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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  May 2, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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meow mix tasty layers. the only one cats ask for by name. >> now at 3 o'clock, it is not your typical food fight. the beef between the asparagus festival and the garlic festival. why organizers say this is not a collaborative effort. also as other states ban abortions, more and more women are coming to california for the procedure how santa clara county is supporting access to abortions. and our top story at 3 o'clock today, the chaos continues around oakland's lake merritt, the changes one council member is calling on to prevent any more crime. now from the area's local news station. >> this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> we need immediate action and part of that is enforcing the late night parking restrictions that i've put into place in december of 2020. >> now at 3 o'clock, a violent weekend in oakland has one council member saying enough is enough. the restrictions she wants to be enforced right by lake merritt. thank you so much for joining us this monday right here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman on the south end of lake merritt this weekend, a suspect stabbed a man to death. and this marked the 4th homicide in that area since november of 2021. now a council member wants parking restrictions to be enforced to prevent this type of violence from happening again. but the police association is saying that, though, is not the main issue. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has our story. >> a man died after being stabbed the 1200 block of lakeshore avenue in oakland. it happened sunday shortly after 03:00am oakland police released no information regarding suspect or any
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possible motive. it is the 4th deadly incident in the past 6 months. that residential area that called the sat next to the lake. it is also oakland city council, president nikki fortunato bass's district. she released a statement that reads in part, quote, i am calling for immediate action. the parking district, the park is closed. let's be enforced, including ticketing and towing that will prevent violence from occurring, unquote. >> and that means what police are there. they need to let people know the park is closed. there's no there's no overnight parking. so, you know, please move along council president bags credits previous vehicle mitigation measures can be ineffective in deterring unwanted activity near the lake. there have been ongoing safety issues at the lakeshore culdesac for a number of years. >> and so working together with residents back in the spring of 2020. >> we installed speed bumps along the cul de sac to help get here. the speeding
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dangerous driving inside shows that has been effective. she says another deterrent for violence implementing a no parking zone while lake merritt is closed overnight. >> and so that is from 02:00am to 06:00am in compliance with state laws. and one of the biggest challenges is enforcement. why she wrote. >> i was actually speechless when i read that. i don't know if we're looking at the same problem. this is a response to or murder >> parking is not the issue. violent crimes. the issue, opd officials say their dispatch received an average of 2000 calls a day with officers prioritize in response to violent calls, which typically does not include calls for parking enforcement council. president bassan says that it is the answer and must be done. >> it absolutely has to happen. hasn't let you it for news. >> now to the south bay where
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2 deadly crashes happened on san jose's streets over the weekend. one involves bicyclist last night around 9 o'clock on capitol expressway near tours. road police say a man riding his bike tried to cross the lanes of traffic and a car hit him. that bicyclists died at the scene. his name has not been released the driver remain at that crash site and cooperated with police and san jose. police say that a woman crossing the street outside of the crosswalk died when a car hit her this weekend. the crash happened at the 6.80, interchange with capitol avenue. investigators say a second vehicle also ran over that woman. but both drivers stayed on the scene and cooperated with police. the name of the woman has not been released. and this marks san jose's 28th traffic death and 17th pedestrian death of this year. >> and you can hear. >> what that sideshow sounded like this weekend. we have new
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video today from the citizens app of one of the several sideshows that took place early on sunday in san francisco. police say that they responded to 3 separate sideshows between midnight and 02:00am. this one was at harrison and main streets as well as one in geneva and allegheny and one in 13th street and south van ness. police say that's where a marked squad car was vandalized by a vehicle as it sped away from the sideshow. no arrests have been made. we'll have more on this story tonight during kron. 4 news at 5 and in prime time tonight. in the north bay suspected carjacker was caught in benicia with almost 70 pounds of marijuana in his possession. that's according to police. >> the automated license plate refused to come out of the store for a little while, but was eventually arrested. he
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had warrants out of alum, alameda and solano counties for crimes ranging from robbery to felony assaults. a big story we're watching today is that the gilroy garlic festival is going to be coming back as kron. 4 sarah stinson reports a new organizer just stepped in to help. >> organizers of the san joaquin asparagus festival have announced they're going to throw their own garlic festival. and organizer tells us this one will be separate from the one that's held in gilroy. there was some confusion over a facebook post with the announcement. the asparagus festival organizers writing, quote, we heard the extremely sad news about the gilroy garlic festival and we couldn't let that happen. study group runs the festival and says they are thrilled to announce they'll be hosting the garlic festival this year. however, gilroy garlic festival organizers and partners say they have not received any information about the new festival and that it is not associated with them in
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any my grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the eu regarding festival. can christopher says the announcement about a new garlic festival caught him off guard? i woke up i think exact article quote is due bestival back on after being canceled. >> and so we will get to that in a lot of members of the community were shocked and confused by this up to and including members of the eu regarding festival association. their past president and current president members of my family and my company. and >> none of us have been a poor nation with this we never heard of them. >> the gilroy garlic festival has been around for 42 years. the festival board announced the cancellation of the annual festival a little over a week ago citing lingering financial issues from the pandemic, along with an affordable insurance requirements by the city. >> and that the requiring over 10 million dollars worth of insurance coverage where traditional me they only require a 1 million dollars insurance policy. and so in
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doing that, effectively issued a potential roadblock in 2019, a mass shooting happened at the festival in 2020. it was canceled due to the pandemic. >> and last year it was a drive-thru event. this year's event has been canceled. but the association is holding smaller events to give back to local charities and celebrate garlic. more information is going to be released about the new garlic festival this thursday will continue to follow the latest about this. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting in the newsroom. >> back to you. to the south bay and santa clara county supervisors are looking to invest 3 million dollars in planned parenthood. >> mar monte. they say the funding with increased access to health care for women in the bay area. and for the many women who are coming here from out of state kron four's. well, bellow joins us here now live from the newsroom with more on their request. good afternoon. well, good afternoon, justine. those behind this plan say right now is a critical time for women across the country as states
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are passing restrictive bans on women's health care and a person's right to choose supervisor cindy chavez and susan ellenberg want santa clara county to remain a safe haven for all planned parenthood. mar monte is the largest planned parenthood affiliate in the country since july of 2021, 80 patients have cross state lines to receive access to care from the facility they've served. people from alabama, arizona, florida, louisiana, arkansas, georgia, and texas. they say all patients from texas sought care here after september first when texas band access to abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy. if roe v wade gets overturned this june by the supreme court. >> planned parenthood mar monte believes patient numbers will only increase here. they say this funding will be key in helping them prepare for that influx. >> if roe gets overturned, we're going to see an increase spike and we're preparing across our affiliate to see 2 to 500 additional patients a
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week coming from out of state, at least 26 states are poised to ban abortion, which is just a staggering number. this current landscape is exactly why planned needs to expand in both size and services. >> the 3 million would be invested for use at for expansion and renovation of 2 of planned parenthood. mar monte health centers expanding the number of rooms which would allow them to care for more patients. funds would also go toward a behavioral health care and expanding a complex lab to allow more testing for patients. i'm going to have more on this coming up on kron. 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kron on you can download that for free in your app store. back to justin. >> we will talk about our weather forecast right now as we take this live look outside at a windy picture here in san francisco across the embarcadero. hope everyone's monday is off to a great start
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and it looks like we're in store for a mini heat wave this week. our meteorologist dave spahr and the weather center now with details. their heyday. >> justine and good afternoon, everybody. this a live shot of the east bay shoreline, not quite picturesque as we head to the embarcadero. so looks like we have some hazy sunshine going on here. they behind me and the skies as well. we've been kind of fighting some cloud cover earlier today that bypassed us or going going mostly clear tonight, losing some of the wind. so will be a little chilly in some of those valleys for the overnight make up for that in a big way by midweek. here it is right now as we speak, we do have the winds with us and actually the advisory is going to be around for a few hours. but there you can see other clock there. well, in the teens and 20's on the board wind advisory, very small piece of real estate covered by this. it's up in the north bay along the coast. but you can see more in and sonoma counties again along the coast, as we're focused on until 9 this evening is also one up in the sierra, too. but temperature check for you right now. we're at 70 for any off, but everybody else is pretty much in the 60's and
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half moon bay coming into the 50's. this is current again turned temperatures for right now for tonight. got 48 san francisco. 49 for oakland. 46 for san jose. looking for a heat spike by the middle of the week. we'll have more on that in just a bit. justine. >> dave, thanks so much. here is what is coming up here during kron. news at 3 o'clock today. the city of pleasanton has entered the stage. true to drought alert. how much more the new rates are going to be for water. also, do you see what i see up there? it's time to check our surroundings for a black bear was spotted today in the bay area. also, arrest warrants have been issued for a sheriff's deputy accused of helping a murder suspect escaped prison. there's a massive manhunt happening right now after the 2 have
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for your wake of destruction. some bizarre national news right now at 3.15 because an arrest warrant has just been issued for an alabama sheriff's deputy who disappeared while escorting a murder suspect from prison. >> deputy vicki white is accused of allowing and helping casey white to escape. both have not been found. casey white was scheduled for trial next month on a capital murder charge and deputy white told her co-worker she was going to take him to the courthouse for mental health evaluation. but the sheriff has now said no such point ever even existed. the lauderdale county sheriff's office has now said they have no leads at this point on
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where the 2 are located. a lot of bizarre details in this one, too. she help him escape. was she told from the outside to get him out, but they have not been found and we will continue to follow this. there's now a trial set for the lawsuit filed by the parents of gabby petito against the parents of brian laundrie petito's. the 22 year-old was found dead in wyoming after going on a road trip with her boyfriend brian laundrie. investigators say that laundrie killed petito and then killed himself weeks later. now petito's parents are suing laundrie's parents accusing them of knowing that their daughter was already dead. the trial has been set for august of next year in florida. the attorney for the laundrie family has already filed a motion to dismiss this lawsuit, calling it baseless. happening right now, the city of pleasanton is in a stage 2 drought alert and that declaration by the city means new water restrictions and higher water rates. kron four's will tran has the
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details. the city of pleasanton is leaving it up to you to decide how much you want to pay for water. >> because over the weekend they went from stage one to stage 2. what does that mean for you? well, that means water will cost you a lot more than it did before this past weekend because of the ongoing drought. the city of pleasanton is initiating new water rates now for every 748 gallons. and that's the jumping off point for the city of pleasanton for every 748 gallons. it's going to cost to $0.65. before that. it was $0.18. so now it's more than triple the amount it's going to cost you for water. city of pleasanton. they were one of the first cities in the bay area last october there asked people to conserve water by 15%. many people dead. let's face it. some people did not with the ongoing drought desperate times call for desperate measures and that's why they are doing this. not
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sure how long it's going to last. but if this is an ongoing problem, they have a couple of tools in their tool shed for them to reach into to grab in the form of stage 3 and stage 4, which will really be expensive stage 3 for every 748 gallons a $1.39, if that doesn't deter people from trying to not waste water. that rate will jump to $2 and $0.91 for every 748 gallons, you might think that's a lot of water. no big deal. but think about it. a family of 3 or 4 with all the showers, the dishes and all the other things that you need around the house that's going to hit you right in the pocketbook. but they're leaving it up to you. you can decide your own fate. save water and save money. >> now to the nprth bay where a black bear was spotted this morning in vacaville in vacaville. police posted this video on facebook of that male
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bear. just chilling out in a tree along north orchard. officers say they have kept close eye on this bear because nearby schools were starting when they spotted it. so if you see the bear, the advice is to avoid it and also keep your doors and windows closed. also bring your pets inside. officials say there watching the bear closely and will only make contact with it if he poses a threat to the community. kron four's terisa is headed to vacaville right now to see if the bear is still there. and she'll have more tonight in prime time. that fair finds its way home. we'll talk about our weather forecast right now as we take this live look outside across the golden gate bridge. a couple of thin clouds sticking out there for this monday. and our meteorologist dave spahr is here with a look at the mini heat wave. that's coming our by midweek. and the warriors won last night, dave. so that's good news to that. that's good news, too. and the bears just just chillin his way out. and he's just looking first jar of honey. anybody can just bring it to me here in just a.
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>> anyway, we've got going on in half moon bay. look at this blue skies for you bluebay. it's all but a clear out here than the picture we saw right there, the east bay shoreline just before. >> this cloud cover just about the part. and so we're call it mostly clear for tonight. maybe a little bit of fog on by tomorrow morning, a touch and we still have the onshore winds with for the next few hours. but there's an interesting flip happening and that will get to in a bit. we're looking at sunny to mostly clear skies going into tonight. maybe a little cloud puff pass and by 10 o'clock. 53, we still have that wind advisory that's covers a very small area along the coast up in the north bay. that's until 9 for tonight. future cast wins on shore. they will be for the next few hours. then there's an interesting switch to take us through the overnight up here to solano county in napa, a temporary offshore wind there. no statements with any of this. and look at some of the humidity levels for the ground service level. and it doesn't look to be too threatening. so at least we're going to stay in the 20% range. they're not drop too much. so it will be good news on that front that finally subsides as it should because middle of the week, a
3:21 pm
heat spike coming our way. very brief. but it will be with us. we'll start to feel some effects tomorrow. and then we put on the octane by wednesday temperature check for you. mostly 40's over most a real estate. we've got 50 concord tonight. 55 up there to antioch. 41 meanwhile, for santa rosa, half moon 45 tomorrow? 68 san francisco. 74 oakland, 78 for san jose. and this gets little sample of one of the foot steps to get there. we're already seeing temperatures well inland be in the lower 80's. we're not done yet. building on that. still a little cool on the east bay shoreline. the 70's a chilly 60 per half moon bay. we'll have more on that heat spike coming up for you in just a bit. gusting looking forward to it. thank you, dave. still ahead, the 3.45, what some people believe is the reason behind the increase. >> violent home invasions and burglaries. also the best way to protect yourself. also up next. if they creepy mystery that's unfolding on beaches in
3:22 pm
texas. >> as dozens of dolls are washing up on shore. researchers think t
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>> if you have a fear of dolls, you might want to close your eyes for this one. at the very least, there's a beach you're going want to avoid in texas. that's because in port our ines creepy barnacle covered dolls have been washing ashore for over a year. researchers at a local marine reserve have found
3:25 pm
about $30 on the beach since january of 2021. many are covered in sea life there stained by algae or they're missing limbs or even eyes. that one's huge, too. because of the currents in the gulf. the dogs could be coming from mexico. other gulf states. maybe they fell off a ship at sea. i mean, immediately know. this is definitely not your usual beachgoer. a large alligator was caught swimming in the surf off a beach in north carolina. the family that spotted the gator said they have never seen anything like this in the 15 years. they've been coming to that beach. the gator appeared to be having trouble swimming against the waves. and according to experts, alligators are usually fresh water animals. they prefer swamps lakes and ponds. they are not often found in the ocean. that guy got a little lost in portland, maine. a 26 year-old driver took a wrong turn and drove write down a flight of stairs at a police
3:26 pm
station. officers say that the driver went right through the police department's garage across a pedestrian plaza and then down the stairs. when officers talked to her following the crash, he told them she was following her gps and that's how she ended up on the stairs. get this officers believe that she was under the influence, which is what led to the crash at the police station. oh, come next. at 3.30, there is another covid variant that's making its way to california. >> what health experts are saying about this newest version of the virus. also, the fda has plans to ban menthol cigarettes and it's being. mixed reviews. more details coming up here. also a surprise visit to ukraine by house speaker nancy pelosi. more on what she told the president of ukraine coming up in a live report
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>> our top story 3.30, u.s. health officials at home and abroad are increasing the urgency for more military assistance in ukraine. our washington, d.c., correspondent jessi tenure is joining us now live with the latest on these war efforts. jesse, thanks for joining us. yeah, good afternoon to you, justin. president biden is going to be able to see firsthand how some of the missiles that his administration has sent over to ukraine. >> are being made. and this is really to spur even more funding from congress. >> nobody knows help long.
3:30 pm
this is going to go with a diplomatic solution to end russia's war currently off the table. the biden administration wants to send more weapons to ukraine, including javelin missiles effectively used to defend their country against the russian invasion, including 2 in the battle for keene. white house press secretary jen psaki says the u.s. has sent more than 5500 of the missiles to ukraine and on tuesday, president biden will tour an alabama facility that manufactures them to make the case for more, why it is urgent to get this funding across the finish line. president biden is asking congress for 33 billion dollars in additional funding for weapons and economic and humanitarian assistance. the senate will start working on the package this week, but over the weekend in kiev, house speaker nancy pelosi told president zelensky commitment be there when you want time. psaki stresses the funding is also crucial to make sure the u.s. and its allies can replenish their own weapons. stockpiles. the pentagon spokesperson john kirby says it's not an
3:31 pm
immediate concern thus far. we have not seen any negative impact on our ability to defend this nation. >> and the state department today also outlined russia's next steps for the eastern part of ukraine. that could include plans to abduct teachers and mayors and also replace local governments with groups that have been loyal to moscow live in washington. i'm jessi tenure, justine. so just we understand that the first lady will be making a trip or her own later on this week to europe. you have any details from the white house yet about her agenda. >> the white house did give a little bit away and said the first lady jill biden will be going to remain ia and slovakia over this mother's day weekend and meeting mostly with ukrainian refugees and those that have been helping them. and the white house did make sure to note that said she is a longtime educator herself. >> first lady jill biden will be meeting with teachers who have taken up the challenge of educating a lot of these young ukrainians as well. we'll be watching her trip. jesse, thank you so much. back here
3:32 pm
at home. we have an update now in california's effort to issue states sanctions against russia. state lawmakers today move forward with a bill that would ban state agencies and california public pension funds from transacting with investing in our contracting with russia or belarus and companies that do business with them. after clearing its first 2 committees, the state senate appropriations committee today move that bill to what's considered the suspension file the suspension file in the senate is a group of bills that are up for consideration that fiscal impact of more than $50,000 for the state. this bill does have bipartisan support from 57 state lawmakers kron four's ashley zavala have more details on this coming up during kron. 4 news at 5 tonight. and 5th graders in daly city are showing their solidarity with ukraine after class discussion. it, you know, borough sarah elementary and the discovery that one of the students has friends and
3:33 pm
family in ukraine. the class decided to cover their window with blue and yellow. sticky notes which represents the ukrainian flag. the students also put up a message, stay strong. ukraine. wish you peace. the student said that this made them feel really good about spreading a positive message in their community. for them. not everyone is celebrating the fda's plans to ban menthol cigarettes. some say it could be hurting minority communities. studies say that black americans disproportionately use menthol cigarettes more than any other demographic group and that one 3rd of all cigarettes sold in the united states are menthol. the ban is being called the most aggressive action against the tobacco industry in history. we've got a chance to talk with someone from the libertarian think tank reason foundation and he says issuing this would put a target on the black communities back. >> that means prohibition of this product means any law enforcement to combat the
3:34 pm
illegal market will be concentrated in the african american community. >> it is estimated that limiting menthol and tobacco products could prevent up to 650,000 deaths over the next 40 years. there's a new covid variant and it's starting to show up here in california. barry doctors say it could make up half of all the new cases in just a matter of days. kron four's amanda hari has the latest details. >> it's related to omicron. it's kind of becoming more dominant. so it's estimated to be about 80% of cases on us a few weeks ago. you can only find the omicron variant ba 12002.1 in the northeast. now it's all over the country. it's about 25% more transmissible, then even be a 2, which is itself anywhere from 30 to 80% more transmissible than ba one ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says
3:35 pm
he's not too concerned for people with healthy immune systems because so many of them have built-up antibodies to the original strain of omicron definitely helped us because from the body's perspective, it all kind of looks omicron to the body and the body's immune system. he says all these subvariants popping up one after another is actually the best case scenario. they coming one after the other very, very quickly. if there was a pause of even a few months. it could mean that people's immunity might have leaned a little bit before that new subvariants. but he says everyone should be in a state of readiness for the next major variant californians over the age of 50 are now able to get a 4th shot. but the public health department says only 15% of eligible people have done it. doctor chin-hong says not everyone needs to run out and get it but it may be beneficial for those with weaker immune systems or older. if you were above 65, i
3:36 pm
think it would probably be a good idea. that was meant to harry reporting for us this afternoon and for your money right now, air bnb is ending its covid-19 refund policy at the end of this month. >> as of june, first, guests will have to cover short-term rental costs, even if they have to cancel because of covid for most of the pandemic guests to cancel because of covid-19 could do so without any penalty. air bnb says it plans to offer travel insurance in the future. for your health right now may is mental health awareness month and we spoke with the head of the mental health services. it health and he says in any given year. out of 5 americans that are dealing with mental health issues. and that's true for many as one out of 3 young adults after the past few years. the pandemic, a lot of us are feeling a lot of stress. and he says he finds a lot more people are opening up about their feelings.
3:37 pm
>> come to the point. we've acknowledged that there is so much stress out there and suffering and that it's ok to be struggling and it's ok to admit that i think i'm seeing that that there is a change happening where people are becoming somewhat more open to this. >> some tips that can help with their mental health trying to exercise regularly geteenough sleep and spend time with your loved ones. all that can have a dramatic impact on your mental health. so we can help with a little bit about the get exercise and get outside part one of the forecast as we take this live look outside breezy out there on this monday afternoon. we're looking at a warm up, though, with temperatures of people are going to get out and about this week are meteorologist dave spahr is here now with details. how warm are we talking this week? >> just seen some of those inland valleys could pop in about no, it's not the first time we've done it so far this season, but it's going to be a real like a little flavor of summer before they pulled away, finishing off, we says very brief. we're talking
3:38 pm
about the winds also up in the mountains around tahoe. this goes on until about 8 this evening. here's just the general coverage area back home. just a little sliver along the coast up in the north bay here in this will be until 9 o'clock. we see the winds on shore. here's a nice shot coming in from half moon bay. boy, that's a visual aspen right there. i'm looking good at that. but again, as little breezy and chilly at the coast, too, these clouds have cleared out since we had this afternoon leaving behind clear skies to the next order of business is with that is to lose the winds which we expect for tonight. they are on shore notice into the teens, even in the inland areas up in the north bay and along the coast. so it's a bit chill, a chilly going on, but we will recover after we lose the winds temperature check for you at 70 at antioch. most readings in the 60's. now, 54 chilly degrees. i just showed you at half moon bay. so kind of break this all down clear. not so breezy tonight, chilly with 40's on the board here. then for tuesday, wednesday, warming on tuesday, hot wednesday, we're talking 80's tuesday about 90 or so by wednesday. but late in the
3:39 pm
week, we're cooling through friday. some clouds to contend with on thursday, which we're hope is going to be some rain shots. and then meanwhile, will have some mild temperatures for you this weekend got some more. that extended forecast coming up in a bit. justine. >> thank you, dave. >> a makeover for sin city lawmakers. they're willing to bet turning the strict car free will be a winning move.
3:40 pm
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>> a potentially huge plan is being proposed for the las vegas strip. a clark county official is suggesting making part of it car free, a pedestrian only section was closed off right in front of the blodgett hotel over the weekend for the nfl draft and many tourists at a gate them easier access to different hotel properties. so now county leaders say they still have to assess what did in did not work with the nfl draft before making any sort of decision and drawing up an official proposal. but they are thinking about it. >> stiol ahead, the reason behind the increase in violent home crimes like burglaries. another break ins. and we're also hearing from experts
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
>> smash-and-grabs armed robberies and home invasions are all on the rise with surveillance cameras becoming a lot more popular. these incidents are being documented like never before. reporter kailey be sun. take a look now at what these cameras are catching and how we can protect ourselves. >> these hair raising pouring in from across the country. i that i could today. >> and it scared me to death from luxury homes in beverly hills is used to be such a safe neighborhood to main street america. glad that he's caught but scared that. why
3:46 pm
was he on the street to begin when it's a problem? security yesterday, robert sicily says has been exacerbated by the pandemic alcoholism, drug addiction overdoses. there's a lot >> collateral damage as a result of covid. and when people are desperate, they do desperate things. and we're seeing a lot of that happening right now. get. >> many of these alarming encounters captured on camera weeks ago in california. you can see this intruder breaking into a san bernardino home and staring at a couple sleeping before being last summer, another homeowner confronted the man after he broke into his family's bel air estate. make it and killed their pet birds with his bare hands like a serial killer. he said hi birdies with a smile on his hands in the cage.
3:47 pm
>> and to squeeze down drop them on the floor. okay. and happy. big events. >> i don't know. i was sleeping and just days ago, a suspect making his way into a woman's room and taking her hostage in san diego, holding a gun to her head before surrendering to officers without incident. emotional impact of seeing the imagery that you can get from a reading or some of the surveillance. >> equipment that is available now to homeowners. >> really, i think drives our consciousness and makes us a little more frightened of the possibility. former fbi agent phil andrews says these types of crimes typically fall into 2 categories, an insider job with the suspect knows the homeowner and sometimes even a family member or crimes of opportunity where criminals take advantage of open doors and other vulnerabilities. and that's why the prevention it's so important. however, if preventative measures aren't enough and you find yourself in a similar situation. you are only responsibility best
3:48 pm
thing you can do is get out of there as quickly as possible. don't stick around to find out what they have in mind. >> that was kaylee, be sun reporting for us this afternoon. and security experts say some of the best ways to prevent these types of crimes comes down to the basics, proper lighting, locked doors, a home security system and security signage and always be aware of your surroundings. talk about our weather forecast right now as we take this live look outside across the san mateo bridge. looks a little hazy there and warm temperatures are coming our way this week. so says our meteorologist dave spahr, who is in the weather center right now. look at the clustering cars there to the windshield. so we've got a lot of this coming up the next couple of days. definitely the shades and a nice warm up short sleeve shirt weather. here's a >> hasan assure referenced also in the east bay shoreline. different story we see here at the bay bridge toll plaza got mostly sunny at 7 at 61. 53 by 10 tonight and some of the valleys as we lose. those winds still tumble
3:49 pm
a little bit into the 40's. this little snapshot of what we've got for the winds go forward now they are on shore until tomorrow. there's little bit of a flip that happens tomorrow morning. a bit offshore for solano county. napa bit. there's no statements about fire weather watch or anything like that because we kind of watch those offshore winds that last too long and we should dry out too much during that time period. here's also a little flavor of what's going on in town that follow suit about 70 by wednesday, thursday, looking apat 64 hinting of a change tha we're going to reference here on the home front as well. so for tomorrow, 83 going on for antioch in concord. but the it 63 still some leftover onshore winds there. 80's up in the north bay, 79 for livermore. and that's not the hottest day in the bunch to warming up here. 60 per half moon bay, some coastal areas by wednesday. my top off at about 70 or so. so with all of this, it's going to be high pressure building temporarily breaks down by thursday. there you can see the traffic here. the rain showers that looks like
3:50 pm
that's going to stay to the north but will be banking off of that into the weekend. so kind what we're looking at now. temperature wise, you know, some 70's going on in london with a lot of sunshine for you by this weekend. we'll have that 7 day forecast for you coming up for you later, justine. >> looking forward to it. thank you, dave. the strike is over. stanford nurses are going back to work. the strike started last monday and 83% of the 5,000 nurses voted to accept the deal. nurses will be returning to work as early as tomorrow. they wanted more staff, better mental health resources, better pay and more paid time off. we'll check in now with newsnation to see what they're working on for this monday night. >> tonight, a culture shift in america. how the woke mob went from running our country to becoming a late night. joe. plus, why lawmakers are upset with the pentagon over foes. that's on balance. here's dan. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news
3:51 pm
nation. the search is on for an escaped inmate facing murder charges and the corrections official who left with him. this is a guy whose last escape attempt was foiled, prompting tighter security. but who would have thought he'd get help from the inside? that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. and next at 3 o'clock, a delivery driver hailed a hero. details after she was supposed to deliver pizza. >> but instead she saved a do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide hygienic clean free. it's gentle on her skin, and out cleans our old free detergent. tide hygienic clean free. hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.
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3:53 pm
3:54 pm
driver turned a police. >> a pizza delivery into a lifesaving rescue when sophia furtado arrived at caitlin, karen sullivan's house in february. she found on the ground and bleeding from her head. and karen says she hit her head after her knee gave out sophia was training as an emergency medical technician and can see that karen was in really bad shape. so she called 9-1-1 stabilize karen's neck and kept her safe until paramedics arrived. karen says if it was not for sophia, she would be dead. sophia was given a life saving award from the police department and $1000 educational grant from doordash. sometimes the
3:55 pm
wrapping paper is really the best part of any gifts. just ask and the toddler or some red tailed monkeys. the oakland zoo shared this video. one of the monkeys having a blast with the wrapping paper and that role. ribbon at their to bits and pieces and just having a grand old time. cute little monkey. zoo. there is a new glass bottom bridge that is now opened in vietnam. it spans more than 2000 feet. the back-log pedestrian bridge is said to be the longest glass bottom bridge in the world. with the guinness world record scheduled to visit later on this month. the bridge is built with 3 layers of tempered glass. it's 500 feet above valley. the company that designed the bridge, put it to the test by having heavy cars and trucks drive over it. officials say can support 500 people at a time. and i will take their word for it. would you go on tonight? it's the
3:56 pm
met gala is returning to the metropolitan museum of art. this is video from the last one, the annual fundraiser or as this video from right now. this is new or last year's last year's years ago. it's the met costume institute. they're raising money and the met gala is considered the oscars of fashion was canceled in 2020 because of covid was scaled back and then held in september of last year. so now it's back for the first monday in may. and this year's theme is the gilded glamour, the 2020 to host our regina king lin manuel miranda and blake lively and ryan. reynolds, if you go on twitter, dave, we'll see a lot of the options have already been posted. all the outfits. it's quite fabulous. and i'm trying to get some new year's live outfit. inspiration from that's right. yes, well, you gilded glamour yourself. so work. there you go. >> just the we're look at still some of those winds hanging around a little while.
3:57 pm
we'll be around for about the next 6 hours or so. once we lose them cooling, we will go temperatures tomorrow. now we've got the 80's up towards the delta and parking. a straight 70's, though, will be pretty much the rule for a lot in territory. 80's up to the north bay as well. looking at the week ahead now, warming up tomorrow. more so wednesday, this the heat spiked a quick down, got some scattered clouds on friday. we're hoping that was going to be rain but just cloud cover. justine and gilded glamour. >> already ready to go. dave red carpet ready. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. but i'm just a
3:58 pm
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