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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4
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>> now at 10 and the abortion debate at the front of many american minds tonight as protests and demonstrations for both sides of the issue continue across the nation. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm grant lotus in tonight for ken wayne. there have been protests across the bay area today and tonight reaction to that leaked draft opinion that reveals the supreme court is poised to overturn roe v wade. you have hundreds of people that gathered outside the federal building in san francisco this evening. kron four's taylor was there. she joins us live now from the city with more taylor. >> well, we saw many different groups of people there tonight, including attorney general rob bonta also co planned parenthood, california all there to stand up to protect reproductive rights. now, many of the people there tonight, part of this fight 50 plus years ago. and they're
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still in disbelief that they are here yet again. >> 100 surrounded the san francisco federal building tuesday night to defend reproductive rights in protest to the leaked draft opinion that would overturn roe v wade ending a half century guarantee, a federal constitutional protection of abortion rights. i'm here to protect the rights for my children and their children. >> and also it's about representing communities are going to slam. actually forced pregnancy. >> ceo of planned parenthood, california, gilda gonzales addressed the crowd on tuesday. he will be a potential in not. >> we here l a saying low-income communities will be impacted most by this possible decision
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>> meanwhile, attorney general rob bonta vowed that california. we'll always stand to protect reproductive rights, reproductive health care decisions to be by an individual government. >> without interference by politicians. access to abortion. has been a constitutional right for 50 years. despite how california may respond to different issues. >> some fear that this possible decision could have a ripple effect impacting other human rights that many have spent centuries fighting >> now, those in the crowd, including many others and speakers of different community groups say they'll continue fighting for this and to make sure that that
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decision, of course, does not go through. they say, of course, it will take more than just voicing their concerns, but also taking it to polls and making sure that everyone votes. now live in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> thank you, taylor. there was also a pro-choice rally outside oakland's federal building in the crowd cheering as elected officials, labor leaders, community activists and health care officials called for keeping abortion safe and legal city council member clinching says that she is calling on her colleagues to declare oakland a sanctuary city for women's reproductive rights. saying >> the alameda labor council hosted today's rally. self-proclaimed prolife
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spiderman. you see here. this is the sales force tower. he was arrested after climbing all the way to the top of the t% thing, tallest building in san francisco. hard to believe san francisco police have identified him as 22 year-old may still in the shops of vegas. according to instagram. but for some self as the prolife spiderman, it took him a little over an hour and a half to get to the top. he started the bottom. it caused a lot of anxious moments for first responders and looking lose their on the ground. what is that noise? what is going on? i looked over and saw shoe. >> right outside my window and i no with that. can't be the cleaning crew. sure enough. there he was. i mean, san francisco's one of those places where you see a lot of crazy things. i think this is the craziest thing i've ever seen. >> police say a motive is still being investigated. but this certainly appears to have something to do. but the supreme court's opinion on roe
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v wade or at least the draft opinion shops was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest. he was cited and released. >> pro life. demonstrators also came out today in the east bay. they preferred not to show their faces or names, but said that their cause has been strengthened by this leaked opinion. >> we are glad to hear that. we know there's still a lot of work to be done. very big news, but it's still under out. >> i anticipate for the final round there for the mothers repair for the babies were there for the fathers were there for our country. >> were there for the world to recognize the sanctity of human life. >> these pro-life supporters volunteer for the grassroots movement to end abortions called 40 days for life. grupos outside planned parenthood in walnut creek. 6 days a week, 12 hours a day.
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if roe versus wade is overturned. the group hopes california does not become a sanctuary for people having abortions as governor newsom has pledged to do. meanwhile, california lawmakers are valley to protect abortion rights in this state while boosting access to resources. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> what they will ask voters to decide this fall. >> here at the state capitol, there are more than a dozen proposals that try to increase abortion access and resources, not just for women living here in california, out also those who might come from out of state. lawmakers announced they're adding to that list of efforts aiming to put a person's right to choose in the california constitution. >> we have more work to do. and if that work is legislative, we know how to do it. we're prepared if that work is political. we know how to do that and we will be prepared as well because this is about the lives of our sisters, our daughters, our granddaughters leader of california, state, senate pro
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tem toni atkins announcing she will propose a state constitutional amendment to protect legal abortion in california. that will make it crystal clear. >> that reproductive rights in california, including and specifically abortion are protected. the constitutional amendment will need to pass the legislature with a two-thirds vote by june 30th to get on the november ballot. it will be generational repair. the 4 new planned parenthood ceo jodi hicks made it clear tuesday health centers are open and services are being provided her clinics and others gearing up for a potential post roe v wade world. i could not be more devastated. >> for the people in other states that are going to be facing what they're going to be experiencing, according to planned parenthood, abortion access map, more than half of u.s. states have abortion restrictions. some that could become even stricter if the supreme court sticks with the draft decision leaked monday, anticipating a potential surge of out of state patients and with the goal to make it more accessible for those already in california, 13 bills circulating through the state
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legislature aimed to boost the amount of providers, financial assistance for patients and legal protections for health professionals who provide abortions. we don't want to leave women in in desperation and we do not want deaths. so we're going to do our best to create a welcoming and safe environment with the statewide office and u.s. midterm election. this fall, democratic state leaders like lieutenant governor eleni kounalakis acknowledged the supreme court's decision could energize the base. we're going to fight back. >> and there is no question that the upcoming election in 2022. is going to give us the opportunity to elect more people will stand with women and people everywhere who believe in a woman's right to control our bodies. >> we reached out to leaders of the legislative republican caucus for comment, but we have not yet heard back at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> meantime, as the high court does look to overturn roe v
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wade, santa clara county supervisors have already approved 3 million dollars for planned parenthood moment. e the funding increases access to health care for women in the bay area. and for those coming here from out of state, the 3 million dollar allocation is expected to be in the june budget. it will also be used to hire additional staff and to expand telehealth services. you can always stay connected with kron 4 on our website and our free apps for the very latest on the supreme court and will be the weight and all the news. just scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to our website. >> well, it was really a nail-biter of a game in memphis tonight. very physical warriors game from start to finish. and unfortunately it cost the dubs one of the most important players, gary payton, the second we just learned is now out with a broken elbow just so we do not want to hear playoff game. 2 between the words and the grizzlies in memphis, intense for all the fans kron four's dan thorn. was it thrive city
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with the debt nation? has it? >> fans were cheering on the home team. dan. >> yeah, it's cleanup time at thrive city after that. that tough loss here tonight in the semifinals, you know, didn't pan out the way the warriors fans had had hopes, but they came here tonight. they stayed engaged and they stayed with it until the very and we caught up with some of the fans earlier. and they're still feeling pretty confident. it's not bad to be able to split the series against such a tough team. and based on what we've seen so far, it's it could be a long series and it's going to the series that you to be physical and it's a series. it's going to require you to stay energetic but it was a party here tonight. we have hundreds of people that showed up. there was music, dancing games, photo they were giveaways. people at gold blooded towels and t-shirts on this is something that's going to be happening for every warriors road playoff game. so if you have nothing to do on the night of the game and you can go to the game. come on down here. it's a great time.
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of course, one of the big things to do here is watch the game on the huge screen outside of chase center. of course, there's nothing quite like being a, you know, at the game, the atmosphere inside the arena. but i'll tell based on what we saw out here and in some of our reports earlier, this certainly rivals the energy that you would get inside of an arena. a lot of doing a 9 as graham pointed out the last hour, of course, right from the jump because of just how physical and rough and tumble this game and series has been so far tough loss. but the dubs fans we talked with say they're confident that the team we'll bounce back on saturday. >> i think we had within our grasp. but i just know that in the next 2 games, we are going to destroy memphis. keeps on going like this. i can see this going to game 7. >> and why is taking a lawyer? >> so you can see, hey, the fans are still a confident they're feeling pretty good about this. and hey, that
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confidence is warranted. we're you know, the big 3 are back dream on a clay klay thompson and steph curry are all back. we've got jordan poole who's now pretty much the unofficial 3rd splash brother. they're going to have to just 8 off, head up, chin up. get into the next one on saturday. again, it's not bad today. split the series so far. they got the next 2. back here at chase center in the friendly confines san francisco fans feeling pretty good about it. and and they should. grant pam. >> i'm dan thorn. thank you for that. more later in sports tonight with jason. meantime, here's something to give you an idea of just how serious the drought is. in california. the drought is visible from space video from the international space station shows the extent of the drought and normally snowcapped mountains have precious little precipitation. california snowpack is vital. of course, you know, because that melting snow helps to fill the state's reservoirs
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and they are below where they need to be. >> 95% of california is under severe or extreme drought. and that figure was a 66% back in february. so let's take a live look outside as we check on our 4 zone forecast looking out at the beautiful golden gate bridge. first time this hour, we say hello and good evening to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> tell us there's a big rainstorm coming, but i can tell you that. but unfortunately would be true. i just don't see that happen. we do have a chance at least a couple of chances to bring some more showers back into the bay area. think in the next 7 to 10 days. but boy, did you get to this time of year? and it's really just tough. get these storms going out there tonight. we do have a cloudy skies. likely the former not see that fog just yet. expect that fog to form overnight tonight today we really turned things around member yesterday. we saw these temperatures. they were all below the average with so that cool sea moving in along the coast. well, then we have that offshore wind kicking overnight last night. all of a sudden temperatures near 70
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degrees today in san francisco. 74 in oakland. yeah, 79 degrees in san jose. 81 in lemore. 83 in concord and 80 in santa rosa. so out the door now you can you've got the cool effects of the sea breeze right along the coastline. 40's out toward the beaches got 50's inside the bay still holding on to some numbers running in the 60's. in fact, upper 60's and the pittsburgh right now, 66 in brentwood and a chilly 48 degrees in petaluma. so high pressure overhead. today we saw more of that northerly wind kicking in and that normally wind was just enough to blow that fog away. you see those clouds moving away from the coastline. but now we're starting to see a little bit more of a sea breeze kicking in more of an northwesterly winds started to develop along the coastline. i think that will be just enough to allow some low clouds and fog to form overnight. tonight and the winds little breezy in spots this afternoon. we have some gusts as high as 30 miles an hour in the san francisco. those are starting to calm down a little bit. but it will be interesting overnight tonight, high pressure, the whole axis is going start to move a little further to the east. so said again that
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offshore wind, i think we're going to see a little bit more of an on shore breeze. that may be just enough to bring some fog along the coastline. but you get away from the coast and you're going to heat up in her even inside the bay of find some mid 80's, the santa clara valley and probably some low 90's in spots inland by tomorrow afternoon, kind sitting here on the forecast for the winter watch. still a little bit of a northerly wind developing the north bay. but along the coastline, you still have those arrows that are pushing on shore showing we're not that strong. offshore wind developing overnight. so that leads me to believe that we've got some fog in the forecast for tomorrow. coast side in some cool temperatures out toward the beaches and models. start to pick up on that. to you. see the fog developing along the san mateo county coast pushing inside the bay through some of the mountain gaps by tomorrow morning. so for the commute may be a little bit on the gray side. early on. but as we head toward the middle of the day, lots of sunshine and that fog the surge back on shore. so this is going to be hot. one in london, a plan on some low 90's in places like concord, in antioch, in livermore about 85 degrees and sunny in san jose. even in san francisco,
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70 degrees. but half moon bay, cool fog and 59 degrees. >> thank you. lie. so today matt haney was sworn in as a member of the state assembly for the 17th assembly district. winning after after winning a landslide victory in the special election last month, the newly elected assembly member will represent the diverse district encompassing the eastern side of san francisco. california has been. >> leader nationally on a wide variety issues from climate change to how we protect a fundamental human right a marriage equality access to reproductive health in freedom. and these are things that that california is willing to stand up for and protect and even go first in the innovative. >> before his election to the assembly, handy represented district 6 on the san francisco board of supervisors and he previously served as the chair of the budget and
10:18 pm
finance committee. >> tonight, we're remembering the life and legacy of former san jose mayor norman minette who >> died at age 90 and nominate a was born in san jose and was much loved throughout the bay area. nationally. he was likely best known for serving as the secretary of transportation under george w bush during the 9.11 attacks. and was the first asian american mayor of san jose serving in office from 1971. to 1975. infect the san jose airport bears his name. the name change came in 2001 current san jose mayor sam liccardo put out a statement regarding the net is death. that reads in part, quote, san jose has lost a great champion. i have lost a deeply admired mentor norms. legacy is one of steadfast defense of our civil liberties and defense of our nation. in the perilous hours of 9.11, and quote and is survived by his
10:19 pm
wife his 4 children and his 11 grandchildren. >> turning now to the war in ukraine and nearly 130 civilian evacuees. they're now in the ukrainian controlled city. about 12 of them were sick or injured. none critically. the convoy consisted of people who had left a massive steel plant in mariupol in a nearby town. but hundreds of civilians are said to be still at the facility. ukrainian forces say russian fighters have been storming the plant. the final pocket of resistance in that battered city commanders report the russian military was using tanks and other armor to attack the facility. >> president biden visited a lockheed martin plant in alabama today. that plant manufactures the javelin us was the u.s. is providing to ukraine along with other weapons by the thousands kron four's washington, d.c., correspondent alexandra limon now reports that the president's trip. >> and questions about the u.s. stockpile of top of mind
10:20 pm
for many people. >> i can say thank you. thank you. thank you. >> president biden toward a weapons manufacturing plant in alabama tuesday and praised the employees who make javelin missiles. those i saw 10 for every time. >> there is and ukraine. >> the change people's lives. the u.s. has shipped thousands of javelins, stingers and howitzers to ukraine. but the study shipments of weapons come with a cost to the u.s. stockpile of the weaponry could be replaced within the next year with this budget. >> all of it won't be replaced within the within the year. analysts estimate that the u.s. has shipped about one quarter of its stingers and one-third of its javelins to ukraine. defense secretary lloyd austin says he's optimistic manufacturers will increase production, but a shortage of semiconductors may prevent that since each javelin requires more than 200
10:21 pm
chips and boosting domestic chip manufacturing isn't just critical to making more in america or lowering prices. it's also vital component of our national security. president biden urged congress to quickly approve more funding to help ukraine and boost domestic production of semiconductors. >> this fight is not going to be cheap. but caving to aggression would even be more cost. >> republicans have expressed opposition to provisions in both bills but say it's likely the bills can be revised and passed in washington. alexandra limon. >> the biden administration is now saying wnba star brittney griner is being wrongfully detained in russia. that's a change that came today. the wording there means american officials, they say will be working more aggressively to secure her release. well, the legal case against her plays out. russian authorities detained griner at an airport back in february after vape cartridges containing traces of cannabis oil were allegedly
10:22 pm
found in her backpack. her case has been moved to a state department section that handles hostage situations. so far, it's not clear what prompted the u.s. officials to ramp up their efforts. >> still ahead in this hour of kron, 4 news concerns over what could be next for the high court. why some fear same marriage could be the next ruling to get over time. >> and san jose police department under fire tonight as multiple officers face serious accusations with the city's mayor is suggesting the department needs to do to prevent things like this from happening in the future. plus, new research shows just how much the coronavirus can affect your brain. the latest from cambridge university after the break.
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>> the centers for disease control is warning americans who may not want to toss out your mask just yet. the agency is restating its recommendation that americans wear masks on planes, trains and buses. the agency issued a statement today saying americans age 2 and older should wear a well-fitting mask while riding public transportation as well as in airports and train stations. pfizer is seeing a major increase in prescriptions for paxlovid the company's oral treatment for covid prescriptions of increased
10:26 pm
nearly tenfold in the u.s. since late february company. officials say they expect demand for the anti viral will increase even more is countries reorder doses and lower the eligibility age. a new study suggests covid can actually age your brain. researchers in the uk study dozens of people who recovered from what they call bad cases of covid in the year 2020 6 months later, they showed slower response times on cognitive tests and that troubles sometimes finding the right words and conversations. some people they say ended up testing out as bad as a 70 year-old person would, which experts say is the equivalent of these folks having lost 10, i q points. researchers say some of the skills improved with time, but they believe the effects. some of them will never fully go away. coming up next at 10, we continue our coverage of the bombshell supreme court draft. what east bay congresswoman barbara lee is saying about the issue
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tonight. >> and skies are clear now. the fog on the way, maybe a little rain to your tenant and is coming up.
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don't receive if the treatment area involves your urethra, or if you're allergic to any collagenase or any of the ingredients. may cause serious side effects, including: penile fracture or other serious injury during an erection, and severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. seek help if you have any of these symptoms. do not have any sexual activity during and for at least 4 weeks after each treatment cycle. sudden back pain reactions after treatment may occur. tell your doctor if you have a bleeding condition or take blood thinners as risk of bleeding or bruising at the treatment site is increased. talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. find a xiaflex-trained urologist at >> our top story at 10:30pm, tonight in justice alito's leaked draft opinion aimed striking down abortion rights. he makes reference to another
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landmark supreme court ruling allowing same marriage. and that has many in the lgbtq community concerns that marriage equality could be the next domino to fall. kron four's dan kerman reports. >> they took away our first marriage when prop 8 passed the prop proponents tried to take a where's our second marriage? the court said no, you can't do that. and yet here we are yet for more than 35 year. stuart gaffney and john lewis have been a couple. >> first, mary, during san francisco's 2004 winner of love. and then legally remarried. in 2008, they've seen the ups and downs of prop 8 and the supreme court's 2015 reeling legalizing same marriage. the latest shoe to drop a supreme court justice samuel alito, sleek draft opinion striking down abortion rights in it. he references that 2015 same marriage ruling which raises the question is marriage the next to fall? it's very chilling to see that
10:31 pm
marriage is like ours are front and center on the minds of the justices as they go taking away women's reproductive freedoms. it's not irrational to be concerned about whether or not there will continue to be. >> federal protection for the right of same couples to marry constitutional law. professor jessica levinson says well, part of the opinion separates abortion from other issues. it also calls into question all cases that depend on the right to privacy. this is a court that is comfortable overturning its prior decisions we're talking about at least half a century of prior decisions here and to this is a court that potentially is just looking at what is specifically written in the constitution. >> and saying we're only going to protect a much narrower swath of rights than we used to these things. cause us concern. and as a happily married couple growing old together. >> we >> really just want are
10:32 pm
happily ever after. gaffney in lewis believe marriage equality is about bringing people together and they're ready to fight again to maintain that. >> stand up. speak up. do not be silent because that's what we have been doing for decades. and that's why we are where we are now. my mom has what? >> in san francisco, dan kerman kron, 4 news. east bay congresswoman barbara lee says that she and other lawmakers have expected the u.s. up in court to overturn roe v wade someday. >> she serves as co chair of the pro-choice caucus in the house of representatives. but she still describe the league's opinion as a gut punch. and we talked with the congresswoman live on kron. 4 news tonight at 8. she says it will be way does get over turn. this would be the first time the u.s. supreme court takes away right? >> we fought so hard with so many rights for voting rights,
10:33 pm
for marriage equality for so many disability rights. and and so the courts take away the right to privacy and the right her son to make their own health care decisions. then they can do anything that they so and so we have to be very vigilant and elections matter. and pam, i'm telling you, we have got to get organized, mobilize and make sure even republican women who are pro choice, they need to get with their senators and make sure they hold them accountable because we have legislation that would actually caught by roe versus wade in to federal law. but women's health protection we passed the house that passed in the senate. this is the political struggle. where am? >> in addition to calling on americans to vote for a pro-choice candidates in the upcoming midterm elections. representative lee also shared her difficult experience with abortion. the congresswoman says that she was just 15 when she had to make a choice
10:34 pm
during a time when septic abortion was the main cause of death for black women. >> sacramento officials announced new developments in their ongoing investigation into that mass shooting last month. 6 people died. 12 were injured. prosecutors announced they're now charging 3 men with 3 counts of murder and criminal enhancements. 2 suspects are brothers, smiley and dandre martin are currently in custody. police are still looking for another suspect with 2 peyton. prosecutors and police described the crime as a violent gang-related gun battle. >> as the chief said in her comments and has been stated already another public documents. this was a gun battle between 2 rival gangs. the evidence shows that the that the rival gangs. gang members arm themselves with weapons. the evidence shows and we'll show that these
10:35 pm
individuals armed themselves with guns. >> there are several questions about why the 3 suspects are not being charged with the deaths of the 3 other men involved in the shootout. the da explains the law has recently changed preventing them from taking further action at this time. she also added that the case is ongoing. it matters could change down the road. >> and officer allegedly showed up for duty drunk. another died of a drug overdose. all this and more according to san jose police chief anthony mata today force justin campbell reports on the troubling allegations and what the department is now doing in response. >> i also apologized. to the family a few months old. read inquire. >> san jose police chief anthony mata apologizing after one of his officers showed up and allegedly tracked at the kidnapping scene of 3 month-old branding kway-yar last tuesday. >> i will not. inappropriate
10:36 pm
behavior. a criminal conduct. >> that officer has been placed on leave. but another one also in trouble accused of misconduct while he was on duty. as soon as that allegation was brought to light. >> he was removed from his activities that night and removed from duty and placed on administrative leave. lastly, a rookie police officer. 24 year-old dijon packer died in april just a few days ago. santa clara medical examiner's office confirming he died of fentanyl. we don't even know the circumstances. >> under which he ingested fentanyl, we don't know what it was in tension ul >> ingestion if it was accidental. if he thought he was taking one thing and really took another, if he had no idea he was taking a drug at all. and and again, this is an investigation being conducted by the milpitas police department. officer parker died at his home in milpitas in. we await the results of that investigation. mayor sam liccardo today
10:37 pm
propose random drug testing across the department has an answer to the problems. >> but that won't happen until the next officers association contract negotiations. chief mata says soon there will be resources to officers for substance abuse prevention. >> after one died in another 2 have been placed on leave. when an officer >> is found guilty. criminal conduct. i will personally. will come out. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> as we get a check here on the 4 zone forecast taking a live look outside of the crowd for studios at the transamerica. building. and it looks dark, dark chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. >> telling us what's ahead. the rest of this week. yeah. that sky may be filled with clouds a little bit later on tonight as the fog. >> going to start to roll in looking toward the golden gate bridge. little moisture in the atmosphere now. but that fog
10:38 pm
likely to form overnight. the hot temperatures around the bay area tomorrow. i know a lot of folks may head to the beach, be careful. some large waves may be some 8 to 10 footers moving in along the coastline. that will be affecting the entire coast, especially the northwest facing beaches because you've got storms and the gulf of alaska up there. you see him up there. unfortunately, high pressure sitting out ahead of it. that is going to bring some very hot temperatures inland tomorrow. and then the system is going to be a little bit closer as we get into friday. there is a slight chance that we could see some scattered light showers and a part summer and maybe a county rest the bay area, just some passing clouds and maybe a better chance. a few scattered showers. would you know what a mother's day, especially to the north. so if you're preparing your plans, just think about that and then looks like we get in the following week, will high pressure kind of takes over. here we go. we warm those temperatures up again. tomorrow should be a nice day about 68 degrees in downtown san francisco. yes, some 50's out along the coastline inside the bay. those temperatures running in the 60's and the 70's about 75 degrees in foster city, 70 in palo alto. 78 degrees amount about 81. it
10:39 pm
would side south bay filled with 80's tomorrow. it is going to be one of those nice, warm days outside and then he had over the hill, the east bay hills. and we're talking 80's, maybe some low 90's by tomorrow afternoon inside the bay, though, 75 very comfortable. beautiful day in union city. 78 fremont 69 degrees in san leandro about 71 in castle valley. hot as you make your way well inland tomorrow. but those temperatures cooling off approaching the coastline. in fact, you may need the jacket. there's much as 30 degrees cooler with some of that patchy fog over the next couple days. tomorrow is going to be the hottest one. we're going to see quite some time. a slight chance of some showers as we head in toward friday. by the way, cinco de mayo be a cooler day with more clouds mother's day. there's still a slight chance we could see some sprinkles right now. none of these looks like large storms. but tomorrow we are basking in sunshine around most the bay area and temperatures could be a little all right. thank you, lawrence. >> well, this week is wildfire awareness week and with the hot temperatures we need to pay attention to that fire. cal fire's newly appointed director is sharing his safety
10:40 pm
and his protection plan. big job he's focused on dealing with obviously fierce wildfires. not to mention at times and exhausted workforce aging equipment, overgrown forests lot on his plate. dennis shanahan introduces us to the new man in charge. >> this is really a an all-hands approach. we have seen the fires gets larger, more damaging and more devastating. >> is cal-fire career kicked off in 1991. the climate has changed. the environment has changed. and in march of this year, governor newsom appointed chief joe tyler, the new director of california's fire department replacing retiring cal fire chief thom porter in this new position. what are your top priorities? these fires are taking a toll on our firefighters on the ground. so my commitment coming in here. number one, priority. >> is the health and wellness of our firefighters. and we have seen that in the commitment of the governor's proposed budget. so placing
10:41 pm
400 million dollars in his proposal for the health and wellness of our firefighters who are working 2030, 40, 50 days on the fire with out any relief trying to add additional really staffing to allow them to get a little time off the line to be able take care of their personal needs and see their families and get away from that destructive environment. if only for a couple of days before they return to the front lines. my next priority is really looking for ways to ensure that we're operationally ready for the 2022 fire year and beyond. not only 2022, what? what? 2025 2030, what the future of department is looking like. >> that future includes new aircraft with enhanced capabilities. cal fire now has 7 shiny new black hawk helicopters in service and 5 more in production. these fire hawks as they're called, can carry 1000 gallons of water in a single load. that's almost
10:42 pm
700 gallons more than the vietnam era. super huey's. these birds are replacing one of the big reasons. these aircraft are a game changer. the night vision capability fighting fire from the air. 24 7. >> our goal is through the national defense authorization act as we're going to add a c one, 30 aircraft that will be able to drop up to 4,000 gallons of retardant. a time cal fire secured federal approval for 7 c one 30's adding to an existing fleet of nearly 2 dozen air tankers. some of the c one 30's are now being retrofitted for firefighting inside this calfire hangar at mcallen airport. >> tyler says they'll be ready for service in 2024, but when go into service much like the black hawk helicopters, they will be a game changer to the aviation community. >> and he says governor newsom's proposed budget addresses the need for more resources on the ground. >> additional fire engines,
10:43 pm
additional bulldozers in investing in additional hand crews while we focus on suppression, we also have to focus on fuels, treatment and fuels reduction. we need to continue to focus our personnel on ensuring that we're doing mechanical in hand, thinning and using opportunities for beneficial fire and and manage fired in the winter months when it is prime to try to reduce those what kind of keeps you up at night as far as when you look ahead to this fire season. >> when i see through the drought monitor that 100% of the state of california is already extreme or severe drought. i look at our reservoirs that are critically low levels. i look at snow pack. that is also a critically low levels for this time of the year. and i look at the light amount of precipitation here in the sacramento area north that we have received this spring. the winds behind that that are drying all the fuels out and the grass crops that are going to carry fire. we're all going
10:44 pm
to lead to what will likely be a fire season much like we have seen in 2022 1021 again, that really keeps me up at night. >> chief tyler wants to impress upon property owners to do their part as well to commit to conducting their own fuels reduction in their own defensible space clearances, ensure they have their gutters clean and fuel is removed from around their homes. >> if you want to say fuels, i mean vegetation removed from around their homes, a group effort to make it through or better yet avoid another catastrophic fire season. it is a combination of everything that brings us forward to try to reduce what we're seeing in california year after year. >> so in that he was asked what lessons were learned from some of the recent incidents such as the caldor fire chief said that those fires highlight the need to adapt to the changing environment. and that's what cal fire's doing as the department has more
10:45 pm
personnel and modernizes its equipment. still ahead. >> don't forget, it's mother's day this weekend. we have some of that tips for top gifts for the number one woman in your life. after the break. >> and coming up in sports, the warriors got roughed up in memphis tonight. they fought hard, though, taking on the grizzlies day. sun has grizzlies day. sun has highlights. comin oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> heading into game 2 of the western conference semifinal. steve kerr said it would be the most physical game of the season. that's just a brand of basketball that memphis place. well, steve was right somewhat. we'll explain in a second. let's head over to beale street. these 2 teams were in for an all out. war has been all series. and these are the soldiers on the frontline staff, jaw dream on now, i mentioned the physical play. it didn't even take 3 minutes into this game to get to it. gary payton, the second on the break. he goes up for a dunk and he is taken out of the air by dylan. brooke, you see him come across his head with his right arm. dillon brooks will be ejected from the game with a flake or 2. gary pain would not return. it was later confirmed that he fractured his left elbow. now just a minute later, draymond green catches an elbow from
10:49 pm
wayne tillman. he goes down quick and dream. i had to go to the locker room. he got stitches above his eye for them to be exact. steve kerr was asked was this physical play or a little beyond that? >> i was a physical. i was dirty. >> don't miss his words. all righty. let's go to the 2nd quarter. memphis up by 4 andrew wiggins. physical that what a dunk right over brandon clarke. steph loves it. that was for that elbow to dream on in the first final seconds of the half, though. grizzlies up by 3 john morant was doing this all day. puts klay thompson in a spin cycle and finishes grizzlies lead by 5 at the half. let's go to the 4th quarter. that's where the money is. made words up one. clayton, think amanda. jake, who has been quietly having a really good serious, steph love to go to set up 3, 30
10:50 pm
seconds left. now i said job was going crazy. that's over. clay and andrew wiggins. that floater extends the lead to 4 on the very next possession, kind of a broken play. clay goes up. what he gets called for a travel, rough night for klay thompson, costly turnover. a couple of free throws what i said. memphis wins one '06, one. 0, one day. even the series at one apiece. john morant was fantastic forty-seven point. game 3 back in san francisco on saturday. but after the game, steve kerr steph curry and a little bit to say about that hard found. dillon brooks committed on gary payton, the second. >> of the lines. pretty clear you don't guy on the head. when he said midair club that meant break is over. that's that's where the line i don't know if it was intentional, but it it was dirty you know, playoff basketball is going.
10:51 pm
it's supposed to physical. you know, everybody is going to compete. everybody is going to fight for everything. but there's a code in this there's a code that play urge where you never put the guys. seasons slash career in jeopardy has got out alone and serves defenses player going up for live taking a huge wind up and >> everything that everything bad that could happen in a situation did not come out of game. you know, see what happens with is injury. obviously in tough way to start the game. >> tough blow for gp 2. after all, he's been through to get to this point. alright, giants out and soak out. taking on the dodgers short two-game set. bottom of the second. no score on for chris taylor and he lines one into right for a base hit 2 runs. come on in to score. dodgers, take a 2. nothing lead. julio he had another stellar outing for la.
10:52 pm
he gets mauricio dubon swinging on the high heat. he threw 6 shutout innings and struck out 4 top of the 9th la up to giants threatening with 2 on. but lou williams grounds out to the shortstop and that's the ballgame. this was the first game. they play the dodgers the nlds last year, they lose 3 to one look to split the series on wednesday. the a's at the coliseum hosting the rays. this one went into extras. top of the 10th raise up byron isaac parade ace hits one into left. over to the 3rd baseman 2 runs come into score rays pad that lead to 3 in the 80's fall 10 to 7. the look to avoid the sweep on wednesday, wolf, tough day for bay area. sports warriors lose giants lose a's, lose. where is back in town tomorrow? we'll hear more about gp 2 and we'll let you know the severity and how long he will be out. but it's
10:53 pm
looking bleak. that's the shooting elbow that is fractured. all righty. that is you look at sports. we'll be hr)
10:54 pm
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it.
10:55 pm
chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. >> william money, a warning from the better business bureau. just as many americans are planning their summer getaways. the agency says scammers are on the prowl, the trying to lure in targets by guaranteeing an amazing trip at a very low price. the bbb
10:56 pm
is encouraging travelers to research these kinds of deals and avoid falling victim to recommend that you ask that detail questions about rental properties on the phone with the owner. if you're staying at a hotel, watch out for fake front desk calls, specifically those that ask you to re verify the credit card information. another hotel scam includes fake food delivery. that's what fake menus are distributed to hotel rooms and want to travel to cause to order the food. they collect the credit card information but never deliver anything to eat. >> perfect gift for mother's day with the no gifted all new survey of more than 1000 moms found the perfect present for them is the gift of time and serenity. it's taking a nap according to the survey by time to play dot com following naps. the second most is our gift for moms is a meal that they don't have to cook or clean up. they also like help with chores followed by more traditional gifts like maybe a
10:57 pm
spa treatment, flowers or a thoughtful card. and i know. mama karnow never is forgotten. on mother's day, we already went to go see her last weekend. so we're doing pretty well. yeah, it looks like this mother's day could be a little tricky. we've got some fog likely to form out there for tonight. >> looks like those we head in toward the next few days see some hot weather for tomorrow. after that, things begin to change. clouds roll back in on thursday. there's a slight chance we could be talking about showers as we head into friday and your mother's day for making some of those plans yet. be prepared. a little cool. little windy. slight chance of a thank you know, good night, everybody that weather. >> so
10:58 pm
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