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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 3, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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something to take you might have to get out the air and do a little light water and your gardens today because of the we'll heat. we're going to see radar right now shows a dry pitch or no scattered clouds for us in this early morning hour. current temperatures are cooler. the start of the day, they're going to heat up as the day goes on. so we're looking at the south bay upper 40's, san jose, morgan hill down there. alameda mid-fifties oakland, 50 dublin in livermore mid-fifties and then you look at pittsburgh. 55, san francisco in timber on a low 50's ear. we're tracking that warm up. it's going to get even warmer tomorrow. we'll tell you how long it's going to stick around in our 7 day. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain. a check of the traffic this morning. >> we've got a few bridges to show you. they all show pretty much the same scene, at least at this point, which is light traffic on a tuesday morning. here's your a san mateo bridge drive. that was the bay bridge. it was fine. you're westbound 92 right at the san
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mateo bridge looks excellent for you this morning. no issues as you make your way across the bay. we're looking at nice light conditions here at the 5, west bound 5.80, toll plaza at the richmond center fell bridge where things look pretty good for you this morning. and the golden gate bridge has been nice and light all morning long. no problems to report as you're making your way into the city by the bay. for 31 is the time. let's get back to the headlines this morning in a developing in the fight over abortion in america, a leaked supreme court opinion appears to show the court is poised to overturn roe v wade. the 98 page draft opinion written by justice samuel alito was obtained by politico and it appears to show the 50 year-old constitutional wright will be repealed. jennifer mcgraw has a closer look at the story. >> protesters gathering at the supreme court just hours after a draft opinion is really said appears to show the high court is ready to overturn a woman's
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constitutional right to abortion of right. that's existed for 50 years. the opinion of the court comes as breaking news across the nation. this was not >> tinkering. well, we think that there are issues this isn't all out repudiation of the roe versus wade. >> decision, the 98 page draft opinion written by justice samuel alito saying well was egregious. lee wrong from the start. its reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences that we asked us to think that roe was wrongly decided when it was decided. >> but it is without a firm constitutional basis. but there is no constitutional right in the united states constitution to abortion and that the matter is left to politics of individual states. the unprecedented leak has stunned supreme court historians and law professional saying leaks of this magnet to not only are
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highly unusual. >> but simply don't happen. very disturbing. >> that somebody in the court would take it upon themselves and it's not just us did this and somebody much lower than a justice of the court will be. my guest took it upon themselves to try shape history by prematurely releasing an opinion on such a momentous professor john meyer says ultimately overturning current law could affect more than 2 dozen states states that would have the power to ban abortions and likely will planned parenthood striking back saying, quote, let's be clear, this is a draft opinion. it's outrageous. it's unprecedented. >> but it is not final. abortion is your right. >> and it is still historically will be in california. the governor adding that we could become a sanctuary state for women to cross state lines and funded to have the procedure. he says he's furious and we need to,
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quote. >> fight like. >> 4.33 is the time. also in headlines today, firefighters in contra costa county dealt with a number of fires over the weekend. one took place in martinez. it was early sunday morning. the other was in pittsburgh. allen broke out yesterday. fire officials say that they're concerned about the fire season because obviously vegetation is already very dry and they're warning people to be prepared for wildfires that will certainly erupt. >> all right. time to be thinking about preparing your home, your business, the best way residents can do that is to go on to our website and review our wildfire preparation and evacuation guy. >> yeah. the guide reminds people to remove all dead and dying vegetation from their yards. choose fire resistant plants and have a roof made of composite material, maybe metal or tile. but with shingles, always a danger during fire season. in oakland, a school board member has abruptly resigned her position and is moving out of the bay area. but before she
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leaves, sean, to gonzales posted a scathing letter slamming the school board and the teachers union kron four's. dan kerman on the story. we want to send people to be willing to serve their communities. >> we have to treat them decently. >> oakland school board member shot. the gonzalez says she's not been treated well and has now quit the board effective immediately and will be moving out of the bay area. and in a public posting laid blame at her fellow board members and the teachers union 5 to choose. >> between serving my and feeling safe and like i can support my mental and physical health. i i choose my mental and physical health and i hope that everybody would make that same decision. gonzales is favored school closures and she says that's led to demonstrations outside her home. >> and allegations of racism. this is abuse. these things that are happening are abuse. >> and i hope that everybody, if they're feeling that they're being abused, if they're feeling unsafe in their communities would make
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the same decision. >> she's attacked school communities for closing them, threatening to close so that, of course, is going to be some pushback from people, teachers who staged a one-day protest over school closures taken solace has been unwilling to listen. >> or come up with fresh ideas. just know this is what we're going to do is how we're going to do it. i'm in this position is i know better. and parents enter district say they won't be sorry to see her go either. anybody who doesn't have my view doesn't need to go. but someone who's disrespectful and was not even willing to listen to. >> community's point of view, definitely needs to go. gonzalez term expires in january of next year. the school board will need to decide now whether to appoint a replacement or call for a special election. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news 4.36. is the time contra. costa county is introducing a new covid strategy designed to eliminate what officials say are preventable.
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>> deaths. health officials unveiled the plan on monday. the new strategy would redirect underused resources like prescription medication that at-home tests. experts say they're focusing on low income and minority communities where covid infection and death rates are the highest stats show that only 30% of the county's latino population has received a booster shot. and that number is slightly higher at 39% for the black community compared to more than half of the white community that have their boosters, chief equity officer gilbert salinas says that these disparities even transcend age. >> you're more likely to die. the community regardless of your age. then your 2 guys who are living in healthier community. >> now the health department is rolling out additional efforts right now to reduce these deaths throughout the month. like adding testing clinics and mailing out resources. a big win for the oakland a's and the team's
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desire to stay in town. a major player with a voice in the ultimate decision has now recommended howard terminal turning to a ballpark and housing neighborhood. kron four's justine waltman explains this latest move in. why the a's president dave campbell, he's very happy about it. >> we're thrilled with the staff's recommendation in what a's president dave kaval called a massive deal. the bay conservation and development commission or bc, d c the staff there recommended allowing the team's 12 billion dollar proposed waterfront ballpark to move forward. often the commissioners i really rely on the staff's expertise and knowledge to inform their vote and to have them say preliminarily that this is a positive and this is something that should move forward. >> it is quite important to the success of our ballpark project. >> this state agency staff wrote that removing howard terminal from the port authority would, quote, not detract from the region's capability to meet the
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projected growth in cargo. howard terminal is not needed for, you know, maritime operations any longer. there's plenty of other space is only 2% of the port property and there's other ports in the bay area. oakland mayor libby schaff also optimistic sending kron 4 news. the statement, today's report is great news for oakland and our region. the best use of a dormant howard terminal is to convert it into a thriving waterfront, ballpark and neighborhood. >> campbell wants fans to know despite some recent setbacks, they should feel good about the a's staying rooted in oakland. really important milestone for the project. >> and with that approval and the approval of the city council. >> we have all the necessary approvals to move forward. so it's a big deal. there are 2 dates to be watching for next when it comes to the progress at howard terminal. one is june second. that is the public hearing. and then june 30th is the final vote in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> well, apple will require employees to be in the office
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not once, but at least twice a week. now. now the people are coming back to the office with kron four's justin campbell taking a look at whether nearby businesses are going to finally start getting some of their business back. >> as you can see, apple employees are returning to work. some of them are coming across the street to dine in a place that seems like a world away at the duke of edinburgh bar and restaurant. one of the owners stand, campbell says people are slowly trickling in. we had a vote for parties. >> 15 2025 from a pool. an apple employee tells us the bar is a world away from the tech work across the street. it's a bit like in market west end of london although beautiful inside gampel says he's lost 70% of his business since the pandemic knew that was it was pretty busy. we did use open for lunch just we don't open for lunch. no, we don't open to for you coming here and you get away from
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everything in silicon valley. one longtime customer eric crutchlow showed us a picture of how packed the bar was before covid. now as apple employees are returntng to work, he says it's lively again. people decided to come in and just, you know, we were all trying to have a good time. so. >> this has been great gamble been in business 39 years. and despite losing 70% of its customers. >> yeah, because i enjoy it. he's vowing to stay open as apple employees trickle back in reporting in cupertino, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> all right, 4.41 is the time coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news after their gutsy win in game one. the warriors are right back on the practice court getting ready for game 2 sports director jason dumas has reaction from coach kerr and from steph curry will be right back.
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>> 4.44 is that i'm back here in the bay area. a bear kept officials busy and people keeping an eye out for their pets. the bear drifted apparently to a neighborhood in vacaville cropper. is theresa stasi has the story. >> i'm here in vacaville. this pair has caused quite a
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commotion. we have been told that in the afternoon hours the bear actually settle down and took a mask. >> sounds like you kind of warm self out today. what kind of running across town. that was a vacaville police sergeant frank hero. >> this situation, mister pirro says all started sunday when residents reported seeing a bear police came out, didn't see anything. but then the bear showed up in the early morning hours and ended up here on the 200 block of orchard avenue in vacaville. >> we're going to try to stay out of the situations must as much as we possibly can allowing this animal to kind of go where he needs to go. the biggest things we want to make sure that our community knows that stay away from the bear. i know it's exciting and we all want to get out and get photographs and video of the bear. but you have to remember he is a wild animal. >> the california department of fish and wildlife is now here monitoring the bear. they believe it is a juvenile male
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bear around 250 pounds. it is old enough to be on its own. we are told we have some video of the bear when it appeared in the trees next to clementa laws home here on north orchard avenue. his dog was barking and that caught his attention. he tells us was a bit of a shock to see a bear so close. i looking over the fence as i was trying to get my dog inside >> yeah. i saw the big bear back there and i knew, you know, it was it was my neighbor's backyard. wasn't the zoo you know, it's a little bit terrifying, but i found out that those type of bears they're not. they're not a violent anyway. they're they're not aggressive. so long as you leave the bar alone and let it do its it you should be ok and also the that there should be okay. >> there are several nearby schools. school officials sent out letters to guardians and parents notifying them. they were monitoring the bear and rose jepsen. middle school officials sent out a letter informing everyone to use only the front not the back
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entrance because of the bear in the proximity of the school. now the hope and goal with this bear is that once night falls that the bear will wake up and it wander away safely into the woods. >> here in vacaville, theresa kron, 4 news. >> all right. thank you very much, theresa. let's get over to the weather center where we've got rain is standing by with the forecast this morning. as we're looking at today, the warm-up beginning, of those bears like the warmer temperatures. they probably do. they do they may be out certainly be a warm one. we've got clear skies are looking at coit tower right now. so remember yesterday we have all those windy conditions. well, due to this high-pressure system that situated right over the eastern pacific. we're warming up. those winds are also died down for us. the north bay mountains, winds are still pretty gusty up there. so keep that in mind. highs for today. the warm-up begins. so we're looking at 80's across the map from the les hill to concord out an antioch
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livermore. 84 san jose, morgan hill, 80 81 mid 70's and fremont hayward and in oakland mill valley, you're at 74 and a vital 78 santa rosa. 81 and half moon bay 60, which is pretty warm, certainly for that area. we're looking at our 7 day. so if you thought today was a warm one, wait until you see tomorrow inland temperatures 80's into the 90's on wednesday. then we gradually start to cool down a bit. 70's into the weekend sunday and monday. we're looking at 60's. so just the whole difference of temperatures throughout the week. bay shore, mid 70's, you start to cool off thursday into friday. you stay in the 60's for the remaining days and along the coast, low 60's into the 50's for the later half of the week. so certainly a warm day a day to definitely bring your water bottles out and make sure you have some ice in the ice tray. james, back to you thank you. and a check of the drive this morning. so far. so good. the
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bay bridge continues to be a nice easy. >> commute for you. love the toll plaza camera here shows got a lot of a free-flowing traffic out there. and that's the same for the san mateo bridge to those tail lights. those are heading in your commute direction, moving well and not much traffic going on here at the richmond, sandra fell bridge. so if you're heading out this morning, whether it's in the east bay or in the north bay heading down in the san francisco. we've got tur golden gate bridge camera showing you that right step. i want to want you're looking at a pretty smooth ride at this early hour. ok, let's talk sports. here is we're coming up on 4.50. the warriors are back in practices are getting ready for game 2 against the tonight and the a's have a rough game against the rays. we've got sports director jason dumas, us with the highlights. >> the late rapper young dolph, his music was blaring through the sound system at practice. you can hear there. i told our producer we had to turn down the nets. some curse words in the music. but you get the feeling. he's a memphis lift. native the dubs. they were preparing for their
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western conference semifinals game to match up. everyone was really loose at practice. that's what happens when you win game one on the road without your emotional leader in draymond green. but now they have to turn that focus game 2 because they know memphis is going to come into that game. extremely desperate. and the warriors they're going to have to be ready for a fight. >> we've got to take better care of the ball. this team so athletic and just so dynamic in transition. we've got to make sure we're we're getting good shots and executing without turning it over so that we don't let him run out and they get run out in transition threes and fouls and all that kind of stuff and keep doing what we do. well, even better. i rebound >> 3 point line a little bit better with chair. >> and then be able be ready for whatever combination of guys are going to be out there
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as you see in game, one thing can change really quickly. >> they sure can. all right, let's head out to phoenix, the valley of the sun, some toasting mads game one. 2nd quarter suns up 10, chris paul. nice little stepback 3. he had 19 points. crowd is hyped up. look like they're having fun. make a trip out to phoenix next around 3rd quarter. sons of 10 devin booker's shot will go. but that guy has to be accounted for. the and he led the suns with 25 late in the game mass somewhat made this interesting. we're showing this luka 3 because he had 45 points and 12 rebounds. he's really good that cut it to a 2 possession game. but they end up losing one. 21 1.14, game 2 is on wednesday. said to the coliseum to a's hosting the rays. bottom of the second ending aids down by a run one offer. chad pender and he
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lines one into right for a base hit. seth brown comes in to score. a's. tie it up. but this is where went downhill for oakland. very next ending. wander franco hits one into center takes a hop over christian parties. and it will go all the way to the wall. the go ahead. run comes into score tampa takes the lead 8 couldn't muster up anything after that. they fall 6 to one. the niners. they re-signed cornerback jason brewer at ver has started 14 games for the organization over the last 3 seasons. but he didn't play last year after he tore his acl in week. one when he has played. he's been pretty good. but injuries have been the story of his career since 2019. for 52 is the time. we'll be right back.
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heidi covey: so, i have an eye disease that causes blindness. i have moments where i get a little bit sad because i just can't see things that i used to. dr. stanley taught me to trust in the lord even when you don't want to. god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it.
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are back at 4.55. all check this out. >> the san francisco zoo celebrated the 19th birthday of their reddit. and judy, they decided to throw a 90's themed party for her final years. a teenager. it's the some of the decorations there. that pretty cool. she certainly seemed to enjoy it even though she may not know what all the fuss was about.
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but the zoo certainly loves judy. and they really wanted to. pull out all the stops to celebrate a 90th birthday. all right. here's another cool story for you. cheat maren is coming to the south bay, the actor and activist and chicano art supporters going to be visiting san jose to receive a community award for his lifetime achievements. he's probably best known for his work in comedy as half of the duo. cheech and chong. he's going to be presented with the latino leadership alliance is lifetime achievement award. the old an award only means movement in the aztec language and its associated with being a great leader who possesses wisdom. cheech is going to receive that award during the l a's 5th annual gala on may. 25th is looking great there in that video has been seen images of him in a while still going strong. we've you. >> it is 4.56. we'll take a quick break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news crime around lake merritt has one oakland councilmember blaming parking enforcement officers. well, police say that doesn't
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make sense. we'll have the story and the possible overturning of roe v wade has bay area lawmakers and leaders reacting this morning. we're going to have more details on that in a live report. we'll be right back.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and happy tuesday to you. i'm darya and i am james. >> we've got lots of talk about here on the kron. 4 morning news, including the possibility that roe v maybe over turned down the road that some of the hints coming from the supreme court will talk more about that coming but first, we want to get set for a leave. the house with a little weather and traffic and hopefully so traffic at this hour. >> and weather seems better. no big gust site. notice. yes, darya and james know biggest today. but we do have warmer conditions for us. so make sure you plan and plan for that heat. clear skies. we're looking at the east bay hills right now. so you're off to a clear morning hitting the roads. also quiet conditions. that warming trend starts today. we're looking at current temperatures outside right now. we're in the mid to lower 40's fremont hayward. 54 in alameda.


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