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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  May 3, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>>we begin right now with breaking news. >>thanks for joining us here on kron on news at noon. i'm noelle bellow. our top story this afternoon, an apparent show of support for the pro life and scaled the side of sales force tower earlier this morning making his way safely to the top before being apprehended by san francisco police. the fire department tweeted out this photo of the man making his way up the side of the building just after 10:00am urging the public to steer clear of the area. then the man who calls himself pro-life, spiderman posted a video of himself as he climbs. take a look.
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>>your climate breakdown of doctor sanjay to washington, d.c., there's been no investigation so far. we guys out there killing. babies. that's pretty bad. this around real-life dot again, the man made it to the top, but he was apprehended by police a little before 11 o'clock this morning kron's haaziq madyun oon. >>is live right now at sales force tower. he is following this story for zeke, i know police and rescue crews were not amused by this stunt at all. what's the latest from them? >>that's right. no, well, not him used to say the least. man who caused himself the prolife
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was arrested about an hour and 20 minutes or so after he scaled the size of the side of this sales force tower. really made it to the top. police were waiting there when reached the top and they took him into custody. but as you can imagine, how outside the sales force tower, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of there's the people that are very, very nervous and scared. i spoke to one person who works inside the sales force tower that told me that she was at her desk. the next thing she heard was this time outside and she looked at the window that she saw this. she saw the spiderman climbing up the side of the window. she says she was really scared for herself. a scare for him to really she was really she took out her cell phone to take pictures. but you told me she didn't want to distract him. may be a cause and an unfortunate incident, but he safely made it to the top is now in custody. charges are still pending >>sapd officials minimum he'll be charged with but here at
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the scene, you know, about our 2 hours after the event. there's still a buzz out here. they're folks are driving down coming out from the ledge break and they're wondering if he's still up there many, many of looking lose you missed it is gone. and if you want to >>catch him, got to tune into kron but there's still a buzz out here outside the sales force tower down here in san francisco. that's the latest live. i think that you back to you in the studio. he was definitely trying >>provoke a conversation. cause a thank you for that live report. it's one way that he was raising awareness for the prolife over in washington, d.c., though protesters on both sides of the issue have gathered outside the steps of the supreme court in dc. we're going to take a live look now. >>out there to to see what's going we apparently don't have a live look. lots of protests prompted, of course, after supreme court abortion opinion draft was leaked yesterday.
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chief justice john roberts has confirmed the draft was authentic, however, does not represent a decision by the court. the court has now launched an investigation into the leak of that opinion draft. and those documents, chief justice john roberts saying this was a singular, an egregious breach of trust. that is an affront to the court and the community of public servants who work here. the president, other national leaders reacting to this correspondent, kareen wynter has the very latest. >>anger and frustration mounted outside the steps of the u.s. supreme court following a blockbuster report published by politico that set off a political firestorm. news that a supreme court draft opinion would overturn roe v wade, which got 50 years ago legalized abortion nationwide. chief justice john roberts confirmed this morning. the lead to document is authentic but said it does not represent an official decision by the court or the final position of any justice.
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i hope are not enough votes for president biden said overturning this landmark decision from 1973, what threat and a whole range of rights >>whether or not right. right to marry. >>this is a dark and disturbing morning for america to supreme court is poised to inflict the greatest restriction of rights in the past 50 years. not just on women, but all overturning this case would clear the way for individual states to decide whether abortion would be legal. women would still have the right to decide in states like california and new york. but the procedure could be banned in nearly half of the country. places like the midwest and the south. republicans like senate minority leader mitch mcconnell blasted liberals saying someone within the court leaked to the draft. >>as part of fun, inappropriate pressure campaign to sway an outcome.
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liberals want to rip the blindfold off lady justice. >>alright, impartiality. but until age. they want to elevate mob rule. >>the rule of law elite opinion indicated there's no constitutional right to abortion services. according to political justice alito wrote the majority decision with 4 other justices voting with him. 3 liberal justices were in the minority. it's unclear how chief justice roberts would vote. justice alito responding to the draft opinion wrote rowe was egregiously wrong from the start. it must be overruled. it is time to heed the constitution and returned the isue of abortion to the people's elected representatives. planned parenthood tweeted it's outrageous. it's unprecedented, but it's not final. abortion is your right and it is still legal. >>here at home, governor newsom and other local lawmakers are saying they will fight to protect reproductive
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rights in california. the governor saying in part quota, this draft opinion is an appalling attack on the rights of women across this country. and if it stands, i'm furious. my own daughters and sons could grow up in an america that is less free than the one they were born into. we have to wake up. we have to fight like. we will not be silenced and quote, the governor is working with lawmakers to build a fire wall around the right to an abortion in our state constitution. planned parenthood in northern california says eliminating the constitutional right to abortion would create huge issues for the organization and for people who depend on their services. >>this taken us all by surprise. it's been a shock. we're all kind of dry digested in real time. but if in fact, it the way it will go, please. this is the wake-up call that people need to have. >>planned parenthood says more than 36 million people would lose access to abortion at the
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supreme court overturned roe v wade abortion rights groups plan to rally outside the federal building on golden gate avenue in san francisco today at 5 o'clock this afternoon, we have yet to hear back from other pro-life groups that we've reached out to for their comments. but the san francisco archbishop salvatore cordileone did tweet last night saying he's thinking of all the years of hard work by pro-life people of all faiths, years of patient advocacy and help for unwed mothers. san francisco congresswoman jackie spear. meanwhile tweeting earlier, speaking of her own experience with abortion saying my abortion saved my life. it allowed me to have another child pursue a life of public service and realize my personal and professional dreams. most importantly, it was my decision. that shouldn't be a privilege. let's trust people to make important decisions for themselves. santa clara county supervisors are meanwhile, looking to invest 3 million
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dollars in planned parenthood. mar monte. the health center is the largest planned parenthood affiliate in the country. and since july of 2021, 80 patients have cross state lines to receive care from that facility. many came from texas after that state passed a law banning most abortions after 6 weeks. if roe v wade is overturned, planned parenthood mar monte says its patient numbers will only go up and this funding is going to help them prepare for that. are preparing across our affiliate to see 2 to 500 additional patients a week. >>coming from out of state, at least 26 states are poised to ban abortion. this current landscape is exactly why planned parenthood, vermont, 8 needs to expand in both size and services. the 3 million dollars to be invested would be used for expansion and renovation of 2 of planned parenthood mar monte health centers. the santa clara county board of supervisors is set to vote. >>on that proposal today. in
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world news. the latest coverage of the war in ukraine. we have an update on california's efforts issue states sanctions against russia. state lawmakers have now moved forward with the bill aiming to cut state economic ties with russia and belarus kron on's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the bill's progress. >>as russia continues its invasion of ukraine. california lawmakers are pushing ahead with their economic ammo against russia be 13 to state senate appropriations committee monday moved forward with sb 13. 28 the bill would ban state agencies and california's retirement systems from transacting with investing in or contracting with russia or belarus and companies that do business with those countries. the committee placed the bill on its suspense file monday for a hearing set for may 19th just part of. >>of a national and to some degree in international strategy to. to bring non
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violent pressure that they're upon russia to to end the violence. it in the aggression. the bill requires each board of the states retirement systems, also known as calpers and calstrs ers. >>to determine whether companies they invest in have business operations in russia or belarus or supply military equipment to russia belarus. in the latest bill analysis, calpers told lawmakers about 69% of the publicly traded global companies in the fund's global equity gets revenue from russia and or belarus and could be subject to divestment rules laid out in the bill. the same applies to another 10% or 14 billion dollars of its global fixed income portfolios at its april board meeting calpers board voted to reject the bill saying the bill is overly broad and would capture more than 3,000 companies in its portfolio is for the state teachers retirement system. the bill analysis shows its exposure in global equity and fixed income investments driving revenue from russia. total 96 billion dollars. both systems expect significant costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars each for investment
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losses, transaction staffing and contracting costs. if the bill is passed, neither retirement system has had a representative participate in any of the bills. 3 hearing so far it's not going to upset the apple cart. >>from a return on investment standpoint from the standpoint of the metrics that they need to achieve. but like i said, they worry about slippery today. it's rush of who's going to be next time. >>is it in. >>it's just a different point of view. the bill has bipartisan support from 57 state lawmakers, a spokesperson for cow stirs said it's seeking the board's position on the legislation in its meeting wednesday in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >>it's time now to switch gears here. talk a little bit about our weather forecast. got kron on meteorologist dave spahr standing by with a look. >>today, definitely a little sunnier than yesterday at this point. and it's going to get really hot as we get into tomorrow, right? dave? >>yeah, good day there, noel. good day, everybody. we're sunny out a half moon bay.
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here are fighting a little in the way of some cloud cover and some fog early on during the day. you know, we're building on temperatures over today and into tomorrow. storm tracker, 4 very quiet, but there will be some traffic upstream late this week and curiously into the weekend as well. there may be some changes on that forecast just tracking with the winds going. it's still with us a little bit, but more off shore. most of the east bay usual notice even noticing the something the north bay to a little bit and down to san francisco in the teens and some single digits. a temperature check for you. we're already warmer than yesterday. lower 70's cover to middle 70's most of the east bay. 75 for napa. 73 santa rosa. 69 san francisco where we were 61 for half moon bay. 73 for san jose. comparison of 24 hours ago in some cases approaching about a dozen degrees ahead of yesterday or certainly above a half a dozen. so we're really warming up nicely. 84, 4 o'clock at 7.72. this is not the last day of warming up. we're going to see another big warm-up for tomorrow. 71 san
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francisco, 77 for oakland, 79 san jose. as we mentioned as we get into the rest, the week is more traffic. we'll run through some of that, but also into the weekend may be something to watch in terms of changing up the forecast as well might be some interruption to some of that sunshine. noel. >>dave, thank you for that. coming up here on kron on a major recommendation gets the a's new ballpark. one step closer to becoming a reality. we're going to take a look ahead at a meeting today with oakland leaders. plus kronon political expert donna crane weighing in on the latest developments in the abortion issue. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>morning, as we mentioned earlier, chief justice roberts has confirmed that that leaked opinion from the supreme court is real important to know this is not tough. the final vote from the court by any means, but it is causing, as you can see, quite the uproar. donna crane, professor at san jose state university joining us now to talk a little bit about how this happened, what all this means, donna leaked opinion draft is is pretty unprecedented. i'm not sure has this ever happened before. not to my knowledge of a draft of the first opinion has never been leaks that i know of. how could something like this happened in the first place? then? you know, that's a great justice reston mission rest in
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peace. she said once the people who know don't talk and the people who talk don't know, i think what she meant is that they're just very few people that have access to these of these draft opinions are being circulated among the justices. >>and those that do have really take very seriously the idea of leaking i do think is interesting is that is that sort of sort of the secondary piece of news here some day. maybe right and we'll learn how athletes, but obviously the bigger piece of news is that, you know, women's lives may be changing very soon and obviously, this has been a fear of those who are pro choice ever since the supreme court become a more conservative over the last couple of now that this has happened, what are lawmakers likely doing now to prepare for this potential decision? well, so that is a really interesting question right now. i think lawmakers, my understanding from the conversations i've had overnight as the lawmakers are
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scrambling to build as many protections as they can as many levels of government as they in the event that the national protection for reproductive freedom is lost. we have to say, though, that if the supreme court removed, if it reverses its precedent on roe v wade and were moved, that national protection that. >>there are some states where they would lose abortion rights immediately. but there are other states that think they are safe. so california is a great example and that it it's not correct. congress could also pass additional restrictions on the right to choose and those would apply nationwide. so i i observed what governor newsom is saying. i listening to all the other elected officials talk about passing laws that would build some protections back more abortion rights. but if restriction reproductive rights or if the supreme court takes additional cases and cuts even more deeply into this, while women in very
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blue, very pro choice states will be just as affected as women in red talk just a little bit about maybe for people who are waking up and not really understanding or or know which case the supreme court is actually even looking out right now that would overturn this. >>so that the court has before it a case of a state law from the georgia state law would ban abortion after 15 weeks. it under current law constitutional law. it is completely unconstitutional. a woman has the right to choose until the point of but the georgia legislature and the governor said very openly that they pass this law knowing it was unconstitutional in the hopes it would be challenge that would go up to the highest court and the court would seize on. this is the opportunity to reverse the entire precedent roe v wade. and in fact, that is exactly the strategy that's been pursued. and it looks like we're on the cusp of that reaching that goal. i see, ok, well, i know that you spent
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nearly 18 years as one of the nation's top experts on reproductive rights to see something like this. >>on u.s. 10 genuine reaction to to hearing that this might happen one. what was your reaction? >>i was saddened, i am very fearful. i think it, you know, even if this is the wake-up call, that pro choice need because they are in the majority in the country. i fear it's coming too late. a president trump was able to appoint 3 justices to the supreme in some cases with the assistance of some democrats. and once those justices are on the bench, they serve lifetime terms. so i am i am very fearful. >>of of obviously this opinion as well as a potential decisions to come in the future. donna, thank you so much for joining us. you know, will continue speaking with you as this unfolds over the next several days and weeks.
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thank you so much. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>in oakland, a school board member has abruptly resigned her position and is moving out of the bay area. but before she leaves shaun t gonzalez posted a scathing letter slamming the school board and the teachers union kron on's dan kerman has the details. >>we want to send people to be willing to serve their communities. we have to treat them decently. >>oakland school board member shot. the gonzalez says she's not been treated well and has now quit the board effective immediately and will be moving out of the bay area. and in a public posting lay blame at her fellow board members and the teachers union 5 to choose. >>between serving my and feeling safe and like i can
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support my mental and physical health. i i choose my mental and physical health and i hope that everybody would make that same decision. gonzales is favorite school closures and she says that's led to demonstrations outside her home. >>and allegations of racism. this is abuse. these things that are happening are abuse. >>and i hope that everybody, if they're feeling that they're being abused, if they're feeling unsafe in their communities would make the same decision. she's attacked. >>school communities for closing them, threatening to close so, of course, is going to be some pushback from people, teachers who staged a one-day protest over school closures taken solace has been unwilling to listen. >>or come up with fresh ideas. just know this is what we're going to do is how we're going to do it. i'm in this position is i know better. and parents enter district say they won't be sorry to see her go either. anybody who doesn't have my view doesn't need to go. but someone who's disrespectful and was not even willing to listen to. >>community's point of view,
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definitely needs to go. gonzalez term expires in january of next year. the school board will need to decide now whether to appoint a replacement or call for a special election. >>dan kerman kron, 4 news. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>our top story this half-hour happening right now. oakland
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leaders are discussing the possibility of turning the howard terminal at the port of oakland into a new ballpark for the oakland a's. they're holding a virtual meeting right now to provide the status updates on this. we're going to follow this story all day long. we'll have an update for you later today during a kron, 4 news at 3. and during our evening shows. in the meantime, supporters of the ballpark did mark a big win yesterday, a major player with a voice in the ultimate decision has now recommended that howard terminal, in fact, turns into a ballpark and housing neighborhood. kron on's justine waldman explains the latest moves and why a's president dave kaval is very happy. we're thrilled with the staff's recommendation in what a's president dave kaval called a massive deal. >>the bay conservation and development commission or bc, d c the staff there recommended allowing the team's 12 billion dollar proposed waterfront ballpark to move forward. often the commissioners i really rely on
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the staff's expertise and knowledge. >>to inform their vote and to have them say preliminarily that this is a positive and this is something that should move forward. it is quite important to the success of our ballpark project. >>this state agency staff wrote that removing howard terminal from the port authority would, quote, not detract from the region's capability to meet the projected growth in cargo, our terminals. not me it for, you know, maritime operations any longer. there's plenty of other space is only 2% of the port property and there's other ports in the bay area. oakland mayor libby schaff also optimistic sending kron 4 news. the statement, today's report is great news for oakland and our region. the best use of a dormant howard terminal is to convert it into a thriving waterfront, ballpark and neighborhood. >>campbell wants fans to know despite some recent setbacks, they should feel good about the a's staying rooted in oakland. really important milestone for the project.
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>>and with that approval and the approval of the state council, we have all the necessary approvals to move forward. so it's a big deal. there are 2 dates to be watching for next when it comes to the progress at howard terminal. >>one is june second. that is the public hearing. and then june 30th is the final vote in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >>other news this afternoon, the department of energy will spend billions on battery manufacturing in hopes of helping the biden administration meet its electric vehicle goals. the federal agency announced monday the funding of more than 3 billion dollars in battery production. they say it's intended to strengthen the domestic supply chain in the united states, which will help lower costs for families and boost employment. according to the d o e e more than 2.5 million electric vehicles were sold at the end of march. president biden wants to have electric vehicles make up half of all vehicle sales in america by the year 2030. the california department of finance says the
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state is seeing its lowest population numbers since 2016 last year. california had 118,000 fewer residents which leaves us with a population of just over. 39 million residents. officials say the drop is the result of declining birth rates and more cove and more deaths due to covid. also as we see people leaving the state, fewer people are moving here to replace them. however, did note some california cities did experience some growth. those cities include long beach, san diego, fresno and bakersfield. one reason people might want to move. here is the beautiful weather time to get your check of your forecast. kron on meteorologist dave spahr standing by with a look today. it is pretty nice out there day. yeah, good day there, this is the east bay shoreline. we see also blue skies and blue bay at hand here. not much the way of fog left over. >>let's check in to these winds. we have a little offshore off to the east bay in the north bay as well. will be a flip back to returning to some on shore. very, very
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briefly are very weak leader should say because tomorrow is going to be our hottest day in the bunch before we start to trail back downward. we have more traffic coming in off the pacific to make notable. get to that in just a bit. here's some of the on shore winds indicating again, new systems upstream here. so we'll have that stronger return of an onshore flow returning as we get into thursday and a little bit on friday as well to current temperatures, mid 70's in the far east bay lower 70's line up the east bay shoreline. but still a nice warm-up are seeing mid 70's up to the north bay. 73 san jose. a cool 60, though, places like half moon bay. but by tomorrow, the coast may actually approaching about 70 in some selective spots on the satellite picture of board here. we have warm conditions going on today with a high pressure building. very, very briefly. so this heat spike is you blink, you miss a type thing. you know. so very, very quick. and then it moves on and allows the pacific to open up. this is what it looks like a future cast for. there's the high. you can see how quick the breaks down by thursday missed opportunity. sure, getting into the weekend friday. still some variable
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clouds to contend with. but on sunday, this is interesting. we had through the little chance of some showers developing in here. the traffic pattern shows us that we will see probably some at least cloud cover with that, but remain to be seen if we'll get anything actually out of the clouds and to next week, as you can see. alright today, 71 san francisco, 77 for open seventy-nine. meanwhile, 4 san jose lower 80's extend off to the delta and quirkiness straight 80 for livermore. a lot of upper 70's along the east bay shoreline is projected highs and lower 80's up in the north bay. however, they'll be some better warming occurring. tomorrow is the big day popping about 90 back down to the lower 70's for thursday into friday and almost chilly by comparison for the weekend. but notice on sunday had to throw a little chance of some showers there. well. >>thanks, dave. a bear caused quite the stir in a vacaville neighborhood earlier this morning. kron on's will tran was on their watch. >>what an unbearable story because people are still on pins and needles. just wanting
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to know the bare necessities has the bear been caught yet? the answer is no. hopefully the bear would just wander back to its natural habitat. but for a day or so, it gave people quite a scare as it was seen down on the city streets in the neighborhood near 3 schools, 2 elementary za one middle school right behind me. first spotted on sunday night. and then once again on monday morning and that caused the police officers to come out to the scene to make sure that they were on campus to have the kids walk in safely and to be picked up safely. fish and wildlife. they're also called out to the scene because that's their expertise. they tracked the bear as much as they possibly could. and in a strange way, they got help from neighbors. its course. ul you heard about the bear. so you out on your bike and you went looking for the bear. describe what you saw. well, initially. >>i saw the bear. i did not see the bear. initially. it ever the commotion was all over on orchard. they were keeping people away. and then
12:39 pm
as the school at out, things died down. i went over on the other side of the fence, look through the fence and the bear was 8 feet from me. just hanging out. >>do they do anything that it grounded a look at you and go what is probably more of that look like, what are you doing and what am i doing that that was probably it. then i backed away because i know bears are fast. i can't outrun a bear. probably can't outright a buyer. >>so i said if it's caught crossing the fence, i don't want to be anywhere near. what's it like to have a bear? have you done anything that put away your trash your pets inside the house and the precautions that you're doing? it? >>well, i have 2 cats. one would stay inside the figure, be smart enough to run away. so i didn't do anything extra. okay. very good. so they are continuing that bear hunt today. >>the hope is the bear is back in his natural habitat. but if not, and if they spot a bear once again and they have help from its, he's back on his bicycle. if they spot the bear
12:40 pm
again, fish and wildlife will have to come out with tranquilizer gun and put the bear to sleep. pick it up and put it back to bed up in the wilderness. we love bears, but quite a sight. if it's right in front of your home. fortunately, nobody hurt so far, including the bear. and those are the bare facts. back to you. >>as of today, apple will require employees to be in the office not once, but week. kron on's justin campbell takes a look at whether the return is leading to traction for local businesses in the area. >>as you can see, apple employees are returning to work. some of them are coming across the street to dine in a place that seems like a world away at the duke of edinburgh bar and restaurant. one of the owners stand gamble says people are slowly trickling in. we had about 4 parties. >>with 15 2025 from a pool. an apple employee tells us the bar is a world away from the tech work across the street.
12:41 pm
it's a bit like love mark and west end of london although beautiful inside gamble says he's lost 70% of his business since the pandemic knew that was it was pretty busy. we did use open for lunch just we don't open for lunch. no, we don't open to full. you come in here and you get away from everything in silicon valley. one longtime customer eric crutchlow showed us a picture of how packed the bar was before covid. now as apple employees are returning to work, he says it's lively people decided to come in and just, you know, we are all trying to have a good time. so this has been great gamble been in business 39 years. and despite losing 70% of his customers. because they enjoy it. he's vowing to stay open as apple employees trickle back in reporting in cupertino, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >>coming up here on kron on your mom likely dreaming about
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her perfect mother's day gift. we've got to a list of top gifts for the number one woman in your life. coming up after the break.
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>>contra costa county is introducing a new covid strategy designed to eliminate what officials are calling preventable deaths. health officials unveiled the plan on monday. the new strategy would redirect underused resources like prescription medication and at-home tests. experts say
12:45 pm
they're focusing on low-income and minority communities where covid infection and death rates are the highest stats show. only 30% of the county's latino population has received their booster shot. that number slightly higher at 39% for the black community compared to more than half of the white community with this. your shots, chief equity officer gilbert salinas says the disparities even transcend age. >>you're more likely to die. the community regardless of your age. then you your 2 guys who are living in healthier community. >>the health department is rolling out additional efforts to reduce these deaths throughout the month, like adding testing clinics and mailing out other resources. the food and drug administration has announced a plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars in the united states. but the move is raising concerns about the negative effects it could have on minority communities. it's being called the most
12:46 pm
aggressive action against the tobacco industry in history. supporters of the ban argue it will save lives by lowering smoking rates across the board. but not everyone celebrating the news guy. bentley with libertarian think tank reason. foundation says enforcement efforts for the ban could actually hurt minority communities. >>that means prohibition of this product means any law enforcement to combat the illegal market will be concentrated in the african-american community to be a huge fight over this. taking many, many years can taking away fda resources. >>the white house says that is not the intention of the ban. it's intended to save lives. kelly says the energy should be spent on promoting smoking alternatives like e-cigarettes, heated tobacco or nicotine pouches. other news today of firefighters in contra costa county busy over the weekend. they dealt with a number of fires early sunday morning in martinez and a 7 acre vegetation fire yesterday
12:47 pm
in pittsburgh. kron on's amanda hari talked with fire officials about what they're learning about these fires and their expectations for this year's fire season. fire officials tell me they're very concerned about the fire season. they say it's only the beginning of may and things are already very dry. vegetation should look like what you see behind me here. still green and lush from the wet season. but >>most of it is very dry. like what you see across the street here and would burn easily conditions are dangerous. >>they're getting more so day by day as the winds increase. firefighters are warning people to be prepared for wildfires. contra costa county fire. public information. officer steve hill says monday there was a vegetation fire in pittsburgh and on sunday morning, firefighters dealt with multiple fires in martinez. separately, sept are best count is 7. we first had 4 reported about one in the morning
12:48 pm
>>address those men were called back out about 4 in the morning. he says they all happened in the same area around i 6 ad near the off-ramp at the chico boulevard. you can see in this video, some of the ground has been blackened and burned from the fires. he says the fires didn't threaten any buildings, but with winds this week, other fires may. it's. >>high time to be thinking about preparing your home, your business, the best way residents can do that is to go on to our website and review our wildfire preparation and evacuation guy. the guy reminds people to remove all dead and dying vegetation from their yard. >>she is fire resistant plants and have a roof made of composition, metal or tile. he says fire investigators are still looking into all of sunday's fires. it does appear that they were intentionally set unlikely given a 3 to 4 hour. >>time difference that they would somehow have been related other than being intentionally set
12:49 pm
>>we're still investigating. we quite frankly don't have a lot of leads because fire officials believe the fires here in martinez were intentionally set. >>they're asking anyone with any information to call the arson tip line. you can see that number right below here. they say even the smallest bit of information could help in martinez, amanda hari kron, 4 news. >>the city of pittsburgh unanimously passed an ordinance last night in hopes of cracking down on illegal sideshows in that city. the ordinance would make it illegal for people to watch sideshows on private property. >>vice mayor chanel scales preston says the ordinance is specific to private property since that's where most of the sideshows are actually happening as they happen in parking lots of big stores like home depot and target. >>and we can find people if we can tow whatever doubt we can,
12:50 pm
you know, be more strict there on here within the city of pittsburgh to make them not want to come here and do that. you know, i think this the policy is here. the better. >>according to the ordinance, any violators will be guilty of a misdemeanor subject to a max of 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. >>numbers continue to grow with the petition to remove amber heard from aqua man to the aqua man, actress now replacing her pr team after the press. she's been receiving throughout the defamation trial between her and johnny depp. sloane glass takes a closer look. hurd is replacing former pr group. precision strategies was shane communications following a wave of support for her ex-husband on social media. >>and growing number of signatures on a change dot org petition to remove her from the aqua man series pr expert
12:51 pm
danny jury. nice as the move to replace a pr team is not unusual or whether it's been in crisis communications situations and it's usually done when the narrative is not going your way or you're just. >>not satisfied with with your team doing enough for you. the change dot org petition created in 2020 cross its 3 million signature goal on monday. do the right thing. remove amber heard from aqua man too, is now one of the top most signed petitions. the website has ever seen. heard has commented on the petition saying paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media don't dictate casting decisions because they have no basis in reality created by death and who views heard as a perpetrator of abuse. the petition for her to lose her job on the next film is signed by dep supporters who believe herd is responsible for the actor being dropped from his role as captain jack sparrow
12:52 pm
from the 6 pirates of the caribbean movie didn't no one come to save me just because they missed me deaths. former agent christian karina testified last week that his client's reputation was affected because of the domestic abuse accusations. the studio was having difficulty complying in. >>everyone was aware of what was garnering the the tension of the studios in determining whether or not he could be employed. but debt said previously he quote. >>wouldn't return to the pirates franchise for 300 million dollars. and 1 million alpacas. >>so mister dat. yes. were you aware that as of 10/25/2018, about 2 months before this op-ed was published, that it was being reported as it is in this article that johnny depp is out as jack sparrow in disney's pirates of the caribbean film franchise as
12:53 pm
after battles financial issues and personal dramas. were you aware of that? >>i wasn't aware of that, but it doesn't surprise me given that 2 years have gone by. constant. worldwide. talk about me being this wife beater. >>karina also testified that it is his belief that the exposure from the lawsuits ruined the mystique around death, which could also impact his career. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>while this weekend is mother's day weekend. just so, you know, a new survey of more than 1000 moms found the gifts mom want most for mother's day. you're looking at it taking a nap. they want nap skies and study by time to play. dot com says the perfect present is an app following maps. second most desirable gift is a meal. they don't have to cook themselves getting help with the chores was number 3. that's the most coveted president mom's here in california. once the cooking cleanings all handled the next best gifts were a spa treatments. flowers or just a simple, thoughtful card. so a
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few need some henson. what to do. these are some good ideas. take a look at this. san francisco zoo celebrating the 19th birthday of their rank it hand judy. they decided to throw her a 90's themed party for our final year as a teenager. she certainly seems to have enjoyed this special occasion, even if she may not have known exactly what it was for. i mean, maybe she wanted they're they're pretty smart. those primates. happy birthday to judy. thanks for watching. kron on at noon. i'm noelle bellow. we'll see you right back here at 3 o'clock. have a good one. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download
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