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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 3, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here at 04:00am on this tuesday morning. it is the 3rd of may. and we're going to start this morning with a check of the weather was nice and cool yesterday afternoon. i think today if the forecast holds are and what we're going to start a little warm yeah, james, it begins today. so if you are enjoying the cool down that we saw yesterday. >> wind well, sorry to tell you today is going to be much warmer. one inland temperatures in the mid 80's today along the coast. you're in the 60's and then we're looking at bayshore temperatures as well. let's get a look at what's happening
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outside. currently. you can see clear skies warmer conditions, though, on the way in just a few minutes again, radar shows us no rain on tap for the forecast today. also no low clouds. so no dense fog slowing your visibility this morning as you're hitting the roads, current temperatures outside right now news current temperatures are just a glimpse of what's to come. still pretty cool at this hour. but as the morning goes on, those are going to go up so mid to lower 50's in alameda. hey, we're oakland, you're 50 there. filet o 49, san francisco. 51 to for. 51 is well up in fairfax. 41, we are following that warming trend. we'll have more on that. coming up. the james, back to you. okay, rana, thank you. quick check of the few bridge camps for you. >> and as you might expect, it is nice and light. here's a example of westbound 80 here. this is at the bay bridge toll plaza from oakland in the san francisco. and you can see there's just a few cars out there. nothing really getting in your way. and that's the same story here at the san mateo bridge where we've got
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traffic on 92 flowing really nicely in both directions. let's jump over to the richmond. sandra fell bridge. that's where we're looking at a nice light right here. westbound 5.81 headlights getting past and that's about it so far. so not a lot of company out there making good time. and if you're in the north bay heading into san francisco, well, you've got pretty much the entire golden gate bridge to yourself right now. there's just one, maybe 2 cars on the span at the moment. another check of weather and traffic in just a bit. now, let's get to some developing news this morning. the legal right to an abortion is in jeopardy, at least according to a new report that says the supreme court will likely vote to overturn roe v wade. now, this is all according to leaked documents which come amid a push to restrict abortions in conservative states across the country actually of hannah brandt. now from washington with much more on the story this morning. >> the court's official decision is not expected until this summer, but a lead to legal document released by politico says the justices will overturn roe versus wade
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clearing the way for restrictive abortion laws and outright bans. >> shock waves over the anticipated abortion ruling sent people rushing to the steps of the supreme court. i'm disgusted. i'm here out of grief and out of mourning as very excited. people who worked for a lot of years, but a lot of money into this. but a lot of hours, a lot of prayer has gone into this late monday night, politico released a leaked draft of an opinion written by justice samuel alito and dated in february. in it, he writes, rowe was egregiously wrong from the start. its reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences in the 98 page document says the court will reverse the constitutional right to an abortion that it created nearly 50 years ago. at least justice to think that roe was wrongly decided that there is no constitutional right in the united states constitution to abortion. >> and that the matter is to politics of individual states. it's not certain that this draft will be the final
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decision of the court opinions often change over the course of the drafting process. and we have not independently verified that the leaked draft is authentic. >> but if it is the power to control abortion access will shift to the states and likely lead to bans in several conservative >> the leak of this draft is unprecedented. breaking with the tight lips, tradition of the court law professor john myers caused the breach disturbing, took it upon themselves. >> to try and shape history by prematurely releasing an opinion on such a momentous issue. many pro choice advocates are calling on congress to take action to protect abortion rights speaker nancy pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer did release a joint statement condemning the expected ruling, calling it an abomination. >> but they didn't say whether they plan to take any legislative action in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> well, bay area leaders and organizations were quick to express or criticisms of this report are least this reported draft decision. planned parenthood affiliates across
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california say they're horrified by this report, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion, they say would create huge issues for the organization and for people who depend on their services. they cited the guttmacher institute in saying that more than 36 million people would lose access to abortion if the supreme court overturned. roe v wade glenda gonzalez, ceo of planned parenthood of northern california, says she understands that this is just a draft decision. but she says it is also a warning. >> this taken us all by surprise. it's been a shock. we're all kind of dry digested in real time. but if in fact, it the way it will go, please. this is the wake-up call that people need to have. >> and governor gavin newsom has released a statement as well calling the opinion and appalling attack on the rights of women across the country. he said he is furious that his daughters and sons would grow up in america. that is less
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free than the one they were born into. newsom has been trying to make california a sanctuary for out of state abortion seekers. the governor has already signed a law eliminating out of pocket costs for californians. well, the women's march is calling for nationwide protests in defense of abortion rights. they're supposed to start rallying at 5 o'clock this evening. so that's going to be a big thing that we're following. santa clara county supervisors, meanwhile, are looking to invest 3 million dollars in planned parenthood. sites. planned parenthood mar monte is the largest planned parenthood affiliates in the country. and since july of 2021, 80 patients have cross state lines to receive access to care from that facility. they've served people from several states, including texas, all patients from texas sought care here after texas passed its ban law. if roe v wade gets overturned, planned parenthood mario monte believes that patient numbers will only increase. they say this funding will be key in
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helping them prepare for that influx of patients. >> are preparing across our affiliate to see 2 to 500 additional patients a week coming from out of state, at least 26 states are poised to ban abortion. this current landscape is exactly why planned needs to expand in both size and services. >> the 3 million dollars to be invested would be used for expansion and renovation of to planned parenthood. mar monte health centers. the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote on that plan today. in other news this morning in san francisco, south beach residents woke up sunday morning to several sideshows happening in their neighborhood. the citizens app video here shows one that broke out at the intersection of harrison and main streets. police were later called to respond to 2 more that very same morning, geneva avenue, the other dalla, me and then
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one at 13th street and south van ness avenue just about an hour later. and that's where police cars were van released. one was vandalized by a vehicle trying to leave the scene. people living and working in that neighborhood where the sideshows broke out say that there quite honestly tired of dealing with them at this point. >> just do that in the middle of san francisco where we have a lot of residential people trying to get a good night's sleep after working week. >> not the boys do. >> san francisco police haven't made any arrests just yet. but officers are still working on the looking at all 3 sideshows with the goal of arresting the suspects and potentially even season their vehicles. in the east bay. another city is cracking down on illegal sideshow activity with a new ordinance. the city of pittsburgh has unanimously passed an ordinance last night making it illegal to watch sideshows on private property for taylor per second takes a closer look. >> something that we have more activity of side shows going
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on here within our city. vice mayor chanel scales preston says >> the ordinance would make it illegal for people to watch sideshows on private property as california law already prohibits racing and sideshows on public streets over here in pittsburgh is a hot spot area. >> for also is a part is like really large parking lot and area is the target parking lot, which right next to city of antioch there. the vice mayor says. >> there is cussing and considering other ways to crack down on the illegal activity and we can find people if we can tow cars. >> whatever doubt we can, you know, be more strict there on here within the city of pittsburgh to make them not want to come here and do that. you know, i think this the policy is here. >> the better other bay area cities like san jose have already banned audiences at
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sideshows. plus they become the first in the nation to make it illegal to promote sideshows on social media. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> in oakland and officers recovering now from injuries after his vehicle was hit by a car that was being driven by suspected shooter. police say that shooting happened sunday night just after 8.30, on peralta street. the suspect left the scene and ended up colliding with that officer's vehicle. no other information available at this point. but we're still looking into update you when we find out more violent crime. meanwhile, continues around lake merritt, the latest incident, a deadly stabbing over the weekend. a man died after being stabbed on the 1200 block of lakeshore avenue in oakland. happened sunday shortly after 3 in the morning. this is the 4th deadly incident now in the past 6 months in a residential area that includes a cul de sac next to a lake. now an oakland city leader is calling on park enforcement to detour violence. city council president nikki fortunato a fortune on abbas released a
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statement that reads in part, quote, i am calling for immediate action. the parking district when the park is closed must be enforced, including ticketing and towing that will prevent violence from occurring, end quote. now the president of the police union says that that idea will have really no impact on the situation. >> i was actually speechless when i read that, i don't know if we're looking at the same problem. this is a response to or murder parking is not the issue. violent crimes. the issue. >> opd officials say that their dispatch receives an average of about 2000 calls per day with officers prioritizing response to violent calls, which does not include calls for parking enforcement. still, the council president insists that it is the answer and it must be done. oakland police are now identifying the 17 year-old who was killed in a crash sunday night. they say that luis up early paula know.
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went off the road on highway 13, just south of park boulevard. police say the victim was dead by the time they arrived on scene at around 8 o'clock at nigh . and that speeding most likely played a role in that crash. the incident is still under investigation. we'll take a break. it is for 12 coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. why one highly regarded oakland school board member. >> he's calling it quits. effective immediately. we'll take a closer look at why and crimes around lake merritt. why one council member is calling on more to be done to deter the violence. as russia continues its attack on ukraine, california lawmakers are pushing forward with sanctions on russia's economy. will tell you how that's going to affect businesses here in the state will be right back.
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>> for 15 is the time we're back with another check of the weather. if you're just waking up in planning on heading outside here shortly, let's find out what's in store for you. we've got rain, harvey with that. good morning. ran a good morning. we have a warm day on tap. that's what we're looking forward to today. we had some windy conditions yesterday. north bay mountains are still windy, but most of the bay area, those winds are dying down. a live look outside at coit tower. you can see dry skies. >> for us for the next few days. now we have a high pressure system that's over the eastern pacific here. and that's what's warming us up into the week. so we start to see that first day in those warmer temperatures and it continues to escalate into
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tomorrow. let's look at our high temperatures for today. so if you're in the east bay, you're getting more mid 80's in antioch, conquer livermore. a pair of to napa. 81 upper 70's in novato santa rosa. 81 down the year. san francisco mid to lower 60's half moon bay 60's, which is warm for there. redwood city mountain view. san jose in morgan hill, mid 70's lower 80's. so a warm day today today, the day to bring out the water and bring out the shorts. okay. so let's get a look at your seven-day forecast. we talked about the 80's returning today and then tomorrow, 90's inland. wow. so 2 very warm days. we start to cool off a bit thursday into friday. we consistently see that cool down for the rest of the week. bay shore, mid 70's mid 60's. and then along the coast, the or lower 60's 50's and you are fluctuating back and forth between the 60's and
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50's. so again, a warm day today and tomorrow. make sure you have a plan in place so you don't overheat. james, back to you. all right, brian, thank you. quick check of your commute this morning. there isn't much of one lot >> a lot of gaps between the cars here at the early hour. no big surprise. your westbound 80 right from oakland and san francisco. just fine across the bay bridge this morning, the san mateo bridge also looking good. we've got west and eastbound 92 moving at the limit with no, no real incidents blocking your way. so you're making good time across that particular part of the bay and to the north. the richmond, sandra fell bridge is carrying commuters nicely from richmond out towards out towards sandra fell where as you can see, just a couple headlights here making their way past the toll plaza and the golden gate bridge right has been a nice ride so far this morning. just 2 cars heading southbound out of a marine county into san francisco. back with more weather and traffic in a minute. let's get to the news and the first ukrainian civilians evacuated from the bombed out steel plant in mariupol and reportedly
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they're slowly making their way to safety. that's the good news this morning. more than 100 people including elderly women, mothers and small children left that steel mill sunday. some of the civilians were taken to a village controlled by russian-backed separatists. russia claims some of the people chose to stay in those areas that we can't confirm that. meanwhile, the biden administration plans to send more javelin anti-tank missiles to ukraine. white house reporters asked how the new aid would affect military readiness, readiness here at home. and here's what they had to say. >> the defense department says supports ensuring that we have what we need to defend ourselves. and we've been able to transfer equipment from u.s. stocks, including javelins to ukraine without affecting military readiness. we, of course, are looking to replenish us inventories and backfield pleated stocks up for herself and also are allies and partners. >> the president plans to visit alabama and tour a lockheed martin facility that manufactures the javelin missiles. meanwhile, u.s.
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diplomats return to lviv in western ukraine, the u.s. and pulled out of keep embassy and moved to leave before the war then withdrew completely after russia invaded in february. in recent days, though, u.s. secretary of state antony blinken visited ukraine, promising the diplomats would return soon. >> we very much hope that conditions for that is to go back into kiev. >> the message russia is you ukraine is still standing. the government is still functioning and we're going back to first to help the government. >> also at that news conference, the mayor of lviv said that ukraine would, quote, kick out the enemy and he predicts only and quote. for 19 is that i'm an update on california's efforts now to issue states sanctions against russia. state lawmakers move forward with the bill that
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aims to cut state economic ties with russia and with belarus kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the bills. >> as russia continues its invasion of ukraine. california lawmakers are pushing ahead with their economic ammo against russia be 13 to the state senate appropriations committee monday moved forward with sb 13. 28 the bill would ban state agencies and california's retirement systems from transacting with investing in or contracting with russia or belarus and companies that do business with those countries. the committee placed the bill on its suspense file monday for a hearing set for may 19th just part of. >> of a national and to some degree in international strategy to. to bring nonviolent pressure to bear upon russia to to end the violence. it in the aggression. the bill requires each board of the states retirement systems, also known as calpers and calstrs ers. >> to determine whether companies they invest in have business operations in russia
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or belarus or supply military equipment to russia or belarus. and the latest bill analysis, calpers told lawmakers about 69% of the publicly traded global companies in the fund's global equity gets revenue from russia and or belarus and could be subject to divestment rules laid out in the bill. the same applies to another 10% or 14 billion dollars of its global fixed income portfolios at its april board meeting calpers board voted to reject the bill saying the bill is overly broad and would capture more than 3,000 companies in its portfolio is for the state teachers retirement system. the bill analysis shows its exposure in global equity and fixed income investments driving revenue from russia. total 96 billion dollars. both systems expect significant costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars each for investment losses, transaction staffing and contracting costs. if the bill is passed, neither retirement system has had a representative participate in any of the bills. 3 hearing so far it's not going to upset the apple cart. >> from a return on investment
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standpoint from the standpoint of the metrics that they need to achieve. but like i said, they worry about slippery. today. it's rush of who's going to be next time. >> it in. >> it's just a different point view. the bill has bipartisan support from 57 state lawmakers, a spokesperson for cal stirs said it's seeking the board's position on the legislation in its meeting wednesday in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> 4.22, his that i'm coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news home foreclosures are climbing in california. what you can do to help save your home. for 25 is the time and
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for your money this morning, foreclosure filings are up, in fact, up 132% nationwide. >> that's compared to the same time just a year ago, california law, the most foreclosure starts in the country for the quarter with more than 5300 foreclosures. but this doesn't mean that many people are losing their homes. fact, director of risk management and compliance for cal hfa says that there is help available. >> obviously the pandemic hit homeowners very hard financially. and so in an effort we created that. california mortgage relief program with those federal funds at 1 billion dollars
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have received the last year. so homeowners eligible homeowners are able to receive a one-time grant up to $80,000. and it's very important for this program for homeowners to know it's a grant. we're not asking for this money to ever be paid back. that's to cover the missed mortgage payments that homeowners may have faced during the pandemic itself. >> and let me just correct california logged a 5300 foreclosures. that's the most foreclosure starts in the country for the quarter. not 53 now legally, banks are obligated to reach out to struggling owners and offer them a way to work themselves out of their situation before it reaches the foreclosure state. hopefully they do that 4.26. is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. our continuing coverage of the leak supreme court opinion. >> on overturning roe v wade, we're going to be back with that in just a bit. and we're
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back coming up on 4.30, time for a check of the weather here at the half-hour, mark, we've got rain. harvey standing by in the weather center morning. good morning, james. and good morning to all of you. just waking up this morning, anticipating. >> a warm tuesday, much warmer than we saw yesterday. clear skies outside right now, no
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rain in the forecast. so something to take you might have to get out the air and do a little light water and your gardens today because of the we'll heat. we're going to see radar right now shows a dry pitch or no scattered clouds for us in this early morning hour. current temperatures are cooler. the start of the day, they're going to heat up as the day goes on. so we're looking at the south bay upper 40's, san jose, morgan hill down there. alameda mid-fifties oakland, 50 dublin in livermore mid-fifties and then you look at pittsburgh. 55, san francisco in timber on a low 50's ear. we're tracking that warm up. it's going to get even warmer tomorrow. we'll tell you how long it's going to stick around in our 7 day. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain. a check of the traffic this morning. >> we've got a few bridges to show you. they all show pretty much the same scene, at least at this point, which is light traffic on a tuesday morning. here's your a san mateo bridge drive. that was the bay bridge. it was fine. you're westbound


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