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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 4, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with this bright and early here on the kron. 4 morning news here on wednesday. may 4th week is this. may the 4th be with you. reyna harvey, thanks for waking up with this bright and early. we are really happy dave spahr in today you have been tracking a really hot one on tap in get that right move for thing that may may the 4th be with that's exactly what it is. good morning, right? good morning, everybody. and this morning. >> very calm to start things off. feels good and a little
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bit. the way of some fog is collecting in and around the bay. and i emphasize a little because tomorrow will probably have a little bit more in the way of aggressive fog working its magic. but we have the high right now pretty much in place in the perfect spot to really warm those temps up. here's how we stand lower 50's lot of the east bay shoreline. 49 fremont 60 going on for antioch. up to the north. we have 46 santa rosa. 54 for san jose. just give you a contrast to 24 hours ago, we have some readings actually lower than yesterday in a bottle. for example, we will make up for that this afternoon. but and a couple of spots you can see we're almost a half a dozen degrees ahead. this is what i was talking about. the little bit of wispy fog. we have we'll mix out pretty quickly in the next couple of hours. then we go into tonight tomorrow and it's a little bit more aggressive kind of indicating this high quickly is breaking down income. the cloud cover and we're going to different weather pattern as we head on into the weekend. the sky here just waiting up towards the north waiting for. it's time to enter to the stage. the breakdown for you
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today about 57 at 08:00am by 11. 74. we continue the steps in the afternoon. we'll have a look at your high temperatures coming up in a bit. rain out what's going on to traffic. dave, thanks for that. all right. let's get a look at the wrote. a bridge is about a 10 minute drive. >> traveling into the city this morning across the bay bridge, no major delays there. let's check on the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes for you as you're making your way 80 across towards one o one out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell. look at this a little under 9 minutes for still pretty light. and the golden gate bridge. we're at the limit over their 37 to the tolls. it will be about 20 minutes for you this morning. protests have exploded across the country as abortion rights are threatened. a leak supreme court documents as the justices plan to overturn roe versus wade. and now lawmakers are jumping into the fight. washington correspondent hannah brandt explains how. >> from democrats, we've seen a push to take a legislative action to protect abortion rights and republicans seem
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more focused on condemning the unprecedented leak. >> fired up. pro-choice protesters are fighting to keep abortion rights after a supreme court document indicated roe versus wade will soon be reversed. and democratic lawmakers are echoing the fear and frustration of those demonstrators. i am just i cannot tell you the outrage. i feel that this decision i'm not going to stop fighting to get to president biden a bill to protect the right to abortion. senate leader chuck schumer promised lawmakers will vote on the issue but democrats don't have the support they need to solidify national abortion access with lawmakers like senator lindsey graham against it. repealing roe v wade, in my opinion. >> is the right a constitutional many republican lawmakers seem less focused on celebrating the likely pro-life victory and more intent on spotlighting the leak in egregious transgression against the supreme court and its independent. senator ron johnson says that breach of
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court privacy is what they should be concentrating on. and senator roger marshall suggested there are liberal motives to the leak that shouldn't surprise us a bit. this is what democrats do win. they lose the ball game. some democrats say republicans are shifting focus because they're afraid this issue will energize liberal voters. >> pushed them to the polls for the midterm elections and let us fight. >> everything we have got. >> the supreme court has made it clear that the decision is not final. their official ruling is expected in a couple of months and they are investigating the leak in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> well, back here at home, hundreds of people across the bay area are protesting in reaction to the leak opinion. now, protesters gathered outside the federal building in san francisco tuesday to defend reproductive rights kron four's taylor is aqi was there. she brings us that story. >> families, individuals, young and old community groups, attorney general rob
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bonta and the ceo of planned parenthood, california all their tuesday night to stand up and protect reproductive rights. many of them a part of the fight 50 plus years ago in disbelief that they are here once again. >> 100 surrounded the san francisco federal building tuesday night to defend reproductive rights in protest to the leaked draft opinion that would overturn roe v wade ending a half century guarantee, a federal constitutional protection of abortion rights. i'm here protect the rights for my children. their children. >> and all sorts of underrepresented communities are going against lamb forced pregnancy. >> ceo of planned parenthood, california, gilda gonzales addressed the crowd on tuesday. he will be a potential in >> we here l a saying low-income communities will be impacted most by this possible decision
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>> meanwhile, attorney general rob bonta vowed that california. we'll always stand to protect reproductive rights, reproductive health care decisions to be >> by an individual government without interference by politicians. access to abortion. despite how california may respond to different issues. some fear that this possible decision could have a ripple effect impacting other human rights that many have spent centuries fighting >> all those in the crowd, including those community groups, all vowing to continue
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this fight to ensure that this decision does not go through. they say it'll take more than just voicing their concerns, but to take it to the polls and vote in san francisco to their bus aqi. kron, 4 news. >> protests continued in the east bay. there was also a pro-choice rally outside of oakland's federal building. the crowd cheered as elected officials and leaders and community activists as well as health care officials call for keeping abortion safe. legal? well, city council members saying tao says she's calling on her colleagues to declare oakland a sanctuary city for women's reproductive rights. saying >> well, the alameda labor council hosted that rally. meanwhile, want to create
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pro-life supporters say they are cautiously optimistic. the landtark ruling will be overturned. prop forcefully to gaal has more on that. >> the abortion debate in walnut creek has turned violent in some cases outside the city's planned parenthood that has led to the city council unanimously approving an 8 foot buffer zone outside the clinic preventing demonstrators from harassing patients. the 2 demonstrators we met outside the clinic tuesday prefer not to share their faces or names out of fear of retaliation but say their has been strengthened by the supreme court's leaked draft opinion on roe versus wade. i don't think that abortion is good under any circumstances. this says she has been fighting to overturn versus the decision was made in earned or 3. it's not a real answer. it's it's hopelessness. its >> it's a it has to do with the culture of death, not the culture of life. these pro
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life supporters volunteer for the grassroots movement to end abortions called 40 days for life. the group posts outside planned parenthood in walnut creek. 6 days a 12 hours a day. they hope roe versus wade is overturned. that california does not become a sanctuary for people having abortions as governor gavin newsom. >> has pledged to do. this is our cold. this is our prayer. >> this is what we believe. life begins from conception until natural death. and so that all abortion. >> should be outlawed in walnut creek deleted all kron. 4 news. >> well, here in california, on the other hand, lawmakers are vowing to protect abortion rights in the state while boosting access to resources. there are more than a dozen proposals to try to increase abortion access and resources in california. now just for women living here, but also for women out of state. lawmakers say they're also trying to put a person's right to choose in the constitution.
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that includes a proposal from the state senate pro tem toni atkins. that would amend the state constitution. that will make it crystal clear that reproductive rights in california, including and specifically abortion are protected. we have more work to do. and if that work is legislative, we know how to do it. we're prepared if that work is political. we know how to do that and we will be prepared as well. >> because this is about the lives of our sisters, our daughters, our granddaughters. >> the constitutional amendment will need to pass the legislature with a 2, 3 vote by june. 30th to get on the november ballot. we reached out to leaders of the state legislative republican caucus for comment. we have not heard back yet. in the south bay, santa clara county supervisors have already approved 3 million dollars for planned parenthood. monte. now the funding increases access to health care for women in the bay area for those coming
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here from out of state, the 3 million dollar allocation is expected to be in the june budget. it will also be used to hire additional staff and to expand telehealth services. well, remember, you can go ahead and take your phone out. scan this qr code, you can always stay connected over on our website at kron 4, we have the very latest on the supreme court and roe versus wade. again, scan a qr code to get those updates. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a pro-life advocate shutting down san francisco street by climbing the cells force tower. >> and this isn't the first time he's pulled off a stunt like this. and concerns over what could be next from the high court in why some fear same marriage could be the next rulli to get over turned. plus new developments in the ongoing investigation into the mass shooting last month in sacramento. the charges announced as police continue their search for another suspect. we'll be right back
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after the break. well, here's
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something to give you an idea of just how bad that rally is in california. it's even visible from space
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>> video from the international space station shows the extent of the drought. the normally snow capped mountains have little precipitation. california's snowpack is vital because the milton snow helps fill the state's reservoirs and it is below where it needs to be. 95% of california is under severe or extreme drought. it was just 66% in february. so that just gives you an idea of what we're dealing with in very real time. well, days mars in this morning. and dave, i made are we expect to get any better? a little, a cosmetic showers, rain assaults going to be maybe a little bit up in the mountains, perhaps with all the passage of this going forward. but >> you're going to feel the heat going on today, a little in the way of some wispy fog going on just a little bit. it's actually to be more intense. it looks like tomorrow stormtracker 4 outlines our next frontal system in when your blankets coming in. real quickly just one day. is this almost like summer stuff? before we go back in the fall and some breezy conditions come with temperature. check for you. 46 in a bottle east bay
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shoreline, 50 ish for now. 58 for antioch, 50 for livermore. we already see even between the inland areas and along the east bay shoreline. quite a difference. at least when you get off towards the delta and also kirk in a straight a little different for tri valley. 46 for santa rosa and 54. meanwhile for san jose futurecast for again, we're pretty clear today, sunny, obviously going to be quite toasty. but we turn the page to the morrow and variable clouds already working. here is we've got clouds. we've got the winds, obviously the high pressure has broken down were mentioning this cosmetic, perhaps a little sprinkle. but we're bit of a dry atmosphere. so a lot of that will probably evaporate before striking the ground. what most people will notice besides of cloud cover is going to be those winds on shore. they are. this is 42 through thursday. as you can see and quite breezy up there to solano county. good news is it's an onshore wind not offshore with this and all through the east bay the over the east bay hills. so the breakdown for you as a mild summer flavor today inland
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temperatures, 90, 80 ish for the bay. the rest the week scattered clouds cooling, isolated sprinkle. and then for this weekend, variable clouds a possible shower on sunday. so really when you take from thursday on into this weekend is going to be somewhat unsettled. we'll call it not today, though, we're looking for warm temperatures to be the part of game plan here at 74. looks like for san jose popping up in about 89 for antioch, age of 85 for santa rosa, 70 for san noticeably cooler on the east bay shoreline, though, are still popping some of those lower 80's, but much warmer. the east bay hills. this could be just one day and again dropping off. we'll have a look at the longer range forecast coming up in a bit, including your 4 zone. but right now rain was check bay area bridges reyna. >> all right. thank you for that update, dave. a warm day for us on tap here in the bay area. heading across into the city right now that fremont street exit from the maze about 10 minutes for you this morning, stuck on the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes as you're traveling there, richmond center fell a
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nine-minute drive. and then let's look at the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes. 3 men suspected of being involved in the deadly mass shooting in sacramento are now facing murder charges. the sacramento district attorney and police department announced the charges tuesday kron four's terisa stasio has those details. >> 3 counts of murder each and other serious crimes. those are the charges against these 2 brothers, smiley and dandre martin announced by the sacramento district attorney. >> there were over 100 shell casings recovered from this scene. there have been countless witnesses that have been interviewed by law enforcement. some are co-operative and some are not. 6 people died. 12 were injured when gunfire erupted at a sacramento nightclub in early april. >> in addition to the martin brothers, a 3rd suspect. but to la peyton is charged with murder of 3 people as well as domestic violence and
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insurance fraud. he is not in custody yet. we have a team of detectives is currently using all resources available to them. but i would ask if any members of the public have any information about his whereabouts. >> tb please contact the police department or contact crime stoppers. investigators quickly revealed the mass shooting involved 2 rival gangs, although 6 people died. the 3 suspects are only being charged for killing 3 people described by prosecutors as innocent bystanders. one question why the brothers in peyton are not charged with killing the others who died that night. the da explained a change in the law prevented them from doing so why no charges for the 12 other people that were shot. this is an ongoing investigation. that is a significant amount of work that requires forensic evidence. analysis. >> ballistics, more interviews, hundreds of hours that it reviewed by law enforcement terms of videos.
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so as i those decisions will be made accordingly. when all of that investigation is complete. >> the da also said it's too soon to say whether they will seek the death penalty in this case, theresa kron, 4 news. now to the war in ukraine because nearly 130 civilian evacuees are now in a ukrainian controlled city. >> about 12 or 6 were none critically. the convoy consisted of people who left a massive steel plant in mariupol in a nearby town. but hundreds of civilians are still at the facility. ukrainian forces say russian fighters are now storming the plant. the final pocket of resistance in the batters city commanders reported the russian military was using tanks and other armor to attack the facility. president biden visited a lockheed martin plant in alabama tuesday. the plant manufactures. the javelin is w%ich the u.s. is providing to ukraine along with other weapons by the thousands. our
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washington correspondent alexandra limon reports the president's trip and questions about the u.s. weapons stockpile. >> i can say thank you. thank you. thank you. >> president biden toward a weapons manufacturing plant in alabama tuesday and praised the employees who make javelin missiles. those i saw 10 for every time. >> there is and ukraine. >> the change in people's lives. the u.s. has shipped thousands of javelins, stingers and howitzers to ukraine. but the study shipments of weapons come with a cost to the u.s. stockpile of the weaponry could be replaced within the next year with this budget. >> all of it won't be replaced within the within the year. analysts estimate that the u.s. has shipped about one quarter of its stingers and one-third of its javelins to ukraine. defense secretary lloyd austin says he's optimistic manufacturers will increase production, but a shortage of semiconductors may
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prevent that since each javelin requires more than 200 chips and boosting domestic chip manufacturing isn't just critical to making more in america or lowering prices. >> it's also vital component of our national security. president biden urged congress to quickly approve more funding to help ukraine and boost domestic production of semiconductors. >> this fight is not going to be cheap. but caving to aggression really be more cost. >> republicans have expressed opposition to provisions in both bills but say it's likely the bills can be revised and passed in washington. alexandra limon. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, san jose pd is facing some serious accusations. why search for a kidnapped infant led to a local officer. >> getting reprimanded were allegedly being severely impaired while on the clock. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> an officer allegedly showed up for duty drunk. another died of a drug overdose. all this according to san jose police chief anthony mata call for justin campbell reports on the troubling allegations and what the department is doing in response. >> i also apologize. to the family a few months old. brandon choir. >> san jose police chief
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anthony mata apologizing after one of his officers showed up and allegedly tracked at the kidnapping scene of 3 month-old branding kway-yar last tuesday. >> i will not. inappropriate behavior. a criminal conduct. >> that officer has been placed on leave. but another one also in trouble accused of misconduct while he was on duty. as soon as that allegation was brought to light. >> he was removed from his activities that night and removed from duty and placed on administrative leave. lastly, a rookie police officer. 24 year-old dijon packer died in april just a few days ago. santa clara medical examiner's office confirming he died of fentanyl. we don't even know the circumstances. >> under which he ingested fentanyl, we don't know what it was in tension ul >> ingestion if it was accidental. if he thought he was taking one thing and really took another, if he had no idea he was taking a drug at all. and and again, this is
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an investigation being conducted by the milpitas police department. officer packer died at his home in milpitas in. we await the results of that investigation. mayor sam liccardo propose random drug testing across that department as an answer to the problems. but that won't happen until the next officers association contract negotiations. chief mata says soon there will be resources to officers for substance abuse prevention. >> after one died in another 2 have been placed on leave. when an officer is found guilty. criminal conduct. i will personally. will come out reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> well, still ahead of the prophet morning news, the warriors got roughed up in memphis, taking on the grizzlies. sports director jason dumas says the highlights. we'll be right back. well, welcome back to
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the kron. 4 morning news here on may. 4th had we've already established. >> that we would like the 4th to be with because of the today marks here in may. but dave, i have a question. will the forecast be with us? i don't know. but i really want to wear dark energy is going. where are we going all that? if we could just tap into that, that would be. >> whatever. anyway, good morning good morning, everybody. here's a look at what's going on. the east bay shoreline. just want to point out just a little bit of this. he's the fog. that's a hand heju


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