in ukraine. switching gears now to get you a check of your
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forecast. yes, it is the first monday of may taking a live look outside on our mount tam camera. a lot of springtime green over there. we do see a little bit of haze in the distance, though. i know it's much cooler today than what we're going to see later this week. kron on meteorologist dave spahr has a look at the details. hey, dave. >>we're also looking at, too, is winds going on up there in the near tahoe. this wind advisories until 8 for this evening. just to give you an idea of the coverage area here, wind advisories high wind warning and unfortunate getting much the way precipitation with it. but it kind of underscores the fact of the broad scope of these winds live shot coming in of downtown san francisco. back to those clouds. you notice that they're kind of all over that haze, front kind of getting stuck a little bit here along the santa cruz mountains of the cloud cover that comes with it behind. it will be some afternoon clearing back to those temperatures. now, 67 antioch, east bay shoreline around 60 ish 60's up to the north bay. this is current temperatures. 54 san francisco back to our
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wind advisory in the home front. this along the coast for the north bay, as you'll notice. and this extends a for good chunk of southern marin along with that as well. this will be until 9 tonight to get underscore those winds with us. they are on shore for the most part. look at solano county in napa late tonight. tomorrow they flipped a more of an offshore wind event. a look some of humidity levels that will drop off too much but to get into some of the 20's with daytime heating on tuesday. but there's no statements about that in terms of any fire concerns with that. hopefully that will hold for today. 4 zone forecast. 65 covers us. we'll do some 50, 60 ish along the coast of the was the start of the cloud cover. fogs will be stubborn and chilly temperatures with all of that to mid 60's along the bay side peninsula. that a lower 70's to the south and the south bay still hanging in a lot of the 70's here. 74 for morgan. when you start to get away from the bay in those influences of those onshore winds, then the numbers can move a little bit along the east bay shoreline, lower 70's, but still warming up and tri valley in spots 70 to
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dublin, mid 70's as we start to head up to concord and walnut creek and mid 70 68 for richmond. 69 vallejo. don't forget the winds inland. start to get to the 80's. now back again for solano county. 78 for napa and 72 for santa rosa. now in the longer range forecast here, we do warm up. we reach about 91 on wednesday. new system comes through looks to be to a pretty dry down to 77 into the weekend. we're back only in the lower 70's, although dry, they temperatures respond to the seats by 2 with lower 80's expected know, certainly in the summer months we see a lot higher numbers than that. but here in early may getting another flavor of summer, which is coming around the bend. well, thank you, dave. >>a new afterschool club at an elementary school in north carolina. has parents confused and a little concerned. it's called the after school satan club. according to the club's website, the clubs are set up at the request of community members who wanted it. organizers say it's not interested in converting children to say say tan it is
12:38 pm
operated by the state. have nick temple, those against it say they do not want the group meeting on school property this weekend, parents gathered outside of the school and held a prayer rally and protest. the club was slated to begin meeting last week, but it's now under review by the school. because freedom of speech. do you have to let the sun club so that the christian cut club can or can't come does not mean the christian club can come. >>and i really don't have the answer to that question. all i know is we're going to stand here and pray against what we know is wrong. and for what we know is right. >>there are 4 after school. satan clubs across the country, including one is in illinois and ohio. an elementary school in pennsylvania recently denied the club which actually created a lawsuit. smash-and-grabs armed robberies, home invasions.
12:39 pm
they're all on the rise nationwide with surveillance cameras becoming more popular. the incidents are being documented like never before. kelly beeson takes a look at what the cameras are catching and how you can protect yourself. >>these hair-raising pouring in from across the country. i felt that i could today. >>and it scared me to death from luxury homes in beverly hills is used to be such a safe neighborhood to main street america. glad that he's caught but scared that. why was he on the street to begin when it's a problem? security yesterday, robert will be says has been exacerbated by the pandemic alcoholism, drug addiction overdoses. there's a lot a collateral damage as a result of covid. >>and when people are desperate, they do desperate things. and we're seeing a lot of that happening right now.
12:40 pm
>>many of these alarming encounters captured on camera weeks ago in california. you can see this intruder breaking into a san bernardino home and staring at a couple sleeping before being last summer, another homeowner confronted the man after he broke into his family's bel air estate. make it and killed their pet birds with his bare hands like a serial killer. he said hi with a smile on his hands in the cage. >>and says please down drop them on the floor. okay. and happy. big events. >>i don't know. i was sleeping and just days ago, a suspect making his way into a woman's room and taking her hostage in san diego, holding a gun to her head before surrendering to officers without incident. emotional impact of seeing the imagery that you can get from
12:41 pm
a reading or some of the equipment that is available now to homeowners. >>really, i think drives or consciousness and makes us a little more frightened of the possibility. former fbi agent phil andrews says these types of crimes typically fall into 2 categories, an insider job with the suspect knows the homeowner and sometimes even a family member or crimes of opportunity where criminals take advantage of open doors and other vulnerabilities. and that's why the prevention it's so important. however, if preventative measures aren't enough and you find yourself in a similar situation, you are only responsibility best thing you can do is get out of there as quickly as possible. don't stick around to find out what they have in mind. >>that was keely beeson reporting for us this afternoon. security experts say some of the best ways to prevent these types of crimes comes down to the basics like proper lighting on your property, locking your doors, having a home security system and security signage on your
12:42 pm
property. and always being aware of your surroundings. well, air bnb is ending its covid-19 refund policy at the end of this month as of june. first, guests will have to cover short-term rental costs, even if they had to cancel due to the coronavirus for most of the pandemic guests who canceled due to a covid-19 case could do so without penalty air bnb does say they're planning to offer travel insurance in the future. and happening tonight, the met gala returning to the metropolitan museum of art. the annual fundraiser for the met's costume institute is considered the oscars of fashion. it was canceled back in 2020 due to covid, of course, and that it was scaled back and back in september of last year. now it is back on the first monday in may. this year's theme is gilded glamour, which is a reference to america's gilded age. a time of rapid industrialization and massive
12:43 pm
economic growth. many of tonight's lux will likely be inspired by the hbo max series, the gilded age 2022. hosts tonight, our regina king lin manuel, miranda and blake lively, along with her husband, ryan reynolds, always fun to see what all the celebs come out with for the met gala coming up here on kron on a watch party for the warriors. excitement in the bay as the dubs took game one over the grizzlies. you're watching kron on. we've got more news after the break.
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>>2 people are dead and a 3rd person may be missing in san mateo county after a late night car crash pescadero state beach as authorities search for that possible 3rd person. the question remains how they ended up driving off that cliff in the first place. kron on's phillipe djegal has the story. >>why the car drove off the cliff is still unclear. but the california highway patrol does confirm. >>that a man possibly in his 40's has died. a girl was also killed. >>the search continued into the morning for a possible 3rd victim. but that person was not found in the u.s. coast guard suspended its search just before 9 o'clock in the morning. >>we're told the crash here at prescott arrow state beach happened just before 9 o'clock friday night. the chp says in 2012, toyota tacoma driving down pescadero creek road headed toward the ocean, continue through the highway. one intersection and the beach
12:47 pm
parking lot before falling 30 feet down the cliff. the car was partially submerged in the water. >>the man was found dead about an hour after the crash. the groom located inside the car at around 1 o'clock in the morning. both victims are from freedom, california. some of things that happen in cases like this is a person could be driving under influence of alcohol or drugs that could be going to mean that those, you know, those falling out of love, those falling at the event last night. but in the way, they got to ready to drive that vehicle. >>and be ready for anything that happen. and in this case what happened and i'm going to see it as the investigation continues. we'll learn more and more. either way, it's a very surprising that we lost 2 lights and possibly through the coast guard believes that this time only 2 people were inside the car. but if at any point investigators determined there was a 3rd person, they'll continue. >>their search as for the
12:48 pm
crash itself, the chp says at this point it's unclear if drugs or alcohol were factors. >>in san mateo county fleet of all kron, 4 news. >>over the weekend at mills college in oakland, swimmers participated in the 27th annual swim a mile move a mile for women with cancer. some participants have experienced cancer themselves. they jumped in the pool to celebrate their own recoveries. others use the event as a way to honor the memory of friends and loved ones who have passed away. some 500 people participated in the event and raises money for the women's cancer resource center which provides free programs and services to people impacted by a cancer diagnosis. >>now an inspiring story. a young california cancer survivors spent the last 9 months walking across america is raising money and awareness about pediatric cancer. christina pascucci caught up with them. >>246 days is how long it took for cody o'connor to cross
12:49 pm
america is amazing feat for anyone let alone someone who is told he would never walk normally ever again. >>the feeling is isn't >>26 year-old cancer survivor cody o'connor's. 3800 mile cross-country track finish here on santa monica pier. my knees are buckling a little bit from rush right now. yeah, it's. >>we made for anyone, but especially for someone who is told this is not possible the doctors took my phone out of my leg, they woke me up after anna sesion said i'd never play sports again. >>i never walk normally again in my life. cody at his best friend, connor at his side, rooting him along the way. he was as much of a part of this as i was, i could have done it without him for it being for such a great i couldn't really say no. >>i think it's important just to know what the stands primarily that is hope. >>the walk for hope this video day. one of the walk for hope
12:50 pm
10 months ago, june 17th 2021 for those that don't know the bone cancer survivor walking batter my to 30, a walking across america crossing into nevada. this is our 16th state. cody was challenge. she lived through southern pennsylvania, heard nearby gunfire in arizona was chased by farmers, got covid midway and did everything to save to maximize donations. we stayed in the car for majority of the last 70 days in order to conserve budget. there it is. our final state boundary as we enter the state of california and they're real cool moments like the oklahoma thunder invited cody do again. he met ufc president dana white and got noticed by some pretty big names. >>you know, cody dj here, the most impactful part of his journey meeting kids like colton who battled the same cancer. 17 year-old at coating lot today in her honor. she just came here. she got released from city hope and we drove straight here to see him walk in what he did for us was was incredible because they are. you guys donations. we
12:51 pm
have now amassed over $100,000 in total contributions. and to me that is just so humbling. and we've been unpacking 50 families live. this is the end of chapter great chapter. one was to walk across america. >>the rest of the story is to go down the list of things doctor said i would never do again. i'm christina pascucci, the santa monica pier. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>in sports news, the golden state warriors, one against the memphis grizzlies in game one of the western conference semifinals. while the warriors were on the road, the team did hold a watch party and thrive city and kronon sailor. but sackey was there. >>hundreds of fans gathered out here at thrive city to watch the dup's take on and beat the grizzlies. sand say the game was a little too close for comfort, but it definitely added to the excitement for this crowd. >>warriors fans fired up after the win against the memphis grizzlies in game one of the semifinal showdown going great. >>yes, you can hear my voice is cranky. mean, it came down to the last second. it a lot
12:55 pm
of bad calls by the refs today. you know, we pulled it out. and i think before that was a game, they did everything they could to take the game and we pulled it a little bit out. i am just the latest right now. hundreds of people watch the worriers. take the w at the chase center. thrive city on sunday watch the boys game my family because we want not and see the of the some bear me and we want some grisly me today. >>memphis, you know, we're out here with and we just want win. >>come back home so we can finish the deal for michelle hernandez. >>the wind felt extra special. my birthday >>and the warriors won on the number one gold blooded fans bought a baby now feeling more confident heading into game number 2. >>the warriors are back at it again on tuesday at memphis for game number 2 against the grizzlies in the semifinalist in san francisco, taylor news.
12:56 pm
>>take a look at this now. a mountain lion in arizona thinking twice about entering a building after seeing sliding doors. maybe this is the first time he'd ever seen something like this. wildlife officials tweeted the video say the size of the cat and the way it acted when it got startled suggest it was just kind of exploring around the parea. it wasn't a threat to anyone was even trying to go in the building. those doors opened up. freaked out a little glad everybody is ok down there. disneyland is giving one of its hotels, the pixar team to make over disney's paradise pier hotel currently themed around california beach front. boardwalks. but soon it's going to feature the artistry of emeryville based pixar. disney land says the plan is to weave in elements from the pixar universe into this comfortable and contemporary hotel setting. in addition to the new theme, paradise pier is also going to get a new walkway to disney. california adventure park. thanks for
12:57 pm
watching. kron on at noon. i'm noelle bellow. we'll see you right back here at 3 o'clock. have a good one. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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