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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 2, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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after using xiidra, wait fifteen minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye? be proactive about managing your symptoms by talking to your doctor about twice-daily xiidra. like i did. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> tonight at 6.30, violent crime continuing around lake merritt. the latest incident, a deadly stabbing over the weekend. and now one of the oakland city leaders is calling on more parking enforcement around lake merritt to deter violence. said as our kron four's has it that you reports tonight, the president of the police union says >> that's not going to help. >> a man died after being
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stabbed the 1200 block of lakeshore avenue in oakland. it happened sunday shortly after 03:00am oakland police released no information regarding suspect or any possible motive. it is the 4th deadly incident in the past 6 months. that residential area that called the sat next to the lake. it is also oakland city council. president nikki fortunato bass's district. she released a statement that reads in part, quote, i'm calling for immediate action. the parking restrictions with the park is closed. let's be enforced, included ticketing and towing that will help prevent violence from the of quote, council president bags credits previous vehicle mitigation measures in being effective in deterring unwanted activity near the lake. there have been ongoing safety issues at the lakeshore culdesac for a number of years. >> and so working together with residents back in the spring of 2020. >> we installed speed bumps along the cul de sac to help get here. the speeding dangerous driving inside shows
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that has bee effective. she says another deterrent for violence implementing a no parking zone while lake merritt is closed overnight. >> and so that is from 02:00am to 06:00am in compliance with state laws. and one of the biggest challenges is enforcement. why she wrote. >> i was actually speechless when i read that, i don't know if we're looking at the same problem. this is a response to or murder parking is not the issue. violent crimes. the issue, opd officials say their dispatch receives an average of 2000 calls a day with officers prioritize in response to violent calls. >> which typically does not include calls for parking enforcement. but council president bassan says that it is the answer and must be done. >> it absolutely has to happen housing. but you crowd for news. >> in the south bay, 2 deadly crashes on san jose streets over the weekend. one involved a bicyclist last night around
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09:00pm on capital expressway. police say a man was riding his bike. we try to cross lanes of traffic and a car hit him the by 6 died at the scene. his name is not being released. the driver remained at the crash and did cooperate with police. >> well, the gilroy garlic festival may be coming back. but under new management, there's a lot of conflict over this officials let let's just kind of explain it. organizers of the san joaquin asparagus festival say that they want to hold their own garlic festival. they say it will be separate from the decades old garlic festival. what's best known being held in gilroy. meantime, the gilroy garlic festival organizers, which includes the grandson of one of the festival's founding members, says that this announcement caught him totally off guard. >> we'll get to that in a lot of members of the community were shocked and confused by this up to and including
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members of the eu regarding festival association. their past president and current president members of my family and my company. and none of us have been a poor nation with this we never heard of them. >> so as you can see, a lot of a back and forth here, the gilroy festival board decided to cancel the annual gilroy garlic festival because of lingering financial issues on the pandemic. and the unaffordable insurance requirements by the city of gilroy. they said more information on this new garlic slash asparagus festival bill. we will be released on thursday. so right now. >> meantime, state leaders are in washington, d.c., right now to they're trying to secure federal resources that would help turn sacramento into a green energy hub. the effort is part of a 50 50th annual cap. the cap event, california leaders say that the finances would bring business and growth to the region by helping fund projects like the
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california mobility center. it would also help all californians they say by improving things like air quality in fighting droughts and wildfires, which are, as we know, getting worse because of climate change. >> when you create a new clean you're creating a much more robust economy and more opportunity for people. what we're dealing with in california as a regulatory environment that may have very good intentions. but often some unintended consequences. >> the sacramento chamber of commerce says congress should create clearer uniform federal regulations and match the state dollars. california is investing. >> in the clean energy sector, but the biden administration's plans for green investment are right now. anyway, stalled in congress. the time as we get a look at our 4 zone forecast to our camera point in the direction of downtown san francisco and lawrence is standing by. and we know that this warming a bit. let's hope it's not going to be windy and
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know won't have the combination of winds are going to probably calm down overnight tonight, but still blustery. >> and part of the bay area. but the next couple days are going to be talking about all the beautiful sunshine and the warm weather all with the coastline. looking nice in clear skies to go along with that. you can see the winds actually beginning to calm down the golden gate bridge, just a light breeze that right now in the flag and well, we're going to see that front that moved through today. not much of it now had a report of a light sprinkle a in richmond there. but and that that was about it. the system staying mostly well to the north behind that we're seeing those winds kicking up all around the bay area. so it is blustery in spots. we've got some gusts over 40 miles per hour in places like millbrae. you see 2030 mile an hour and parts of the peninsula now. so blustery in spots. but those winds will calm down overnight tonight. and then guess what? high pressure begins to settle in and look at the change, the wind direction. all of a sudden you see those air is coming up. the north headed directly south. that's a northerly wind and that will bring was that offshore flow. and that means some very nice temperatures all around the bay area. in fact, maybe even get a little hot in spots over
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couple of days. temperatures by tomorrow afternoon, looking very nice are enjoying 70's and sunny skies in oakland about 75 degrees there. 74 in hayward. 75 in redwood city. a warm 80 degrees in san jose. 84 1 of the warmer spots in livermore. 84 in concord about 81 degrees in santa rosa. 68 downtown san francisco. that is the warmest day of the week. likely going to come on wednesday. and that's really cool threat to hit about 90 degrees on the warmest spots and looks like some very nice temperatures. cinco de mayo. the clouds begin to roll back into the bay area. the temperatures are going to really get knocked down. 2. and by friday, there's a least a chance of a few showers. all right, lawrence. still ahead, a new twist in the johnny depp's defamation trial just days before amber heard is expected to testify. >> the actress firing her pr team. >> you have people wondering issues slashed the case in the court of public opinion even before taking the stand.
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>> vice president kamala harris will return to work at the white house tomorrow. she tested negative for covid today. harris was working from home since testing positive. that was last tuesday. she was asymptomatic but was prescribed. pfizer's covid fighting pill called paxlovid to help her recover more quickly or staff says that harris will continue to wear a mask for several days after she returns to work.
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>> may is mental health awareness month and we spoke to the head of mental health services at antidote, health. he says that in any given year one out of 5 americans are dealing with a mental health issue and that's a true for as many as one out of 3 young adults after the past few years of the pandemic, a lot of us are really feeling the stress and he says he finds more people are opening up about their struggles >> come to the point where we've acknowledged that there is so much stress out there and suffering and that's okay to be struggling and it's ok to admit that i think i'm seeing that that there is a change happening where people are becoming somewhat more open to this. >> some tips that can help with your mental health. try to exercise on a regular bases, get enough sleep and spend time with your loved ones. all of that could have a dramatic impact on your mental health. >> coming up in sports after their win in game. one of lawyers were back on the
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practice court today getting ready for game 2 sports director jason dumas has reaction from has stepped are coming up.
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>> 99 eighteen's think. >> all right. let's check on our 4 zone forecast on the first monday in may. what happened to he's long here we go. get ready for the month ahead. looks we're going to see at least a chance. some showers in the forecast coming our way right now. it's been
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all about the wind today as we had a weak cold front slides on by still see the gusts blowing around the trees there sfo right now. tomorrow, what a day it's going to be. we'll start to warm up. these temperatures, maybe about 60 degrees downtown san francisco. 68 in the mission along the coastline. the temperatures going to be cool, but i think you'll be clear there as we'll offshore wind break up that fog. they can bring lots of sunshine on the way in a burning game, nor planning about 70 degrees about 68 brisbane. 78 in san warm 75 in redwood city in palo alto. 77 degrees in mount view. the south bay enjoying 70's and 80's all around the santa clara valley. so it is going to be a warm day there tomorrow, east bay as well. numbers moving up to 81 in pleasanton. but 84 in livermore, 79 and snow. 76 in fremont get the idea. these numbers looking very nice and going up from here. i think we're going to warm these temperatures up to wednesday. awesome place. maybe push closer to 90 degrees. so heating things up around the bay area. some pretty toasty temperatures as slight chance
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of some showers with a cool down as we head into friday. another one coming next sunday. >> thank you, johnny defamation trial against his ex-wife, amber heard is heating up as it's now entering its 4th week. so far, the public has heard epps side of the story and a lot of people are really locked on to this. now? amber heard is going to get her chance to speak. sloane glass has the latest on when from an actress is going to take the stand. >> hurd is replacing former pr group. precision strategies was shane communications following a wave of support for her ex-husband on social media and growing number of signatures on a change dot org petition to remove her from the aqua man series pr expert danny juror. a nice as the move to replace a pr team is not unusual mother. it's been in crisis communications situations. >> and it's usually done when the narrative is not going your way. >> or you're just. not
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satisfied with with your team doing enough for you. the change dot org petition created in 2020. >> crossed its 3 million signature goal on monday. do the right thing. remove amber heard from aqua man too, is now one of the top most signed petitions. the website has ever seen. >> he's always had. we need more. >> heard has commented on the petition saying paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media don't dictate casting decisions because they have no basis in reality created by death and who views heard as a perpetrator of abuse. the petition for her to lose her job on the next film is signed by dep supporters who believe herd is responsible for the actor being dropped from his role as captain jack sparrow from the 6 pirates of the caribbean movie did no one come to save me just because they missed me. depp's former agent christian karina testified last week that his client's reputation was
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affected because of the domestic abuse accusations. the studio was having difficulty complying in. >> everyone was aware of what was garnering the the tension of the studios in determining whether or not he could be employed. but debt said previously he quote. >> wouldn't return to the pirates franchise for 300 million dollars. and 1 million alpacas. >> so mister dat. yes. were you aware that as of 10/25/2018, about 2 months before this op-ed was published, that it was being reported as it is in this article that johnny depp is out as jack sparrow in disney's pirates of the caribbean film franchise as after battles financial issues and personal dramas. were you aware of that? >> i wasn't aware of that, but it doesn't surprise me given that 2 years have gone constant. worldwide talk about
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me being this wife beater. >> karina also testified that it is his belief that the exposure from the lawsuits ruined the mystique around death, which could also impact his career. >> the saga continues. that was sloane glass reporting for us tonight. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors were dancing on beale street today. the late rapper young dolph was glaring through the sound system. at practice you can hear here. there's no not words for for kids, but the dubs they were prepping for game 2 of the western conference semifinals. everyone was pretty lose at practice. that's what happens when you win game one on the road without your emotional leader and draymond green. but now the grizzlies are going to come into game 2 extremely desperate and the warriors know they'll have to be ready for a fight.
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>> we've got to take better care of the ball. this team so athletic and just so dynamic in transition. we've got to make sure we're we're getting good shots and executing without turning it over so that we don't let him run out and they get run out in transition threes and 1000. all that kind of stuff and keep doing what we do well, even better. i rebound >> 3 point line a little bit better with >> and then be able come. >> be ready for whatever combination of guys are going to be out there as you see in game, one thing can change really quickly. >> sixers taking on the heat game, one of the second round philly trying to get it done without joel mb done. for a little bit. they hun tough. tobias harris. nice pull up jumper there. that's put philly within 4. but 4th
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quarter, he just kind of. wear them down at bam adebayo. makes it 16 point game. heat win one o 6 to 92. the forty-niners have re-signed cornerback jason verrett. brett started has started 14 games for the organization over the last 3 seasons. but he didn't play last season after tearing his acl in week. one when he's played, he's been pretty good. but injuries have been the story of his career since 2019. all right. that's your look at sports. that's your look at sports. we it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome!
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>> well, your health tonight, fitness trackers and smart watches might let you know if your body is responding properly to the covid vaccine. analyzed data from 5600 people 2 weeks before and after their covid shots. overall, the o% vaccine did not cause any major changes to sleep, nor activity patterns, but resting heart rates went up even more. so after the second dose, experts say the changes are due to a person's immune response. it is believed that trackers and smart watches could help guide future vaccine development in order to optimize the 5th efficacy and safety on an individual level. >> italy and greece of relax some covid-19 restrictions before europe's peak summer tourist season starting today,
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travelers are going no longer have to show any proof of vaccination or test negative before flying visitors to italy will no longer have to fill out an eu passenger locator form. it's a complicated online requirement at airport check ins greek health officials sayithey are preparing for what may be their busiest tourist season in years. masks. they're still required in italy on public transportation in theaters and in all health care facilities and nursing homes and new zealand. welcome visitors of the united states and other countries today. this is the first time in more than 2 years after dropping some covid restrictions. tourists arrive this morning from los angeles from san francisco, kuala lumpur and singapore. >> they were greeted with traditional song and locally made chocolate bars. friends and family hugged and cried as people and bring 94. what was for some the first time since before the pandemic. tourists
6:57 pm
will still need to be vaccinated and to test themselves for the virus before and after arriving. but people are ready to travel. they that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6. we'll be back tonight at 8. have a nice evening, everybody. thanks for being with us
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now you know. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: the naomi judd tragedy. >> my mama love her so much. >> ashley enright known as profound grief over their mother's shocking death. >> her lifelong battle with portis being called a resistant depression. >> announcer: then, manhunt for the 6'9" murder suspect. in the female guard accused of helping him escape. >> her mother's plea to turn himself in before it's too late. >> announcer: and the last storm. three students killed after chasing a twister. their haunting final video. >> are you


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