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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  May 2, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. how can expect decent people to want to serve in these roles if they? >> you know, can be treated decently. >> to 95 going out with a bang and oakland school board member resigns slamming teachers in that district just minutes before stepping down. thank you for watching. kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis a day. the oakland school board member has abruptly resigned. her position moving out of the bay area's a matter of fact before she did shock, gonzales is posted a scathing letter slamming the school board and the teachers union kron
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four's. dan kerman reports. it just got to feel talks a good didn't feel like it was my mental physical health. oakland school board member shot. gonzales is quit the board effective immediately and will be moving out of the bay area. >> saying the level of discourse over issues such as school closures has taken its toll on her. people must be able to actually engage on the without fear of attacks in fear like feel and fear of not being safe. gonzales says that's how she's felt in a public posting late blaming her fellow board members and the teachers union go-to tactic in oakland. if someone disagrees with you is to say that they're racist or to say that they are white-supremacist and to try and eat their perspective and not have to actually engage on the issues with the movement is has been trying to express is that these these school closures? >> they are racist. they're disproportionately impacting black and brown students. and the district said as much.
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>> teachers who called for recent one-day strike over school closures says gonzales attempt to pit teachers against parents is insulting. >> what is revealed by her letter said and she's beholden to other interests that are not the parents, students and teachers, oakland and parents. we spoke with in gonzales district say she's been unwilling to listen or come up with fresh ideas. >> and parents will not lose any sleep over her departure. she's continuously very disengage from the she's not very receptive to listening to. students are listening to community members and honestly, she's quite rude and all of the board meetings, she has even made statements like i really don't want to be here right now. gonzalez term expires in january of next year. >> the board will have to decide whether to appoint a replacement or call for a special election. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> school board president gary. shared this statement on gonzales that reads in part shot he was here to make a
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difference for our kids. she did not shy away from making the difficult but necessary decisions to ensure the financial and academic future of our district. she always thoughtfully considered every option before she voted. i want to express my deepest gratitude for her years of service to the city, too usd and to district 6 schools and their students, staff and families. the strike is over. stanford nurses are going back to work. the strike started last monday. 83 1% of the 5,000 nurses >> have voted to accept the new deal they're says will be returning to work as soon as tomorrow. the nurses wanted more staff better mental health resources, better pay and more paid time off. violent crime continues around lake merritt in the east bay. the latest incident, a deadly stabbing over the weekend. now in oakland city leaders calling on parking enforcement to try to deter the violence. but as kron 4 says but new reports the president of the police union says that will help. >> a man died after being
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stabbed the 1200 block of lakeshore avenue in oakland. it happened sunday shortly after 03:00am oakland police released no information regarding suspect or any possible motive. it is the 4th deadly incident in the past 6 months. that residential area that includes a call to sat next to the lake. it is also oakland city council, president nikki fortunato bass's district. she released a statement that reads in part, quote, i'm calling for immediate action. the parking restrictions with the park is closed. let's be enforced, included ticketing and towing that will help prevent violence from the of quote. >> and that means what police are there. they need to let people know the park is closed. there's no there's no overnight parking. so, you know, please move along council president bags credits previous vehicle mitigation measures in being effective in deterring unwanted activity near the lake. we're not dealing with an epidemic of double parking for dealing with the epidemic.
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>> a shooting and her and see the president of the oakland police officers association officer barry donelan takes this view of the council president's parking enforcement approach to crime prevention is a shocking disconnect between those in city hall were supposed to be in charge of this city and what's happening on the streets of oakland. yeah, we're all indoor justice system and not all police officers to respond to the calls for help from our citizens. opd officials say their dispatch receives an average of 2000 calls a day with officers prioritize in response to violent calls. >> which typically does not include calls for parking in force. but council president bassan says that it is the answer and must be done. >> it absolutely has to happen. you know, we need immediate action. we need the police department are parking department to enforce that restriction on late night park parking to help prevent these
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type of activities has it. but you for news. and tonight we're learning the name of the oakland teen who died in a car crash last night. the victim has been identified as 17 year-old luis lonyo por police say that he went off the road at about 08:00pm on highway 13, just south of park boulevard. police say speeding most likely played a role in the crash. but it is still under investigation. santa clara county supervisors are looking into a investing in 3 million dollars in planned parenthood. mar monte. they say that the funding would increase access to health care for women here in the bay area. and for women who are coming in from out of state seeking care. but first of reports. >> those behind this plan say right now is a critical time for women across the country as states are passing restrictive bans on women's health care and a person's right to choose supervisor. cindy chavez and susan ellenberg want santa clara county to remain a safe haven
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for all since july 2021. >> today planned parent is already provided services for 80 out of state women and many more anticipated in california because they can get health services here. and i want to remind everybody, these are health services. planned parenthood. mar monte is the largest planned parenthood affiliate in the country since last summer. they've served people from alabama, arizona, florida, louisiana, arkansas, georgia and texas. >> all patients from texas seeking care here after september first, when texas band access to abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy. if roe v wade gets overturned this june by the supreme court, planned parenthood mar monte believes patient numbers will only increase are preparing across our affiliate to see 2 to 500 additional patients a week. >> coming from out of state, at least 26 states are poised to ban abortion. this current landscape is exactly why
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planned needs to expand in both size and services. the one-time capacity and expansion funding would increase medical and behavioral treatment capacity. >> they'll testing labs and improve medical training when we impede women's ability to get health care of any kind. we impede their ability to get health care of all kinds. and that's part of the reason that we're so focused on making sure that the training facility is available and that these services are available to santa clara board of supervisors are set to vote on the 3 million dollar plan on tuesday. noelle bellow kron, 4 news. >> if you live in pleasanton, you might see a higher water bill and you can thank the drought for that. the city is moving too stage 2 drought rates starting this month. that means the amount customers pay for water will triple. but the city says you can keep your bill down by using less water taking shorter showers, not leaving
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the water running while washing dishes. if water consumption continues to be high, there, the city will increase prices even more. state leaders in washington, d.c., today. state leaders are there trying to secure federal resources that would help turn sacramento into a green energy hub. the effort is part of the 50th annual cap to cap a vet. california leaders say the finances would bring business and growth to the region by helping fund projects like the california mobility center. they say it would also help all californians by improving things like air quality and fighting droughts and wildfires, which are getting worse because of climate change. the sacramento chamber of commerce says congress should create cleaner, clear uniform federal regulations and match the state dollars. california is investing in the clean energy sector. however, the biden administration's plans for a green investment are currently stalled in county is introducing a new
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covid strategy designed to eliminate what officials are calling preventable deaths. health officials unveiling the plan earlier today. the new strategy would redirect underused resource is like >> prescription medication and at-home test. experts say that they're focusing on low-income and minority communities where covid infection and death rates are the highest stat show that only 30% of the county's latino population is received a booster shot. that number slightly higher at about 39% for the black community compared to more than half of the white community with booster shots, chief equity officer gilbert salinas says that these disparities even transcend age. >> you're more likely to die. the community regardless of your age. then you your 2 guys who are living in healthier community. rolling out additional efforts to reduce these deaths throughout the month, like adding testing clinics and mailing out resources. vice
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president kamala harris will return to work at the white house tomorrow. she tested negative for covid-19 today. harris was working from home since testing positive last tuesday. she was asymptomatic but was prescribed. pfizer's covid fighting uphill paxlovid to help her recover more quickly. harris will continue to wear a mask for several days when she gets back to work. >> coming up there on the loose where it's been hanging out and the strategy local officials are utilizing to try to keep people safe. >> plus, maybe there will be a local garlic festival after all, the new group touting the event and why it's rubbing some people the wrong way. >> i'm rob nesbitt reporting live in the newsroom over the weekend. number of sideshows happening in san francisco neighborhoods. hear from residents for woken up by the sounds of squealing tires and fireworks. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow cold front dropping to the bay area today bringing
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>> well, it happened early sunday morning. a sideshow at the intersection of harrison and main street in the city. and it was while that was one officers were called to the scene of 2 more like it that same day, including one where a police cruiser was
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vandalized. kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with people who live around there were woken up to the sounds of fireworks and the tires. squealing donuts everywhere. rob's live in the newsroom now with how these people are feeling about sideshows happening, right where they live. rob graham, police in san francisco were busy with 3 sideshows in less than 2 hours early sunday morning. residents are already questioning if they'll need to move to avoid another night of burning rubber. driver, speeding in circles and a crowd of spectators with their cell phone cameras up. >> san francisco police responded to the sideshow scene at 12:41am. in the morning sunday at harrison and main streets. it's where we'll decker lives and woke up to loud noises. bikers governor out here doing donuts, setting off fireworks. seems like that was reverberating back from the bridge making as loud as possible. tire marks are still visible in the middle of the intersection, but the sun drivers didn't stop there. police responded to a side show in geneva, ave and ella, maybe just after 01:00am sunday. and then an hour later
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at 13th street and south van ness ave now, so unnecessary. you know, i mean, >> middle of the night, you know, doing that there should got to be places. you can do that. if that's kind of what you're going for. dozens of vehicles and spectators were dispersed at all 3 locations. a marked police car was even vandalized by a vehicle fleeing the scene at 13th and south. and that so reckless to do it on a public in the middle of the city, >> we could hear sirens in the background of this side. show you the bay bridge and right next to the gabby market and deli. everybody's talking about the store's owner, sandra boss says it's the 3rd time this has happened in the south beach neighborhood in less than 6 months to come down walk the streets. and the next thing, you know, >> we're going to go nuts. he's worried that is local customers will start moving to other areas of the bay. if police are able to find and arrest the people saying right now all we might have to sell him leave. >> we thought this neighborhood supposed to be one of the best neighborhoods. >> san francisco police say no arrests have been made, but officers are still working to
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investigate all 3 sideshows with the goal of arresting the suspects and seizing their vehicles. live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. all right, weather time was going to get a live look outside right now. downtown san francisco. >> looks pretty quiet and tranquil, but pretty windy out there, lawrence. yeah, we had a cold front dropping to the bay area today. actually did have report a light shower. 1, one 100th of an inch of rain in richmond today. how about that yet felt the moisture just really wanted to raise. wanted to go. but yeah, but that was winds are whipping up around the bay area. again, you can see the a camera right now looking towards coit tower. yeah, pretty blustery in spots. we've had some gusts now in millbrae this past hour of almost 40 miles per hour. here's that weak weather system sliding through most that energy moving to the north of the bay area's to the cold front kind of making its way on through. earlier on today. here comes those clouds sliding on by. ere es that just was not much energy left with that system. but now starting to see those winds really kicking up in the south. things have been playing out pretty in april. now we're here. we in the same
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thing. it's going to see more of those winds as these weeks is weak systems roll on by. you get to high pressure trying to build in behind. you get those gusty winds. you see a lot of gusts over 20, even 30 miles per hour outside right now. so blustery afternoon around much of the bay area, especially along the coastline and through some of the coastal gaps. temperatures, not all that bad. cool breeze, though, keeping the numbers down to san francisco. 58 degrees. 62 in oakland. it is 65 degrees in san jose. 64 in livermore. 69 get warm and conquered. 66 degrees in santa rosa. if you plan on stepping outside this evening at plan on some of those winds continuing to blow through the evening hours. it will stay mostly clear, though. and then as we head toward the 8 o'clock tonight, going to begin to see a shiftu in the wind pattern overnight tonight. i think we start talking more of a northerly component to the wind. that is an offshore wind developing. i think that will keep your skies nice and clear. then we get ready for some much warmer weather starting tomorrow. we'll talk more about that coming up few minutes. look forward to that. thanks, laura. it's also still ahead.
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arrest warrants have been issued for a deputy. >> accused of helping that. >> murder suspect escaped from prison. the massive manhunt happening right now in alabama after the pair disappeared.
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>> happening right now, the search is on for an escaped alabama inmate. you see him over here as well as a correctional officer who you saw there, the correctional
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officer is believed to have helped that prisoner escaped inmate casey white, an assistant director of corrections, vicki white, no relation. they were last seen friday morning. authorities say casey is armed and extremely dangerous. new reports say there's the possibility of a romantic relationship between the 2, which is also being investigated. now the search is on for both this jail official and the inmate who stands out with a 6 foot 6 frame news nation's kelly be sun reports. >> those of us who work with vicki white and have worked with her for years. this is not the vicki white. we know. vicki, why does the assistant director of corrections for the lauderdale county detention center in florence, alabama? >> according to the sheriff, she worked for the department for close to 16 years and was highly respected among her colleagues here has been an exemplary employee was told by the director of the gayle and friday night, like, you know, the real weight. a were just
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devastated that involved in this and they're concerned for her concern for safety. are we you know, we jus hope that this has a on friday morning. she informed the staff she was transporting a nearly 7 foot mptall inmate. >> 38 year-old casey wide to a courthouse for a mental health evaluation. though none was scheduled. the sheriff's office says vicki wide violated a policy. they're required more than one officer to be involved in transporting casey rules put in place when he was jailed 2 years ago. and authorities believed he was planning to escape, though the pair share the same last name. they are of no relation. casey white was already serving a prison sentence for attempted murder and burglary when he disappeared and was scheduled for trial next month on a capital murder charge in 2020, he confessed to killing 58 year-old connie ridgeway. and if convicted could face the
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death penalty could shock means completely shocking cows and even possible austin. williams is the son of ridgeway. >> who says he wants to see casey, why go to trial and voiced his frustration about the escape. somebody really needs to find out how this happened. federal prison correction consultant maureen baird telling newsnation the danger to the area. now is significant. >> she's armed. which means. he's armed. >> so if he overpowered her or issues so okay and then escape, he's armed either way and putting a firearm in this guy's hands. i would be alright, concerned if i was living in that and that community. >> that was kelly. be sun reporting for us tonight. the u.s. marshals service is offering a $10,000 reward for any information in the case. >> coming up, it's not your typical food fight between the asparagus festival and the
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garlic festival. why organizers say it's not a collaborative effort either. >> also, the fda's plan to ban menthol cigarettes is being met with mixed reaction will dive into that. >> plus, a surprise visit to ukraine by house speaker nancy pelosi. more on what she told the president of that country coming up in a live report from w
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>> in the north bay, a black
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bear there. he is spotted a in a vacaville neighborhood this morning up in a tree. >> according to reports that black bear who was in the tree has meandered made his way down into somebody is backyard kron four's theresa joins us live tonight in vacaville 2 recent everybody. okay. well, grant vicki. >> everyone is fine because guess what? the bear right now is sleeping. the bears taking a nap at the house. right over there right behind me. so this all started sunday when residents reported seeing a bear police came out, they didn't see anything. but then it showed up in their early hours and ended up here on the 200 block of orchard avenue back about we've got some video that we're showing you all of the bear, the california department of fish and wildlife is here monitoring the bear. they believe it is a juvenile male bear about 250 pounds. it is old enough. we've been told to be out on its own and we've
5:29 pm
got some other video of the bear when it appeared in the trees next. akilah meant laws home here on north archer avenue. now his dog was barking and that tension. he tells us that it was a bit of a shock to see a bear so close. >> looking over the fence as i was trying to get my dog inside yeah. i saw the big bear back there and i knew, you know, it was it was my neighbor's backyard. wasn't the zoo you know, it's a little bit terrifying, but i found out that those type of bears they're not. they're not a violent anyway. they're they're not aggressive. so long as you leave the bar alone and let it do its he you should be ok and also the that there should be okay. >> now there are several nearby schools. school officials sent out letters to guardian. some parents notifying them that their week they were monitoring the bear at rose jepsen middle school.
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that's really close by officials sent out a letter informing everyone to use only the front entrance that they were locking the back entrance because of the bear. police are advising everyone here in the community to just keep a safe distance from the bear. the goal right now is to have the bear continue to take. it's nap. and then when the bear wakes up, the plan is to allow the bear to wander off go back into the woods nearby because, of course, we're in vacaville and led it to be safe and sound reporting live here in vacaville on theresa stasi. back to you guys. tree set. >> i mean, it's one thing if he's taking a cat nap. but what if he's hibernating, though, do might be a while. >> i you know, vicki, that's an excellent question. but i don't think that's the according to the officials out here, they said that basically what has happened is that the bear war itself out, which as you can imagine, the bear is young. so it was a, you know, going town looking for, you know, probably garbage


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