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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 3, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and happy tuesday to you. i'm darya and i am james. >> we've got lots of talk about here on the kron. 4 morning news, including the possibility that roe v maybe over turned down the road that some of the hints coming from the supreme court will talk more about that coming but first, we want to get set for a leave. the house with a little weather and traffic and hopefully so traffic at this hour. >> and weather seems better. no big gust site. notice. yes, darya and james know biggest today. but we do have warmer conditions for us. so make sure you plan and plan for that heat. clear skies. we're looking at the east bay hills right now. so you're off to a clear morning hitting the roads. also quiet conditions. that warming trend starts today. we're looking at current temperatures outside right now. we're in the mid to lower 40's fremont hayward. 54 in alameda. 45 in oakland,
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devlin, you're 44 pacifica, 50 san francisco. 51 petaluma. 43. we're starting off. cool. we won't stay cool for long. we'll have a look at your full forecast. coming up. darya james, back to you. >> ok, thank you very much. and again, we're looking at some pretty light commute conditions around the bay this morning as we see the bay bridge toll plaza camera is looking pretty good. not a whole lot going with the traffic westbound ad moving. well, here's your westbound 90 to ride those tail lights. they're moving in the commute direction for you. and we're doing pretty good as we're working our way through the morning commute. the richmond, sandra fell bridge 5.80, ride. we're looking at nice light conditions here for your ride. as we're working our way from richmond out towards marin county. and then our final stop for you this morning. we're looking at our bay bridge toll plaza camera where you can see this morning. you're southbound one. 0, one ride is looking great. and all in all. yeah, it's moving good
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for for you as you're working your way into san francisco. okay, 5, 0, one is the time. now to our top story this morning. the legal right to an abortion is in jeopardy. elite opinion from the supreme court shows the majority of justices are poised to overturn roe v wade. now people on both sides of the issue have been outside of the supreme court protesting since last night. we've got hannah brandt now in washington with the very latest developments. >> the court's official decision is not expected until this summer, but a lead to legal document released by politico says the justices will overturn roe versus wade clearing the way for restrictive abortion laws and outright bans. >> shock waves over the anticipated abortion ruling sent people rushing to the steps of the supreme court. i'm disgusted. i'm here out of grief and out of mourning as very exciting people who worked for a lot of years. >> a lot of money into this, but a lot of hours, a lot of prayer has gone into this late monday night, politico
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released a leaked draft of an opinion written by justice samuel alito and dated in february. in it, he writes, rowe was egregiously wrong from the start. its reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences in the 98 page document says the court will reverse the constitutional right to an abortion that it created nearly 50 years ago. it just us to think that roe was wrongly decided that there is no constitutional right in the united states constitution to abortion. >> and there's the matter is west to politics of individual states. it's not certain that this draft will be the final decision of the court opinions often change over the course of the drafting process. and we have not independently verified that the leaked draft is authentic. >> but if it is the power to control abortion access will shift to the states and likely lead to bans in several conservative >> the leak of this draft is unprecedented. breaking with the tight lips, tradition of the court law professor john myers caused the breach disturbing, took it upon
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themselves. >> to try and shape history by prematurely releasing an opinion on such a momentous issue. many pro choice advocates are calling on congress to take action to protect abortion rights speaker nancy pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer did release a joint statement condemning the expected ruling, calling it an abomination. >> but they didn't say whether they plan to take any legislative action in washington. i'm hannah brandt. bay area leaders and organizations were quick to express their criticism of this draft opinion. they worry i governor newsom, for instance, and other local lawmakers are saying that they will fight to protect reproductive right here in california. >> kron 4 sarah stinson is live in the newsroom following the very latest with this story. sarah. >> that's right. governor gavin newsom proposed a constitutional amendment that would give women the right to choose and get an abortion in this state now would make california a sanctuary state. take a look. governor newsom released this statement in
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part saying this draft opinion is an appalling attack on the rights of women across this country. and if it stands, i'm furious that my own daughters and sons can grow up in an america that is less free than the one they were born into. we have to wake up. we have to fight like we will not be silenced after the supreme court drop majority opinion was leaked by politico on roe v wade. the governor said we can't trust goat is to protect the right to an abortion soar. state has to do it for ourselves. newsom now vowing women will remain protected here. the governor's working with lawmakers to build a firewall around the right to an abortion in our state constitution. planned parenthood in northern california reacted saying they are horrified by this report. eliminating the constitutional right to abortion would create huge issues for the organization and for people who depend on their services. gilda gonzales, ceo of planned parent of a northern california, says she understands that this is just a draft decision, but it's
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also a warning. >> this taken us all by surprise. it's been a shock. we're all kind of dry digested in real time. but if in fact, it the way it will go, please. this is the wake-up call that people need to have. >> and planned parenthood says more than 36 million americans will lose access to abortion if the supreme court overturned. roe v wade, there is a call from the women's march nationwide today to show up to your city hall at 05:00pm to protest. so expect we're going to learn more about that and see that throughout the day. we also are going to take a live look later this morning at the supreme court where we expect people be showing up as well. for now, i'm sara stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. >> ok, thank you very much, sheriff. it's 5, 0, 6, in the east bay. violent crime continues around lake merritt. the latest thing was a deadly stabbing that happened over the weekend. and now oakland city leaders are calling for
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parking enforcement to deter the violence crime forces evening. yoon has more. >> a man died after being stabbed the 1200 block of lakeshore avenue in oakland. it happened sunday shortly after 03:00am oakland police released no information regarding suspect or any pfssible motive. it is the 4th deadly incident in the past 6 months. that residential area that called the sat next to the lake. it is also oakland city council, president nikki fortunato bass's district. she released a statement that reads in part, quote, i'm calling for immediate action. the parking restrictions with the park is closed. let's be enforced, included ticketing and towing that will help prevent violence from the curry unquote. >> and that means what police are there. they need to let people know the park is closed. there's no there's no ow, please move along council president bags credits previous vehicle mitigation
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measures and being effective in deterring unwanted activity near the lake. we're not dealing with an epidemic of toll parking. we're dealing with the epidemic. >> a shooting and her and to see the president of the oakland police officers association officer barry donelan takes this view of the council president's parking enforcement approach to crime prevention is a shocking disconnect between those in city hall were supposed to be in charge of this city and what's happening on the streets of oakland. yeah, we're all indoor justice system. i'm not police officers to respond to the calls for help from our citizens. opd officials say their dispatch receives an average of 2000 calls a day with officers prioritize in response to violent calls. >> which typically does not include calls for parking in force. but council president bassan says that it is the answer and must be done. >> it absolutely has to happen. you know, we need immediate action. we need the
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police department are parking department to enforce that restriction on late make park parking to help prevent these type of activities housing. but you for news. >> well, police are looking for a gunman. they say shot a man at an apartment complex in union city happened just before 2.15, yesterday morning at the park medallion apartment homes. a 37 year-old man was shot and suffered a non-life-threatening injury. police say the victim was targeted, though. they wouldn't say exactly why they did say the shooter left the scene before they got there. so if you have any information about the incident, please call san francisco police happening today in oakland. the police department will be honoring 53 of its fallen officers. the ceremony starts at 9.30 this morning and it's going to be at the police department on 7th street. >> time now is 5, 0, 9, contra costa county is introducing a new covid strategy is designed to eliminate what officials call preventable deaths. health officials unveiled the plan yesterday. it would
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redirect underused resources like prescription medication and at-home tests. experts say they're focusing on low-income and minority communities where covid infection and death rates are the highest statistics show that only 30% of the county's latino population has gotten a booster shot. that number is slightly higher at 39% that haven't gotten their booster for the black community. and that compares to more than half of the white community that has booster shots. the chief equity officer says that these disparities transcend age. >> you're more likely to die. the community regardless of your age. then your 2 guys who are living in healthier community. >> the health department is rolling out additional efforts to reduce the deaths throughout the month and they're adding testing clinics and their mailing out information as well. it's 5.10, right now. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. still ahead, a highly regarded oakland school board member up
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fear no food. and firefighters in contra costa county were awfully busy over the weekend that apparently they double the number of fires that broke out. >> early as sunday morning in martinez goes to show you what they're talking about. this was a 7 acre vegetation fire that happened in pittsburgh. crawfords amanda hari has more. >> fire officials tell me. >> they're very concerned about the fire season. they say it's only the beginning of may and things are already very dry. vegetation should look like what you see behind me here. still green and lush from the wet season. but most of it is very dry. like what you see across the street here and would burn easily conditions are dangerous. >> they're getting more so day by day as the winds itcrease. firefighters are warning people to be prepared for wildfires. contra costa county fire. public information. officer steve hill says monday
5:15 am
there was a vegetation fire in pittsburgh and on sunday morning, firefighters dealt with multiple fires in martinez. separately, sept are best count is 7. we first had 4 reported about one in the morning >> address those men were called back out about 4 in the morning. he says they all happened in the same area around i 6 ad near the off-ramp at the chico boulevard. you can see in this video, some of the ground has been blackened and burned from the fires. he says the fires didn't threaten any buildings, but with winds this week, other fires may. it's. >> high time to be thinking about preparing your home, your business, the best way residents can do that is to go on to our website and review ourwwildfire preparation and evacuation guy. the guy reminds people to remove all dead and dying vegetation from their yard. >> she is fire resistant plants and have a roof made of composition, metal or tile. he
5:16 am
says fire investigators are still looking into all of sunday's fires. it does appear that they were intentionally set unlikely given a 3 to 4 hour. >> time difference that they somehow have been related other than being intentionally set >> we're still investigating. we quite frankly don't have a lot of leads because fire officials believe the fires here in martinez were intentionally set. >> they're asking anyone with any information to call the arson tip line. you can see that number right below here. they say even the smallest bit of information could help in martinez amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> slightest bit of a moisture is not going to happen. and once you start talking about wildfires already now, it just makes all the more worried for the summer. all right. well, least we got really gusty winds. we're going to get plenty of sunshine. and then the heat was on. yeah. good morning. yeah. trying to make sure that i'm ready. i've got my water on deck and thinking about it. put the ice in the
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ice maker. i don't think so. we have clear skies today. so no rain for the next week or so. we're looking at drier conditions. so what's happening? high-pressure system situated over the eastern pacific. that's warming us up this week. we're also seeing a decrease in wind speeds like we had yesterday. now, the north bay, the mountain area. you guys are still seeing an uptick in wind speed. so definitely be mindful and careful up there. highs across the bay area. mid 80's. so conquer any out of a lay home livermore. napa down here in the south bay, san jose, morgan hill, all in the 80's and then hayward fremont oakland, mid 70's for you. half will be along the coast low 60's. so again, warmer across the map. santa rosa, 81 definitely day to bring out the shorts. so we started that warming trend today. how long do we stay there? look at this into wednesday. the warm-up against 90's into wednesday and then we get a few clouds that allows us to cool off a bit thursday into friday,
5:18 am
saturday, sunday, monday got the low 60's along the bay shore mid to low 70's 60's into the rest of the week and along the coast. you're flirting with the 60's and 50's. so again, a warm next 2 days by thursday's. should finally potentially get a break. darya. james, back to you. all right. let's take a peek at traffic right now and the bay bridge, the race is on getting its of no trouble. you don't have to rush out of the house or anything like that. >> you're not going to run into any problems. just a bunch of friends that are communing with you here on the san mateo bridge was bound. 92 is the commute direction. as you can see, the richmond sandra fell bridge is great. she don't up. nobody is taking it. and the golden gate is an easy ride as well. >> at 5.18, let's get back to the headlines this morning in san francisco, south beach residents woke up early sunday morning to the sounds of several sideshows happening in their neighborhood. we talked about this yesterday. fact we showed you some of this video from the citizens app showing
5:19 am
what was happening at the intersection of harrison and main street. police later recalled out responded to more sideshows that very same morning one on geneva avenue and alamein in the other and 13th street and south van ness avenue. that was about an hour later. and that's the place where a police car was vandalized by people fleeing the scene. people living and working in that neighborhood say the sideshows are happening far too often. they're tired dealing with him. >> just do that in the middle of san francisco where we have a lot of residential people trying to get a good night's sleep after working week. not the boys do. >> now san francisco police haven't made any arrests yet, but officers are still working. the investigation into all 3 sideshows. their goal is to arrest the suspects and eventually sees their vehicles. so we'll see if they can actually get that done. another city is cracking down on sideshows as well. they have a new ordinance and pittsburgh, go ahead. >> procter, let's talk about what this pittsburgh ordinance does. it makes it illegal to watch sideshows on private
5:20 am
property kron four's taylor bisacky has this report. >> it's something that we have more activity of side shows going on here within our city. vice mayor chanel scales preston says >> the ordinance would make it illegal for people to watch sideshows on private property as california law already prohibits racing and sideshows on public streets over by the people. i'm here in pittsburgh is a hot spot area. >> for also is a part is like really large parking lot and area is the target parking lot, which right next to city of antioch there. the vice mayor says. >> there is cussing and considering other ways to crack down on the illegal activity and we can find people if we can tow cars. >> whatever doubt we can, you know, be more strict there on here within the city of pittsburgh to make them not want to come here and do that.
5:21 am
you know, i think the the policy is here. >> the better other bay area cities like san jose have already banned audiences at sideshows. plus they become the first in the nation to make it illegal to promote sideshows on social media. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> it's 5.20, and coming up with the kron 4 morning news, a new recommendation on the table for howard terminal. we'll tell you why it might help the a's stay in town.
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>> we're back at 5.23, big win for the oakland a's and the team's desire to stay in town. a major player with a voice in the ultimate decision has now recommended. >> howard terminal be turned into a ballpark and that housing. >> neighborhood. we have kron four's justine waltman explaining these latest moves. and why as president dave campbell, it's pretty happy about it. >> we're thrilled with the staff's recommendation in what a's president dave kaval called a massive deal. the bay conservation and development commission or bc, d c the staff there recommended allowing the team's 12 billion dollar proposed waterfront ballpark to move forward. often the commissioners i really rely on the staff's expertise and knowledge to inform their vote and to have them say preliminarily that this is a positive and this is
5:25 am
something that should move forward. >> it is quite important to the success of our ballpark project. >> this state agency staff wrote that removing howard terminal from the port authority would, quote, not detract from the region's capability to meet the projected growth in cargo. howard terminal is not needed for, you know, maritime operations any longer. there's plenty of other space is only 2% of the port property and there's other ports in the bay area. oakland mayor libby schaff also optimistic sending kron 4 news. the statement, today's report is great news for oakland and our region. the best use of a dormant howard terminal is to convert it into a thriving waterfront, ballpark and neighborhood. >> campbell wants fans to know despite some recent setbacks, they should feel good about the a's staying rooted in oakland. really important milestone for the project. >> and with that approval and the approval of the city council. >> we have all the necessary approvals to move forward. so it's a big deal. there are 2 dates to be watching for next when it comes to the progress
5:26 am
at howard terminal. one is june second. that is the public hearing. and then june 30th is the final vote in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> it is 5.25. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we are continuing our coverage of the leaks. supreme court opinion that apparently looks to overturn roe v wade will tell you the latest on that and how local cities are preparing in case that happens. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me.
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>> 5.28 right now and checking out the weather. i got a good use of them. i windbreaker. effect. yeah. it was breezy out my neighborhood to and i guess reyna you were telling us yesterday and today was that we're going to calm down and temperatures going start climbing that storm track. exactly. you can go ahead and ditch that windbreaker don't need it. you know, for time being because we're seeing warmer conditions, clear skies winds are starting to quiet down a bit. and again, a live look behind me. this is the east bay hills. you can see pretty much the bay area. very nice be behind us. all right. also quiet story for us in terms of radar, no rain, dry conditions for the next week. okay. we're looking at our current temperatures outside right now. we're cooler in the morning, but we certainly are going to warm up. so we've got mid to low 40's, san jose
5:30 am
fremont hayward alameda at 54 up there. concord, 45 novato. 46 down pacific along the coast. mid 50's. those temperatures are going to warm up and they'll get even warmer tomorrow. how long are we going to stay there? we'll have a full forecast coming up in just a minute. doritos back to you. thank you very much. rain. a quick check of the ride this morning. we're looking good at the bay bridge. you can see westbound 80 traffic is. >> still moving without slowing down. as you make your way through the toll gate and across the span. so nice commute there into the city from the east bay we're looking at are san mateo bridge camera to the south where commuters are driving from hayward after foster city. again, you're moving at the limit. nothing slowing you down this morning. the richmond, sandra fell bridge nice and light. just a couple of headlights here making their way westbound on 5.80, from richmond out towards sandra fell and we'll finish off with our shot of the golden gate bridge. a quick update for our north bay commuters heading down one-on-one into san francisco and nobody on the road now is the time to get out there. >> this could be a life
5:31 am
changing decision for women from the u.s. supreme court. a leaked supreme court opinion shows that the court seems poised to overturn roe v wade. yeah. now to be fair, this is a draft opinion about 98 pages in length. it was written by justice samuel alito to obtained by politico. they're the ones putting this out there and it appears to show that the 50 year-old constitutional right might very well get repeal. jennifer mcgraw has the full story. >> protesters gathering at the supreme court just hours after a draft opinion is really set, appears to show the high court is ready to overturn a woman's constitutional right to abortion of right. that's existed for 50 years. the opinion of the court comes as breaking news across the nation. this was not >> tinkering. well, we think that there are issues this isn't all out repudiation of the roe versus wade.
5:32 am
>> decision, the 98 page draft opinion written by justice samuel alito saying well was egregious. lee wrong from the start. its reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences, at justice to think that roe was wrongly iecided when it was decided. >> but it is without a firm constitutional basis. but there is no constitutional right in the united states constitution to abortion. and that the matter is to politics of individual states. the unprecedented leak has stunned i supreme court historians and law professional saying this magnet to not only are highly unusual. >> but simply don't happen. very disturbing. >> that somebody in the court would take it upon themselves. and it's not just us did this and somebody much lower than a justice of the court will be. my guest took it upon themselves to try shape history by prematurely releasing an opinion on such a
5:33 am
momentous professor john myers says ultimately overturning current law could affect more than 2 dozen states states that would have the power to ban abortions and likely will planned parenthood striking back saying, quote, let's be clear, this is a draft opinion. it's outrageous. it's unprecedented. >> but it is not final. abortion is your right. >> and it is still historically will be in california. the governor adding that we could become a sanctuary state for women to cross state lines and funded to have the procedure. he says he's furious and we need to, quote. >> fight like. >> santa clara county supervisors are looking to invest 3 million dollars in planned parenthood. mar monte. that health center is the biggest planned parenthood affiliate in the country. and since july of 2021, 80 patients have cross state
5:34 am
lines to get care at that facility. many came from texas after texas passed a law banning almost all abortions if roe v wade is overturned, planned parenthood mary monte says its patient numbers will shortly. go up. and this funding will help them prepare for that. they're preparing. >> across our affiliate to see 2 to 500 additional patients a week coming from out of state, at least 26 states are poised to ban abortion. this current landscape is exactly why planned needs to expand in both size and services. >> the 3 million dollars to be invested would be used for expansion and renovation of 2 of planned parenthood miramonte days. health centers, the santa clara county board of supervisors is going to vote on that plan today. >> in oakland, a school board member has abruptly resigned her position and is moving out of the bay area. but she's
5:35 am
leaving behind a scathing letter to the school board slamming the decision that the school and the teachers unions have made kron four's. dan kerman has the story. we want to send people to be willing to serve their communities. > we have to treat them decently. >> oakland school board member shot. the gonzalez says she's not been treated well and has now quit the board effective immediately and will be moving out of the bay area. and in a public posting laid blame at her fellow board members and the teachers union 5 to choose. >> between serving my and feeling safe and like i can support my mental and physical health. i i choose my mental and physical health and i hope that everybody would make that same decision. gonzales is favorite school closures and she says that's led to demonstrations outside her home. >> and allegations of racism. this is abuse. these things that are happening are abuse. >> and i hope that everybody, if they're feeling that they're being abused, if they're feeling unsafe in
5:36 am
their communities would make the same decision. >> she's attacked school communities for closing them, threatening to close so that, course, is going to be some pushback from people, teachers who staged a one-day protest over school closures taken solace has been unwilling to listen. >> or come up with fresh ideas. just know this is what we're going to do is how we're going to do it. i'm in this position is i know better. and parents enter district say they won't be sorry to see her go either. anybody who doesn't have my view doesn't need to go. but someone who's disrespectful and was not even willing to listen to. >> community's point of view, definitely needs to go. gonzalez term expires in january of next year. the school board will need to decide now whether to appoint a replacement or call for a special election. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> happening today, matt haney is going to be sworn in as the new 17th district assembly member in sacramento. he was elected to the state assembly
5:37 am
in a special election last week. he's 62% of the vote. the ceremony starts at 10 o'clock this morning. after that, he will serve out the rest of former assembly members. david choose term. he's going to be on the june primary ballot in november. general election ballot as he runs to represent the new 17th assembly district for a full 2 year term. it's 5.37. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, apple's return to the office is helping businesses around there. what the owners are saying about the uptick in customers. they're now saying. >> and area i live in vacaville, i have an unbearable story for you as the search is on this morning for a black bear roaming, the neighborhood will tell you all about that. coming up in a live report.
5:38 am
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>> 5.40, right and calling all calling all apple workers siri call apple workers got to come back to the office to not once, but at least twice a week. that's the the request right now on kron four's. justin campbell actually takes a look at whether that's going to help out. now. a lot of the ancillary businesses. >> that really need that foot skies. get by lunch right? >> as you can see, apple employees are returning to work. some of them are coming across the street to dine in a place that seems like a world
5:41 am
away at the duke of edinburgh bar and restaurant. one of the owners stand, campbell says people are slowly trickling in. we had a vote for parties. >> 15 2025 from a pool. an apple employee tells us the bar is a world away from the tech work across the street. it's a bit like love mark and west end of london although beautiful inside gampel says he's lost 70% of his business since the pandemic knew that was it was pretty busy. we did use open for lunch just we don't open for lunch. no, we don't open to for you coming here and you get away from everything in silicon valley. one longtime customer eric crutchlow showed us a picture of how packed the bar was before covid. now as apple employees are returning to work, he says it's lively again. people decided to come in and just, you know, we were all trying to have a good time. so. >> this has been great gamble been in business 39 years. and
5:42 am
despite losing 70% of its customers. >> because i enjoy it. he's vowing to stay open as apple employees trickle back in reporting in cupertino, justin campbell kron. 4 news. it is 5 campbell kron. 4 news. it is 5 people with plaque psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make. like the shot they take. the memories they create. or the spin they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla can cause serious allergic reactions. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be.
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5:45 am
again. we have kron four's will tran standing by with the very latest on this most recent encounter. good morning. well. >> hopefully there will not be any encounters this morning. henry jerkins and we're fathers and people get home to our kids. but the bottom line is they have not seen the bears since monday morning and it was terrifying. you can see a car going right behind me. so this neighborhood is waking up. hopefully the bear is somewhere back in his natural habitat and sleeping. let me show you video of the black beret, 250 pounds about 3 years old, just considered a toddler when it comes to bears. but those teeth? my goodness. and this cared a lot of people because it was first spotted on sunday night and then once again on monday morning and my location here, often north orchard in vacaville, right by middle school. so what they did was they called the police department. the police department came out and then
5:46 am
they call a fish and wildlife. they spotted the bear. in the meantime, while they were tracking the black bear, they were also going to the middle school and a couple of elementary schools with officers on guard just to make sure that the kids got into the classes safely and then they watch the bear all afternoon. and then it still was roaming around. still terrifying out there lurking around. and that's why the officers and the school decided to have the kids be picked up right in front of the school. no messing around. get in the car. just in case. well, it appears that the bear has not been seen for close to 24 hours down. the hope is that goes back to its natural habitat. but in the meantime, the parents are being encouraged. just be careful but a way of garbage after it's being picked up. lock the doors and then fish and wildlife. they're on the case. i'm on the case as well. if i see the bear, i promise you i'm going to run into the lock my door and called 9-1-1. back to you. the smart thing well.
5:47 am
>> all right, 5.46 is the time right now. and i can't say it's too cold for the bear is enjoy the weather. yeah, it definitely feels like spring out there. some are here pretty quick. ran a good morning. it does feel like we're hoping that the weather today is an unbearable, but there will be aired out. i have a clear conditions outside as you look at coit tower this morning, we don't have any rain in the forecast for the next week. so we're actively paying attention to that dry conditions. hot conditions. we have a high pressure system moving in just the east of us here. and that's heating were also seen lower wind speeds out there unless you're in the north bay mountains. we're still seeing some heavy wind up there. so be careful as you're traveling temperatures today. so we get in the 80's and allay napa. conquer livermore san jose morgan hill and then mid 70's and redwood city down in mountain view along the coast, even in the low, 60 so warm for the coastal areas up in novato. you're at about 78 in
5:48 am
santa rosa 81 today. so today's the day to wear the shorts tomorrow. you're really going to want to keep that out for wednesday because look at that 90 degrees when it comes to your temperature and then we cool off thursday, friday, saturday by sunday and monday. you're looking at mid 60's along the bayshore 70's to start tuesday and wednesday and then 60's thursday through monday along the coast. 60's today, 60's tomorrow and then 50's into your thursday. so a hot next few days. but you get a break come the middle of the week. if we're going to stay to this trend are in james. i'm looking forward to them break. all right. do you think we should check the traffic camera and just in case there's a bear out there. let's take a look. one of the ads they bridge note looks good know their next the san mateo bridge looks terrific. and that's not a bear of a commute. oh, my god. they keep coming like i'm a bad dad. joke teller. yeah. and the richmond center fell bridge is fine. >> easy for you to get over. and the golden gate looking
5:49 am
wonderful. i had a wonderful drive over the golden gate bridge. >> well, speaking of wonderful, celebrating the warriors game. one win over the grizzlies. they're practicing now getting ready for game 2, which will be tonight. and the a's have a rough game against the rays director jason dumas has the highlights. the late rapper young dolph, his music was blaring. >> through the sound system at practice you can hear there. i told our producer we had to turn down the nets. some curse words in the music. but you get the feeling he's a memphis lift. native the dubs. they were preparing for their western conference semifinals game to match up. everyone was really loose at practice. that's what happens when you win game one on the road without your emotional leader in draymond green. but now they have to turn that focus game 2 because they know memphis is going to come into that game. extremely desperate. and the warriors they're going to have to be ready for a fight. >> we've got to take better care of the ball. this team so
5:50 am
athletic and just so dynamic in transition. we've got to make sure we're we're getting good shots and executing without turning it over so that we don't let him run out and they get run out in transition threes and fouls and all that kind of stuff and keep doing what we do. well, even better lie rebound, >> 3 point line a little bit better with care. >> and then be able be ready for whatever combination of guys are going to be out there as you see in game, one thing can change really quickly. >> they sure can. all right, let's head out to phoenix, the valley of the sun, some toasting mads game one. 2nd quarter suns up 10, chris paul. nice little stepback 3. he had 19 points. crowd is hyped up. look like they're
5:51 am
having fun. make a trip out to phoenix next around 3rd quarter sons of 10 devin booker's shot will go. but that guy has to be accounted for. the and he led the suns with 25 late in the game mass somewhat made this interesting. we're showing this luka 3 because he had 45 points and 12 rebounds. he's really good that cut it to a 2 possession game. but they end up losing one. 21 1.14, game 2 is on wednesday. said to the coliseum to a's hosting the rays. bottom of the second ending aids down by a run one offer. chad pender and he lines one into right for a base hit. seth brown comes in to score. a's. tie it up. but this is where went downhill for oakland. very next ending. wander franco hits one into center takes a hop over christian parties. and it will go all the way to the wall. the go ahead. run comes into
5:52 am
score. tampa takes the lead 8 couldn't muster up anything after that. they fall 6 to one. the niners. they re-signed cornerback jason ret ver has started 14 games for the organization over the last 3 seasons. but he didn't play last year after he tore his acl in week. one when he has played. he's been pretty good. but injuries have been the story of his career since 2019. >> tell me about it. story my life that, you know, taking all right to talk about the worries. get next because wind or yes, 06:30pm, tonight tipoff if another away game in memphis, hopefully will. get the same result. we did game. i have a feeling there will be no traffic tonight. everyone is going to be home watching watching. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
we'll tell you what they're saying in a live report. and crime around lake merritt has one oakland council member blaming parking enforcement officers. but police say, well, that doesn't make sense. we'll have both sides coming up. this is elodia. she's a recording artist.
5:57 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and thanks for tuning in and joining us at 6 o'clock. i'm darya and i'm james. we've got rain with a check of the weather. in fact, we'll start the hour with that because today is the day the weather starts to change once again on excited about it. yeah, changes are always fun change is always good. if you have the proper changing clothes, yes, to accommodate the change. so we have clear skies today. no rain in the forecast on tap and that's supposed to last for the next few days. radar shows us the dry conditions. no low clouds and dense fog. i'm tracking at this hour. >> we are going to see that heat up that warm up. we talked about yesterday. remember in the sixties. >> today we're in the 80's for a lot of the bay area and we're going to move into the 90's in some of the inland areas tomorrow. >> but current temperatures outside right now still nestled in the 40's and 50's. so. >> south bay, 51 in san jose fremont. hey, where alameda
6:00 am
oakland, all mid to upper 40's. allay. 48 napa. you are at 50 timber won. 53 and san francisco. 52, we're tracking that warm temperature that we're going to see. how long is it going to last? we'll have that coming up in just a few minutes. darya. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain it. let's check your commute for you this morning. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows a westbound 80 still moving. well, little more volume, but you're clearly still moving at the limit. nothing really slowing it down. >> the san mateo bridge is also moving nicely this morning. westbound 92. you can see we've got a lot of gaps between the cars. no issue either direction, really east or westbound across that portion of the bay jumping to the north. if you're taking the richmond, sandra fell bridge this morning. get out now because the commute is nice and light just a steady stream of, you know, single file cars coming into view here. yeah, it makes me wonder why we get up at 2 because i'm like, oh, we have no traffic will traffic. look at this least not at 6 o'clock. it will certainly build throughout the morning. we'll keep you updated on big news this morni.


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